Save time and bandwidth when updating multiple arch/artix boxes


Yesterday I started playing around with sharing package caches between my computers to save time and bandwith when installing and updating programs. My idea is to only install and update programs from the internet on 1 computer, then all of the others can pull from that computer's cache of installed packages. This can be done either by using rsync to keep the /var/cache/pacman/pkg folders on multiple machines, or you can share that folder with samba or nfs, and mount that share on the other computer. The arch wiki has a page about this where is figured this out here. There's a lot more useful information in that page as well that I'd recommend checking out as well. While bandwidth isn't an issue for me as of now, it's still nice to know if my setup were to ever change to where I am working with a limited ammount of bandwidth. It also saves a bunch of time when updating subsequent machines since it only has to download packages over the LAN instead of from the internet.

Last week I also started using the linux-lts kernel instead of the bleeding edge. Because all of the hardware I'm using is at least 5 years old, I don't need to stay up to date with the latest kernel release. Literally nothing signifigant changes from 1 kernel release to the next. This also saves quite a bit of bandwidth as well since lts kernel releases only occur once a year or so.

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