Linux and climate activists


DistroTube put up a video recently about how using Linux prevents unnecessary e-waste. Which he's absolutely right about. It's so easy to get a 10-15 year-old computer running like new again simply by installing Linux. And most people who use their computers for basic tasks like web browsing, word processing, emails, consooming product, etc. etc. could get by only using old computers running all free software.

He also pointed out the extreme hipocrisy of soylent-chugging, college-age, climate "activists" using Macbooks and iPhones. While He does make a good point: they could actually make a difference by buying used equipment and only running free and open source software. Activists are like the Pharisees: they say one thing and do another. Their idea of "rebelling against the system" is doing everything that their corporate overlords tell them to do without question. Communtists/socialists are the same way. If they were actually smart about it, they would give as little of their money and information to big tech companies as humanly possible, but they don't because they're apathetic and only do it as a LARP.

Moral of the story is: reject activism, rioting in the streets, etc. and just don't give evil people your money or information.