The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest by AuraChannelerChris

Category:Super Smash Brothers
Genre:Fantasy, Humor
Characters:Lucario, OC, Palutena, Pit
Published:2008-03-05 04:17:34
Updated:2018-06-12 00:22:29
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Summary:Chapter 221: "With the Smashers aiding Lady Palutena's forces, we're sure to win!" was what Pit cheerfully thought, despite the fact his "friends" were groaning one second and screaming the next having to fight Viridi's Forces of Nature...

Table of Contents

1. START OF DISC 1: New Game
2. Bounded to a New Earth
3. Odder Oddness
4. The Oddness Gets Odder
5. Enter the Bad Guys
6. Welcome to the Smash Mansion
7. Officially Screwed
8. Skipping Through Wastelands Of DEATH
9. He Won't Let You Do Whatever
10. Insert Metroid Jingle Here
11. Toony Adventure
12. Killer Bees Club
13. Your Harp Makes My Heart Go Crazy, Bird
14. Of Dungeons And Unrequited Romances
15. Glance The Past, Please
16. Going For Our Boy
17. Psychic Rage
18. Missions For Fanatics Like Chris Himself
19. Team Meanies Is The New Team Rocket
20. Familiar Evil Adversary
21. The Serious Vulpine Of The Future
22. Teaming Up With Thugs
23. Outside, Inside, And Within Darkness
24. Helpless Novice Gym Leader
25. Aura People Plus Cynthia
26. Missing Family
27. Oath To Your Cruel Destiny Now Or Else
28. The Oldies Look So Young
29. Journal, Journal, What Should I Do?
30. And Another High Authority Appears
31. If That Thing Is A Bug, My Name is Louie
32. Oddness Comes
33. Lucas's Amazing Adventure To The Club
34. Physics? What Are They?
35. Show Off Your Skills
36. Intergalatic Issues
37. Our Chris Is The Left One
38. Hedgehogs Of Evil
39. Unnecessary Rock N' Roll
40. Break Time
41. Roy is NOT our boy
42. Serra: Devilish Healer
43. Infiltration Of Roy's Home
44. Right Pairings Are Right
45. Paper Burden
46. Of Glitz and Glory and Stupid Rules!
47. Deux Ex Machina Yoshi
48. Growth Is The Answer To Your Victory
49. Beasts of Twilight
50. Sarcastic Twilit Midna
51. Suffer Midna's Betrayal, Peasants!
52. Midna's Lament
53. Social 1Day Vacation
54. Cursed Wingless Angel
55. Tales of Smash
56. Search a Seal 'Tethe alla'
57. Cruuumbleeeeeeee
58. The Amazing, Shattered Mirror
59. Attitude Disorder
60. Galaxia: The Mighty Sword
61. Stolen Masked Ship
62. Obey Or Die, Inferior Being
63. Follow The Bright Blue Street
64. Obey Or Die, Inferior Being Part 2
65. Why Sonic Should Die In Oblivion
66. RPG Cliché Book
67. Clumsy Klutz Gym Leader
68. Red: Newbie Novice Trainer
69. Grumpy, Aren't You?
70. Targets: Ivysaur and Maylene
71. Rodeo Old Friends 'Round Futuristic Eras
72. Grown Up Children
73. Hellish Bickerings
74. Unforgivable Fault
75. Wish Upon a Geno
76. Etna Decides To Steal Screentime
77. The Star Guardian of Star Haven
78. The Final Fantasy IX Gang
79. Inside Looking Out Lindblum
80. The Festival of Hunt
81. The Greil Mercenaries
82. Mist Knows Better Than You
83. Die, Laguz, Die! Die, Popo, Die, Too!
84. The Unexpected, And Yet Expected Result
85. Fact: Yoshi Likes Sports
86. Halloween Special
87. Golf And Tennis, Cheating To Win
88. Tennis And Baseball, The Perfect Duo
89. Baseball And Kart Racing, Yoshi Time
90. Kart Racing And LPP, Last Event
91. Ol' Man Raven
92. The Return of Daddy Lucario?
93. Yoob's Belly: Fat Alien Yoshi's Stomach
94. Baby Flashbacks
95. Don't Leave Me Alone, Ever
96. Sonic Steals More Screentime Than Etna
97. Extreme Races, Lovebirds, And Angry Jet
98. The Blue Birds Blues
99. Galleom Has Artificial Intelligence
100. END OF DISC 1: Endless Journey
101. START OF DISC 2: Mission: Kidnap
102. The Odyssey of Snake and the A Rangers
103. Second thoughts of a mercenary
104. Thinking of Everyone
105. A Personalific break
106. The Tripple Riddle
107. Hitechnically Francis, nerr!
108. Why Ivysaur Hates Rundas
109. The Last of Disgaea, Dood
110. M, S & C: At the Olympic Games?
111. Popo Loves Rundas, Ivysaur Doesn't
112. Of Events, Sabotages and Porky
113. The Clue to a Star
114. Rosalina: The Princess of the Galaxies
115. Smashers VS The Galaxies of HELL
116. Lumas' Babysitters
117. Grand Finale for a Dear Mother
118. Where Everything Began
119. Ice Nightmare of the High Skies
120. Barry's Busting Out All Over Here Too!
121. Riding on Clouds of Fights
122. Crystal King's Issues
123. Afternoon of Warnings
124. Entering the Realm of Factories
125. Twisted World of Evil Machinery
126. Return of the Retarded
127. Quadruple Blockade Before Smithy
128. Fight Against Smithy
129. Fight Against Smithy, Who Transforms
130. Apology From a Devoted Star
131. Rita: The VIOLENT Genius Mage of PAIN
132. The Mansion's Mascot
133. Chris's True Dog
134. Night's Dark Future
135. Real World's Normal Life
136. Kindred Twins
137. Death Mountain Wannabe
138. Pursuing A Blind Self
139. Twins Of Tomorrow
140. Chris's Classic Mode Walkthrough
141. Howl Of Death
142. Countdown To Real Pandemonium
143. The Gift Of The Bloody Messenger
144. The Night Of The Werehog
145. Preparations For The Unknown
146. Livin' La Vida Rica
147. Life And Times In Diamond City
148. Jewels Of Diamond City
149. First Liar: Lucas the Weak Hearted
150. Into The Colosseum
151. Aura Vision and Shadow Pokémon
152. Thieves and Temples
153. Second Liar: ?
154. The Star Ocean Of The 17th Century
155. Item Creation For Dummies And Anthros
156. The Melancholy Of The Bravest
157. Third Liar: Fox the Corrupt
158. Star Ocean Forever
159. The Subspace Smashers Agenda
160. Achieving What One Takes to Strive For
161. Select Restart
162. Why NPCs Are So Important: Part 1
163. Why NPCs Are So Important: Part 2
164. Night of the Were Wolf
165. New Year's Resolution
166. Yuffie
167. Elena of the Turks
168. Between Honesty and Stubbornness
169. Fourth Liar: Snake the Loner
170. Digging for Refracting Treasure
171. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
172. One Gleeful Bowser
173. Fifth Liar: Mario the Dishonest
174. A Hylian Styled Friendship
175. Through the Corridors of Time
176. Deadly Butterfly Effects
177. Sixth Liar: Link the Useless
178. Days of Meetings
179. Pandora's Box
180. Cursed Burden
181. Sorcery of Salvation
182. Under the Knife
183. Sayonara, Smashers
184. Listen to My Story
185. Fun With Chocobos
186. To Zanarkand Full of Peril
187. Seventh Liar: Marth the Unsent
188. The Part Where the Plot Gets Confusing
189. A Deity Out of Hand
190. The Darkness' Sentient Mind
191. A Chip to Remember
192. Journey to the Center of Earth Mobius
193. The Unnerving Darkness
194. The Joy of Bloodshed Incarnate
195. Farewell, Darkness, Good-Bye, Light
196. The Sudden Kidnapping
197. The Hidden Agenda
198. The Grand Escape From Everything
199. END OF DISC 2: The End of Two Points
201. Shiki's Week - The Jealous One
202. Shiki's Week - Shiki & Eri
203. Shiki's Week - The Pudding of Their Doom
204. Joshua's Week - Most Unsettling Person
205. Joshua's Week - Joshua's Happy Fun Time
206. Joshua's Week - My Partner, My Killer
207. Joshua's Week - Divided by Zeroes
208. Unknown's Week - Alone
209. Unknown's Week - Uzuki & Kariya
210. Unknown's Week - Reasons 2 Live 4
211. Unknown's Week - The Vexatious Monkeys
212. The World Begins With You
213. Stranded in the Home World
214. The Final Line of Defense Towards Home
215. An Epilogue of Discomfort
216. Clues to Go Back Home
217. Smash Trial: Return to Normality
218. Meteor Star Shower
219. An Alien Friend in Need
220. Goddess of Nature & Goddess of Trolls
221. One Bunch of Black Feathers

1. START OF DISC 1: New Game


This story only contains a single OC through the whole fic. Don't THINK this OC came out of nowhere because there is a prequel to this fic so my OC and Lucario could be developed (if you want to read it). However, the most important aspects of the two will be briefly shown in here to give you an idea.

Also, it would make much more sense if you read "The Bond of Aura" so you don't get a wrong impression of this OC (Chris). I've taken precautions about the Gary Sues and Mary Sues...

...Well, with that away...

Well, the start of my series begins now with this story. I hope you all enjoy this long story about the struggle of a prolonged fight against the Subspace Army… Basically, this is an "if" version of what would've happened if the Smashers never defeated Tabuu the second time they fought him.

I encourage all Brawl fanatics to read on, enjoy, and review.

Disclaimer: AuraChannelerChris doesn't own anything in this story and future chapters. He only owns his OC.

Chapter 1: START OF DISC 1: New Game


Deep Inside the Great Maze

It had been a long battle for survival, but he managed to stop the imbeciles from defeating him for real. Tabuu, though, had been weakened during the battle. As he floated along in the void of the Subspace surrounded by darkness and swirling purple and blue colors, he reflected on the disastrous end of the battle.

Master Hand had shown up right before Tabuu could terminate the big group of Smashers. As a last ditch attempt, the omnipotent hand used his space-bending powers to recall each one of the Smashers to their worlds, back into the past before they participated in the Brawl tourney and the war against the Subspace Army. He then called Crazy Hand, and both of them escaped from Tabuu's clutches, effectually putting a sudden end to the conflict for the time being…

Unfortunately, not everything was right.

Master Hand couldn't manage to save certain Smashers. Roy, Pichu, and Mewtwo had been killed by Tabuu in the ensuing battle. Furthermore, ROB seemingly betrayed them all by siding back with Tabuu. It became a huger disaster once Mr. Game & Watch had been caught once more.

There was more. An unlucky Smasher was captured as well in his trophy-fied state. Master Hand didn't manage to save that one Smasher, much to his chagrin. Tabuu kept him as a prize, but he would use his unrequited help very soon.

Tabuu grunted. It felt like an empty victory against the Smash Force, but he could at least relax and recover his power. As he pondered about what to do, a figure rolled into view over the cracked black floor of purple outlines. It was ROB, or rather, the Ancient Minister wearing his clothes. The robot was alone with the biggest threat the universe faced, but there was complete and absolute trust between the two of them.

The Ancient Minister looked up at his boss. "Lord Tabuu," he began, "what is your next course of action?"

Tabuu remained silent for a few minutes until he spoke. "My next course of action…is to mobilize the army beyond this realm," he said. "We managed to seize the land down below, even though I was weakened in this big battle…"

The minister looked down. "It is going to take you a lot of time before your powers are back, right?" he asked.

"Sadly, that is the case," Tabuu said nodding, his body glitching a bit. "But until then, no one can reach us. It is dangerous for anybody to enter this place knowing that I rule it… I will muster up my power to create an ideal place for our base of operations. You, however, will be in charge of the outside world."

The minister looked up and nodded. "Yes, I will gladly reassume control over the facility," he said. "Just give the word and we shall move out."

"I had my eyes…on the other worlds," Tabuu said. "The worlds that those accursed Smashers come from… I wish to conquer them all before they even have a chance to reunite and assemble their force," he explained. "Once we have gathered enough worlds…we shall move on and conquer the biggest one there is…"

"What?" the minister said. "…Oh…you mean the rumored real world…"

"Yes, you catch on very fast," Tabuu said. "It is the real world that is the real prize behind the entire war. Those fools do not even know about the real world existing, but they are missing the big picture…" He turned around. "Ancient Minister, begin preparations to invade one of their worlds. The facility is slowly being taken out from the Subspace. I want a Subspace Bomb to be deployed in Ness's world."

The minister nodded and turned around, moving away from his boss. "It shall be done," he said as he vanished in the darkness. "(…And so begins my long struggle to work with this person once more…)" the Ancient Minister thought to himself. "(This isn't the time to rebel again. I need…I need to find the right time…)"

The Gathering Saga


-Real World-

Chris's House – Living Room

March 9 – Sunday - Morning

Behind the scenes of the big war in another entirely different universe, the real world was safe from getting into a big fight of epic proportions. Life continued its pacific time of peace. Today, however, was a time of rejoicing.

A particular teenager with a big secret hidden inside the walls of his semi-luxurious house entered his home, carrying a bag holding a game he purchased that very same day. It was the release date of the game "Super Smash Bros. Brawl", and he was greatly looking forward to play it along with a very special person who took residence in his house half a year ago. He had paid the reservation in full as soon as the announcement came to the internet and the general media.

Sighing, the teen smiled to himself and looked around his house, trying to find his special guest…

Hello, I'm Chris. I'm a 16 year-old teen. You're getting this so far, right? Okay, I'm just making sure. I'm a 16 year-old. I have short black hair, and you could say that I look Hispanic due to the color of my skin. Truth is, I AM Hispanic, but yet I live in the U.S., specifically Los Angeles, California, in a house where I rule by my lonesome due to some…rather unfortunate decisions I've done in the past…

...Well, not exactly alone…

I have someone special here who has taken me out from my horrible curse of solitude... That someone is really, really special because he's not a person you'd expect to find here around the city…or for that matter, in the entire world itself.

Let's talk about me before you decide to hog that person, okay? Firstly, let me tell you this. I'm an Honor High School Student who manages to keep a balanced life with studying and playing video games. I'm a huge video game fanatic, but I look beyond video games. By that, I mean that I care about the love and effort put into every single game I have ever bought. I enjoy the story and the characters besides the gameplay. In fact, I learn so much about the values shown in some games that inspire me to find something good in real life. As you can tell, I'm a high school student with an everlasting dream to discover what I'm good at...

And that's basically it about me. I'm an ordinary high school student living a…pretty particular life due to that person I mentioned to you…

The teenager couldn't find the person in his house. Looking around, Chris shouted, "Lucario, I'm hooome!"

On the second floor of the house, a figure entered through the terrace's entrance. His black feet touched the white tiles on the floor. A deep, gruff voice then said, "I'm up here, Chris."

Hearing the sound of footsteps rushing up, the person saw the teen coming from the stairs, all the while flashing a small smile as he carried with him the game he had bought. If the situation had taken place half a year ago, Chris would have screamed at the sight of a Lucario in his house. Alas, this was not the case anymore.

That special person I mentioned is a Lucario…

The teen and the Pokémon approached each other…and the first looked up at the towering Pokémon looking down at him with a smile.

...And he's beyond special in many ways than one.

First things first. You're surely wondering how a Lucario like this one appeared in this world. Well… I have no idea how it happened back then, but at the start of Summer Vacations during a rainy night, a lightning bolt struck by DS down, and from it, Lucario's Poké Ball came out. It accidentally opened up and he appeared…sprawled over the floor because he had a fever. When I saw him the first time, I was at a complete loss of words, and I feared that he would rip me apart… Luckily, doing the right decisions led me to become acquainted with him.

It was a long struggle for me to get him to like me. He was a very oblivious Pokémon who knew almost nothing about life. Fortunately, this Lucario can use telepathy to talk, but he can actually speak with his mouth just fine. It doesn't mean he knows how to read, though. During many days in the past, I took it upon myself to look after him by teaching Lucario how to live life while we tried to find a way back to his home. We had lots of fun moments together. I vividly remember his first shower and his first steak… But still, he longed for his dream to reunite with his real trainer…

When the day he was debating himself what to do about his issue that was being stuck in this world…I cried out, and after a while, he turned around and…he also cried. Without warning, he embraced me and yelled out, "I don't want to leave you like this! You're…you're my real trainer!"

And ever since that fateful day, my solitary life changed forever for the better. I was a teen whose parents worked away from home to assist important corporations with revolutionary ideas. I didn't know much about what they do, but they're almost never at home. That made things easier for me to raise the special Lucario as…my loyal Pokémon.

You see, this Lucario is not normal… He's a 6'07" foot tall Lucario. I'm just 5'05". My head only reaches the murderous weapon that was his chest spike.

"Oh no!" Chris said as he accidentally let go of the bag, slipping down the white couch.

Lucario merely stared at the direction the item slipped down into. He bent down a bit and lifted the couch with a single hand. The couch was heavy to carry for two people, but the Lucario didn't struggle a single bit. "There it is," Lucario said, looking at the bag.

And this Lucario just so happens to have Herculean strength. For reasons unknown, he is surely my world's strongest being there is. Mundane tasks such as cutting down logs with an axe and do some furniture redecoration were easily taken care of with a single hand of his. Despite having the strength of obliterating my house in a single punch (I don't even know if he can do that much, but do you want me to find out? Fat chance), he's an incredibly likeable person.

He just doesn't have the strength of a thousand men. He's really got a tough body of steel under a coat of fluffy blue and yellow fur (yes, I said fluffy. Don't you look weird at me). I remember how a brick fell on top of his head from the third floor's roof to the garden outside, and he just kept staring me while that brick broke apart the moment it landed on his head. Morbidly enough, we were talking that day and he didn't stop when said brick fell on him. He just kept talking and rubbed the dust on his head.

On top of that, Lucario knows four moves: Force Palm, ExtremeSpeed, Double Team, and the ever so devastating Aura Sphere. Coupled up with his almighty strength, these moves became…what's the word? Broken. Force Palm released a rather small blow, but just you wait until that thing goes off. It looked pretty small, yet its intensity was deadly. A tree would shatter into pieces. And then there was the Aura Sphere. If he wanted, he could make some monstrously big Aura Spheres and charge them in two seconds flat.

In a world where there are no Pokémon and battles, Lucario had no choice but to enjoy life with me. We never complained, though. We absolutely enjoy every single second of our time together… Oh, did I mention he was a gamer? I taught him how to be one. And today, we were going to waste away our time playing Brawl.

That's about it…

Chris sighed and went to pick up the bag. Once stepping out from the couch's shadow, the teen saw the towering Lucario putting the couch back down to the floor. He looked at his trainer. "Did you find it?" Lucario asked.

Chris then took out the item from the bag and placed the game in front of him. "Yep, I got it!" He smiled. "Now we can play it... Oh god, we have to do it now before the shows start later," he said. "I'm sooo excited to play this with you."

Lucario nodded and looked to the game. "Since you were this excited...hmm?" he stared at the game's case. "…Huh…"

The teen raised an eyebrow once he saw Lucario giving the game's box a hard look. "...Lucario?" he said. "Lucario, what's wrong? You're glaring at the box…"

"...There is something wrong with this game," Lucario said, staring at the box.

"Wrong?" Chris asked confused.

"I don't know what it is...but it feels evil."

"...Were you watching TV during the whole night again? I told you not to do that."

"I-ah-no..." Lucario blushed, shaking his head. "But Chris…"

Through Lucario's eyes, he could see a purple aura coming out from the very box. This Lucario was a master of auras. Unlike the normal Lucario stated in the descriptions, the Herculean Pokémon easily tracked down auras beyond a hundred miles. Not that there was any use to this highly developed sixth sense. Lucario only watched from afar how Chris's life developed in high school. However, only the living could exude auras.

An item exuding a dark aura was not normal.

"There is definitely a dark aura on that box…" Lucario added, shrugging at the aura trying to reach out for them.

"Hmm…" Chris looked worried. "Well, I don't really feel anything evil from the box. I believe you, though," he said. "But how can an insignificant item like this give out a dark aura?"

"Perhaps we shouldn't put it into the console," Lucario said. "I don't want to find out what could happen if something were to come out of it."

Chris was used to having a supernatural Pokémon accompany him all the time. It was half a year ago that they met, but there wasn't anything else besides Lucario that happened until he brought up the unbelievable fact that a game box had a dark aura. "That dark aura is red, right?" Chris asked.

"Yes," Lucario said. "I'm trying to pierce through it to find out more about its reason to have such thing, but… I can't find anything."

"That's…impossible…" Chris muttered. "You're a master of auras, but you can't discern anything from this?"

Lucario looked down in shame. "I'm sorry," he said. "Maybe I need to hone my aura skills even more…"

"…No," Chris said, making Lucario look at him. "You're a master. There just has to be a good reason behind this box giving you that evil aura… You know what, I think we should just go ahead with this and try it out ourselves," he said. Lucario looked a bit dismayed at the proposal. "Maybe you are imagining things…"

"No, I'm not," Lucario said, looking a bit serious. "But maybe I'm hallucinating a bit. I mean, this is just a game…"

Chris forced a smile. "Then let's go to my room and boot this up," he said. "I'm so looking forward to play as a Lucario."

Lucario grinned a bit. "That makes two of us."

"Dibs on the blue one!"

"What? I don't like the other palettes. They make my species look silly…" As the two debated on choosing the right color palettes, the dark aura that the box contained lingered in the air…

Chris's Room

Chris's room on the first floor was very clean. The teen, though, was not the one who cleaned it up. It was his dutiful Lucario who took it upon himself to put game cases away on the lower left corner of the room on a pile of ordered stacks of video games, next to the closed closet. The bed on the upper right corner was neatly made up, facing sideways at the HD TV on the upper left corner of the room. The two house residents entered the room. Lucario sat down on the bed as Chris went over to insert the disc inside his Wii. The Aura Pokémon turned the TV on.

The box stopped radiating the ominous aura, Lucario could tell. But now, the dark aura came from the disc itself. "See? Nothing seems evil or something..." Chris said as he then inserted the disc inside the Wii. The TV came to life with the friendly warning. Grabbing a nearby Wiimote, Chris went to sit next to Lucario. He moved the pointer over its game channel screen. "...Seriously, nothing is happening." And then he selected the game screen.

Irony was on Lucario's side. As soon as Chris wanted to boot the game, the Wii turned off.

"…" Chris remained silent as Lucario looked down at him. "I told you before that something isn't right," he said.

"Huh? Why isn't the game starting?" Chris said. "You don't really think that the evil aura you saw has something to do with this, right?"

Lucario nodded as he said, "It must be that dark aura's doing."

There surely was some logic behind this that didn't involve the dark aura. Chris rubbed his chin as he pondered on the issue. "Maybe those rumors about the disk being made as a double-layer disc were true. I think I put my Wii in the wrong place where dust gathers the most..."

Lucario could see that his trainer didn't want to believe it, so he tried to support the thought. "...I hope so..." Lucario muttered.

"That's weird. Let me check it." Chris approached to the Wii. "...Hmm..." He approached his right ear to listen to the disc spinning inside. "...There's a weird sound coming from within the Wii..." And suddenly, a purple light came from where the disc slot was. Chris looked at it and Lucario glared at the light. "Hey, what's the big deal here? I never saw a mention of a purple light in the manual." He was suddenly pulled back by a growling Lucario. The Aura Pokémon put his trainer under his left arm as he showed his fangs at the light. "L-Lucario, what's wrong?"

"The dark aura is growing!" Lucario said. "I don't know what's going to happen, but we better brace ourselves!"

Chris was so unfamiliar to listening to such an order that he looked frightened, but with a Lucario capable of carrying a couch with a single hand, he felt protected. "Why ar-" The light shone brightly and a force pushed Chris back. He was being held by the big Lucario, so he avoided being flung away recklessly. "U-ugh!"

"Are you all right?" Lucario asked, looking down at him.

"What in the world is happening here?!" Chris asked in terror as he saw the light illuminating the whole room. "Please, don't let it explode because there are no Wiis in the store!"

"Would you stop minding those things?" Lucario asked enraged. "This is very serious! I can't even tell what's going on!"

"At least I take care of everything here," Chris said. He was desperately trying to distract himself from the potentially hazardous purple light. "Not like you, Mr. I-Break-The-Wiimote-Because-I-Failed-To-Pass-The-Final-Boss!"

Suddenly, purple lights came from the disc and they started to fly in a circle in the middle of the room. Both of them looked shocked at the whole event happening just in the morning, and in their room. Chris looked horrified while Lucario growled menacingly at the lights. Not even the dawn's light coming from the window could overcome the bright, ominous lights.

"Okay, this is getting pretty insane..." Chris said with a gulp. "First, my Wii goes nuts, then, it shines, then, it shoots...g-ghosts out? Is this some kind of a new application I never heard of before?"

The Aura Pokémon frowned at his trainer's suspicions. "I told you," Lucario began as he growled silently at the lights, "…there was something wrong with it!"

Surely, Lucario could do something useful. Strength was not an option, but perhaps he could manipulate the lights using his aura. "W-well, do something about those lights! If my parents ever come back and see these abnormalities, what do you think they will say?" Chris ordered and asked.

"Too bad."

"W-why are you saying that?"

"Those lights aren't lights. Those are auras."

"O-okay, good. Now, get rid of them!"

All the purple "lights" fired to all the video games of Chris's collection and began to glow in a purple aura before fading out. Both of them stared at the games that shone purple from time to time. With the lights having seemingly merged into the stack of games, the intense purple light dimmed down a lot. The two exchanged looks before staring at the collection.

"...Lovely," Chris said with a bored look after his room returned back to its normal color with the sun's lights shining through the window. "My games surely got corrupted by purple auras from a new game I just bought from my local store... I'm NOT getting all of them through the internet either."

Lucario groaned with a frown. "...I told you, something was wrong with that game you got," Lucario pointed out.

"And yet you didn't do a thing..."

Lucario looked ashamed. "I'm sorry…"

The teen would feel guilty just seeing the powerful Lucario look down. Chris's eyes looked apologetic while his lips formed a small smile. He rubbed Lucario's head with care, making the Aura Pokémon look happy. Unlike other Lucario, this one liked that his trainer groomed him a bit from time to time. "It's okay," Chris reassured Lucario. "We're going to get to the bottom of this… Maybe you can pull the auras out from the collection."

The Aura Pokémon looked at the collection and held out his hands. Chris pulled his hand back and saw the big Lucario glowing with an intense blue aura. Much for their dismay, the purple aura that engulfed the games disappeared as soon as Lucario tried to pull them out. "N-no…" Lucario muttered. He didn't sense the auras anymore, and then his intense aura faded away. "They got away…"

Chris looked disappointed as he got up and approached the Wii to examine it. "Oh, great…" he muttered. "It just feels like the time you came to this world, only now it's far worse and confusing…"

Lucario nodded, but then, he felt a blue aura emanating from the Wii itself. Being unfamiliar with this aura, the Aura Pokémon narrowed his eyes. "Back away from that thing," Lucario said. "A new aura surfaced…"

"What? Now this Wii has an aura?" Chris asked and Lucario nodded. He looked at the Wii with a bored look. "Good, this machine may as well be corrupted...heavily corrupted...and my games as well... Lucario, do you know what this means?"

"We have to toss them all to the trash?" Lucario asked as he got closer to the video games. "I don't want those boxes exploding in midnight if that ever happens."

The teen gasped. "You BACK away from those video games now," Chris ordered. "I'm NOT going to get them all one by one. Those are my video games from my entire life as well! T-they have to be just fine!"

"You're asking that after we saw those auras merging into your collection?" Lucario questioned, crossing his arms below his chest spike. Sensing the Wii's aura shaking, the Aura Pokémon gasped. "Chris, look out!"

Suddenly, the Wii's disc slot was shining again, but instead of purple, it was a yellow light. The teen gasped and backed away from the yellow light, grabbing his chest as if he was getting a heart attack. His dutiful Lucario went over to shield him. Lucario subconsciously liked the fact that he was protecting his dear trainer during these confusing times, but he shook the thought away. It was far more important to keep Chris safe.

Chris looked at the light and groaned loudly. "Aw, god, it's seriously messed up this time!" he said.

Right after, the yellow light vanished. As Chris blinked confused yet again, Lucario could still see the blue aura engulfing the Wii. "The aura is still there, Chris," Lucario said. "It'd be best if you don't approach it."

"...Lucario, hand me the phone."

Grimacing at the weird order, Lucario looked down at him. "Why?"

"I'm calling Nintendo."


"Give the phone!"



"...Chris, I don't think they know about this..." Lucario said, looking away from his trainer simple yet piercing glare. "What are the chances of them knowing about this?"

"Then let me call a ghost hunter or aura hunter o-" Chris shook his head. "What am I saying? They really don't know about this."

"There are no ghost hunters in this world...or anywhere," Lucario said. Chris gave him an awkward look. "You started it," Lucario shot back. His trainer sighed.

Despite the warning Lucario had given earlier, the duo approached curiously to the Wii. "...Well, do you think it's time to get a new one?" Chris asked. "It's going to be a real drag getting all that time spent on the games we achieved a hundred percent completion…"

"That would be for the best," Lucario said. "Besides, I do look forward to replaying games with you."

Chris smiled. "That's a really nice thought," he said. "With you around, it's always bound to be an enjoyable experience."

"GUARGH!" Lucario growled proudly and nudged his muzzle against Chris's face. The teen chuckled heartily as the Aura Pokémon playfully rubbed the tip of his nose on his black hair. Chris then rubbed the Aura Pokémon's chin with affection. The Lucario looked up with eyes closed, growling with pleasure. Unlike many Lucario, this one completely enjoyed the idea of being groomed as proof of their strong bond. It gave him a powerful proud feeling that he cherished a lot.

The two never saw that the Wii shook violently in front of them. In slow motion, the Wii suddenly shot a faint image over the happy team. Once a big shadow loomed over them, the two smiling characters looked up just in time to see two heavy figures appropriately crushing them both on the floor. Whatever happiness had taken place before was crushed down along with them.

Under the two foreign bodies, Chris's right hand stuck out, its fingers wide open as if trying to reach out for outside support. "I…I had a good run…" Chris muttered under the bodies.

The bodies were not normal. They weren't normal people, but rather, two huge disembodied white gloves: a right glove and a left glove. From the looks of things, the two gloves were pretty much alive and kicking judging the fact both were groaning in pain. The right glove lied down on top of the left glove, unaware that they had seemingly killed the only two owners of the house they had entered without previous warning.

"Where are we, brother?" the left glove under the right glove asked casually, "looking" around its surroundings. "Hey, guess what! We made it to the real world after all! And here I was thinking we were going to end up somewhere nasty like a hot sauna with naked men."

The right glove on top floated up, looking around the room. The walls had multiple posters of several video game characters that he knew very well. "Oh, good," he said. "It looks like we got into the right place at the right time."

The left glove was lying down upside-down on its back. "Check this out," he said as he felt rumbling under his body. "This room has a massaging floor!"

The right glove looked down at him. "The floor isn't even shaking," he pointed out until a loud roar came under his companion. He backed away at the intensity of the roar, seeing that the window behind his wrist shook. "What in the…? That deep, gruff voice…"

"Sounds kinda familiar," the left glove said as blue aura shone underneath its body. "But this one sounds a hell deeper!"

"…Wait a minute," he said as he looked at the blue aura down below. "What th-"

An infuriated Lucario stood up to his full height, lifting the big left glove with a flaring right hand. Growling, the Lucario tossed the left glove aside to let his trainer gasp for breath. "Air! Oxygen! How much I missed you both..." Chris said in relief as he got up with his Lucario's help.

The two parties then stared at each other, falling in silence.

"…Oh…" the right glove stared long at the towering Lucario. "…Oh my…"

"…Goodness…" Chris muttered, staring up at the floating glove. "…I…"

There was no doubt. Chris and Lucario saw before their eyes none other than Master Hand and Crazy Hand. The two bosses were not even in their minds, thinking other things that took much more importance. The two gloves had come out from Chris's own Wii for sure. There was no other explanation…

Then Chris remembered something crucial. "...Wait a minute, aren't they supposed to be bad?" he asked and hid behind his Pokémon. " LUCARIO!"

"GRRRRR!" Lucario growled furiously as his body caught up with a powerful aura. His eyes even glowed yellow.

Master Hand screamed in a high-pitched voice as he saw the Lucario holding out his open palm, creating a rather big Aura Sphere that violently shook with destructive power. "AAH!" Master Hand screamed. "C-calm down! W-we're not bad, I swear!" Master Hand pleaded. "W-we're in dire need of help! Please, don't let that dog of yours blast us!"

It was incredibly weird to see someone like a big floating hand begging for mercy. Through his yellow eyes, Lucario's mouth opened a bit as he detected that the two hands' auras were blue instead of red. However, he didn't want to take any chances. The Lucario couldn't read their thoughts as there was some sort of mind lock that prevented him from dwelling in their minds. He could break that lock apart if he put some extra effort, but it was obvious to him that they had no ill intentions.

Thus, Lucario's intense aura faded away for a second time along with the big Aura Sphere. Seeing this, Chris asked, "Lucario, why did yo-?!"

"They have blue auras," Lucario interrupted.

"Blue auras…" Chris trailed off. He remembered that Lucario taught him a bit about auras. Blue auras belonged to good people. Red auras belonged to bad people. Therefore, if the gloves had blue auras, it meant they were good people… "They're…they're good, then?"

"Yes!" Master Hand said, making the two look at him. "Geez, how lucky we are that there was another Lucario in this world… But…" He stared at the wary Lucario. "How on earth did this one get here?"

Feeling that situation looked awkward, Chris sighed. "I…I don't think this is a good place to chat," he said. He felt unsure around the two gloves inhabiting his house. "This is a very extremely confusing event to me…"

"Huh, we think alike," Master Hand said, looking at the worried teen. "But it looks like it's going to be safe to explain everything to you two. I assume the initial shock of having a…big Lucario like the one you have makes things easier for the two of us."

"…Not really," Chris admitted. "He at least looks like a person. You two, on the other hand…"

Crazy Hand floated up, startling the teen. "Other hand? We've got a second brother?" he asked, sounding excited.

Master Hand chuckled nervously as the duo stared at them with weird looks. "Before we move, let me tell you this: he's my insane brother," he said. "He's technically the only person I can look after to avoid feeling alone, y'know. He drives me crazy many times, but we're still brothers."

Crazy Hand turned around and looked at them. "Oh, hello!" he said, forcefully shaking Chris's hand with two fingers. Lucario's glare stiffened. "Nice to meet my first human from the real world! We're gonna be best friends forever."

His brother slapped his wrist. "Stop that," he hissed. "We need to make a good first impression."

"Whoopsie-daisy," the insane hand said. "Sorry."

Master Hand looked at them with a frown. "Look, just don't get too close to him or else you might experience severe massive damage one way or another," he said. Chris cautiously moved behind Lucario.

Living Room

The teen never thought that it was going to be possible to have two extremely unlikely guests in his humble abode. If things weren't crazy with Lucario, they were crazier with two disembodied hands floating around in midair. Chris closed the curtains from all the windows just in case an unlucky person with a weak will happened to scream their heads off. Then, Chris sat down on the sofa while Lucario remained standing up at his side as both hands were in front of them.

Master Hand was admiring how lustrous the living room looked like. On the far left corner, there was a chimney facing some couches and a table, which were standing in front of a big flat screen TV. On the upper right corner, there was a dining room that faced the kitchen counter further up. Along the walls, several photos and other decorative furniture adorned the light gray walls. "Oh, good," Master Hand said as his brother sat down on his wrist on the opposite couch that faced the duo. "I'm happy to know we got the one with the nice-looking house."

"U-um, thanks," Chris said. "I do my best to keep this place clean while my parents are away…"

"Oh!" the hand "nodded" his body. "You're one of those who… I mean, I see," he said. "That kind of makes things even easier."

The teen nodded, interlacing his fingers over his knees. "First off..." Chris began, " name is Chris, and this is Lucario." Lucario responded with a silent growl. "He won't kill you..." Chris reassured the hands. Lucario sighed with a small frown.

"Okay, nice to meet you," Master Hand said. "I'm Master Hand, and this my pretty insane brother, Crazy Hand."

"Hell-o," Crazy Hand said. "Don't mind if I take this couch as my bed."

Chris grimaced a bit, but he knew things weren't going to stay like this any longer. He saw that both hands stared at him...if it was easy to tell that apart. Their bodies were facing him, so he had a feeling he was being watched. "...I don't know what to ask first..." Chris said.

"C'mooooooon," Crazy Hand said. "You have something, don't you?"

"H-hmm..." Chris got something to talk. "I got something… Before you came here, there was this weird event where purple auras came out from my console…and then they entered my video game collection…" He raised an eyebrow. "Do you know anything about that?"

Master Hand cleared his invisible throat before speaking. "...Those purple lights were surely the Subspace Army spreading their reach, the culprits for invading the Smash Bros. Universe," he explained. The two blinked at him. "The disc you got, Chris, happened to harbor a wide open universe that had its own fair share of issues."

"What the…" Chris trailed off. "You mean to say I just so casually picked some kind of corrupted copy at my local store?" he asked. "How does that even make any sense?"

"Hello," Crazy Hand said, "six-foot tall Lucario?"

"T-that…" Chris exchanged glances with Lucario, "I-I admit we already went through something of the sort before, but this is just too much!" he said. "What are the chances that the people who manufactured that single copy of the game knew about this?"

"I don't know about that," Master Hand said, dismaying the teen. "But the thing is, things are happening. It was…how you say…destiny working by itself."

"Oh, don't give me that…" Chris trailed off until he saw that Lucario was giving him a worried look with his red eyes. "…You…you believe in this kind of destiny, I imagine…"

Lucario nodded. "Yes…" he said. "The two of us never found out how I even came here."

"I…I guess you're right…" Chris muttered, recalling the vivid event from a half year ago. "…Still…this makes even less sense…" He looked up at the hand. "It's just too much for me to believe that I'm living through this."

Master Hand sighed. "Look, Chris," he began, "you're going to break a blood vessel if you think too hard about that. You need to concern yourself with the information I want to give the two of you first." He saw the teen shaking his head. "I know it's pretty incredible, but it's happening. That's all you need to know about the situation as a basis."

"Ugh…" Chris grunted a bit. "…Okay… I'll listen to your story, then," he agreed. "So you're saying that…uh…this Subspace Army is trying to…"

"It's trying to conquer the worlds," Master Hand said. The duo widened their eyes. "The army's main goal is to conquer any world they come across using the Subspace Bombs."

"..." Chris was utterly miffed by that truth. "...Okay...that sounded so scaring..."

"But how did you two manage to get here?" Lucario asked suddenly. "For that matter, since Chris and I already spoiled ourselves of the plot of the game… Where are the others?"

Master Hand chuckled nervously. "You see… There was this big fight against Tabuu, the leader of the Subspace Army," he said. "This fight was supposed to be the one that would end with his defeat, yet…it never happened…" He looked up at the ceiling. "Tabuu was weakened due to some outside help, but he managed to fight back just fine, which ended up with us losing the battle."

Chris looked away in thought. "…You're saying the supposed final battle ended up on a bad note?" he asked, looking sideways at the hands. "And that's how things spiraled out of control?"

"Oh yes, they did," the sane hand said. "You see, I barely managed to escape safely thanks to Crazy Hand here." Crazy Hand waved his body at them. "Using his help, we used our powers to pull all the people involved in the fight back to their worlds of origin…with the added fact that we manipulated their memories so that they wouldn't remember anything that took place during the entire war plot."

"Wait, why?" Lucario asked. "Why would you do that?"

"I'm a hand of creation," the hand said. "I can't heal people! I can only use my powers to bend reality to my will! So then, I was desperate during that confrontation that I had no choice but to return them all to their worlds. If they went back in time with their memories intact, it would create so many nasty outcomes for their individual stories."

Chris looked back at him, bewildered at the statement. "You…tossed them all back in time?" he asked.

"Yeah…" the hand trailed off. "I did it so that they had time to prepare themselves for the worst at this point in time. Because I'm not that good at time-bending powers, however…I guess I overlooked a few mistakes here and there that…might have pulled them all further back in time…"

"…Oh…" Chris muttered in a low tone.

"You saw those lights going to your games, right? Well, they were going after them..." the hand explained. "Tabuu still has some reserves and he's using them to put an end to them. So, Crazy Hand and I fled away, and then I remembered that this world existed beyond our realms." He shook himself. "I didn't want to go recruit other people and drag them into this mess because the army is also hunting the two of us down."

The teen put two-and-two together and gasped. "Wait, there's a whole army coming into MY house?!" Chris asked. Sensing aura waves of desperation, Lucario bared his fangs.

"No, no, no!" the hand reassured them. "They can't easily barge into this dimension! T-they need to gather enough space to power up Tabuu so that he can invade this place! Luckily, he's very weak at the moment!"

Chris grabbed his chest as he calmed himself down. "P-phew…" he sighed as Lucario calmed down as well. "S-sorry for the outburst…"

"Eh, I expected that," the hand said. "So anyway… That's not the end of the story…"

"There's more?" Lucario asked.

"There were…other small accidents as we fled," Master Hand said. "…There were casualties."

"Casualties?" Chris wondered. "You don't mean people got killed or something…right?"

"Well…" the hand trailed off. "Roy, Pichu and Mewtwo gave their lives in the battle."

"!" the two responded with hoarse breaths. Lucario blinked in shock while Chris covered his mouth.

"It was a very shocking scene to be sure," the hand muttered. "Mewtwo fought with all his might until Tabuu pierced him through with a spear… Roy yelled and tried to help him, but then Tabuu sliced his body and left a very mentally-scarring wound that ran across his body… And just to clarify how evil he was, he spotted Pichu shivering in a corner and promptly blasted him away with a laser."

"...My…my god..." Chris muttered as he shook with fear. "...This is...unbelievable..." he muttered.

"To make a point, Mewtwo did a lot of help," Master Hand said. "He's a Legendary Pokémon of sorts…but Tabuu went all out and overwhelmed him."

Lucario looked away. "I wished I could've met Mewtwo," he said. "But it never crossed my mind that… Wait… Roy, Pichu, and Mewtwo…" He looked back at the hand. "Those are Melee characters that didn't make it to Brawl. How did they eve-?"

"Pfft," the hand interrupted. "I forgot you guys think that our dad canned those three. Well, I took it upon myself to keep them around for the Brawl era," he explained. "Besides, there's a whole new world out there for the tourneys I have organized a decade ago! You guys know about it for sure, right? The first Smash Bros. tourney…the Melee tourney…and the cancelled Brawl tourney. If I were to end a contract with one of the Smashers – that's how I like to call the participants, mind you – the ratings I get would take a long fall down."

It sure felt like the serious conversation had turned into some kind of advertisement. "…What?" Chris asked. "What do you mean by tourneys? What kind of barbaric name is Smashers? You have a show?"

"And, more importantly," Lucario began, "you have a father?"

"Let me answer every single one of those questions," the hand said. "Yes, I'm the boss that runs all those tourneys I mentioned, pitting the universes' greatest personalities to pit them against each other for a fight for supremacy. 'Smashers' doesn't sound that barbaric to me. I make a living using those tourneys to gain me some hard-earned money." He took out a photo and handed it to them. Where he took out that photo was a fine topic of wild-mass guessing. "And this is our dad. He looks pretty cool, don't you think? Look at that young face of his!"

Chris and Lucario stared with morbid looks at a photo of Masahiro Sakurai walking down a red carpet saluting an audience in front of a concert. One of Lucario's eyebrows twitched.

"What do you think?" Crazy Hand asked. "I think I got his looks!"

The teen grimaced at the thought of two disembodied hands knowing full well that the creator of the games was this man. He decided to go along with the flow. "Uh… I-I would really like to meet him one day," Chris said, forcing a smile as he handed the photo back to the hand. "(They don't even look alike!)" he thought.

The Aura Pokémon wanted to make things look serious once more. "Why are you here?" Lucario asked. "We know you're on the run…but what did you hope to accomplish by running into this world?"

"We're here because...we want to find help in order to fight them back," Master Hand said.

"...Do you want me to call the police, the NAVY, or the army?" Chris asked with the suggestions. "The two of us are…uh…very busy people…"

"We are?" Lucario asked.

"Yes," Chris hissed.

Master Hand groaned. "Hey, I wasn't talking about that! I was talking about recruiting a special human," he said. Chris didn't like where this was going. "A human I could convince to take upon the task of reuniting the team for a final confrontation against Tabuu while ensuring that their worlds are safe from danger…" He floated over to Lucario. "But screw that clichéd fan fic idea! I found myself a better recruit in this guy."

"Me?" Lucario asked, mildly shocked.

"Yes!" the hand said. "I can sense it from you. You're one big Lucario!" he rejoiced. "I saw how you lifted my brother with a bare hand alone. That just means you're very, very special! With you on my side, gathering the group will be an easy task! Here I was thinking I was going to recruit some headstrong boy who doesn't do well at school but is an expert at video games… That's a sad waste of time, let me tell you."

Lucario exchanged glances with Chris. The teen looked worried. "You mean to say you want to take Lucario with you?" Chris asked. "B-but…"

"…I can't," Lucario said, surprising the teen. "I can't just leave Chris behind knowing that he's going to be alone…"

"Lucario…" Chris muttered.

Master Hand groaned. "Aww, no, I knew this was going to be too easy to be true," he said. "Let me guess… You two are inseparable and would rather not leave the other behind."

"…Yes…" Chris responded weakly. But once he looked at Lucario's small smile, there was a sudden change of heart. "…And that's why you're not just taking Lucario for yourself." He stood up. "I'm coming, too."

The three gasped at the teen's decision. "WHAT!" Master Hand said. "T-that's not what I had in mind! Just a moment ago, you looked like you didn't want to take a part in this!" he said. "What made you change your mind? You don't look like a fighter unlike your superbly strong Lucario!"

Chris looked down, debating himself if it was a good idea to speak out his thoughts like that so recklessly. After hearing Master Hand's story, he thought that there was a small chance for him to help in some way… It was obvious that a great threat was trying to break into his world to conquer it. He just didn't want to let it all go so easily. "I…I know…" Chris muttered, looking at Lucario's worried expression. "It's just…"

"It's just that I'm thinking about your welfare," Master Hand said. "Chris, I don't want you to get involved in this. It's too dangerous for the likes of you."

"Just because Lucario is too damn strong doesn't mean everything will go the way you want!" Chris yelled, shocking the three at his sudden outburst. He looked worried once again. "A-and…and I can't just shrug this off and let Lucario go… I want to go and see what I can do."

"…You sure you're not the typical headstrong teen with a dream?"

"I'm not into fighting…" Chris admitted. "I'm a smart teen who works hard in high school…"

"That…doesn't fit my criteria too much," the hand said. "…Oh well, expect the unexpected, they say… But still!" He pointed a finger at the teen, startling him. "You know full well what you're getting into, right? You're entering a battlefield where anything can happen! You might get killed off!"

"Not if I'm around," Lucario said. He made a fist that got engulfed in aura. "I'm Chris's Pokémon. He is my Pokémon Trainer. I wouldn't want to think that he's going to be left behind doing nothing while I go out… Just the thought of leaving him alone doesn't bode me well." He looked at his trainer with a small smile. "I'm the strongest Lucario the world has ever seen… Using my power, I'll see that Chris pulls through without suffering."

The teen smiled a bit at his Pokémon's speech. "Oh, now I see how things are around here," the hand said. "It's the typical Pokémon bond between a Pokémon and his human. Yeah, I've seen that plenty of times before…" He grunted. "Okay, Chris, this is the last thing I'm going to ask of you… Do you TRULY want to join the Smashers, along with your Lucario, to fight against the Subspace Army knowing that you'll be facing danger a lot more than you've done in your life?"

"Join the Smashers…" Chris trailed off.

"That means you're working under me," Master Hand pointed out. "With my leadership, I shall guide you through."

"…" Chris stared long at Lucario. "…I have the world's strongest Lucario…" he said, smiling wide. "Why should I get worried about getting hurt out there?"

"Chris…" Lucario trailed off as he pulled his trainer under his left arm, nudging his muzzle against his head. The teen chuckled heartily and embraced him.

"Okay, that's kind of a moving scene," Master Hand said, "but there are things to be done around here. Are we okay that the two of you will work for me?"

"Yes," Chris said nodding, Lucario releasing his grip from him. "I'll do whatever I can to support the team…with Lucario, of course."

Master Hand turned away. "Well, that's just going to make me take some crucial decisions with you," he said. Chris and Lucario looked at him. "I'll tell you once we're ready to send you off in your first mission of the day…"

Chris was concerned. "Do we have to take a few items with us?" he asked.

"No, it'll be okay," he said as he began floating away to Chris's room. Crazy Hand hopped off from the couch and followed him. The duo looked at each other with flat looks before following the hands.

Chris's Room

Chris and Lucario stood in front of Master Hand and Crazy Hand. "Chris, Lucario," Master Hand began, "we have to stop the Subspace Army from conquering the worlds of my Smashers." He raised a finger. "Our first order of business is to keep their worlds safe by disabling the Subspace Bombs. It is also our top priority to gather them all once again when they're done with the plots of their games."

"Wait…" Chris trailed off, "so you do know that you're…part of video games?" he asked. Lucario looked away with a bit of disdain. "Lucario also realized that some time ago…"

"Oh… It's nothing, really," the hand said. "It only matters that we live. To me, it's far more important that I can have a conscience of my own to be aware of." It was hard to tell, but he looked serious. "For that matter, though…I FORBID you the idea of ever telling ANYBODY you come across about the fact that the worlds are part of video games…"

"It's going to be a pretty big thing to them, I suppose," Lucario supposed.

"Yes, right," the hand said. "The team doesn't even know about that. They'll react negatively to the whole idea if they were to find out… You better keep the secret covered and just tell them that you come from other normal worlds. I don't care what you do as long as you don't disrupt their stories."

"Disrupting their stories…" Chris repeated.

"It's unknown to me where you're going to end up," the hand said. "I will take you to the closest location where the plot is unraveling. That means that you'll be dropped off anywhere. You are expected to help the protagonists of any world with their issues while trying to find the army somewhere along the road… It's clear that the army wants to chase them down, so if you stick with them, you're bound to protect them. Do NOT stray away from their stories, though. It's not recommended that you make some alterations for better results…"

"How will we know when the mission is completed?" Chris asked concerned.

"I will contact you as soon as I can," Master Hand said. "I have powers beyond your imagination. I can see very well how you're doing by yourselves. For the time being, Crazy Hand and I will take residence in this house…avoiding people from seeing us from the windows, of course."

Lucario grimaced. "You better not cause any stupidity in here," he warned them. "I don't want to think what'd happen if you get out…"

"We won't do that," Master Hand said as his brother shook himself. "This is a safe place for us to hide from the army."

"But, how can we go to other worlds?" Lucario asked.

Master Hand saw a Wiimote on the bed and pointed at it. He fired a yellow light to the control and it went in front of Chris and Lucario by floating in midair. The two stared at the control. "And more of my belongings get corrupted..." Chris sighed.

"This is NOT corrupted!" Master Hand yelled before coughing a little. "Use this. This control is a key to go to the other worlds."

"What?" Chris said. "You did something to my control?"

"Your control has been modified to open portals," the hand pointed out. "Point forward and press the A button."

The teen could hardly believe that this was happening, but he did as he was told. Shyly pointing the control forward, Chris's doubtful thumb pressed the A button. Suddenly, a trail of light shot out and seemingly crashed against empty air. A small shining dot shone before the two, and then it started to grow into a big circle. When the big circle was seven feet big, they saw a swirl of bright colors inside the majestic abnormality. "A-aah!" Chris yelped, backing off from the vortex. It was a wonder to see that nothing was getting sucked into it.

"Yeah, that's the initial impression," Master Hand said. "What you see before you is a portal that will take you to Ness's world… I have sensed that the army's first target is Ness. I want you to rendezvous with him at the point where he's at and convince him to let you join his team."

"What if he doesn't let us join him?" Lucario asked.

"…Bug him a little more," Master Hand said. "Try to do your best to convince him. He's toasted if he gets targeted out of nowhere while walking through a city! You two are my only hope to see them safe…" He saw that Chris looked unsure. "Having second doubts now, Chris?"

"H-huh?" Chris said before looking away. "W-well…"

"…Look, because I don't want to see you chucking rocks and sticks at the enemies while Lucario does all the fighting," the hand began as he raised a glowing finger, "let me give you your tools for battle!"

"My tools for batt-?" Chris couldn't say anymore once the hand shot him with a bright light.

As Lucario watched in shock as his trainer's body glowed, Chris felt a funny sensation. However, it was still an odd feeling he never felt before, and it was by no means a negative one disguised as a positive one. He looked at his hands glowed briefly and, before he could see more, the light faded away. "What did you just do to him?" Lucario questioned.

"I gave him the Job System," Master Hand said.

"The…Job System?" Chris wondered, looking back up at him.

"I got this from a world I was spying on," the hand pointed out. "Basically, I gave you the potential to gain a wide assortment of powers that will unlock by themselves as time goes by while you fight battles. In short, let's just say that you're going to be a carbon copy of the Smashers… You're basically going to get jobs that will resemble them in powers and appearance. For example, someday, you'll get a Job that will give you a copy of Ike's clothes along with his sword Ragnell. There won't be any radical changes done to your body, though."

Chris thought hard about the Job System, but he was still unsure if this was such a good idea. Obviously, the hand spied on the Final Fantasy series when thinking about the system itself. "…Wait a minute," Chris said, realizing something. "How do I change jobs?"

"Oh, it's simple," the hand said. "You just have to imagine the job you want to change to in your mind… But the problem is that you don't have a single job at the moment."

"What?!" Chris said in shock as Lucario looked similarly with the same expression. "You're sending me into a foreign world without a single job?"

"I'm testing you," the hand said. "This is a test for you to prove yourself, Chris."

"Are you insane?!" Chris asked.

"No," the boss bluntly said. "Look, I do things around here pretty seriously. The people that work under me are expected to work hard. You're a special case, however," he said. "I know it sounds really bad that I'm giving you almost nothing to fight battles, but I wish to see how you develop your fighting skills as you progress through this long adventure. I can tell that you're not the adventurous type…so I wish to see how the likes of you mature."

Chris stared in pure disbelief at the hand for a few seconds until he sighed, scratching his right arm. "I suppose that…you're right on that…" he muttered as Lucario patted his trainer's back. "I already said I was going, anyway…"

"Don't be afraid," Lucario said. "You still have me to defend yourself."


"…I'll do everything in my power to help you out," the Aura Pokémon said with a small smile. "Nothing would make me very proud than seeing my trainer fight by my side."

"…" Chris's eyes looked away. He blushed a bit. "…I can really count on you, after all." Lucario growled and rubbed cheeks together with Chris, making his trainer laugh for a bit.

"Okay!" Master Hand said, startling the two. "It's time for you to start the big mission to gather the force! Now, go on into the portal and prepare yourselves for multiple worlds full of possibilities and unique characters waiting to meet you!"

"…Meeting other characters…" Chris muttered, a sincere smile forming on his lips. He stared at the portal in front of them. Curiously, the teen and his Pokémon stuck a finger each into it. "Uh… I don't feel so good just entering through this thing…"

The two never expected the big right hand to push them into the portal without previous warning. The portal then vanished once they were gone.

"And off you go!" Master Hand said. He chuckled and looked at his brother. "I should've said that before I pushed them in… Oh well, I have faith that they'll do just fine."

"And what if they don't do well and end up getting killed?" Crazy Hand asked.

"Pish-posh, brother!" Master Hand said. "Things will work out just fine… For the moment, though," he looked around, "we need to give them a big surprise once they're done with the mission."

Crazy Hand gasped. "You mean?!"

"Yup, we're going back home and do some special arrangements," Master Hand said. "I forgot that the Smash Mansion is all alone without any guests. I can't wait to see the look on their faces once they come back and see our base of operations. This house is not going to be enough!"

The hands kept talking to each other while keeping track of the two new recruits' progress in the first world…


Next Chapter:

"Bound To a New Earth"

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2. Bounded to a New Earth

And thus, the first stop of the story begins.

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Chapter 2: Bounded to a New Earth



Near Snow Wood Boarding School

Earthbound - Snowman

Winters was a special place in all Eagleland where it was always under a thick layer of snow that covered the whole landscape. Scientists had reported that the area might have been greatly altered due to human intervention, but luckily, it did not cause any problematic issues to the environment. Animal life was pretty much tame and was never endangered by the cold climate, so it was a peaceful area.

That was, until Giygas' influence took hold of the animal life and twisted every-day objects into monsters. Only normal humans would notice the enraged animals, but as for the objects, they would go largely unnoticed till their chosen prey would pass nearby as orders from Giygas came to their newborn minds.

Over a hill of snow that overlooked the Snow Wood Boarding School, a portal opened, and a teenager and his tall Pokémon stumbled down into the cold floor, the portal closing behind them. Shivering at the sudden temperature change, Chris slowly stood back up, Lucario standing up faster than he did.

"We're here…" Lucario trailed off in disbelief. They had actually managed to transcend the boundaries of space, and possibly all logic itself, to make it into another universe. Granted, Lucario had done it already, but he never noticed it. He looked at his shivering trainer. "I'm glad nothing morbid happened when we did this…"

"I-if you haven't noticed already," Chris shivered, "I-I'm not wearing winter clothing!"

The Aura Pokémon shrugged. "I can't even feel that much cold," he pointed out.

"Well, duh! You've got fur! I got skin! Without the fur!" Chris complained. "I'm guessing that oversized hand is not going to help me out with this! I-I'm so getting a cold…"

Lucario looked worried, but then he noticed a portal opening up behind them. Standing back, Lucario saw Chris turning around and gasping. "Sorry!" Master Hand's voice came from the portal as a blue jacket was tossed out from it. "It seems you guys were taken to that specific area."

Chris regained his composure. He was never going to get used to looking at portals any time soon. Picking up the jacket that he swore was actually his, he cleared his throat to say, "C-couldn't you have dropped us off somewhere else warmer?"

"Sorry, but the current story timeline is taking place right there," Master Hand shouted. "There's no way to work around this. You COULD wait a bit for the events of that area to end, but I suspect that the Subspace Army has already noticed your presences!"

The teen did not like what he heard. "Meaning…"

"Yeah, leaving that area behind like nothing happened will most likely explode in the worst of cases," Master Hand said. After hearing the teen's shocked "EXPLODE" word, the hand said, "Well! Off you go now! Try not to get killed or else it'd be REEEEEEEEAL bad!"

"Get killed?!" Chris shouted bewildered as Lucario growled, but the portal closed down conveniently on the hand's favor. "W-what in the hell!" he complained loudly.

Lucario continued growling until he stopped, frowning. "Well, we did accept this task…" he trailed off.

His trainer buried his face into his hands. "I was so blind in meeting other people that I actually never considered DYING on the job much… I'm so ashamed…" he trailed off, but Lucario approached him and hung his right arm on Chris.

"You still have me," Lucario said. "If anybody lays a finger on you, they will pay with their pain."

"…" Chris sighed. "You do all the fighting while I go somewhere to find a stick to beat people with…"

"Seriously now," Lucario said in a deadpan tone.

"What do you expect me to do?" Chris asked, looking up at his Pokémon. "I was given this job system, yet the hand didn't even give me a single job! Unless I'm Freelancer right now…"

Lucario immediately said, "Jack of all trades, master of none?"

"Except there are NO trades!" Chris responded. Throwing his arms up, he sighed once more and looked around where they had landed, spotting a landscape of withered trees with snow covering the branches. "I think there's no use complaining right now… Let's just…go with the flow, I guess…"

Lucario surveyed the area with his eyes. He turned around to see the Snow Wood Boarding School. "I suppose we should head down there," he said, his trainer turning to the brick-fenced building.

"The Snow Wood Boarding School…" Chris muttered. "I remember Jeff lives there...which means we're at the point of the story when Ness and Paula are trapped at the graveyard."

Lucario looked down at Chris. A closer look at his trainer made the Aura Pokémon look confused. "Uh… Chris…"

"What is it, Lucario?" Chris looked up to Lucario. The Pokémon didn't say a thing to let Chris tell what was wrong. A closer look at Lucario's face revealed that it had turned rather simplistic. The white of his eyes was gone, and only the red remained behind in the void of black that was his mask-looking pattern. "Oh…my…god…" he muttered.

"…Yes… I don't have any idea why we look like this…" Lucario muttered, seeing that Chris was also affected by some freak change. Chris's head was considerably larger, just as Lucario's, than the rest of his body. But by age standards, he still fit into the world's image of a teenager.

"We?" Chris touched his head with his heads. "Dear god, I'm a FREAK!" he shouted. "I-I'm a big-headed FREAK!"

Lucario looked serious. "Chris, keep your composure," he said. "I think that the world affected our appearance to make us match with the rest of the population."

"The big-headed population, you mean!" Chris said.

"What was that about going with the flow?" Lucario reminded his freaked trainer. "We should tough it up from here."

Not liking the fact that his head somehow had not put on a lot of weight to his frail body, Chris sighed yet again in defeat. "F-fine… At times like these, I wished Master Hand could've given us some pointers…"

"Like a manual?"

"I guess…" Chris turned back to the Snow Wood Boarding School. "No use complaining about anything else, now we somehow have to…uh…" He trailed off, unsure of what he was going to say.

"...Chris..." Lucario looked away.

His trainer turned around to face him. "What?"

"Was this...alright?" he asked, looking back at Chris.

"What was alright?"

Lucario closed his eyes. "Well... I was talking about your decision to do this adventure."

The trainer remained staring at Lucario before scratching his right shoulder, blushing a bit. "Well, I wanted to have something different…" he trailed off. "But… I don't know why I jumped at the proposal so suddenly. I mean… When I first saw that people like YOU could actually exist in the real world… I thought that it was possible for the rest of your 'universe' to do the same as well but with me going into their homes and then…well…"

Lucario asked, "But do you really think that this is the right decision?"

Chris looked away. "...I just don't know sometimes... I really wished to have an adventure with you, Lucario... Remember when you said yourself about going off somewhere with me like a trainer and his Pokémon?"

Lucario blinked. "Ah...yes, you and I said that before."

"…And to be honest," Chris chuckled, "I was thinking about meeting as many characters from the 'worlds beyond the real world' with you…" He shook his head. "I could make interesting friends if I get to talk with any of them…but…now that I think about it…" Once again, he looked worried. "It's not like I CAN really make friends with the protagonists of the worlds in just one single conversation! It took me like a year to get you to like me! To them, I'm…I'm a non-playable character who will keep saying the same thing over and over again if spoken to…"

"Uh…yes…" Lucario looked serious. "But this is completely different. I…I admit that I had a pretty bad case of a lone wolf attitude when I first looked at you. Not you, though," he said. "In my opinion, you have a likeable personality, and that's all you need to have any of them take a liking on you."

"…" Chris shifted his look to the sides, still feeling unsure. "…In that case, let's see if we can even get a secondary character like Jeff to take a liking on us."

Lucario gave him a hopeful smile and nodded. "Just as how you were optimistic in gaining my complete trust as your Pokémon, try to be optimistic," he said before hearing a faint sound that he could only hear. Turning back to the school, Lucario spotted two kids on the other side of the fenced gate. "I suppose this is where we take our first step into the mission…"

Chris nodded and walked forward, only to sink instantly inside the snow. Lucario gasped and felt that there was some kind of flat rock hidden inside the snow. There was a soft edge of snow that lacked the rocky surface. "C-c-cold!" his trainer shouted from the inside. The Aura Pokémon put up a tough look and dove into the snow to get him out.

Back at the fenced gate of the school, the two children were looking up. Both of them wore the school's signature uniform, though that was the only similarity they shared. The hat-wearing, red-headed one on the left was there to help his best friend cross over the fence. The glasses-wearing, blond-headed one on the right was intent on the other side.

The red-headed one, whose name was Tony, crouched down. "Okay, ready here! I'm gonna give you a boost…" he said.

The blond-headed one, whose name was Jeff, nodded and put a foot on Tony's cupped hands. Struggling a lot, Tony only barely managed to push Jeff up enough for him to grab onto the top bar of the fence. Jeff luckily had no trouble putting his right foot on top to climb it up and fall on his feet on the other side. "I was a little worried for a moment there…" Jeff said, fixing his glasses. He turned back to Tony, hearing him sigh a tad depressed.

"Jeff, promise me you will be careful in your journey," Tony said. "It's not really that common for people like us to be leaving the school behind till we're older…"

"Thanks, Tony. I appreciate the support," Jeff told Tony. "I will do everything to save Paula and Ness. Cover for me in the classes."

Tony looked unsure. "I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to cover for you if you're not even here, but… I'll come up with something," he said nodding. "Oh! Jeff, maybe you can get help from your dad! He should be still living somewhere close to here, right?"

Jeff nodded. "I was considering looking for him. I sure hope he is around here somewhere… Not nearby," he said. "Also, if I recall, it's been 10 years ever since the school faculty saw him last…"

"Alright, then… I guess this is good-bye," Tony said. "Jeff, be very careful on your journey. We're still best friends forever no matter what. Sad to see you leaving a day before my birthday."

Jeff shrugged. "Yes, I guess so..."

Tony smiled a bit. "Doing this is far more important, though. Go save those two," he said. "Once you come back, we'll celebrate my birthday for real! It'll be the day when you return as a hero!"

Waving one last time at his friend, both boys turned their backs on each other and continued their separate ways. Jeff looked over his shoulder, watching Tony getting back inside, but not only before Tony gave him a reassuring smile and a hand-wave. Once he was gone, Jeff sighed under his breath and turned back to face the withered forest of snow. He could get a clear view of the lake across from where he was standing. The school grounds were on top of a large hill.

Jeff looked to his left, finding a convenience store. Thinking that there could be something helpful, he walked to the door to enter it. Just before entering, several feet away from him, Lucario and Chris emerged from the hill of snow, barely catching a glimpse of Jeff entering the store. "H-he went in there," Chris shivered.

"Yes, now we have to come up with a way for him to lead us to Ness," Lucario said. "I think I remember Winters is pretty far away from that graveyard Ness fell into…"

"W-what do you suggest?" Chris asked, dusting off the snow from his hair. "I really don't want to be too straightforward to him and say, 'Hey, we're here to save Ness from his horrible fate because there's a whole army bent on getting his head! Let's be insta-friends and join forces together!' or even lie to him…"

"That is a problem…" Lucario trailed off. "Not even saying the truth or a lie is…difficult."

Chris thought for a moment. "What if…we casually avoid saying a lie and telling the truth by being good Samaritans?" he asked.

"You mean… What he doesn't need to know from us won't hurt anybody?"

"S-something like that," Chris said shrugging. "This is so difficult… Alright, let's give this a shot." They both looked at the convenience store. "Here goes nothing…"

The duo approached the store, only for the front door to slide open with Jeff walking out…together with a bubble-chewing monkey that seemed to have taken interest in the smart boy. While the first duo was pondering what to say without having established eye contact with Jeff, the blond boy had already looked up at the menacing canine known as Lucario. "Hold on, you there," Jeff called out to Lucario.

Lucario was taken off-guard and so did Chris. They both came to a halt. "Uh, y-yes?" Chris shyly asked.

Jeff fixed his glasses on Lucario. "You don't get to see such a…person," he said the last word while staring at Lucario's hind legs," like him walking around these parts…"

"(And here I thought he was going to scream at my big head. I forgot Lucario is the only one looking so out of place!)" Chris thought in shock.

"Though his hostile look didn't really cause any kind of pain on me…yet," Jeff noted. At least the two world-hoppers could cross out the possibility of the blond boy running away screaming bloody murder. "Do you two live around these parts?"

They felt an odd sense of danger with the question Jeff posed to them.

"We…uh…n-no," Chris said. "We're…"

"Travelers," Lucario added all of a sudden. "We're travelers who just happened to…uh…be passing through here."

Jeff was mildly impressed that the six-foot tall canine could even talk. "Ah, you can talk English too," he said. Chris wondered why he was sweating bullets in the cold climate somehow. "You seem civilized, judging you haven't ripped your companion's limbs."

Lucario took that as an offense. "I would never do such a thing to Chris," he said.

"Okay, then," Jeff said, looking to the forest. "I have some other business to attend to. Might as well leave now…"

If Jeff left, the duo would lose the chance to aiding Ness against the Subspace Army. Chris was quickly trying to come up with something to convince Jeff from letting them come with him along for the ride. He was the only lead that would surely take them to Ness, anyway. "(T-think about the facts or something, quick!)" Chris thought to himself. "W-wait!" he hastily said.

"Yes?" Jeff raised an eyebrow.

"Uh… Are you going off alone into the wild?" Chris asked, putting up a worried look. "You're kind of too young to be going alone…" He eyed the Bubble Monkey. The animal was busy chewing on bubblegum to care about what was going on, but the monkey followed Jeff just because he carried a pack of gum with him. "…And, honestly, that monkey doesn't seem to be of much help…"

"Huh…" Jeff trailed off, grimacing a bit. "Well, I suppose you are right on that notion. I just got this monkey because the store clerks wanted to get rid of it." Dismaying the duo, Jeff turned back to the forest. "I'll see how things play out for me. Thank you for worrying about me."

Chris's nerves got the best of him.

"For crying out loud! I was implying that we wanted to come along with you so you can cross the woods safely!" Chris shouted. Lucario stared shocked at him for a small while.

Jeff stopped in his tracks and turned back to them. "If anything, I'm worried about what might happen to you if you came along. For reasons I'm not at liberty to say, the task I was tasked to do is…kind of beyond your wildest dreams," he said.

"(You don't get to hear something from a boy his age in my neighborhood,)" Chris thought, mildly freaked out. "E-even then! What could a kid your age get into?"

"Speak for yourself. You're a teenager," Jeff pointed out. Lucario hoped this wasn't going to drive into an argument. "I was taught that I shouldn't trust strangers (though to be honest to myself I trust two complete strangers…)"

Lucario stepped forward. "We wish to aid you," he said. "If you haven't noticed yet, there's a monkey following you."

"…True enough…" Jeff muttered in defeat. The Bubble Monkey looked kind of insulted with the grimace on his face. "…Well… Fine."

EarthBound – Winters White

The duo couldn't believe what they heard. "F-for real?" Chris asked.

"I suppose so…" Jeff said nodding. "Don't say I didn't warn you, though. At least you did say that you would help me cross the woods. After that, you're on your own." He approached them. "Do you accept my conditions?"

"Sure, sure…" Chris said. Turning to face Lucario, his trainer tapped his own head. "(Lucario, please, listen to me. We're going to make whatever means necessary to make him lead us to Ness.)"

Lucario used telepathy to hear Chris's idea. He just nodded.

Jeff & The Bubble Monkey temporarily joined your team!

"…What was that?" Chris asked all of a sudden.

"What was what?" Jeff asked.

"I don't know. It just felt like somebody announced something…" He shrugged. "A-anyway, we'll be happy to accompany you for a while. Lucario here is the muscle of our little team." Lucario preened a little with a small smile directed at Chris.

Jeff took out some sort of small gun from his shirt. "I have this Pop Gun to defend myself. I…am quite clumsy a bit, but the teachers of my school agree that I'm smart enough to make my own inventions," he pointed out. "If any of us happens to find a broken apparatus, please let me know. I can try to work overnight to repair whatever we get our hands on."

"I'd love to see that," Chris muttered with some doubts.


"Uh, n-nothing! Wh-why don't we move on now?" he asked. Jeff shrugged his shoulders and finally walked into the woods with the Bubble Monkey following close. The other duo exchanged relieved glances and followed them down. They all introduced each other while walking on the snowy path.

"And where do you live?" Jeff asked. "Where did you come from?"

Yet more questions that practically wanted to bury in their skulls like fatal bullet shots. "W-we come from a land far away from Eagleland," Chris said. He mentally punched himself for what he just said. "We're from…across the continent."

"Oh, foreigners," Jeff simply said. It felt like they had dodged the question. "That's quite interesting. I wonder if I can find people like Lucario if I ever take an exchange program down the line."

Lucario rolled his eyes. "(Not really,)" he thought.

"Judging how things are right now… I wouldn't be surprised," Jeff said, fixing his glasses.

"What do you mean by that?" Chris asked.

They passed down the thin shades of withered branches. The Bubble Monkey had now climbed the trees to hop from branch to branch. "The world has gone mad, apparently. Animals have turned hostile…while other unspeakable events have occurred all over Eagleland itself," the blond said, his glasses shining a bit. "Neighborhood dogs have attacked people, the possibility of there being zombies has actually been proven, and…inanimate objects somehow become mobile and turn against their owners."

"That is…" Lucario trailed off. Only then he felt that the area around them wasn't normal. He looked cautious, feeling an extremely stagnant presence covering the land. He was busy trying to comprehend their initial shock of having traveled through universes, but then he felt it clearly.

Not controlling his own nature as a proud fighter, Lucario growled. "Hmm?" Jeff looked up to the towering Lucario. "Hey, why are you growling all of a sudden?"

The Aura Pokémon thought it was fine to say it, even if Chris was giving him a worried look. "The entire land… It's been corrupted," Lucario said. Out of instinct, he pulled Chris close to him. To Jeff's surprise, Lucario glowed with potent aura, his eyes turning yellow. Through his eyes, he saw that the snowy land looked entirely different from its rather pacific environment. Everything, including the withered trees, was coated in a reddish aura that usually twisted itself in random spots. Widening his eyes, he sensed that the reddish aura seemed to be trying to strike them down by passing through their bodies, but they were unaffected by it.

"I…" Jeff trailed off, fixing his glasses, "I don't know how you can glow like that…"

While Lucario was busy growling and inspecting the surface area, Chris decided to speak next. "Lucario not only is a very strong fighter, but he has the ability to sense auras," he explained. "I'm guessing he just found a…uh…malevolent aura…right, Lucario?"

"Yes," Lucario said. "The land, all of it, is covered in a red aura trying to take over everything…and us, too."

"What in the world…?" Jeff muttered. "A red aura covering the land…and us? Huh, I've read a little bit about the supernatural force known as auras, but… This is kind of incredible."

Lucario stopped glowing, his eyes turning back to red. "Fortunately, the red aura can't even do anything to us. It's desperately trying to consume us whole, but to no avail…" Even without glowing, Lucario could tell at first glance that the red aura was particularly trying its best to strike Jeff down. "Jeff, it wants to take you down the most than any of us four. That is what I believe…"

Jeff shivered a bit at the thought. He really believed that the Aura Pokémon wasn't lying since he glowed with aura. "W-well, I don't feel inherently evil or anything. I'm not even feeling anything wrong with me," he said. "(If that's true then, this Paula might be telling the truth.)"

"Perhaps we're all immune to it," Lucario said. "It's so annoying… I can't shake off that feeling, but my aura is repelling it."

"Thanks for the little heads up," Jeff said.

Suddenly, Lucario felt that the red aura was gathering into a single point. Looking ahead of them, he spotted a goat eating some grass intact from the snow. It then rose its head up and stared at their way with deadpan eyes. "…Beware," Lucario warned them. "The red aura just took over that animal over there."

"That goat?" Jeff asked. The goat grunted loudly and charged at them. "Oh no, that news report about angered animals turned out to be true. Here it comes!"

Chris panicked. "H-how in the hell should I even fight it?" Before Lucario could tell him to fall back, Jeff tossed him a second Pop Gun. "What the…"

"I found a spare Pop Gun," Jeff said. "Use that to defend yourself. A-ah!"

Gruff Goat

Jeff – Chris - Lucario

48 – 79 – 489

There was absolutely no explanation to what had happened, but Chris and Lucario felt that they had been dragged off somewhere else. They could see the snowy plains, but there was a part of them that had been ripped off from existence itself. Looking at Jeff, the blond boy seemed unfazed. "What is this weird feeling?" Lucario asked, mildly horrified.

"I-I don't know!" Chris said disturbed. "B-but let's not think about that for now. We've got a gruff goat to fight!"

"Y-yes," Lucario said, his fists flaring up with aura.

Gruff Goat stomps on Jeff!

There was simply no way for the duo to stop the goat from stomping on Jeff's frail body. Lucario was completely baffled by how he was unable to run.

Jeff receives 8 damage!

"H-holy crap, Jeff!" Chris said, seeing the gruff goat stepping back.

Jeff whimpered a bit. "I regret…not taking P.E. class…" he trailed off, but even then he picked himself up and shot the gruff goat.

Jeff attacks!

Gruff Goat receives 18 HP of damage!

"Did it just stand there to receive the hit?" Chris asked, shaking his head in bewilderment. "Aw, screw this!"

Chris defends!

"A-all yours, Lucario!" Chris said. He was actually crouching down, his arms covering his head. The Bubble Monkey so casually landed on him and spat on the goat.

Bubble monkey spits in Gruff Goat's eyes!

Gruff Coat receives 12 HP of damage!

Jeff stared at the whimpering goat, helplessly trying to shake off the spit on its eyes. "I cannot fathom how spitting on its eyes is really damaging," he said.

Lucario attacks!

Gruff Goat receives 1,098 HP of damage! Actually, its head just blasted off into the sky!


Jeff and company receive 20 EXP points!

Jeff's level goes up by 2!

HP goes up by 4!

Offense goes up by 2!

Defense goes up by 1!

Speed goes up by 3!

Oh baby! Guts goes up by 5!

Luck goes up by 1!

Vitality goes up by 3!

Oh baby! IQ goes up 6!

To say the least, the world seemed to go back to normal to the newcomers, but that didn't stop them from seeing the brutal hit Lucario had delivered to the goat. What lied down in front of Lucario was the corpse of the goat with the missing head having blasted off high into the sky, leaving a trail of blood behind as it disappeared far away from the naked eye.

Jeff, Chris, and the Bubble Monkey all turned a sickening shade of blue (a feat Chris knew was impossible in the real world). Shaking his head, Jeff uttered "M-my word…" and dove behind a tree to puke. Chris felt an extreme case of vertigo and shivered at the morbid scene. The Bubble Monkey swallowed his gum by accident, staring with great horror at the bleeding corpse.

It took a few seconds for the serious Lucario, his flaring fist still stretched, to digest what he had done. He looked down and gasped, pulling back his fist and stepping back from the corpse. "Uh…" Lucario wisely trailed off.

His trainer wisely summarized the situation with a loud, "YUUUUUUCK! WHAT THE HELL, LUCARIO!"

"I-I-I'm really sorry! H-honest!" Lucario said, approaching his disgusted trainer. "I took it very seriously! I-I was just trying to protect you all!"

"By LITERALLY beheading it?!" Chris asked, Lucario sensing his body shaking in horror. Jeff overheard the fact and went back to puke a little harder than before. "DAMN! I know the thought is what matters, but this is BEYOND ridiculous!"

Lucario knelt down in shame, bowing his head to Chris. "I will control the extent of my strength next time so this doesn't happen again…"

"I have naaaaaaagging feeling you're going to do it again…" Chris turned back to face Jeff. He briefly saw the still expression on the Bubble Monkey's face. "U-um… Jeff?"

"I'm okay…" The blond boy limped a bit back to them, clutching his stomach. "I'm just not used to seeing people behead animals…"

Lucario stood back up, still looking ashamed. "You have my sincere apologies," he said.

"Honestly… I didn't think you were THIS strong," Jeff said, mildly regaining his composure. "You are certainly an incredible individual…"

The Aura Pokémon smiled a bit, but then his face fell when Chris gave him a deadpan look that implied, "Don't get too cocky or else you'll get it." He sighed instead.

Jeff adjusted his glasses, having slipped off from his little private time behind the trees. "On the bright side…I suppose our survival is pretty much guaranteed. I really wouldn't mind if you did accompany me beyond crossing the forest…" the two gasped mentally, "…AS LONG AS YOU DON'T BEHEAD ANYTHING ELSE."

"W-we don't mind, really!" Chris said, brightening up. "If you wish, you can hire Lucario as a guardian for the time being! Of course, I also come with the package…"

"I don't like the sound of hiring, but whatever," Jeff said. The Bubble Monkey pulled his sleeve a bit, wanting to have more gum. The blond gave him some gum, the monkey happily taking it. "Let's move on, making sure we avoid confronting any other goats…" He shuddered once he spotted the trail of blood left behind by the head. He nearly wanted to puke once seeing the fresh corpse on the snowy ground. Chris felt the same and so did the monkey, the latter who tried not to swallow the gum whole. They all quickly hastened their pace around the murder scene and walked down the path.

Several seconds later, after they were out of sight, a random hunter spotted the goat's corpse as he came from the same direction they came from. "Dunno what happened here but we're havin' a feast tonight!" he merrily said, pulling the succulent corpse away with him.

Back with the group, they suddenly came across some camping spots occupied by tents. "We should be nearing Lake Tessie that's assumed to have the legendary monster Tessie," Jeff pointed out. "I reckon that there's the Tessie Watching Club nearby, too."

"Oh! Maybe we could rest inside a tent if they let us," Chris said.

The first tent's owners allowed them to rest for a bit before moving down further along the road, where there were more tents stationed before Lake Tessie. Surprisingly, the lake wasn't frozen at all. Seeing a real lake, Chris was the first one to approach it, Lucario following him from behind. "…There is something big inside the water," Lucario said, his aura feeling another aura moving close to the shore of the lake.

"Tessie, perhaps?" Chris asked. "Please tell me we're not fighting a monster…"

"I won't behead it."

"Don't you even say that word!" Jeff said.

"Seriously…" Chris agreed.

The Bubble Monkey hopped up and down before rushing to a stretched portion of the shore, standing on a spot of dirt. He clapped his hands as if he was trying to do something special. "What is that monkey trying t-" Jeff was interrupted as ripples of water started to form right in front of them all.

Gloriously, a purple monster with a bright look on its face rose up from the water and howled playfully to the Bubble Monkey. In a second, the Tessie Watching Club members emerged from the tents and started taking photos and writing a whole lot of wild mass guessing in their notes. "You people act so fast," Chris said.

Jeff, not minding the public behind their backs, noticed that they needed to cross the lake. When they were resting back at the first tent, Jeff kept to himself that somebody named Paula had used a psychic call telling him that he needed to head south. The lake was in the way, so he assumed that they needed to cross it. The sides of the lake were surrounded by tall cliffs, after all. "We need to cross… Hmm, I wonder…" The blond calmly walked to the shore with the Bubble Monkey and looked up to Tessie. The crowd behind them gasped loudly.

"He's getting eaten whole, isn't he…" Chris trailed off.

"From what I read from Tessie's mind, it's a vegetarian," Lucario said. His trainer stared at him with an odd look. "…It only thinks about food all the time."

Tessie stared down at Jeff with what Chris thought was a very dopey smile. "Huh, it's pretty docile," Jeff noted, to which many of the club happily dotted down in their notepads. "We could probably ride it to cross the lake."

The duo carefully approached the legend. "…Oh, it's a vegetarian, alright," Chris said. The watchers also noted the fact down. They saw as Tessie lowered its head for them to climb over. Not wanting to say that Tessie had quite a flat head, the four stepped on top of its head, and then Tessie slowly swam through the cold lake. The four looked back to the watchers as they helplessly tried to snap as many photos as possible.

"Remember! We're editing the guy in the BLUE dog suit out! We don't want to make this look stupid so keep the kids and the monkey in the shot for extra points in cuteness!" one of them called out. Lucario overheard them and grunted, showing a few fangs.

Jeff and Chris sat down to rest. "We're lucky Tessie allowed us to travel across…" Jeff noted. "Just a few more ways ahead till I reach Ness and Paula… Oh," he turned to face the rest. "I guess I said that out loud."

Just for the sake of sounding interested, Chris asked, "Who are those two?" already knowing full well who they were.

"It's kind of crazy to believe this, but…" The duo felt that they were getting somewhere out of sheer luck. "There are these two other people who contacted me through my mind while I was sleeping. They're the reason why I even set out on my own to begin with."

"…So, you just…walked out from your home because two complete strangers told you to?" Lucario asked.

Jeff blushed slightly, small waves of water moving away from the trail Tessie left behind as it swam down south. "I know this sounds strange, but there's this feeling I got when I was called by Paula to help them. It's just as if I received an epiphany…" He moved up his glasses. "Call it a hunch if you may. There was this feeling inside me that told me to do this. And I just…jumped at the call or something."

"That's kind of…mystical?" Chris replied, not really sure how to put it.

"Perhaps, perhaps not," Jeff said. "Hmm, it seems we're getting to the other side already…"

Tessie was now slowing down close to a small eastern coast. It slowly moved down its head to the ground to let them step down. Rising up its neck, Tessie calmly swam away, not before waving a small fin to them as it sank back down into the water. The Bubble Monkey waved at it.

"I don't know how I'm going to make it, but Ness and Paula are both very far away from here…" Jeff said.

"If you're really worried, then perhaps we can accompany you all the way to where they are," Lucario said. Chris sighed to himself, feeling nice for having heard the suggestion.

"This isn't going to distract you from…whatever you explorers do, right?"

"Not at all. It will probably help us explore the land better with some sort of guide."

"I don't know that much about Eagleland, but… It's okay," Jeff said nodding as they resumed their walk. The teen was happy to know that there was a safe lead to tag along with Ness. Now they just needed to convince Ness and Paula from letting them come…

Several minutes later, the group of four came to a stop, finding a dead end to the left side of the coast. "Well, I think we can surmise that Tessie knows nothing of…" Jeff faced to the right where an entrance to a cave lied. "…landmarks."

"Actually, Jeff…" Chris looked to the left where the land wasn't stopped by a dead end. In fact, they could jump down a small fence of ground and continue down the road. The random gray pencil sticking out from the ground just behind their backs was a topic none of them wanted to get into. "We can continue down through there."

"Oh, sorry," Jeff said, cleaning his glasses. "My glasses were kind of foggy. I didn't see clearly."

Just before they could even go down the path, Lucario suddenly grunted as he faced the cave. His grunting was unsettling Chris. "Lucario? W-what's wrong?"

"More of that evil aura you're able to sense?" Jeff asked.

"No," Lucario said. "There's another different red aura that doesn't seem familiar inside the cave… Grrrr…" Out of pure instinct, Lucario ran inside the cave. Feeling very vulnerable, Chris gasped and followed the Aura Pokémon. The Bubble Monkey thought they were playing a game so he gave chase as well, leaving a deadpan Jeff behind.

"Oh goodness," Jeff said. "I could head down alone, but they seem resourceful enough…" Sighing to himself, the blond entered the cave…


"Odder Oddness. Such a fitting title," Jeff said.

"Are we like finally going to appear?" Ness asked.

"It looks like it," Paula said. "There's a bigger chance of dying horribly, sadly."

"I loooooove this world…" Chris sarcastically said.

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3. Odder Oddness

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Chapter 3: Odder Oddness

Brick Road

The group rushed inside the cave not knowing what Lucario had sensed earlier. Once having entered, they weren't expecting the cave to have some sort of special features. "Huh…" Jeff fixed his glasses, staring at the rows of boulders in front of them. "This can't be good, can it?"

From a bird's eye view, the cave held rows of boulders that loosely made up a big maze meant for travelers to cross. Judging how the actual floor seemed clean, the maze was probably man-made. The floor was constructed mainly of bricks. "Lucario," Chris began, "we could've probably jumped down the dirt fence back outside… What is wrong with you?"

Lucario growled, seemingly staring across the boulder walls with his eyes. "There are malevolent auras in here…and they're not like the others I've sensed," he said.

Jeff started to look skeptical. "If it's not related to the aura that you said was covering the entire land, then why come here?" he asked. "Hmm, hold on. Perhaps if we ignored this, it could come back and bite us in our backs…"

Chris really needed to enforce the idea that they needed to act without being so suspicious, so he decided to support Jeff's idea. "Y-yes!" he said nodding. "Who knows, maybe we could…uh…find something useful out of investigating this tunnel."

"All the more reason to explore, I suppose," Jeff said. "…But let's not waste a lot of time. I fear what might happen to Ness and Paula if we were to be late."

The teen stepped forward and looked around. "…Oh, great, this is some sort of maze," he said. Lucario, growling, walked to a boulder taller he was and suddenly used Force Palm on it, completely obliterating it into pebbles. The other three stepped back at the sudden move.

"T-that's one way to cross…" Jeff muttered, sweat-dropping.

Feeling worried about his Pokémon's serious state, Chris walked to him. "Lucario… Could you keep your rage in check?" he asked. Lucario wasn't turning to face him. "…You're kind of scaring me…"

Gasping a bit, Lucario turned to Chris, looking guilty. "I'm sorry," he said. "That's how the way I am…"

His trainer smiled and hugged him by the side for a bit. "You're just acting like this to keep me safe, aren't you?" Chris asked.

Lucario put up a happy expression. "Yes, this is all for you so nobody hurts you under my watch," he said.

Inside his mind, Chris looked suspicious. "(I wonder how much of that is even true…)"

"A-hem…" Jeff cleared his throat to get their attention. "I'm sorry to be demolishing this touching moment between you two," the duo slightly blushed and looked away, "but we must proceed through this tunnel."

"Right," Chris said. He turned around just to find a newcomer waltzing into their view. The fact Chris gasped to himself made it a bit obvious that said newcomer wasn't a good one.

In front of them, a Primid stood, staring with its red eyes at the group of four. Tilting its head, the Primid fixed its hat on top. "And what would that be?" Jeff asked. He saw the Bubble Monkey shaking a bit at the sight of the purple man. Seeing Lucario grunt made the point even more obvious. "A monster?"

"Yes," Lucario said. The Primid fixed its gaze on Chris and suddenly rushed at him with a fist ready to be tossed at his face. As Chris yelled, Lucario smacked a heavy punch into the Primid's side, sending it rocketing into the air as it left a trail of black aura behind that vanished in an instant. Feeling grateful, Chris sighed.

"…At least that kind of monster wasn't easy for you to behead," Jeff noted.

"Would you please drop that already?" Lucario asked, looking perplexed. "I'm not going to behead anyone else…"

"(I can't tell if he was going easy on that Primid. That worries me,)" Chris thought, looking at the trail of air the Primid once occupied. "Are there any more of them?"

Lucario nodded. "There are a lot of them surveying the whole perimeter of the cave," he said. "Also…there's something big in the center; something else that's radiating a whole lot more of that sickening red aura."

"Oh boy," both Jeff and Chris said, not looking forward to what he had told them. The Bubble Monkey uttered something to itself at the same time. "Please do get rid of it if you can…" Jeff added.

"Totally," Chris added. Lucario nodded, and they all proceeded down the unblocked way.

Lucario had taken overall control of decimating the Primids that stumbled into their path. From afar, wild explosions of aura and flying enemies could be seen very easily. Boulders were heard shattering into small rocks. Roars of fury echoed through the Brick Road. Other than Lucario, the other three were just walking behind him.

"I know we're kind of taking the easy way by allowing Lucario to get rid of everything, but…this seems kind of wrong to me," Chris said.

"It's all good," Jeff said. "We're still being taken into consideration. Besides, our levels are going up the roof even if we don't raise a finger in battle, further increasing our own personal performances should we find ourselves in a bind."

"Okay," the teen said before digesting what Jeff had said. "Wait…levels?"

"Uh, nothing, please don't pay me much attention," Jeff muttered, hearing another Aura Sphere going off right in front of the powerful Pokémon. "Let's just calmly continue."

The Brick Road wasn't as long as it seemed to be, mainly because they were literally plowing through the maze. In almost no time at all, the quartet made it to the center of cave where they identified the supposed spot where a lot of malevolent aura was supposed to be stationed at.

Chris's heart skipped a beat, the object at the very center being of a very meaningful value to both he and his Pokémon. Jeff and the Bubble Monkey only stared long and hard at it.

A fresh Subspace Bomb, with an R.O.B. on each side, was slowly counting down. At the time they had arrived, it only had five minutes to go off and consume the entire area they were in.

"What in the…" Jeff trailed off. "Is this some sort of…bomb? Is it perhaps part of this man-made tunnel?"

"N-no," Chris shook his head. "I-I don't think this is part of the cave at all!"

The two R.O.B.s attached to the bomb turned to face them. The group stared back at them, feeling some kind of emotion from the inanimate robots. "And these robots…" Jeff continued, going to inspect one of them to see their mechanical claws firmly inserted into the bomb, "why are they even attached to this?"

Lucario growled. "There is a dangerous amount of black matter inside this thing," he said. "We need to destroy this before it goes off!" His trainer gasped and grabbed his right arm. "What are you doing?"

"Destroying a bomb is pretty much like making it go off," Jeff suddenly said. He felt nervous, but he pressed on. The blond was wondering what to do with the bomb as the Bubble Monkey playfully got in a thinking position. The countdown was at four minutes. "Maybe… Maybe I can try to disarm it…"

A method of disarming a Subspace Bomb was never heard of before; at least that was what the otherworldly duo thought. They doubted if somebody like Jeff could even pull off the feat. "A-are you serious?" Chris asked unsure.

"Whatever you do, don't punch this bomb just yet, Lucario," Jeff said as he approached the counter, inspecting whatever open lid he could find in the contraption. Looking below the counter, he found a small lid that he could easily open by unlocking a simple lock. "Okay, I found something here."

Chris was mildly amazed, but his nervousness became worse to the possibility of Jeff accidentally triggering the bomb earlier by accident. "A-alright, now comes the hard part..."

Jeff found several sets of cables inside the circuitry of the bomb. Sweating a few bullets, the blond took out a screwdriver and school scissors. "Hate to say this, but I'll be doing some trial and error procedures to find something. Let's cut this cable here…" He cut a red cable.

The countdown was reduced to a half, nearing two minutes. Their stomachs felt sick as soon as they saw the seconds drop fast. "JEFF!" Chris shouted loudly.

Jeff saw the countdown and gulped before going back to the cables. "N-no, that wasn't the one…" He rummaged through the cables and pulled an orange one. He cut it slowly. "This should do…"

It looked like the seconds were being counted down faster. What took three seconds was now taking one. "It's going down faster!" Lucario said, pulling Chris next to him to be ready to run.

Jeff sweated even more as he searched for something else. "If only my IQ was higher than it is now!" he complained seriously.

"Why are you even saying that?" Lucario asked.

"Eh, Lucario, I think he really meant it," Chris said, his eyes petrified on the countdown. The Bubble Monkey clutched himself onto his right leg.

Jeff cut a green cable, and the countdown gained ten minutes.

The trio behind the blond was completely deadpan. "…Did it just go up ten minutes?" Chris wondered, confused at the event.

The blond boy sighed in relief, grabbing a magenta cable. "Now that's a relief. It'll give me more time to find the one…" he said as he cut the cable he grabbed.

The countdown suddenly took a heavy fall until it reached half a minute. Chris promptly screamed bloody murder and the Bubble Monkey muffled a loud scream inside the bubble balloon he blew into. Lucario had now assumed a running position.

Jeff looked up and shook his body violently, throwing his arms up. "Oh, screw this bomb! I'm cutting all the cables!" he said as he hastily cut down all the cables at once.

Lucario, with Chris in his arm, reached out for Jeff's legs, but then they all heard a clicking sound coming from the bomb. Looking up quickly, the countdown had stopped at twenty seconds. They all stared at the countdown, their jaws hanging down in shock. The R.O.B.s at the sides had been turned off as told by their lifeless eyes.

"…Dear goodness," Chris breathed out.

"It did stop…" Lucario added calmly.

Jeff froze into place for a little while until he stood back up, dusting off himself. "O-oh, I did it," he said. "I can't believe I actually did it…"

Lucario let go of Chris, who had been holding onto his neck with both arms for dear life. The teen and the monkey stepped away from each other while still staring at the defused bomb. "There goes one year of my life," Chris said.

"Don't say that," Lucario almost instantly said out of worry.

"W-well, that was a very adrenaline-filled experience! I've never predict we would come across something like this!" Chris complained. "B-but anyway, it was stopped after all! We should be glad we weren't blown to smithereens!"

Jeff forced a twitching smile. He was still scared of what he had done. "Yes, it stopped. Hopefully, it won't resume or anything."

As the four smiled to each other in triumph, Lucario suddenly felt something from the bomb itself. Staring at it seriously, the bomb started to shine brightly in a second. "What in th-!"

What followed wasn't a usual explosion from a Subspace Bomb. Instead of engulfing the entire area into the Subspace, the bomb merely blew up into a shining light that pushed the non-Lucario people away to the boulders. Lucario couldn't react in time to shield Chris from the pushing wind of the explosion. Luckily, the flash was only wind that emerged from within the bomb. "A-aah!" Jeff gasped as he crashed against a boulder behind him.

"Chris!" Lucario yelled, just as the bright explosion died down. The spot where the bomb and the robots once stood was clear. The Aura Pokémon, though, looked around and almost immediately found Chris's aura to his right. Preoccupied, he found his trainer's body lying down on the ground. His loyal Pokémon knelt down and picked him up. "Chris, are you…"

"…" Chris had briefly lost consciousness, but he didn't get hurt much besides just being pushed away. The teen slowly opened his eyes and found his worried Lucario staring down at him, holding his frail body with both arms. "Lucario…"

Jeff and the Bubble Monkey slowly stood back up from where they were pushed and approached the duo. "Is everyone okay?" the blond asked before facing Chris. Jeff noticed his glasses were slipping slightly so he pushed them up.

Chris shook his head as he stared at their rather deadpan looks. "…Why is everyone staring at me like that? I-I'm fine," he said in an oddly, slightly high-pitched voice. When he noticed the sudden change of his voice, he gasped. "W-what the hell happened to my voice? It sounds like I-I sounded when I was younger!"

"More like…" Jeff trailed off, confused, "…your entire body got younger."

The teen's jaw hung open before he started to look at his hands. They were slightly smaller than they used to be. When he looked down at himself being held by Lucario, the Aura Pokémon could probably just grab him with one free hand. Once Lucario set him down, Chris could only stare up at him in horror. "Lucario…please tell me you got a sudden growth spurt out of that bomb going off…" He stared at Jeff, who was now at his eye level perfectly. "…Oh…"

Lucario shook his head. The boy before them was his beloved trainer. "N-no… You…you really got…younger," he managed to say, baffled at what had happened to Chris.

Chris's next reaction summarized the entirety of his situation as he stared at his relatively smaller hands. Never before in his life he expected to utter a heavy swear, but the event forced him to yell, "HOLY SH-!"

Threed – Graveyard Underground

Down below the graveyard of the spooky city of Threed, two children were sitting down on the cold ground as they awaited the arrival of the friend they had contacted with using telepathy. Since the door that held them captive was tightly locked (and pretty hard to burn down and destroy to boot), there was almost no hope for them to escape on their own unless Jeff arrived from Winters.

"Paula, this is insane," said the boy wearing a red cap. "You should've contacted somebody closer to where we are…"

"Impossible," said the girl sitting beside him. "The rest of the population I tried to get into was all protected through Gyigas' influence warding off my powers. The closest friend I told you about happened to be all the way to Winters…"

"What about the fourth?"

She shook her head. "No use. I couldn't detect our fourth friend at all. It's like he's hidden away somewhere remote…"

"Like across the globe?"

"My powers DO have a limit, Ness."

"Oh yeah…"

The boy was an Onettian that had started a very surreal adventure to record eight different melodies that were spread across Eagleland so that then he and his band of three friends could confront Gyigas. He wore red shoes, shorts, a blue-and-yellow stripped shirt carrying a small backpack, and a red cap on top of his short black hair. It was the first Smasher, or soon-to-be veteran Smasher, named Ness. Although he had quite a docile look, there was an infinite amount of potential within him due to his adeptness to PSI…that he hadn't fully developed yet.

Next to him was a young blond girl originating from Twoson who wore a bright pink dress with red shoes and a medium-sized red ribbon behind her head. She was the second chosen one to accompany Ness in his adventure along with Jeff and the fourth friend. Her full name was Paula Polestar. Just like Ness, Paula possessed strong PSI abilities that might even surpass his own. She was more like a teacher to him, but it only looked like that in a few occasions.

"Ugh, that Jeff guy better come here soon or we're gonna die of starvation…and probably become zombies," Ness complained.

Paula sighed. "I really don't think he'll arrive today…or tomorrow…or the day after…"

"Then we'll have to make do with what we have now," Ness said, taking out from his backpack two sandwiches. He handed one to her. "We have four sandwiches after these ones. Maybe we could eat one in another seven hours."

"Bad idea," Paula said. "Let's eat whenever we feel really hungry, but not just hungry."

Ness had enough. "This does it!" he complained. Paula stared at him. "We're just eleven! We're not supposed to be fighting real-life zombies!" He stayed quiet. "…Oh my god, we're fighting real-life zombies!"

"Ness, calm down," Paula said, trying to stay sane. "I know, the fact we got dragged into this mess because destiny says so is pretty surreal, but there's nothing we can do to object… If it makes you feel any better, we're the only children capable of burning monsters with our minds."

"That's great and all," sulked Ness, "but that can only happen if there are monsters nearby! Clearly, I see no monsters anywhere in this stinky hellhole…" He smacked his face on his palms, sighing in defeat. "Now our only hope is with some guy we never met before who almost literally lives across the entire country..."

Paula looked away, embracing her knees. "Well, he's another chosen one," she said. "If he's special like us, there's a good chance we'll get out of this just fine."

Ness rolled his eyes. "Only if he could fly all the way to Threed," he replied. "But what are the chances of that?"

"Slim to none."

The Onett boy grumbled and tried to suppress the hunger that was starting to well up in his stomach. It was times like this that Ness wondered why he was a chosen one to defeat a mysterious entity that wanted to destroy the world with negative emotions. Why was destiny so cruel? He was just a boy who was suddenly granted psychic powers…but then, why did it feel like he had them from the very beginning? "…Any chance that Jeff guy is at least bringing some backup, preferably zombie busters?"

Paula shrugged. "None to impossible."

What a stupid question, Ness thought. "Oh yeah, the universe hates us," was all Ness could say.


EarthBound – Winters White

"The universe clearly hates me!" whined Chris with an even younger voice. "How in the hell could I have expected this to happen to me?! I'm screwed!" He grabbed his head and frowned. "What will my parents say when they see me like this?! I-I can't go to high school anymore if I look like an eleven-year old! I'm facing a terrible early age crisis here!"

Lucario really wanted to bring the good side of things, like for example the fact Chris would need his services even more than before. However, it was greatly discouraged to bring up the fact that Chris was close to a midget. Instead, the large blue dog sighed. "I'll…I'll try to find some kind of solution for this, Chris," he said, not sure if he could even find said solution.

The quartet was now exiting the Brick Road, leaving it behind their backs as they walked down a snowy path leading into another cave. They met up with the designer of the Brick Road, the aptly-named Brickroad who only cared more about the challenge his creation than to see he just put children and their companions through the whole thing. After finding out that his road was defeated by them, he congratulated their efforts and let them continue. Seconds later he did go back inside his cave to scream at the path of destruction Lucario left in his path, though nobody heard him at all.

With Chris having been de-aged, there was a lot of complains coming from him that it seemed like no one else would hear the end of it. There was great relief knowing that his clothes had shrunk along with his body. No way was he walking in large clothing around in the cold area. Coughing, Jeff said, "This is a strange event, indeed. But if you…accidentally got younger by that curious machine, I suppose there is something that can return you to your older self."

Chris sniffed, grabbing Lucario's far-away hand with one hand. "I want to find that solution immediately!" he yelled. "I can't live like this! The elderly would really find this super awesome, but not me! I have so many things going on with my life that I can't be seen like this!"

"I thought you said the two of you were travelers?"

The teen fell silent for a moment, and so did Lucario, though the first was more scared to reveal their inner motives to the blond. "Y-yes, but… Y-you should know how bad this is for me, anyway!" Chris said.

"Oh, I know how you feel. That much I can say," Jeff said, the other two dodging the bullet. "Still, my father should be able to find something you can use. He is a renowned scientist, from what the old magazines at the boarding school told me."

The otherworldly duo gave Jeff some odd looks at the fact, but they shrugged afterwards. Lucario then heard his younger trainer sigh. "Lucario, please be on your guard even more," Chris said. "…Like this, anybody could kill me with a stick."

"(I take offense to that,)" Jeff said. "(…Who am I kidding? I can probably die the same way too.)"

"I don't think someone can really… I mean, yes, I will," Lucario said, forcing a small smile, but his trainer didn't smile back. He was too busy sulking about his misfortune to feel optimistic while also thinking the horrendous chain of events that would follow if he never got back to his older self. His mentality was left intact, that much he could tell, but he felt too small and weak. If his parents were to see him…no amount of explanation would suffice.

It hit Chris that what he was going through was truly happening. The fact he had lived half a year with a large Lucario proved that anything could happen, but after the Aura Pokémon stumbled upon the real world, there was so much normality in their lives that the thought about transcending worlds was nearly unheard of. Even more morbid was the proof that Chris had been de-aged, but there wasn't anything even more traumatizing than this, he thought. He was now regretting his poorly-chosen life choice.

As Jeff brainstormed impossible ways to find a cure, they came across the entrance of another cave down a few ways away from the Brick Road: the Pond Cave. "And here lies our next stop in the journey," Jeff said. "Let's go."

Two caves in a row, Chris thought. It was about four hours into his journey and he was already at his second cave, except this time Lucario was a giant and Jeff was around his age. The Bubble Monkey didn't have any purpose to be added to the equation, its whole existence being spitting on enemies and chewing bubblegum.

Pond Cave

Brick Road at least had the decency of having near-clean air escaping between the multitudes of rocks. Pond Cave, in comparison, was harsher in hindsight, and it reminded Chris that his otherworldly escapades were just starting to get weirder and dangerous. It was more apparent in the odd world he had stepped into.

The cave had a damp atmosphere among the tall cliffs that had conveniently-placed ropes set on top of said cliffs to help travelers pass the humid cave. Surprisingly enough, Chris and Lucario expected bats to inhabit the cave, but there weren't any. Instead of natural bats, the cave was occasionally grazed with the presence of red fungi and slow-moving blobs that didn't have a care in the world until unaware prey would get in their way.

"(My first experience inside a dark cave,)" Chris thought, and for a moment he thanked Mother Nature for providing enough illumination to the cave's innards. Otherwise, he would be hand-grabbing Lucario the entire way. With the fact that he was younger, it didn't make things any less disheartening, but he had a super powerful Pokémon to shield him from everything so it was a big plus that kept him sane for the most part.

Sanity was of course the last thing on the long list of stuff Ness's world lacked. Shortly after, near the entrance of the cave, Chris could've sworn that a mushroom cap twitched. The others followed his gaze and saw the mushroom springing into life by taking itself off the ground, sporting a pair of thin legs. Chris and Lucario winced at the animated fungus strutting around its spot. "…That is definitely not normal," Lucario finally said, his red eyes circling around the running mushroom.

"Of course it's not…" Chris muttered, finding the strutting mushroom kind of adorable than threatening. Touching it was out of the question. "It looks…stupid."

"Well, I say," Jeff said. "Let's not get involved with it. It may give us the rabies...if we want to eat it."

Suddenly, the Struttin' Evil Mushroom waltzed to their side and stopped in front of Chris. The little kid backed off a bit, but then he remembered he was confronting a two-legged mushroom that didn't pose any threat. "O-oh, this is stupid. I can surely cut it down with a random stic-OWW!" The mushroom bashed his right knee with its cap.

Lucario growled and grabbed the mushroom by its cap. Growling, he tore the animated fungus in two and tossed its lifeless halves aside. As Jeff was greatly discouraging the fact Lucario had beheaded yet another creature (that luckily lacked any blood fluids to force the others into a puking session), the Aura Pokémon knelt down to check on his trainer. "Are you alright?" he asked.

Chris rubbed the spot where he was bashed. "I-it's really okay…" he trailed off. "That was…a bit too hard, but it wasn't that bad. Thank you for getting rid of it."

"Ignoring how he literally beheaded a walking mushroom with all the intention of the world…" Jeff began, "let's move on, shall we?"

The group of four walked through the cave to find the other exit on the other side. The Bubble Monkey proved to be an invaluable ally that helped them climb over the cliffs by throwing ropes down, but he was quickly overshadowed by Lucario's superb jumping skills, making the monkey's usefulness useless. It didn't bother the monkey, though, because he was being fed with bubblegum from Jeff. It was all good in his book.

After some walking on the high cliffs, they stopped walking when they came across an ominous sight before their eyes. There was some sort of sparkling light blocking the way to another exit that led to a small northern portion of Winters. Frightened by the weird light, Chris backed off and hid behind the growling Lucario. "F-forget about the two-legged mushroom. What is that?!" Chris muttered, the first time in his life to see a weird glittering light that wasn't fake at all.

Lucario immediately used his aura. The light emitted a red aura, but behind that red aura was an entity blocking the path to a sacred spot across the exit it guarded. "Its aura is serene," Lucario muttered. "Yet, it's an enemy… It's not attacking us, though. I don't know why." Jeff approached the light. "It'd be wise if we left it alone…"

"What a weird phenomena," Jeff said, staring up at the glittering light. "…" There was something odd that called Jeff out through his mind as he stood close to the light.

"You are not allowed to come through here," the light suddenly spoke to them all. "Only Ness can absorb the power of this place. Be gone."

Most of them yelped at the deep voice telling them to stay away from it. Jeff backed off and fixed his glasses. "U-uh, alright…" Jeff said. "I don't suppose we really need to pass this particular exit…but what if we need to? This light won't let us through unless we have this Ness person with us."

Recalling that Lucario could survey a large stretch of land with his aura, Chris suggested him to scan the area for another exit. Nodding, the Aura Pokémon quickly found an exit to the west of their position. The area behind the light led to a dead end, except there was a powerful feeling that enshrined the small field of grass. Moreover, Lucario listened to an ethereal sound that resounded several times with the same beat. However, there was no real need for them to go look at it. "There's an exit to our left," he said, still remembering the sounds that continued to echo in his head.

"Oh, that's better," Jeff noted, sighing. "Let's go to that exit… But as for this light…" He looked back at the light. "…Ness is the other friend Paula mentioned in her call… I should probably mention this to them."

Chris took one last glance at the dim, shining light behind their backs. He sighed to himself, and Lucario overheard him. "Is something bothering you, Chris?" he asked. "Um…besides your current condition…"

"Well…my current condition is another thing of my growing list of odd stuff I've seen so far," Chris said, noticing that Jeff wasn't within earshot along with the Bubble Monkey. "So far…I've seen gruff goats, friendly lake monsters, those…Subspace enemies we're facing…walking mushrooms and now some weird light…" He shuddered, rubbing his shoulders. "…It's so hard to take in all at once, you know."

Lucario nodded. "It'd feel more natural for me to find other Pokémon, not this," he emphasized. "Alas, this is our first job as…Smashers."

"Ugh…" Chris shook his head. "Don't use that refer to us. It sounds so barbaric, and I'm not even barbaric in the slightest! I really, really am regretting doing this…"

Lucario growled a bit, getting Chris to look up at him. "This only means that my job as your guardian hasn't been done so well," he said, feeling guilty over his statement. "…I must enforce my performance by being more protective of you." He looked a bit sad. "I'm…I'm shocked I couldn't prevent this from happening to you, Chris… Please, forgive me…"

"…It's really not like I'm mad at you," Chris admitted. "…I'm mad at myself for not…for not doing the right thing at the wrong time… But I didn't know beforehand that the damned bomb could go off differently and affect me like this!" he complained a little too loudly. "Expect the unexpected, they say…"

His guardian nodded. "I'll expect the unexpected even more than before, for your sake."

It was a nice feeling to have Lucario around. His trainer smiled a bit. "Thank you… That's really sweet of you," he remarked, to which Lucario replied with a small, pleased growl. Eventually, the group exited the Pond Cave to come outside to the last setting they would get to see of Winters.

Stonehenge Entrance

Whatever strand of reality Chris had was cut once more when he saw a large herd of dumb-looking cavemen sleeping and walking around the suspiciously-familiar landmark of stones. Cavemen were supposed to be either long dead or frozen somewhere in his world, but these ones were completely fine, except for their brains. "And this is another reason why I keep getting freaked out so often…" he muttered loud enough for them to hear them out. Trying to act like a foreigner, he added, "Do you, um, Eaglelanders have more oddities to see?"

"Asking me that kind of question is not recommended," Jeff replied back, his eyes looking at the cavemen doing some disgusting moves like eating whatever monstrosities were in their navels or licking their smelly armpits, usually not their own. The four felt sick just watching them that they looked away and tried to forget the event. "Y-yes, I don't get out much to know this…"

The Bubble Monkey kept chewing bubblegum nonstop, but then it found itself stopping with his teeth when, suddenly, almost out of nowhere, a similar female monkey wearing a red bow on top of her head passed by and climbed the nearby rocky wall. Chirping something close to, "Now she's my type…" the monkey parted ways from Jeff and followed his newly found sweetheart on the trees overlooking the plane they were on. "…Oh well," Jeff said. "I grew annoyed with the constant chewing sounds he made."

The Bubble Monkey left your team.

Chris and Lucario blinked. "Okay… There was it again," the young kid said. "That odd feeling about somebody announcing something is there…"

"…Look, Chris," Lucario began, looking deadpan, "it's futile to make sense of the strange events in this world…" Jeff gave him an odd look. "I-I mean, EagleLand, that we shouldn't think too hard about it. What with the walking mushrooms and cavemen freely prowling this area and all…"

"If the past is any indication, we're expected to see even weirder stuff down the road," Jeff said. None of them could go against his wise words. "…Anyway, with the Bubble Monkey gone, we're only three left. I wonder how long it'll take for us to meet up with Paula and Ness. Surely the long way will be perilous… Ha!" He suddenly laughed and looked up at Lucario. "As if! With you for the long ride, our security is…" He stared at Chris for a long while and recalled that the Aura Pokémon couldn't prevent the explosion from affecting him. "…mildly assured…if that makes any sense," he finished.

Lucario felt his pride hurt, but then his aura alerted him of a vicious entity bent on taking them on. With an alarming scream from his trainer, the Aura Pokémon turned to the left and saw a feral Caveman dumbly rushing to them with a large wooden mace meant to squash the poor kids. "W-what did we do to enrage that one?!" Chris asked.

"My guess is that this Giygas is responsible!" Jeff said, carefully taking out his Pop Gun. "H-here it comes!" he yelled as the Caveman let out a very scrambled yell while raising its weapon over its head.

Not wanting to fail his trainer one more time, Lucario decided to go all out on the Caveman before a battle could start. Using ExtremeSpeed to instantly warp right in front of the demented human monster, the Aura Pokémon placed a pulsing palm over the creature's stomach and released a potent Force Palm that, quite literally, blew the insides of the Caveman outside, turning every single twisting limb into dust because of the potent force of the blow obliterating them all. With missing organs, the Caveman fell on its back and died.

When Lucario's brief state of rage calmed down, he soon realized what he had done. His jaw falling down, he looked down at the morbid bleeding corpse of the Caveman seeping its blood into the white snow. His palm stretched out, Lucario gulped and looked over his shoulder at the two kids, hoping that they had looked away at the last second…

They didn't. The sheer morbid-ness of the scene was enough for Jeff and Chris to faint face-first on the snow. Lucario even saw the sickly shade of blue of their skins from the uncovered parts of the snow that he knew he went too far with his power once again. Feeling guiltier than ever, Lucario hoisted both of them on one arm and walked away to the south from the scene of the murder, the Aura Pokémon brainstorming the best apologies he could come up with to lessen the incoming scolding session.

After he walked away from the corpse, the other cavemen that were minding their own business smelled the sick scent of their former ally that they drew close to it, their mouths suddenly drooling as they formed a circle around it. They weren't actually above cannibalism, so they rejoiced with the feast for tonight and thanked the omnipotent beings they thought existed for giving them the present of food.

Several minutes later…

"Is it not enough for you to behead creatures?"

"I-I'm so very sorry, really! I-I went too far with my strength again…"

"Oh, really now! Apparently, beheading is a level lower than blowing creatures' intestines! I do like that incredible strength of yours, but there is something called 'control' that does work wonders by preventing these accidents from happening!"

"…If it's not much, at least this time the blood vaporized before it could soak my hand."

"Gah! Don't say that!"


"Could we please just…stop talking about intestines?" Chris pleaded, clutching his stomach. "I can't bear it any longer… B-bluh…"

Lucario just couldn't stop getting scolded by Jeff. Chris could have joined in, but he was too busy trying so hard to forget about the mentally-scarring scene. It was futile, sadly, as the argument between the other two only fueled his thoughts with scary mental pictures. Lucario's super strength was surely a good thing, but now Chris started to regret why the hell he got an obscenely-powerful Pokémon that could kill anybody in one blow. Why not a normal one, he thought. Perhaps he was more of a wimp than he thought that he was in serious need of a super being to keep him very safe…

Keeping his health safe, on the other hand, was an afterthought that went largely ignored.

"Is he always like this?" Jeff asked Chris, but the young kid wasn't ready to answer, seeing as his face looked sick and about to puke. "I can infer from your reactions that he hasn't done this too much…which means I'm having bad luck."

"W-well…" Chris managed to say, catching a second breath, "I like how protective he is… It's just that he can get out of hand sometimes…" He lied. Back in the real world, the only enemy Lucario faced off on a regular basis was hunger and the occasional video game boss whenever he felt like playing something. Those weren't worthy enemies to mention. "…He means well." Lucario nodded for support.

Jeff sighed as they came across a metal building that overlooked a sea of trees far down below a tall cliff. Coming to a stop, the group wasn't open to the idea of climbing down. There wasn't a path anywhere else, meaning that they came to a dead end. "Only reason I haven't turned down your offer to escort me to Paula is that his help, no matter how sickening, is an invaluable tool for my survival…our survival," he reiterated until looking at the odd building next to them. "Huh, this building right here is the only spot we can enter. I don't see another path going south unless we dive into the forest down below…"

The building was odd-looking because of its metallic walls and roof, but it was better than nothing, Chris thought. "Let's ask for directions inside this place," he suggested as he walked around the construction, finding a metal door. "Okay… I've never gotten close to a door like this…" Weakly knocking on the door, Chris gasped when it opened up by itself. The other two got to his side and exchanged confused glances until they decided to enter. Lucario had already sensed a blue aura inside.

Dr. Andonuts' Lab

The cold from the outside couldn't hope to reach inside the building, as there was a warm heating system keeping the temperature at a stable level. Feeling some sweat, Chris took his jacket off and carried it on his arms as they inspected the place. It was a lab that had many weird-looking machines leaning against the walls, with tables displaying many unfinished gadgets and tools. Among those were devices Chris thought were toys, but there was a good chance everything was real. No doubt a scientist lived in the building somewhere.

Said scientist hadn't noticed them coming in, as he was busy tinkering with other devices on another table. It was an old man dressed in a white lab coat. He sported glasses that looked similar to Jeff's. He had a long white mustache that was coupled with the impossibly-tall sideburns that stood on the sides of his ears, acting as his hair since he was bald. It was the somewhat renowned scientist Dr. Andonuts.

Jeff had a hunch that it was his father. He cleared his throat loudly enough for the scientist to hear him out. "Hello?" he said.

"Hmm?" The scientist looked up from his workstation and turned to the direction of the entrance. Staring a long while at the fascinating creature that was Lucario, he then noticed the blond kid waving his arms to look at him. "Oh… I didn't see you coming in," he said. "What brings you… Wait… Could it be?" He approached Jeff. "You're…you're my son…"

"…" Jeff fixed his glasses and rubbed a small tear from his right eye. "I got a feeling that told me you were…my dad," he responded. "…It's nice to see you at last, dad."

"Well, I'll be," his dad said. "The day you finally ventured out from the boarding school finally came. Having you around the lab would've been disastrous when you were younger. There was an explosion almost every day! Back then, I was young and naïve…"

"Suddenly, all my bottled-up frustration at you has disappeared."

Chris then started to wonder what kind of family they were. Jeff was put in a boarding school just so that his dad's inventions wouldn't kill the blond in an explosion, but there was something awfully wrong and stupid about the reason. He wanted to question the poor excuse of a father for even going so far as t-

"Imagine my complete lack of housing issues when I sold my house for this lab in Winters," Dr. Andonuts said, laughing for a bit. "I could only barely afford a table for me to sleep on, and I twist a lot during my sleep! Having you around ten years ago would've been a nightmare for you. You'd have hated me even more if you missed an arm or an eyebrow!"

Chris couldn't believe men like Dr. Andonuts even existed.

"Uh…" Jeff fell speechless for a moment. "…You know what? I'm so very glad you put in me in that boarding school. I don't regret it one bit. Nope. Not at all." Chris and Lucario exchanged dull sideway glances at each other.

"Indeed! That saved your life countless of times," Dr. Andonuts said. "Well, either way, I'm glad you made it all the way here, my son. I'm so happy to have you back."

"Too bad our meeting will have to continue another day…" The scientist gave him an odd look. "Dad, listen… Earlier today, I got a call from a girl named Paula who begged me to go help her and another friend named Ness. They're being held captive at the basement of…some place I don't know somewhere in Threed, and I must get there at all costs before something happens to them."

"Oh, that's completely understandable."

The other young kid was bewildered. "(…Did he just seriously understand that?)" Chris thought.

"(No objections, no worries, no questions?)" Lucario wondered. "(I'm starting to believe he's not a good father.)"

"Allow me to help you out with that!" Dr. Andonuts said. "I thought something like this would happen, so that's why I finished my latest invention yet: the Sky Runner!" He motioned them to follow him to the left area of the lab where a large object sat on a small platform. The object was actually a flying ship that looked very close to a UFO more than anything. It was large with an oval shape, sporting small windows on the upper half of the gray metal. "Here it is. Your method of transport is ready."

"That…looks like an UFO," Chris spoke. "Aren't we getting shot down by an army base on the way to Threed?"

Perhaps he was oblivious, but the scientist just noticed that Jeff wasn't alone. "Who might you be?" he asked.

"(On top of all that, he's ignorant,)" Lucario thought ashamed.

"U-um, my name's Chris," Chris said. "This tall guy next to me is my guardian Lucario." Lucario preened a little at the description. "We're travelers traveling with Jeff to escort him to Threed."

"Why, you're too young for being a traveler," the scientist said. "Do your parents know you're here?"

The young kid felt a bit offended. "(Really… You're seriously asking me that when you put Jeff in a…)" Chris grunted mentally. "Y-yes, they do know… But…" He remembered that he was talking to a somewhat-mad scientist. "…But they don't know I've been de-aged! An hour ago, I was a teenager until some bomb that Jeff managed to disable by hims-"

"Jeff disabled a bomb?" the scientist said. Instead of voicing concern, he smiled wide and said, "Atta boy, Jeff! You make me so proud." Jeff kept looking deadpan despite the praise he got.

"Um, yes, kudos to him," Chris said, sounding desperate. "That bomb he disabled on the way here suddenly blew up anyway, but instead all of us getting affected, I was the only one who got screwed! Meaning, I turned into a kid!"

Dr. Andonuts pinched his mustache. "So, I take it you want to find a way to go back to your old self?" he asked. Chris nodded vigorously. "You're so lucky, young man! I have an invention that will help you out: the Age Jumper 1000!"

With all the impossible things that were happening today, Chris lost all sense of questioning what was going on. He just looked hopeful that there was a solution.

"Let's pray that it won't blow up or cause you to grow even older! That '1000' can…I mean, probably will reduce you to dust… Lately, I have had a bad streak of luck… But who knows, this may be it!"

That was enough for Chris to remember that this man wasn't the most reliable person to ask for help. "Y-you know what? Forget I asked about that. I don't want to take any chances…"

"Ahh…" the scientist muttered in shame. "That's too bad… I was hoping to find someone to test it out…" Lucario shot him with a nasty glare that he ignored. "In any case, Jeff, you should take the Sky Runner. It can take you all the way to the place you want to go where that Ness and that Paula are waiting for you. Here." He approached the UFO and pressed a button on the front, opening the door to it that fell down on the floor. "Go ahead! Oh, and when you can, please come back to check the Phase Distorter I'm working on. It'll blow your minds away, like, boom."

Obviously, the ship was meant to go in the sky. Chris hardly boarded any airplanes in his life so he didn't know what to expect from his first experience. Then again, he went through so many incredible experiences several moments ago that flying was the most common thing in the list. The flying machine being an UFO, though, was the only fact that put it next to the oddity. "This is probably a personal opinion of mine, but, why did you…modeled the Sky Runner after a UFO?" Chris asked. "Why not a normal, small helicopter?"

"Pfft," Dr. Andonuts chuckled. "A helicopter? Where's the fun in that? I like going for the most extravagant designs so that people can recognize me! Mundane is boring."

It occurred to Chris that the adults he had met in the world so far were very strange. The Tessie club should have been an early example of foreshadowing. "…Good enough…" Chris muttered.

Lucario scoffed at the UFO. He could easily take Chris and Jeff all the way to Threed using ExtremeSpeed, but Master Hand told them to avoid deviating from the plot or else they would suffer the consequences. "Let's go inside and hope this machine doesn't fall midway," he said.

"That won't happen, I assure you," Dr. Andonuts said. "…Lucario, I hope I'm not being rude, but can I put you inside a stasis chamber to study you in great detail?"

"Bite me," Lucario responded, glaring down at the scientist.

"Oh, the no glare… Fiddlesticks."

Several seconds later, the trio boarded the machine. The inside of the ship was a bit too cramped for their tastes, especially for Lucario who had to duck and push his ears down. The small windows provided them with enough sight of the outside, even when they sat down. Jeff opted to operate the flying vessel from the control panel on the front center, the blinking buttons distracting Chris. "Okay, Dad, we're ready to take off," Jeff said, closing the hatch.

"Good luck, Jeff!" Dr. Andonuts shouted. "Let's see each other in ten years again!"

The scientist started waving a hand as he saw the ship floating up from the platform into the open ceiling of the lab. When the Sky Runner exited and started flying southwest, the opening closed down slowly, a small piece of snow falling down onto the platform.

A full canister with gasoline was sitting behind the platform, hiding behind the large ship. Noticing the canister, the scientist blinked a few times. "…Oh boy, I forgot to refill the fuel tank of the Sky Runner…" he trailed off. "…Yeah, they'll crash down and Jeff will get into a ten-year coma for sure."

Above the Skies

Surreal experience after surreal experience, Chris and Lucario sat down on a corner of the small machine as they felt the occasional rumbling movements of the cruising UFO. It was a miracle that Jeff was quickly learning how to operate the Sky Runner as Dr. Andonuts completely forgot about making instructions on the go or even an instruction manual. A nearby sticky note on the control panel read, "Nobody reads the manual anymore these days and won't do that in the incoming years." Those were wise words, since Chris himself never bothered to read them unless it was very necessary.

Ironically, the situation was asking for a manual of the sort, but Jeff had everything under control.

Trying to forget about their worries, the duo looked outside through the small windows at the clouds. They were riding in a UFO, but that didn't make the scenery outside any less enjoyable. The clouds outside were being touched by the light of the sun. Since Winters was a particularly cloudy region, going further away reduced the cloud mass as holes in the sky started to appear, making the sunlight rays look majestic in a way. "…I was scared about riding this ship," Chris said. "But…but it's so amazing to look outside and watch the clouds."

Lucario kept a tight grip on Chris's smaller body, pulling him to his side with one hand. Sensing the calming aura from his trainer and seeing the small bright smile on his face, the Aura Pokémon felt at peace. "I agree," Lucario said. "This is also my first time flying through the sky."

Chris looked up and chuckled, leaning his head against Lucario's furred body. "Hey, this is one of our first times doing something new together!" he pointed out.

Lucario chuckled. "It's very refreshing to experience something like this for the first time together," he admitted. "For that, I'm grateful."

"I wish I could stare outside," Jeff spoke from the control panel. "Sadly, my Dad didn't build an auto control option for the Sky Runner. I'm slowly figuring out how to operate everything… We're lucky that Threed is far away from here, though I theorize we'll get there in…an hour or so if we keep the same speed."

"(…And Ness is there,)" Lucario thought.

His trainer also realized the gravity of the situation. Ness was the reason why Master Hand sent them to his world. Keeping him safe from the army would be easy with Lucario, but Chris wasn't so sure if they were up for it judging how they had screwed up very early. Moreover, Ness was the leader of the group of chosen children. Convincing him would be another ordeal to pass. More lies were needed to keep their charade up, unless they figured something out first. Jeff was just a stepping stone for what was to come.

The duo fell silent and exchanged worried glances.

"(How are my two saviors doing?!)"

Both of them gasped loudly when they heard a mental scream inside their heads. Jeff looked back at them. "Is something wrong, you two?" he asked. "We're not crashing into an airplane…right?"

"E-eh, no…" Chris muttered. "We just…we just...we just…"

"…realized we haven't eaten in a while," Lucario finished, faking looking ashamed. "Yes… We're starting to get hungry…"

"…Unfortunately, the Sky Runner also lacks a fridge with food," Jeff noted, turning his face to the panel. "Hang in there for another hour, guys. We'll immediately head for a food establishment to rest. We haven't stopped walking ever since we left the Tessie club people…"

The two sighed with relief, though Jeff thought they sighed at their hunger. Because talking verbally in secret was not a good thing, Lucario resorted to telepathy. "(Chris, I assume you also heard that voice, right?)"

"(T-the booming voice? Yes, I heard it…)"

"(Oh, good! You two heard me clearly!)"

Even though they weren't keeping up with things, the duo heard the voice clearer than before. No doubt it was Master Hand himself. "(M-Master Hand?!)" Chris said alarmed.

"(The one and only,)" the hand spoke to their minds. "(Good to see my dimensional telepathy skills are on top of the game… Howdy there, you otherworldly travelers! I've seen your every move ever since you departed to your long-ass journey to save the universes. Happy to see you two are doing…sub-par for the moment.)" He grumbled. "(I expected more from you, Lucario! You're certainly FAR stronger than the one I had with me, but geez, you're screwing up even more… Are you sure you're up for this task? I saw everything you've done like, for example, letting Chris turn into a kid…)"

Lucario winced. "(H-how was I supposed to know that bomb would react like that?)" he asked in his defense.

"(Well, I can tell you this. There was no real need for Tabuu to develop a bomb like that,)" the hand said. "(Bombs don't do that at all. What I can infer is that Ness's world had some sort of influence in how the bomb went off… That or your little Assist Trophy Jeff did a weird number on defusing the bomb. By the way, that kid is something. You could learn from him, Chris.)"

Chris winced next. "(He's just as inexperienced as I am! But what he does have is more IQ than I do…machinery-wise.)"

"(No excuses,)" the hand retorted. Afterwards, he sighed. "(…Look, Chris. You're starting to feel like the load for our little team, and I'm starting to regret not giving you a single job to test out your devotion for the rather suicidal choice you so foolishly chose to take on with Lucario…who can kill you if he were so much as to step on your frailer little body.)"

"(…Are you deliberately insulting me? I can't tell,)" Chris said.

"(If he is, I will 'deliberately' murder him while you're away so you don't have to faint,)" Lucario said in a threatening voice.

"(Empty threats fall in my deaf ears. As I was saying, Chris, I feel pity for you,)" Master Hand said. "(No way in that body you're going to dish damage. I'm going to go ahead and give you a break.)"

Chris was finally getting a break from the ordeals. "(You mean you're going to appear and finish the bad guys off?)"

Master Hand laughed, and then Crazy Hand joined with the laughing by laughing even louder. "(Are you effing kidding me? Doing that will put me in peril with the army! I go out from my hiding spot and Tabuu will call the National Guard on my wrist, the death rate in Ness's world will hit the top, you will either puke, faint, or do both and die in your sleep, and Lucario is probably getting a nuke dropped on his head...)"

"(…Holy crap,)" Chris said. "(Is it incredible to say I can totally expect all that to happen at this point?)"

"(Seriously…a nuke,)" was all Lucario could say.

"(…Yeah, things will get that crazy. You two are my only hope to keep things under control, and if I have to give you a job, Chris…then it's all better. So…snap.)" Fingers snapping echoed.

"(…Wait, give me a jo-)" Chris was interrupted as he felt something pulsating on his body for a brief moment, but the feeling quickly died down. It was a very strange feeling that even alerted Lucario through his aura senses. With a quick scan of his trainer's soul, the Aura Pokémon didn't see anything hazardous. "(A-ah!)"

"(Congrats!)" Crazy Hand said. "(You have obtained your first job: the PK Kid!)" He announced cheerfully. "(The description says: Blast foes with mind attacks, using a variety of elemental skills that only come out from your thoughts.)"

To be honest, Chris felt no different except for the smaller body size. "(But I don't feel a difference! Did you really do anything to me?)"

"(Sure I did,)" the hand said. "(I just didn't want you to make a scene in front of Jeff. Look, let me explain here how this works… Chris, your job list has finally obtained a new job; a job stylized to resemble the powers that Ness has. You won't only get his powers, but your appearance will get affected… I left out the part where your body goes through some horrendously painful alterations, so to indicate you're using a job, you'll be wearing the same clothing Ness wears. Don't worry about cosmetic things like shirt size. The job will always fit you with the right size.)"

"(Unbelievable…)" Chris trailed off. "(…This is really happening to me…)"

"(What a culture shock, huh? Really now, all will work out in the end if you add some courage into the mix,)" the hand, for once, encouraged the kid. "(Since I didn't change your appearance for some security, I'll tell you how to change jobs manually at will… All you have to do is think hard about changing to the job desired in your mind, and presto, you'll be wearing the job's clothes in an instant.)"

Though not having changed to the job, Chris sighed with some relief. "(At least I won't be that much of a load to the team now…)"

"(That is still to be seen,)" the hand said, confusing the duo. "(You see that job I just gave you? It only has PK Fire for usage… Everything else that Ness has is locked out to you from the start.)"

Once more, Chris was cursing his dumb luck. "(You gave me a CRIPPLED job?! Do you really want me to make a difference in a battle or what?! I-I can't believe how much pressure you're putting on me!)"

"(Alright then… Chris, show me you'll at least fight back in a pretty serious fight against a living being that's fully sentient… Oh, and to make a point, don't count on Lucario for support as if he's not even there to help. Imagine you're just you against, say, Galleom…)"


The kid was left speechless when he considered about such a situation ever happening to him. Who was he kidding? Fighting a monster was less heartbreaking than fighting a real foe that could feel emotions and think its own thoughts. It dawned on Chris that the chance to even going so far as to killing a sentient being just for the sake of keeping his own life safe was possible… Ness's world was filled with odd creatures that made no sense to live. It was like a tutorial world for him before the serious stuff showed up.

"(…I…I don't feel that confident,)" Chris admitted, Lucario looking sad. "(…I don't have a lot of courage like Lucario here…)"

"(Sorry for ruining the mood, but it has to be done this way,)" the hand said. "(Don't worry about not being able to use all of Ness's powers. Those locked powers will eventually unlock themselves as you build up experience in battles. I'm not saying you're leveling up or anything. Who knows! During a battle, you may learn new skills on the go. I encourage you to assist your murdering partner and anyone else you come across with your presence… I AM still testing you out, you know!)"

Lucario smiled apologetically. "(Chris, you have me. I'll prevent the day where you have to fight alone by fighting together against our enemies… Hopefully, experience can leak to you,)" he reassured his trainer.

"(I made my choice, so… I guess there's no complaining about it,)" Chris said. "(…This sucks, though.)"

"(You can complain all you want. Somebody like you would do that during their first missions,)" the hand said. "(…So, that's all I wanted to tell you, guys. From now on, I'll cut our communication. I don't want Tabuu to catch us talking like this. I'll call you when the mission is over with, which isn't really over due to the abnormal readings I'm getting from the mansion.)"

Chris sighed. "(I knew we weren't done yet… Wait, mansion?)"

"(Oopsie! I don't want to spoil the surprise just yet,)" the hand said. "(Godspeed to you and all that! Good luck! I'll call you very soon! Master Hand out!)" The telepathy then ended.

Lucario upheld the telepathy, seeing as Jeff was busy with the panel. "(…Everything is happening, Chris. Nothing is an illusion.)"

"(I wish it was, except for you, of course…)" Chris responded weakly, trying to cope up with the huge task he was given. Drifting in his thoughts, he looked outside to admire the scenery. Arduous battles would eventually happen very soon, and he feared to think about it for too much. For now, he looked down to see that the Sky Runner was hovering over Fourside.

The ship was flying close to the city. There was a large billboard on top of the tallest building that had a blond fat kid flashing a golden toothy grin. Chris couldn't see the fat boy's eyes because they were hidden under his hair, but he did read the neon sign that read, "Pokey owns YOU." Said kid happened to be standing next to the sign to admire his "sexy" good looks on paper. When he noticed the Sky Runner, Pokey snobbishly stuck out his tongue and walked back inside the building.

"(Well, excuse me for looking at your billboard,)" Chris thought. Lucario had seen the scene, and he growled mentally. The two got bored of sightseeing the cloudy setting that they decided to rest…

Half an hour later…

The ship suddenly rocketed to the sides, making the sleeping duo wake up, alarmed. Almost getting a heart attack, Chris looked outside. Somehow, everything had turned dark, but he could see the moon in the space. At least that was everything he could make out from the violent shaking of the ship. "W-w-what's going on?!" he shouted as Lucario kept a tight grip on him.

Jeff was frantically controlling the ship from the panel. A quick glance at the gas gauge told him that they ran out of fuel. "T-the ship ran out of fuel!" Jeff yelled. "I-I'm doing my best to keep it from plummeting down!"

The other kid started breathing in and out. The outside indicated that they were far above the ground. A fall that high up would most likely kill them all…except for Lucario, Chris doubted, though that wasn't important to think. "Can we make it?!" Lucario yelled, growling occasionally.

"…No," Jeff finally said once the arrow hit dead bottom on the gauge. The rocketing ship then stopped shaking as it suddenly came to a complete stop in midair, lifelessly hovering among the clouds. "…Nice knowing you, guys."

Shortly after, the ship responded by dropping down like a pebble to the far-away ground. Not sooner than that, screams ensued as Chris and Jeff proclaimed bloody murder. Lucario was thinking about opening a hole in the ship to escape, but the force of the air could suck them all out forcibly. In the end, he pulled Jeff to his side and clutched both screaming children together under his arms. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

It was pure good luck that the Sky Runner stopped right above the spot where Ness and Paula were held captive.

Threed – Graveyard Underground

Feeling as if an entire day had gone by already, the two children started eating their sandwiches after so much nagging coming from Ness and his grumbling stomach. Annoyance triumphed over Paula, but she couldn't complain. She was very hungry as well.

"This has to last us," she emphasized as Ness voraciously ate his sandwich. "I'm giving us ten hours before we resort to cannibalism."

"Skruh dut!" Ness spoke with his mouth full. Paula dodged the sight by looking away. He swallowed his food. "I'll go crazy and start blasting that door over there until it gives away! A serious dose of PSI Rockin' alpha is all I need…"

Paula shook her head. "That'll exhaust your mind! I won't do that," she said. "But if you want to give it a shot, go ahead. Don't complain once you start getting headaches because I didn't stock pills up for this."

Ness mumbled with relief as he let the sandwich's taste satiate his tongue. "Hmmmmm…" he trailed off with pleasure. "Just let me enjoy eating this sandwich before it goes to waste… Man, I'm glad I bugged you to eat this."

Paula sarcastically smiled. "Do be careful now, Ness," she said. "I won't spoil the food, but destiny likes to ruin the mood when people say that kind of thing."

Ness rolled his eyes at her. "Suuuuuuuuuure," he drawled on.

Destiny then responded by dropping a large object on the cave from the newly-broken rocky ceiling.

Both children gasped loudly before the abrupt force of the crash pushed dust and rock everywhere. The two PSI children stumbled and fell on their backs, losing their grips on their food as the cave became filled with dust. They screamed loudly, confused as to what was happening.

Amidst the dust cloud, Ness uncovered his head to forward. His eyes widened in shock at the scaring sight before him… His sandwich, its ingredients covered in dust and separated violently across the ground, mocked him. The Onett boy then bellowed to the ceiling, cursing destiny harshly for toying with him and ignoring the unknown sets of coughs coming from the wreckage. "MY SANDWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH! NOOOOOOOOOOoooooo…"


"The Oddness Gets Odder. Oh, come on! My world isn't that odd!" Ness complained.

"We're children capable of burning monsters with our minds," Paula said.

"I can't burn people with my mind, but what I can really do is fix broken machines," Jeff said.

"And I can blast foes with a single Force Palm," Lucario said.

"Thank you for reminding us how brutal you can be…" Chris trailed off.

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Chris, Lucario, Jeff / Ness, Paula

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4. The Oddness Gets Odder

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Chapter 4: The Oddness Gets Odder


Graveyard Underground

As Ness kept lamenting the loss of his sacred sandwich, from the dust, a figure covered in soot emerged and blinked under its dirty glasses. Jeff didn't see Ness and Paula for a moment as he cleaned his lenses. "Somehow…I survived the crash-landing," he commented to himself. "I do not want to go through that again."

"Who's that?" asked Paula somewhere within the dust. Not crying over her sandwich, she slowly got up and saw the blond boy in the darkness. "Oh… It's that you, Jeff?"

Jeff put his glasses back on and stared at her. "You're Paula? Hmm… Yes, you are her. I made it!" he said relieved. "Life-threatening crash landing aside, I made it just fine…"

Paula smiled a bit. "I'm so glad you're here," she said. "We were worried that you were stopped by Giygas' forces on the way here. His power must have shrouded all of Eagle Land by now."

Jeff looked down at Ness grieving the loss of his sandwich. "And…you must be Ness," he said. "Pleased to meet you."

"…" Ness sniffed sadly and got up on his feet, looking at their new companion. "Y-yeah, nice to meet you, Jeff," he said.

"Oh, would you stop crying?" Paula asked. "Jeff can take us out of this prison. You can order all the pizza you want after we get out."

With realization, Ness cleared his tears and immediately composed himself. "Oh, I see. Yes, I don't have to cry anymore," he said. "Hurray for easy solutions!"

"That was an awfully fast recovery…" Jeff remarked. He looked to the right of the mess of rocks where he spotted a locked door. "Anyway… That door is locking you in." He took out from behind a weird machine with a key shape protruding from one end. It was hard to describe the tool he took out, but it had a pseudo-square shape and was large enough to carry on two hands. Jeff moved to the door and inserted the key in the slot. Two seconds later, he twisted the machine, and the door opened slowly. "There we go."

"Sweet freedom is awesome!" Ness rejoiced while Paula looked appreciative. "I'm so desperate to make you my best friend, Jeff."

Jeff put the machine away, somehow. The machine was clearly larger and noticeable to just put away into thin air behind his back…but he managed to do it anyway. "I think you need to take some fresh air. Badly," he suggested. "Why don't we… Oh no, I forgot!" He went to the scrapped parts of the Sky Runner to look around his two party members. "Y-you two! Are you okay? Say something!"

"Wait, what's happening?" Paula asked as she and Ness stared at Jeff looking around the Sky Runner.

She got her answer when she heard an angry growl coming from the wreckage of the Sky Runner. The ship wasn't completely totaled. The spherical design was spared for the most part, so the interior of the ship was still standing somewhat. From within the smoke, a black paw-like hand with a spike on the back of the wrist emerged, causing Ness and Paula to back away. Being PSI-powered children, they drew their right index fingers back, sparking to life with energy. "T-there was a monster in there? Jeff! How could you come here with a monster?!"

"Uh, I didn't?" Jeff said. "I would've been dead by now if I did. Possibly. Anyway, don't attack him."

As Ness and Paula processed this bit of info, Lucario emerged from the wreckage with a low growl, holding his panicked trainer close to his chest with an arm. Because Lucario was a very imposing creature new to the children, they sweated a bit, thinking that Jeff was kidding about not bring a monster. When they saw the Pokémon's owner being clutched to his chest for protection, they lowered their sparking fingers in confusion. "What's going on here?" Paula asked, not completely sold on the idea with the spiked monster inside the cave.

"Chris?" Lucario suddenly spoke, getting their attention. The aura wielder was thankful to feel strong aura waves from his trainer, as evidenced by his coughing. "Oh, it's so good to know you're okay…"

"Bleargh!" Chris coughed loudly, his and Lucario's body covered in dirt and black soot. "I-I'm alive… Oh my god, I'm alive…"

Ness blinked once the two fixed their gazes on them. "…Uh…hi?" he said.

Chris was shocked to know that he had found the first "Smasher" of the group. Jeff was just a small preview of what was to come, but Ness was more important than the blond. Now the hard part to let them come with them was the current event taking place in the cave. "H-hi…" Chris said shyly. "Y-you're Ness, right? Jeff told us about you and…and Paula."

"…" Paula sighed and turned to Jeff. "Jeff, why did you bring normal…I mean, people in here?" she asked. "They're not part of us. I know in great detail that we're missing someone else entirely different than them."

Jeff nodded. "I know that, but these two helped me to get here," he said. "They turn out to have their own mission, you see. On the way here, we were attacked by other unknown beings not related to Giygas himself."

"Wait, what's that?" Ness asked. "You were attacked by other enemies that weren't Giygas' henchmen? How can that be?" He turned to them. "And how are these two related to the whole thing?"

Lucario placed Chris down, letting them both the chance to dust themselves off. "I-it's pretty hard to believe," Chris said. "Sadly, we got involved in that problem ourselves when we tried to escort Jeff to your side all the way here…and there's no other way for us to solve it without making a stand."

Paula stared at Jeff. "You got yourself mixed up with other enemies?" she asked.

"Yes, that's what happened on my way here," Jeff said. "I thought we wouldn't be able to face this new threat by ourselves so having them accompany us for the journey would be very good."

Ness had a feeling that the imposing blue monster was a nice guy somewhere behind that piercing glare of his, so he approached them to examine Lucario by walking around him. The aura wielder made no move, trusting Ness's blue aura. "Of course they're useful," Ness said, surprising Chris and Lucario. "This guy's got spikes on its body. Some good spike strikes are all you need to defeat enemies."

Lucario, or any other Lucario from his species, was ironically never too fond of using the spikes on their bodies for anything in a battle. In truth, the species felt that the spikes looked a little over the top, but most thought that it was how Arceus wanted. Using the spikes in battle was a clear sign that a Lucario would stoop so low as to inflict heavy damage on their opponents with the lethal weapons. "I never use these spikes for battle," Lucario said with a serious look.

"Really now? Then I dunno how you helped Jeff cross Winters," Ness said. "You look pretty…slim…thin…skinny, even. No muscle whatsoever. You just look tough to me."

"(Oh boy,)" Chris thought as he looked up at Lucario.

Feeling extremely insulted, even more so with the muscle fact, Lucario struck the ground with a clean fist, causing a fissure to run up a good forty feet from the floor, over the wall, and the ceiling right above him. Ness and Chris felt the small trembling shaking of the floor that they gulped in unison. "L-Lucario, careful!" Chris scolded. "T-that could've caused a cave in!"

Lucario gasped and took his fist back, standing back up at full height. "S-sorry, I was a little ticked off," he said.

"H-holy…" Ness gulped, examining the fissure in front of him, and so did an astonished Paula. This was a severe contrast to what he had fought before he got caught: angry ladies, rabid dogs, animated mushrooms, and New Age Retro Hippies. "U-um… Did I say weak? No, no, no! I meant to say the enemy is weak against you!"

"You didn't say any of that before," pointed out Lucario.

"…Don't punch me, please," Ness finally said, just to be sure.

"A-anyway…" Paula began, still examining the fissure, "…I'm still not convinced if we should let you come with us. We shouldn't stray too much from the prophecy by getting too much outside help."

Ness walked to her side. "Well, let's just pretend they'll help us till a certain point," he suggested. "But…what's this about other enemies who barred Jeff's way?"

"I've got no idea," Jeff said. "It's safer if we let them come… Please, you two, Lucario alone gave me a bunch of experience without me or Chris lifting a finger."

"(When did he get any experience?)" Chris thought in confusion. "(How can he even tell?)"

Ness and Paula exchanged glances. "Okay… You seem pretty sure yourself, Jeff," Ness said, turning to look at the two otherworldly travelers. "It won't hurt us to have some temporary backup…as long as the big dog guy doesn't trip of me and stabs my back with extreme prejudice using that glaring spike on its chest."

Lucario sighed. "I hardly ever trip and cause an accident like that," he reassured them. Chris, however, took a note of the warning by walking beside his Pokémon, no matter if he was taller or smaller.

"Besides," Jeff continued, "it is sort of my fault that Chris is like this."

The other two chosen children turned his way. "What do you mean by that?" Paula asked, getting an explanation as to what had happened on the way to Threed. "A bomb blew up and it turned Chris into a boy?"

"…Somehow, that doesn't sound too surprising to me," Ness said, blinking twice with a blank look. Both Chris and Lucario stared, not believing how he didn't take it that badly. "I know those looks, you two. You pretty much lose all sense of common sense when you get a talking bug from the future warn you from absolute destruction if you don't do anything about it."

"Uh…" Chris muttered, trailing off and feeling morbidly ill to hear the other boy say such a thing in the first place. "…I…I see?"

"See? That's even more shocking," Ness said. "By the way, I didn't notice up until now, but…why are you wearing my clothes?" he asked Chris.

"Wearing your clothes?" Chris said before looking down at himself as he said, "That sounds a little bit too random to…s-say…"

Lucario was just as shocked to see his trainer wearing a different wardrobe set. He didn't see Chris changing clothes during the fall, remembering he didn't change clothes before the panicking plunge to the ground. Sometime between the start and end of the fall, Chris's old clothes were ditched over an exact replica of Ness's clothes: down to the red sneakers and up to the iconic red cap. If that wasn't enough, he was also sporting a newly obtained backpack on his back. The sudden change of clothes scared the boy, mostly because he never felt the change at all, at least not by his free will.

The only reasonable explanation Chris could come up with was… "L-Lucario, did you strip me from my clothes before we crashed in here?!"

Lucario gasped, blushed, and furiously shook his head. "W-why would I strip you from your clothes?! I don't care (mostly) about what you wear as long as you're comfortable!" he shot in defense.

"W-well! Where are my other clothes, then?"

"H-how should I know? Maybe they are back in that ship?"

Chris looked behind into the scrapped Sky Runner. Reluctant, he got inside the wreckage and tried to find his old clothes around the debris. But it was useless. His old clothes were gone forever. There was no way the clothes magically floated out and fell down somewhere. Giving up in his hasty search, the defeated boy walked back to Lucario's side. "They're…they're gone…" he said. "My old clothes are gone…"

"I'm…not sure what's going on with you," Paula commented from her spot. "And frankly speaking, I don't see how we should discuss a topic about lost clothing right now in this dinky place."

"H-hey, this is actually important to me!" Chris said. "I had my normal attire a mere moment ago! I can't just…brush it off like that! What if I suddenly get naked in the middle of the day?!"

"Now that right there is a very surprising…uh, shocking thing to see," Ness commented. "Well… I don't care if you're wearing my clothes, unless you're a fanboy of mine… Are you?"

The fact Chris knew Ness very well from his world was extremely discouraged to mention. More than that, Chris didn't admire Ness at all. He admired Mario even more now that there was a chance to meet him in person. "I've never heard of you until Jeff said so," Chris said.

"Eh, good enough," Ness said nodding. "So, it's okay for you guys to follow us, I guess. If those weird enemies show up again, having more fighters should make things easy."

The duo was shocked to know they were able to get into Ness's group. "Wait, really?" Chris asked. "You don't object?"

"Why object when your guy can create a fissure with a fist?" Ness asked, kicking the fissure while Paula looked unsure of the decision. "He'll give us plenty of experience!"

Lucario shrugged. "I don't know what to say to this," he said.

"Me neither," Paula said. "But the more, the merrier, they say…"

Ness and Paula joined your team!

Ness and Paula looked around at the same time. "Huh, how odd," Ness said. "Feels like someone just announced something in a loud voice."

"Let's not bother with that now," Paula said, turning to the exit of the cave. "Let's get out of here first." The two children joined up with Jeff until Chris and Lucario exchanged grimaces and followed them from behind. They were still in shock that they made it just fine to Ness. Now the task to keep him safe started, but for how long, they couldn't tell for now.

As they climbed up some stairs made out of ground, Chris pondered why he had randomly changed clothes that resembled Ness. No doubt this wasn't normal, he thought. There weren't any mechanics in Ness's game where the characters could change clothes at will or not. For an experiment, he tried calling Master Hand with his mind but received no reply. He only had Lucario for better support, and he would need as much support as he could to pull through the mission.


Lucario was happy to know he would walk out in the open with his dear trainer at last. No more hiding inside the house in the real world. He was free to go wherever he pleased. Though this time, he would never leave Chris behind for anything in the world. His company was always refreshing and a good sign. He felt like a true Pokémon owned by a traveling trainer.

He wished the first urban setting they would visit was less gloomy than what Threed was.

Threed was, by all accounts, a creepy town shrouded in a perpetual night. The graveyard was the worst place to be, and it did feel incredibly morbid that they came up from underground where coffins were buried. Glancing around, the town was like a ghost town with citizens holed up in their homes to avoid the zombies and other monsters that roamed the dark corners, and that was just beyond the fences of the graveyard. The aura of evilness seemed to be stronger there, much to Lucario's distaste. Through his eyes, he saw the red aura actively trying to pierce through the children with desperation, but they were unfazed by the supernatural attacks.

"Ugh, we were locked up down there?" Ness asked, spotting the large hole the Sky Runner caused when it crashed down. "Gross! We were next to corpses!"

"It's not as bad as the roaming zombies and evil puppets," Paula said.

Jeff took off his glasses to clean them with his shirt. "What a drastic change in setting," he commented, putting the glasses back on. "I'm used to seeing a wide snow land from my room in the boarding school. This is…creepy."

Zombies here were real. It scared Chris to know that. When he spotted a limping figure behind a tombstone, its decayed green skin, grey hair, and red eyes proved it was definitely a zombie. He shivered and wisely hid behind Lucario, who noticed the abomination and narrowed his glare at it. There was a sickening red aura emanating from the monster, but the aura itself wasn't its own completely. A portion looked off… It had been reanimated by an outside force somewhere in the land where Lucario couldn't reach even within his a hundred miles of radius.

"You know you reached a new low when brainless zombies lock you up," Ness said.

"Well, they're not entirely mindless," Paula noted. "They would've eaten us right there at the hotel they lured us in, but they kidnapped us. Why they would skip brain eating altogether is surely a big dumb move on their part I'm grateful for."

"I-I'm still shocked to see real zombies, anyway," Chris muttered. "J-just please, let's not find any brain eating ones…" It was then he noticed a zombie coming from the west, stretching out its arms their way. He screamed and hid behind Lucario.

Due to the scream eliciting complete utter annihilation, Lucario growled loudly, charged ahead, and delivered a Force Palm on the zombie's face, blasting off its head far away from Threed, the force of the wind disintegrating it into nothing. More importantly, he had beheaded something else yet again.

Chris and Jeff got horrible flashbacks from before, but Ness and Paula were far less grossed out and more impressed at the Aura Pokémon's strength. They didn't mind the beheading just because it was applied on a zombie and not a living creature. While Lucario lamented what he had done, the zombie's corpse collapsed on the ground and turned to dust. "Wow," Ness said. "That was creepy awesome, but awesome anyway!"

"Indeed," Paula nodded, making Lucario turn around to see the mixed facial expressions. "Your strength is huge! You're going to prove to be a valuable asset before we make it to Giygas."

"Just so you know…" Lucario stole glances from Chris's and Jeff's sickened expressions, "Chris and I aren't tagging along for long…"

"Yeah, I knew this was too good to be true," Ness said, sighing. "What a shame. If only Buzz Buzz had said there was a big blue dog guy aside from us…"

His right eye twitched at the nickname. "My name is Lucario," Lucario said with some venom.

"Oh yeah, right," Ness said. "Sorry."

Jeff looked at Chris while holding his stomach. "They're lucky they didn't see what he did before," he whispered.

"Somehow, I feel he's going to repeat that again…" Chris whispered back, as Lucario walked back to his side. "Careful with the beheading! You never got to do that back home, I don't expect you to do it again!" he said.

"My apologies…" Lucario said, feeling guilty. "Just hearing you scream prompted me to jump into action."

"Ahh, the classic sense of overprotection," Ness suddenly said, getting into the conversation as they started to walk to the cemetery's exit. "It never fails to come up."

While they walked to the exit, the otherworldly duo was pondering when they should inform Ness that he was being targeted by an army of bad guys that had no relation to Giygas. Though it was also unclear how long they needed to keep him safe, and by extension themselves. Soon enough, they would possibly leave the children behind. Everything was a mess, and they could only help the trio in their tasks.

Chris's memories of the plot were a little hazy. He wanted to ask what they were going to do in the zombie town. Once having exited the graveyard from the west side, he asked them, "What are we going to do now?"

"Eradicate the zombies from Threed," Paula said. "This is clearly Giygas' doing. There should be an explanation to the odd occurrences here."

"Yet, we don't have any clues about where to go," Ness said. "Well, kind of. There are these zombies blocking the way up north to some kind of entrance. We gotta move those out of the way because there are a lot of them lurking around that area."

"Let me take them all on," Lucario said. "All of them will fall quickly against me." It was the most reasonable solution to sic Lucario to the zombies for a quick and easy victory.

But Paula had other thoughts. "No," she said, making Lucario blink. "The zombies are quite frail even against our PSI. We could've used our powers to make it through, but… We thought attacking that many zombies over there would make the rest attack the people in the buildings." She looked around as they were crossing the street, spotting many houses with closed windows and barricaded doors. "It'd be nasty if everyone in town would confront the zombies without weapons while we're off investigating what's up north."

The otherworldly boy stared into space, not believing that Lucario's Herculean strength wasn't effective for the task. Up until now, his strength was a boon for the journey, quite literally dismembering any enemies who looked funny their way. Destiny clearly didn't want to leave things very easy, as proven by Paula. "I'm…speechless," Lucario said.

Ness gave him a dull look. "Strength isn't gonna just solve everything, you know," he said. "You gotta be smart and think of everything. You're the heavy hitter of the group. You're suited to just beat up a few enemies."

Lucario felt a little broken to know that. He looked down at Chris. "I do think I need more training in my thought process," he said. "We never went around that back home."

"That's because there was absolutely no need for it before in a place where nothing dangerous happened," Chris said. "Now, it's very, very different."

To tell the truth, Lucario was actually going to enjoy doing such training. For once, he and Chris could look more like a Pokémon and his trainer. He was excited to do actual training than just doing push-ups with a bed on his back while Chris rested on top. Though his yearning for battle was becoming a reality, his trainer had a different idea altogether. A task to keep universes safe would ban them from normal Pokémon battles, and the boy was chained to fighting himself as well.

Multiple stomach growls made them stop on their tracks. In unison, they blushed and looked away.

"This is what happens when flying ships crash land during my sandwich hour," Ness told Jeff. "Alright, then! I saw a pizza place down south. We've got enough cash to spend on one."

Eating a mundane food with people he would have probably never meet before made Chris get curious. Eating with Lucario back home was always enjoyable, but this was a serious change of pace, which was also added with the fact that the Aura Pokémon was walking out without people screaming and tossing rocks his way. But now, the boy was puzzled if video game food would even have an effect on him… "Sure," Paula said. "I like the idea. Let's go."

Careful about not drawing too much attention from the zombies and shaking trash cans, the group made it to Mach Pizza, entering the double doors and reaching the counter. The place wasn't utterly odd, though not finding any tables or chairs was what was odd. While inside, they found out a weird fact. "I'm sorry, but we only deliver pizzas by phone," told the female clerk. "Here, let me give you the phone number."

While Ness - without asking much for details – recorded the phone number, the others stared. "You don't have many people coming in here, do you?" Paula asked.

The clerk sighed. "No…"

"…Wait, we're right here," Chris pointed out. "Why don't you just take our order now?"

"There's a reason why we don't have any tables and chairs in here, you know." Chris took the chance to look at the empty corners. "Yeah, business is this bad."

"Still! We're here! We can take the pizza home!" argued Chris.

"No, it's better if you're out and we have to charge you more money for the delivery guy delivering the pizza."

There was so much wrong with that sentence they had to stare blankly at her. Now Lucario knew without using mind reading why the aura of the "restaurant" felt fishy. "I'm sorry. What?" Jeff asked. "Are you purposely making us charge more money for something so…uh, unique?"

"…Thank you for coming in! Any other questions should be addressed with the manager, but he's not here. I'm just a boring clerk who only takes orders, not complaints. Too bad!" the clerk said with a twitching smile. Feeling this wasn't going to go anywhere, they gave up on the queries and just walked out while Ness reluctantly ordered the pizza by phone.

It only took roughly three minutes of walking away from the establishment for the pizza delivery guy to rush out from the double doors to greet them. "Hello! I'm the only Mach Pizza delivery guy!" he said, showing them the pizza box. There was a brief moment where almost everyone was enticed by the scent. "The charge is $48."

Chris and Lucario were both shocked at the absurd tab for the pizza, and Jeff was similarly looking unappreciative. No doubt Mach Pizza was in heavy financial issues if the price for pizzas were that big. They looked at Ness…who didn't even shrug one bit and handed over a fifty-buck dollar without complaining. "Here," he said, and he gladly took the pizza. "You can keep the change."

"Thank you for your patronage, sir! Enjoy!" the delivery guy said before hastily running back to his base.

"…I'm sorry, but forty-eight dollars for a measly pizza?" Chris had to ask, which he did. At no point when he played the game, he never called – or even entered – Mach Pizza at all. "What a rip-off! Ness, I can't believe you didn't say anything! Are you so rich you don't care either way?"

"Exactly," said Ness, which somehow mortified Chris and the others. Paula, already used to buying some atrociously, high-priced equipment, wasn't freaked out. "Don't give me that look. My father is funding my journey with his job. He's never given me a lot of allowance before, but now it's different! I think that I'm going to have to retire after I finish Giygas off." He opened the box and took the full scent in. "Enough about that. Who wants a slice?"

"Unbelievable," said Chris, Lucario, and Jeff at the same time.

"Yeah, this smell is sooooo good you can't believe it." He ignored the triple-facepalm display. "Huh, I didn't think where we're going to eat this. In hindsight, eating pizza out in the streets with man-eating zombies isn't such a good idea."

"Another reason why Mach Pizza will probably go bankrupt at this rate in the near future," Paula predicted. She was right.

"We're five people. We'll go through the pizza pretty fast. Alright, grab a slice, you four!" Ness said, opening the box.

Chris eyed the pizza presented to him. The smell was pretty real, and it did make his stomach growl in anticipation to eat a slice. He grabbed a slice and ate a bit… Sure enough, his body didn't reject the food. It went down without issues. He sighed in relief and started eating faster while everyone else did the same. The children ate more than one slice, with Lucario and Paula only eating one each.

Lucario took a small chance to talk to his trainer when the children were facing another way. "I'm enjoying this so far," he told him. "I'm not talking about the food… I'm talking about how we're out in the open together without restrictions."

Chris forced a smile. "Y-yes, it does feel good," he said. "Though I wish we were somewhere else instead of this zombie town, eating pizza out here…"

The Aura Pokémon looked serious, though the slice of pizza he was holding contrasted greatly to his expression, which Chris found very glaring from his rather low altitude compared to the large Pokémon. "With me by your side, you don't need to fear anything," Lucario reassured Chris. "I won't let those monsters bite your arms on my watch." He was hoping to sound very heroic to him, not minding the pizza slice that was bending down too much on his large hand.

"…I feel a little touched, really," Chris said, making Lucario smile. "But would you please finish your slice? I can't take you seriously with the dripping cheese bits on your waist."

Lucario blinked and saw he was getting dirty with cheese on the waist, getting tangled up with his sleek yellow fur. It was too late to clean up and stop blushing, for the children had turned their way and spotted the mess at eye level. "P-pfft," chuckled Ness with Paula. Jeff merely adjusted his foggy glasses.

"I…I need a napkin," Lucario said meekly, getting one from Ness. He wasn't expecting Chris suddenly laughing for a brief moment, wrecking the result Lucario was hoping to get instead. Still, his trainer's radiant blue aura flared with positive waves, and they felt so good and refreshing to the Aura Pokémon who smiled and chuckled as well. "(It's worth it to see him laugh because of me,)" Lucario thought relieved. "(…As long as he doesn't laugh at me.)" His little distraction brought the children closer to them, making things easier to bond.

When they were done eating and laughing, they discarded the box in a trash can and resumed with the journey, walking across the street to the south portion of the town; a portion that seemed too deserted.

"Bellies full, now what?" Ness asked the group. "We never found out what else to do when we were kidnapped by zombies."

"Our best bet is to look around," Jeff theorized. "Anything out of the ordinary – besides the zombies and evil trash cans – should be worth looking at." It wasn't long before they heard Lucario growl deeply. They jerked their heads his way and saw him baring his fangs; his sharp, bloodthirsty fangs. Seeing this as a bad sign of things to come, Chris leaned to him. "U-um, why are you growling so suddenly? …Oh, wait! Your aura ability!"

"Aura ability?" Ness and Paula repeated.

As Jeff and a reluctant Chris explained what the ability was about, Lucario's aura vision activated as he saw the world's lucid red aura cover the town completely. The sickening aura his senses picked up came from nearby… It was coming from a suspicious circus tent. He was able to tell how the tent itself had an aura of its own, unlike how the red aura engulfed everything and the buildings, which of course had no singular auras. A building like a tent emitting its own aura was unheard of, but the red coat was enough to tell him it was dangerous.

"Sense and see living creatures' souls at will?" Ness said. "Holy crud, that's awesome! I wish PSI had that sort of thing…" His remarks fell on deaf ears to Lucario. "You know, I think I'm starting to admire you. You're definitely looking cooler and cooler." If the very good remarks could come out of Chris himself, it would snap Lucario from his growling fits.

The boyish teen looked up at Lucario. "I didn't think others would see you in this light," Chris suddenly spoke, smiling. "I feel so proud of you..."

That was enough for Lucario to drop his aura vision and smile at Chris. An actual praise from his trainer was a must to relish, as evidenced by his low growling sound. The other three children exchanged blank glances for a moment before Ness said, "So, uh, what evil aura did you pick?"

Lucario focused on the task and pointed southeast. "A circus tent is expelling its own red aura," he said. "It's not normal at all. It's certainly possessed by Giygas' influence."

"There's our first clue right there, guys," Paula said. "Let's head over to that suspicious circus tent."

Carefully making sure they weren't spotted by monsters, after passing several trees that for some reason were unnerving Ness and Paula due to previous past experience, the group made it to the south portion of the town where they found a large purple circus tent that didn't look particularly odd, save for the desolate location. As they got closer to it, Lucario's protective instincts pulled Chris to his side, though his trainer didn't object.

"That tent is suspicious, you say?" Jeff asked.

The tent wasted no time to make itself known to them once a demonic face smirked evilly at them, known as the Boogey Tent. Horrified of the floating face on the tent's front entrance, Chris yelled and took cover behind the growling Lucario and the rest of the team.

They were too slow to avoid a bright flash that came from the tent's eyes…

Their eyes met the flash at full force, and nearly everyone started crying, much to their collective chagrin. They weren't necessarily bawling or tossing around needlessly. Their eyes were just full with tears that they couldn't focus well on their eyesight. "G-gah!" Jeff shrieked.

"It used PSI Flash alpha on us!" Paula said, trying to clear her uncontrollable flood of tears.

Lucario felt humiliated with his eyes crying tears for no good reason, but as long as Chris was next to him protected, everything would be fine. Even using his aura vision, the tears from his eyes prevented him from spotting aura waves by making them all look blurry. However, being a very special Lucario, he was able to keep track of the tent's aura by increased focus. The others didn't have to be told where the tent was, as it was just right in front of them.

The big problem, though, was the fact the tent's face was the strike point, not the tent itself. It was a fact they found out when Paula fired off a frigid wind from her hands that bounced off from the tent's uncovered portions. "D-dang!" Ness said, barely seeing the face warp to the left to laugh at their misery. "The face has to be struck to do damage!"

"Use area-of-effect PSI skills!" Paula suggested. She fired off a small bolt of fire that erupted into a wide wave of flames that struck the warping face head on. It shrieked in pain and shook the tent as a whole to dissipate the heat, going back to smirking and laughing at them, even more so when Jeff failed to shoot it with his gun.

Just as Ness and the other prepared to strike back, they were all struck by a wave of fire. The children recoiled a bit at this, but Lucario held his position, not feeling very damaged. "A-augh!" Jeff shrieked. "W-where did that fire come from?! I can't see well!"

"Guys…" spoke Chris weakly, his hands somehow stretched out in front of him to themselves. "I feel…strange… Odd, even…"

"What?" Paula said, dusting off her dress. "Strange, you say?" There was something Paula needed to ask when she remembered Chris didn't complain about crying eyes. "…Your eyes aren't crying?"

"N-no…" Chris muttered, worrying Lucario. "Everything…in front of me…is spinning…and I don't know why I don't know what to do…"

The other four stopped their movements to process what he had said. "O…kay?" Ness spoke up. "That was a weird way to phrase that…"

"Oh, for heaven's sake!" Paula said in realization. "Chris is feeling strange! The PSI Flash from before didn't make him cry! It made him feel strange!"

"That tent is going to pay for that!" Lucario roared, resorting to form a large Aura Sphere with an open palm.

If Chris's Lucario had been a normal one, he wouldn't have been a six-foot tall Pokémon with impressive physical strength. He would have needed to charge an Aura Sphere with two palms to concentrate his aura. Since he wasn't a regular one, he was able to charge Aura Spheres with a single palm in less than half a second, even going so far as to enlarge them in size for massive damage. Up until now, he never used an Aura Sphere in the real world because of how chaotic one small sphere could be in the backyard. When he learned the move and fired off a sphere to the air, it had caused a lot of panic in the neighborhood when a massive explosion was spotted high above. Now outside the real world, Lucario had complete freedom to go overboard; a fatal mistake in practice all the same.

The children barely saw an illuminating blue shade engulfing the area before it was shot at high speed to the tent's face. Looking shocked at the sphere of destruction, the tent's face shrieked and couldn't manage to escape the blow in time, blowing up within a very large explosion that pushed everyone with a strong gust of wind except for the sphere's owner. Lucario easily reached out to keep Chris from getting pushed back as he witnessed with his aura the eradication of the evil Boogey Tent within the massive explosion. As smoke flew everywhere, the chaos subsided very quickly, and the tent was no more.

With the battle over, the children and the aura wielder regained their vision and senses, going back to normal. However, the explosion of aura didn't go unnoticed by the chosen children. Chris himself was too shocked to see the crater where the circus tent used to be. He had forgotten how incredibly destructive Aura Sphere could be in his Lucario. It was times like these he wished the Aura Pokémon was only tall and not physically able to mow down an entire army. "H-holy…c-crap…" Chris shivered, looking for protection by embracing Lucario's waistline.

Lucario sighed, looking worried at his trainer. "Sorry… It irked me so badly when it attacked you with that flash as well," he said.

"W-well…" Chris didn't stop looking at the smoking crater. He hoped the people in town didn't see the explosion, which was inevitable for sure. "I'd hate to see what could happen if you were really, r-really angry…"

His Pokémon sensed waves of fear, feeling guilty for being the cause. Looking apologetic, Lucario knelt down and pulled Chris to his side. "I apologize for scaring you," he muttered. "It wasn't my intention at all… I was trying to protect you."

The boy was touched, but only for a little while. To know he was the probable main reason why Lucario obliterated the Boogey Tent with such extremes made him feel sick, wondering why he didn't get a baby Riolu instead of a juggernaut. There was some relief in knowing it wasn't a living person that was destroyed …

Before Chris could say anything, they heard Ness, Paula, and Jeff approaching the crater, looking like they were about to have a bathroom accident right there. "H-holy…steaks!" Ness breathed out, actually clutching a hand on his beating chest.

"Just…unbelievable," Paula said next, carefully making sure she wasn't going to slip down on the dome-shaped crater. She looked up at Lucario. "You are far stronger than you look…" Lucario felt proud until Chris shot him with a discouraging look to keep him from not going overboard.

"Why don't you stick around until we reach Giygas?" Ness asked. "No, really, I'm serious with this. We're all children with psychic powers but you're a god in a dog disguise. Logic dictates us young children should live to be the future of the country. Screw prophecies! Join us."

"I am not a dog," Lucario said annoyed. "And I've said before we're not planning to travel with you for too long. We've got other matters to attend to."


Paula and Jeff stared up at the aura wielder. "Uh…" Lucario looked down at Chris for help. The look on his face told Chris he was the one supposed to come up with the lies, and it pained Lucario to give his trainer the role for now.

"W-we're traveling for now," Chris said. "That's all there is to it."

"Just traveling?" Ness questioned. "Dude, you got yourself a monster in Lucario! Fighting an evil entity of pure evil is far better suited to him than just trekking the earth!"

Paula then said, "Ness, we ourselves can only confront Giygas. We're the chosen ones, and we can only get outside help when it's not about the Eight Melodies or Giygas himself."

The leader sighed. "Yeah, I know… It sucks anyway," he said, kicking a pebble down the crater. He then got the attention of a trash can rolling down to the center of the crater, and something fell out from it. It was a jar with honey. "Hey, what's that down there? I'll go check," Ness offered. As if it was normal for him, the boy was able to hover down using his PSI power, surprising Chris more than Lucario.

The blond girl looked back at the duo. "There is something bothering me," she said. The duo looked worried that she was probably not buying their tale. "…Where did that PK Fire come from? I'm the only one of the group who can use that ability, and I'm sure there weren't any other enemies nearby who could use that… Then…that means…" She eyed Chris with a blank look.

"…Wait, why are you staring at me like that?" Chris asked, backing off a bit.

It didn't look like it, but Paula was concentrating her powers on Chris's self. Quickly, she picked up a familiar energy running through his body that she didn't feel was there before, because she didn't bother to sense PSI energy on someone else that wasn't a chosen one. Jeff lacked PSI completely but he was still a chosen one. It came off as a wonder that the otherworldly boy even had PSI yet wasn't part of the ensemble. "Chris… You have PSI power in you," Paula said.

Jeff blinked. "Chris possesses PSI power?" he asked. "I feel left out now."

The otherworldly boy gasped and looked at his hands. "I-I have what now?!" he asked, feeling scared about the chance of randomly exploding or tossing someone away with his mind.

"PSI," Paula reassured. "Just like Ness and I, you possess the same energy. You used PSI Fire alpha during that fight back then…by accident, no less, but now you're aware of your gift."

Lucario was shocked to know his trainer had a dormant power to begin with, until it dawned on him Chris never, ever had anything like PSI in his soul back in the real world. In fact, a quick scan of his aura revealed there was an energy source that wasn't there before they arrived, and Lucario was certain when he recalled sensing Jeff's and Chris's aura when seeing the land's red aura. There was no energy there whatsoever, but now there was…

"…I don't want this gift!" Chris said, shivering and embracing himself. "PSI is technically psychic powers, right? I never used this before! What if I burn Lucario by accident or any of you without holding myself back?"

"(That fire attack you shot didn't even tickle me,)" Lucario thought.

"Now there," Paula said. "PSI is completely tamable. It doesn't look as hard as you make it out to be… You'll only burn someone if you keep panicking and losing control of yourself like an idiot," she pointed out. "Just be yourself and the PSI will never run wild."

The boy was doubtful it was that easy to avoid accidents like that, but it was the best thing to do now. Taking a deep breath, Chris slowly calmed down. "I…I can do this… I'm…one with myself," he muttered, closing his eyes. "I won't run around burning people with my mind…"

Paula looked duly at him. "No need to act so dramatic about it, either," she said.

"…" Chris opened his eyes up and sighed slowly. "…Okay... I don't feel any different, truthfully," he said blankly. He looked at his body for any second effects or an extra arm. "It's so weird…"

"It'll be 'weird' once you use PSI," Paula said. "That's when you feel a kind of tingling going on."

Jeff tilted his head. "PSI is such an amazing ability to have," he noted. "I wonder how it even came to be and why some people like you and Ness possess that ability…"

"I don't know myself," Paula said. "I was just born with it."

Lucario looked at Chris. "This is great for you," he said. "You can defend yourself in battle now."

His trainer shivered. "D-don't put me on the front lines just yet," he begged. "I'm just a novice, and I have never been struck down so badly! Can you keep being my shield?"

"Forever," Lucario gladly said with a smile, relieving his trainer.

Ness came back, carrying a jar with honey. Except, it wasn't normal honey; it was a jar of fly honey, as the label said. "Alright… I've never seen this before," Ness said, showing them the jar. "It looks special, though. Let's keep it and see what we can do with it."

"That was in a trash can, Ness," Jeff pointed out. "That alone is…not a healthy decision."

"…Whatever," Ness said, putting the item behind his back. Chris and Lucario gasped silently when they saw the jar seemingly disappearing from view completely once it tried to circle Ness's back. "I have a feeling we need to go to the cemetery and look for clues there, unless Mr. Aura Sensor here senses evil?"

Lucario blinked and focused on the question. "Nothing else seems odd aside from the red aura everywhere," he said. "There isn't another building expelling its own aura."

For now, the group went up north…

Much later…

Threed Hotel

Out of pure odd convenience, Ness got a call from a prodigy known as the Apple Kid who sent him an item called "Zombie Paper" to trap zombies. Combined with the Jar of Fly Honey – which attracted zombies to the group as they walked across town - these items made for an excellent bait to lure in all the zombies to a single location. The location to lay off the trap was in the circus in the middle of the town where a group of adults were trying to think of ideas to get rid of the zombies. After the children told them about their plan, they agreed to it, mostly because they weren't good at coming up with anything and they were too desperate.

For the trap to work, everyone needed to abandon the normal circus tent for a whole night. The children and their guests decided to rest at the local hotel (thankfully the one that didn't have suspicious ladies and zombies) and wait for the zombies to enter the tent and get stuck on the floor.

Telling the day and night apart was hard due to it being 3 PM and the night sky high above. Still, the children were exhausted and needed to recover. None of them had a proper chance to rest after eating pizza. Unfortunately, the hotel got nearly booked with people taking shelter there (the barricaded houses kept relatives out, ironically, just because they didn't want to risk letting zombified people in), forcing them to take a room with just two beds. The room itself was nothing to write home about, with one window facing north in the middle of two cozy beds and a drawer to the left. There was a bathroom door on the south portion of the room. It was a simple hotel room.

Standing near the only window of the room were Chris and Lucario talking to each other, away from the three children currently taking turns to use the bathroom. "It's hard to believe what we've been going through up until now," Chris spoke to Lucario. "Zombies…costly pizzas…evil tents…zombies…dead dogs…living puppets that aren't being held up by anything… I know I repeated zombies. Don't correct me on that."

Lucario nodded. "After coming here, I'm asking myself why we didn't start in my native world instead," he said, slightly getting pumped up to fight real Pokémon. "It would've been much better."

"I…don't really think so," Chris dismissed. "I wouldn't want to be thrown in a world full of man-eating monsters."

"Chris, you're perfectly protected," Lucario said, trying to convince his trainer. "Not even a full team will be able to touch your hair."

"I suppose… You are not ordinary," Chris pointed out. "Fate does have its ways to give people anything. I should know by now… Except not the part where it makes me get involved in a universal conflict against a super evil entity!" he complained. "And I can't back out from it because I just know I'll get into trouble either way! I've seen enough examples in TV that wouldn't make sense in real life otherwise…"

Despite his trainer's constant nagging about that, Lucario didn't complain at all. It gave him a huge opportunity to make his trainer proud all the same, and the day when Chris would fight alongside him was a possibility now that he had obtained PSI powers that still needed some work to do. Chris had all the right to voice out his opinions until a certain point would be reached. "Well…" Lucario trailed off, "…it would be far worse if I wasn't around."

"…" Chris stared. "It's like the definite answer for all my problems is to just have you by my side," he said duly. "Really, I expect an event where you're depowered to make things 'fair' to me. It's how RPGs usually tend to be. You're the taste of power before I'm stripped of the huge advantage."

"Perish the thought, Chris," Lucario said. "At least I'm swift and athletic enough to avoid damage… Not that anything in this world has damaged me so far… Wait, I won't get depowered," he said serious. "I shall demonstrate you the full extent of my abilities now that I have a reason to use them."

Chris thought back on the crater. "Are you kidding me? I know how powerful you can be!" he said, making Lucario widen his eyes. "I don't want to see that full extent of your powers just yet…or ever! What if you end up blowing up the planet at full strength? You made that crater with just an Aura Sphere back then. Lord knows what you can do if Master Hand lets you use a Final Smash."

Lucario smiled at the thought of using a Smash Ball, but he gasped when Chris glared up at him. "I-I'll be careful," Lucario said.

"Good…because I'm inevitably expected to grow stronger without you hogging all the experience for yourself," Chris said, sighing. "I'm crazy prepared to know what to expect from this 'amazing journey across the worlds' and whatnot, but I'm not crazy prepared to cope with all of it right in front of my face. Letting you do all the grunt work will come back to bite my own butt in the event you're not available…" He shrugged.

"...Chris, please, stop being so negative about this," Lucario said, kneeling down and failing to be at eye level with his trainer. "Everything will be okay."

The boyish teen looked worried. "I'll try…" he muttered. "Nagging too much is bound to annoy others, and I want to make new friendships with people in other worlds…" He shook his head. "…I'm not so sure myself, Lucario. I need time to cope with it all…"

His large Pokémon pulled him to his side, feeling waves of uncertainty in Chris's aura. "You have all the time to get used to it," he reassured him. "I'll be there with you."

"…Thank you so much," Chris muttered, hugging his Pokémon from the right side. Lucario growled deeply in appreciation and nuzzled Chris's head with the tip of his nose. "Heheh…" Chris chuckled. "Let's do our best to keep Ness safe from the army…" The Aura Pokémon heard the three children coming up to them before they would go to sleep.

"Let's rest for tonight, you guys," Paula said, hands behind her back. "Tomorrow is going to be a very arduous day…"

Suddenly, Lucario's senses alerted him that someone was trying to read his thoughts. Knowing full well where the source came from, he growled and his aura flared up, creating a mental shield that also went to Chris's self and caused him to gasp when his aura was brought out by Lucario. The Aura Pokémon saw Ness and Paula grabbing their heads in pain, worrying Jeff right after. "What were you trying to do?!" growled Lucario at the two children, disappearing his aura while still keeping the mental block on. "Don't act innocent! I sensed your minds trying to pierce through our thoughts!"

"W-what?!" Chris said shocked, staring at Ness and Paula.

"G-gosh!" Ness grunted. "I-I wasn't expecting you could put up a mind lock and keep mind readers away! You are very prepared!"

"T-that caught me off-guard too," Paula muttered, suddenly looking serious. "But…it was enough for us to find out your intentions to tag along with us." Her statement was met up with gasps from the duo. "Speak up… What is this Subspace Army? Why are they trying to annihilate Ness in particular? And why are you two related to them?"

Lucario growled, feeling ashamed he didn't put the mental block in time. "W-what else did you get from our minds?!" he demanded.

"We didn't get anything else other than that…" Paula said. Lucario read their minds for a few seconds and found nothing. She was telling the truth. They didn't get further into their thoughts, especially the controversial part that Ness's world was a video game… "…So I ask again, why is the army after Ness?"

"I can't believe they could read minds!" Chris said. "I didn't think PSI could grant mind reading too…" He stared at the three waiting for an answer. "Uh…um…there's no way we're going to get out of this one now, are we," he told Lucario.

"No," Ness said. "I feel a lot of pressure knowing there's an army I never heard of bent on taking my head! What's that about?"

"…Truth is," Lucario spoke up, in a small change to be the one to take the lead; "…Chris and I aren't from this world." The trio gasped, and so Chris. "We were sent here to keep Ness safe from the Subspace Army."

"(Ahh, crap,)" Chris thought. "(Now that secret is out…)"

"You're…not from this world?" Jeff asked. "H-how can that even be? I'd greatly question why Lucario exists, but not Chris! How are you two from another world?"

Chris gulped, trying to take the lead next. "T-there's this guy called Master Hand who wants to see Ness safe from this…otherworldly threat," he explained. "Master Hand opposes the Subspace Army, and he wants to keep the army from ever disrupting the worlds not related to them. Ness happens to be a threat to them, so…yes"

Paula and Jeff stared wide-eyed at Ness, he himself wide-eyed as well. "I'm a threat to an army aside from Giygas?!" he asked. The duo nodded slowly. "…DAMN! I knew I shouldn't have inspected that meteor near my house!"

"Ness," Paula began, "the call knows where you live. It'd be futile, anyway."

"Aww, dammit…" Ness slumped for a bit. "…So what's this army?" he asked. "Tell me anything to lessen this impending threat…"

"For starters…" Chris trailed off. "The army is made up of monsters led by this guy called Tabuu who wants to take over the worlds by detonating bombs called 'Subspace Bombs' to suck everything into a void." He looked at Jeff. "Jeff, that bomb you were trying to deactivate was a Subspace Bomb trying to take Winters with it…"

Jeff shuddered as the eyes were on him. "I-I deactivated a space-sucking bomb and you didn't warn me about it?" he asked. "O-oh boy… I-I don't feel so good in my stomach…"

"An army trying to take Ness down…" Paula muttered. "As if Giygas wasn't enough… This is a very bad omen, indeed…" She stared at the duo. "This Master Hand sent you to protect Ness?"

"Yes," Lucario said. "It's our duty to keep them from ever hurting Ness. We'll fail if Ness dies."

"And with it, our whole journey will be for naught," Paula added, looking worried. "You two don't seem to hide any bad intentions. Otherwise, Lucario could have crushed Ness under his foot hours ago."

"D-don't joke like that!" Ness scolded her, with Lucario looking offended. "I know what he can do! No need to make me think of gruesome stuff involving my bloody self!" He embraced himself for a brief moment.

With the secret out, Chris felt more at liberty to be more outspoken. He thought hard about voicing out his honest opinions until he reached to a decision. With his mind made up, he broke off from hugging Lucario to step forward. "…You know what I think?" he asked. "I think we should just keep tagging along till Ness is safe from harm."

"And we will that be?" Ness questioned. "How can you tell when I'm not going to be shot down by a random baddie?"

"…I…I have no idea when," Chris admitted sadly. "Master Hand didn't elaborate on that…"

"That guy sounds like a prick," Ness said. "No offense…" He blinked. "I dunno why I thought that. Odd."

"Uh…" Chris shook his head quickly. "Master Hand is sure to tell us when it's okay to leave Ness behind! We have to wait till it's safe to do anything else while he's busy doing his journey to stop Giygas… That's what I think," he added meekly. He saw their downcast expressions, hurting him a bit emotionally. "…We truly want to help you out in any way we can! Don't turn us down now!"

Paula considered the option by rubbing a finger on her chin. "You've been a great asset so far," she noted. "And perhaps we won't stand a chance against this army by ourselves. I wish our fourth member was here with us to be better prepared… Ness?" She turned to the confused boy. "What do you say we do?"

Ness grumbled and tossed his hands to the sides. "Guess we better let Chris and Lucario follow us till the end of their mission, whenever that is," he said. "I have enough enemies as is."

Chris smiled a bit while Lucario sighed in the background. "Oh, thank you," he breathed out. "It feels so much better to let this out at last…"

"Why turn down a dog that can nuke a field with his soul?" Ness asked.

Lucario's eyes shot open. "I HAVE SAID THIS ONE TIME TOO MANY ALREADY AND YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERS-!" he stopped yelling when Chris glared his way. The Aura Pokémon coughed when he realized his yelling wasn't helping their case, seeing the three children back off immediately. "U-um, I mean, I'm not a dog… Stop calling me that!"

"P-point taken," Ness meekly said.

With the mission having been revealed to Ness's group, Chris and Lucario would finally be able to rest easy that they had gained their trust.

Some difficult decisions were made when they turned out for the night. Paula was given a bed for herself, leaving the four males with a bed. Ness was able to nab a bed for himself once Jeff remembered he had picked up a Broken Air Gun. He managed to turn the broken machine into the Magnum Air Gun, a much stronger weapon than his Pop Gun.

As for Chris and Lucario, the Aura Pokémon became Chris's large bed: the Aura Pokémon leaned his back to the wall in a sitting position while his trainer took refuge behind his blue arms over his waistline. The boyish teen cursed how he had forgotten about his fake youthful appearance and height loss, but it had its benefits for an occasion like this (not like he was looking forward to it ever again). Still, it made Lucario feel so proud to be so close to his trainer for absolute protection. He was happy when he felt waves of relief and gratefulness from his sleeping trainer, getting a good night rest despite the red aura nagging his senses outside the hotel.

As some hours went by, the zombies all over Threed smelled the strong Fly Honey odor set up in the circus tent, enticing them to walk mindlessly to the trap…

Regretting the fact Chris had said good morning during the middle of the night, the group woke up and was told by Lucario that all the zombies in the area had been trapped in the circus tent. More importantly, the zombies guarding the mysterious passage up north were gone, leaving the way open.

After taking a good shower and exiting the room, the group was greeted by a happy hotel clerk. Chris questioned yet again why this was happening. "Good…midnight!" he said. "Here's your free copy of the…midnight newspaper!" Despite showing them the paper, he took it upon himself to read the headlines out loud. "Here are today's headlines in the Threed Times… 'Mysterious Crater Spotted South of Town! Threed Watch Community says, "The Zombies Did It."'"

Receiving four childish stares that knew better than the headlines, Lucario hung down his head in shame.


Just as they were about to enter the western graveyard, the group walked in front of a solitary tombstone when suddenly Lucario sensed a presence appearing within his range. He got paranoid that someone could so simply barge into his range like that, so he growled immediately and pulled Chris to his side, looking up in the sky to spot…a spinning bearded, glasses-wearing old man wearing a black tuxedo and a black top hat. "What the…?" Lucario muttered, getting the children's attention when the man descended down in front of them.

"Oh god, it's him," Ness said blankly, finding this sudden appearance not so surprising. "It's the photographer guy who's been stalking me ever since I stepped out of my house. He already knows who Paula is."

"How did he appear from the sky?" Jeff asked, never having met the man before.

"He just appeared out of nowhere!" Lucario said with surprise. Despite the man's gentle blue aura, he didn't give Lucario a good impression. "How could he manage to just…enter my aura range?"

"Now something is bugging you?" Chris asked bewildered.

"Pictures taken instantaneously!" the camera man said with glee. "I'm a photographic genius, if I do say so myself!"

"All…right?" Jeff responded, not sure about what to say as they saw the camera man taking out an old-fashioned camera from behind.

"Okay, get ready for an instant memory!"

The newest three members exchanged curious glances with one another, hearing Ness and Paula sigh. "Might as well go ahead with it, you guys," Ness said.

Paula adjusted her bow. "He never accepts a 'no' for an answer," she pointed out. "See the bright side: he'll give us the photos for free for…some reason he doesn't want to disclose."

Chris stared at the man. "I feel like I'm being stalked!" he said. "And he appeared from the sky! I have goosebumps about what he really wants to do."

"Chris, hush," Ness said as he was trying to find a spot to take a good photo. The terrifying tombstone behind their backs was iconic enough for a memory. "Here. Come over here and just smile."

Jeff shrugged and went along with it; standing next to Ness's left side while Paula took his right. Still confused, Chris then looked up at Lucario. "What do you want to do?" he asked him.

Lucario smiled a little. "Let's do it," he said. "I do wish to keep a memory in a photo…no matter how odd it is to take one now." He didn't let Chris move away, picking him up and sitting him on his left arm. "What do you say?"

Chris looked down at the far away ground and forced a smile to Lucario, rubbing his head with care. "Okay, let's do it!" he said brightly. "I also wish to take a photo now…even if it's so random." Growling pleased, Lucario stood next to Jeff, and the five looked back at the camera man.

The camera man smiled. "Look at the camera… Ready…" he then added, "say, 'fuzzy pickles!'"

The three newcomers exchanged one last confused glance and said, "Fuzzy pickles!" together with Ness and Paula. Before the shot was taken, Ness gave a peace sign in time and Chris leaned his self to Lucario's head. The photo was taken nicely, though the travelers would never find out for now that a smirking ghost was floating above them in the shot.

"Wow, what a great photograph!" the camera man said. "It will always bring back the fondest of memories…" As strange as it looked, the man jumped high in the sky, spinning all the while. Lucario, Chris, and Jeff saw the man going so high up in the night sky that he eventually disappeared in a blink of an eye; within Lucario's range, which greatly perturbed him so.

"H-he disappeared inside my range!" Lucario said, feeling paranoid. "How does he do that? This isn't normal…"

"We'll never find out why, won't we," Chris said deadpan as he was set down on the ground.

"Nope," Paula duly replied.

The group of five resumed their adventure and walked down a hidden path behind the northwestern cemetery, passing through somewhat dead trees and bushes. The atmosphere was horrifying enough to some of them, but with the zombies trapped in a circus tent with the aid of Zombie Paper and Fly Honey (the latter that Ness decided to keep around), the team was safe from ever fighting zombies in Threed. "Down this path is the passage," Ness said. "If the zombies were keeping guard, it should be something we shouldn't see."

"Hopefully the mysterious source of the zombies is on the other side," Jeff said. "Threed can't go on having zombies forever until we beat Giygas."

"Hey, maybe the Subspace Army is behind this," Ness told the otherworldly duo. "They probably got here ahead of time!"

Chris knew better it was still Giygas' doing but couldn't voice out the fact without sounding strange. "I'm not so sure," he said. "We're not very informed about them to know this is their doing."

"They'd have fought you a long time ago without unnecessarily sending some mindless monsters after you," Lucario pointed out.

"That should be the reason," Jeff said. "But they got in our way in Winters and Ness wasn't there… Why did that happen that way?"

"I think they did that because they knew Ness was getting outside help," Paula theorized. "The two of you aren't from this world and you were sent here to fight the army. The villain team wants you out the most, if you know what I mean."

"I-I don't follow…" Chris muttered.

"What I mean to say is that it'll be easier for them to get rid of you two," Paula said, making Chris shiver. "With you out of their way, they'll do as they please with Ness without getting help to fight back. I don't know if Ness, Jeff, and I can hold them back by ourselves if they're that strong, but…" She trailed off in thought until the group came across a tombstone with a ladder going down a passage underground. It was the passage the zombies were guarding. "So that's the spot they were protecting."

"It's against my policies to go in there without adult supervision, but screw that," Ness said as he went to the ladder and started climbing down. "C'mon, you guys!"

Almost reluctantly, the group entered the tombstone to reach the secret passage. For added security, Lucario kept up the mental block and aura senses on to see if enemies would present themselves as they proceeded down the passage.

-Grapefruit Falls-


The passage was just a regular passage mostly shrouded in darkness that only had one direct path from Threed to the other side. It wasn't entirely free of monsters, though, with bees that didn't behave nicely, deceased zombie dogs, and ghosts.

"I can understand why there are zombies around, but how are ghosts real?" Paula asked.

"Frankly, Paula, we'll never find out why," Ness said.

As they went down the passage, some enemies did show up in the form of ghosts and more zombies. Steeling himself to fight for himself, Chris tried to at least use his newly acquired PSI powers to defeat them, which sadly never happened as Lucario himself almost always struck every enemy down with punch to the face or an Aura Sphere to the face. He did this mostly out of instinct to protect his dear trainer; his relatively weaker dear trainer who needed to develop his powers.

"Lucario, can you please stop hogging all the experience for yourself?" Chris asked and wished he didn't need to fight. The children didn't complain about the experience as it leaked on them, but Chris never felt any different to notice. "I need to train my PSI on an enemy!"

"Then why don't you use it on something else?" Lucario asked.

"If I use it on a tree, I may start a fire with my mind, that's why!"

"Then…I can be your training partner."

Chris considered the option of training with a juggernaut. It greatly scared what someone with spikes on their wrists would do to him. "Sorry, I-I love my life…"

"I wouldn't even think of tossing a fist your way…"

"Wait, hold on a minute," Ness said. "How come we can bash on ghosts? Aren't they supposed to be invisible?"

"Perhaps the TV media lies to children about some supernatural facts," Jeff commented. He got stares. "What? I was just commenting on it…"

The cave was relatively short and somewhat boring, though at the end, above a few rocky steps awaited a sentient foe bent on blocking their way to the next location.

They came to a stop where they found a glaring pink blob that was made out, of all things, pink puke. With Lucario sensing a red aura out of it, he started growling down at it. "Don't tell me this is actually…" Paula trailed off until two clean eyes popped out from the small pile of puke. "A-ahh!" she shrieked.

A sniffing sound came out of it as it neared Ness's side. The boy backed off once the eyes stared up at him. "You have…Fly Honey!" he said delighted. "But actually, you're just a commoner! I am the mortal enemy of your kind," he proclaimed.

"I hardly consider a puke ball a mortal enemy," Jeff said.

Chris winced. "I've seen everything now," he muttered to himself, hard to believe the blob of puke was capable of human speech.

Ness looked duly at the blob. "Look, uh, random puke guy, we need to move on ahead and get to that ladder behind you." There was a rope ladder leading outside to another area behind the pink puke. "Unless you wanna die, move aside, please."

The Mini Barf hopped angrily. "How rude, you commoners!" he said. "I am merely doing the job for my boss Master Belch! It is my sworn duty to keep you off limits from here." He turned to Chris and Lucario. "…Hey, you two. You look familiar."

The mentioned duo blinked. "Familiar?" Lucario wondered.

He narrowed his eyes. "You are those two guys sent by that hand guy those other guys alerted us about!" the Mini Barf said. "You must perish!"

"W-wait!" Chris interjected, confused about the fact. "W-who told you about us?"

"Since you are going to perish in here, I may as well tell you," the Mini Barf said, ignoring the group's collective bored looks. "…But first, STINKY BREATH!" It surprised them all by releasing a very stinky breath that propagated in the air quickly, causing them to gag. The breath had the nasty effect of making their eyes cry uncontrollably.

"Again with the crying eyes?! Ugh!" Ness complained.

"I hate this, and I'm already short-sighted as is!" Jess complained next, taking off his glasses to rub his crying eyes.

"Ha ha ha ha!" the Mini Barf laughed as they helplessly rubbed their eyes. "Now that you are defenseless against my might, you shall die!" He jumped towards Lucario to push him down.

Which was a very suicidal idea as it only got him to latch himself on his fur, alerting the Aura Pokémon from his presence. Lucario growled and grabbed the puke with his left hand (regretting doing so when he felt the odd texture) before tossing it harshly at the nearby wall, obliterating it in a large splat spot spread everywhere and bringing it to an anti-climatic end for its troubles.

With the short-lived battle having ended, their crying eyes were restored to normal, much to their relief. "Whew…" Paula sighed. "That was the end of it," she said as they looked at the pink puke splattered on the wall to the right.

"We won!" Ness joked. "Oh my god, I can't believe we defeated a monster made out of puke! We're so awesome."

"Stop it, please…" Chris muttered. "It feels so underwhelming when you say it like that. Moreover…" He stared at the sickening puke. "It said it knew who Lucario and I were…"

"Oh, that," Jeff said, cleaning his glasses. "He was talking about some guys alerting his team about you two. Don't you think the Subspace Army is those guys he mentioned?"

"Most likely," Paula said. "They are tracking you down after all…"

Lucario sighed slowly. "Then they were trying to take us out at Winters," he said. "Hold on for a moment. Let me see if I can track down their auras in the perimeter." He stood there and activated his aura senses, though he didn't go so far as to glow with it. It was activated in a stealthy manner before he scanned the area around them. "…That is strange. I can't find anything unusual in my field of vision," he said. "There shouldn't be anything else beyond that ladder over there, but I can sense that there is a lot more negative aura surrounding the falls up ahead than in Threed."

"There are falls up ahead?" Ness wondered as he went over to climb up the next ladder, indirectly telling the group to follow his lead.

Grapefruit Falls – Falls

The falls were known to have a distinct smell of grapefruits that wafted the air for a refreshing scent, which was completely true for anybody who would get to them. Even from the passage, the fruity smell could be reached from there at its weakest. From up close, the smell was stronger and more refreshing. The chosen ones and their guests climbed out from the passage into the grassy open to get a full scene of grapes into their lungs, finding it very pleasant to the nose.

Looking around, the falls had a setting which consisted of a long, grassy, winding path going up north between high land to the right and a large lake to the left. Far up north were the iconic crashing falls keeping up a water supply for the flora and fauna of the region. It was a location like this that looked majestic to visit, and both Chris and Lucario didn't mind the oddness that was the grape smell, as there were no grapes anywhere in sight for now.

"What a smell," Jeff noted, smiling. "How very pleasant."

"It's hard to believe this area is shrouded in a red aura," Lucario stated. "It looks so peaceful for the naked eye."

"Say," Ness began, "wouldn't that mean one of Giygas' cronies is somewhere in here? I get the feeling that's why that barf monster was trying to keep us away."

"And possibly the source of all those zombies in Threed," Paula said.

"Oh, customers!"

The five jerked their heads to the left where they found a man wearing a black hat smiling their way.

"Would you like to buy my wares?" he offered them. "I sell a lot of food like croissants, cups of coffee, and calorie sticks!"

Ness looked around to see if there were any other people nearby. "Seriously?" he asked. "You set up your business in this rather desolated location?"

Chris looked incredulously at him. "Are you seriously asking yourself this instead of the costly pizza you bought back at Threed?" he asked.

"This is far weirder than the pizza!"

"I fail to see how it is that much weirder than this man here," Lucario commented.

The man sniffed. "Don't call me weird. The other guys laughed at me for proposing an idea to set up my business here… I figured it was a tourist landmark," he said in his defense, despite his tearful eyes. "…Would you buy something from this poor soul?"

Sometime later…

After buying croissants from the random business guy at the falls, the group continued down the grassy path to see where it led them. As they walked, they stole glances at the large lake next to the path, admiring the falls far up ahead in the horizon. The overall scenery looked pretty and nice to set up a picnic spot, had it not been for the monstrosities that they came up across after walking further north…

There were large brown crocodiles in the path up ahead. The children backed off at the oddly-bipedal crocodiles constantly rubbing their bellies as they surveyed the area for food or, more precisely, prey to eat alive with their large jaws. The goofy looks on their eyes gave a false impression of friendliness; their version of crocodile tears.

"For once, I miss burning zombies…" Paula muttered.

"But we have to get through them all to proceed," Jeff said. He counted the crocodiles, adding up to six of them. He eyed the cliffs to the right from the base to the top. "We could possibly climb up to avoid them, but the trick here is to avoid alerting them of our presence."

Ness sighed. "This is nothing for Lucario, I bet," he said as he smiled up at the blank Lucario. "Go beat them up!"

Both Jeff and Chris disapproved of the idea of throwing them the Aura Pokémon who could potentially dismember them all. Lucario stared at his trainer and discouraged himself not to do it. "I don't want to do it," Lucario said. "It's…not a good idea."

Ness and Paula were never shown the horrors of his fights against living beings so they were largely unfazed. "It's a swell idea, of course!" Ness said. "Look, this is your time to shine! Not even tossing my PSI Rockin' will be enough to take them down, and Paula and Jeff are not exactly wall material unlike me." Paula and Jeff looked bored. "…Please move, you! Do it for Chris!"

"Nice try, but not even that excuse will work," Lucario said.

As they argued on, Chris looked forward at the crocodiles, who sadly managed to hear them from twenty-five feet of distance. Once they turned their heads to their direction and saw their prey conveniently carrying croissants as spices, their uninterested eyes lighted up, and they licked their lips nearly in unison as if they shared one mind among the crew. With such a terrifying response, Chris started sweating and trying so hard to forget the gruesome images of his body being torn in half between two Plain Crocodiles. Not seeing humans in the region made the crocodiles crouch down and slither over the grass at a quick pace, evoking a scream from Chris that alerted his group of the impending danger.

"They're coming over here!" Jeff yelled, taking out his brand new Magnum Air Gun.

The crocodiles were fast enough to get upon them. Though Lucario took on three all by himself, the other three Plain Crocodiles slithered past him to the four children. The children shrieked but held their stance against the monsters, albeit Chris was far more terrified than any of them and thus backed off further away. Paula used PSI Fire alpha to push them back, while Ness released multiple colored blasts of psychic energy – called PSI Rockin' beta – to greatly reduce their health. Jeff was somehow taking on one of the crocodiles, but the one crocodile noticed Chris further away from the group. Naturally, with no one to defend the boyish teen, the crocodile dodged an air blast from Jeff's gun and quickly slithered to Chris.

"Is that crocodile going after ME?!" Chris said in shock as the crocodile got closer, with Jeff panicking and failing to shoot it down with his weapon. Sweating and gasping, the boy looked at his hands for a brief second and crossed an open palm behind the other at the animal. "P-PK FIRE!" he yelled loudly.

His body did react to the command, and a small spark of fire erupted from his hands and burst into flames when it made contact with the crocodile's face. The animal got pushed back, shaking its head to blow away the fire.

"…I…I did that?" Chris asked as he stared at his hands. He ignored the Plain Crocodile nodding its head in agreement. "W-wow…"

Then the Plain Crocodile decided to lash its thick tail against his frail body. Chris felt his stomach brutally pushed aside in complete pain as he himself fell into the water. Paula saw the blow and gasped. "C-Chris fell into the water!" she said, quickly making Lucario look back at the event.

Miraculously, the boyish teen floated up into the surface, looking dazed and weak. It was not until the crocodile opened its maw that he began screaming in horror at the sharp fangs shining with the sun. "AAAAAAAAAAAH!" he screamed.

Chris's loud screams were the trigger for Lucario's rage to come forth. Baring his fangs like a beast, Lucario roared loudly and charged forward, fists flaring up with intense aura in the name of his trainer. He was in high gear, and there was no way he would stop his fury until every enemy wasn't alive and breathing. The children were surprised when the crocodiles they were fighting were hastily pulled back by their tails to the spot where they were minding their own business before, and the angered Lucario roared louder as he reached out for the crocodile harming his trainer, squeezing its large tail with a free hand and tossing it back to its other comrades.

It wasn't over yet.

It was an unforgivable deed to hurt Chris in Lucario's eyes. Up until now the boy had gone unscathed in the adventure, and Lucario wasn't being completely himself when he saw the blow. It riled him up so badly that he became blinded by rage, his glare piercing through the six crocodiles' eyes. Whimpering, the crocodiles felt death right before the Aura Pokémon lunged himself at them with a high jump, leaving the children behind to go help Chris climb out from the water. The trainer noticed the abrupt change and froze there.

"N-no! Don't!" Jeff said, holding out a hand as the other children watched on.

Paula looked at him and said, "Jeff, please, we should just leave this to him. Why do you two oppose the idea so badly, anyway?"

"Yeah, I don't understand it either," Ness spoke up, dusting off his shorts. "Why not let the guy with super energy nuke the enemy for us when the going gets very tough? The universe is giving us a break with Lucario! Why not take advantage of him? Plus, they irked him sooooo badly when they went after Chris!"

The sound of limbs and bones being mercifully torn apart turned their heads to the general direction, causing plenty of eyes to widen in shock and horror at the bloodshed taking place before them.

"Oh… O-oh… O-oh my…" Ness shuddered.

Paula covered her mouth and looked the other way, though she still hear the sound of bones irking her ears, giving her a nice graphic image in her mind. "I-I can't see this!" she said. "I'm not supposed to see this stuff yet!"

"None of us have to!" Jeff yelled, trying to silence the bone-ripping sounds with his hands cupping his ears. He looked back to see Chris sitting down and shaking uncontrollably. "C-Chris?!" He went over to his side and went to check up on him. "…Chris? Are you…okay?"

"B-blood…" Chris breathed out, embracing his knees. "B-b-b-b-b-blood…"

"…C-Chris?" Jeff waved a hand in front of him, but Chris didn't react to it. "…Oh no, Chris!"


The children felt like the croissants they ate weren't meant to be in their stomachs, said stomachs disagreeing to any food contained. Clutching their bellies with both hands and looking partially ill, the children walked across the small wasteland of blood Lucario left behind in his wake. The Aura Pokémon felt extremely guilty when he found out Chris wasn't saying anything. Things had gotten really bad after taking one good look at him.

Chris was paralyzed in fear, embracing himself and breathing in and out heavily. His breathing was so irregular that his eyes were also affected, shaking slightly to the sides as Lucario tried to make him walk forward by gently pushing his back. Still, Chris was at a complete loss of words; he was traumatized at the horrific display back then, and seeing the smallest drop of blood sent him to something close to having cardiac arrest. Ness had offered to use healing energy to the group, though Lucario went undamaged in the fray of the battle.

"Now I know why you guys didn't like to throw him at the baddies," Ness muttered, his state of mind far more stable than the others. "He practically beheads monsters in a single blow!"

"But he went too far this time around!" Jeff said. "It wasn't enough to take their lives away! He still kept on beating their dead bodies and taking thei-!"

"JEFF!" Paula yelled loudly, seeing Chris shivering much more. "Stop bringing that up in great detail! He can't take it anymore than that!"

The traumatized boy kept shivering as he recalled the bloodshed a few minutes ago. Lucario had lost it when Chris screamed for help, turning him into a mindless beast bent on pulverizing all enemies in sight just for the sake of keeping his trainer safe. This had shocked him very much so, as he had hardly reacted so violently in the past. He had only done so twice; the first time when he abhorred the idea of being Chris's Pokémon and the second when he did go too far on a living person – a thief – who nearly killed the defenseless teen. Lucario admitted he nearly repeated the same misdeed again without considering the consequences thoroughly, and seeing Chris acting like an empty shell gave him nightmares. At the end of it, Lucario cleaned his blood-stained hands in the nearby river when he came to his senses too late.

"Chris…" Lucario muttered, trying to snap his trainer out from his shock. "It's…it's over now. You don't have to be like this…" It was hard for him to justify his actions without coming up with a good plan.

"B-blood…" Chris uttered out. "B-b-blood… T-t-too much…b-blood…"

Jeff grimaced. "That's odd… How come he is in shock now?" he asked as he thought back on the previous encounters they had in Winters. "He never reacted so negatively before, so why is he…?"

"I think…it made him remember an event in the past," Lucario said as he turned to the children, sensing waves of utter fear coming from Chris's aura. "This wasn't the first time he ever saw too much blood in a rare occasion…"

"What do you mean?" Ness asked. "Was there really another time when he got like this?" Lucario told Ness to cover Chris's ears. "Uh… Okay…" Ness went over to Chris and covered his ears. "So this happened before?"

"Sadly, yes…and…it was caused by me, too," Lucario ashamedly admitted, making the children gasp. "One night at our home, a thief got into the house and threatened to hurt Chris while he was going to the bathroom. I was waiting for him in our room, but then my aura picked up the thief's red aura and so I sprung into action and went to confront the thief. I was too late, however, because he had gotten a hold of Chris with a knife and…" He closed his eyes and grunted. "…There was so much going on back then. I grew furious with anger and…and I found out I had torn that thief into pieces by the end of it, and Chris was down on the floor, his eyes frozen and… He was a wreck. He refused to get so close to the mess of blood I made in the second floor. It was sickening to watch for myself, and I carelessly tried to calm him down when I noticed my hands were covered in blood, making him scream and back off from me. Worse yet…he got blood on his face sometime when I was not myself."

Paula covered her mouth. "My god…" she muttered.

He hung down his head in shame. "He was leaning to the wall and embracing himself. I tried to budge him from there after I cleaned my hands from blood and tossed the limbs away from the house, but he wouldn't listen. He was in utter shock for the whole night until he somehow fell asleep right there. I didn't leave his side and brought him to his bed to rest, wishing for his recovery."

"…Dude, seriously now?" Ness asked, looking almost as horrified as his teammates. "You tore limbs off?"

"It's…it's not a memory I'm so proud of…"

"Did he come to his senses the next day?" Jeff asked, looking over at the helpless boy.

"It took him days to recover from the shock of it all," Lucario explained. "It was a nightmare to see him so emotionless. Not to mention, I had to take care of him and convince him to eat food I made during those days of his recovery until he came to his senses down the road. This had a happy ending, somewhat." He forced a small smile. "When he came around, he cried to me and thanked me for saving his life, and that's when he revealed he was scared of dying alone with none of his parents knowing about it. He also fears to see so much blood himself so that is why his recovery took even more time."

Paula tilted her head. "His parents aren't around?" she asked.

"His parents travel abroad helping businesses from what he told me," Lucario said. "He never told this to them in fear of what they'd say… But that is in the past," he muttered, looking over at his trainer. "I don't wish to ever repeat that again. It's too much for me to see him so frightened."

Ness uncovered the boy's ears and walked to his field of vision. "Uh, Chris?" he said. "Chris, it's okay. You don't have to shake. Um, I'm not so good at this, so just…get better, okay?"

"I-I…I-I-I…" Chris stuttered, gulping some air. "I-I'll try…"

Lucario gasped and went to his side. "Chris?! A-are you recovering?" he asked. "Please, tell me so!"

Chris slowly looked up at his Pokémon. "Y-yes…I-I-I'm recovering…" he breathed out, worrying Lucario. "I-I can…k-keep walking…"

"Oh, what a relief," Paula sighed with the others. "Perhaps the scene before was less gruesome to watch than… I should better not continue," she rectified herself.

Lucario placed a hand on Chris's relatively smaller shoulder. "C-Chris, I'm so very sorry for what happened earlier. I-I shouldn't have gone too far to keep you safe! All I wanted was to save you from danger!"

"I-I…I know…" The group blinked twice when Chris forced a small smile. "T-that was…so sweet of you…" He fell silent. "…I-In a way."

"(How the heck can you say that was so sweet when he practically murdered crocodiles in YOUR name?)" Ness thought. "Oh," he said outside his mind.

Lucario shuddered. "Uh… Putting it like that sounds a little wrong, Chris…" he muttered. "But…I'm glad you're okay…and I'll never try to go so overboard with my power for your sake." He looked serious. "Nothing is worth it if my trainer can't go unharmed in any way, be it physically or emotionally."

"G-good boy…" Chris replied meekly, slowly embracing Lucario's side. The aura wielder similarly embraced him with a free arm. "Y-you're…a good boy…"

"Oh man, he's really not feeling so good," Ness said. "Should we go back to Threed and rest? If we don't leave this place in time, we'll be prey for more crocodiles (or prey for Lucario to slaughter)."

"Hold on," Paula said as she noticed a cave to the right. "I heard something coming from that cave over there. It sounds like…boings?"

The cave she was pointing at was very linear, as evidenced how they could see the other end of it from their positions. There was a particular sound echoing down the passage that they heard loud and clear, despite the fact they were getting so close to the falls. The sound was a loud "Boing!"

"What kind of sound is that?" Jeff wondered. "Should we even continue on like this? I worry about Chris's state of mind… Wait, Lucario! Use your aura to see what's over there!"

With the suggestion in mind, Lucario scanned the area up ahead across the cave using his aura senses. To his surprise, he found a somewhat populated village by…some unique individuals. "There is a hidden village on the other side of this passage," he said. "Let's go there. Chris can rest."

Paula evaluated the possibility. "How do we know he can rest i-"

"He can rest there," Lucario interrupted, his tone sounding serious. Keeping his trainer close to his side, the aura wielder and the Chosen Ones walked through the passage of the cave, avoiding contact with the enemies in there. The cave was particularly filled with rowdy cockroaches that swore their dislike to people stepping on them. Unsurprisingly, Lucario stepped on them all as a less lethal way to cause chaos inside the cave. The children didn't complain at that since the experience was leaked to them, yet Chris never felt any different. He kept on shaking and trying to forget the bloodshed, which in turn nagged Lucario's aura senses with guilt.

What they were not expecting that much on the other side of the cave was perhaps the mother of all oddities they had seen so far.

Saturn Valley

The grape smell lingered in the air with less force in the open valley they reached. Walking across a small section surrounded by cliffs eventually took them to the main area. They halted their advance when a small, curious creature presented itself to them. It was barely a foot and a half tall with a cream-colored head for a body without hands, with a large bump for a nose and a small strand of hair on top of its bald head; the strand of hair wearing a red bow.

"…What are you?" Ness asked as they stared down at the odd creature.

"Mr. Saturn, boing!" the creature replied jovially.

It was a rare place where they got to, but all Lucario cared for now was to let Chris rest to recover his mental stability. As he wondered what to do, his aura senses failed to pick up a presence shrouded in a dark aura hiding in the high cliffs behind them. It was eyeing the two otherworldly travelers, but it then fixated its gaze on Ness's back.

"Taking Ness down is top priority," the figure spoke in a gruff voice that sounded remarkably close to Lucario's own voice. "Those Mr. Saturns better not screw this up for us…"


"Enter The Bad Guys. Ooh, antagonists!" Ness said. "A rival team for us to fight!"

"It doesn't look like we're supposed to be the ones to fight them," Paula said.

"How can you guys find thrills in these unfortunate implications for us?" questioned Jeff. "I'm starting to think we got chosen because we're too odd ourselves."

"Shut up! Odd is cool!" Ness defended.

"I feel undermined," Lucario said, more to himself than anyone else.

"Me too," Chris responded.

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-Grapefruit Falls-

Chris, Lucario, Ness, Paula, Jeff

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5. Enter the Bad Guys

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Chapter 5: Enter The Bad Guys

Chris knew for certain that things were not going to be so good for him in the long run. After having seen that dreadful incident where he couldn't stomach seeing so much bloodshed, it was proof enough that appearances weren't everything. Truthfully, it was his Lucario who had behaved violently for his sake, but it didn't help matters just knowing that. If the teen got careless again, he didn't want to know what Lucario would do if he didn't manage to keep his anger under control. He could certainly make a happy place like Kirby's world a living hell.

Fortunately, the distraught teen was slowly getting out of his trance. He was thankful to know the world they were visiting was not really a normal one. The big-nosed, walking head with a red ribbon on a single piece of hair, strange creature in front of them was evidence to that, and somehow Chris could start to forget about what he went through just trying to make sense about the new creature.

"BOING!" it replied, its dot eyes curiously looking up at them. "WELCOME. THIS SATURN VALLEY. GUESTS REST FREE."

Ness and his team remained silent. For once, besides knowing Lucario full well, they were not really sure what they were staring at as it started circling around them. "...Okay, I'm so lost here. What are you?" Ness asked the creature.

"ME MR. SATURN. ZOOM! EVERYONE MR. SATURN," the creature replied in monotone as it continued to examine them. "ONE OF MANY. MANY LIKE CAKE."

"That's good to know, I guess..." Paula trailed off as she scratched her head in confusion. "Listen... We're kind of in a mission to fight this... Wait, hold on." She looked at the others. "Should we ask him about what we're doing?"

"Hey, they're pretty strange creatures. By all means, they should know some weird stuff related to Giygas," Ness said with a shrug. "You know, pair up weird with weird. It all makes sense."

"...Right..." She looked back at the creature. "Do you know anything about a shady Giygas character? He's been going around messing people's lives using his malevolent influence to corrupt their hearts and the like."

"..." The Mr. Saturn tilted his whole body to the right, possibly thinking what Paula had meant by that. "...DUNNO, ZOOM! STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN HERE THOUGH."

"There's a lead in that sentence," Jeff noted. "So, what strange things have happened here?"


The group took another look at the valley. More like the Mr. Saturn they were talking to were frolicking about without a care in the world. Many huts that vaguely resembled them were positioned all across the plains and the cliffs up ahead. Unlike normal cities and towns, the valley they were at looked a little too empty, unless the Mr. Saturns were hiding very well as the few ones they saw were doing strange things like rolling, hopping, singing weird songs, bird-watching, little life gardening, and somehow flying a kite with no hands. They also saw a Mr. Saturn floating belly down on a small pond, but he didn't seem to be moving at all... "Ooookaaaayyyy... What I got from that is that these strange guys have been disappearing and they don't know why," Ness said. "Shall I play the Giygas Did it card?"

"Not until we make sure that was the case," Paula said as she crouched down to talk more with the Mr. Saturn. "Do you have any idea why they're disappearing? Maybe someone eats your kind?"


"...Giygas Did it," the three chosen ones said all at once.

It was rather painful for Chris to know how everything was going to play out and not tell the children about it, or else they would question why he knew so much about the future events. He had to stick with the narrative to avoid more suspicion. Swallowing some breath due to still being perturbed about what had happened moments ago, he tried to talk to voice his opinion. "Well... Now I guess we have to find where those Mr. Saturns went to, right? (Don't mention the falls, don't mention the falls...)" he said.

"That should be a little easy the moment we find one of these creatures wandering about and away from this village," Jeff said. "Easier said than done, though. We never spotted a single one of them as we headed here."

Ness chuckled and looked up at Lucario. "Hey, you. You can sense auras and what not. It's your time to shine right and spot those big-nosed guys," he said.

Lucario sighed mostly because he thought Ness was using him, but he was right. Though Lucario was lucky to watch Chris play EarthBound once till the end, there was no need for him to even use his aura to locate the Mr. Saturns behind the falls. Unlike Chris's vow of silence, Lucario could abuse loopholes using his innate skill. "It shouldn't take me too much if they're close by. Let me see the landscape..." His eyes glowed yellow and he used his sixth sense to survey the area, but he entirely focused his whole attention behind the falls they saw on the way to the valley; behind the water wall that hid a big secret hidden away from plain sight and his own aura vision...

"...What in the..." Lucario trailed off in utter surprise.

The Aura Pokémon was an adept at using aura, so it came as a complete shock that he didn't find anything behind the falls radiating with life energy. There wasn't a single soul he could spot immediately, and it got even worse when he found out there was nothing but hard rock being coated by the earth's own life energy, which had meant that the supposed factory hiding nearby was not there. Very much perplexed by the event, Lucario assumed something was wrong. He focused his senses even more in an effort to see if his sight was being crippled, but no matter how much he tried, there wasn't anything behind the falls... A factory was not there, much to his shock.

"Those words mean something meaningful. Did you find them?" Paula asked.

"Uh..." Lucario diverged his attention from the falls and tried to look around more somewhere else where souls shouldn't be found. After a minute of surveying miles and miles of land, he came to a shameful result: he couldn't find a single Mr. Saturn outside the valley. "...No."

"Way to not shine," Ness said, earning a growl. "If this guy can't locate them, what chances do we have in spotting them using our eyes?"

"I wouldn't rule out the possibility of some sort of portal being somewhere nearby," Jeff said. He earned some long looks. "...Would you rather question me about the impossible after what we've gone through? Mind you, I became friends with a monster of the lake."

"Jeff has an impossible point there, you guys," Ness said. "And I want to put my blind faith on that point just to get somewhere around this valley full of silly creatures..." He noted that Chris wasn't looking so well. "Um... I think we should just gather some more information and relax, though. It's been a pretty long, hectic day."

Hearing those words eased Chris. "I'd rather do that for a change. Thanks," he said.

"Yes, we should do that," Paula said until she looked around the valley at the various Mr. Saturns. "Why don't we split up to cover more ground and information? These people have a weird speech pattern that makes my head spin trying to understand them fully." They all nodded, though ultimately Lucario decided to stick with his shaken trainer to see that he was fine.

After the other three children walked to their separate ways within the village, Lucario sighed and turned to his trainer. "I feel so ashamed and guilty for what I did back there, Chris. I didn't think you'd react so strongly..." he trailed off with worry in his eyes.

Chris shivered and looked away to some frolicking Mr. Saturns. "Just about anyone who has never seen a bloodshed happen in a universe where it's really uncommon to see would react like that, Lucario. You already know how something similar like this happened before..." He silenced one sobbing sound that might have as well stabbed Lucario. "And just like anyone else who's seen stuff like that, I want to try to forget about it doing something else to distract my mind..."

Lucario forced a small smile. "Do you want to go around this weird village talking to its people, then?" he asked.

"I'd honestly rather rest than focusing on this mission, truthfully... The grass here is nice to lie down on."


The loud sound startled both of them as they looked down at another Mr. Saturn standing between their feet. Either it was the same one or another one. "G-goodness! You startled me! D-don't do that!" Chris scolded lightly. The Mr. Saturn was staring intently at the teen without reacting so badly at the scolding. He continued staring blankly for a little while until the two exchanged glances and looked back at him. "S-so, uh, what is it?"


"...What now?"

"I STARE AT YOU FOR HOURS. YOU LOOK TIRED. READY TO SLEEP FOREVER." The two of them found that rather strange sentence not hard to decipher into something easier to understand, causing Chris to drop his jaw and Lucario to narrow his wary glare. "BUT NO FEAR. BOING! WE HAVE SOLUTION. ULTIMATE POTION. ULTIMATE RELAXATION. ULTIMATE POTION RELAXATION. ULTIMATE MAYBE NOT POTION RELAXATION. ZOOM!"

"I-I don't understand. Are you trying to say you're going to give me some ultimate potion for relaxation?" Chris questioned.


Given the fact the Mr. Saturns were overall strange and hard to understand, Chris feared the meaning behind those words was something else entirely different. "I'm not really up to bathing in potions right now..." he said.

The Mr. Saturn looked down in thought. "HOW THEY SAY... HOT SPRING?" he said. "HOT SPRING METHOD. BOING! WE HAVE HOT SPRING. ZOOM!"

Those words clicked Chris's memories. He did remember the valley had a hot spring atop the cliffs somewhere. He had never entered a hot spring before in his life, but now it seemed necessary for him to relieve the stress he went through. Even if the valley belonged to Mr. Saturns, he was a little too desperate to try that tempting option. "A hot spring? I could surely use one if that's what you really have. I've never used one of those before," Chris said.

Lucario was thankful that there was a method to give Chris some time off from the mission. Furthermore, Lucario never used one either. "We could use it together," he said.

But then again, a hot spring required people to take off their clothes. Remembering that, Chris blushed. "No way. You can go about without worrying about changing clothes, but I'm totally different on that matter," he said.


Chris stared incredulously at him. "W-well, you normally take your clothes off when you go into a hot spring," he said.


"Why don't you..." Chris frowned when he recalled the Mr. Saturns wore nothing else than a ribbon on their heads. "Oh wait, you have no reason to... But I do! Don't tell me you' haven't seen naked humans enter in hot springs in here!"


Chris and Lucario looked shocked.


"...But I have to take my clothes off and keep Lucario away from seeing me naked!" Chris said embarrassed.

"I thought it was completely okay for people of the same gender to share the same hot spring?" Lucario asked. "I read that up in a story before."

"W-well, yes, but this is different! You and I have wildly different body shapes, unless those baggy thighs of yours are shorts... I-I mean, I don't want to find out about that just to justify this!"

A moment of silence followed until Lucario gave one look at his thighs and said to his trainer, "They're not baggy shorts."

"...The truth is not that bad when it's not what I was actually expecting," Chris admitted.


Chris sighed in defeat. "Oh, screw it. I'm desperate enough to do it with my clothes on if that's my free entry pass. Let's just go and get this over already, because this Mr. Saturn really wants me to go there," he said as he noticed the little creature helplessly trying to push him forward from behind. He complied to the Mr. Saturn's idea and started walking forward into the cliffs where cave entrances were seen all over the several height levels. The trio entered the first one the Mr. Saturn led them to, though frustratingly enough, the Mr. Saturn they were with didn't have a good memory for traversing through the rather long caves inside filled with a few more Mr. Saturns doing strange things that they ended up coming to dead ends for over ten minutes until Lucario got sick of the whole affair and simply used his fairly developed jumping skills to get them all to the top of the cliff.

Once setting Chris and the Mr. Saturn down, the latter looked up at the behemoth. "YOU STAY HERE FOREVER. EASY EXPRESS TRAVEL!" he cheered.

"Never," Lucario grudgingly said.

After getting through that tedious event in the caves, Chris's gaze fixed immediately on the hot spring set up to their right a few steps up ahead. The hot spring looked very simple in design, with only a circular shallow pond of steamy water to the right of a small wooden table where an unassuming Mr. Saturn was looking their way. The simpleness of how the hot spring looked like in the middle of nowhere above the cliffs didn't bother Chris much. As long as there was a stress-relieving hot spring at all, it was all he needed to know, besides the unfortunate banning of taking clothes off. The steam of the hot water floating into the air and shrouding some of the cliff area seemed very inviting that he never realized his feet were walking straight towards the pond to look at it closer. "Even standing close to a hot spring feels a little refreshing..." he muttered under his breath.

"TAKE DIP. NOW," the nearby Mr. Saturn invited. "NO CLOTHES OFF. PLEASE. ZOOM!"

Hesitant about that unfortunate rule the creatures had regarding human bodies, Chris was a little surprised he slowly wandered into the pond's shallow water with his clothes on, until after ten seconds, he found his head sticking out from the steamy water, with the rest of his body feeling the hot temperature of the water already taking its toll on him. After a relaxed sigh, Chris heard footsteps waddling into the water where he turned to the south and saw Lucario getting in. The Aura Pokémon had to wander a little further into the pond where it was much deeper, though he had to kneel down to at least have his upper chest floating above the warm water.

"This actually feels really nice..." Chris commented to Lucario. "What do you think? I hope it's not so hot on a Steel-type like you."

Lucario smiled and went so far as to wet his face with the water using both hands. "It's not so bad on me. The hot temperature isn't annoying unlike getting all sweaty under the sun," he said as he too sighed with pleasure. "It makes me want to meditate in the hot spring for a long time."

"Well, don't. I don't know if our bodies can handle the heat for a really long time. It's only good for like half an hour... I really don't know how to properly make the most out of this. The only times I've ever seen hot springs is during anime episodes. All of those will always involve hijinks with guys trying to spy on the girls," Chris said.

"Hmm..." Lucario stared long at Chris. "...Would you do that if there we-?"

"No!" It was hard to tell if Chris was blushing because of the heat or because of the embarrassment. "I'm not a pervert! I'm not into ogling women breasts! I trust you don't have such thoughts either, right?"

"I'm safe on that regard. I don't have a...ahem...fixation on breasts..." Lucario closed his eyes in thought. "I believe us Pokémon have other assets to focus on when picking our mates..." He blushed under the steam and looked away. He wasn't much interested in talking about picking his ideal mate yet, but the conversation made him speak about it anyway.

"I can't really think of anything your kind likes to see in other girls. You're not like us humans who share the same body shapes," Chris said. "...I-I don't mean to prude too much into this, but what do Pokémon seek in an ideal mate?"

"Well... I think a good personality, probably someone strong... Sorry, Chris, but I'm not so used to thinking about stuff that should be second nature to other Pokémon," Lucario apologized. "I feel...inadequate... I've lived and learned so much about your world that I feel a little detached from my world of origin..."

Feeling sympathy for Lucario, Chris thought a bit about what they were doing right now: enjoying a hot spring scene in a world they were never going to get to through normal means. If that meant anything, it meant that anything was possible... "...Do you think we will ever get to visit your home world while we're out here?"

Lucario blinked in surprise at that idea. "Huh... It could be very much possible, if we think logically about what it's happening to us right now..." He smiled a bit and looked up at the sky through the steam clouds. "I could possibly go back to Sinnoh for real and...even perhaps try to locate my family to get to know them... We could even embark on a badge quest and defeat strong trainers."

"I-I don't know about that last part," Chris said. As Lucario stared a little taken off-guard at the denial. "It's a little too soon to have me and you go on that kind of adventure. The idea of catching Pokémon and traveling a big region completely unsupervised doesn't seem that hot to me now that it CAN be a thing... And besides..." He shook his head and sunk himself a little deeper. "...I don't have much of a head to be thinking that now, Lucario. I'm really sorry for shutting you off on those wishes of yours..."

"..." Lucario looked down until he frowned at himself and forced a smile at Chris. "For now, you're right... I forgot you're in this hot spring to avoid thinking of stressing things. Sorry for trying to imply dangerous adventures with my wishes..."

The teen-turned-boy chuckled heartily. "It's fine. I still like to look at you getting all excited to do all that when you have the chance to do them at last...and me being there feels like a true dream come true."

Lucario chuckled. "I wouldn't begin to think how any of that would be fun without you around. It's true that many things in life are better when others enjoy it with you." He felt a little drowsy and leaned on the dirt wall behind him. "All I want to do now is to enjoy this hot spring with you in it..."

The teen nodded and also leaned his back on the dirt wall behind. "It feels much better knowing that... Oh goodness, this hot spring is so divine..." He sighed out loud and closed his eyes, which Lucario also did. "I have this big urge to build a custom one in our house..."

"That sounds...very nice..." Lucario said, oddly yawning and feeling his body going numb.

"It does... Just imagine how much...time we could lose...just using that every day...multiple times without taking a break..." Chris then yawned as well. "Wow... Hot springs must be...really good because...all I want asleep..."

Something was horribly wrong here.

Chris was nearly just about to fall asleep when he barely noticed Lucario had fallen asleep before he did. Although both had never entered a hot spring before, Chris knew full well he never saw anybody fall asleep in one. It would be completely suicidal to remain in a hot body of steamy water while sleeping in there, but he couldn't help closing his eyes. If Lucario's lifeless body slumped forward and he never made an attempt to violently wake up to shake off the water that his body was already used to, then it stood to reason that the hot spring wasn't normal at all. Maybe it was because the Mr. Saturns built it. Maybe it was because the hot floor underneath brought hot water from a strange source. In the end, though, the world blacked out for Chris as he felt everything in him going numb and briefly seeing a horde of Mr. Saturns standing all around the pond, staring very much intently at his way...

Twenty minutes later...

Ness, Paula, and Jeff couldn't gather a lot of info about the whereabouts of the lost Mr. Saturns. They had heard way too many strange tales from all of the Mr. Saturns they talked to, with many of them not even bothering to talk about their lost friends. The main trio of their universe was walking up through the cliffs after finding out the other two members of their team weren't seen anywhere else in the lower floors, and they wouldn't definitely be found in the many dead ends the children stumbled upon, though they soon figured out the way out. "And this one Mr. Saturn kept being paranoid about feeling something on top of his head until I told him it was his ribbon," Ness narrated to the other two. "It wasn't funny when he followed me around and I had to keep reminding him about it. Short term memory loss should've been applied on the stalking part."

"I'm certain Paula and I have some stories about our run ins with the rest, but, I'd rather not talk about what I went through," Jeff commented as they came out of the cliffs and were nearing the top.

"I saw you combing what little hair those ten had," Paula said blankly.

Jeff grumbled and gave up on hiding it when Ness shot him with a dull look. "What? They surrounded me and kept blocking the way with a comb. It was contemplating the thought of kicking them away and get us on their base side, or heed to their stubborn demands. I'm sure you would've done the same," he said.

"I would've tossed them around with my mind without making it look so obvious it was me," Ness said. They were now climbing up a ladder that, by all means, should have been found broken to the genre savvy people who knew said ladder shouldn't be functional.

"It's comments like yours that worry me what kind of things you'll do to Giygas when we find him at last, you know," Paula said, being the modest one in climbing the ladder last.

"A reason why I'm a chosen one... I'm aware how violent I can sound."

"If that was a needed requirement to depart from the boarding school, I sure do hope I'm not going to become like you... No offense, of course," Jeff said as they were reaching the highest cliff of the valley. They all looked back down to see if they could spot the duo anywhere else, but a huge blue thing like Lucario wasn't found anywhere so easily. "Anyway, where are those two?"

"They're not inside any of those huts, I can tell you that much," Ness noted. "Chris is too much traumatized about going back to the falls where his bipedal dog went utterly bonkers on those walking crocodiles. They should be up here." He turned around with the others and saw a wall of rock to the north. However, to the left side of the rock wall, it looked like there was a cave-in that blocked the path to an old cave entrance, whereas the right side did have an open entrance into another tunnel. Somehow, Ness felt a strange but inviting presence emanating from said entrance that he could tell right away it was familiar the other two times he had felt such a presence. "Guys... That cave to the right has a My Sanctuary place," Ness said.

"My Sanctuary? Well, that's good to hear," Paula said. "You said you got to the Giant's Step before you got to me and went to the other one. Finishing the creature guarding the third area should lead us to the third melody portion...but now's not the time to go in there. I'm concerned about Chris and Lucario...especially the first one."

"Your concern should focus on Chris only, because I found the other one right over there," Jeff said as he pointed forward.

The trio of children noticed the strange hot spring that had been used by the prior two guests they were looking for. The steam had died down a little, letting them see through it and find a lifeless Lucario body floating face down on the water. When they realized he was floating there without moving, they looked at each other with disturbed looks. "I guess someone likes his hot springs a little too much," Ness commented.

"That is not the way to enjoy a hot spring, though. It's not healthy to stay in one for a long time...without moving...face down..." Paula gasped and quickly rushed forward to the edge of the pond to look closer at Lucario. "Oh my goodness. Don't tell me he drowned in there!"

After hearing the polarizing statement, an ill Ness and a somewhat sick Jeff quickly joined her side. "No, no, no, no. You can NOT say he just drowned just like that! I knew it was too good to have a super powerful bipedal dog of aura, but this isn't the way he should go!" Ness said, obviously panicking at the thought. "This is not how your super powerful party members should leave you! I'm a young child! Retirement through death is just WRONG when the whole team is made up of children like us! Think of my weak constitution!"

"C-calm down. You said he's super powerful so something as commonly normal as mere drowning shouldn't be enough to kill him," Jeff said.

"Well, he has a rather thin stomach and this is warm water we're talking about..." Paula muttered until she frowned to herself. "W-why are we panicking instead of pulling him out? Ness, help me out here! We'll pull him out using our powers!" She held out her hands, which quickly started to sparkle with PSI power that called forth an eerie blue glow that covered Lucario's body. Ness, looking more concerned about pulling a dead body, held out his open hands to the same direction and helped Paula heave Lucario out of the hot spring, albeit rather slowly since the weight of the large Pokémon seemed to be heavier than what his appearance suggested. The two children grunted as they moved the body out to the ground level and quickly pulled it out to their side. Once it was out, they let go of it with a loud sigh and panted a bit.

"G-geez! He weights even more like a fat man!" Ness commented as he rubbed his head, feeling a few mental quakes going off.

"You used your powers on a fat man?" Jeff wondered.

"A fat cop man."

Paula quickly regained her composure and stared wide eyed at Ness. "You fought a cop of all people? Ness!" she scolded.

"Don't blame me! Somehow the cops of my town found it ethical to challenge me to a fight rush after getting rid of the local gangsters instead of them! It was self defense in the end!" Ness shot back.

"Wow. That's far more illogical than what we're dealing with, and that is saying a lot," Jeff noted, until his friends' dull gazes pulled him back to earth. They looked down at Lucario's back until Ness found it right to use a nearby stick to poke the back of his head. "R-right. Check up on Lucario..."

After a few pokes at Lucario's head, Ness started to breathe in and out quickly, though Paula slapped his head to get him to calm down. To their great relief, Lucario started to cough face down on the grass and slowly started to regain his steam-filled senses, soon noticing that he was lying down on the grass beside the hot spring and around the three worried children standing in a circle. "U-ugh... W-what the... What..." He pushed himself up and looked at the others. "What did just happen...?"

"We found you floating idly on the hot spring," Paula pointed out to him as the Aura Pokémon stood up to his full height while keeping his eyes on them. "Are you really that much into hot springs that you fall asleep on them?"

"N-no. I didn't feel like falling sleep before I got inside the water..." Lucario trailed off as he looked back at the dubious hot spring. "It was very relaxing, but then I felt very drowsy that I must've fallen asleep without noticing..."

"Who's not to say those Mr. Saturns rigged the hot spring with something strange? They are strange creatures, if you remember," Ness said.

"I should have predicted something like that from the beginning. I got too carried away about trying to make Chris relax that I didn't..." When he recalled he had gone into the hot spring with his trainer, Lucario found it odd that he was nowhere in sight. He looked at the three again and didn't see him anywhere around the upper cliff area. "...Where is Chris?" he asked them.

"Wasn't he with you?" Because we haven't seen him since we spread out," Jeff said.

"He was with me at the hot spring too," Lucario said. "Come to think of it, he also fell asleep just like I did so... CHRIS!" He yelled alarmed and went to the hot spring to see if his trainer hadn't been boiled alive while he slept deeply. With the steam blocking his vision, Lucario used his aura sight to scan the body of water for traces of life he was very familiar with, but not even seeing the bottom yielded life signs, nor there was a dead body coated in the planet's life energy. "He's not inside the hot spring... W-where is he?" he asked to himself as he then looked around the valley using his sixth sense. Lucario's nagging worries of his mentally-scarred trainer being alone in the unpredictable world caused him to breathe in and out quickly with every passing second he used to scan the whole valley for his tracks...but no matter where he looked at, he could just not find him in the valley...

"I-is everything okay?" Jeff asked.

"Obviously, no," Ness said as they watched Lucario frantically swing his head everywhere without his eyes fully open. "You can't find Chris anywhere nearby? I thought it would be easy for you to do."

Lucario dropped his sixth sense as he opened up his eyes to look back at the children. "I-I just can't anymore. I can't detect his aura anywhere within my range! This can't be happening so suddenly!" he said, though his words were coming a little too loud to them...and he was starting to breathe rather quickly. They saw his chest filling with air, his eyes shaking while trying to stare forward, his curled fists to the sides trembling with horror, and his face showing beads of sweat, though this last point was hard to tell as he was still dripping with water from the hot springs.

"...Lucario..." Paula held her hands open in a defensive position as the sounds of his breathing started to get louder, directed at the grass on the ground. "Calm down... This may be really bad, b-"

Lucario stared at them with wide eyes. They stepped back cautiously, because he was now baring his fangs unwillingly. "How can you say this may be really bad when I can't sense him anymore?! I have never lost sight of him before!" he scolded loudly as his body caught itself ablaze with short bursts of flaring blue aura. Only a gulping Jeff took cover behind a wide-eyed Ness, who took cover behind a shaking Paula. "This IS really bad! If I can't sense his life within my range and he got lost within a few minutes this fast, why would I think this may be bad?! Did you forget how troubled he looked like because of what I did?! He's not completely OKAY!"

Lucario's sudden panicked look was not boding well for the three children. It was rather creepy to see the stronger and taller member of their group slowly losing it to the possibility that he had lost his closest friend so simply like that. They understood well (at least much better than previous occasions) that Lucario was overly protective of Chris, and they knew how he would lose it if Chris would get a large bleeding cut on his head. But with the disturbed teen going missing without leaving a small trace behind, it caused Lucario great grief.

Ness noted how the blades of grass around the fuming Lucario were starting to move with the wind his bursts of aura pushed out. If they pushed the wrong buttons, dirt would be the next thing to fly away violently, followed by them. "W-we can try to look for him! M-maybe your aura isn't refined enough?" Ness suggested. He received a very pissed glare that made his skin crawl. "F-fine, your aura is really refined and powerful that it's very impossible for him to get lost in less than ten minutes..."

Paula swallowed her breath to start thinking about what was more important than trying to find a useless shelter to avoid Lucario's super wrath. "L-l-let's all calm down for a moment and think how on earth Chris disappeared so simply like that before someone does something really unneeded, okay? Screaming our heads off won't definitely give us an answer to where he went to..." she suggested as sweetly as she could.

What they all got in return was Lucario snapping out loudly with a mighty roar that practically and literally shot strong air currents of wild aura energy all over that rustled the grass violently and pushed the children away, alongside the table next to the hot spring that went tumbling down the cliff and startling all of the Mr. Saturn in the valley. On paper, the scream was not the most destructive thing they witnessed. It was the cliffs around the valley falling slowly and dangerously coming apart that caused large boulders to fall down and roll all the way down, wrecking as many huts they came into contact with. The three chosen children all screamed in horror at the doomsday scene that the only safest place to be was inside the hot spring, since they were standing in the highest cliff area and no other higher cliffs surrounded them. With that being said, the three disturbed children dove into the hot spring and held their breath as long as they could (though somehow they were able to pressure their bodies to hold it much longer) to not think about the murderous beast outside the water.

Much to their relief, they found out that the water had been drugged to contain a sleeping effect, knocking them out cold...


In the time that Chris had disappeared, the teen-turned-boy was out cold due to the drugged hot spring he took a bath in. He couldn't tell where he was because of how drowsy he felt, but his senses started to come back to him once he heard a loud roar coming from somewhere and felt a mysterious rumbling shaking the cold floor that he was lying down on, his body scrambled messily. Yawning and feeling cold, the boy shivered and embraced himself until he slowly opened his eyes, albeit he was too much distracted with how he felt like and the effects of the drug still lingered in him. "G-goodness... This is the last time I ever...take a hot spring offer from big-nosed creatures..." he muttered to himself, before he noticed he was lying down and there were bars in front of him. Blinking in confusion, he pushed himself aside and was startled by how the floor beneath him started to sway a bit.

It was quite the wake-up call for him when he saw that he was surrounded by bars all around him, and that said floor was not large enough to walk on. Further head swings confirmed to Chris that he had been somehow thrown into a dangling cell hanging from the ceiling he could barely see from his claustrophobic position. He froze, knowing full well he wasn't with Lucario or the others anymore. He was trapped inside a cage hanging from the ceiling, which was quite the abrupt change in setting. His shaking, dilated eyes looked beyond the bars to see a squared, steel white room where he was being held captive. Chris was completely out of words but full of beads of sweats on his forehead as he carefully crawled forward to take a grip on the bars for support, looking down to find the floor the same kind of material and color as the walls...

Where he was right now, he didn't know.

"...W-w-where... Where...?!" Chris started to breath fast and felt ready for his beating chest to have a heart attack; probably the best solution he had to escape from the rather random and cruel situation he was put into against his will. His hands started to sweat on the bars he was holding onto as if he was about to drop into an abyss and his only support was the bars to keep himself from falling. He felt a lot of vertigo that added up badly to his previous nightmare caused by Lucario... "W-W-WHERE IN THE HELL AM I?!" he yelled loudly.

"I heard a scream. Good. That boy is ready to face us all."

"He better be ready for wasting our time taking useless hostages. Those Mr. Saturns can't even do a good job for the life of them."

"I was BUUURRRP ready to show that kid BUUUURRRP a lesson anyway."

"...Why is our ally of this world a huge pile of living vomit?"

"That is the least of our complaints..."

The boy overheard those echoing voices coming from behind him. He was not ready to face the people who kidnapped him on a short notice, but his body unwillingly turned around and grabbed the opposite bars to look down at an open door he just noticed was there. From said door, his eyes shrunk when he saw some people pouring into the room...people whose bodies were glowing with a dark aura he had never seen before. Chris couldn't stomach all that he was seeing with his own horrified eyes, because, despite the fact his most likely assailants were the seven down there on the floor looking up at him with blank looks, it wasn't all that hard for him to tell who were cloaked in the stagnant dark air...

There was no need for him to ponder who the broadest one was: Master Belch. He was just as disgusting, if not more so, than his in-game appearance suggested since he was a large pile of vomit with a face on top. He had the nasty habit of randomly burping and belching, attributing to the awful smell in the air that was hitting Chris's nose a lot. Unlike the other six besides him, Belch was not cloaked in a dark aura.

One of them looked like he was walking with some meager upper body armor and carried a sword sheath on his belt. His hair color was impossible to tell, but it definitely looked messy. His appearance was that of a young teenager that was surely around Chris's age...

Another dark aura wielder was a very diminutive creature that barely was tall enough to reach an adult's ankle. Its small body was no match to its sheer size its head and two pointy ears had, making it a wonder it could even stand upright on its small feet.

Another one was an imposing figure with a strange body type that towered among all of them. Its lower body was large due to having a larger stomach that was fused with the beginning portion of its long tail, but the upper body was smaller but still regularly-sized for a bipedal person. The strange head shape, connected to the back of its chest through a cord, was not so hard to tell apart...

Another figure was small yet displayed a cocky, sinister grin under its strangely connected eyes through a small gap between them. This figure was thin in body shape, but its head had big quills that ran behind as if to indicate the owner liked to run around a lot...which he did.

Yet another assailant was someone who looked more like a dangerous thug, if only because said person was not entirely human but looked like a very serious lupine humanoid wearing just about every single trinket that screamed "I'm gonna mess you up good": chains clicking whenever his waist moved, spiked shoulder pads swaying with the movement of his shoulders, a tail that swung to the sides occasionally, and steel boots that made echoing footsteps. The lupine also was banned for life in showing a horrifying glare.

Lastly, the last kidnapper was just the bottom of the iceberg that utterly baffled Chris with his presence. There was no way Chris would ever forget an appearance like the bad guy below had...

"It seems you are awake," the tall one of the group spoke.

Chris swallowed his breath and started to talk. "W-what in the hell is going on here?!" he asked, which could have been easily broken into two separate questions about his situation and the fact he was kidnapped by the people he was looking down at. "W-w-why are my kidnappers Roy, Pichu, Mewtwo, Sonic, Wolf, and...a-and... Oh, holy crap..."

"A Lucario: me," the last one spoke, unfazed by Chris's stuttering. Unlike the Lucario Chris always knew and liked, the Lucario he was looking at was not as tall as his Lucario. Never mind the fact his kidnappers used to be good people. Never mind the fact one of them was a Lucario he didn't remember... It was all so hard to stomach. He found it hard to make sense of it all. "Is my dark aura that scary to you, a lowly human?"

"Y-y-yes, b-but... I-I mean... This makes no sense to me!" Chris yelled at the dark wielders. "Why did I get kidnapped?! Why are you all covered in that dark aura?! Why are you siding with the enemy?! ...Why is one of you a BIG pile of disgusting puke?!" he continuously asked them, though the last one was an extra question he added at the last second just to cover the fact he was from another world.

Roy shrugged. "We just had to kidnap the loud one, didn't we?" he asked his comrades.

"It's those Mr. Saturns who got the wrong one for us, you big dummy! They were told to bring Ness to us, but they confused him for this kid instead for some weird reason!" Pichu complained. While the dark aura wielders put up an evil tone to their voices, only Pichu's sounded a little too forced that Chris sometimes forgot he was supposed to be a villain now.

"Weird reason? Duh! I know how they got those two confused with the other: they both wear the same clothes!" Sonic spoke, grunting afterwards. "Talk about a stupid slip up. Remind me why we didn't kidnap Ness ourselves?"

"Orders from Lord Tabuu," Wolf spoke next, pinching his chin. "He told us specifically to avoid raising suspicion among the local populace of this world. We could have mixed up pretty well with the strange happenings, but he wants us to exercise caution."

"And we've done a good job on that," the Lucario said. "Belch is our only connection to those useless Mr. Saturns. They don't even know we are the ones pulling the strings to the kidnapping plot."

Sonic grinned. "Hey. Did you forget one of us is the fastest thing alive? I could've swiped Ness from the ground in the blink of an eye if I wanted to!" he boasted.

Mewtwo grunted. "Sonic, you are honestly too loud for stealth, and your ego catches up to you just as quickly that you will for sure show off in front of the enemy the first chance you get," he reprimanded.

The hedgehog grunted loudly and rather evilly at the psychic. "Not like they'll tell who I am after I'm done saying my line," he shot back, though the other villains looked at him with dull looks. "...No! That's not admitting I was gonna do that if I could in the first place!"

"Enough, BUURRRP," Belch interrupted with a loud burp. "If you guys need some reminders, let me give you one now: what are you going to do with Ness's identical friend? Master Giygas is not going to be happy that we got him the wrong one who is not one of the chosen ones from the prophecy, BUUURRRPP."

They stared back at Chris, who remained silent to avoid tempting them to hurt him in so many ways. "Soooooo..." Pichu trailed off in thought, looking confused at Chris. "...I thought Lord Tabuu said Master Hand was gonna get help to fight the army? Is this kid one of them?"

"I do not remember his face, nor I know if he is from his team," Mewtwo noted. "That Giygas person said to Belch that there were only three chosen ones, but what about this one who is borrowing Ness's appearance? To further add to the confusion, I can sense that strange psychic energy within him, though it is extremely feeble as it is... I do not know if we were meant to take him down." Chris gulped and shrank back.

Sonic grimaced. "...Aren't you probably thinking too much? I saw this guy walking with..." he pointed at the Lucario, "someone else who looked like your brother or something. You two look the same!"

"Another Lucario, you say?" the Lucario asked, looking a little surprised at that statement. He narrowed his eyes at Sonic. "Are you sure you did not confuse some creature from this world with me?"

"Naaaaaaah, I'm sure he looked just like you! He had the same unneeded spikes on his wrists and between his man boobs."

"...Firstly, your descriptions about me are sick. And secondly, that's impossible," the Lucario growled. "The chances of Master Hand actually having a spare Lucario besides me are nonexistent just like having a spare Sonic. I was never told about having a replacement ready when I was with his side. I am a formidable fighter who needs no replacements!"

The teen-turned-boy was unearthing a lot of info just being silent, and he was thankful that staying silent to listen to them was helping him to forget he was caged up. Unfortunately, he knew full well the worst was going to happen soon if he said the wrong things to them. "(...What?)" Chris thought to himself. "(What does he mean by...?)"

"Enough, you two," Roy spoke annoyed. "Sonic was lucky enough to get reconnaissance as his job. We haven't practically done anything in here other than hiding the location from mind readers and other supernatural forces Master Hand may have used on the worlds. Not even Ness can detect this zone as long as we are here."

"That makes us look like some freak viruses..." Pichu muttered. "Argh. What do we do with this wrong boy?"

Wolf chuckled. "Well, since it is speculated that he was traveling with the psychic boy, why don't we just simply use him as bait to lure the rest here?" he suggested.

"That could work, but it would draw too much attention," Mewtwo said. "Despite our large numbers, Lord Tabuu wants us to take Ness down when he isn't accompanied. His other allies could get in the way and we could have a chance to lose."

Sonic started laughing loudly, much to their chagrin. "Are you kiddin' me here? Why would we lose if we're a lot? Aren't you supposed to be the smartest guy of the team?" he asked with a teasing grin, which was replied by a narrowed glare from the psychic.

"We cannot take any chances here, Sonic. Precautions must be taken if we want to succeed in this mission to take Ness down for good. We cannot underestimate the boy as he does have psychic powers. I remember that you are quite...useless against psychics, or am I wrong?"

The hedgehog gasped and shook his head in defiance. "W-what th-?! No! I don't suck around psychics! I just gotta smack 'em first before they get to me!" he shot back.

"...Anyway, what about this other kid cosplaying as the other target?" Wolf asked. Every time Chris was mentioned in some form by them, he felt even more threatened and tried to fight back really hard to scream. "If we can't use him as a bait, what then? Do we just keep him here or do we get rid of him?"

"Letting him go would just alert everyone about what's hidden in here. And if we attack him... That would work against us because of you-know-what," Roy said.

"(W-what? T-they're not going to attack me?)" Chris thought in shock.

Mewtwo sighed. "A real shame this factory lacks any other rooms to properly keep hostages away from others. We cannot have him talk to the other strange creatures and let him cause some sort of commotion in here," he pointed out. "This room is..." he eyed Chris and then strangely to the wall across, "...unsuitable for noises, yet it is the only one we can use for him at the moment."

"(Wow... T-they actually thought about every possibility I could take... This is the worst thing that has happened to me,)" the teen-turned-boy thought dismayed.

"Given the situation, we can't have him alone either," Mewtwo said. "Someone has to keep tabs on him so he doesn't try to escape from here... Roy, you do the honors."

Roy grimaced at the psychic. "W-why me?" he asked.

"Wolf is too proud to do this, Sonic will most likely fall asleep on the job, Pichu is too weak should he let his guard down, I'd rather keep everything else in order, and Lucario is too violent for his own good," Mewtwo summarized, much to the overall annoyance of everyone else.

"BUUURP, you forgot about me, BUUUURP," Belch pointed out.

Mewtwo shrugged. "I like some torture now and then, but letting you be the guard for him would be too much," he said. The others exchanged horrified glances and shuddered at the thought, and so did Chris. Belch could only burp angrily. "Roy, this is why you're the best one for the job. Do you understand now?"

"Uh, yeah, I think..." Roy trailed off. Feeling that he was tricked into doing guard duty, the swordsman just stepped forward and sat down on the cold floor.

"Good. You understand," Mewtwo said before turning at the rest. "Everyone else should stay on stand-by in the factory while I try to come up with an alternative to deal with Ness. We are running out of time now that he has surely gained intel about what happened at the valley..." With that being said, the psychic calmly floated away from the room, followed by the other dark villains who gave Chris one chuckling glance before they left...

The World Traveler wanted to sigh, but just knowing that an evil version of Roy was looking at him kept him from remotely doing any body motion, but he settled with sighing really slowly and looking forward into the white steel wall above the door; the only means of escape he had…

Chris was rightfully scared of what was going to happen to him in a short while. The fear of dying a premature death at the hands of those shadow maniacs was the last thing that he thought would happen too soon, but there he was, trapped in a dangling cell and feeling hopeless about what to do. He was surrounded by enemies capable of tearing his limbs apart (though he wasn't so sure about Pichu after that comment Mewtwo made about him being weak) and he wasn't sure if he could manage to escape to call for help. Since he was cornered to his mind with Roy being down there and watching him, only Chris's thoughts served him for solace. "(Calm down… Calm down… You're… You're going to be fine if you don't do anything reckless…)" he thought to himself as his sight was completely fixed on the wall, though it was tempting to try to steal glances from the shadow minion with the sharp sword. "(E-even if the chances to escape are really…REALLY abysmal…I-I have to think hard about what I can do in case I ever get a real chance to escape…)" He closed his eyes to think where he was…

Given that he saw Master Belch, there was no doubt that he was in the factory (level) of the game that imprisoned Mr. Saturns for evil purposes he forgot about. Prior knowledge from Lucario not being to locate the factory behind the waterfall had convinced Chris that the factory was gone, until he woke up inside of it anyway. If that had been true, it puzzled the boy that Lucario couldn't find it. Then, he recalled something that Mewtwo said to his comrades… Something about them all being living methods that prevented supernatural forces and other mechanical devices from tracking them down… While Chris didn't know exactly how that was even possible, he didn't try to question that logic for too long given the world he was traveling in was utterly absurd in treating common sense right. So their presences made Lucario's aura obsolete. I am screwed, he thought first before slowly descending to depression…

"(…Should I give up now, then?)" he thought to himself as he embraced his knees and rested his forehead on them. "(Is this really how I…how I'm going out?)"

For about a silent minute, the boy randomly switched thinking about accepting death in solitude or about finding an escape route. During one of those switching moments, he thought back on what Mewtwo was doing when he said the room Chris was being held was…unfit for a cell room. During a brief moment, he remembered the psychic staring ahead at the wall on the other side of the room. Unless Mewtwo was thinking while staring into space for no reason, maybe there was a hint in the wall he stared at… Chris thought he was going insane if that small moment meant a lot. He looked back at that wall and saw nothing peculiar about it. Even after squinting his eyes, he couldn't see…

For some strange reason, the wall looked strange to him. It was as if a certain section of it looked slightly thicker with layers that he could spot by the outlines they left behind. The other three walls in the room looked perfectly flat, though the other one he was looking at was not like the others… It didn't look professionally built like the others either. Whatever happened to that wall, the layers of steel put on it were haphazardly placed all over.

Chris couldn't stop staring at the wall. His mind raced with a lot of desperate thoughts to escape from the factory into the wild outdoors. "(T-this is a long stretch… Is it possible there was a hole behind that wall…?)" Chris thought hopelessly. "(…Try to remember! I-I have a feeling there was something important in this factory that…)"

If memory served him well, Chris recalled that, at the end of the factory level, there was a room where Ness fought Master Belch. Behind Master Belch had been a secret tunnel that led back to Saturn Valley…

"(…You don't mean…)" Chris's eyes widened when he stared back at the wall.

If that was entirely possible, there was probably no doubt that the room he was held captive was the very same room that was positioned stupidly close to his only viable escape route. Ironically, he remembered that the same route would lead to the same place where that hot spring (with the hallucinogen effect he didn't know about) was and directly to the others were. There was some hope for him to escape from the hell he was!

But still...

With that shadow Roy watching him from below, there was no way he could take advantage of the route. He wasn't completely sure if the route was even there. Maybe he was truly being paranoid while desperate for a ray of hope. Quickly, he was falling back into depression as he eased his sitting position and embraced himself to keep his body from shivering too much from the horror of being held hostage. He hung his head low and repeatedly wished that Lucario would rush in and save him. As he thought about the freedom he used to have, Chris fought the thought of breaking into a crying fit, but all he could do was keep his sniffling sounds low…

"Geez, what a wuss…"

That little comment made Chris slow down. He weakly wandered to the edge of the cage and looked down at Roy, who didn't bother to look up at him. "…S-so what if I am?" Chris said, forgetting about his trauma and only recalling it when Roy looked up. He shrank back a bit, but he continued. "I'm having really bad luck here trying to deal with this situation I got myself into… A-and I can't help but cry because this never happened to me…" He shook his head quickly and tried to forget about it so hard. "B-but…you can ignore my crying if you want. I-I'd rather ask you if… Why are you even sided with the bad guys?" he asked Roy.

Roy blinked and looked away. "It's not like you're gonna survive here if you can cry this easily…" Chris grunted mentally at that, though his face reflected his horror. "…I didn't join willingly. Tabuu corrupted my original self to serve him, just like he did to the others you saw a moment ago."

"(…So…he's brainwashed…)" Chris thought.

"That's all you're going to get from me," Roy told Chris. The teen-turned-boy gasped under his breath when he saw the swordsman turning his back to him. "Rot in there in the meantime."

That was some meaningful progress in his big predicament, Chris thought. He wanted to get more insight on Roy's behavior and how he got brainwashed. Though, the horror of being there with no means to get a safe getaway made him shrink back on his position. Once more, he prayed for dear life that Lucario would come in to rescue him…and he felt very guilty that he was rendered useless on top of that…

Saturn Valley

A rock suddenly hit Ness on the back of his head, snapping him out from his sleeping state. His body suddenly feeling all that hot water around, he tossed his hands frantically trying to get out from the body of water until it dawned on him that he wasn't in danger. Trying to catch his breath, he started to notice what was around him until he managed to calm himself down, though that didn't change how shocked he was to find nothing else but a really wrecked Saturn Valley when he got out from the hot spring and looked down.

Some of the huts of the valley had been destroyed by large boulders that used to be part of the torn cliffs surrounding the settlement. He could tell at first glance that the boulders had rolled down given the large marks they left on the ground, so there was no way the boulders just happened to be tossed overhead from somewhere. Aside from the few unlucky huts that were reduced to wreckages, the grassy area had half of its greenery color mixed with brown color from the fallen debris from the cliffs, and the several paths inside the floors of the caves Ness and the others had entered before were blocked off by rocks… Everything looked like as if a tornado had passed through.

Albeit the valley was destroyed with many cave-ins and the clear water pond filled with mud, it didn't faze the Mr. Saturns all that much as they kept going on with their unusual lifestyle. They regarded the change in landscape as something new and curious, standing on the rocks and pretending their huts were still up as seen by some of them tuckered in their meager bed sheets within the circles of their homes and rolling down from a few boulders into the ground.

"Geez…" Ness muttered under his breath. When he remained silent for a moment, he overheard a few panting sounds coming from his right. Turning to that direction, his mouth gapped when he spotted Lucario, still holding that same pose he used to release all his hot air as he stared up into the sky with a menacing glare. He was still not any better from learning about the disappearance of his trainer, and Ness learned that even thinking about Chris being lost forever was a suicidal topic to bring up now. Cautiously, the boy approached the monster. "H-hey…" he called out weakly. He gulped almost immediately when one glaring red eye stared his way; a subtle answer that meant Ness would probably die if he didn't say the right words. "…I-I see you did quite a number on this valley! T-that was impressive! B-but rather unnecessary and random! S-so, h-how about we start looking for Chris right away?!" he asked with a large twitching smile, his feet ready to turn and make a run for it.

Lucario, very slowly, eased his stance and calmed down his growling sounds. He shut his eyes quickly and almost didn't try to lose it again as he covered himself in his potent aura coat. He was once again trying to pinpoint the exact location where his lost trainer was.

"L-look, we tried and failed miserably to raise your hopes with words and no action. How about we jump into the action then? I-I bet that's what you want to do now!" Ness ignored the mumbling sounds coming from the hot spring. It looked like Paula and Jeff were coming to.

"…Where are you…?" Lucario muttered under his breath, or more accurately, his gritted fangs. "You must be nearby… You couldn't have disappeared so simply like that…"

"…" Ness kept looking at the blue creature until the former decided to tip-toe his way back to the hot spring, thinking that it was better to leave Lucario alone. The boy saw his companions getting out from the hot spring, where he pulled them out when they held out their hands. "Welcome back to reality, you guys. Right now, this valley has gone through some modest renovation."

Paula and Jeff dried their clothes a bit before they gazed at the horribly-changed landscape beyond the cliffs. "For the love of… We surely underestimated how destructive he can be," Paula noted cautiously, as she and Jeff looked back at Lucario trying to calm his grunting sounds down.

Jeff wiped his glasses with his shirt, though it wasn't all that effective since he was all wet anyway. "Let's not ever bring up anything that remotely has a chance of him losing Chris forever. If we do it again, he will level the valley…" he trailed off.

Paula turned back to the hot spring and remembered that she had fallen asleep in there, despite the mass hysteria of the event a few minutes ago. "Say… This hot spring put me to sleep," she said, earning their attention. "So it was true Lucario and Chris fell asleep in there."

"That's kind of really, really strange," Ness said, staring into the big rocks that rolled inside the steamy pond. As he theorized why the spring had to be drugged with a sleep effect, he looked a tad serious. "…Hey, wait a minute. Something is strange about all this, you two. Why would the Mr. Saturns in here drug this hot spring and why did Chris even disappear from here?"

Jeff and Paula stared at each other in a moment of realization. "If they made the hot spring like this, there's no conceivable way they don't know what happened to Chris… That's what I think about the strange kidnapping," Jeff said, rubbing his wet chin. "Unless, there's someone else in the valley that was targeting one of us and they took advantage of the hot spring's effect."

"One of Giygas' cronies!" Ness said.

"Or, pray tell, the Subspace Army the two of them are looking for," Paula said. Hearing Lucario's growls, the girl looked at her companions. "We have to interrogate them to find out the truth! Before our you-know-who decides that creaming us is a good stress reliever…"

Conveniently enough, there was a waddling Mr. Saturn walking on the other side of the hot spring. They noticed him first before he did, though when he saw them running to him in a pincer attack, it was too late for him to make a run for it when one of them leaped on top of him, for he was walking around the scene of the crime. Stuck under Ness's body, the boy demanded the squirming creature by saying, "Okay, you! Tell us what you know about our friend who disappeared from the hot spring! DO IT OR I'LL EAT YOU WHOLE!" Paula slapped her forehead in embarrassment.


"Ness, seriously, it's not like we'll get our answers dropped to our…" Jeff, Paula, and Ness gapped their mouths at what the sweating Mr. Saturn had just said. "Uh… Say again?"


The three children were quite distraught at what the Mr. Saturn had just told them. They were equally astonished to get that much info dump in a very short time. "W-wait… T-this is a bit too much to swallow all at once," Paula said.

Ness yelped when the Mr. Saturn slipped through his body press and quickly fled down the valley. Desperately. Because the creature didn't care about jumping down at a high height. He was lucky enough to have a tree break his fall down below, but he cared about hiding behind a rock to avoid the ensuing punishment for revealing the dark secret to the children. When Ness tried to go after him, Paula grabbed his wrist to keep him from running. "P-Paula!" Ness yelped.

"Ness, it's fine. I think we have enough clues to go on," Jeff said, having translated all of what the Mr. Saturn had said. "From what I gathered from that one, he just said that Chris was carried off to a waterfall that hides a factory behind it. And the Mr. Saturns were…trying to capture you to trade you off for the other Mr. Saturns…"

"What the…? They KNOW where they are and tried to get me killed by the enemy's hands? GEEZ!" Ness complained loudly. "…But how did they end up taking Chris instead of me?"

"Well… You two sort of wear the same attire," Jeff pointed out. "Both of you have the same hair color. The big differences that the Mr. Saturns ignored were your skin color and the pitch of your voices. He also said they were desperate. It's probable that they were just as confused when they saw two 'Nesses' walking about that they chose the 'right' one but sadly got their facts mixed up," he explained as he adjusted his glasses in thought. "So, as you see, this is how the plan was carried out and was met with failure on their part."

Ness and Paula blinked in surprise at the statement. "But how could they carry Chris away without any of us noticing?" Paula asked.

"They probably snuck him out when they got us all busy doing menial tasks and conversations," Jeff theorized further. "Needless to say, it was very lucky for them to put Lucario out or else they could've been found out easily if they had gotten to Ness like they originally planned. They took the wrong target and…this is where we are."

The other two members were left speechless by the sound theory Jeff put up. It made so much sense to them that it was also surprising a kidnapping plot was planned by the seemingly-docile creatures. When they turned to look at the Mr. Saturns down below, all they saw was all of them taking cover. It looked like news about the failed kidnapping plot had spread out like wildfire among them that they were absolutely terrified about what else to do next. The creatures thought that the damage caused to their home, which they had originally ignored as just another weird day at the valley, was clear punishment for failing the mission to save their friends.

"And they were trying to get me killed in a factory… YOU'RE ALL PRICKS, YOU HEAR ME?!" Ness yelled. The Mr. Saturns hid completely behind their multiple hiding spots; a lot of them failing to conceal their whole bodies. "I'LL TOAST YOU UP FOR DINNER TONIGHT FOR TRYING TO MESS WITH ME! I GAVE YOU HOSPITALITY AND YOU REPAY IT WITH KIDNAPPING AND POTENTIAL MURDER?!"

"Ness, we know they're very desperate! You don't have to scare them even further!" Paula scolded.

"They tried to get me freaking killed!" Ness yelled. To Jeff's mortifying horror, the loud screams Ness was making had alerted Lucario about what was going on. "They failed and got Chris instead and now he's gonna suffer what they tried to do to me! Who knows what they've done to him behind that waterfall by now?! I could've been DEAD if I hadn't taken a dip inside that drugged hot springs before he did!" Ness was so focused on venting out so loudly that he wasn't paying attention to the large shadow looming behind the three children, though Paula and Jeff did notice the source and were doing their best to tip-toe away. "What kind of messed up creatures are they for trying to get innocent children with psychic powers KILLED? What, do they even CARE about the outside world or do they think humans are the expendable race over their silly big noses?! I ought t-!"

"Did you just say they know where Chris was taken and they took part of it?" Lucario asked, his voice very stern.

Ness mildly ignored the sound of cracking knuckles. "Yeah, I just said that out loud! Can you believe these guys have the nerve to go that far to…?" He turned around slowly and looked up at the indirect red-eyed glare looking down at him atop a murderous body. Realizing that the other target was a reason the valley was nearly leveled to the skies, Ness took a few seconds to carefully choose the right words to use. "…You know, dude, instead of wasting time venting it out on these guys, we could be going back to the waterfall to storm the enemy stronghold and rescue Chris. What do you say if we forget about screaming our heads out and we start the rescue mission right away?"

"…" Lucario closed his eyes and let out a small growl. "...As long as I can rescue Chris, then…" He nodded quietly and seemed to be perfectly calm, to the shock of the children coming back from their short distance.

"(HOLY CRAP, I'm still alive!)" Ness rejoiced mentally. "R-right! So glad to have you onboard again. Now everyone, let's head for the waterfall to that factory!"

The Aura Pokémon had calmed down long enough to think logically about what had happened when he tried to find the factory behinds the waterfall, his sixth sense telling him that there wasn't anything there. "But… But how could it be possible that there's a factory behind the waterfall?" he asked Ness and the others. "I used my aura senses earlier in the day to find the location of those accursed Mr. Saturns outside and there was nothing anywhere…"

After he voiced out his troubled fact, the children looked confused at one another, until somehow, there was a strong gust of wind that appeared out of the blue on the spot they were all standing. The four covered their faces when the wind picked up quickly in force…but it died down quickly just as soon as it had arrived from the east. "U-ugh, what's with this wind?" Ness asked.

Jeff didn't cover his eyes due to wearing glasses, so he was the only one from the group who noticed that the random gust had brought in something…or rather, someone else along with it. He was very much shocked to spot another child about their age standing behind them, holding a meditating position while standing up. Wearing nothing more than a white gi uniform with a black belt and black thin shoes, his head was nearly bald save for a very thin, braided ponytail on the top. The child had appeared from somewhere, though he was busy pressing his palms together in front of his chest. "U-uh, g-guys? T-there's another guy behind us…"

The other three uncovered their faces and gasped after seeing the kid standing there. Paula, however, had enough prior information about the kid that she said, "Wait, you're… You're the other chosen child I've seen in my dreams! I remember you well from them!" she said, making Ness and Jeff look at her surprised.

"What? He's the last chosen child?" Ness asked her.

"Correct," the fourth child spoke without opening his eyes, startling the children except for the stern Lucario. "As to answer your outsider companion's question from earlier, there is definitely a hidden contraption known as a factory behind the waterfall you all passed by earlier on the day…"

Lucario blinked at that statement. "H-how can you tell that much? W-who are you and how do you even know what we've done until now?" he asked with a wary glare, unaware completely about who the child was for having never seen much of the game's plot.

"I shall answer you every question in order," the child said, opening his wary eyes. "I can tell that much because I was using my PSI ability to watch the world from above while I was busy taking a rigorous martial arts training. Due to how destiny has decided my own fate, from the moment of my birth, I was informed by the elders of my homeland to do battle against the evil entity known as Giygas; that I would travel the world over alongside the other chosen children known as Ness, Paula Polestar, and Jeff Andonuts…" He looked at his companions. "I am Poo from Dallam, a tranquil town located in the Chommo region of the world… There is no further need to answer the last question. The first answer holds the same importance to it."

While Paula smacked Ness's head when she heard him chuckle at the child's name, Jeff pinched his chin in thought about the boy. "So… You're saying you're aware of what's been going on all the way over here? That is amazing… The region of Chommo is almost on the other side of the world from where we are," he pointed out.

"Precisely," Poo said. "Though I am afraid I have joined your journey prematurely…"

Paula tilted her head. "Why is that? We'd certainly welcome your addition to the team now…" she said.

"You see, I am still in need of dire training before I can be defined as one of your own, but circumstances have forced me to call it off for the time being. The reason why is because this world has been invaded by an otherworldly army known as the Subspace Army… I am sure you know the one you heard from the otherworldly travelers Lucario and Chris, the latter who has been kidnapped by them." Lucario growled at that reminder. "I know a factory is hiding in that location. The enemy disguised their hiding spot using their strange methods to camouflage the factory, but they never realized that the supernatural copy of a peaceful landscape they put up doesn't match the original life energy of our world's nature… This is how I know they are there to keep outsiders like us from pinpointing their hideout."

That reminder was what made Lucario all the more desperate, and he couldn't bother to waste more time after knowing where his trainer was being held hostage. Growling loudly as he turned around, he leapt down the high height of the cliffs to the ground floor and sped out from the valley towards the Grapefruit Falls in search for Chris. The first three children got alarmed to see the creature rush out quickly. "H-he just ran off!" Paula said.

"I do not know for certain if he will be able to handle the enemy alone," Poo commented as he walked forward to them. "He is rather unhinged and beastly. He could destroy everything in the factory if left alone… Come, we must make haste to the waterfall at Grapefruit Falls."

The other chosen children were feeling a little sick that so much was happening so quickly without their intervention, though they agreed with Poo's idea to chase the Aura Pokémon down. They spotted a long slope of rocks caused by a landslide going down to the ground floor, which they used to get down faster. The psychic children used their PSI prowess to float down and step down from rock to rock, but only a very careful and slow Jeff tried his best to avoid tumbling down. "So are you gonna stay with us for the rest of the journey?" Ness asked Poo.

"For the time being until the Subspace Army is driven off," Poo said as he hopped down on one foot without switching to the other. "I will have to depart to resume my training at Dallam. I wish to help you out against this threat so our efforts to defeat Giygas are not stopped this soon…"

Poo joined your team!

Ness sighed and looked dull. "As always, when things look very good for us, it's all too good to be true. ALL the strong guys always want to leave us behind after a certain point," he said.

"Patience is not a virtue everyone shares…" Poo muttered, slightly surprised at the boy's comment as they made it down the cliffs and started rushing back to the falls. Only Paula noticed that Jeff had tripped close to the lower portion of the landslide and helped him to get back up on his feet.

Grapefruit Falls

Lucario was deathly desperate about his trainer's fate. He kept beating himself up in his head about how he let those infernal creatures get the better of them both in that small moment of relaxation. With that small hint that he could still be alive, the Aura Pokémon was understandably hopeful that he could still rescue him in time. Though, at the same time he was hopeful about it, the anger boiling in his veins was putting a stop to his rational thinking. Once he had made it to the fall, he never stopped to use his aura sense to track down his trainer's aura inside the waterfall, but it never came up. He tried so many times to overexert his power to see what was behind it. He was standing there next to the shoreline that he unwillingly was quiet for a long while, until footsteps that he utterly ignored came from the direction of the valley.

Rushing out from the tunnel that connected the falls and the valley, Ness and Poo were the first ones to come out from it and notice Lucario staring at the long waterfall to the north. Relieved that the area didn't get a crater just yet, the two children went up to join the Aura Pokémon, who ignored their presence entirely. "Oh, good. You didn't get an urge to blow up the waterfall in a fit of rage," Ness said.

His words were heard, snapping Lucario out from actually blowing up the falls after careful, if not really desperate, thought. He looked down at the two children and looked back at the waterfall. "Chris is somewhere behind that waterfall… I can't even detect a single aura within the ground behind it," he reaffirmed.

"I said before that they hid their hideout very well against supernatural powers like PSI and aura senses," Poo said, staring up ahead at the waterfall while Paula and Jeff came out from the tunnel and rejoined their side. Jeff tried to catch his breath all the while everyone was focused on the crashing waters. "But there is no mistake. We must proceed into the backside of the waterfall to find some sort of entrance. If you are all prepared for what is t-" Poo already saw Lucario rushing up ahead. "Of course, it was a little…shall we say, too good to be true that he had gained the sacred skill of being patient now."

"Follow our war dog!" Ness commanded his group, not concerned about Jeff's huffing pleas to let him rest to catch his breath, forcing himself to follow the other energetic children at a slow pace.

They quickly walked near the shore of the lake to the area close to the waterfall. It turned out that the shore path continued all the way to the backside of the waterfall as Poo had said. The air felt very humid the closer they got to the big wall of water reflecting their bodies very loosely, and it was getting very loud just standing closer and closer the crashing water making foam near the shore. Looking up and down, the children and their really peeved Lucario spotted a wide-enough entry behind the water that concealed a wall. They carefully stepped under the waterfall and walked alongside a grassy, hidden path that took them all the way to the center, where they suddenly spotted a white metal door of all things engraved to the wall. "Mystery door found. I know something big is hiding behind it," Paula said.

That door was the lead Lucario ever wanted to see if he hoped to rescue Chris. After having used his aura sense for far too long, he finally snapped when he thought the very, very small chance that his trainer was done for behind that frustratingly despicable door. In all fairness, he was thinking way too many gruesome thoughts about the blasted door that it was a clear sign he wasn't going to take it anymore. He needed to bust some skulls… But then again, he had some restraint left that kept him from blowing stuff up…

Jeff inspected the door closely. "It is kind of strange that there isn't much more than a simple door in here," he noted. "…Should we knock on the door? I remember that the Mr. Saturn said something about waiting 30 seconds in front of i-"

The "w" word was too much to bear. A war cry howled louder than the crashing water behind it, and Jeff instinctively stepped aside as a flying fist flew over his head, colliding very hard against the door and promptly sent it flying back inside on the other side. The children then saw a very anxious Lucario growling like a mad animal as he rushed inside and immediately alerted the entire stronghold about their presence. The chosen children weren't even looking inside to see the loud explosions suddenly booming out and causing several quakes. They could see the blue glow from the explosions shining out from the broken entrance, even, accompanied by the Aura Pokémon's loud screams demanding, "WHERE IS MY TRAINER?! WHERE?! TELL ME WHERE! GUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!"

"…One second," Jeff broke the silence from the outside as he and the others took a peek from the entrance. "He couldn't even bother to wait one second to enter discretely."

"That puts an end to our plan to sneak inside," Poo noted, looking a tad disappointed.

"…Hey, we gotta rush in to save those big-nosed freaks before Lucario squashes their noses for me!" Ness said. He received three odd looks from his party. "Don't judge me. I won't live that down." Poo was politely enough to avoid making a snide remark about Onettians as he and his party moved inside the smoking factory; previously a normal hidden factory that had no smoke and the repeated quakes caused by explosions from a deranged creature…

Belch's Factory

Unfounded Revenge / Smashing Song of Praise

The factory had become an extreme mess of smoke, screams, roars, and explosions, making it really hard for the children to move about without bumping into something such as walls, running Mr. Saturns helplessly trying to locate an exit or wondering why everything was going BOOM, and other enemies that used to patrol the hidden location. For the same reason it was hard to find the factory using supernatural powers, Paula and Poo couldn't use their telekinesis skill to find their captive member somewhere in their immediate surroundings. Everyone in the factory was blind in any sense they tried to rely on, and it looked like the roars became louder and louder.

Oddly enough, there were jars of some kind of honey broken around the floor. The color of the nectar looked a little familiar to Ness, but his attention was entirely focused on the chaos.

"He's so going to level the entire place at this rate!" Ness yelled as they came to stop to look around through the smoke. Jeff started to cough a lot and tried to cover his mouth from inhaling too much smoke. "There's just too much smoke to see anything through here! How are we supposed to get through all this chaos?!" He felt his right hand being grabbed on from behind. Turning around, he saw Paula holding his hand, with Jeff and Poo forming a longer chain. "What's with the holding hands part?"

"The last thing we want is to separate inside this place ready to fall down at any second. It's better that we go forward together while holding hands to avoid running into problems without company," Paula said. "We have to move in quickly. He may accidentally end up hurting Chris during his blind rage!"

"Y-yes, we have to keep going!" Jeff said.

"Or not. Someone has stumbled upon our way," Poo pointed out.

The four children looked to the front and spotted Sonic coming out from the smoke, looking scared that everything was going down to hell in a blink of an eye. He was also frustrated that he couldn't find a right path to rush forward at top speed. Yet, he couldn't risk running into…whatever the hell that monster was that was wreaking havoc and causing massive hysteria. "W-what the hell is going on in here?!" he asked loudly to the direction where he came from, hoping someone from his side listened. "How did we even get into this problem?! Nobody told me it was gonna happen!"

"H-hey, you!" Ness called out to the dark hedgehog, getting his attention and earning a surprised gasp. "Y-you totally look like a bad guy, with that dark aura thing and all! Tell us where you have Chris!"

"H-how the…?! You children got in here?!" Sonic asked back, before glaring. "So you're the ones who started this big mess in our hideout! Never thought you were capable of doing all this damage so quickly, and I should know about quick stuff!"

"In a sense, we did not cause this mess," Poo said blankly. "You brought this upon yourself for fooling around with my group and their extra member. He is quite…shall we say, in a bad mood for you kidnapping his close friend."

"Who cares about that stuff? You kids need to get outta here, or else I'm gonna kick you all out myself!" he said with a cocky grin, regaining his cocky composure.

"As if!" Paula shot back. "You've been terrorizing the Mr. Saturns for far too long! We're going to put a stop to this mad plan today!"

"TRY IT!" Sonic yelled, curling into a ball that spun on its place. The children, having never met the hedgehog before, were quite shocked when he shot himself almost like a bullet right at them, but fortunately, Paula had jumped aside while still holding a tight grip on Ness's hand, which resulted in her dragging Jeff and Poo aside to the floor as well. Jeff barely slipped on his feet when it happened, but the children didn't let go of their hands as they looked back at the smoke hole that the hedgehog left behind during his Homing Attack.

"Goodness… His speed is too high!" Jeff noted.

"That should explain why he flashed that maniacal grin of his at the start," Poo said. "…Quite a shame that he didn't notice the edge of the floor leading to a deep abyss."

The smoke cleared out on the spot where Sonic had shot himself into, revealing that there was a handrail that kept people from walking into an abyss on the other side. Sonic had unwillingly jumped to his death, given that they heard him screaming a very long profane word they weren't ready to say anytime soon. After screaming that word, they heard him screaming, "STUPID HOLE! MY WORST ENEMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyy..."

"Oh, classic smoke effect," Ness said. "I'm as slow as molasses. I would've been mincemeat for that guy if it hadn't been for you, Paula."

"Perish the thought. We would've fallen into that abyss if he had struck us directly," Paula said.

"T-that's nice, you guys, but let's move on! We're losing a lot of time trying to find Chris!" Jeff said.

The children continued moving to what appeared to be the northwest direction, carefully avoiding lots of hazards like falling debris and cracked floor, until they found someone else standing in the middle of a small, metallic clearing. "Can't you bozos try to do things right?!" Wolf complained at no one in particular behind the thick smoke. "I can still hear the monster growling and breaking our collective asses! Why can't anybody get a hold of it?!"

The children, except for Poo, were a tad intimidated at the taller figure dressed up like a leader of a biker gang and its attack dog fused into his body. Ness had fought a gang leader before, but he wasn't as scary as the humanoid wolf in front of them. "I'd advise you to stay out of his way if you value your life," Poo called out, making the lupine turn around and grimace at the children. "Seriously. He will no doubt maul you alive if he were to spot you."

"W-who the hell are…? Wait, you're those children that humongous pile of puke was frightened about. There's that Ness kid with you," Wolf said, eyeing Ness and giving him a chill in his spine. "Huh, so the kid walks right into our hideout without a fight…"

"W-well, except for our guard dog totaling your base!" Ness shot back. "And what's up with a creepy guy like you, trying to kidnap me through those Mr. Saturns?! Pedophile much?!"

Wolf grunted and flexed his claws. "Don't care what you think about us. Our orders is to eliminate you, and anyone else who tries to interfere with the mission. With you gone, it'll be one less nuisance for Lord Tabuu to deal with," he said.

"Why is it that EVERYONE wants to kill me? What did I do wrong in accepting this long perilous journey full with danger and hardships? Do people just HATE that a lot?" Ness asked loudly to everyone. "Why don't people focus a lot more on Jeff?"

Jeff felt a lot of fright when Wolf turned his way. "N-Ness, don't you pit the hatred everyone has on you ON me! You know I'm not really that tough!" he said.

"Grr, shut up, all of you!" Wolf barked, leaping forward to the children. "There's too much noise in here, and I'd rather get rid of you all to finish this thing, no matter if this place comes crashing down on my back!"

"S-scatter!" Paula yelled as she let go of their hands. The four children spread all over the clearing and avoided a claw stomp from the aggravated lupine. Despite being riled up by the situation, Wolf was clearly focused on their targets, as he did a sharp turn once he had landed on the floor. He was fully intent in taking Ness down as he charged straight for him without missing a beat.

"FURRED PEDOPHILE WANTS MY BUTT!" Ness shrieked as he looked over his shoulder and saw his assassin quickly catching up to him.

Poo overheard the scream and quickly acted by casting a skill directed at Wolf's leaping feet. "PK Freeze!" he shouted with open palms toward the lupine.

Midway towards Ness, Wolf felt a chilling air circling around his feet, until said wind concentrated so much that his legs were frozen solid in thick ice. He yelped as he slid on the floor and tripped recklessly, growling in pain when his chin hit solid ground. To his great chagrin, Paula had followed with PK Thunder alpha, striking Wolf's back twice with lightning bolts that tore the smoke cloud above. His increasing anger got only worse when Jeff attacked (out of massive panic) with his gun by firing a dozen of shots wildly, though about a half homed in.

"D-damned kids! No wonder you need to freakin' die!" Wolf grunted loudly, banging his frozen feet on the floor to shatter the ice and break himself free. When he was able to do that, he rolled aside and managed to stand back up…only to find that the children were gone from sight. He gasped and looked around to see if they had planned an ambush, but it was difficult to hear anything with the roars and explosions, just as how the naked eye was useless due to the smoke. It took a few seconds of recon for Wolf to realize the children snuck away while he was down. "Y-you lousy little…! Come back here!" he shouted as he ran to the east into the smoke cloud, thinking that was the direction they headed to. "I refuse to go down without a fight!"

Further up ahead, the four children frantically ran in hopes to find Chris and get away from their pursuer. Ness did not want to cross Wolf again, and he was feeling a tad embarrassed that he had showed his scared side. What his other friends didn't realize, at least until now, was that Ness had been putting up a brave front to keep enemies from picking on him. Having PSI had boosted his ego a lot, but now, he was feeling a little unsure about the whole deal after hearing repeated death threats tossed at him from other enemies he wasn't aware of. "I-I swear to god, why must the entire world be against us?!" Ness asked loudly.

"Because, Ness, it is out fate to do battle against Giygas and anyone else that tries to interfere with our pure goal," Poo said, running next to the Onett boy. "Your normal life's days have ended now that you have been blessed with PSI powers. Now you must use them for the greater good."

"W-well, screw destiny! I think it's a little unfair for children like us to take all this with a straight face!" Ness yelled. "I thought it wouldn't be that much of a deal when I got PSI, but… Dammit, this is too much! I don't know if this is the right thing for me to do!"

"Ness, don't you dare complain about it now!" Paula scolded. "Do you really think you're the only one who thought about that? It wasn't easy for me to take it all in when I found out!"

Ness came to a stop, making everyone else do the same. Jeff was thankful that they gained a moment to rest behind a wall, away from the not-lung-friendly smoke. Jeff kept looking back and forth to the smoke and to his group, while Poo cordially let the other two while keeping watch from the enemies. "What?" Ness asked, staring wide-eyed at Paula.

"I… I got scared when I first got PSI," the girl said, looking serious. The boy noticed that her hands were shaking slightly when she put them over her chest "It was when I was five, while I was trying to reach out for a cookie jar from the kitchen table… I know, it is silly how I found out, but it had been a life-changing event when the jar suddenly moved to me out of the blue. When I saw it moving, I panicked and the jar went flying and crashed on the wall. After I told my parents what happened, they believed me, because they saw the jar flying across the kitchen when I was there. They were both really worried about what I did since they never done it before... Every day, I tried to avoid using my hands to reach out for stuff unless they were right in front of me. I was very scared of my own hands, Ness!"

"O-oh…" Ness flinched and looked down at the floor. "I just recently learned about my gift so I never thought that much about it as a scary thing… Wait, your story doesn't relate that much to mine." He stared back up to her. "I'm scared about being killed by monsters. You were scared of your PSI…"

Paula looked angry. "How do you think I felt when I had been kidnapped by people in blue sheets and tossed in a cell away from my home?" she asked. At that, Ness felt silent. "I wasn't deaf. They were clearly trying to sacrifice me to a statue, and they didn't care I was just a girl, Ness. I was really, really scared that one time that I kept trying to contact the closest member of our group when I recalled that dream about our destiny…" And then, she started sniffing. "S-so when I picked you up…I fought back my tears and held on to hope that I'd be saved… That I'd avoid being killed over nothing… When that happened and you finally located me, everything started to fall into place to me, you know? 'Paula, there was a reason why you had a gift like that,' I'd tell myself while you were at work trying to put an end to that crazed cult…" She wiped her tears and forced a smile. "I'd be completely lost if I had taken this journey all alone…and just being with others…it makes everything much easier to tolerate… It's incredible all this came out from me when I heard you complain about it a moment ago, but things have taken a turn for the worst in this place. I was trying to keep a cool mind…"

Ness scratched his hat and looked guilty. "Oh, Paula. I-I didn't know… I was just venting off, that's all…"

"Regardless, she needed to let that out as well. It is not an easy thing to live with when you haven't been trained to use the gift of PSI as I have," Poo chimed in. "The emotional turmoil that comes with using the gift is great and many times stressing. The monks have taught me that such negative influence can be remedied with the passage of time with others who can understand your feelings. So, Ness, I recommend that you never fall into insanity. Instead, fight back said insanity with your powers, and we shall respond together."

Jeff turned around and nodded. "I-I can't really say much about PSI. You all know I lack that special gift… I completely understand how it feels like to be in the face of danger, and I've gotten used to it thanks to you. That's how I know my cowardice won't keep me from fighting back. Ness, I know I'm putting a lot on your shoulders, but…try to be brave. I want to draw some courage out of you. I sadly feel that I still need more experience to develop well…"

The Onett boy took a moment to organize his thoughts. He had to stop that, however, when the possessed Wolf showed up from the smoke and smirked at them. Jeff realistically screamed and backed off. "Here you are! Time to claw those faces out!" he yelled and wasted no time by leaping forward and stretching his clawed hands at his main target.

Putting up the brave face he was used to, Ness's hands glowed with PSI energy and he exerted enough unseen force to trap the lupine in midair, just a feet short of his claws touching the boy's skin. Wolf was unable to even grimace due to the psychic force keeping him still in every budging flesh of his body. Luckily and unluckily for him, the moment of stillness was rather short once Ness swung his hands to the left and slammed him on the wall. Wolf let out a howl of pain, regaining control on his body and falling back on the floor, but this time incapacitated. "You're…a real…pain…" muttered Wolf.

"PK Freeze!" Poo suddenly shouted and performed the same move from before, trapping Wolf's arms and legs to the floor in thick ice. "There. We must continue moving forward to find your friend. Time is running short… I can't hear the roars any longer."

The other three children quickly noticed that the roars of fury had stopped so suddenly. The silence of that part of the chaos meant two things to them: it could mean that Lucario had found Chris, or something unexpected happened. Whatever it was, they needed to move quickly. "Y-you don't suppose he found him after all?" Jeff asked.

"Maybe, or it could mean something really bad… I'm really worried, everyone. We mustn't stop here!" Paula said. She looked back at Ness. "Ness, are you okay now?"

"Yeah…" Ness said, looking down at Wolf snarling wildly at him. "…You're right. I have you guys to keep myself together. I won't let these second thoughts stop me now, unless I have a super near-death experience."

"Come on. Your friend will have just that and more should we stay idle any longer," Poo advised. The others nodded at him and then took off running further east, leaving a cursing Wolf behind who tried to break free from the ice to no avail…

Five minutes ago…

Cell Room

The loud protests from the Aura Pokémon startled everyone in the factory. The roars snapped Chris out of his sniffles and Roy from his resting spot on the floor. Both were very alarmed once the explosions and quakes started going off as soon as the growls echoed. "W-what the hell?" Roy spoke loudly as he looked at the door and saw bright flashes of blue and red. "Why is this place suddenly exploding? No, wait, what the hell are those roars?!"

"(L-Lucario?! Oh my dear goodness… H-he found this place after all!)" Chris thought, both shocked and feeling slightly better. He felt a little better knowing Lucario managed to break into the factory, but not a lot better due to how he had entered with guns blazing, because the quakes and roars did not stop coming once they started. It was even worse for Chris due to how his cage was attached to the ceiling, transmitting the earthly shakes to the chain and forcing his confinement to dangle to the sides without his consent. "(Bleh… I'm feeling sick in here… I worried too much…)"

The possessed Roy opened the door and tried to look outside, only to find a thick smoke cloud covering several areas of the factory. From within those clouds, he saw the quakes caused by blue spheres that blew out into massive explosions, severely causing collateral damage. To his luck, the explosions were coming from afar, but if he was right about it, the source was surely going to get to him before long. "Ugh, this has to be some sort of big joke! How on Pharae are we being attacked so badly like this in this world?!" he asked to himself. "Lord Tabuu never said Ness was this strong!"

Chris overheard the swordsman's complaints from where he was. "(Well, that's because it's not Ness but Lucario…)" he thought.

Roy suddenly ducked out of the way when a foreign object, engulfed in blue flames of aura, came blasting towards the room and crashed on the other side of the wall, causing a minor quake in the room. Startled from the object crashing so hard on the wall, Chris turned to the direction of the object and gasped when he saw the possessed Pichu knocked out cold and upside-down while lodged onto the thick wall of steel. He actually was knocked out cold after uttering, "M-m-m-monster… S-s-s-s-so very…strong… F-f-f-flee…"

The swordsman blinked in utter shock at his fallen companion showing a bloated, swollen lump on top of his head…but not as much as shocked when Roy saw Pichu's body cleansing itself from the dark aura that used to control his free will. Even Chris couldn't believe that the dark aura was dissipating from the Pokémon's body before his eyes. "W-what?! L-Lord Tabuu's Shadow Bugs are…! T-they're leaving his body! This has to be a nightmare!" Roy exclaimed.

"(H-holy crap…)" The boy-turned-teen muttered mentally when he saw Pichu's body perfectly cleansed from the dark aura. He cringed when he saw the swollen lump, though. It looked like it was about to bleed out from being so swollen from whatever hit Pichu had tried to endure. No doubt it came from Lucario, Chris thought.

While Chris was left to deal with seeing the downed body, Roy saw Master Belch slithering into the room, looking quite panicked. "BURP, what is going on, BURP?! Why is my factory BURP falling apart BURP by a monster BURP?!" he asked while burping the swordsman. "Can't your friends do BURP something to stop this BURP?!"

Roy pinched his nose, being the main target of the disgusting puke monster's stench-filled words. "W-we're getting annihilated here! That monster even got Pichu and knocked him out of the Shadow Bugs!" he said, pointing at Pichu still lodged on the wall. "We weren't expecting something like this to happen! Lord Tabuu just told us to get rid of Ness and didn't say anything about a monster of mass destruction inhabiting this world!"

"You guys are BUUUUUURP useless," Belch complained, looking angry and reevaluating why he let them join his side.

The swordsman glared back. "Says the massive load of puke who can't defend his own factory!" he shot back.

"You are right. I am but BUUUURRRP a massive load of puke. I cannot BURP defend my BURP factory alone. That is BUUUURP why I am asking for help BUUUURP to you, the valiant BURP swordsman who can put an end BUUUURP to this madness. And you will BUUUURP fight back for the BURP good of the mission you have BUUURP been sent to BURP accomplish," Belch said in his own version of a benevolent speech, all mangled up by his tone of voice, constant burping, and grotesque face gestures.

"…You're just trying to get out of doing the dirty work while trying to confess how useless you are yourself without feeling guilty about it!" Roy complained.

"I would rather BURP say this than really BURP losing my head."

Irony was rather strong that day, for a blue fiery evil Lucario suddenly flying through the open door and tearing it apart from being smacked hard on the face by the monster, who ended up scrapping the top side of Belch's head off from his body. As Roy backed off and screamed when he saw the beheaded lord of the factory, the evil Lucario tumbled on the floor and felt pain all over his body once he came to a stop. He growled in pain and sat up, jerking himself wide awake when he smelled the horrible stench of puke splattered on his face. He quickly wiped the puke off and completely tried to ignore the flinching pain of his arms just for that one occasion.

Roy covered his mouth in disgust at the headless pile of puke (though then again, it was a pile of puke) and couldn't believe the boss of the area was taken down so quickly like that...until the pile simply grew another a slow and graphic way that made Roy lose it for real, forcing him to puke on the back of the room. "I am a pile of BURP puke. I can rebuild my BURP body at will," Belch said, looking slightly fazed after the recovery. He noticed the evil Lucario and went over to talk to him, seeing as Roy fell into a puking fit that Chris wanted to avoid doing himself. "You. Did you get into BURP contact with that monster?"

The evil Lucario cringed at the smell and his own pain. He didn't notice the trail of blood from his mouth was mixing up with the puke stains under his neck. "I-it's…it's another…Lucario… A-another one like me, even!" he said, coughing. "B-but this one… He's not like me at all…!" The confirmation was good to hear for Chris, who silently cheered.

"…Another BURP one like you?" Belch wondered, though he truly couldn't care less about another Lucario. "…And BURP you couldn't subdue him?"

"N-no, that madman is… N-no, I won't admit it! He's not stronger than I am!" the evil Lucario complained, standing back up and twitching madly from the pain. "H-he's just…v-very unhinged…! I can't deal with…with unhinged monsters!"

"So he's BURP stronger than you, then."

"NO!" he yelled angrily, even baring his fangs. He couldn't stand the thought that there were stronger Lucario than himself. "J-just…let me go back in there…a-and I will finish him off for real…!"

"A-are you crazy?" came Roy's voice from the corner of the room. He was regaining some control on his internal liquids. "L-look at yourself! You can barely even wal-oh no, it's coming up again…!" He turned around and knelt down to continue his intolerant health issue.

"…You are ALL BURP USELESS!" Belch complained louder, startling everyone in the room. "Master Giygas BURP is going to get me for screwing this BURP up all because you couldn't BURP contain a single monster even with a BURP majority of people! I can't BURP stand this anymore! I NEED MY FLY HONEY PRODUCTION!"

Roy regained his composure and turned back to the owner of the factory. "Screw that! I don't even want to know why you like such disgusting honey product! We're doing the best we can to fight back, but the thing is, IT'S NOT NESS! It's some other Lucario that…" he trailed off in realization when he had remembered something Sonic had said earlier in the day. "…Didn't Sonic say he saw another Lucario with Ness? Wait, if that's so, then Ness got inside!"

"BURP who cares if he got in?" Belch asked. "He probably BURP got annihilated in those explosions by now. I don't see why we need to BUUURP keep this other kid trapped in that cage any longer."

Chris knew the attention was on him. "(Oh craaaaaap…)" he thought.

"I had it with these BURP children! I want them gone immediately!" the owner of the factory said, going over to a small hidden panel on the wall to the right and pressing it by ramming his own face into it. The panel button caused a slight shaking on the floor, where a large square under the hanging cell opened up and raised some sort of pool filled with green liquid that everyone gazed at. At first, they thought Belch had an acid pool, until a really bad smell filled the air and forced everyone to pinch their noses. Being made of the same material, Belch did not cringe. "Time to deploy my own BURP method to deal with them!"

"(A-a-a pool made out of vomit?!)" Chris thought alarmed as he looked down at the cruel and unusual punishment waiting for him. "(I-I'd probably have preferred an acid pool! O-or maybe not… B-b-but…this?! I mean, w-what the hell in he on?!)"

Roy was absolutely through with the oddness of the universe, as seen when he buried his face on his hands. "Why, oh why am I even witnessing this? What did I accept to do in order to please Lord Tabuu?" he asked himself, grieving his luck.

The evil Lucario didn't care in the slightest about what appeared in the room. Thinking that he could take on the erratic monster once more, he turned for the door and tried running out…only to notice that the sounds of chaos breaking the factory apart came to an abrupt halt, or at least the roars that kept echoing for a long while. Only when Mewtwo came floating inside the room and holding said monster in a tight psychic grip in midair was when the panic had stopped… "Really, this place could have fallen apart if I had not been here," said Mewtwo, his left hand wide open at the monster struggling to get out from his power.

Chris was heartbroken when he saw his Lucario – with chin pointing upward and bangs bared – twitching in place. Not even Mewtwo allowed the Aura Pokémon to open his eyes to look around, but Lucario was able to sense Chris's aura nearby that made him twitch even more in hopes to break free from the psychic grip. Mewtwo, sensing the budging, applied some more power by closing his hand to keep Lucario in place. "(L-Lucario…)"

Roy and the others saw the monster at a safe distance, not believing the fact they saw a second Lucario like their own. "I-I can't believe this. There IS another Lucario in this world of all places?!" Roy said.

"It appears our Lucario was right when he said there was another one," Mewtwo said, eyeing his captive fighter. "…I find it very surprising to find this one wandering this world as well. And to boot, he is exceptionally strong. I can barely keep a firm grip on his body." The evil Lucario examined his assumedly good copy closer, taking careful steps as to avoid irking the monster. "I may have met my match today, but as he is right now, he is nothing but a pure hindrance that caused major collateral damage to this factory. Not to mention…" he trailed off as he saw Pichu lodged on the wall, "…no matter. Pichu was the least productive member of our force. His loss will not be missed."

"H-hey, enough about that!" Roy said. "Why is there another Pokémon around here? What does this even mean?"

Mewtwo thought for a moment. "It is rather unlikely that this Lucario was sent by Master Hand. We never met anyone else other than the one in our group. Otherwise, why would he keep this one stashed away in secret? Let us not forget that this world houses strange phenomena… We can thus surmise that this Lucario just happened to live here, as odd as it sounds," he said before shutting his eyes and taking in a deep breath to relax himself. "Such a wakeup call... G-guh?!"

Things resumed going south once Mewtwo carelessly ignored the fact that the room was starting to become really stinky due to the ginormous pool of contained vomit in the center. He near-almost lost his focus when he took that suicidal deep breath. Fortunately for Mewtwo, he managed to stay awake. Unfortunately for his glowing psychic hand, it lost focus on the wild Lucario and released him. His body was quick to catch blue fiery aura all over again, and the ensuing roar sent a forceful wind that pushed everyone to the walls. The cage in which Chris was trapped dangled to the back as a result of the wind, which set him off by yelling.

That yell was enough for the really rabid Lucario to blink once and call off the intense aura covering his body. Calmness came back to him when he heard that familiar voice ringing in his ears once more, and he stared up at the cage where his trainer was. Seeing Chris shivering in the cage made Lucario gasp and regain his consciousness. "C-Chris!" Lucario yelled.

The startled boy opened his eyes and looked back down, where his Lucario stood oblivious to the other villains cringing in pain at the sudden back-slamming to the walls. "L-Lucario! Oh, thank goodness you're here!" Chris cried tears of joy, until he recalled where he was. "GET ME OUT OF THIS CAGE! I DON'T WANT TO SINK IN THAT PILE OF VOMIT DOWN THERE!"

His trainer's firm order spoken out loud, Lucario looked serious and performed a large leap to the cage's top side, where he grabbed the chain with one hand and easily tore it off from the ceiling while Chris latched himself to the bars to hold himself from the landing back to the floor. The cage bumped on the safe floor behind the pool, and Lucario climbed down from the top to stand in front of his trainer behind the bars. Those bars were the last things keeping them both apart, and Lucario's hands were not going to let them stay vertically upright once they held the bars and crushed them in impossibly-tight grips. Pulling the bars to the back, Lucario braced himself when his trainer cried and leapt to his waist for a tight hug he returned in earnest. "Chris…! I-I'm here…"

"L-Lucario! T-thank you, thank you so much!" Chris cried, his face buried on his Lucario's fur. "I-I-I thought I was really done for…"

Lucario shut his eyes and let a few tears leak out from them. He sensed his trainer's aura brimming with happiness; an emotion that put Lucario at ease. "You will never die as long as I'm around, Chris…" he muttered under his breath. "If anyone even tries to harm you…they will pay with their pain."

Chris smiled and looked aside, his left cheek still brushing Lucario's fur. The boy felt emotionally touched and convinced about his choice of words. "You're…you're my hero, Lucario… Thank you…" he muttered, yelping when Lucario growled happily, raised him by the sides, and started cheek-rubbing his trainer, much to Chris's delight and surprise. "H-hey, stop! Y-you're tickling me!" Chris giggled, completely overpowered by his guardian.

"U-useless…fools…all of you!"

The two stopped rubbing their cheeks and quickly looked to the back to see a rather angry Mewtwo pushing himself up from the floor, albeit floating. He glared daggers at the two before directing his gaze to his team. Lucario went back to his red-eyed glare and kept a tight grip on his trainer's side to avoid losing his side, while Chris wrapped his arms around Lucario's waist. "O-oh no, I forgot we're still not out of this mess!" Chris lamented.

Mewtwo glared at Belch, who recoiled back in fear. "That sickening pool of gastric liquids… This and your whole being are why I always thought you were a colossal fool…" he muttered under his breath, making sure he wasn't taking another deep breath by psychically plugging his nose. "Have you no shame for making me lose it this way?"

"I-I wasn't BURP trying to hinder you at BURP all!" Belch quivered.

"SILENCE!" Mewtwo scolded harshly while approaching in front of the door, going so far as to sending a psychic wave that pushed Belch on the wall, splatting all over it but barely surviving. The bits of vomit that remained behind quickly tried to recover from the damage by merging back together, though only a small face of the factory's owner tried hard to grow bigger again.

Mewtwo was too much frustrated to think and focus that he was pushed back by the door suddenly exploding on his side. The explosion was caused by several blinding lights that converged and burst multiple times; an attack most people wouldn't comprehend. The force of the explosion, much to his complete dislike, launched Mewtwo across to the center of the room where his body became numb when it dove inside the vomit pool. It would be safe to say that the psychic lost all senses once he fell inside, and he wouldn't be able to wake up unless he was dragged out from it.

From the blasted door, the other four children came rushing in, with a tired Jeff coming for last. "W-we're here!" Ness said.

They noticed the state of the room. A teenager with a dark aura was staring all wide-eyed from the left, a pile of vomit with a face was slowly regenerating next to him, from the north of the room both Chris and Lucario were staring wide-eyed with the cage hiding the fainted Pichu on the back, and in the center was the pool of vomit, where they spotted a dark aura tail pointing upwards...and seemingly twitching until it went numb and sunk…

"…I'm not surprised by what happened in here," Paula broke the silence.

"…Oh, oh!" Belch suddenly noticed Ness and moved forward. "You have come BURP at last, Ne-" His nose suddenly went wild when he found an exquisite smell in the air. Ness was seen carrying the Jar of Fly Honey, and it was leaking its contents through a hole. The smell of the small leak made the children pinch their noses.

The boy cringed and set the jar down. "Ugh, this jar has been occupying my stuff for a while, and now it broke after I tripped. I don't see how this is gonna help us in anything so I'm gonna put it away," Ness said.

Belch was looking at that succulent honey leaking. His mind raced with many thoughts about how he should enjoy the meal presented indirectly to him in ways that no one could imagine. The world meant nothing to him with that fly honey polluting the air. He didn't hear anyone talking to him if he was wrong; that anyone being Roy. Oh, to bathe himself in a bath full of fly honey. Belch was very giddy and happy that he let anyone do anything to him, which of course would be a really bad thing, because that meant he wouldn't get to enjoy that jar and its gooey liquid. No, he needed that fly honey as a way to relieve himself from the stress of having to repair the absolutely wrecked factory. Why even repair the factory when he could indulge himself in that fly honey? He just needed one sip to taste heaven incarnate, and everything in the world would be fine for him. Yes, that jar was asking for him to take it. Yes, only he could unleash the taste his other comrades couldn't hope to unleash with their meager, third-rate tongues. Belch just needed to get over there and claim his prize…and everything would be over for the epic life of a living pile of majestic vomit.

Needless to say, he went splat by a PK Thunder blow Poo called forth, and Belch was no more in the world. The Jar of Fly Honey went unloved.

Music stops

Roy was taking it really hard to comprehend what went wrong in his first mission with a large entourage of people. He didn't know what happened to Sonic and Wolf, Pichu had been knocked out silly and out cold, the strongest member Mewtwo was sadly put out of commission because of Belch's really unorthodox methods in dealing with captive people…and he just noticed their Lucario was long gone inside the same pool of vomit (having been pushed by the big Lucario's scream) seeing as the jackal's straight ears were sticking out from one side. The only good news was Belch's exciting demise…

The swordsman felt the gazes of six people in the room. Either he could escape or fight stubbornly and risk complete defeat. He chose the first one by snapping his fingers and calling forth dark portals that retrieved every single fallen member of his team within the factory area. Grimacing hard, he told the group, "Y-you better watch out next time! We won't be defeated like this ever again, you hear me?!" right before his head sunk into the portal. The group gasped when they saw the evil group no more…along with the pool of vomit that had been hastily taken away to make it faster and easier to retrieve the fallen members.

A moment of silence came afterwards, giving the group some time to relax and get it together. The children were all relieved to see Chris alive and well once they rushed over to see him. "Chris! Thank goodness you're okay!" Ness said. "You made it out just fine… I thought for a moment they tried to torture you or… Well, you know…"

Chris stopped clinging to Lucario and forced a smile at them. "W-what happened is a thing of the past I'll never want to think about too much… Still…" He looked at them all and looked earnestly happy. "T-thank you… I…I have never felt so happy to have so many people trying to rescue me from certain death… You don't know how many times I want to thank you for doing this for me."

Poo bowed cordially. "The invisible bonds that people create truly make individuals remain together through the harshest of times. I am proud of us for proving that theory right," he said.

The teen-turned-boy stared long at Poo. "Er… You are..."

"Poo; one of the chosen four," the boy said. "I came here to give Ness a helping hand in fighting the Subspace Army for this one occasion. I had to put my training on hold to do this…" He stared at Lucario. "…Perhaps I was a little rash in making this decision for other reasons. Nonetheless, it was a good experience to lend my aid to my comrades, and I am glad that you outlived the madness of this factory." He bowed again.

Chris felt a little touched to hear that. "O-oh, it's so nice to meet you…and for helping the cause," he said.

Jeff chuckled. "We did a good job after all, despite the big odds stacked against us. I was very afraid we were going to die trying to get here for several moments!" he said.

"That's over with," Paula said nodding. "All that's left to do is check the factory thoroughly to set the kidnapped Mr. Saturn free to end this ordeal for good."

Lucario scoffed. "You do that. I will probably toss a fit if I see those infernal creatures again," he said.

Ness looked annoyed. "Hey, they were trying to kidnap me, not Chris. If anyone has some beef against them, it's me. Let me sort things out with them and just pretend this never happened. You DID almost destroy their home with that chaotic fit you tossed hours ago! They need some space," he said.

Lucario saw Chris's bewildered face looking at him, and the first sweated a few bullets. "You did what?" Chris asked, his voice somewhat silent but stern.

"…T-they deserved some punishment!" Lucario said in his defense. "E-even if I wasn't really trying to kill them all before I found out what they did to you!"

The boy shrugged. "Please, no more killing talk. I don't want to see you hurting someone else for the rest of the time we're here…"

"I…" Lucario didn't want to make his trainer feel much worse after everything that happened in the day. "…I understand."

"…And no glares at the Mr. Saturns, either," Chris added. He saw Lucario's cringing look until he sighed and nodded in understanding. The Aura Pokémon thought that the favor was too much to ask, though.

"…Yeah, so!" Ness clapped his hands. "Anyone else wants to do something productive in this wrecked factory like exploring it for some clues and free items?"

Paula felt her feet shaking all of a sudden, until she noticed everyone else was affected by the floor shaking. "A-a tremor!" she yelped.

A small tremor caused them to gasp and look around frantically, until Poo pointed at the wall in front of the entrance of the room. The wall was starting to fall apart; its steel plates dislodging and separating. The group distanced themselves from the falling wall until, after dodging the debris and letting the dust clear out, found out that there was a tunnel on the other side of the obstruction… "H-hey… That's a pretty wide tunnel right there," Jeff noted.

"…So that's what Mewtwo was talking about when he said this room was inadequate…" Chris muttered under his breath. A closer look at the tunnel they saw shed some light further up ahead, making it clear as day that it could have been used as a getaway route to wherever it led to…

More importantly was the fact an unconscious yellow body with a bloated lump on its head rolled all the way to their feet and came to a halt. "Hey… Look at that creature," Ness said blankly. "Where did that come from?"

"P-Pichu…" Chris stuttered when he remembered what had happened to the creature. "I-I saw him getting blown into this room when there were explosions in the factory, a-and then he got knocked out when he crashed into the wall. He was with those guys…"

"You mean he was with the bad guys? …Oh, now I see what we can do with him," the Onett boy said while taking out his baseball bat and smacking it twice on his palm. "Time to make it squeal some dark secrets."

"Ness, we're not going to interrogate the poor thing with torture!" Paula scolded. Ness put away his bat and grimaced.

"I think it's fine for now… He used to have that dark aura until it went away when he got knocked out," Chris said. "That dark aura you saw on those guys was brainwashing them all. They would probably never behave like that if it wasn't for that aura."

"Dark aura…" Lucario muttered. "I just saw that aura when I rescued you. I didn't see it before when I entered."

"Probably because you were too busy causing chaos and destruction," Poo noted. "You were blinded by rage. It is pure luck that we survived the obliteration of this hideout."

"I-I was just trying to…" Lucario looked concerned at Chris.

"It is fine… All that matters is that you successfully rescued him with no casualties on our side. I do recommend you to keep a close check on your emotions for next time," Poo advised the Aura Pokémon, seeing Lucario in deep thought when he lost it several moments ago. Giving Lucario time to reflect, Poo looked down at Pichu. "It is your call what you want to do with this creature."

"…" Chris was afraid that Pichu could actually still be possessed. But the rodent looked pretty beat up, making it hard for them to consider if he was faking it. "…I think I'm going to take him with us. He was part of team we joined."

"Really? He was with you?" Ness asked, really vaguely seeing Pichu before in the past. "Does that mean those other guys were with you before?"

"W-well, we never met, but they used to be with the team. I'm sure our boss is going to be happy that we retrieved Pichu from this world," the boy said, bending down and picking Pichu on his arms. "This should be the right thing to do…"

"If that's what you want to do, go ahead," Paula said. "With Lucario by your side, it should be pretty safe to take that creature, right?"

Chris looked and nodded at Lucario. "Yes…"

Jeff looked at the tunnel up ahead and he talked to the others. "Say, why don't we see where this tunnel leads to? I have an inkling we'll find something important at the other end if the bad guys really wanted to keep it secret," he suggested. "We can come back to check this factory after we see where it goes."

"An enlightening suggestion. Let us proceed," Poo agreed. Looking back one last time at the claustrophobic factory, the group departed from the room and entered the long, winding tunnel, wondering what place the exit was going to be like. Sensing his trainer shivering at the memory of what happened at the factory, Lucario kept him close and became much more alert of anything else that could happen. He was never going to repeat the same incident ever again…

Once the group reached the exit of the tunnel, they had to push some boulders back to step out. The light was coming from some small gaps. After clearing the way out and stepping outside to breathe fresh air, Ness stared in disbelief at a familiar hot spring to their left. "Seriously?!" he asked loudly.

Saturn Valley

The group found themselves back in Saturn Valley, specifically right next to the drugged hot spring that kick-started the whole problem with rescuing Chris from the enemy army. The children were bewildered that they could have gotten to the factory by simply using the tunnel behind their backs rather than taking the long way through the falls. Chris was even more bewildered when he stared at the messed up state the valley was due to Lucario's howls of fury wrecking the cliffs and gave him a grimace that made Lucario hang his head down in shame.

"Unbelievable," Paula said when she looked back at the tunnel and then at the valley. "So this may have been one easy for us to rescue Chris."

Ness sighed. "Yup, we have the worst of luck ever… This really sucks," he muttered, sitting down and embracing his knees in solace.

Lucario tried one more time to see if he could pinpoint the factory using his sixth sense, and this time he was able to see that location clearly with nothing to fool his sight. Perhaps the invisible veil covering that place was caused by the presence of the enemies, he thought. He was very glad that he wasn't going insane with his emotions to find Chris, thinking that they had clouded his sight. "It's…all in the past, like we've said before," Lucario said. "Everything turned out okay."

Chris's smile wasn't forced. He felt happy anyway. "We should be glad that we managed to defeat the enemy, even if that involved me experiencing the worst…" He looked down at himself and recalled that he was stuck as a boy. "This…boy illness I have just won't go away, though. It's been some time and it hasn't left yet. It's about time that I just…give up and restart my childhood all over."

Poo turned to face the boy and took his time staring deeply into him. "…This body of yours is fake, isn't it?" he asked Chris, who looked surprised. "Your essence doesn't truly fit its shape. It is as if you had been afflicted by a strange spell that reverted your body into this…" Poo came closer to Chris, the latter feeling uncomfortable at the beady eyes staring deeply into his soul. Poo then stepped back and made his hands glow with PSI energy. "Hold still now…"

The boy started to sweat in horror at what was going to happen, and Lucario couldn't prevent what happened next after Chris managed to say, "W-wait, what are you going to do to m-?!"

"PSI Healing!" Poo shouted and opened his PSI-energized palms to the boy, sending a cooling wave out that covered the boy's body completely in a blue shade.

And with a simply poof of smoke, the boy version of Chris was replaced with the rightful teenage version that he used to be before he had been turned into the boy from that Subspace Bomb.

Lucario and the others watched on in shock at the turn of events just as how a speechless Chris stood there stupefied of what took place just now, until he looked down at the floor being a little farther away from his head. He started to look and feel his body with his hands, with a twitching smile slowly creeping up when he started to believe it did happen to him. From the spur of the moment, he let go of Pichu's downed body on a patch of grass. "M-my teenage appearance!" Chris rejoiced, joining his hands on his chest and hopping on the spot. "I-I got it back! I-I really got my appearance back! Oh, thank you so much, Poo! I was fearing trying to explain the change to my parents if they ever found out!" Poo politely bowed in gratitude.

Ness and Paula were more shocked to see the teenage Chris than Jeff. "S-so Poo can age up people at will?" Ness asked.

Paula looked bored at him. "No, Ness. He used PSI Healing alpha to restore Chris's body to his former appearance… Wait a minute, you also have the same ability with you, don't you, Ness?" she asked.

"Huh… Oh yeah, I do have it in my repertoire," Ness said.

Chris looked a tad angry at Ness. "Y-you mean I could've been restored to my normal body from the moment we met?" he asked in a complaining tone.

"Hey! I didn't know PSI Healing could restore people's bodies like this! Don't you blame me for not knowing that convenient effect!"

"At ease, you two," Poo said with all the peace in the world. "What I just did was simply me testing a theory out. I did not know either if the spell could revert him back but I wanted to give it a try. I am glad I was able to help Chris with his age dilemma."

"O-oh! Yes, I'm really grateful you tested that theory out, then! By all means, I'm happy you did," Chris said. He looked at the clothes he wore, seemingly having stretched out with his former body shape.

Lucario smiled. "Me too. It should make it easier for him to relax now… You have my gratitude," he told the Dalaam boy. "I can stop worrying about him fretting over that issue. It's a shame I won't get to see him in his childhood any longer, though…"

Chris forced a smile to the aura wielder. "I also wish you've been there in my childhood, Lucario, but it's better off this way to keep my parents from really losing their heads…me included," he said, earning a happy growl from Lucario. The other children shared glances and chuckled, feeling happy that everything turned out well in the end.

"Congratulations for a job well done, everyone!" said a booming voice that rung in everyone's heads and made them yelp in shock. "Please, children. Don't be so scared. It is I, Master Hand, Chris and Lucario's boss communicating to your minds."

Ness looked up in the sky to find the voice's source but couldn't do so. "W-whoa, who are you, exactly?" he asked as everyone else looked up at the sky as well.

"Not some entity speaking to you from the skies, that's for sure. No need to angle up your chins to find me," Master Hand said. "I am communicating to all of you present in the group to congratulate your efforts for driving the Subspace Army away from Ness and Friends' universe. Now, I can safely put up an anti-Subspace barrier to keep those bad guys from interfering with Ness's adventure. Ness, you can rest easy that those baddies will not try to get your head! You can continue with your personal adventure and never worry about them suddenly barricading the way."

"…Well, that's relieving to hear."

"Yup, it is… As for you, Chris and Lucario, I had some doubts you weren't going to succeed, but I'm happy you proved me wrong and came out victorious! Recruiting you wasn't a waste!" the hand said, sensing the annoyed looks on his subordinates. "Now, now, you two. I'm not undermining your efforts at all. You did so well… Wait a minute… Is that…? Pichu?!" The group at the valley looked down at the Pokémon on the grass, and Chris gasped and picked him back up on his arms. "How the hell did Pichu…?! Y-you know what, never mind. This isn't the time to talk about this HUGE shock I just got sensing his presence next to you all… Chris, Lucario, you have done tremendously well in your first mission, and you have surely unearthed some dark info I want to hear face-to-face to prepare ourselves for our next battles ahead. Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo, you have my gratitude for letting these two assist you in your journey, but I am afraid you will have to part ways with them right now."

Jeff and the others looked sad at the two extra party members. "Y-you're going to take them away? But I did get used to having them around…" he muttered.

"I would love for those two to keep helping you, but other places are in dire need of help from the Subspace Army. I can't risk the worlds falling in disarray just so you children have an easier adventure to solve your personal conflicts. Divide and conquer, as they say."

"I…I knew this was going to happen sooner or later when they informed us about the army," Paula said. "I wish it could've happened much later…"

"Touching, really, but things happen and we must focus on our personal problems. Juuuuust give me a second to open up the portal for these two… SNAP!" That word defined the sound it wanted to make, and as soon as that sound echoed in their minds, a growing portal materialized behind the group until it reached a wide size for anyone tall enough in the group to walk through. The children were shocked and amazed at the strange phenomenon appearing out of the blue, though Chris and Lucario were equally as surprised as they were. "There we go. Ahh, it feels so nice to have less restrictions imposed on you to indulge in another universe! Alright, you two. Say your good byes to the children, because I just know you want to leave on a good note."

The two world travelers were having some mixed feelings as they looked at that portal swirling in midair. Seeing that portal that would put an end to his adventures in the current world, Chris was reflecting on all that went through in his stay. When he turned around, he saw the children looking a tad depressed to see the two go…and that pulled some emotions in him for having spent enough time with all of them to learn how to do an adventure. "I…I guess this is good bye for now, you guys…"

Paula's smile twitched slightly, but she nodded in understanding. "I-it's sad. You have other stuff to do away from this world while we have our own share of problems. I…I wish you two good luck in your adventures," she said, wiping a few tears. "It was so nice to learn there's more people out there looking out for us from far away in other dimensions… We will look out for you, too!"

"Your own existence just proved a lot of unscientific theories scientists in this world created. You should feel proud to be the living proof of it!" Jeff said excitedly, until he composed himself and blushed. "U-um… Y-yes, I feel sad to see you two go as well… You made my reunion with Ness and Paula easier and more secure. I'm happy that I got to know you two first…"

Poo smiled warmly. "You have my thanks for assisting us in keeping this world besieged by Giygas safe. I can predict your future endeavors will be full of hardships and more…" He closed his eyes. "I may have been a little hasty in trying to assist Ness and the others in fighting the enemies you are after. However, I will not forget that making such decision allowed me to meet both of you. A shame that we could not spend more time together…which we shall do when there is a time of peace soon."

Those encouraging words made Chris sniff, and he forgot about the bad stuff that happened to him during that moment of departure. Meeting otherworldly people with special attributes and getting to be friends with them was a huge tear jerking event to him. His leaking tears were proof about how he made a bond with them all. "T-thanks… I don't know how well it'll go for us two from now on. It's so, but so nice to hear you all encouraging us, though…" The teen felt conflicted about what dangers there were going to be in store for him if he chose to continue assisting the team with the really abysmal number of members. His kidnapping was a big strike that made it clear to him that even Lucario – the most powerful Lucario he knew – was not enough for security…but one look at him told Chris that Lucario was never going to let it happen again. They both were rusty in adventuring together despite the fact Lucario looked powerful enough to hold his own.

"Hey, Chris…" Ness spoke up, reminding Chris he hadn't spoken yet. "Listen… When we were rushing to your rescue back there, I got to thinking… This is your first experience in adventuring, right?"

"Oh? Um, yes, it is…" Chris said. "Why do you ask that?"

"…" Ness went over to Chris's side and grabbed with both hands his right hand, making the teen blink twice. "I-I've been putting up this tough face since I started this personal struggle to fight Giygas… You see, having PSI powers boosted my ego a lot when I found out I had those powers. And when I found out that the Subspace Army was going after my head…I got scared…and I remembered how scared I was when that strange alien guy tried to kill me when that fly from the future was with me… You obviously were scared almost all the time we had to fight the baddies."

Chris blushed in embarrassment. "I haven't really gotten used to this fighting thing yet… I wasn't even trying to hide it when I got turned into a boy. I'm still scared about what could happen down the road," he said, making Lucario place his left hand on his trainer's back for some moral support.

"Yeah, I know… So…what I wanted to say to you is…that you should rely on others," Ness said, looking back at Paula, Jeff, and Poo. "Things have gotten nastier the more I travel. It will surely be the same thing to you…but as long as you have people watching your back all the time…" he smiled and nodded at his group before looking up at Chris, "…you will get braver. Slowly but surely, you won't have to be so scared as you keep relying on others. They will have to rely on you, though. What I say is that no matter what happens…just…remember that people look out for you because they care…" He chuckled. "You and Lucario came down here because you cared about me after all even if we didn't know each other, right?"

"…N-Ness…" Chris stuttered, finding a lot of truth in Ness's words. "I…I… Thank you… I can't believe you were going to tell me this…"

Ness let go of Chris's hand and looked a bit peeved. "I-I have a heart too, you know! I-I just wanted to give you some support so it doesn't look like everything's lost!" he shot back.

Paula giggled. "Wow, Ness. You look more mature now that you said that to him. You can be a nice person when you don't want to rip someone's head off…no offense to you, Lucario," she said, earning a grunting sound from Ness and Lucario. Both Jeff and Poo exchanged small laughs at Ness's expense, and so did Chris who felt much better with everyone sharing a nice moment before he would have to leave. If only there was a way to remember the event…

A fanfare suddenly blared off from out of nowhere. From the skies, a spinning man wearing a trademark black top-hat and tuxedo descended with all the serenity of the world, with his camera tightly held between his hands. Somehow landing softly on a patch of perfect grass, the man chuckled loud enough to get everyone's attention. "Pictures taken instantaneously!" he said gleefully. "I'm a photographic genius, if I do say so myself!"

"You again!" Ness said, while Lucario cringed that he couldn't detect the man's aura falling from the sky once.

A moment of silence followed until Paula sighed. "You know what… If we want to remember their departure with something, now's a good time to take a picture, even if we completely forgot about this person…" she said. The others exchanged glances for a moment and shrugged their shoulders, thinking the same thing as Paula.

"Okay, get ready for an instant memory!"

Without further questioning the photographer, the group of children and their otherworldly friends prepared themselves for the group photo, with Jeff, Paula, Ness, and Poo on the front and Chris and Lucario on the back (though Chris put Pichu away just to avoid the implication the group was celebrating beating him up). The photographer nodded gleefully and focused the camera on them all for a farewell photo that would last for a very long time… "Look at the camera… Ready… Say, 'fuzzy pickles'!"

"Fuzzy pickles!" And Ness flashed a peace sign right as the click sound rang…

After the photographer had left by way of spinning up and disappearing in thin air, the two groups were ready to go their separate ways. Chris, in particular, couldn't believe that his first incursion to a new universe came to an end. He felt sad and melancholic looking back at the four children who, in many ways, had helped him instead of the other way around…but then again, the teen admitted that he was still rusty in the ways of traveling through unknown worlds. With Lucario placing his right palm on Chris's back as they passed through the portal, the human reflected on Ness's words that he should rely on others to get used to it…and it would be those words that would help Chris grow more courageous with time, even if it would take a long time for that day to come. The portal received its guests crossing through it, which was the trigger for it to vanish by shrinking and leaving one last glitter of light behind.

The Mr. Saturns were in quite a bind after it was revealed that they had a hand in trying to kidnap Ness with the drugged hot spring trick. They weren't sure if they had to fear Ness or be thankful that the other children saved them. There was a lot of arguments between Ness and Paula, until he finally gave up and let them go…on the condition that they ALL would have to help him with whatever he wanted. The group thought that this was a right (or at least the best) solution if they wanted Ness to stop giving them looks that sent multiple chills to their rather short spines. Jeff wasn't wrong when he thought Ness was going to make them his slaves if the group of children didn't keep an eye on him...

As for Ness's group, Poo told them that he had to depart back to his kingdom, feeling that he wasn't ready for the next trials up ahead (to get his point across, he explained this by letting Ness smack him once, and shockingly, Poo fainted at the first hit). Telling them that he needed to go somewhere with a long straight path, the fourth child tasked them to go back to Threed once they were finished with the My Sanctuary location inside the cave to the right of the one they came out of. After Ness complained about every useful party member deserting them by the second, Paula helped him to calm down on his complaints. Just as he was about to enter the cave nearby, he looked up to the sky and smiled as he recalled the two otherworldly travelers, wishing them good luck in their adventures…and how there was this nagging feeling telling him that he would fight the bigger threat with them soon…

At the end of the Onett boy's adventure, he would receive all the photographs in his mailbox taken by the mysterious photographer… He would turn blue once he found out that, just like the first shot with Chris and Lucario, the second shot had the same smiling ghost floating right above an ill-looking Jeff who had sensed its strange presence nearby. Apparently, since the graveyard, the group was being stalked by the ghost all this time…

"HOLY CRAP," was what Ness would say eventually.



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Welcome to the Smash Mansion

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Chris, Lucario

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6. Welcome to the Smash Mansion

Get to know the base of operations for this bunch of misfits, even if it is a little too empty for comfort…

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Chapter 6: Welcome to the Smash Mansion


That strange feeling of completing a mission that could have ended your life because you didn't think of the consequences of wishing for dimensional travel was alien to the likes of Chris. There was no greater relief knowing he had made it out alive with the help of his previously-pissed off guardian leveling up a hideout in his name. Though Chris didn't like the fact a hideout was blown up in his name, he did like being alive to live another day. Specifically, living somewhere else away from danger was a welcomed idea.

…Except now, as they both had appeared in a really dark place the portal they took had dropped them at. It was not their home for sure. There were no open windows showing the outside world. It was pure darkness that greeted them from all angles they could turn around to.

"What…?" Chris breathed out when he eventually realized this was a bad situation to be in. "W-where are we? This isn't my home!"

"Hold it right there," Lucario told Chris, grasping his trainer's shoulder to keep him from losing contact. "I'll use my aura and scan the place for any shapes."

"O-oh, right. I forgot you could do that…" Chris said.

"Now hold it, you dog!" came a voice from the darkness that startled Chris and pissed Lucario. "Using your super sixth sense is going to ruin the surprise I've been holding for you two. Wait until I snap my fingers to bring in some light to this sacred place."

"Master Hand?" the teen spoke when having recognized the voice. "Y-you brought us here? Why did you bring us here and not my house?"

"Oh, please. As if I was going to take refuge in that little home of yours with humans ready to scream their heads off spotting me in the air… Racists, all of them," Master Hand said. "You know what the best place for refuge is? Well… Snappity snap!" then the appropriate sound echoed loud and clear.

The first sign of changes was moonlight coming from a long row of windows opening up behind their backs, with a distinctive gap between them that would be wide enough for a door to be at. They both turned around quickly to brace themselves for what would show up, only to briefly ease themselves at the windows. Distracted by the windows, the room they were at lit up quickly, and the darkness went away.

They found themselves standing in the middle of a gigantic squared grey lobby. Looking around quickly, they spotted the aforementioned windows on the back, with two large doors right in the middle leading outside to…wherever they were. To the right were many couches placed around rectangular tables being overlooked by a giant widescreen TV mounted on the wall. To the left was an empty wall to the right of a large entrance leading to a pristine white area that they assumed was a kitchen of untold size, spotting many sinks, and chairs placed around a very large table in the middle. To the front, the large lobby was three stories high with a wide open hallway on the first floor, an inward staircase on each side connected to the second floor and another hallway with a wooden rail, and lastly a third story level that was just a wall… The gaudy red mattress brimmed yellow gave a small professional look to the large environment.

Right there in front of them, Master Hand was floating, holding the pose he used to snap his fingers…then Crazy Hand appearing from behind him and raised a trumpet, seemingly playing a triumphant tune by just holding it. "Welcome…" Master Hand began, "…to the SMASH MANSION!"

That simple and emphasized greeting to the mysterious building only slightly startled them, but it didn't compare to how they got surprised at the very long echo that followed after that. The word "mansion" kept going on, bouncing across the empty hallways which must have been very long ones to even allow the sound to continue for a straight minute. It wasn't impossible to believe that the building they were in was simply too big as the word kept going further and further away into the hallways…

The duo remained looking around until the word died out completely. Crazy Hand stopped playing the trumpet to see his fellow brother miserably lying down on the floor, right before he started sobbing in placing. "This is… This is so depressing…" Master Hand sobbed. "The wonderful mansion…devoid of people…"

"…" Chris and Lucario exchanged worried glances and looked back at the hand. "Uh, so, um, this is a mansion, you said?" Chris asked.

"Yes. The Smash Mansion…" Master Hand got up very slowly. "Population…us four… Formerly over thirty… Oh god…" he sobbed.

"What is it with your sobbing?" Lucario asked.

"Y-you'd be sobbing too if the home where you housed that many interesting people suddenly went dead with no one else to brighten up the silence!" the hand complained. "I'll have you know, I have never invited less than eight people into this humble abode! But now I have to start REALLY slow with…just the two of you living here."

"I never said I was going to live here."

Master Hand broke crying. Lucario got a dope slap on the back of his head by Chris. "We don't want to crush his self-esteem more!" Chris hissed. He turned back to Master Hand as Lucario resisted that slap to his guiltiness. "S-sorry. W-we'll try to help you out with this. I think we agreed on that, right?"

The hand chocked up and looked at the teen. "C-can you multiple yourselves to eight people? That'd make me feel good with myself," the hand said.

"…We can't do that!" The hand sobbed harder, making the situation for uncomfortable for the two new guests. "Now you're trying to get too much from us! Can't you just be happy you have the two of us here?"

"And me?" Crazy Hand added.

A little moment of sobbing later, the hand regained his senses and stared at his low amount of guests he wasn't satisfied with. "Fiiiiiiiiine," he gave up in a bored tone. "Welcome to the Smash Mansion, where impossible wishes come true as nightmares people didn't think through. Yada yada yada, please have fun in these huge empty hollow halls of pure silence and don't make a big mess during your stay or else I will pound you to the ground."

The duo kept staring.

"…What," the hand said.

"It's like the life in you just died," Lucario pointed out.

"It did. It was horrible." He shrugged and composed himself even more. "Whew. I needed all that steam out of my system… As I've said before I got a breakdown, welcome to this mansion, you two. This is the place where you would have never guessed before all of your favorite, colorful fighters…lived together under the same roof."

Chris grimaced. "Seriously? You put everyone to live here?" he asked.

"Yeah. It's as chaotic as you may think," Master Hand said. "Bowser plotting to kidnap Peach under Mario's nose, Luigi cowering in fear, the swordsmen having a sword club, Zelda actively trying to avoid Captain Falcon's advances, the space furries snarking nonstop at the antics, Kirby killing the fridge and leaving everyone to starve or leave the place for food, Mewtwo glaring at anyone who tries striking a conversation with him, Mr. G&W hiding perfectly in plain sight, Ganondorf fighting his urges to blow Link a new one… The usual on almost a daily basis."

"If that does happen a lot, I don't want to think what my survival rate would be…" Lucario growled mentally at the thought.

"Trust me. Somehow, we all survive at the end of every day," the leader said. "The fighters living here do so under contract while tourneys are held at random times. Everyone gets a fair share of fun and get rewarded for tossing punches at each other. You see, the fights seen here are broadcast to specific places all across the dimensions of their homes."

"…What?" the duo said in unison.

"I didn't invite people to this mansion to appease my desire for amusement. Who do you think I am?" Master Hand asked. "…I invited people to this mansion to appease anyone's desire for amusement AND monetary gain. It works wonders!" he giddily said. The duo grimaced. "Don't give me those looks."

"B-but that's it?" Chris asked. "That's the whole reason they even fight each other? To entertain people and…give you money?"

"It was acting as a physical almighty god of high order to you lowly beings, or this," Master Hand said. "What's so fun about doing anything you want with a flick of your fingers when you can do some effort and see how everyone reacts at your escapades?"

"I support that notion," Lucario said. "But what a way to go out of your way…"

"Yeah, it makes things livelier than ever, which I enjoy greatly," Master Hand said. "I know it's pretty incredible such things happen across your TV set. That's the whole truth of how things are run here… I discourage you two thinking too much about how all of this exists. Even I'm not sure how all of this came to be. It just…sort of did…" He saw them shrugging. "I'm also curious to know how this dimension came to be at all. It's almost like the meaning of life and all that anyone else wonders. Mysterious indeed."

"I…guess…that's a valid reason…" Chris trailed off, trying hard to swallow that explanation.

"Back to the matters at hand! No pun intended!" Master Hand piped up, startling them. "Now that you know the stuff that used to happen, it's time we go back to talk about the damned Subspace Army screwing my plans for amusement and turning this mansion into a super hero base or something cliché like that. The mission you two took was a rotund success! I was honestly worried Chris's lack of fighting experience and Lucario's lack of guidance would SERIOUSLY stump you both, but you didn't! Your strengths complemented each other (somehow) and you pulled through!"

Lucario narrowed his eyes. "I'm not sure if you're flattering or insulting us," he said.

"Both. You two are newbies to this thing. Criticism is a harsh mistress during the first missions," the hand honestly said. Chris held Lucario from lunging at the hand. "You succeeded, and that's a high praise! You protected Ness and his world from their evil plots. With them gone from the radar, I safely put a cosmic lock on Ness's world so they never invade the place again." He turned his back on them and shook himself. "This isn't the end of this long struggle. Quite possibly, you will have to pull out similar stunts in each and every world. While you were away, I looked at every relevant dimension and saw how things were going… Many of those dimensions were targeted, I'm afraid."

Chris shuddered. "(Oh god…)"

"But as we go on…" the hand turned back around, "it will be a given our meager force will grow in numbers, and it will surely become easier to handle these missions against the army. You can rest easy the start will be hard and daunting."

"Like the Underworld from Pit's world!" Crazy Hand said. "Still haven't made it past that level…"

"Uh, yeah, like that, but with promise," Master Hand said. "You two had a taste of what's to come. Now that you've returned, I want to clarify something… Are you two willing to continue this task?"

The teen pondered the question a little more. Certainly it was all okay with Lucario if it was just him, but the Aura Pokémon was attached to his trainer that he would gracefully decline the offer if his trainer didn't take it. It all was on Chris's decision. Declining the offer would possibly mean his world would be targeted for last with no hope of salvation to the fantastic machinations of the worlds beyond, while accepting the offer would risk his life multiple times with an uncertain future that could end up in failure… Whatever the case was, he was already in too deep.

With his conflicted feelings only Lucario could sense clearly, Chris mustered up enough courage to nod at the hand. "Yes… It's not like we can back out now. We already made an impression on the enemy…"

"I'm going to guess Lucario scared them silly," Crazy Hand said.

"Well, sort of?" Chris said, looking at Lucario. "When he had infiltrated the factory I was at, he started to wreck the entire place looking for me, so all the people keeping watch started to panic and gather at my cell t-"

"Whoa whoa whoa," Master Hand interrupted. "How much stuff did I miss after I last talked to you two?"

The two travelers summarized everything. How they were able to meet with Ness, lost time doing silly stuff that didn't faze the children much, got Chris accidentally kidnapped by frightened Mr. Saturns who took him to the commanders of the Subspace Army…

The last part was what got Master Hand's attention fully as Chris kept explaining.

"…the enemies who incarcerated me were…Mewtwo, Wolf, Sonic, Roy, Pichu, and…another Lucario," Chris said.

"…" Master Hand seemed to be looking down at the floor in deep thought at what he had heard from them. He scoffed once and said, "I knew our escape plan wasn't entirely perfect…"

"What?" Lucario said. "You know about this?"

"No, I didn't," the hand said, raising himself. "The part where you just revealed to me those people Tabuu killed were brought back to life as brainwashed servants? No, I ABSOLUTELY didn't know such thing was possible from Tabuu! The others? I kind of expected our escape to be flawed in a few areas since it was, well, desperate and all… Figures Tabuu would brainwash MY subordinates for his own gain."

"So that escape you pulled off was flawed?" Chris wondered.

"Only because Tabuu was alerted once Crazy here went to get me," the hand explained. "Scared of what we could do with the downed fighters, Tabuu surely fought back in the retrieving process and managed to get a hold on Sonic's and Wolf's trophies. The dead ones, though…that is what took me by surprise… Hold on a second." He stared at Chris. "I thought you were holding Pichu with you. Where did he go?"

Alarmed by remembering that part, Chris and Lucario looked around the lobby to see if Pichu had somehow woken up and scurried away from safety. It was then Crazy Hand snickered and opened himself up, revealing the knocked out rodent lying down on him. "I got myself a mouse!" he said, making the other three stare at him. "Hee hee! I took him during the portal transition because my brother could hardly contain himself to reveal the mansion to you guys. Didn't want the surprise to be spoiled!"

"C-Crazy, this is serious!" Master Hand said. "And now I remembered that depressing moment. Thanks." He picked Pichu from his brother's palm and put him down on the floor. Though it didn't look like it, the hand was examining the knocked out soul using every sense he had in him. "…Okay, I can confirm this one is not a zombie. It IS the real deal… How on my piece of earth was this possible? I saw him dying with my own ethereal eyes!"

"D-did he really die?" Chris asked. "Maybe…he was still breathing?"

"Nope. I saw him. All limbs torn off by that laser blast. It wasn't a pretty sight." The hand saw Chris covering his mouth in disgust at the small description. "Pichu was the biggest example of 'not being able to come back to life' than the others…and he's here, alive and weakened… How did Tabuu bring him back? That's the question that keeps bugging me. I never knew he had that kind of power."

"…Perhaps…" Lucario stared down at Pichu and then looked at the hand, "it's best that you don't think about it too much?"

"It's disconcerting to know your enemy has that kind of potential. Of course I can't stop thinking about it!" Master Hand said. "That skill is extremely invaluable to him if he happens to kill someone else from our side and they become his pawns! BUT!" He sighed loudly. "Today has been an extremely hectic day… The final battle being a bust, massive casualties, delayed resting time… It hasn't been easy for the two of you for sure." The duo nodded slowly. "I'd say you two earned your rest in this world. You may use this facility for anything you want to do."

The two looked up at the ceiling and then around. "So how big is this place?" Chris wondered.

"Ten floors high, with way too many rooms you don't know what to do with," the hand said. "Every floor in itself is like seven houses each. There are many rooms that aren't just guest rooms. There is a library, kitchen, washing room, gymnasium, theater, cinema, a hell lot of living rooms, observatory, bowling alley, tennis court, the item vault you should NEVER raid, museum, my sweet office, game room, bar… Bigger than your little house, Chris."

"I wasn't competing!" Chris scolded.

"Anyhow! This shall be your new second home as we keep doing the usual thing," the hand said, picking up Pichu. "As for this little guy, I will have to wipe off his memory from all the events that transpired right before we even knew Tabuu existed."

The teen looked confused. "All of that?" he questioned.

"It's not a good thing to remember you were blown to bits, you. If he remembers that much, he will NEVER live a good life without that nightmare turning up every night. A simple glance at Pichu is enough to tell you he doesn't have a great, sharp state of mind… Yeah, he's a bit of scaredy cat, but his help will be good for the team. Small sizes can be a boon during a battle! He will have to rest all night to recover." He threw Pichu in the air – causing the watchers to gasp – and snapped his fingers once, whisking Pichu's downed self somewhere. "Pichu is now resting at his room with no memories of what happened. When he wakes up, he'll think the Brawl season is going to start. Pretend you're new recruits to the tourney until I break the news to him about Tabuu. Can't wait for the déjà vu to ensue…"

"Oh, good. He'll be fine after a night of rest…" Chris sighed. "Where are we going to stay in here?"

"I have arranged a room for each one of you. Your room, Chris, is on the second floor. Lucario's room is on the third floor. You will see the label on the door with your names on it."

"I will rest with Chris," Lucario flatly said. Chris nodded.

"…Okay, you can rest with him, but there isn't an extra bed in a room. You will have to rest on the floor."

"It's fine by me. I rest by leaning on the side of the bed."

"The meditating monk type. They never get old," the hand mused. "I didn't expect either of you to rest alone without the other. In this world, that may be for the best."

"…This world?" Lucario repeated. "Where are we, exactly?"

"The Smash World," Master Hand revealed. He saw their bored looks. "What?"

"You like using the 'S' word a lot, don't you?" Chris said. "That word takes away from your titles sounding impressive to people."

"Oh, what do you know," the hand muttered. "This world was created by yours truly. It's a world that exists right in the middle of hundreds of dimensions, completely hidden away from trillions of people but a select few who are lucky enough to find themselves here. Speaking of which, you can find people spread across this world, but the biggest city you can visit to find many civilians is…"

"I'm going to guess Smash City," Lucario blankly said.

"No! My god, that's a weird name for a city begging to be destroyed," the hand said, ignoring their grimaces. "It's called…Nintendo City! The epicenter of everything that makes us…us!"

"…" The duo kept their silence with them.

"Oh, stop it with those stares. It's not like we had any original names that sounded better than that," Master Hand said. "One thing to mention is how Dreamcast Metropolis just died after a little while. It had so much potential…"

"F-fine, we'll take the name seriously," Chris said. "I want to rest already… I want to see that city at a later time."

The hands nodded and happily led the duo to the second floor to their new quarters. As they reached the second floor and the rather plain hallway that echoed with their steps, Lucario made a small comment that made Master Hand sob. "This place is really dead."

Chris's Room

The room they had reached did have a gold plate with Chris's name printed on the door frame. Behind the door was a normal-looking room that wasn't worth writing home about. It was a large room with a vertical single bed to the top-right corner to the right of an average-sized window looking out to the south. Overlooking the bed from the north wall was a wide enough closet that was empty save for a few hangers. The room had the benefit of having a pristine light blue bathroom to the left of its entrance, though Chris knew by experience Lucario was never going to use the toilet thanks to that bit of info that Pokémon gastric juices were top notch compared to humans'…

"Here is your permanent room, Chris," Master Hand presented. "Lucario, if you are ever curious, your room has a similar layout but it's not entirely the same."

The teen went over to the bed and touched the mattress bed, feeling it soft and nice. "It's…normal, I guess," Chris said.

"Hey, it's your decision to decorate as you see fit. Newcomers get to choose what to bring to make their rooms unique and flashy," the hand pointed out. "Suffice to say, don't wander into Peach's room if you think your eyes won't get blinded by pink."

"Duly noted…"

"There isn't much else to say from me now," the hand said as he backed away into the hallway with Crazy Hand. "Tomorrow will be a new day of events…and I'm sure the army will strike again that soon, too. Get as much rest as you can, okay?"

Once the duo got to thinking about fighting the army again so soon, Chris gasped in realization. "W-wait a minute. Another day is going to go by? I-I left my house behind without notice!" he said. "What if my relatives come by and they see I'm not home or I miss calls from my parents?!"

"Eh, that's taken care of," Master Hand said, confusing Chris. "Luckily, my super convenient time lord powers are as good as ever. Whenever you leave your world behind, time will just stop by my hand (pun intended) in there until you decide to go back and resume your daily life. The time of the day you left won't be the same as the time of the day here…or any other world…so remember that you left your world during the morning. Don't go back there from this world late at night or your sleeping schedule is going to get all messed up in your world!"

"Oh… Oh…" Chris nodded a few times and sighed. "That's good to hear… Do I have to ask you to send me back there?"

"There's no need for that. The Wii controller I altered for you is your gateway to any world, including yours. I don't recommend you escape somewhere else other than here or your home while this army business is taking place…"

The teen gulped and took out the controller from his pocket, examining it just by looking at it. "It was never my intention, anyway…"

"Just tossing it out here to remind you," the hand said, watching the human putting the controller away. "And another thing before I leave. The clothes you have on are magically tied to your current job. You can at will remove them using your thoughts and you will change back to your ordinary clothes. Try to bring some normal clothes while you are off-duty, though. Or just keep changing clothes for any other jobs you may obtain in the future. They get clean automatically whenever you switch jobs!"

"What a convenience!" Crazy Hand gingerly said.

"That's all for now. While you rest, I'm going to ponder a little more about how things will play out for us in this long run," Master Hand said as he closed the door with a finger. "Good night, team. Tomorrow is another day…" The door closed shut firmly, and the hands had floated away into the lit hallways as the lights turned off for the night…

Alone, the duo was speechless. It was not until an hour later of silence after Chris had undressed a bit and rested on his bed that Lucario, leaning from the left side of the bed, looked over his right shoulder at his trainer wide awake and staring at the ceiling. "You haven't said a word or fell asleep yet, Chris…" Lucario spoke.

"You're one to talk," Chris said, looking away and depressed.

"I know… I had sensed how troubled your aura felt like ever since we started talking to Master Hand," he pointed out. "No matter the brief smiles, you were…hurting in the inside."


Lucario looked worried. "It…hasn't been easy for you. I know that much. It wasn't easy for me despite my power…"

"…Yes…" Chris said, turning back to Lucario. "We were both taken off-guard during one single moment…and everything just went to hell when we got separated. That taught me how the situation can turn dire in a single moment…" He sniffed once, prompting Lucario to raise his right hand and place it over his trainer's chest. "I can't believe I was this close to dying and I couldn't do anything about it… I-I was so afraid, Lucario. I knew for sure for that one moment I was going t-!"

"You weren't," Lucario interrupted to keep him from breaking in tears, even if Lucario was starting to shed tears, being unwillingly forced to think of that bad outcome. He kept a strong front as he looked at his trainer. "It didn't and never happened because I went to rescue you. While I'm alive, nothing…no one will be able to kill you, Chris… So…don't lose hope…"

The teen sniffed and grasped Lucario's hand over his chest with both hands, barely able to cover it. "I-I have to do something quick to be able to defend myself, you know. The fights ahead of us will get harder with time, I know that. I have to be able to keep up with you, o-or just a hundredth of what you have in power."

"I believe we both lack skill… Power is hardly an issue," Lucario said. "…You are an astute person, Chris. I have the physical power to destroy anything. We both lack what the other has. Can't we try to combine out strengths?"

"T-this isn't like a Pokémon battle. I am also in the fray…"

"Regardless…it is something we must do together," the Aura Pokémon said. "You helped me countless of times in your world…now it's only right I do it for you here."

"Please tell me we're not becoming sparring partners because I woul-"

"No, nothing of the sort. I haven't had a chance to properly decrease my power with all the usual chores in the house," Lucario said, perishing the thought. "I meant while on a battle…"

"…Well, that's easy then," Chris said, cleaning his eyes. "I would stick on the back and you would defend me from the front while staying close."

Lucario nodded and smiled. "That right there is a start… I'd be your shield and sword while you provide support," he said. "Honestly, I feel stronger and more focused just knowing I'm protecting you during a battle."

"And naturally…I feel much safer with you…" Chris had a small smile on his face and grasped Lucario's hand tighter. "You're the only reason I haven't gone insane…"

"We just can't function right without the other. I blew up a base because you weren't around," Lucario chuckled. "I so need you. Master Hand is lucky I didn't wreck this building without you close by."

Chris chuckled next. "Oh, please. Stop trying to justify your destruction because of me. You're not a wild monster from the forest. I thought you were trying to cheer me up instead of trying to find an excuse to blow up stuff…" In two seconds, Lucario growled and quickly got on top of the bed, his hands and knees supporting him above a shocked Chris. Lucario minded the spike on his chest from giving his trainer a severe poke of death. "U-uh, what are you doing?" Chris asked the Lucario with the serious expression mixed with the smile.

"I'm a wild Lucario from the forest. You are my prey," Lucario spoke darkly, or rather, a fake dark tone. "I am hungry. I must eat you."

He was surely fooling around, Chris thought, and Lucario hardly ever did anything like that. The teen was a little wary all the same. "O-okay, I'm not sure I'm enough for your belly," he said.

Lucario narrowed his eyes. "Sure you are. But first, I will have to neutralize you with my only effective technique. Squirming prey is never fun while eating it… GUARGH!" He lunged his snout to the right of Chris's neck and vigorously tickled him by way of rubbing. Trying to push Lucario away was impossible due to his super strength playing a huge part in the attack. There was nothing Chris could do but laugh loudly as the beast kept on going with his nefarious attack. "Foolish human! You are more resistant than I imagined!" Lucario spoke between his attacks. "I can keep this up for all night long if I have to!"

"I-I give up! Please, I give up!" Chris laughed.

"Your mouth says so but not your feelings! I am NOT satisfied! GUARGH!"

Lucario was doing the rather odd attack just to cheer Chris up faster. The Aura Pokémon wasn't used to doing anything like it before but he felt compelled to do it now of all times when his trainer was very depressed. Now that he was crying tears of joy rather than teats of sadness, Chris's only worry was how to get the beast off of the bed because it was proving to be too hard to budge him. As his tail wagged with no chance for Chris to see it, Lucario kept on growling and tickling him mercilessly for about a minute.

When Chris was given a chance to catch his breath at last, Lucario laughed heartily and got off from the bed to return to his spot at the side. "M-my goodness, Lucario! What got into you?" Chris asked, wiping his eyes.

"You need to be happy," Lucario said, looking over his shoulder at him. "It's one of my duties to see that you are happy. I not only protect you from physical harm but from emotional harm as well. I am the Aura Pokémon, after all." He saw Chris reaching out for his head and stroked the black skin in the middle of his ears. Lucario closed his eyes and just enjoyed the gesture with a few low growls.

"I only need to have you to feel happy when I need to…" Chris muttered loud enough for Lucario to hear. "…Thank you for being so nice to me."

"I learned from the best," his partner said with a smile, earning another rubbing motion on his head. "We get to sightsee these other worlds, Chris. With me around, you will get to enjoy our travels. Never forget that motivation."

"You're… You're right…" Chris said with more optimism. "I need to stop thinking everything will get harder… It will only get harder the more I get scared into doing nothing. This was our first venture and it didn't exactly go right because we're beginners. Next one…I swear I will enjoy it."

Lucario nodded. "As will I."

The human yawned suddenly and adjusted himself on the bed. "Thanks, Lucario. I can go to sleep without worries now… So… Good night, Lucario…"

"Good night, Chris…" Lucario yawned and fully opened his fanged mouth before trying to fall asleep himself with his trainer… Several minutes when Chris had fallen asleep, Lucario opened one eye and stared back at him sleeping soundly. Without waking him up, Lucario turned to the left and pulled his trainer under his left arm to his side, lying down his cheek on his head for comfort. Subconsciously, Chris smiled in his sleep, and Lucario looked happy as he got to be real close to him to give him a sense of protection. Securing safety in his trainer's sleep, the Aura Pokémon fell asleep and made a mental note to wake up before Chris did so he wouldn't know about the move.

The quiet night went on in peaceful silence for them…


…but not for the two hands of the mansion floating about in the lobby, deep in thought.

"So we saw how murderous our second Lucario can be like," Master Hand told Crazy Hand. "I understand having such tremendously powerful hound in our team will make things easier, but this is a team effort. He is not doing this alone."

"Why aren't you so sure about just spamming Lucario on Tabuu's butt?" Crazy Hand said.

"One…that sounds dirty. Two, I'm not surprised it came from you. And three, we got an extra team member with no battle experience along for the ride," Master Hand said, raising a finger for each point. "Sooner or later, he will notice getting experience from battles mean squat when he can just toss his jackal of death on the enemy. He'll be lucky to finish a sentence while doing it!" He sighed. "Look, this is bad. What if, very much later on, Lucario is put out of commission from something and by then his trainer hasn't had any combat experience other than just saying one-liners? If everyone was like him, I wouldn't worry. As how everything stands, the issue is bound to happen someday and it may cost us the war…" He snapped his fingers. "…That is why I will personally depower Lucario behind his back."

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?" Crazy Hand trailed off. "You're gonna…NERF him without telling him?"

"I'll just leave his impressive height intact with some extra power, but not his full power," the hand explained. "I'm not telling him I will depower him. Telling him straight on the face without having built a trustful relationship is just asking him to beat me up… We'll just make up a story about how Tabuu got word of him and used his powers to keep him at bay from being a threat."

"…You think that's gonna work?"

"Yeah. Fantasy is out of whack in these universes," his sane brother said. "Any fantastic theory is bound to be real to these guys."

"Ha ha, you're right on that," Crazy Hand said. "Buuuuuuuuuut what else are we gonna do for tomorrow? You sure they can handle another mission with a NERFED super Lucario this time?"

"…I'll be honest. They are dead even if we convince the now unaware amnesiac Pichu to tag along," Master Hand admitted. "Optimism only gets you so far. They need more backup but our choices are… They don't exist. No one is ready to assist in the fight. They are all too busy retreading the past up to the present point."

"Except two people."

Master Hand stopped moving around. "Er, what? What two people?" he questioned. "Not the ones we have here, Crazy."

"Not them!" Crazy Hand said. "Those other two."

"Who are those people you're talking about?"

"Those guys."


"Ice ice, baby."

"Crazy, we don't have time for riddles! Just tell me who…!" Master Hand solved the riddle in his head anyway. "Oh. Oh. OH. OH! I see. Wow, we do have reserves ready… I'm amazed, Crazy. You came up with something smart to say! How did you think that?"

"It is only logical for the minds that are not constantly distracted by the many events they try to keep up with to find other methods of solving the intricate issues those other minds try to tirelessly solve at the same time without that clear answer lessening the work."

Master Hand fell silent until he said, "…You frighten me so."

"Aptly put."

"Oh, stop it. You're clearly messing with me with all that wordy talk," the sane brother said. The insane brother nodded. "Ugh! Alright, we do have reserves at the ready! I will immediately get into contact with them and hope they'll be willing to join the fray as soon as possible. Cross your fingers they do!" The hands nodded to each other and went their separate ways in the big building…

The next day…

Chris's Room

Morning sunlight was not really any different than the real world's, nor were the sound of the chirping birds waking the sleeping duo. Having sharper senses even while a little drowsy, Lucario quickly pulled himself away from the yawning Chris to avoid suspicion. The teenager stopped yawning and shuffled the bed sheets a bit until he was awake enough to tell anything around his surroundings without raising his head yet…

Yes. This was not his room, his bed, or his house. It was a fantastic dream very much real.

"Good morning," said Lucario, spotted leaning where he was last time Chris was awake.

"Good morning…" Chris said, yawning again. "Oh god. It wasn't a dream."

"The fact we had adventures, or the fact you were dreaming something else?"

"The first one…" He sat next to Lucario and subconsciously scratched his guardian's head. Lucario did not mind it any. "It's going to be our first proper day in this new place. Too bad it's supposedly all empty with just us, the hands, and… Oh, Pichu…" he recalled. "Why do I keep forgetting about Pichu?"

"Too many problems stressing our heads," Lucario pointed out. "You can focus on him today."

"Yes…and I'll get to meet someone new," Chris said, mildly excited at the prospect of meeting a new character. "This is actually exciting, Lucario. You'll finally get to talk to someone like you."

"I wish it had been a Hitmonlee instead." Lucario got a chop to the head. He only was hurt emotionally. "What?"

"Stop being stereotypical and let's take a shower to go meet that Pichu already," Chris scolded, getting up from bed and ready to take a shower to appear formal to the little rodent.

Just as he was about to enter the bathroom, several knocking sounds came from the door, stopping him in his tracks. Lucario got up from the floor and went to the door. "Who is it?" Lucario asked.

"Golly gosh. This Chris guy sounds intimidating…" whispered a boyish voice.

"Better put up our tough looks so he doesn't take advantage of us. Hammers at the ready!" whispered back a girlish voice.

Curious to see these people on the other side rather than peeking using his aura, Lucario opened the door and stared forward…at nothing. Then he looked down and caught a glimpse of two children gulping at the sight of the beast staring them down. "E-eep!" they both squealed in horror just looking at those glaring crimson eyes and that murderous chest spike for killer hugs…because why else would he need a spike there? The wrist spikes were just slightly less terrifying than the chest spike, but whatever the case, they got scared and backed off with their mallets shaking with their gloved hands.

The two children were clad in puffy-looking parkas; one who was boy wearing blue and the other who was a girl wearing pink. Aside from the color of their parkas, the only distinctive visual difference between both were their combed hairstyles sticking out from above their foreheads; the boy's hair was combed in bumps while the girl's hair was curved and smooth. Though they were knee-high compared to Lucario, they were both adept fighters all the same despite their age.

"S-sorry, Chris, sir! W-we'll just leave you alone to sulk alone!" the girl spoke. "A-ahh! I mean, not sulk alone! I mean just alone!"

"You're not helping things here!" the boy hissed at her. He laughed at Lucario. "J-just wanted to drop by and greet you! …Hello! There! Now we'll take our leave!"

Lucario was not a fluent person in being social with other people yet. His only response was narrowing his eyes and causing the children to gulp loudly at what he was going to do right there… "W-wait!" The real Chris squeezed between Lucario's right arm and the frame of the door to see who they were. The children were started there was even a second person in the room… "Please don't be scared. He won't do anything to you!" He just now realized he was talking to the two children who he knew from playing games: Popo and Nana, the Ice Climbers.

"M-M-Mr. Chris won't hurt us?" Nana asked, her face sweating only out of fear and not because of the warm season.

"Uh, no, I won't hurt you…"

The two kids lowered their hammers to the side and stared up at him and then gave Lucario one quick look. "Wait… You are Chris?" Popo asked.

"Y-yes, that's my name," Chris said.

"…Then who is this guy?" he asked while pointing a shaking hand at Lucario's narrowed gaze.

"P-pardon me. He's my Pokémon partner Lucario," Chris said. "Sorry if he scared you. He really can't help looking intimidating… Lucario, make sure you don't scare them with those looks of yours, okay?"

Lucario gave out a small grunt and looked away. "They looked at me at the wrong time. But it won't happen again," he said.

"I highly doubt that…" his trainer muttered.

"Oh!" Nana's fear went away now that they could just talk to the much less intimidating guest. "You're Chris, then! You must be a new deal in this tourney thing… Uh, wait…" She eyed Lucario and immediately averted his gaze. "You're saying he's a Pokémon but the room is in your name?"

"Ah, I got it!" Popo piped up. "You must be one of those Pokémon Trainers we've heard about from Pikachu and the others. It was about time we got one of your kind into the fights."

Nana rolled her eyes. "Popo, at best, he'll be background material issuing orders without pulling punches himself," she said. Oh, how Chris wished that could be the case…

Popo then playfully swung his hammer a few times. "I spot a weakness when I see it. I'm knocking him down in those fights!" Lucario naturally growled loudly at the child and made him back off in fear behind Nana, who gulped hard and backed off as well. "Y-yikes! I mean, no, I'll stop Nana from doing that to him! Get her!"

"P-Popo, you dimwit! It was never my idea!" she complained.

"Stop!" Chris raised his voice to all of them. Lucario stopped growling and looked away in disgust. "Okay, please, first and foremost, no talk about beating each other. Yesterday was a big day for us and I kind of want to rest easy… Can you please not talk about fights between each other?"

The Ice Climbers blinked at him and then scrambled around for words to say. "Um… Yeah… We can do that," Nana said. "Sorry. We got kinda excited to meet a new deal…and we're not even that gung ho into fighting people all the time. Please, forget about that first impression we gave you." She dope slapped Popo. "Popo, apologize!"

"Oww! Fine! I apologize! Sorry for that!" Popo cringed.

"A-apology accepted," Chris said. Even though he knew who they were, he wanted to play it safe. Moreover, he wanted to get to know them, as they were his favorite characters to play as in the actual game…that they should not know about. "W-who are you two, anyway?" he asked.

"The Ice Climbers!" both climbers said, striking a pose that usually had Popo on the front rather than Nana herself. They did notice how off it felt like and swapped spots to correct themselves.

"I'm Popo," Popo said.

"And I'm Nana," Nana said.

"You'll never find the same kind of fighter anywhere else in this mansion."

"That's to say, we're so unique! Everyone else has to fend off for themselves…" She shook her head. "T-that wasn't meant to offend you, of course."

"It's fine, really," Chris said, before the twins broke off from the pose. "Well, I'm Chris, but you already knew that. This guy right here…" Lucario eyed them, making them gulp, "…is my ever dutiful Lucario. He's also another fighter."

"(Craaaaaaaaaaap,)" the twins thought just imagining their premature deaths at the hands…spikes of that fighter.

"Sweet!" Popo lied. "Not like we had enough people like Mewtwo to reap fright in us! Oww!" Nana slapped him.

"What he's trying to say is we're happy to have you both here!" Nana said with a twitching smile. "…Oh! We're the first ones to get to know you before everyone else had a chance. That's great! We can so guide you about the other people you will get to meet here. We can start that today!"

Chris liked the idea of spending time that way with the twins. "That'll be great," he said. "What can you say first about them all?"

"They're all nutcases," the twins said in unison with wide smiles.

"Uh… What?"

"Er, yeah, I think we need to prep up first," Popo said as he looked at Chris's messy hair. "Why don't we meet up at the kitchen on the first floor after you've had a shower? I don't want to keep you out here for too long. Our talk is gonna be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long."

"Oh, uh, yes," Chris nodded. "I'll meet you two there. Lucario is also coming along, by the way." The twins froze when the intimidating creature stared at them. "If you couldn't tell, you'll probably never see him alone by himself without me around… H-he won't hurt you, though! As long as you don't accidentally hurt me in any way…"

"It's fine! We don't want to give you a bad impression (if it means we get to live)!" Nana reassured him and herself. "We'll see you in a bit, then! We're gonna go to our room to settle some stuff up. Catch you later!" She waved them off as she walked away…and had to drag a frozen Popo – stuck staring at Lucario – away from them both.

Once the twins had climbed a set of stairs going up, Chris turned to Lucario. "I think it would be nice for you to try to get along with others," he said. "They were just freaked out because of how you look…"

Lucario sighed. "I'll do an effort…but don't expect a lot from the start," he said.

"I wish I could. I have to put my expectations low if that will make you feel better…" He went close to Lucario and scratched his head with care. The Aura Pokémon growled with pleasure. "I do have to take in mind what you wish to do. I wouldn't be a good trainer if I didn't listen to you." Lucario, overjoyed, nudged Chris's face with his snout in a playful manner. After a few futile struggles to push Lucario away, he and Chris went back to the room to get ready for the day.

Back at the stairs going up to the third floor, Popo grimaced in thought and grumbled. "Nana… Don't you feel like we've seen that Lucario guy somewhere else before?" he asked her.

Nana held her head, feeling a very subtle thumping feeling. "I think? Maybe we just confused him for Mewtwo. They kind of look similar…" she said.

The unaware amnesiacs shook their heads and decided to brush off that lost piece of their past memories. They were looking forward to brighter times at the mansion with the new people accepted to the fights…


It was ridiculous that such a gigantic kitchen even existed. As seen from afar, the place had an unbelievably long white table counter that went from one side to another across 100 feet with many chairs surrounding it. All around the table counter leaning to the walls were stoves, ovens, refrigerators, sinks, dishwashers, and drawers, all neatly organized in pairs for convenience. Only four people in there wouldn't be enough to stop the echoes from bouncing all over the white space.

For convenience, seeing as there was a sign on the wall reading "Any cook is responsible for their cooking ventures", Chris took it as enough permission for him to own one set of the multiple pairs of kitchen sets. Lucario didn't even care Chris was probably trespassing and raiding a fridge for food supplies. He only cared to get lost smelling that enticing bacon smell taking over the air. Being a fervent meat lover, Lucario jokingly thought he wanted that bacon or else he would eat his plate to keep his newly found hunger at bay.

"It feels so weird to be cooking somewhere else that isn't our house," Chris told Lucario while the first was busy with the frying pans. Notably, he was preparing more strips of bacon for Popo, Nana, and maybe Pichu to give them a good first impression himself, indirectly making Lucario wish all of the bacon was for him. "I hope Master Hand doesn't mind me doing this."

"I only care about getting fed. He won't be a good host if we can use the food here," Lucario said, sitting right behind where Chris was cooking.

"Your meat cravings are getting to your head again. I can tell."

"I will Do you truly want them to run rampant?"

"Nope. It'll be ready in a little while. Hang in there and don't think about eating the plate," Chris said. Lucario shrugged and looked away. Did Chris read his mind or was he just that easy to read like an open book?

Footsteps came from the direction of the lobby. It was Popo and Nana, slowing their pace when they smelled bacon in the air. And it seemed plentiful because the smell leaked all the way to the lobby… They were a bit surprised it was Chris doing the cooking. "Hey, Chris!" Popo called out.

They stopped short when they noticed Chris was wearing a Ness getup fit for taller people… The teen had chosen to wear the PK Kid job to be on the safe side without thinking what others would say seeing him wearing the same clothes of the iconic

"What?" Chris asked when he noticed them just standing there.

"You look like Ness… Are you secretly a Ness fanboy?" Nana asked.

"Wait, wha-? Oh, no! No, no. This isn't what it looks like!" he said, flailing his hands in front of him. "It's…part of a strange gimmick Master Hand gave me to fight!"

Popo narrowed his eyes. "…Not sure if he's serious…or I'm jealous because he's not my fanboy instead," he said.

Chris grunted. "I'm not a fanboy to anybody here! Blame Master Hand for giving me this outfit!"

"Eh, we'll see the truth once Ness gets back here," Popo said. Chris groaned to the ceiling. "So hey, are you cooking bacon?"

Back to more important matters at hand, Chris nodded. "Yes. It's bacon for all of us here. I figured we'd all have breakfast together," he said. The Ice Climbers stared long at his face, unnerving him…until they sniffed and rubbed their eyes. "Uh, what now?"

They were now sobbing. "It's nothing…" sobbed Nana. "This is… This is the best way we have been received at the mansion by others since the Melee days were over…"

"Say what now?"

Popo showed his tearful, smiling face. "Y-you're so worth it, dude. You're so worth being a friend!" he cried.

"O-okay… I'm touched and also shocked it was this easy…" Chris trailed off…but why would he complain about being given such an easy way to make friends with others? "A-alright, you two need to stop weeping. I was never a fan of disrespecting people I haven't met yet… Besides, what happened to you in the past that made you happy to get bacon from me?"


In front of the lobby, Master Hand presented the Ice Climbers to the original twelve of the 64 tournament. "And here we have the new deals: the Ice Climbers!" he presented the happy twins. "They'll be fighting together as one fighter in the battles!"

"What?" Yoshi said.

"Wow," Mario said.

"Not sure what to think of this…" Link muttered.

"Cheaters!" Donkey Kong yelled.

"Children at this thing get unfair advantages, I swear," Fox said.

"If they can pair up, I wanna pair up with someone else!" Captain Falcon said.

"Come on, you're giving these new deals the good stuff," Ness said.

"W-why do you have to make them scarier threats?!" Luigi bellowed.

"Bunch of cheating newcomers!" Pikachu hissed.

"Hmph! Well, I'm still gonna slap them both silly!" Jigglypuff puffed out.

Kirby blinked.

Samus said nothing.

Popo and Nana frowned at the less-than-stellar reception by their veterans.

End of Flashback

"Pricks…" muttered Chris until he shook his head. "Well, no more. I'll happily break that trend."

"Yay! Bacon impression!" the two children cheered, cheering Chris up. They were little children. It wasn't unbelievable to see them both being so happy over bacon. In any case, Chris was very grateful the day started off well with his first new companions embracing their new friend. Lucario, however, remained the lone silent wolf watching over his trainer talking to the other people of the mansion, though Chris wanted to bring him up to the climbers as much as he could.

After the bacon was set and ready, everyone was given over a dozen strips, with Lucario's share being larger. Of course the dog-looking Pokémon was carnivorous, the climbers thought as they silently stole glances from him while they talked to Chris over what to expect from the other mansion habitants. He told them at the start he had seen photos of them all from Master Hand to keep up with the horrible lie of never having heard of them, though it was different if he was going to know them on a personal level. "So what can you tell me about Ness?" Chris asked.

"Biggest egotistical prick you could ever meet," Popo said and Nana nodded. Chris nearly chocked on his bacon strip. "…Okay, maybe that was a big description, but he likes being the leader of the children group and is kind of a spoiled kid."

Bringing up the fact Chris had met Ness before would probably spark an argument. He didn't bring it up to them. "U-uh, wow. I'd never thought he was like that… (Then again, I heard from Lucario he liked to be violent…) How about Mario?"

"Eh," Nana said. "He's alright, I guess, but he's kinda boring. Nice guy all around but…yeah, you'd get fun out of him if you went in his adventures for sure. Otherwise? Nope."

"Oh, I see. I kind of imagined him being like that," he said. "Link?"

"Loves his sword too much to the point it sounds like an innuendo," Popo said.

The teen's face froze mentally at the same time he was drinking juice. He had to stop himself from asking and then immediately going back to eating. "(What the hell? They're too young to know that word at all!)" Chris thought alarmed. "W-what else is there about him?"

"He likes yelling whenever he tries slashing someone, it's become a frequent target of jokes," Nana chuckled. "Easy way to make fun of him. Don't do it too much."

"Right, no, I won't make fun of him," Chris said. He was not going to eat a strip right after asking another question. "Fox?"

"Egocentric jerk who can't stop bragging how he won the most tourneys out of everyone during the Melee days," Nana said, face dull. "I swear, if he ever picks Final Destination with no items again…"

Popo sniffed and embraced his shaking body. "No more… No more, please!" he said and almost immediately went back to eating happily.

"(Oh dear god,)" Chris thought as he made sure to eat before the next question. Lucario liked Fox's mentality, however. "Fighting aside, what else?"

"He likes to snark. A lot. It's like it's all he ever says when talking to someone," Popo said. "Falco's the same but worse. I tried giving him a cracker and somehow that was offensive to him!" The others stared incredulously at him. "…It was an honest gesture! I was not making fun of the bird! He just complained he was a grown-up who didn't like cookies, not because it was a bird getting a cookie!"

"…Alright, then…" Chris said. "Samus?"

"We thought Samus was a guy for a whole tourney until the next one came and then…" Nana trailed off.

"Hubba hubba hubba," Popo added. Nana slapped him.

"Samus is pretty quiet and chill. She has no flaws other than being a little of a lone wolf," Nana explained. "She's absolutely ruthless during battles. It's like a robot meant to kill was just released by accident! She was so close into beating Fox for most tourneys won."

"I somehow knew she was like that…" Chris muttered. "Luigi?"

"Scares off easily, very rarely shows good skills," Popo said.

"Not much else besides how he's into doing household chores… Hey, you two would probably hit it off well!" Nana said.

"Ah, I think so, but there could be more we could talk about," the teen said. "Donkey Kong?"

"Smells like a banana, stinks like a banana, and can't stop dreaming about bananas," Popo said with emphasis on the fruit word. "He goes bananas when bananas are involved. One time, we stole a banana from his hand, and an entire hallway was wrecked until we gave up and gave it back to him."

Nana gulped. "He hasn't lived that one down when he sees our group nearby his precious fruit… Whatever you do around DK, don't touch his fruit. You'll get those looks of his if you do!"

Chris was never going to be prepared to fight a big ape if he had destroyed a hallway just because of a stolen banana. "I-I'll be fine. I won't ever think about stealing stuff from others… Peach?"

"Sweet as hell," Popo said. "Her fascination with the color pink is unnatural that she can't even tell until she's asked about it."

"It makes my pink look like a speck," Nana commented. "Zelda is not like her. She is much more composed and doesn't tolerate jokes now and then. In particular, she can't stand Captain Falcon…including a lot of others."

"Why's that?" Chris asked.

"He's such a show-off! The guy is an embarrassment when you get to meet him, not unlike how in his world he's treated as a mysterious celebrity of justice," Nana said while cringing at the thought. "He's a shameless womanizer on top of that! Had it not been for him, Zelda wouldn't have gotten so cynical of his presence at the end of the Melee days! She was more gracious until he came to know her and she got all sour into any kind of foolery that happened in the mansion."

The teen was shocked to have gotten so much information about Captain Falcon being a life changer. "Would it be okay if I got to meet him?" Chris wondered.

"Good luck if he doesn't try pulling you into his strange schemes to woo girls. Sometimes we think he's too far from being saved."

"Food for thought: his Falcon Punch is as nasty as you may have heard," Popo added.

Not sure what to think about the racer, Chris simply decided to continue the conversation about someone else. "…Mewtwo?" For once, Lucario stopped wolfing down his bacon strips to listen. The climbers were unaware about the fate of that one person.

The Ice Climbers blinked once at Chris, and then they stole one glance at Lucario. "Dark, tall, intimidating, scary, mysterious, not sociable enough, kinda bloodthirsty even if he's pretty calm when talking in a conversation…" Popo said. "He only ever grins when he's challenged into battles against worthy opponents which is creepy…" Lucario hid a small smile. "Overall, a dangerous person to be around who dislikes or outright hates people fooling around him. I don't recommend making a joke for him because he hardly laughs when it's not him slaughtering an opponent who turned out to be not so worthy of his time."

"Don't ever talk to him if you like fooling around and you like your life," Nana said. "Young Link learned the hard way and he barely made it out alive."

"Holy crud…" Chris muttered and managed to hide the look of complete misery when he recalled Mewtwo was a threat to them. Judging how the events played out before, they were lucky he had been taken out through inconvenient methods. The next time they would meet, they would surely be injured a lot… The two kids didn't question his sudden silence and thought he just wanted to eat more breakfast for a bit before moving on. "Yoshi?"

"Pretty nice. He's so laidback and isn't prone to doing something stupid like many," Popo said. "Which is weird. The other Yoshis are more like gluttons with voracious appetites. He is different than them."

"Speaking of voracious, there's Kirby," Nana brought up. "He IS the resident glutton. We would've been famished if we never had to go out to eat food at the city."

Popo shuddered. "Only Peach can help into stopping him in time. She hardly ever makes him stop… Chris, you better plan out your moves of the day involving food. You will be set once you are ready for the random starvation seasons."

"Uh, duly noted. Thanks for the warning…" Chris said.

"You don't believe us? Kirby raids all the fridges the moment his black hole of a stomach growls a bit! It's insane!" Nana said, choosing to shake Chris for unnecessary added emphasis. "Get ready for those seasons, man! You must need the food to survive against all of these other guys!"

"O-oka-ay, oka-a-ay, I understand!" the teen said, pushing her away from him. "Young Link?"

"Look, here between us, he's a bit childish whenever he and his older self get on each other's nerves," Popo said. "Otherwise, he's okay. He's got some blind courage, that's for sure. Our escapades have gotten casualties because of him encouraging us too much to go through with them."

"By casualties, we mean just him," Nana said. "We're still not sure why we got a young and older Link in the tourney."

"Oh, well," Chris continued, "it's not as weirder as having two Marios around, right?"

"Who? Dr. Mario?" Nana asked. "Oh no, that's still Mario but with a doctor getup. They're the same person and not separate people, just like Zelda and her Shiek form."

"Except Mario can't transform in the middle of a fight," Popo said. "I feel like they both cheat for having those unique battle styles unlike the rest of us."

"I believe you just told us you were called cheaters by the others in the past because you are unique as well," Lucario suddenly spoke, breaking out from his eating.

"H-hey! That's mean!" the Ice Climbers whined, not really up to even thinking about smacking the aura warrior in fear of him going wild on them. Lucario got a dope slap from Chris, hurting his feelings.

"D-don't mind what he said. Truth is, I think everyone is unique in their own way. Nobody is cheating…" Chris told the frowning kids, who then smiled at him. "Every single one of you needs to be different from each other to make these bouts interesting."

"Aww, you get us!" Popo said happily. "…Just say no to the clones. So many of us give Master Hand a lot of flak for that."

"Oh yeah. Clones are the worst," Nana said, drinking her orange juice. "I give them some merit for being around here in the mansion, but when it comes to battles…"

The teen groaned mentally. "(What the heck? They use that term here too?) S-so, these clones…are they good?"

"If they were only meant to fight and not socialize, oh yeah. Otherwise, they're okay," Popo said. "We like our little Link clone."

"I hope you don't call him that to his face…" Chris muttered. "Jigglypuff?"

"Likes to sing and put people to sleep," Nana said, as if Chris didn't know that one. "For the life of her, she can never realize she puts people to sleep using Sing, or she doesn't know she's using her move at all. Then when you wake up, you have doodles on your face and she's long gone…"

Chris blinked in slight surprise at that description while the climbers resumed eating some pesky strips trying to hold on to their form while being pulled by their teeth. That Jigglypuff sounded so much like that one he knew…but…it was probably a coincidence if they were two different people with the same behavior. No way had he stepped into a universe that was not entirely video game-based. It made no sense it could actually… "Is she tolerable, at least?" Chris asked.

"When she's not singing. Huh, you're a trainer, come to think of it. Maybe you can train her?" Popo wondered.

"I…guess?" Chris said, unsure. Lucario gave him a curious look. "I'm not sure I can do any promises with other Pokémon. Lucario is the only one I got through."

"You'll be making everyone a huge favor taming her," Nana said. "Try it, please? My napping schedule is so screwed up because of her! People are up all night because of her singing! You're a trainer! Do your magic!"

"Fine, fine. I'll try, but I won't promise anything," Chris said. "It's not like she will sing in anger if I do it."

"She likes singing in anger," Popo pointed out, much to Chris's dismay. "I know. It makes no sense. Why do you think we are asking you to do something about her?"

"Oh crap…" muttered the teen. "Enough of her, though. What can you say about Bowser?"

"Biggest prick, no question. He constantly proclaims his desire to conquer Peach's pretty defenseless kingdom and hates plumbers with a passion," Nana said nodding. "He doesn't have any good traits besides being an occasional crybaby in his rare moments. He is the definition of dumb hot blooded guy there is."

"But Ganondorf? That right there at least has the effort to look smart with his green brawns… He is evil Mewtwo, in other words. You never want to be on his bad side for one moment," Popo explained. "If he hates you, he will hunt you down in battle and probably outside a battle. Young Link really likes to mess with him. Poor suicidal little kid…"

It was common knowledge not to mess with the likes of Ganondorf now that there was a chance to meet the real deal, Chris thought. "Oh, Mr. Game & Watch?"

"He's…odd but a good person," Nana said. "He's a bit aware about how he's extremely different than everyone else. When we met him, we thought something was so off about him."

"He thinks we're the weird ones for having more than two dimensions," Popo continued. "He's so flat, he can hide in plain sight! I think you can see for yourself by visiting his room…" He shrugged. "It's the stuff of nightmares!"

The flat person surely was the oddest choice of them all, Chris thought. What would it really feel like to know him in person? "Other than that, is he alright?"

"Oh yeah. He's sweet," Nana said. "Ignore he's pretty flat and you'll be good to go."

"That's good. So long as he's not a psycho like the other people you described," Chris said, then hesitated to ask about the next normal-looking person. "…How about Marth?"

"Almost the same as Link, except Marth is more…dignified and graceful about his profession."

"And girly-looking," Popo added.

"Oh yeah. He does look like a girl from afar until you get closer to his face. That tiara of his is so not for men… I want that thing so bad."

Chris just blinked. "Roy?"

Nana was wrestling a bacon strip that did not stop her from talking through gritted teeth anyway. "Eh, he's like's Link and Marth fused. Slightly dignified, slightly silly. Probably the best of both worlds when he's alone, and that's almost never. All of the sword guys just like being around too much," she said.

"We're not any better with the others," Popo said. "…Almost."

"With the others?" Chris repeated. "Are you with a group of people?"

The two climbers stuck their chests out. "Only with the best group of people you could ever meet in this building," Popo said. "Look, Chris. If you ever want to survive, you must join a group of characters here. Playing it alone is mostly dangerous and will only hurt you…" He eyed Lucario for a bit. "Maybe having that guardian around won't be enough for you… I-I'm not trying to insult you, of course!" he defended once Lucario sent a glare at him. "Luckily for you, Chris, our group has categorized every person into the right groups."

Nanan produced a piece of paper from her pockets and gave it to Chris to read. "Here you go. This super item will tell you who you need to avoid and who you need to hang out with," she said, unfolding the paper to the teen so that he could read it on the counter.

The Boring Ones

Mario, Luigi, DK, Marth, Roy, Mr. G&W

The Quiet Ones

Samus, Zelda, Yoshi

The Cynic Ones

Fox, Falco, Mewtwo

The Bubbly Ones

Peach, Captain Falcon

The Rotten Ones

Bowser, Ganondorf

The Cool Ones

Godly Ice Climbers, Kirby, Ness, Pikachu, Pichu, Young Link, Jigglypuff

Chris narrowed his eyes at the first people listed under "The Cool Ones" and then stared at the two kids. They both quickly took the paper back, messily scribbled all over the extra word, and put the paper back on the counter as they put up blank looks with blushing cheeks. "W-what's a character without some ego?" Popo asked.

"Yeah, don't judge us! You surely do the same thing!" Nana accused.

"I'm not egotistical enough to describe myself like that!" Chris scolded. "I'll pretend I didn't see that to avoid more arguments with you."

"Good! Good," Popo said. "That paper told you the right kind of group to be with. Our group is pretty safe and is able to keep others away, unless we're the ones who end up causing the explosions. Don't make that face! You won't get injured."

"Us children are the smartest people of the bunch," Nana said. "With another 10-year old like you in our ranks, those other guys will have to think twice before they mess with us!"

"…I'm 16," Chris said.

The two kids froze, their smiles intact and their eyes blinking. "…Sorry, Chris, but you're out of the league by default," Popo quickly said, just as he quickly took a sip of his orange juice.

"W-what th-?! I still have a heart of a kid in me! And no, I'm not childish!"

"Oooooh, saying you're not childish takes points away from your score," Popo said. "Our group embraces childishness to a T."

"Then how is it possible you survive if you're childish? Doesn't that get on people's nerves?"

"Sometimes, but we bear it," Nana shrugged.

"…You know what, I won't even bother with your group," Chris said, getting dull looks from the kids. "I'll…try to make my own group. I'm sure you're not telling the whole story about everyone else."

"Oh well. Good luck with that," Popo said.

Something occurred to Chris to say to the two stuck-up kids, recalling the past hours since they met. If what he had planned in mind was true, he would expect the right kind of reaction from them. "…I suppose…this is the end of our friendship," he said. The kids stopped eating, staring empty air. "If I'm not allowed to get into a group even after making friends with you…maybe it's not worth it to keep a connection any longer."

The kids had reacted the way he wanted them to react, but it had worked too well, because they pushed their plates aside and lunged themselves to hug – or glomp – Chris in desperation. The sudden tackle of both almost made Chris fall down his chair, but Lucario quickly reacted and kept him from tumbling down without of course forgetting to glare at the weeping children. "We're soooooooooooorryyyyyyyyyyyy!" Popo cried loudly.

"We don't wanna stop being friends with you! Please! Don't!" Nana sobbed. "You're really the nicest person we've met who hasn't tried to blow our skulls apart! We're not going back to that cruel phase of our lives again! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, don't leave us!"

Their sudden change of attitude was too hard to believe, but Chris had a very good lie detector to use at hand. "L-Lucario, are they telling the truth?"

A quick scan of their auras revealed the results. "…Yes. Their reactions might be a little overblown, but they're being honest," Lucario said, cringing at their loud crying.

"Okay, fine. I won't leave you two behind," Chris told the kids, who slowed down their sobbing to look up at him. He subconsciously embraced them both. "I have to make do with who I talk to, and you two are nice enough to…ahem…survive the chaos this place usually gets every day. But I believe Lucario is going to prove to be the best security I'll ever have." Lucario raised his face, feeling proud. "With him, groups don't matter much to me, but…I'll be always ready to join one if you're ever bored."

The kids resumed crying and slammed their faces on his shirt. "Thank you!" Popo sobbed, his scream muffled.

"You're not gonna regret this!" Nana yelled next, her voice muffled as well.

The teen forced a little smile and petted their heads with care. Chris had gotten his preview through Ness that these new characters getting into his life weren't going to be normal. The Ice Climbers were just another proof of that now that he got to meet them as some scheming kids with good intentions. Despite all their loud reactions and unsettling knowledge, they looked okay to him… Having been used to live with a Lucario had been indirect training for him to meet these new people and welcome them with open arms. Literally.

Once the kids had settled down and started enjoying spending time with a sane soul seemingly safe from the corruption of the other guests, they all finished their breakfast roughly at the same time until Chris noticed there was bacon left on the frying pans. "…Oh, wait. I thought Pichu would already…" he trailed off.

"Pichu?" the Ice Climbers repeated, exchanging glances.

"Didn't you two hear?" Chris asked them. "Pichu is in the mansion."

"H-he is?" Nana said. "Oh, we just noticed we didn't talk about Pichu any!"

"T-talk about me…why?" squeaked a voice from the direction of the lobby.

The four turned east and spotted the confused Electric-type standing there, head tilted to the side in confusion as he stared at them all. Minding the blue goliath towering over the others, Pichu gulped to himself and calmly sneaked his way to them. His injuries had healed completely, as if he had never been badly hurt at all with no recollection of the last days. "P-Pichu!" Popo said. "You're here, too?"

"Um, yeah," Pichu said. Seeing a little Pokémon like Pichu talking had surprised Chris a lot. Was he just like Lucario in that he was special and knew how to talk human language as well? There had to be a good reason… "I came to a few minutes ago. A-at first, I got all scared because my head hurt and I didn't know how I got to my room… Urk…" He rubbed his head quickly. "I-I have no idea why I think I'm missing something here…"

Lucario looked away to look like he was not interested while Chris joined his hands and shyly scratched their backs with his fingers. Popo and Nana didn't see them and just looked confused. "What, you have amnesia?" Nana asked.

"Sort of? I dunno…" Pichu said, looking worried. "It's been nagging me…"

"Maybe you shouldn't think too much about it?" Popo suggested. "You're okay and all besides that, right?"

"Yeah…" Pichu nodded and looked a bit happy. "I shouldn't think about it too much, then! I'm happy to see you two here! Even if the halls were empty… Oh!" He noticed Chris first and ignored the scary monster behind him. "Who are you? Are you a new around here?"

Chris had to forget he ever had contact with the very docile rodent. Lucario, for his part, needed to forget he had blindly smacked the poor thing into a wall during his rage fit. "Y-yes, I'm new," Chris said, his smile twitching. "I'm Chris. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you!" Pichu happily said. That sickening cuteness of his made Chris blush subtly. "I'm Pichu! I'm a Pokémon! I'm also a fighter and…uh…d-don't be so hard on me, okay?" he pleaded. "I'm trying to gain more courage fighting everyone here…"

"That's two of us, then," Chris admitted, sighing. "It must be harsh to develop that courage…"

"You understand me? Wow! Next to Luigi, no one else knows how I feel! I feel like we're going to be best friends!" Pichu said, melting Chris's heart. He did manage to work up the courage to ask about the intimidating creature behind Chris…but not to Lucario himself, despite the crimson stare burning his skin. "U-uh, um, who is that behind you?"

"Lucario," Lucario's deep voice answered before Chris could, terrifying Pichu and shaking his frail body to the core. Chris shot Lucario a hard stare, staggering his guardian into saying something nice. "N-nice to meet you, Pichu. I'm also a Pokémon just like you."

"R-really? (O-oh gosh, he's like a second Mewtwo but a little bit nicer…)" Pichu asked, smile and right eye twitching in discomfort. "T-that's rad. You'll fit in with all of us here! Can't wait to see how you fight… (E-eep!)" He turned around the moment Lucario flashed a smile thirsty for battle, but Chris smacked his snout in a scolding manner.

"He stopped smiling," Chris flatly said.

Pichu turned back around and sighed loudly. "T-thank you… I mean, sorry!" he apologized, his head bowing down and his large ears drooping. "I'm a little out of it today. Forgive me for saying rash stuff without meaning to…"

"I'm sure Lucario forgives you for that and wouldn't try to say no to me," Chris said, with Lucario sighing in the background.

"…" Pichu tilted his head. "Are you his Pokémon Trainer or something…? He looks like he listens to you."

"As a matter of fact, yes," Chris said. "You're safe with him as long as I say so. He won't try to hurt you or anything, right, Lucario?"

"Yes, Chris…" Lucario said.

"Wow! I always thought it was weird we didn't have a Pokémon Trainer like you in these tourneys!" Pichu said with interest, not knowing that Chris was the second trainer not worthy of taking that honor before the first one. "Why are you dressed like Ness?"

"Long story," Chris muttered.


"Y-you'll see why later. Bottom line, I'm not a normal Pokémon Trainer… I'm also supposed to duke it out on my own like you too."

Pichu crossed his arms in thought and mumbled. "…You're gonna toss pebbles and bait at us?" he wondered.

"No… I'll never do that kind of thing."

"Oh, um, strange… I don't know a trainer that can fight by himself… This is a new idea…" He nodded at Chris. "Oh well! Welcome! I hope you have fun around! Be careful not to mess with some people here. They're pretty scary when they're angry…" He gulped just thinking about the scary people, which were a lot considering many were taller than he was.

"I'll take that in mind, thanks," Chris thanked. So far, he was doing great. He had become friends with the Ice Climbers and Pichu, although Pichu's short introduction seemed like it was tighter than the other kids because of how innocent he looked. Surely he didn't hide a dark side, Chris thought. The little rodent was a curious little creature he couldn't stop staring at… The teen didn't want to reveal how he had a weak spot for all things adorable, and Pichu fell into that category. Not that Chris was easily appeased by adorable creatures, however. He had a personal filter for things that were made extremely cutesy that wouldn't freeze him at all. He would instead not see the point of such beings even existing.

That urge to hold Pichu was in the way of his train of thoughts…

Oh, how he wished Lucario had been a Riolu instead!

"Chris," Lucario startled his trainer from his trance.

"O-oh, sorry. I was lost in thoughts," Chris said.

"And they seemed like they were erupting with happiness… Not that I can complain. You do need to be happy," he said, smiling. The kids were busy catching up with Pichu, without ever knowing they had met for a second time before already. "I'm sorry for looking a bit distant to them. I forgot doing that only made you worry… I-I can't have that if it means you won't be happy."

"Oh, Lucario… You shouldn't worry too much about it," the teen said. "It's good. I got to see who you don't like unless they offer you a good fight…which is…kind of an issue because I worry you're going to be with the wrong crowd, but we'll see where we go from here, okay? It's a rough start but it's getting easier for me."

"That's because the people we have here are more docile than the rest," Lucario pointed out.

"I… Yeah, but it's progress. That's what I mean," Chris said.

No later than that was said, Master Hand came into view from the lobby and greeted his meager amount of fighters in the kitchen. He hid a sob and spoke, "Good morning, you all. I already said good morning to the Ice Climbers but I wanted to be formal with everyone here reunited," he said. "I bet you're all excited to start a day of work now that everyone is here."

Popo, Nana, and Pichu exchanged glances and barely could tell Chris and Lucario didn't do the same. "We're kind of missing like…a lot of people to start tourneys, don't you think?" Popo asked. "Are we VIPs this time and we get to participate in private tourneys?"

"Oh, nothing of the sort," the hand said. "I had called the Ice Climbers for an emergency backup operation not related to the tourneys I had planned… Things have changed for the worst, I'm afraid. Your lives will forever change to what is to come ahead of us."

The children were a little terrified to hear such news, though a part of them thought the hand was merely trying to make an impression of how the tourneys would be like. "You've never said something like that before. What are you up to?"

"Believe me. This DOES not concern the tourneys but the worlds out there," the leader said. "They are all in danger and we must respond to this call. We are the only ones with the means to defeat this threat…"

"H-hold on. This is going too fast!" Pichu said with concern. "What threat? What is happening? A-are we going to get in trouble with someone?"

"It's so hard to take it all in, but we have to move things quickly," Master Hand said. "It's the only way I can prepare you three for what's to come."

"Us three?" Nana said. The hand pointed at the three children and they realized Chris and Lucario weren't among the counted ones. "Hey, wait, why aren't the-?"

"They already know and have fought this threat I mentioned," Master Hand interrupted, surprising the children and embarrassing the teen. "It's thanks to them they managed to save Ness from dying in their hands."

"What? Ness? Dying?" Popo said each word louder than the previous one. "I-I so need a little time to understand what's going on here…"

"Fine, I guess we can spare some explanation time," the hand said but turned around. "We will have to do that while I take you to what will become our center of operations which I haven't shown to the 'veterans' who fought this threat… Do I have your consent you will help us?"

"We haven't decided…" Nana said. "…I'm very interested, though. I just heard Ness was about to die? I need to know what's going on here."

"Yeah, me too," Popo said.

"U-uh, I'm a little scared, but…" Pichu meekly nodded.

"Alright, follow me, everyone," the hand told them as he started floating away. "You must be informed of what will happen next in the next days…"

The newcomers were frightened by what the hand was hiding from them, but they followed his trail, full of curiosity at what was trying to end them all so suddenly. Just as he was about to leave, Chris remembered the leftover bacon strips meant for Pichu and quickly put them on a plate. He rushed up ahead (passing Lucario who had remained behind to wait for him) and presented the food to Pichu. "For me? Wow, thank you! I forgot I was hungry!" Pichu happily took the plate larger than his body and miraculously managed to balance it with both hands. He used his mouth to pick the food occasionally and relished in the taste as they made their way to the room Master Hand was taking them…

The Ice Climbers Joined Your Team!

Pichu Joined Your Team!

"Did anybody hear that?" Popo wondered aloud.

"Shrug it off," Lucario advised, shuddering.


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Chris, Lucario, Ice Climbers, Pichu

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7. Officially Screwed

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Chapter 7: Metroids! The life sucking beasts!

Super Metroid


The duo found themselves standing in an extremely dark room, with only the view of the stars and planets from afar from the big window that resided in their current location.

Chris walked forward and looked around. "...Everything is too dark to see... I-it's scaring me..." Chris said shuddering in fear.

"Let me use my aura..." Lucario said...then he gasped after using his aura.

"W-what is it?"

"We're surrounded!"

The lights turned on, and they were surrounded by many guardians inside a colony, pointing their guns at them.

"..." Chris walked to the nearby switch and turned off the lights. "...Okay, here's the deal, I'm going to turn on back the lights and everyone should be gone."

"..." Lucario facepalmed.

The lights turned on and...surprise...

"We-we come in peace! We don't want to cause trouble here!" Chris yelled in panic.

"Sir, we have 2 guests inside the colony; one is a kid and the other is a beast with a spike on its chest, with more on the backs on its hands," a guardian was talking through his communicator in his helmet.

"GRRRRR!!!" Lucario grunted angrily as Chris held him back by grabbing his shoulders.

"Send them to me immediately," a voice came from the communicator.

"Roger!" 5 guards said.

"You 2, follow us," a guard said.

"Y-you're not going to kill us or something, right?" Chris asked in shock.


"..." Chris gulped.

"Don't worry," Lucario whispered. "I'll keep alive and we will escape from here if it is necessary."

"...Thank you..." Chris whispered.

Ceres Space Colony
Commander's Room

Inside, there was a general, standing in front of a big window and looking the space outside. The guards came from the door pushed Chris and Lucario to the floor, but Lucario retaliated, grabbed Chris in time and managed to stand up with him.

"I'm the commander of this place and leader. What is your business inside the Ceres Space Colony and how did you 2 get in?" the commander asked.

"...Okay..." Chris whispered. "Let me handle the conversations..."

"Why?" Lucario asked.

"...Who knows! I need to stay under pressure!"

"If you don't hurry, then we'll send you to somewhere else," the commander said.

Chris stood up and coughed a little. "F-first, we come here to erradicate a menace that is invading all the worlds. We got a signal indicating that they were around here."

"(Why are you talking like that?)" Lucario asked through his mind to Chris.

"(Who is in charge of the conversations here again?)"

"(...)" Lucario sighed. "(You...)"

"A menace? Do you mean the Space Pirates?" the commander asked, folding his arms behind his back.

Chris shook his head. "E-even worse, sir, the Primids."

"Primids? What are they? Some kind of new race?"

Chris nodded and sweated a little. "T-that's right. Primids are purple creatures who want to take over the worlds by using high tech bombs that suck everything they can reach with."

The commander turned to the window. "...There isn't any other intruder besides you... However, we've got a strange signal from the Planet Zebes. Besides the Space Pirates, there are other creatures in there as well," he turned to them. "But I'm not too sure about this."

"About what?"

"How did you 2 get here without the security even knowing of you?"

"...Help me here, Lucario..." Chris whispered.

"..." Lucario didn't talk.


"...He got us."


"W-we..." Chris thought for a moment. "...W-we got used..."

A moment of silence took place.

"...We were teleported here by the Primids and Space Pirates!" Chris lied. "Yes! We were fighting in Zebes and both races pushed us in a portal that took us here!"

"...Then," the commander walked closer to them and looked straight at Chris's face. "Does that mean they can teleport here any time they want to?"

"...Yes." Chris said, sure about what he said.

"...If you've come here by accident to eliminate them, you will need the attendance of our scientists to give you special equipment that allows you to breath in any planet even if there isn't any oxygen in it, and for more help, we'll send you with a Bounty Hunter to aid you too."

"A Bounty Hunter?" Lucario asked.

"Did that creature just speak?"

Chris nodded. "Yes, Lucario can talk with words or through other people's minds too."

"I see now, if I'm sure, I think she is landing inside the colony in this moment. I'll call 3 guards to escort you to the hangar and meet her," the commander talked through his communicator and 3 guards appeared from the door. "A last question before you go."

Chris shuddered in fear and stopped before they were about to leave. He knew what the commander was going to talk about. How did a normal kid breath without air in a planet without oxygen?

"Nowadays, nobody uses tatoos on their faces anymore. I suggest you to prevent such a thing."

"(T-tatoos?)" Chris asked to himself before he knew what the commander was talking about. His face with the "tatoos" that resembled Lucario's "tatoos" as well. "Um...t-they're just here to intimidate my enemies!"

"They'd feel embarrassed then."

Chris cursed under his breath as they walked out.

Ceres Space Colony

"Samus' gunship has landed safely now," a guard said.

A orange ship with high tech weapons landed inside the hangar, a hatch opened from above and a person in a orange suit jumped from it and landed in front of Chris and Lucario before standing up.

"U-um, h-hello?" Chris asked waving his hand.

She looked at the guard. "Who is this kid and that beast?"

Lucario slowly walked to her but Chris stopped him.

"The commander says is alright to have them here. Besides, they are going with you to Planet Zebes to complete their mission," the guard told Samus.

"Planet Zebes? Isn't that place a Space Pirate base and it was also supposed to be destroyed?"

"It's a Space Pirate base and it got reconstructed again," another guard said. "And what is that thing you're holding?"

"This?" Samus placed a container with a creature inside. "This is a Metroid, but it was born in front of me and now it thinks that I'm his mother, but I need to deliver this to the scientists in the colony to examine him."

"If you want to find the investigation room, go straight this way and you will find it," one guard pointed to a door. "You 2 can go with her too."

Once the trio walked, Chris walked closer to Lucario. "Lu-"

"So," Samus interrupted. "What is so special about you 2? Nobody sees a kid and his beast in a base like this. Never."

"Let me kill her." Lucario whispered.

"How about no?" Chris whispered. "S-sorry for accepting your help all of a sudden, but we really need your he-"

"I asked you a question and you haven't responded it yet." Samus pointed out.

"...I'm a kid-" Chris's forehead made a vein after he got tired from hearing the word "kid" to address himself. "-that can use many different abilities to fight and Lucario has the power of the aura to deal damage too. We're currently trying to fight a much, bigger menace than the Space Pirates."

"Hard to believe."


"Hard to believe someone saying such things," Samus said. "How can I know you're not lying?"

"Didn't your commander give you an order to get to Zebes with us?" Lucario asked, crossing his arms.


"Then it's clear that we were already accepted as your helpers. We don't need to explain everything to yo-"


"C-Chris!" Lucario yelled once Chris slapped his forehead.

Tales of Symphonia - Off Key

"You're going to behave yourself before Samus!" Chris said, putting his hands on his hips. "I can't believe you have to be so rude to her! She wants a good explanation to accept our help and you're acting like that? You're unbeliavable!"

Lucario closed his eyes in shame and opened his right one a little to look at Chris. "B-but I-"

"No buts! Sorry!"

Samus took a step back. "I-ah...didn't mean to be rude either..."

"Oh, please don't mind us," Chris chuckled (a worried smile in his mind). "Lucario tends to be like this to people. I'll gladly explain everything to you before we get to the laboratory."

Samus looked at Lucario who was rubbing the back of his head as she walked away. "...R-right...if you would..."

"...Don't be this hard on me either..." Lucario whispered.

"...You can stop the acting. She's gone."

Lucario closed his eyes. "Please, make a good strategy that doesn't involve me being you."

"Don't worry about that."

Ceres Space Colony
Investigation Room

After a while of explaining everything to the bounty hunter, Samus was able to understand the mission that Chris and Lucario had to do. Of course, they didn't talk about the Smash Mansion or the hands.

"Hmm, what did you bring this time, Samus? An infant Metroid?" the scientists started to examine the infant Metroid. "Amazing, we can harness the power of the Metroids to benefit the humanity. Samus, you made an important discovery!"

"Excume me, but we've come here to get some devices to breath without oxygen. The commander said that to us too." Chris said.

"That's right, we got the word from the commander. Here, take these little devices," a scientist handed over 2 tiny devices to the duo. "You just need to place them near your noses at it will produce air," they did and the devices started to produce air. "Of course, being here will be hard to see the device working."

"I need to go to Zebes now. Good luck with the investigation." Samus said leaving the room with Chris and Lucario following her to the gunship.

Samus's Gunship

Chris found the Gunship really amazing from the inside after he and Lucario got to see the interior. It was equipped with all sorts of machinery and buttons with different travel options that nobody could understand, except Samus at the least.

"...We're never going to see this anywhere else, right?" Lucario asked.

"What do you mean by that?" Samus asked. "I thought you 2 already knew about this since you were fighting the Primids and Space Pirates."

"...L-look," Chris interrupted. "Just wait like 10 or so years and you'll know what we mean."

"...What?" Samus asked utterly confused.

"P-please don't mind him..." Lucario said as Chris gave him a glare. "I-I mean, forget about it..."

The Gunship started to take off and it went through the space. The 2 were looking outside and watched the emptyness of the space, that Chris found amazing.

"Wow...the space is amazing from here." Chris said as he and Lucario were looking outside, watching all the stars in the space.

"(Can I really believe these 2 at all?)" Samus thought with a frown.

Their peace was soon broken by an alarm...


"Connect me to the distress call." Samus commanded to the ship.

"Samus! Return to the colony. A big dragon like creature is attacking and he is destroying everything her-what? Oh no! Stop! No-" the transmission was interrupted by shots and screams.

"..." Lucario looked back at the colony were several explosions were shown. "They're there..."

"I-I-I'm scared." Chris said shaking.

"We have no choice, we need to return to the colony." Samus turned the ship towards the colony and it went as quickly as possible to the hangar, where it landed.

Ceres Space Colony

They went deeper in the colony and found the commander.

"Commander! What is happening?" Samus asked.

"S-Samus, there is a big monster attacking the investigation room right now as we speak, but not only that, the way to the room is blocked my purple creatures who came with that too," the commander said coughing.

"Primids." Lucario said.

"Right, I need to go there and destroy it then." Samus said.

"There isn't any much time left, the colony was badly damaged by the monster and it will explode in 30 minutes!" the commander said.

"30 minutes is just enough." Samus stated, running away to the investigation room.

"...S-she is always like that..." the commander pointed out before he stood up. "All the personnel will evacuate the place. You 2 should go with her and aid her with that monster." Chris and Lucario nodded and they went with Samus to defeat the monster. "Don't worry about me! I'll escape before this blows up!"

Metroid Main Theme

Samus went first, then Chris, then Lucario. Bytans appeared from nowhere and the trio quickly prepared to attack.

"(Finally, an actual fight...) Take this!" Chris shouted using Force Palm. He hit 3 Bytans but it wasn't enough to destroy them. However, Lucario finished them with kicks infused with his aura, taking them down.

Samus was doing it fine. She was tackling them, shooting and bombarding them. The trio defeated the Bytans and went further inside. Sword Primids were in the way but Lucario took them out with his fists glowing with aura and Samus with charged shots.

"..." Chris rolled his eyes. "Yes, don't let the kid get in the way for the much, stronger people..."

"Sorry." Lucario said with a nod.

"...I guess it's okay..."

They were just in front of the investigation room, but another ordeal of Primids and R.O.B Sentrys appeared. Chris was surrounded but Lucario used his fists and kicks to defeat them. Samus was using her Grapple Beam and everything was fine.

"The lab is just crossing this door." Samus said.

"...That was fast..." Chris said.

"Maybe you could take this as some sort of...easy part?" Lucario wondered.

"...You're right." Chris smiled at Lucario, then the trio went inside the investigation room.

Ceres Space Colony
Investigation room

"" Chris said, looking at the dead bodies of the scientists laying on the floor. Everything around was destroyed. The machines were burning and blood was scattered around the place. "B-blood..." Chris muttered and shuddered as he embraced himself.

"...Who could have done this?" Lucario asked.

Samus looked a big mark that appeared to be from a big claw. "...I know who..." Samus said.

Suddenly, a roar came from the right, they turned their heads and they saw a big shadowy figure inside smoke preparing a laser from his mouth and fired it to the trio. Samus evaded it and Lucario grabbed Chris and he evaded it too.

"...Ridley..." Samus muttered, glaring at the Space Pirate leader.

"M-my god..." Chris gulped as the creature glanced at the trio. "R-Ridley looks a lot scarier than a bunch of pixels..."

"...That sounded extremely stupid if you ask me..." Lucario said.

"W-well, blame me! It's the truth after all!" Chris said.

Samus spotted the container of the infant Metroid in Ridley's claws. "Give it back now!" Samus demanded as she fired a missile at Ridley, but it destroyed it with its tail, then Ridley roared, made a hole on the wall with its tail and went away through it. The trio left the investigation lab to avoid being sucked into the hole. The bodies of the scientists were being dragged away and the machines as well.

"..." Chris looked down as they stared at the locked door of the lab.

Samus put a hand on his shoulder. "I know...nobody was able to live after that monster..."

"...I feel sorry for them..." Chris muttered.

"What are you doing?" Lucario asked. "The colony is going to explode if we don't hurry!"

"W-we must escape from here before it blows up!" Chris said running at the hangar, Samus was faster and Chris couldn't catch up, but Lucario grabbed him by the arm and he accelerated to the ship, they eventually made it and everything was blowing up, but they escaped fortunately.

"Ridley was escaping through that direction!" Chris pointed to a planet not far from them. Samus nodded and commanded the gunship to go to Planet Zebes, as they were approaching the atmosphere, the Ceres Space Colony exploded before their eyes.

"..." Chris looked down before Lucario put a hand on his shoulder.

"Be prepared, we're going into the enemy's territory." Samus stated as the ship was descending on the surface of the planet.

Preview of the next chapter

"This is Samus."

"I'm Lucario."

"The Space Pirates stole the infant Metroid to reproduce more Metroids and then they can launch a invasion to all the civilizations of all the planets, we must get back the Metroid as soon as possible."

"What is so dangerous about them?"

"They can take the life force of living beings and make themselves stronger."

"That would be a dangerous situation then."

"However, I doubt if you 2 can help me retrieving it."

Lucario glared at Samus "Is that an insult?"

"Not at all."

"I'm don't believe you."

"Next time: Zebes! The base of technology!

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8. Skipping Through Wastelands Of DEATH

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Chapter 8: Zebes! The base of technology!

Planet Zebes

Landing Site

"This place looks like a wasteland..." Chris said, shivering a little from the sand.

"The Space Pirates are maybe underground. They always have their bases beneath the earth," Samus pointed out. "...Let's move on and follow me."

Opening/Metroid Prime menu

Room 1

"What are those disgusting creatures?" Chris asked.

"Many kinds of disgusting creatures live in every planet. This one is not an exception." Samus explained as she was shooting them down from the distance. "But maybe the pirates brought species of other planets to protect their base or do research and increases their power."

"Chris, look, I found something." Lucario found something behind a boulder. It was a chest. He opened it and inside there were 2 blue gloves in it. "...Do you think this is a weapon for me? I mean, even the gloves can fit perfectly in my hands." Lucario placed the gloves on his hands "...Somehow I feel a little stronger now."

"Then it could be good to use them." Chris stated. "...Wait, what is a chest doing in the middle of nowhere?"

"Do we care?" Lucario asked confused.

"...I guess not..."

"There are no monsters in here. We can move on." Samus went to another area with the duo following her from behind.

Room 2

"Strange, nothing is here." Samus was looking around, using her visor to detect enemies. "Absolutely nothing."

"And is weird because this room is so much bigger than the last one." Chris pointed out.

Lucario glowed. "...Wait, something big is approaching."

The earth began to shake violently and from the ground, a big worm came roaring with its big mouth. The trio stood still for a moment before attacking.

"Wait a minute, that worm has purple spores coming from around its body." Samus scanned the worm and there were purple spores coming from it.

"...Maybe it was altered by the Primids!" Chris said in surprise. The big worm charged at them and it damaged Samus and Chris "And...I think it is stronger too..."

"How dare that monster!" Lucario glared at the worm. It roared and dug in the ground. They examined the floor and where it was sounding louder they ran to another part to avoid the attack.

"I don't know where he is going to come!" Samus said scanning the floor to locate the worm, but it was useless, the worm came from beneath Samus and Lucario fired an Aura Sphere, damaging it, but it wasn't enough to defeat it yet.

"Just how long is this going to last?" Chris asked angrily using many Force Palms to the worm, but the worm retaliated and swung his tail in Chris, sending him to wall and crashing to it. "...I'm...fine," he said before collapsing.

"Is he death?" Samus scanned Chris and she found a little life force coming from him. "...He is fine, but he is in a critical condition..."


Suddenly, there was a blue light shining inside the room. Samus turned her head and saw Lucario glowing intensely in a blue light. "W-what? Your power is increasing at a fast rate!" Samus said surprised.

"GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!" Lucario grunted furiously.

She scanned him before he jumped high in the air and fired a big beam of aura at the worm, destroying it in the process and leaving nothing behind from the monster. He descended, stopped glowing and went to check his trainer laying unconscious on the ground.

"Chris! Wake up! Are you alright?" Lucario asked worried about Chris. Chris opened his eyes half-way.

"I'm...fine, I told you that...didn't I?" Chris smiled at Lucario before standing up. "W-we should continue, we can't waste any second."

"(He is in a bad shape. I need to keep him away from enemies for a while...)" Lucario thought to himself.

Chris's damage percent: 78

As the team ventured deeper in Zebes, there were many problems along the way: lava rivers, disgusting bugs, moving platforms above the lava. Chris didn't feel so good, since that battle with the big worm damaged him. Lucario was almost doing everything for him, but he didn't complain even a little.

Smash Mansion
Command Room

"Huh? What's happening?" Master Hand saw the box of Star Fox Assault and Star Fox Command glowing in a purple light.

"Ooh! Ooh! Is it the Firework & Lights Day again?!" Crazy Hand asked.

And 2 lights came from it, combined themselves and then it went inside Super Metroid.

"Brother, what was that?!" Crazy Hand asked.

"I-I don't know! 2 lights came from those worlds and combined, then it went inside Super Metroid!" Master Hand looked at Super Metroid. "...And maybe is something very bad... I hope they are fine."

Deep inside the Great Maze

"Master Tabuu, we've sent our army to Corneria in both worlds."

"Say the report."

"We couldn't find a good place to take over. There were many disturbances in both worlds. However, we've captured one of them and made him a commander of our army, then we sent him to Planet Zebes to stop that kid and his Lucario."

"Excellent work, they are much better when they work for us. Keep going according to the plan," he teleported away

"...This is...horrible, what I need to do to...stop this?" he floated away.

Planet Zebes
Room 18

"Are we even there yet?" Lucario asked.

"I'm not really sure, but when there are machines near, we should be closer to the base," Samus said looking at the machines in the room. "However, the closer we are, the danger rises."

" right," Chris said with a little force. "The last room was and is still dangerous, and yet this room is even harder to get through."

"Chris, stop pushing yourself like that or you will not recover from your injuries." Lucario said worried about Chris's sake.

"Don't worry, I can continue this shape."

Lucario placed his hand on Chris's left shoulder. "Look, I know you want to help, but in this situation you will only be a burde-"


"...I know, it's hard to resist that word to you, but please, stay away from danger and let me handle this." Chris looked away a moment before talking and nodding.

"Alright...I leave everything to you and Samus, but promise me you will protect me."

Lucario smiled a little. "I'm always doing that for you since the beginning."

Chris smiled and chuckled a little. "It...was a stupid question, I admit it."

"If you 2 are done, we can move to the next room." Samus said entering another room, with the duo following her.

Planet Zebes
Room 19

The room was big, there was no ceiling in there and the sky could be watched from below. Our heroes looked around if there was any Primid or monster.

"Do you think there is another...big monster here?" Chris asked.

"No, there isn't any of them approaching." Lucario answered.

"Stay focused, they probably can launch an attack from afar." Samus said charging her weapon.

They remained silent for 20 seconds. They made a triangle formation with back-to-back (Lucario's tail passed through between Samus and Chris), looking at every place inside. The door to the next room was locked and there was probably something inside the room to defeat so the lock could be opened.






"...I hear something..." Chris said.

A sound like something doing a countdown was coming to them. They looked at every place again. It was coming closer, but suddenly it stopped and they didn't know where it was.

"Where is it?" Samus asked.

"It sounds like is near here...but yet so far." Lucario pointed out.

"Wait a second, that sound, is not an ordinary countdown, is like a tiny bomb with enough force to push anything far away with just a explosion if the victim is very near." Samus stated. The sound was going faster now.

"...Can you tell all that just by hearing the sounds?" Lucario questioned.


Boh aura users looked at each other and shrugged.

"Wait, if that isn't here in our point of view...then that means..." Chris turned his head and gasped.

"That bomb.." Samus turned her head.

"Is between us!" Lucario finished the sentence. Indeed, there was a tiny bomb between them, and it was too late because it exploded, causing a big explosion. It sent the trio to different directions across the air and outside the room, but Samus was flying with Lucario...but Chris blasted off alone.

"Luuucaaariiiioooo!!" Chris shouted, flying to another different place.

"Chriiiiiiiis!!" both Samus and Lucario shouted, flying to another location, away from Chris.

Dark Room

"(...I...I...need to do something! I'm going to crash on the ground if I don't act quickly!... Wait, I wonder if...)" Chris was about to crash on the ground, but he shouted, "Force Palm!" and he hit the floor, doing a somersault and landing on his feet "Phew, I thought I was a goner... (Oh, great! I did a somersault!...)" Chris looked around "But...this place is too dark to see...and...worse of all...I'm alone..."

"(Chris, can you hear me?)" a familiar voice rang inside Chris's mind.

"(Lucario! You're fine! I'm glad to hear your voice again!)" Chris said in his mind happily.

"(I'm glad too, but we need to regroup again.)"

"(I was thinking the same thing, but hurry up, I'm inside a dark place and I can't see anything too...I'm s-scared...)" Chris trembled in fear.

"(Don't worry, I'm coming to you with Samus. Just stay there and don't go anywhere else.)"

"(...Alright, just hurry up.)"

Lucario ended the telepathy talk.

"But, it would be better if I go to them too. It would be faster...right?" Chris wondered as he walked forward if he could spot a door inside, and he did. "...Yes, everything is getting better..." he opened the door and found himself in another room, this one wasn't dark like the last one.

Room 29

"Weird, the door is just a few meters away, and is opened... We can regroup in less time than I thought!" Chris said happily, but just as he was about open the door...

"Can't let yo do that, Star Fox!" a voice shouted from somewhere.

"...Star Fox? Since when this world was Corneria?" Chris asked confused. He started to inspect the room from the door, and the roof exploded making a hole in the process, and from it, a shadow came. It was shrouded in a purple aura like the Primids, but Chris could tell there was a man through the veil. He was standing like he was going to attack, his shoulders had spikes and also his knees. He had grey and white fur on his face, a tiny visor in front of his left eye. He was wearing a light blue jacket and a black shirt below, and claws coming from his hands.

"Wait...I remember you, you're Wolf O'Donnell!" Chris said in shock. "Oh, please tell me you're here to save me!"

"Heck no." Wolf said.

"...I'm so dead, am I?" Chris said with a bored look.

"That's right," Wolf pointed at himself. "I'm one of the commanders of the Subspace, and I came here to eliminate you and that filthy dog of yours." Wolf pointed his finger (or claw) at Chris.

"F-filthy dog? Y-you mean Lucario?"

Wolf nodded. "Yes, but first..." Wolf motioned his claw to Chris. "You must be eliminated!" Wolf charged at Chris, but Chris yelled, screamed and opened the door behind him and escaped. The door closed and Wolf crashed into it. He shook his head, opened the door. He started to chase Chris and tried to kill him as he let out a snarl.

Preview of the next chapter

"I-I'm Chris! M-man, Wolf is such a pain. Escaping through the rooms while he is chasing me is not an easy task...and worse when I'm injured. L-L-Lucario, if I need your help, t-t-the time is now! I-I-I can't escape from him... He is so fast and he can catch me...and possibly...kill me! Next time: VS Commander Wolf! Chris's first battle! OH, HELL NO! I-I don't want to fight!"

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9. He Won't Let You Do Whatever

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Chapter 9: VS Commander Wolf! Chris's first battle!

Star Wolf theme

Chris ran as fast as his feet could take him away from the commander. He passed quickly through many rooms with Wolf following behind, until he found himself standing in a room full of platforms. The door was high up, and he couldn't jump so high, but still, he jumped from platform to platform.

" tedious...he doesn't surrender...does he?" Chris muttered as he jumped to a platform and doing it continuously. However, Wolf was almost catching him up. the lupine was 6 platforms away but still he was jumping quite fast. Chris hid behind some boxes near and Wolf started to look around.

"(Wait, what did Master Hand tell us about?)" Chris thought...and suddenly, a cloud popped out of his head with Master Hand in it.

"Remember Chris, use the force when is needed!"

"(...No, I know that wasn't it...)"

"Crazy never washes his glove!"

"(That's not definitely either!)"

"You will never guess what is inside my glove. Come on! Guess it!"

"(...Weird... Wait, I think I remember now.)"

"When you learn completely that technique or skill, you can use it even if you're not using the job where you were learning it. For instance, let's say you learned to use Aura Sphere in Aura Apprentice, but when you change to the "PK Kid" job, you can use Aura Sphere in that job too."

"(Hmm, what if...) PK Flash," he whispered. A green flash came from his head and he controlled it towards a clueless Wolf looking in a corner. Since the flash was getting bigger, it exploded right behind Wolf, crashed into the wall and fell in the floor, moaning in pain.

"Got you!" Chris said running to the next room...

20 seconds later, Wolf got up and started again in the chasing.

"W-w-wait a minute, this is an elevator!" Chris crossed quickly the previous room he just walked in when Wolf was damaged. The room wasn't a room, it was an elevator. The elevator area was quite big, 50 people could fit inside. Chris found buttons to the right of where he was standing in a hurry. He pressed one and the door closed slowly.

"You won't escape from me!" Wolf yelled while was coming from the other side. He rushed at the door before it closed, but it was too late and he didn't make it.

Chris let out a sigh of relief and the elevator started to move downward. He leaned to the wall and slid through it to the floor and took a seat "T-thank over... Wolf won't catch me now...but I wonder...what are Samus and Lucario doing?" Chris wondered before he closed his eyes and fell asleep through his exhaustion.

Planet Zebes
Room 37

"...Chris is not there anymore... I told him to stay there!" Lucario said angrily.

"He's probably fine. Maybe something happened inside where he was and he needed to leave the room." Samus said, jumping to a platform.

"But did you forget he was in a bad shape?"

Samus nodded. "...I know, but you got to believe in him if you want to see him again."

"I'm always believing in him... Chris does that for me too...b-but this is different!"

"Stop complaining and let's move on. The faster, the better!" Samus said snapping Lucario out of his rage The Aura Pokémon grunted before he nodded as the 2 ran faster than before.

Planet Zebes

"..." Chris was sleeping while the elevator was moving down.


"...W-where am I?"


A voice said from afar. That voice was easy for Chris to guess.

"Huh?... Is that you Mario?"


"...Is that you Luigi?"


"...Y-you're Falco, right?"


"...Captain Falcon?"


"...Ness? Is that you?"


"...That voice...Lucario?"


Many voices said in unison. Some were from others Chris couldn't remember.

"S-show yourselves! I can't see you!"

Planet Zebes

"Show yourselves!" Chris woke up saying the same words he said in his dream. "W-what was that dream?... It was so weird..." he looked down. "...I hope it's not a bad premonition..."

Suddenly, the elevator began to shake a little. Footsteps were coming from the roof and Chris looked above. "H-huh? W-what's happening now?... Oh no...don't tell me..."

The roof exploded before his eyes, and Wolf came from it.

"W-will you stop chasing me?!" Chris asked.

"You're cornered kid. Say your prayers!" Wolf said standing in a fighting position.

"...W-well, technically speaking I can jump off the elevator an-" Chris stopped talking as he ducked his head from a shot of Wolf's Blaster. "F-fine!" Chris stood up and he didn't have another choice but fight him.

Star Wolf (Assault)

Wolf charged quickly and did a combo of 3 attacks with his claws. Chris rolled on the floor to evade it (and hit his head with the wall by accident). Chris retaliated using Force Palm, he grabbed Wolf and threw him to the ceiling. Wolf came back using Fire Wolf, the attack hit Chris and he fell on the floor.

"I'm...not going to surrender yet..." Chris muttered. He stood up again and ran towards Wolf to try and land several punches and kicks, though they were so simple to evade even with the little aura that emanated from his hands.

"Ha! Think you will defeat me with that?!" Wolf mocked as he used Wolf Flash to slice Chris down. He did it 3 times in a row and Chris's damage meter was rising up in an alarming rate.

Chris's damage meter: 108

"Ugh...I need help...but still, I-I won't surrender yet!" Chris shouted. He approached to Wolf and rolled passing him through, he did a tiny PK Flash and it exploded in Wolf's back. The lupine crashed into the wall but got up.

The elevator was going down faster than before, making little jumps high jumps.

"(I think I can...use this as an advantage...)" Chris thought to himself. Wolf rushed towards him and used a smash attack with his claw. It hits and Chris almost was going off screen but he came back in a slow way, since the elevator was going down faster, he knew what to do next.

"I...can...use...this!" Chris yelled. He came back faster and he used a downward kick in Wolf's head. Wolf bounced off the floor and he was sent off above. The downward kick was mimicking Ness's downward kick. Chris stood in the floor and panted heavily before sighing in relief.

Music stops

The elevator returned to his slow descent. Wolf was laying unconscious on the floor without moving. Chris had won the battle against the lupine.

"I...did it?... I-I did it! I've defeated Wolf without Lucario's help!" Chris jumped while smiling, but he felt weak and he stopped jumping, then he took a seat again in the wall, leaned to it and holding his left arm with his right hand. "...But...I think...I overdid it."

The elevator suddenly stopped. The door opened up and Chris stood up and walked to the next room, leaving Wolf behind. However, Chris pressed a button to make the elevator go up so he could escape from him. The door closed and Chris left, still badly injured.

Planet Zebes
Space Pirate's base entrance

"Lucario...where are you..." Chris muttered weakly. The room was tiny and it had 2 doors: one was surrounded with many machines while the other was a common one. He couldn't go on and he leaned on the wall and took a seat again in the floor, still holding his left arm. Chris felt so weak that he fell asleep again.

3 minutes later, a loud noise came from where the door of the elevator was. Chris just opened his eyes a little and the door exploded, and from it Wolf came again, still damaged but with enough force to walk. He saw Chris on the floor, he approached to him and grabbed him by the throat.

"Ugh, you're persistent...aren't you..." Chris said.

"I won't leave this place until you're dead kid... Now close your eyes and let my claw...kill you slowly to your death..." Wolf muttered with an evily smirk.

"I just...wanted to see...Lucario again..." Chris fainted but he didn't die yet. Wolf smirked a little at this moment, but suddenly, the other door opened up and Lucario came from it and tackled Wolf. Samus came with him too and she examined Chris's condition.

"Why did you do that to him?! Answer the question!" Lucario yelled enraged at Wolf. The Aura Pokémon was holding him in the wall, charging his fist with aura.

"Hehehe,, I almost killed him until you came... How pitiful...he almost defeated me but I came back and now...he is on the verge of death..."


"Lucario...don't kill him..." Chris muttered as he slowly woke up.

"But, look what he has done to you! He deserves to die!" Lucario replied back angrily.

"Still...he is not the real Wolf...just let him go... it for me..."

"I'm not going to listen to you!" Lucario yelled again enraged.

"P-please...Lucario...l-listen to me..." Chris whispered as tears began to stroll down his cheeks. Lucario couldn't tolerate Chris's tears and he let go of Wolf.

"...Leave now...or else!" Lucario stated, charging up his fist again.

"Grr, you're lucky kid...but next time...I'll see you again...then I'm going to kill you...and your partne-" Wolf was interrupted.

"I'VE SAID GO!" Lucario glared at Wolf.

"...Hmph, bunch of idiots..." those were Wolf's last words before he left the room and headed to where Lucario and Samus came.

"Chris, take this. It will heal you completely, I found it during our search for you." Samus handed over a small container. Chris took it and the container shined as he was surrounded in a bright light before he was completely healed.

"I-I'm feeling better now... T-t-thank you so much, Samus!" Chris said smiling at Samus. She smiled back at him with a chuckle.

Chris looked at Lucario who glared down at him. "I told you to stay in that room until we came for you!" Lucario said enraged

"B-bu-" Chris was interrupted.

"I don't want to hear your explanation! I was so worried about you and you just walked away like nothing happened!" Lucario yelled, turning his back to Chris and crossing his arms.

Chris looked away. He was getting sad for not listening to Lucario's orders and getting punished by him. The teenager closed his eyes and he was about to cry.

"...Lucario, stop that!" Samus yelled.

Lucario turned to Samus and he opened his arms. "B-but!"

"You have no right to yelling at Chris like that. He listened to you but he just wanted to search for you as we did for him, and he was running from whoever that guy was too... Don't you think about it before talking?!" she asked angrily.

Lucario opened his mouth in surprise. He knew he was wrong right at the moment Samus told him that. The Aura Pokémon looked away and closed his eyes before opening them up, looking at Chris.

"I-I'm...sorry...Chris, forgive me for yelling at you..." Lucario approached to Chris and placed his hand on Chris's right shoulder. "I was...very worried about be honest..."

"..." Chris didn't say anything.

"You should forgive him now." Samus stated.

Chris turned to Lucario. He was about to cry but then he hugged him and then started to sob silently while Lucario patted his back.

"I-I...I don't want to be...s-separated from you again...I-I was just so scared...I was so scared, Lucario!" Chris yelled, still crying. Lucario placed his right hand behind Chris's head as he cried above his fur on his shoulder. Lucario closed his eyes and a single tear came from his right eye and fell on the floor.

"...I'm happy were reunited again..." Lucario whispered. "...I'm happy to be with you again..."

Chris wiped out his tears and he looked at Lucario. "...Thank you, Lucario... I'm good to go when you're ready too," he smiled a little with a chuckle as Lucario did the same.

Lucario nodded. Samus sighed in relief as she went to the other door and opened it. "The base is just behind this door. We should get going now."

Preview of the next chapter

"I'm Chris everyone."

"I'm Lucario."

"This is Samus."

"What could've happened to Wolf to act like that? H-he almost kills me!"

"If he ever do that again, I'm going to kill him."

"We should worry about the present now. You 2 can investigate that later. Now we need to infiltrate the base and look for the infant Metroid."

"That's right, but...there are Primids here too."

"And? I can beat them with just one hand."

"...Are you saying that just to cheer up and protect Chris?"

"He is doing that."

Lucario blushed a little and looked away embarrassed.

"Guess that is the point."

"Leave him be, at least he doesn't want anyone to be hurt again."

Lucario looked at Chris. "Except the Primids."

"...That's the spirit, I guess..."

"Good point, Lucario! Next time: Kraid! The big monster and guardian! ...Please, tell me Lucario and Samus are going to fight that thing and not me..."

"You too," the others said as Chris groaned.

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10. Insert Metroid Jingle Here

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Chapter 10: Kraid! The big monster and guardian!

Planet Zebes
Room 42

The trio continued their path to the base, it was full of machinery, but the weird thing was, it was completely empty.

"Isn't weird to find this all abandoned?" Chris asked.

"Be on your guards, they always know when their enemies will come to their hideout." Samus stated charging up her arm cannon. They walked silently towards the next room, everything was too quiet, there were little sounds coming from anywhere and they turned quickly to find the source.

"Lucario, can you see someone with your aura?" Chris suggested.

"Let me see." Lucario glowed for a moment, he saw many figures coming from the other rooms, but mysteriously, he found some in where they were standing, just below of them!

Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

"Below us! Avoid it!" Lucario shouted jumping away from there, Samus and Chris did the same and the floor blasted, and from it 5 Space Pirates came shooting at them.

"These guys know how to attack!" Chris pointed out evading some shots "Lucario, cover me up!" He hid behind a pile of boxes, Lucario approached to the pile and protected him from the shots.

"What are you going to do?!" Lucario asked. A green flash came from Chris's head and he controlled it towards the group of 5, it exploded and they fainted and died.

"Well done Chris." Samus congratulated Chris's action, they proceeded to the next room.

Planet Zebes
Room 43

"There are more of them!" Chris said.

"Chris, look out!" Samus shouted, a Space Pirate came with a sable attached to his arm and he was about to slice Chris, until he suddenly learned to use Double Team, he used it and the sable slashed through it, but he came from behind him and kicked him, Chris was completely unharmed.

"That was Double Team right?" Lucario asked surprised, however, 4 Space Pirates came from behind, he turned and used Double Team too, he dissapeared in a flash and he came from behind them quite fast with a powerful kick sending them to the wall and crashing to them.

"But yours is far more advanced that mine." Chris said.

"You will eventually learn how to use it well." Lucario said.

"Wait a minute, what is that?" Chris saw a little orange ball rolling in the floor and it shined and went towards a group of pirates, knocking them out with a single blown. Then the ball turned into Samus.

"How did you do that?" Chris asked.

"Is hard to explain it, I'll tell you 2 some time later." She said walking towards the next room. Both followed her.

Space Pirate base
Room 44

"Why is this room filled with lava? There are only 3 platforms in here too."

The room was starting to shake, the lava was moving wildly.

"Someone is inside the lava!" Lucario said, from the lava, a big dinosaur like creature with 3 spikes on his chest, stomach and another spike between the 2 spikes came from the lava roaring enraged.

"That must be Kraid." Samus said reading Kraid's information in her visor "Wait, what is that?"

"Is a Subspace Bomb!" There was a Subspace Bomb behind Kraid, the countdown was in 10 minutes.

"We must defeat that thing and deactivate the bomb before it explodes!" Lucario said firing an Aura Sphere at Kraid's head, but it bounced off "What?"

"His head is too hard to break through, his weak point are those spikes in his body! But they need first to be fired in order to do damage!" Samus said, the spike of the middle fired quite fast at Chris, but Lucario grabbed the spike before it could touch Chris, and he threw it to the lava.

"Now! Fire!" Samus was shooting in the spot of the spike, Lucario was firing several Aura Spheres there too, Kraid was roaring in pain and he fired the other 2 spikes, however, Chris was charging up a PK Flash and it exploded right in front of the spikes, destroying them in the process.

"Keep going!" Samus said again, now firing missiles, Kraid was without his spikes, so the monster approached to them and used his giant claw to slice them, they jumped just in time to evade it.

"Wait a minute, Primids are coming this way!" Chris saw a group of Fire Primids appearing from behind them, they used tiny fire balls, the trio was evading them and Kraid's claw. Lucario acted quickly and managed to beat them, then they returned to damage Kraid.

"Is becoming weaker, keep firing at it!" Chris said.

"...Huh? That sound...Metroids!" Samus said surprised, from a hole, 8 Metroids came moving their pincers of their mouths, they moved floating in the air and they quickly flew towards Samus's helmet, attaching their bodies and sucking her energy "Guys! I"

"Samus, hang in there!" Chris said jumping from his platform and landing (and almost losing his balance) in front of Samus, he used a Force Palm to push away the Metroids, but only 2 were pushed away and they approached their pincers to Chris "AAAHHH!!"

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!!" Lucario yelled furiously punching the 2 towards the walls, they shook their bodies for a while and they disappeared.

"Lucario! Please help Samus!"

"But what about Kraid?"

"Leave him to me! I know I can defeat him!"

"He's stronger than you!"

"So? What's your point? I'm planning to beat him!"

"...Urgh, alright, but if you get in trouble, I'll rush and protect you."

"Thank you Lucario! Now save Samus!" Chris said and Lucario went to help Samus, Chris noticed a spike coming to him, but he quickly used Double Team to disappear and deal a normal blow changing the spike direction to a wall, Chris used a quick PK Flash to explode it in Kraid's belly and the monster yelled in pain once again. But for his last attack, he fired all the 3 spikes to Chris.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!" Chris blocked his face to resist the attack, but as soon as he closed his eyes, Samus and Lucario came back firing a missile and an Aura Sphere, the missile destroyed both spikes and the Aura Sphere went at high speed towards the belly.

Eventually, Kraid was defeated and he fell into the lava roaring in pain as his head was covered by the magma, the trio jumped to the next platform where the Subspace Bomb was laying, the countdown was in 4 minutes.

"Lucario, push it to the lava!" Chris commanded and Lucario nodded, he tried to push the bomb to the lava but it didn't budge a little.

"I can' too heavy!" Lucario said tightening his fangs.

"Let me scan it." Samus used her visor to scan the bomb "A bomb that will consume everything that is around it...was designed by the Primids...let's see..."

"Found anything yet?" Chris asked.

"Wait, there is something here" She readed it aloud "The only way to destroy this example of bomb is to find 3 switches inside of it, however, one of them will deactivate the bomb, but if isn't the correct one, it will explode instantly."

"I found the 3 switches!" Lucario found the 3 switches inside the bomb "Which?"

"Hmm, pull the first on-no no no- the third on-no no no!" Chris said confused, the chance of the bomb to not explode was of 33.9 percent.

"Pull the switch of the middle!" Samus said.

"Are you sure?" Lucario asked, she nodded, Chris backed away a little and closed his eyes and Samus crossed her arms in front of her helmet, Lucario grabbed the switch of the middle, he closed his eyes and he pulled the switch down.

A moment of silence soon followed.

"...Did it work?" Chris asked terrified.

The countdown stopped in 0:12:98, everyone sighed in relief and they smiled "The bomb is lighter than before now." Lucario said pushing the bomb to the lava, it melted and everything was normal again.

"Look! The Primid Locator is in green!" Chris saw the locator in green, meaning Zebes was freed from the Primids's grasp "This world is saved! We did it Lucario!" He hugged Lucario.

"Finally, we can rest now." Lucario commented.

"So, are you 2 going to leave now?" Samus asked. Chris turned to her.

"That's right, we need to save the other worlds from the Primids before they can use the Subspace Bombs, and now that we're talking about bombs, your visor said that bomb was an example?"

"That means the other bombs are different from this one." Samus pointed out.

"Phew, I don't want to decide which switch is the real one again!" Chris let out a sigh of relief before looking at Lucario "Lucario, let's go!" Both nodded, Lucario placed his right hand in Chris's left shoulder and he used the Wiimote, pointing it to a wall and vanishing in front of Samus.

She made a soldier salute to the 2 "Good luck...and I'll join you later..."

Deep inside the Great Maze

"My lord, I've failed you" Wolf said knelting before Tabuu.

"You worthless commander! You were defeated by a kid, that is just ridiculous!"

"I wasn't aware that he was strong!"

"Silence! And for worsening everything, he was weak too! What kind of henchmen are you!"

"Please my lord, give me another chance and I'll not fail this time!"

"...Fine, you can take them down again, but it's your last chance!"

"Roger! As you wish my lord!" Wolf ran away to the darkness.

"First Eagleland, now the Planet Zebes, what is next?" He teleported away.

Smash Mansion
Command Room

"Excellent work you 2." Master Hand greeted.

"Yay!" Crazy Hand took a flower ornament from nowhere.

"Where in the hell did you got that?"

"Um, the garden maybe?"

"Oh, right." Master Hand said sarcastically "How was it in Zebes?"

"Well, the Primids are gone for that place now," Chris pointed out "And Samus is finally doing her work there, say, what is that screen over there? It wasn't there before."

There was a huge screen in the command room "That?" Master Hand snapped his fingers and the screen showed the 36 Smashers in their poses "That screen shows the 36 Smashers and their current status-" MH gasped when he saw Wolf's icon in purple "What happened to him?"

"Wolf attacked me while we were in Zebes, he almost kills me if it weren't for Lucario!" Chris said, remembering the incident "I don't want to remember it..."

"That means he is under the control of the Primids" Master Hand pointed out "They can take over the bodies of their opponents and use them for their own benefits."

"That is horrible" Chris stated "Wait a second, I thought there were 35 Smashers, not 36!"

"Well...take a closer look to the screen and find that extra smasher." Master Hand said.

Chris looked closely to the screen "Kirby, Meta Knight, Luigi, Peach, Fox, Lucas, Lucario!"

Indeed, Chris was just to the left of Lucario's icon, he was standing in the same stance as Lucario, the only difference being his right hand behind his head.

"So, that means..." Chris looked at Master Hand.

"That's right, you're officialy a member of the Smash Bros!" Master Hand said.

"I can't believe it! I'm a Smasher now!" Chris jumped in happiness placing his left hand in the air.

"Congratulations!" Crazy Hand floated around Chris "Dizzy!" He said crashing in the floor.

"Save the celebration until the end, right now you need to-wait, where is Lucario?" Master Hand looked around.

"He is there!" Crazy Hand pointed while he was in the floor, Lucario was doing meditation in front of the wall "He is doing Yoga!"

"Hey Lucario! Come on, we need to go to the next world!" Chris shouted at his best friend, but he didn't responded "Lucario?" Chris approached to Lucario "Are you hearing me?"

"Is he in a trance or something?" Master Hand asked.

Suddenly, Crazy Hand took out a Megaphone "EARTH TO LUCARIO! RESPOND NOW!" Chris and Master Hand blocked their ears, but even that didn't made Lucario to respond.

"Crazy! Where did you got that?" The sane hand asked to the insane hand.

"The same place I took the flower ornament!"

"Ugh! Nevermind!" Master Hand looked away annoyed.

"Can you hear me Lucario?"




"Alright, I have no choice but to do this to you!" He approached to Lucario's back, he placed his hands above his head and...he started to massage his ears.

"May I ask what will that do?" Master Hand asked confused.

"Just watch." Chris said simply, Lucario's mouth suddenly formed a smile.

"We wanted him to hear us, not to make him smile while he is ignoring us!"

"AS I SAID BEFORE, just watch." Chris said a little annoyed.

"...Alright Chris, you can stop now." Lucario said opening his left eye and looking at Chris.

Chris stopped "I'd continue but I know you were enjoying it." He smiled and narrowed his eyes.

"What is making you to think like that?" Lucario looked away blushing a little of embarrasment.

"Enough, my ship sails in the morning!" Master Hand said in a weird tone, Chris, Lucario and Crazy Hand looked at him confused "Erhm, look at the screen!"

An icon was getting darker, a who was in that icon was...

Preview of the next chapter

"You must choose who was in that icon so the chapter can proceed! It must be someone who his game was realesed after Melee but before Brawl!" Chris said waving his hand "Choose wisely!"

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11. Toony Adventure

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Chapter 11: Toony Adventure

"Toon Link seems to be trouble. Go to his world and beat whatever thing moves around." Master Hand commanded. Both looked at each other and nodded, then Chris pointed to "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker" with the Wiimote to open the portal, prompting them to walk inside and vanish.

"But wait a minute, what if we can save Roy, Mewtwo and Pichu in Melee?" Master Hand asked to himself.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Great Sea
Outside Forsaken Fortress

"Miss Tetra! The Forsaken Fortress is in sight!"

"Good job Gonzo. Link..." Tetra winked at Toon Link. "There is only one way to infiltrate the fortress without being spotted and rescue your sister. Are you sure you want to use that method?"

Toon Link nodded with a determined face. Tetra laughed a little because of Toon Link's cluelessness. "Okay. Nudge, Senza, grab Link and prepare the cannon!"

Toon Link's eyes widened more than they currently were.

20 seconds later...

"Stop moving the barrel, Link! You said you wanted to use this method, didn't you?" Tetra crossed her arms and smiled (or smirked at Toon Link). Toon Link was struggling inside a barrel, which was inside a cannon, which was aiming at the fortress, which Toon Link had to enter, which his sister was captive, which he…you know the drill...

"The cannon is ready, Miss Tetra!" Mako said moving his glasses.

"Excellent! Start the countdown, Gonzo!"

"As you wish! 3!" Gonzo said. Toon Link's face was getting angrier.


His eyes narrowed.


He closed his eyes and showed his teeth.


Toon Link was catapulted to the fortress. He yelled, flapped his arms (inside the barrel) like a crazy chicken being chased by hungry dogs, and went soaring through the sky above the calm ocean.


"…Yep, that's the best shot we've ever done," Gonzo said.

Tetra laughed. "Well, he was so small unlike the bombs we have. Okay, let's wait and see what happens."

Forsaken Fortress
Boat Shore

A portal opened up and the duo from the mansion stepped out before it vanished.

"So, Toon Link is in here right?" Chris looked around. "...And what do you know? We're inside a fortress full of monsters and guards, just what we needed."

"..." Lucario didn't speak.

Chris looked at Lucario "Are you going to say anythin-" his eyes widened a lot. He saw Lucario with a drastic look, he was thin, he was a little overly draw, and still he was taller than Chris like what happened to them in Eagleland "Oh god, you're…Toon Lucario?"

"And you're Toon Chris," Lucario stated. Chris made a confused face. He watched his own reflection in the water near there. He gasped when he saw he was a little overly draw like Lucario was: his eyes bigger than they usually were, his head was big, but not too big, his body was thinner, his hands, his legs, his arms, even his fingers were smaller than before.

"…What the heck happened to us?!" He placed his hands on his head.

"Remember that the manual told us when we could travel to worlds with a different "air"? Well, this world has his own "air" as you see...that us are the living proof of that," Lucario pointed out.

Chris saw a little green spot inside a barrel flying through the sky and crashing into the wall near a window. The figure dropped a little sword and he fell in the water right in front of the toon heroes.

"What was that? …Oh, wait, this should be the part where Toon Link gets injured and…" Chris trailed off. From the water, Toon Link came with a "KO'd" out face, then he snapped out of it and saw Chris and Lucario. He made this face: (OoO)

"Want any help to get out of the water?" Lucario asked. Toon Link nodded and Lucario grabbed Toon Link's hand and pulled him out of the water. Toon Link smiled.

It was either listen to the silence of the swordsman or death for Chris.

"…Speak! Don't leave us with our words in our mouths!" Chris slapped hard Toon Link's back and he coughed a little. He grabbed his throat and he spat something out from his mouth.

"What is that?" Chris asked as he examined the thing. "…Y-yuck…gross! I-it's a chicken bone!"

"F-finally, someone took out that chicken bone from my throat!" Toon Link said. "I'm Link. Who are you 2?"

"Wait, what? This thing was inside your throat and you didn't even ask someone for help all this time?" Chris asked.

"Who're you to judge me?" Toon Link asked. "You try to get that stuck in your throat and not feel anything for 4 months! I forgot I had that in there for a pretty long time!"

"Well, you could have remembered if you didn't speak for 4 months!" Chris yelled.

"Chris, I think we shouldn't yell out loud here…" Lucario whispered.

"Oh, you're right…" Chris said embarrassed. "A-anyway, sorry for acting like this in front of you. I'm Chris, and this is Lucario," Chris said, pointing at him and Toon Lucario.

"…Okay…" Toon Link said with a nod. "…How did you 2 get in here, anyway? Nobody can enter this easy."

"Didn't you enter through the air?" Lucario asked.

"I rather forget my awful moments of my life, thank you very much," Toon Link said annoyed. "Since you're here, how did you 2 get in here?"

"We were…" Chris tried to make an excuse. "…K-kidnapped and we got out from a nearby cell…"

"Wait, what?" Toon Link asked. "Do you know a little girl with blond hair around here?"

"(He must be talking about Aryll…) N-no…" Chris said.

"I…see…" Toon Link said depressed.

"Link! Do you hear me?" A familiar voice came from Toon Link's pocket. He took out a shiny stone-like-pendant from it.

"Tetra! Yes, I'm fine. But if someone didn't, you know, FIRE ME TO A WALL and lost my sword, yes, I'm fine besides that," Toon Link said sarcastically and annoyed.

"So, you can talk now? Great, that will make the work easier… Wait… Oh, never mind… Anyway, I can talk to you through this stone I placed in your pocket when you were sleeping in the ship."

"You're one crazy stalker…"

"What?" Tetra asked annoyed.

"N-nothing… Hey, did you steal 30 rupees from my pocket too?" Toon Link asked annoyed.

(A/N: From this arc, Toon Link will be referred as Link).

"Hmm, why are you thinking that?" Tetra threw 30 rupees to her bed. "Anyway, since you lost your sword, you have no choice but sneak your way to the tower without being spotted by the guards inside."

"Well, I found 2 new friends in here and they can help me."

"What? That's ridiculous, show them to me!" Tetra demanded. Link placed the floating stone between Chris and Lucario. "…A kid with tattoos on his face and a beast? You've got to be kidding me," Tetra said, not believing what she saw with her stone. Chris and Lucario glared at the stone.

"Can I crush this stone, Chris?" Lucario glared menacingly at the stone.

"Hey! This stone is very important to me, so keep your hands out of this!" Tetra snarled. "How did these get in there, though?"

"They were kidnapped and taken in here. They got out from their cells, though…" Link explained.

"But they ain't girls with long ears…" Tetra muttered but shook her head. "That aside, if you want any help Link, please use this stone to talk to me!"

"But will you provide any good advice?" Link asked.

"Duh!" She ended the talk with a grunt.

"…Can you help me in rescuing my little sister please?" Link asked. "I-I'm sorry for asking this so suddenly, but I need to rescue her…" He looked down. "…My sister is very important to me…and the thought of her being alone in this stupid place of hell is just…"

"(…Family…)" Chris thought. "(…It's sorrow…like the one I have because my parents are away working without knowing where I am… Toon Link and Aryll…)"

"…So?" Toon Link asked.

"…We'll help," Chris said smiling. "I'd hate to see someone very dear to you get kidnapped and have loneliness… We'll help. Lucario, what about you."

"I agree if you agree," Lucario said.

"It's settled then. Thank you so much. You don't know how important Aryll is to me," Link said looking at the stairs near the dock. "…This is the start of a small adventure for me… I hope it doesn't get THAT long though."

Link heard some chuckles from both of them.

"Hey, were you laughing at me?"

"N-no…" both responded.

"…Let's go, we need to keep our voices down if we want to sneak."

And so, the new trio made their way to the tower, first by evading the huge lights of the fortress.

"Chris, Link, grab my hands, I can evade those lights," Lucario stated. Chris and Link grabbed each hand of Lucario, then he ran so fast, evading all the lights and he eventually made it to the other side.

"Wow, and I though the pigs in my island were faster," Link said amazed.

"Yep, the training I gave to him was a total success," Chris said proudly.

"I used Extremespeed, Chris..." Lucario trailed off.

"...I'm trying to make you look good and you blow it…" Chris said with sigh.

"Come on you 2. nobody is inside here," Link said. He walked inside with Lucario and Chris behind him.

Forsaken Fortress

"Is this room full of beds?" Link asked looking at many beds. They were like towers to them. Suddenly, a laser came from above and it hit Chris's left arm. He yelled in pain.

"M-my arm…" Chris grabbed his arm. Lucario showed his fangs and looked above to find 2 living gargoyles shooting lasers with their eyes. He jumped high in the air and he did a powerful kick destroying the first one, then he hung in the wall and he jumped towards the other and punched it, destroying it too, then he landed in front of Chris and Link.

"Chris, are you all right?" Lucario asked worried, looking at Chris's wound.

"I-I'm fine. It's just a little wound, that's all." Chris said.

"We have find a heart to cure you!" Link said climbing the ladders attached to the beds. "Hurry or that wound will get worse!" Lucario grabbed Chris and he jumped to the second floor.

Link opened his mouth at the high jump. "…Fine, leave me behind while you two are waiting for me!" Link climbed the ladder faster while cursing under his breath.

"…Quick, hide." Lucario hid behind some barrels with Link and Chris. "There are some guards in the hall."

"Let's use these barrels to hide so they can't see us while we cross to the other side." Link whispered, they grabbed the barrels, however, below one, there was a heart. "Chris, touch this heart!" Link whispered. Chris touched the heart and his wound healed instantly.

"…" Chris didn't say anything.


"Is it normal for this worl-I mean, place to heal wounds that fast?"

"…" Link shrugged.

"At least I'm glad," Lucario said. They proceeded to hide inside the barrels and walked when the guards were not looking.

"Hey Frank, what is our boss doing now?" a moblin guard was asking to another moblin.

"I don't know George," Frank the moblin replied to George the moblin. "…Say, when did those barrels were there?"

"You know, Frank?"

"Let's ask the barrels themselves." Frank approached to the barrels "Hey, barrels! When did you were there?"

"Erhm, we are only talking barrels who only want to cross to the other side! That's all!" the barrel of the middle (Chris) said in a different voice.

"See, George? Leave the walking barrels alone, and look! It's time for dinner. Let's go, they are serving Red Chu Jelly a la Vaati!" Frank the moblin ran away. His mouth was drooling.

"RED CHU JELLY A LA VAATI?!" George ran away, his mouth also drooling after hearing the name of the food for tonight. Link, Chris and Lucario lifted their barrels.

"…Those guards are so stupid…" Chris pointed out. Link and Lucario nodded, and they proceeded to the next room.

Forsaken Fortress
Second look out tower

"Wait, this is not a room; it's just a hallway." Chris looked around and he found stairs from the other side of the wall.

"Link! Do you hear me?" Tetra asked through her stone. Link took out his stone. "You and your friends should first deactivate the lights so you can move on without being spotted from inside." She ended the talk and Link placed his stone back in the pocket.

"Wait here, I'll go." Lucario left and ran to the top of the tower. There was a Bokoblin controlling the lights. Lucario didn't get any difficulty in defeating him, then the lights faced to the sky and turned off, Lucario returned to Chris and Link. "Done, let's go now."

"Good job, Lucario," Chris whispered as he smiled at the Aura Pokémon who smiled back. They entered to the next room and it was empty. They proceeded further and they were in the third look out tower.

Forsaken Fortress
Third look out tower

Lucario did the same thing he did before, but Chris gasped when he remembered something "We didn't turn off the first lights!"

However, Lucario charged up an Aura Sphere and fired it to the first look out tower. By coincidence it landed in a clueless Bokoblin, killing him in the process and the lights faced to the sky and turned off.

"He can do that too?" Link asked surprised.

"Lucario does all sorts of things," Chris said walking to the next room with his arms crossed behind his back. Lucario followed him behind and he said "Humph" to Link.

Forsaken Fortress
Inner Boat Dock

"RED CHU JELLY A LA VAATI FOR TONIGHT!" Link shouted, hiding below a barrel. Chris and Lucario did the same and all the monsters and guards left in a hurry with their mouths drooling like crazy. They laughed a lot (Lucario just chuckled) and they went to the next room without any trouble.

Forsaken Fortress
Area before the main tower

"Strange, no one is here guarding this place," Link said, looking at the silent path above them.

"It's because someone shouted Red Chu Jelly a la Vaati," Chris said chuckling.

"Oh right, I forgot about that," Link scratched his head. "Aryll is near now. Let's go!"

After crossing a chasm in a Mission Impossible style (leaned to the wall while walking) except for Lucario who just jumped over the next platform, they managed to reach the place just outside where Aryll was being held.

"My sword!" Link saw his sword dropped in the floor. He took it back and he sheathed it "Finally, I can defend myself from enemies..." He looked down to some barrels. "Good bye! Sword guys doesn't need to sneak with barrels anymore!"

"Um, Link…" Chris began.

"…He is just showing off," Lucario said.

"…It looks like it," Chris stated.

"Aryll! I'm coming!" Link shouted, opening the big door.

"Wait, what is that monster doing on the floor?" Chris asked, looking to a red Bokoblin laying dead on the floor.

"I killed it when we came here. However, I did it before you 2 came here," Lucario said.

"Oh, good work, I guess."

Forsaken Fortress
Spiral Cell room

"Aryll!" Link yelled as he looked around the silent place. "Aryll, where are you?!"

"...Big brother!" Aryll shouted from behind a cage with 2 other girls inside. Link made a smile on his face and he ran to where Aryll was.

"Aryll! You're all right!" Link said.

"Big brother, did you just talk? …Wait, I remember that chicken bone got stuck in your throat." Aryll blushed a little. "Sorry, I knew that since a while ago."

"I-it's okay…" Link blushed a little as Chris and Lucario walked next to him. "Oh, right. You should thank these guys too. They helped me to get here to you."

"…A boy with tattoos and a beast?" Aryll asked confused.

"Why is everyone always saying that I'm a beast?" Lucario asked to himself and he let out a sigh.

"...Sure," Link rolled his eyes.

"I-i-is that beast going to eat me?" Aryll asked terrified.

"No!" Link shouted. "He was a lot of help!"

"…Really?" She looked at Lucario again and smiled. "…Aww, he looks like a puppy to me."

"What?" Lucario asked confused.

"Thank you, big blue puppy!"

"Hahahaha! Big blue puppy!" Chris burst out laughing. Lucario glared at Chris. "O-okay, I-I'm good…"

"Ugh! I can't break this lock!" Link was trying to open the lock of the cell, but it didn't work.

"The key is on the hands of the owner of this fortress," a girl with blond hair and expensive clothes said, pointing with her fan to the top of the tower.

"Big brother, please, go for the key!" Aryll pleaded to Link.

"Aw, crap…" Link looked at the top. "I'll have to attack the owner of this place? Just what I wanted… Don't worry, I'll return with the key on my hands," Link said nodding.

As the 2 were talking, Chris and Lucario wondered something…

No Primid was seen at all…

"…Isn't weird that there wasn't any Primid in the way, Lucario?" Chris wispered. He took out the Primid Radar "The locator is in red, but the gauge is in blue, meaning they are away from here, right?"

"Just maybe…" Lucario trailed off.

"You guys," Link interrupted. "We have to get to the top and defeat the guy to get the key."

"Just be careful with the big scary bird!" Aryll yelled. "It's coming right now!"

A record scratched.

"…Wait, what?" the trio asked in unison before looking up.

Suddenly, from the top of the room, a big masked bird came from above and it crashed on the middle of the room with its big claws. It slapped Chris and Link with his huge wing, making both of them crash into the wall and faint in the process. Lucario glared at the bird but it slapped him with its other wing and Lucario crashed in the wall and fell unconscious. The bird took the trio with its big claws of its feet and it fled to the top of the fortress.

The 3 girls watched as the bird flew away and Aryll grabbed the bars worried. "Big brother!!! Chris!!!" Aryll shouted to them.

"You forgot the big blue puppy," another girl with poor clothes pointed out.

"Oh, yes… You too, big blue puppy!" Aryll finished her sentence.

"Well, so much for that," the other girl said as she waved her fan to her face. "More days to stink in this rat hole…"

"Speaking of rats..." the other girl began as she showed them a rat. "Want to play with my friend? His name is Barry."

"Y-yuck! N-no way I'm going to!" she screamed as she backed away.

Aryll shifted her eyes and sighed in depression. "I'll have to get used to this place..."

The huge bird fled to the top with its prey. There was a part of a destroyed boat on the top of the fortress and a man clothed in black with a mark of a monster on his back came from it. He saw Link, Chris, and Lucario in the claws of the huge bird. He smirked and commanded the bird to throw them far at the ocean. The huge bird nodded and it threw them far away in the ocean.

"Foolish pests…" the man muttered with a chuckle before he turned to the boat and got inside.

1 hour later...

Great Sea

The trio was floating unconscious in the water, one right to the other. There were no islands close for them to drift off.

But then, a red boat came to them...

"So," someone said. "This is Link and…" The voice seemed to stop for a moment as it looked at Chris and Lucario. "…Whoever they are, I'm sure they were with Link, and leaving them to drown in the ocean would be a bad idea… I need to take them back to somewhere safe… Ah, Windfall Island…"

Preview of the next chapter

"I'm Lucario."

"I'm Link, your unfortunate swordsman."

"It seems we failed in the rescue… But, where are the Primids?"


"I'll tell you that later in the next chapter."

"Next chapter?"

"That's right. In the next chapter, a talking boat makes an appearance. We were lucky because he saved us from drowning in the middle of the ocean.."

"But according to this map, we weren't on the center but 4X8 to the north o-"

"MIDDLE of the ocean."

"Fine, fine, grumpy guy…"

"Killer Bees Club. I don't know why I'm feeling so bad all of a sudden by hearing this nickname.."

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12. Killer Bees Club

From all Zelda games, Wind Waker seems to be the one that has more emotion and comedy. All moments with Toon Link are just priceless for me to see.

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Chapter 12: Killer Bees Club

Windfall Island
Below the jail

Ever since the sudden attack by the bird that kidnapped Aryll, it was hard to tell what happened next for Link, Chris, and Lucario. Grumbling to himself, Link began to wake up from his sleep. "Where...are we?" Link said, finding himself with an unconscious Chris and Lucario. "…"

His eyes looked a bit sore. Link extended his arms to yawn before he looked around. Once he did so, he found out that they were in a small cave, and onboard a red boat with a lion's head.

Link blinked confused at the scene. "Just…how did we end up here?" he asked. "I mean, this place doesn't look that familiar…"

"You are in Windfall Island," a voice spoke from nowhere.

Link sighed in relief. "Well, that's good to hear now…" he muttered. "I was freaked out to wake up in an unknown island."

"You're lucky I was close to where you were," the voice said.

Link chuckled heartily. "Yeah, we were lucky you were close to rescue us… Wait a minute," he said as he looked around. "Where's that voice coming from?"

"You mean to tell me that you do not see who I am?"

Link crossed his arms. "Well….no…"

"I'm in front of you," the voice pointed out.

Link looked to the front, only seeing the lion's head of the boat. "…Like I'm going to believe that there's someone there instead of the boat's bow."

And suddenly, the very same head turned around to look directly at him.

"…" Link's eyes widened.

"Did I startle you?" the head of the boat asked.

"…KYAH!" Link yelped loudly before he fell down on his rear, looking up shocked at the boat's head blinking, breathing, and looking down at him.

The boat's head laughed at this. "Do not fear me, Link. I'm not your enemy."

"H-how can I tell that if you have such a malevolent look?" Link asked scared.

"Do you judge people by their appearances? That will someday bring you bad luck," the boat's head said. "But seriously, I don't mean harm for any of you."

Link stared scared at the boat's talking head. It was technically impossible for boats to speak, but seeing that there was one just in front of him…

The boat looked at the unconscious duo behind Link. "I wonder who they are."

Link shook his head and looked back at the two. "W-well, those two are with me… The boy with tattoos is Chris, and the guy who looks like a dog is Lucario."

At that moment, both of two grunted a bit before they slowly woke up annoyed. "I heard somebody calling me a boy with tattoos…" Chris muttered. "For the last time, these are just markings, not tattoos…"

"And I'm clearly not a dog…" muttered Lucario in annoyance.

Once the two sat up, they looked at Link's shocked face before switching to the boat's menacing look.

"…" Chris knew well that the boat had a name, and Lucario did know about it as well. "(T-that must be the King of Red Lions…)" Chris thought. "(…He's a bit scarier in person…)"

The awkward silence made Chris look at Lucario.

"(Hey, you, don't keep staring at them like that. Act natural!)" Chris yelled in his mind.

Lucario decided to use telepathy on Chris. "(Act natural? How?)"

"(W-well, there's a talking boat in front of us! Act scared, surprised, anything!)" Chris yelled mentally. "(Quick, they're looking odd at us!)"

Lucario understood the message and looked back at the boat's head. "U-um, oh my god, it's a talking boat…"

The rather surprised response from Lucario sounded as if he was bored. Link and the boat exchanged glances before looking back at the two.

The aura apprentice looked annoyed at Lucario. "Nice acting, Lucario…" he muttered before looking at the boat's head. "O-oh god, i-is that boat's head talking to us?" he asked shaking a bit in fear.

Lucario looked at Chris. "(But…I don't want to look that ridiculous…)"

"(Did you just call me ridiculous?)"

"(I-I meant the way you're doing it…)"

"(…Be glad I'm not going to pull your appendages now, Lucario.)"

The Aura Pokémon saw this as a sign to shut up.

The boat shook his head. "That was awkward…" he remarked before looking at the trio. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you. My name is the King of Red Lions."

"The King of Red Lions?" Link said.

The King of Red Lions nodded. "It's just a nickname. I'm not a king of red lions. Seriously, who has ever seen a red lion in his life?"

The trio shifted their eyes between each other.

The King of Red Lions shook his head. "Wait…that is not important… What matters now is the responsibility you have, Link."

"What responsibility is that?" Link asked.

"The responsibility of saving the Great Sea, of course."

"…" Link looked at the duo. "Guys, this talking boat is starting to make no sense now…"

The boat grumbled. "Link, you need to listen to me right now."

Link turned to him. "How do you know my name, anyway?"

"I have heard of you."

"Prove it."

"I'd like to tell you, but I'm afraid that is going to wait for the time being."

"What? You're just trying to hide the fact you don't have a reason to know my name!" Link complained.

"(If I were to tell you that the stone that Tetra gave you allowed me to know about you, you wouldn't believe me right now,)" the boat thought.

Link crossed his arms. "Also, when did you take us here?"

"I have been watching you since you went to the Forsaken Fortress to rescue your sister. I understand how your desire to protect your sister could give you the courage to stand up to anything...but such a bold attempt was fool hardy!" the King of Red Lions scolded.

"Hey, you try getting in there and fight a huge bird!" Link yelled. "I dare you to do that! Oh, that's right, you're a boat. You're forever destined to be on water. Nice try, but you're not going to ever fight that big monster son of a-"

Chris covered Link's mouth, the Outsetian still mumbling angrily. "P-please, ignore him. He has this problem with stubborn courage and all that… (Goodness, he knows the bad words?)"

The King of Red Lions shook his head. "I suppose all of you saw him... The shadow that commands that monstrous bird...Ganon..."

"We barely did see anyone," Lucario pointed out.

"I…see… But in any case, he, who obtained the power of the gods, attempted to cover the land in darkness and was ultimately sealed away by the very power he hoped to command," the King of Red Lions explained. "He is the very same Ganon, the emperor of the dark realm the ancient legends speak of..."

Link pushed Chris's hand away. "What legends are those?"

"Child, are you ignorant to the origins of this realm?" the King of Red Lions asked.

"It's not my fault I fell asleep with all the tales of the ancient Hyrule my grandma told me about during bedtime stories!" Link complained.

Lucario stared at Link. "…And you keep listening to bedtime stories at this age?"

"…I'm loved, so what?" Link said in his defense.

The King of Red Lions stared at Link. "(Is he really supposed to be the Hero of Winds?)" he questioned himself before speaking. "I do not know why the seal of the gods has failed, but now that Ganon has returned, the world is once again being threatened by his evil magic."

"The world as in everything we see?" Link asked.

"Yes, Link," the boat said. "Tell me, Link... Do you still wish to save your sister from him?"

Link looked serious. "There was a reason I went there to get Aryll."

"...I see. In that case, I shall guide you as we go forward... advising you on what you should do, and where you must go."

Chris looked at Lucario. "You have to say that this little union was a bit too fast…"

"I know," Lucario muttered.

"Ganon cannot be defeated by human hands, let alone by what little strength you possess. The key to defeating Ganon is locked away in a great power that you could wield after much toil and hardship," the King of Red Lions explained.

"So who's this Ganon?" Link asked.

"I already explained who he is," the King of Red Lions said. "He is the man who kidnapped Aryll through the bird monster he used."

"Oh…well, in that case, I'll confront this Ganon," Link said.

"I like the determination in your eyes."

Chris chuckled a bit. "(He should have said, "I like the determination in your cat eyes" instead.)"

"Do you understand?"

Link thought for a moment. "Let's see, while saving Aryll, I'm going to end up saving the whole Great Sea from this Ganon guy… What a huge feat…" He looked at the King of Red Lions. "Okay, I'll do it as long as I don't die trying."

"Good luck…" muttered Lucario and Chris.

The King of Red Lions nodded and looked at Chris and Lucario. "I saw that you two joined Link. If it's not much to ask, can you help him is his long journey?"

Chris looked unsure. "A-about that, we're just coming with him for a time," he said. "We have some other things to do…but it's okay for us to go with him, I guess…"

"We would like to keep traveling with him for a little bit longer," Lucario said.

Link smiled a bit at them. "Thanks, you guys."

The King of Red Lions looked forward at the sea. "In that case, we depart to the Great Sea!"

The trio looked forward at the sea.

…And they all kept staring forward, the boat cruising at the sides..

Link looked around. "…Um...King of Red Lions, sir…we're not moving…" he pointed out.

The King of Red Lions blinked before he shook his head. "...Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself," he said before turning to them in shame. "This is actually a bit embarrassing for me to admit, but...although I am a boat that possesses the power of speech... I possess no sail. And a boat with no sail can sail no seas."

The trio looked mildly annoyed at him. "It's incredible to think that you took us here to this island…" Chris remarked sarcastically.

"Really, how did you take us here?" Link asked. "I don't see the Forsaken Fortress anywhere."

"I have brought you far to the east of the dark gaze of the Forsaken Fortress," the boat explained.

Lucario looked at the sea. "And how long did it take you?"

"It took me around 7 hours to arrive here. I was lucky that the waves pushed me all the way here," the boat explained before looking to the left where a beach was located. "However, I want all of you to do something for me."

"What is that?" Link asked.

"This island is a town of merchants who deal with a wide variety of goods. If you search hard enough, surely you can find one who will sell you a sail."

"Yeah, I expected you'd ask for one…"

Lucario looked away. "We don't surely want to rely on the waves all this time to get anywhere…"

"And I think it's very lucky of us to have washed up all the way to a merchant island," Chris said. "…Very, very fishy…"

"I am sorry to ask this of you, but without a sail, I will be useless to you," the boat said. "This island of merchants is home to many valuable goods. While the sail must come first, do not feel limited to buying only it. Once you have it, feel free to stock up on anything else you think you may need. But remember: there is no time to play. Come back immediately as soon as your errands are done."

Link rubbed his chin. "Well, we'll go fetch you a sail. But if I find something to play with that looks interesting enough, I'll play."

The King of Red Lions glared at Link. "No time to play, Link."

"Nah-ah, I'll play," Link said. "I get stuff if I play."

"No time to play."

"I'll play, though."

"NO-TIME-TO-PLAY, LINK," the boat said with more emphasis.

Seeing that the little argument was getting worse, Chris chuckled and tapped Link's right shoulder. "S-shouldn't we get going and find that sail, Link?"

Link sighed. "Okay, let's do it…"

The trio hopped off from the boat to the sand where they exited the little cave, the boat glaring at their way. "I swear that this journey is going to be a long one that I will have to endure for the sake of the Great Sea…" the King of Red Lions muttered to himself.


As the trio walked into the town through an arc, Link seemed to be upset while Chris and Lucario looked around to the various people walking around the town.

"That boat, who does he think he is?" Link asked irritated. "It comes out of nowhere telling me that I have to save the whole Great Sea while saving Aryll."

Chris chuckled nervously. "I-I guess you have some sort of important destiny…don't you think?"

"Pfft, what kind of destiny is that?" Link asked annoyed. "I mean, it looks like as if everything has to happen the day of my birthday." He looked at the two. "You guys know that Aryll got kidnapped the day of my birthday, right?"

"No… (Yes…)" Chris said and thought. "B-but I'm afraid I don't know what to do instead of going to the fortress and save her."

Link looked a bit defeated. "This is way too much for me to handle, anyway!" he said. "I just want to rescue Aryll, not rescue the whole sea! That should be a responsibility for someone older and wiser than me!"

"Well, the King of Red Lions did say that you're the only one who can do it," Lucario said.

"But still, everything happened so suddenly," Link said. "It looks very fishy to me."

"What can you do?" Lucario asked.

Link sighed. "I wonder if it is because of these clothes…" he said while looking at the green clothes. "Even I'm wearing this ridiculous green hat."

The two looked at the hat. "I think it looks good on you," Chris said.

"Who are you, my grandma?" Link asked annoyed before he looked to his right and found a jar hidden between some butches. "Okay, I'm short of money. I guess I should go break that jar."

Lucario and Chris stopped walking and watched as Link went over to the bushes and kicked hard the jar enough to break it apart, revealing a purple rupee. "U-um…that looked a bit…" Chris trailed off.

"…Needed out of temptation?" Lucario asked.

"Alright, a purple rupee!" Link said pleased as he stuffed the rupee inside his pocket. "This should make it up for Tetra plundering my wallet," he said before he began his way to the center of the town, Lucario and Chris exchanging odd glances before following him.

The trio eventually reached the central building of the island. They all looked up to see the still windmill, but Link was focused on the door's sign that read "Sinking Ships Game".

"Hey, there's a game inside this place," Link said. "Let's check it out."

"Um, Link didn't the King of Red Lions say..." Lucario trailed off.

"He's not my dad, so he loses," Link said annoyed before he opened the door and went inside.

Chris sighed at Lucario. "It's a bit hard to talk with him, don't you think?"

Lucario nodded. "I guess he's very upset that he lost his chance to save Aryll. He wants to let his stress ease."

"We'll have to wait until he's fine, then?"

"Well…he is the leader of the group for the time being…"

Chris frowned at this before the two went inside, not noticing the fact that there were four children spying on them from some bushes located to the right of the entrance to the building.

Sinking Ships Game




"For the love of Din!"




"Well, how about here?"



"You ran out of bombs, kid," Salvatore (the owner of the place) said bored on the small podium.

"Aww!" Link groaned loudly.

It had been around three hours after the group last entered the establishment. Thank to the fifty rupee that Link had found, he decided to use it on the Sinking Ships Game. However, it turned out that Link had this addiction to play games as much as he wanted, and that proved to be much of a hassle for Lucario and Chris, who were forced to watch the Hylian playing and playing and playing the game repeatedly and again from a bench close to the door.

"Link, stop it!" Chris yelled annoyed. "This is like your 90th try in the whole day!"

Link turned to him and crossed his arms. "So what? I want to keep playing, thank you!"

Lucario grunted at this. "We're sick of seeing you constantly spending all the money you gain that you later spend it to play even more. Besides, your wallet isn't that big enough to hold more rupees."

"That's right, kid," Salvatore commented out of boredom.

Link looked angrily at Salvatore. "You shut up!" he demanded before turning to the duo. "I'll play and play until I can't play more!"

Chris groaned. "For the gods, please, Link!" He pointed at two small blue charts and a spinning Piece of Heart close to their feet. "You already got the stuff here!"

Lucario stared at the Piece of Heart. "(I can hardly believe that these hearts actually exist here…)"

Link grunted. "Sorry, but I still have spare money with me." He looked in his pocket. "Yeah…I have it…somewhere…"

Chris sighed at this sign of poverty. "Finally, you ran out of money…"

"Oh well," Salvatore said before he put on a cutout of cheering people where he poked his face out to represent a little girl. "You saved us from the squids, mister!" he said in a high-pitched tone. "We're so grateful, mister! Yoohoo, you've saved us from those malevolent squids! Hurraaaay! Yaaaay!"

Link looked pissed at this before he threw his arms up. "Ugh, whatever, I ran out of money," he said before he went over to the two and grabbed the spoils from the floor. "Let's go find that sail for the Queen of Blue Kitties."

"I believe it was King of Red Lions," Lucario said.

"Whatever, you get what I mean!" Link said annoyed before he grabbed the doorknob, opened the door, walked outside, and slammed the door.

Chris looked at Lucario. "Yes, I think he's still very upset."

Lucario sighed. "I'd wish he wasn't upset."

"And I'd wish he stayed here some more to play the game," Salvatore commented, still using the cutout. "I-I mean… Come back again, misters!" he said in a high-pitched tone.

Freaked out a bit by the weird businessperson, Lucario and Chris quickly opened the door and ran outside before closing it.

Salvatore sighed and put down his cutout. "Oh well, everything's good in a business day…" he muttered bored on the podium.

Town's Center

After reaching a grumbling Link, the Hylian turned around to look at them. "Okay, fine, let's see where we can get a sail for the boat."

The aura apprentice sighed in relief. "We're finally getting back on track for once."

"I guess," Link said. "I was growing bored with playing that game, anyway."

Lucario shook his head. "No, you were actually looking very serious in playing that weird game."

"Who asked you for your opinion?" Link asked angrily before turning around, finding a lone door that had a chalkboard that read "Mrs. Marie's School of Joy" on white letters. "Hmm, let's see if we can find a sail in there."

Chris stared at the entrance to the only school in the island. "(You're not going to find a sail in there. That's the wrong place.) It might be there," he thought and said. "Let's see."

Lucario leaned to the wall and crossed his arms. "I'm going to stay here to breathe more air," he said.

His trainer nodded. "Okay, wait for us here," Chris said before he and Link entered the school, closing the door behind them.

Lucario closed his eyes and decided to rest. However, as soon as he closed his eyes, Lucario felt that there were four presences spying on him from some bushes nearby. Seeing that whoever was hiding behind the bushes, he didn't pay attention, knowing that they weren't dangerous.

The bushes rustled a bit before some whispers came out from them. "Boss, there he is," a voice whispered. "Cool Dog Man sighted at 3!"

"Awesome," another voice whispered back. "It's the first time we ever get to see such a cool person around here."

"I was getting sick of seeing common sailors and visitors now," another voice said. "However, we finally found somebody we consider so cool!"

"Yeah, I mean, he has three spikes," another voice said. "How cool is that?"

"So what's the plan, boss?"

"Quite simple. We just go there and ask if he's interested in joining us."

"But boss, he looks very intimidating. He might bark at us."

"If he barks, he won't bite. But if he does bite, we'll restrain him like the dog he is…with a collar."

"Hmm-hm, that's a plan now, boss."

The so mentioned boss stood up from the bushes, revealing to be a grinning kid (named Ivan, the leader) with light brown hair and brown hat who wore a blue jacket over a light blue shirt, brown shorts, and brown shoes. "Alright, let's put the plan on the road."

Another kid (named Jin, the fox) stood up to his right, whose face resembled a fox with pale brown hair, wore dark green overalls over a pink shirt, and wore brown shoes. "That sounds very nice, boss," he said.

To Jin's right, another one stood up. This innocent-looking kid (named Jan, the blue-hair) had blue hair, wore a brown jacket over a purple shirt, and wore blue pants with blue shoes. "We'll definitely get the guy to join us," he said.

Next to Jan, yet another kid stood up. This kid (named Jun-Roberto, the pig-nosed) wore yellow and gray overalls over a pale green shirt, and wore brown shoes. His face resembled a bit to a pig due to his big, round nose. "Oh yeah, let's do it!" he said.

Ivan pointed at Lucario. "Killer Bees go!" he commanded.

The four kids began to chuckle to themselves before they jumped out from the bushes and ran to Lucario. Once they reached him, they all seemed to corner him since they all stood around him.

Lucario opened his eyes and looked down at the children. "What is it?" he asked.

Ivan chuckled coolly and pointed up at Lucario. "We want you to join the Killer Bees!" he said.

Lucario studied the little kids before he closed his eyes and shook his head. "I'll pass," he closed his eyes.

Jin tapped Ivan's shoulder. "Um, boss, I think we should come up with a better idea."

"Oh, no need," Jan said before he looked up innocently at Lucario. "Aww, come on, mister. We would like you to join us. Just think about all the stuff we could do."

"No," came as a response from the seemingly bored Lucario.

Jun-Roberto grunted. "Mister, you wouldn't want us to be angry at you, would you?"

"Actually, I don't care about joining a group," Lucario responded. "Now please, leave me alone. I'm waiting for some people to come here."

A tiny vein popped out of Ivan's forehead. "That's it. I'm not going to stand here and see this guy reject us like we were nothing to him. We ARE the Killer Bees, and nobody messes with us like you're doing right now!" he proclaimed before pointing up at Lucario. "Mess him up and GET HIM!" he ordered loudly, the four kids suddenly leaping at the bored Lucario.

Mrs. Marie's classroom

As a small feud broke outside, Link and Chris were talking to the teacher of the school, Mrs. Marie, a pink-haired woman who wore long-sleeved blue jacket with an orange shirt underneath, blue belt, and wore purple shorts with blue shoes. The teacher was wearing a Joy Pendant on her neck. "Sorry, my dears, but I don't know where to get a sail," Miss Marie said.

"Bummer," Link muttered. "I thought there would be one here."

Chris closed his eyes in disbelief. "(How are you supposed to find a sail in a school, anyway?)" he thought irritated.

"Why don't you look around town?" Mrs. Marie suggested. "I'm sure there would be one person out there who would be selling a sail."

Link sighed. "Look around town? I don't want to…"

Chris frowned. "Link, we have to do this. Remember Mr. Talking Boat? He's surely upset by now since you took a lot of time in th-"

"Thank you so much for your advice, Mrs. Marie," Link suddenly said, interrupting an annoyed Chris..

Mrs. Marie chuckled. "I'm glad I was able to help you," she said. "By the way, would you do me a little favor?"

"What favor is that?"

"If you see a group of four little kids, can you tell them about their homework please?" Miss Marie asked.

Link looked confused. "A group of four little kids?"

The teacher nodded. "Yes. You see, I have some issues with these kids. They don't like to come to school very much so they skip it almost every time. I always go to tell them to come, and they always yes, but they never come."

Chris felt a bit sorry for the teacher. "That…must be painful…"

"It should be painful, but sometimes I think they're right in thinking they don't like school. Nobody can force young children to want something they don't like. But even so, I'd like to teach them soon so they grow up to be fine civilians."

Link tilted his head. "Okay, where are they?"

"They are always playing outside the classroom," she explained. "You shouldn't miss the little gang since they're the few children of the town who go in a group of four. That Ivan, he has formed a little gang called 'The Killer Bees' and he is the leader of that gang."

"Pfft, big deal, it'll be easy to tell them to come here."

The aura apprentice looked away in boredom. "(My god, Link is being a bit different ever since the incident at the fortress…)"

"Oh, thank you!" Mrs. Marie said pleased. "But be careful, though. They are all a bunch of troublemakers who like to act tough all the time. They love to cause mischief to every person who is new in town."

"I'm a guy with a sword and shield. They'll respect me once they look at me," Link said before he turned to the door. "Chris, let's go find those kids."

Mrs. Marie looked at Chris. "Please don't let your friend do something harsh on them."

"I'm already regretting to know him, miss…" Chris muttered.

"Hey, Chris, let's go!" Link called from the door.

Chris bowed to the teacher before she waved at them and watched them exiting the messy classroom.

Town's center

Once the two stepped out from the classroom, they looked around to see Lucario, who was now missing from his spot. "Um, where did Lucario go?" Chris asked.

"Well, he surely wanted to play Sinking Ships," Link said.

"He's not addicted to that silly game as you are!"

"Too bad, because my record of fifteen used cannonballs still stands to this day!" Link complained. "I dare you to beat that record!"

"No!" Chris yelled. "I want to see where Lucario went first!"


The two turned to the left where they gasped once seeing that Lucario was being harassed by four kids who were all over him on the ground. The kids were all shouting loudly as one of them held up a dog collar on top of Lucario's head. "Dammit, this dog moves a lot!" Ivan yelled on top of Lucario's head. "Stop moving so you become our man-pet!"

Link couldn't help but chuckle at Lucario's position. "W-why are those kids trying to put a dog collar on Lucario?"

Chris looked annoyed at Link. "I WOULD like you to help instead of watching the whole thing," he muttered before looking back at Lucario. "Lucario, hang in there! …I-I mean, stop whatever you want to do to him, you kids!"

"No way!" Ivan yelled to Chris. "We're keeping him as our new member!"

Link turned to Chris. "So Lucario likes to wrestle with little kids?"

"Link, you're not helping!" Chris said annoyed.

Lucario turned his look to Chris. "Chris, I want permission to defend myself!" he yelled.

Chris knew Lucario had the strength to push easily every kid away. However, the Aura Pokémon was pacifist, and he didn't want to hurt any of the children, even if Jan was trying to pull out his tail, or Jin pulling his hair from his back, or Jun-Roberto scratching an appendage…

Actually, Lucario wanted to hurt them, but Chris wouldn't want to see something like that.

"…Permission…granted…" Chris said confused.

Lucario sighed in relief before he grabbed every kid and threw them above each other on the ground. "I was getting so tired to hold my ground," Lucario stared before glaring down at the kids. "You better not do something like that to me ever again."

Link and Chris ran to them as every kid got off from each other, sitting down on the ground with crossed legs. "Fine, fine! You can go now!" Ivan said angrily. "We just wanted to hang out with you!"

"You wanted me to join you and I refused" Lucario pointed out.

"And it seemed you wanted to do that," Chris added.

"Aww, that's not fair," Jan said innocently. "Can't we just hang out with him for a bit? He looks soooooo cool…"

Lucario rolled his eyes. "I'd rather stay with Chris."

Jin looked at Chris. "Hmm, it's that so…" he muttered. "Well, in that case, we'll hang out with Chris."

Chris looked miffed at this. "Um, what did you say?"

Jun-Roberto lifted his shoulders. "If you're the only way we can stay close with the dog guy, then we better take advantage of this chance."

Ivan grinned and crossed his arms. "Not bad, Jin. That was actually very clever thinking."

"Wait, what did you say?"

"Actually, boss, I think this is so soon to do," Jin said. "We'd like to hang out with the dog, but these two uncool guys?"

Link glared at him. "Hey, who are you calling uncool?"

The four kids stood up. "You're right again, Jin. These guys might have an advantage for having this cool guy with them, but we're not gonna let them go easy on us!"

Jun-Roberto shook his head. "Yeah, they're close to zero when compared to the dog guy!"

Jin raised his right hand. "I propose a Hide and Seek game!"

Link shook his head at this. "Hide and Seek?"

"Yeeeeeah!" Ivan said pleased at the idea. "You guys are gonna have to find us if you want us to come with you around." He looked at Lucario. "I'm sorry, but we can't hang out with you because you're with these two dimwits."

Lucario disliked the fact that Chris was called a dimwit by a kid that he glared at Ivan. This was further worsened after he was called "dog guy" multiple times.

However, the leader didn't pay any attention to Lucario as he turned to his gang. "Killer Bees, scramble to your posts!"

Link and Chris gasped as each member of the gang began to run away to different directions of the whole town and the island. The center of the town was quickly cleaned from any of them.

"..." Link looked at Chris and Lucario. "Um, I'm confused. When did we ever say yes to play their game?"

"We never did," Lucario pointed out.

Chris hung his head down. "Those kids were going to do this even before we could say yes or no, and we wanted to say no for sure..."

Lucario grunted. "Who cares about those kids? We have better things to do than play with them."

Link rubbed his chin. "I'm not sure, but I think we should go find them. We didn't tell me about what Mrs. Marie wanted to tell them."

Chris looked bored at him. "Why am I thinking that you want to get something out from all of this?"

"I have this weird feeling where I feel as if I knew that the people I'm going to help are going to give me nice stuff," Link said. "And my feelings are strong in this one."

Lucario looked bored at Chris. "I'm starting to wonder if this is happening because this game gives Link that feeling of getting something..."

"Excuse me, what did you say?"

Lucario shook his head. "Nothing..."

Link crossed his arms and looked determined. "Okay, let's play their game so we can tell all of them about Mrs. Marie's favor."

Lucario sighed and began to glow in blue aura while his eyes shined a bright yellow. "If we're going to do this, then I hope you don't mind if I find every single one of them."

Link's eyes widened once he looked at Lucario. "Y-you're glowing!" he said shocked. "How can you do that?"

"I'm the Aura Pokémon," Lucario explained. "I can perfectly sense the auras of all living things around great distances, and those kids' aura aren't going to fool me."

"Aura Pokémon?" Link said confused. "Sense auras? Just who are you?"

"The Aura Pokémon," Chris said.

"I-I know that's his title, but seriously, how can he do that?"

Chris looked away. "He was born with the power to feel and sense the auras. He can easily do any of them for his benefit. And also, his aura gives him enough strength to fight."

Link stared at Lucario's glowing body. However, it was not long before Lucario stopped glowing, his eyes turning back to their red shade. "I found all of them," he said. "I call tell you where they're hiding."

"..." Link sighed and lifted his shoulders a bit. "Okay, I have to admit that looked kind of awesome..." He looked serious. "Lucario, tell us where they are hiding!"

Lucario nodded. "Fine, follow me."

The trio then began to look around town for the kids where Lucario was pointing out their hiding places. Needless to say, it was extremely easy to find every single one of the troublemakers thanks to Lucario's aura.

Jan was hiding near a bush on the ledge where the trio had met them.

"Here," Lucario said to the bush.

Link walked around and found Jan ducking on the ground. He looked up and gasped at Link. "N-no!" he complained.

Next, Jin was hiding behind the bomb shop of the island. It looked like it was a difficult place to hide and reach out, but thanks to Link, he was able to sidle his way around the ledges of the shop to reach the fox face kid. "Link should be reaching the kid now," Lucario said to Chris in front of the shop.

"Hey, no!" Jin was heard complaining.

Next, behind the stone where a disco guy was dancing, there was Jun-Roberto hiding behind the stone without the man even knowing he was there. "Behind the stone," Lucario said.

Link walked around the stone and found the spoiled kid. "H-hey, not fair!" he complained.

And finally, the last one was Ivan. The leader of the Killer Bees, being the best climber of trees of the whole gang, was hiding on top of the lone tree in front of the bomb shop where a poor man (whose name wasn't known) sat down against the tree. The trio walked to the tree where Lucario pointed up at the top of the tree where Ivan was looking around to another way. "Up there," Lucario said.

Link ran and rolled against the tree to make it shake. This action made the tree shake a bit, but enough to make Ivan fall down right on Chris, the aura apprentice serving as a pillow for the kid. "Argh, no!" Ivan complained.

"G-get off me...please..." Chris muttered.

Some time later...

The Killer Bees, all looking annoyed with crossed arms, looked up at the trio. "Okay, fine, you win," Ivan said bored. "Man, what a way to mess up big time."

"I blame Jin!" Jan yelled. "He told us nobody would find us in those spots!"

Jin shook his head. "Oh, please! I was sure that those spots where the best ones in the whole island!"

"It's all your fault these guys found us, Jin!" Jun-Roberto complained. "We were owned with capital O!"

Ivan grunted loudly. "All of you, shut up!" he yelled irritated.

"Yes, boss..." the three kids said in shame.

Ivan looked up at the trio. "Okay, seems you won, happy?" he asked. "I'm pretty amazed that you were able to find all of us in such a little time. You must be quite the professionals at Hide and Seek for being older than any of us."

Chris looked at Lucario and smiled a bit at him. He then turned to look at the kids. "Sorry, but we never said we wanted to play with you."

Ivan waved a hand. "Oh yeah, you surely didn't want to play," he said sarcastically before crossing his arms again. "Alright, I guess you guys are worthy enough for the Killer Bees to hang out with you."

Jun-Roberto clasped his hands. "I like the sound of that now."

Jan nodded. "Everyone ends up winning!" he said happily.

Jin chuckled. "I told all of you that my plan would wor-"

Ivan covered Jin's mouth and looked nervously at the trio. "S-so, in any case, we're gonna start hanging out with you."

They all quickly scrambled between Chris and Lucario, the kids' gazes focusing on Lucario more than Link and Chris. "Soooooooo what do you like to eat?" Jan asked innocently.

Link shook his head at this. "Hey, wait just a minute here. Why am I thinking that it was your plan to get to him from the start?"

Ivan looked at him. "Hey, what makes you think that?"

The Hylian rolled his eyes at this and looked at the two. "You guys, let's just ignore these kids already. We should just focus in finding that sail."

Chris looked annoyed. "I've been trying to tell you that this whole time…"

The Killer Bees looked at each other before looking back at them. "Oh, so you guys are looking for a sail, huh?" Jan asked.

Ivan grinned. "Why didn't you ask that before? We know where to get one of 'em."

The leader of the Killer Bees stared at the three bored looks that the travelers gave to them.

"…What? Is there something on my face?" Ivan asked.

"Pardon me to say (actually, no, I'm not sorry), but it didn't look like you'd cooperate with us if we asked about the sail we're looking for," Lucario said.

Jun-Roberto shook his head. "Nah-ah, we're actually nice kids, dog guy."

Lucario grunted at the nickname. "I'm Lucario, not a dog guy."

Jin gasped. "Wow, Lucario? That sounds like a very cool name!"

"AHEM!" Link faked a loud cough. "Don't try to flatter us with those words!"

"Who's saying we're flattering you?" Jin asked. "We're flattering Lucario. Why would be wasting our words on you guys when we can do it to Lucario?"

Ivan slapped his forehead and slapped Jin hard on the face. The fox kid sniffed at this sudden hit while Ivan raised a finger to the trio. "A-anyway, you guys should've consulted us to get a sail," he said. "We might not look like it, but we're the best informants of the town."

"You certainly DON'T look like informants," Link questioned. "Mrs. Marie told us you were a bunch of troublemakers."

"Pfft, what does she know, anyway?" Ivan asked bored.

Chris frowned at this. "Please, it's easy to tell you're just trying to stay close to us so you can admire Lucario."

Jan hid a paper with a pen behind his back, about to ask Lucario for his signature. "Oh, you're so funny, Calory," he said. "C'mon, we're trying to help you in whatever you want to do in the island."

"…Firstly, my name is not Calory, but Chris," Chris said annoyed. "Secondly, we REALLY need to find a sail somewhere here."

"Then why are we still talking, then?" Jun-Roberto asked. "We should go around the town and find the sail!"

The other six stared in silence at Jun-Roberto.

"…I-I mean, we know where you can get a sail," Jun-Roberto said chuckling. "J-just follow us."

Ivan narrowed his eyes at Jun-Roberto. "(Screw up big time again and you're so out of the gang,)" he thought menacingly.

Link covered his face with a hand. "Why are we still listening to these kids again?"

"I was wondering that a long time ago," Lucario muttered.

Having no other option to choose, the trio decided to allow the Killer Bees to show them where to get a sail. Since the kids lived in town, it was more certain that the group would eventually find the so desired sail to get into the ocean's waves.

Sadly, this was all but a big lie. It turned out that the Killer Bees weren't the best of informants at all (although the trio had already figured it out sooner). This only was the start of some painful events by beginning inside pictograph shop of the town.

Surprisingly enough, the Killer Bees didn't enter with the trio, and they didn't cause trouble. They were all always waiting outside where the trio entered, overhearing what was happening inside the shop

Link was the one who caused the trouble, though…

"I am sorry, but I don't like when people go ahead and touch the pictures I have here," Lenzo (the pictograph scholar) was heard saying. "I'm quite sensitive of my art with my hard-to-take pictures."

"Oh, hey, there's a little mud spot on this one," Link was heard saying.

"E-er, Link, I don't think that's a mud spot but a rock in the picture…" Chris muttered.


"Uah, you children and your dog, get away from my sight and my pictures!" Lenzo yelled.

"What is making you think I'm a-"

Lucario was interrupted before crashing sounds were heard from inside. The trio then desperately ran out from the establishment to the left where the Killer Bees looked at each other and followed the running trio before the angry man of the establishment would come out.

Next, the trio decided to go inside the only expensive manor of the island while the gang of kids waited for them to come outside. Unfortunately, Link was soon going to cause another problem.

"Hey, look at those vases," Link was heard saying. "They're so glittery…that…I have the urge…to break them and see what…they have inside…"

Chris didn't like the tone of voice of the Hylian. "L-Link, you can stop walking to the vases and put away that sword now…"

"He's not listening," Lucario was heard saying.

And the Killer Bees then heard the sounds of four vases breaking apart.

"Uah, my expensive vases!" a man was heard yelling (the man being the father of Mila). "You little rascals, pay me those vases!"

"I-I don't have any money left with me!" Link said embarrassed. "S-sorry!"

"WHAT?! You…little…"

"L-let's get out of here!" Chris suggested.

"Wait, you don't escape now!"

The trio once again escaped a certain punishment from the lord of the mansion, hurrying all the way to the western area of the island together with the Killer Bees following them from behind.

Once running all the way to the western area, where the dancing man in front of the stone was…dancing, Ivan pointed at a door on the backside of a brick building. "Here, I guess…I mean, there's a sail in the jail."

Link stared at the door. "The…jail?"

"This is the jail," Ivan said. "I've seen something like a sail in there."

Link mumbled annoyed. "You've gotta be certain that there is a sail in there because if we end up running away from here I-"

"Um, Link, you were the one who caused all those incidents before," Chris pointed out.

Link rolled his eyes. "I can't control my temptations. You guys know me very well by now."

Lucario and Chris sighed at this fact before the trio went inside the jail, leaving the quartet of kids behind.

One hour later...

It had been a long time after the Killer Bees saw the trio enter into the jail. What's more, the kids met a weird guy in a green suit who thought that he was a fairy. The kids didn't want to talk with him even more, and he decided to go away somewhere.

"Who was that guy in green?" Jun-Roberto asked, remembering the guy with green outfit and red nose.

Jan shrugged. "I-I dunno, but he looked…so strange and weird…"

"Hmm, judging by how the man looked like, he was some sort of an idiot who still thinks he's a kid," Jin commented.

Ivan rolled his eyes. "Can we please forget the strange guy? The way he walked to us is making me sick to think about…"

After looking back at the door, the kids watched as it opened, the trio walking out. It looked like Link looked pissed at something that had happened inside the jail "Why didn't you tell us it was a very weird guy inside a cell?" Link asked annoyed.

"So, you met that guy fairy person in there?" Jun-Roberto asked.

"We pity you," Jin said.

Jan nodded. "Yeah, you surely didn't have to meet him in person."

Ivan crossed his arms. "At least he didn't something weird to you."

Link rolled his eyes at this. "When he was exiting from the cell, he slapped me on my butt!"

The Killer Bees looked at each other. After blinking a few times, they all stared back at the blushing Link before, one by one, they all broke laughing loudly enough to make them fall on the ground, holding their stomachs with both hands.

Link reddened while pouting at this reaction. "It wasn't funny to me, you know!"

Both Chris and Lucario looked at each other and stifled some chuckles.

"Hey, I can't believe you, guys!" Link yelled.

Chris covered his mouth with his left hand. "S-sorry, but it did look funny to me…"

Link groaned while everyone chuckled at him. "Isn't there somebody out here who wants to say sorry TRUTHFULLY?"

The aura apprentice stopped chuckling and looked back at Link. "W-well, at least you got that Picto Box from the cell."

The Hylian took out a small box with a lens. He grumbled at the worthless item that couldn't take photos with color. "Oh yeah, I'm so going to enjoy taking black and white and gray pictures with this thing…" Link said before he put the Picto Box away.

At this point, the Killer Bees had enough of laughing to Link that they all slowly stood up, wiping some tears from their eyes. "Oh man…that was the best laugh I've ever had ever since Jin got his head stuck inside a jar for the whole day…" Ivan muttered.

Jin looked annoyed. "Y-you told me that there was a red rupee in there…"

Ivan chuckled coolly and looked at the trio. "Well, did you find the sail?"

"There wasn't a sail in there," Lucario said.

The leader of the Killer Bees closed his eyes. "Hmm, now this is bad news…"

Link's right eye twitched. "Weren't you SUPPOSED to be the town's greatest informants?"

Jan sniffed a bit. "W-we are, but you need to give us our time…"

The Hylian looked bored at Jan. "Ah-ah, that ashamed look isn't going to fool us anymore."

"Their looks never did that sort of thing," Chris pointed out.

"Y-you get what I mean," Link said annoyed before looking at the thinking Ivan. "Seriously, we need to get moving to the sea before night comes around. Isn't there some kind of place like, say, a shop?"

Jun-Roberto thought for a moment. "Well…the shops in here are a bit demanding with money, but I think there's this little shop that recently opened…"

Link sighed loudly. "SHOPS, why didn't we think of visiting them before?"

Ivan chuckled. "Well, there you go our useful information," he said before turning to the gang. "Let's go get that pesky sail for them!"

"Yeah!" the other kids replied with enthusiasm before they all ran off into the town.

Lucario frowned at this. "When is this going to end? I'm starting to wonder that we're never going to get anywhere if we keep listening to those kids…"

The Hylian groaned. "Please, please Farore, let us end this nightmare already!" he pleaded to the sky.

Chris could only sigh in depression.

Once the group of seven went to the small shopping area of the island, the kids had leaded the trio to a small shop where a middle-aged man was attending it by himself. This man wore an exaggerated big white parka, and wore a blue coat. The man looked pleased to see the seven characters looking at him from the other side of his wooden counter that he began to talk without giving any introductions.

"My story is a strange one..." began the man, "I came across cursed seas from a land far away…a land where the blizzards blow violently..."

The Killer Bees were instantly appealed by the sound of this story that they rested their elbows on the counter.

"Heading for this town called Windfall," the shopkeeper continued. "But dear me! As I traveled, a terrible storm descended and tore my ship to bits...yet mysteriously only that escaped without so much as a mark on it..." he explained before sighing.

"Hmm, I see…" Jin said interested.

The man looked at the people. "From the looks of you, I would say you're travelers as well. Oh, yes indeed!" he said pleased at Link, Chris, and Lucario. "...Could you not purchase that from me? It is my one and only heirloom from home. The people in this town do not seem the least bit interested in that, despite the fact that it would help them travel the dangerous seas about their town..."

This somehow hinted that the man was trying to say the item that the trio was looking for. "Um, excuse me, but would that be a sail?" Link asked. "We really need to get one."

The man chuckled. "Well, I'll tell once you buy that from me… Please! I beg of you!" the man suddenly said as a plea. "I wish to open a business here in this town, so I am in desperate need of finances. How does...80 rupees sound?

Ivan looked over his right shoulder at Link. "So, green guy, do you have the money to buy that or what?"

Link looked annoyed at this. "Oh great…"

"What is it?" Lucario asked.

The Hylian grunted a bit in annoyance. "By coincidence, I had 80 rupees some time ago, but if it weren't for Tetra, I could have had enough rupees to buy the sail…"

Chris looked bored at him. "Well, who was the one who spent the 50 rupees on sinking ships and took time away for, like, forever?"

Jan hopped a bit. "Ooh, ooh, my best score is fourteen used cannonballs in that game."

Link wanted to ignore the fact that a kid younger than him had beaten his record previously. "Y-you're not helping here to solve this dilemma!" he yelled annoyed before crossing his arms. "I'm so broke of money right now…" He took out his sword and smiled bored. "Well, time to go jar breaking around the town."

Lucario frowned at this. "I suppose there isn't any other way to buy that from the merchant…"

Ivan chuckled. "Heheheheh, why bother going around breaking jars when you can ask people for some money?"

The trio looked at the kids. "What's that supposed to mean?" Chris asked confused.

The Killer Bees looked at each other, nodded, looked back at the trio, and showed them 20 rupees each on their hands, summing up an amount of 80 rupees. "Ta-daaaaaaaaa," Jan said.

Link gasped, Chris looked surprised, and Lucario stared at the sparkling rupees. The Hylian looked at Ivan. "H-hey, what are you doing?" Link asked.

"What, you don't want to buy that?" Ivan asked. "C'mon, we're actually being cool by giving you the money you need. Think of this as a special service by yours truly, the Killer Bees."

Link looked at the silent merchant. "But what it that ends up being something worthless?"

The man chuckled. "Oh ho ho ho ho, please, don't think that badly of that," he said. "I'm sure that you will like that very much."

Link looked unsure at this. He hated the kids very much for being very bratty, but it looked like they were actually trying to give them a hand. The Hylian thought hard for a moment before he nodded at the kids and took their rupees away form their hands.

Chris and Lucario actually smiled a bit at this generous display of help from the Killer Bees before

Link walked to the counter and showed the man the money. "We want to buy that," Link said to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper seemed very pleased at this. "Yes, yes, yes! Thank you very much, indeed! I have received precisely 80 rupees for it," he said. "I can use these funds to finance my new business! Oh dear me, what a happy day!" he said very excited. "Very well, young master... As I promised, please, take that with you!"

The shopkeeper ducked to get something out from the counter. The seven characters then found out the item that the shopkeeper was referring to as that turned out to be a nice white long sail with a green wind emblem in the center.

At last, the item Link wanted to get was his to take. The Hylian smiled a bit at the sight of the sail that he held it up above him.

This action was taken as odd since not everyone quite understood why Link was holding it up with a hand.

"…LINK!" Chris yelled.

Link snapped out from his little trance before he pulled down the sail and looked at the happy shopkeeper.

"Yes, yes, yes! You have made a good purchase today, my young master! You have saved my life and business as well! Treasure it dearly! It is the finest sail in the world! Treat it as such!" the shopkeeper exclaimed happily.

Link sighed in relief as he held the sail on his arms. "Now we can go out to the sea with this," he said. "That means we can leave this island at anytime."

The Killer Bees didn't like the idea since every single one of them crossed their arms at this. "Hey, hey, hey, you're already leaving?" Jun-Roberto asked.

"That's not-so-cool," Jan said.

"Yeah, we thought you guys would stick around some more," Jin said.

Ivan grunted annoyed. "Alright, we don't have the authority to make you stay here even longer." He looked away. "You can go away now."

As Link looked annoyed at this sign of disrespect, Chris recalled the favor they were asked to do. "Oh, um, by the way, we have a message from Mrs. Marie to you."

The Killer Bees looked at him. "A message from her? It's weird that she didn't come directly to us to tell us what she wanted," Jan said.

Ivan rolled his eyes. "Well, what did she ask? Go ahead and tell because we don't like to talk much about school related stuff or Mrs. Marie herself."

Link looked miffed at this. "(Stupid brats...)"

"Well, Mrs. Marie said that you should stop causing trouble around town and come back to school more often," Chris explained. "She said that she doesn't want to force you to come, but she's worried that you four won't grow up to be fine civilians."

Jun-Roberto looked away. "What does she know? She's just trying to sound sweet to pull us back to class."

"And the Killer Bees don't like to be taught," Jin said. "We taught people back instead!"

Chris looked worried. "B-but seriously, you need to go back to her. She looked very worried about your welfare..."

Ivan thought for a moment. "Adults are always trying to boss us around so much that it gets so sick to do much later... They think they can do anything they want, and they don't want us to play a lot like we want."

Lucario shook his head. "If you ask me, they're doing this so you can have a good future ahead of you. The ones being disrespectful here are all of you."

The Killer Bees stared at Lucario.

"I'm telling the truth when I say that the adults are trying to keep you away from harm," Lucario explained. "You should know better that you cause a lot of mischief around town that it annoys everyone. Soon, when you least expect it, you're going to be in jail, wishing to have another opportunity to amend for your wrongdoings, and nobody will help you out from that situation."

Link and Chris stared a bit surprised at Lucario before looking back at the Killer Bees. It seemed that the four children were looking worried at each other at this lecture from the Aura Pokémon. In truth, the lecture had given them some kind of realization.

Ivan looked away. "W-well, when you put it that way...I wouldn't like to be in jail like that strange man was..."

"T-that's a very scary thought," Jin admitted. "I-I don't want to end up as a criminal..."

Jan looked worried. "I-I don't want people to think I'm a very bad boy..."

Jun-Roberto sniffed a bit. "A-and I don't want my mommy to hate me either..."

The trio blinked a few times at this before Ivan cleared his throat and looked back at them. "Okay, you have a point there now," he said with a serious look. "If what you said is true, then...fine, we'll promise to attend classes."

Chris smiled a bit at this. "Phew, I thought you were going to refuse..."

Jun-Roberto looked annoyed. "How can we keep going on like this when you say we could end up in jail? I don't want to be inside a sticking cell, ever!"

"Getting in one isn't such a good idea," Jin said. "It's inhuman!"

Ivan looked at the trio. "Well, I guess that's it," he said. "Thanks for your advice, I guess..."

Link sighed in relief at this. "That's over with, then?"

"Er, no."

Link wanted to rip Ivan's head off after hearing the response he didn't want to listen right now. "What is it this time that you want from us?"

Ivan scratched his head a bit. "Well, you see, we're going to school again, but the thing is that..."

Jin gasped. "Oh, right! I completely forgot about it!" he said embarrassed. "It's going to be Mrs. Marie's birthday very soon!"

Jan gasped next. "Oh no, we haven't gotten her present yet!"

Jun-Roberto thought for a moment. "U-um, that is bad..."

The trio looked confused at these reactions. However, once thinking back, it looked like the children were going to do something good instead of causing mischief. If what Link assumed was true, then the children did have some sort of good in them all from the beginning.

Ivan looked at the trio. "You see, we were planning to get Mrs. Marie a present for her birthday...but we haven't found a present yet."

"...I see..." Lucario muttered.

Jin began to hit his head a bit. "Oooooh, why, oh why did we have to forget about this until now? The time is running out, and it will run out once we find that out!"

Jan looked up at the sky. "If we just had some sort of hint to think about a nice present for her..."

"...Wait just a minute," Link began, "so it turns out that you do care for her?"

Ivan closed his eyes. "D-don't think wrong, but we didn't plan on getting her a birthday present...before you guys showed up, though..." he admitted embarrassed. "We all know when Mrs. Marie's birthday is, so if we want to stay away from getting into jail, we should start doing some...nice things to others..."

Chris looked bored at this. "(All that they're worried about is getting into jail and nothing else...)"

Jan blinked shocked. "A-actually, I think I know the perfect present for her!"

The other three members looked at him. "Oh, you do know?" Jun-Roberto asked.

"Yeah, I do!" Jan said. "Don't you remember that Mrs. Marie started to collect those Joy Pendants she's so fascinated about?"

Ivan blinked a bit before nodding. "Hey, that's right. She liked to say that a lot," he said before looking at the trio. "By any chance, did you see some kind of butterfly necklace hanging around her neck?"

"Butterfly necklace?" Link said confused. "Hmm, I recall she wore one…"

Jin nodded. "Then she's collecting those pendants! Maybe we could get her one for her birthday present."

"Then go get one for her."

Ivan shook his head. "Nope, we can't just get her one."


"Well, one, we don't have money to buy her one. Two, there isn't any shop in here that sells Joy Pendants. And three, we know where we can get one for free."

The Hylian looked bored. "If you know a place to get them for free, why don't you get it?"

"Thing is, this Joy Pendant isn't a shop, but outside," Jin explained. "However…that very same pendant happens to be hanging from a branch of the tree close to the bomb shop."

Ivan grumbled. "Not even I'm that stupid to go for it. What if the branch breaks and I fall down to the ground?" He sighed. "We're in such a pickle here…"

Link rubbed his chin. "There's a Joy Pendant hanging on a tree's branch close to the bomb shop, huh?"

Some time later…

The Killer Bees and the trio had gone all the way to the bomb shop's tree. Link looked serious at tree as he cracked his fingers and looked up to see the mentioned Joy Pendant hanging on the very tip of a branch just above them.

"That's the pendant," Jun-Roberto said. "Ivan could get it, but he could fall, and I'd become the Killer Bees' leader."

Ivan glared at him.

"…You didn't hear anything," Jun-Roberto muttered.

Link looked directly at the tree before he charged at it. "YaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA-OWW!" he yelled, rolling hard against the tree to make it shake.

Everyone looked up to see that the branches shook a bit. However, the impact wasn't strong enough to make the pendant fall down, much for the dismay of the children.

"Bummer," said Jan. "That wasn't just enough."

Chris walked to Link, who looked as if he was knocked out upside down against the tree. "Are you okay?" Chris asked to Link.

"Heeeeeeeeeey…" Link began dazzled as his eyes spun around a bit, "what's for dinner, grandma? I'd like some chicken soup right now…"

The aura apprentice sighed in shame at this before turning to the group. "Well, he did his best…"

Lucario stared up at the Joy Pendant before he performed a high jump towards it. The Killer Bees gasped in surprise as the Aura Pokémon easily and quickly passed by the pendant, grabbed it, and went even higher before he fell down on the ground on his feet, close to the group of children.

"…Did he just jump like 40-feet in the air?" Jan asked.

"Heck yeah, he just did!" Jun-Roberto said.

Jin looked amazed. "I knew there was some kind of coolness hiding in this guy… (He's so cool, I swear!)"

Ivan was the one who looked even more surprised. However, he shook his head and grinned coolly with some nervousness. "W-well, what do you know? I knew you were going to pull out an amazing stunt like that one. You look so cool, so you would do it very easily."

Lucario rolled his eyes at this and showed the pendant to the children. "Here," he said to them.

However, the children shook their heads at the offering, making Lucario look confused. "Oh no, we're not doing the giving here!" Jan said.

"Yeah, we're not going to give this to her directly!" Jun-Roberto protested.

"Are you nuts or what? We can't just do that!" Jin objected.

Ivan shook his head. "We don't want to do that. It's not the style of the gang to be teacher pets for her!"

Link quickly snapped out from his knocked out state and stood up angrily. "What the heck is wrong with all of you?!" he asked irritated. "We went through a big odyssey to get the sail we wanted because YOU wanted to help us!"

Ivan crossed his arms. "Hello, we're still the Killer Bees. We do NOT act very nicely, you know."

Link discarded the thought of leaping at Ivan to stab his chest as many times as possible before someone else would notice. "Y-you're just unbelievable!"

"We're not unbelievable," Jin said. "We're the Killer Bees."

"Grrr…" Link grunted annoyed. "Then what are you going to do with the pendant if you don't want to give it directly to her?"

"Simple, we just ask you guys to give it to her," Ivan explained. "You're going to do it, right?"

Chris was having enough of the whole nonsense that he took the pendant from Lucario's hand and began his walk to the town. "Let's just do as they say so we can leave already…" Chris muttered.

"Alright, now we're talking," Ivan said grinning.

Link slapped his forehead at this before he and Lucario followed Chris while the Killer Bees followed them from behind.

Some time passed, and after delivering the Joy Pendant to Mrs. Marie, the trio came out from the school to see the four children gathered around them. "How'd it go?" asked Jin.

"She was very grateful to get one pendant from you," Lucario said. "She even said that she can't wait to have you back into the classroom."

Jun-Roberto folded his arms behind his head. "That ought to do it," he said.

Jan looked pleased. "Okay, thanks a lot, you guys!"

"Yeah, I think everything turned out very good for each one of us," Jin said.

Ivan crossed his arms and nodded. "Uh-huh, things are surely gonna change around here," he commented nodding. "Well, I guess we should say thanks to you…so…thanks for everything, especially you, Lucario." He made a happy expression. "You were a bigger help than any of those two!"

Lucario didn't care much about the remark, but Link and Chris were fairly irritated at this. "Chris…" Link muttered through gritted teeth.

Chris sighed. "Yes?"

"Please…please don't let me slit their throats slowly and painfully…"

"I'll try…"

"Just…" Lucario began, "…don't ever call Chris with another name…"

Ivan nodded. "Right, we get his name right. He's Chris, and the other green dude is Lonk."

"Link!" Link corrected.

"Whatever, it's the same," Ivan said before Chris tackled the enraged Link from leaping at Ivan, the latter not minding Link's fit of rage. "Okay, if you'll excuse us, we have some chores to do around here," he said to Lucario.

The Killer Bees turned around and walked away into the town without even saying good-bye at the group. Lucario stared at them going away before turning back to the ground where Chris tried his best to keep Link from running off after the kids. "L-Lucario, help!" Chris yelled.

The Aura Pokémon sighed in depression before he ducked to grab the enraged Link with a hand. The aura apprentice stood up and sweat dropped at Link's blind fit of rage since he was flailing his legs and arms around to get where the kids had gone to. "L-let's just take him to the King of Red Lions so we can leave now…before a funeral for four kids is held here…" Chris said.

Lucario nodded. "I wanted to leave this place as soon we entered."

"Oh, please, don't tell me you're annoyed…"

Lucario and Chris sighed in unison before they all walked away from the center of the town, taking the enraged Link along.

Windfall Island

Below the jail

It had been a long time for the talking boat ever since he last saw the trio going away. The boat let out a long yawn before grumbling in annoyance to himself. "Now where are those people? By now they surely had found a sail in town," he said to himself. "No, I shouldn't be thinking about choosing another person to do the work to defeat Ganon. I'm certain that he is the one who can achieve such a feat."

The King of Red Lions looked around.

"…Of course, he is not a full-fledged hero now," he said. "It's going to take a long time before he turns into one…I suppose…"

The boat suddenly heard some screams of rage with some loud complaints coming from his left. The boat turned around and instantly asked himself why Lucario was grabbing with a hand an enraged Link as he helplessly tried to get off from him. The King of Red Lions blinked in curiosity at this before the trio reunited with him.

The King of Red Lions stared at Link. "What has happened for him to be this…furious?"

Chris looked away. "L-let's just say we went through an odyssey to get the sail before we could get it…and Link didn't enjoy it that much…"


The King of Red Lions narrowed his eyes at Link. "Link, we don't have time to do more things in town."

"YIAAAAAAAH!" Link screamed.

Lucario grunted at this and turned to Chris. "Can I please just punch him so he stops? I'm getting very sick of listening to his screams."

Chris thought for a moment. "We-"

The first syllable that came out from Chris was enough confirmation for Lucario to deliver a hard punch at Link's gut. The Hylian, however, wasn't only shut up, but he was also sent towards the back wall like a rocket, crashing hard into it where he was almost entirely into it except for his wriggling feet.

The boat looked very surprised at the mere punch that he stared at the annoyed Lucario. "...You seem to possess such a big strength within you despite of your looks," the boat remarked.

Lucario grunted and crossed his arms.

His trainer took this action as a sign of disbelief. "...L-Lucario...w-why did you decide to be that harsh to Link? I-I wanted to say that you should go easy on him!"

Lucario looked at him in embarrassment. "W-well...he was already annoying me a lot..."



The King of Red Lions looked back where Link was wriggling his feet on the wall. "Well, that seemed to calm him down. All that is left is to take him out of the wall," he said before looking back at the duo. "Have you found the sail? I hope you didn't lose time because it was a long time after you were here."

Chris looked away. "W-we told you that we went through a lot… Sorry for making you wait…"

The boat sighed at this. "Just…be faster the next time…"

Some time passed, and the trio was onboard the talking boat. Link (with some bruise marks all over his face) looked forward to the sea with Lucario, Chris, and the King of Red Lions. The Hylian prepared the newly obtained sail that he bought from the merchant.

The King of Red Lions stared forward at the sea. He narrowed his eyes to find out if the wind favored them. As he expected, the winds pushed the waves to the west. "A westerly wind blows!" he advised. "Link, Chris, Lucario, let us all go to the west!"

"Why to the west?" Link asked.

"We have to reach Dragon Roost Island, which is located to the west," the boat said. "I have sensed the dark winds of Ganon gathering in that island."

"How did you do that?"

The boat shook his head. "I can't tell you that, unfortunately…" he muttered in shame before looking forward. "However, please, trust me, Link."

Link looked bored. "Why is it that you're so utterly secretive with whatever you say about me?"

The King of Red Lions turned to look at him. "We don't have much time left to waste. We have to begin our way to Dragon Roost Island. Or you don't want to rescue Aryll from Ganon?"

Link gasped and quickly prepared the sail. "I hate it when people can convince and distract me so they can go away with those excuses to avoid being asked stuff lik-"

"Um, Link, can we just go?" Chris asked before blushing. "I-I've never been in ship voyages before that much so I wanted to experience this trip…"

Link looked annoyed before sighing. "I seriously want to wish for someone to be here who can give me some support with what I want to get for once…"

"We're here with you," Lucario pointed out.

"I mean morally!"

The boat grunted. "Link, let us start our voyage!" he ordered.

Link stifled a grunt of desperation before he commanded the boat…to promptly turn around and crash it hard against the wall of the cave.

The trio looked shocked at this since the tip of the boat (in which case was the King of Red Lions) crashed hard on the wall. Apparently, the western wind had picked up even more speed than before, and since Link had the sail out, the wind was strong enough to turn the boat around and make it crash hard on the wall.

The trio remained silent as the talking boat didn't make any response at the sudden action he suffered. They supposed that his face had crashed deep enough to make him unable to talk. "…Link…" the talking boat on the wall began, "…tell me something…"

Link gulped and shook a bit. "Y-yes?"

"You have never sailed a boat before in your life…right?"


"…Then…what made you think you could sail one?"

"I-I guess it had to do with determination a bit…"

"I would say a lot," Lucario commented.

Link slapped his forehead at this while Chris looked down and frowned.

Some time later…

After turning the boat to face the sea, the King of Red Lions (with a little X-shaped band-aid on his forehead) waited for Link to put the sail away. Once he did, the boat slowly started to cruise into the sea. "We're docking in the western part of the island," the King of Red Lions explained. "Wait until we get in the southern part where you CAN use the sail."

Link looked down. "Hey, it's not my fault I don't know how to sail boats… How was I supposed to know I was going to do this?"

"You never foresaw this?"

"N-not at all…"

The boat sighed as they came out from the cave. "Well, let me see when you can use the sail," he said.

Lucario watched as the boat nicely cruised along the coast of the island. Once the boat got around it, the King of Red Lions looked at the west. "Now!" Link yelled, putting back on the sail.

And the boat finally started its voyage to the west, much for the pleasure of the four. They sat down as the boat peacefully soar the waves of the sea towards the east, where Dragon Roost Island awaited.

Before they could leave the area of the island, Lucario looked back to see that there were some people waving at them from afar. "Link, Chris, look back," he said. "There are some people saying good-bye."

The two turned around to see four people waving at them from the docks. The three were able to tell that the Killer Bees were the ones who were waving at them. "Hey, they're saying good-bye to us," Chris said.

Link sighed in relief. "Finally, I can see that there's some good in them…"

"…There's somebody else with them," Lucario said.

The three saw that Mrs. Marie had came out from the classroom since she appeared from behind the children. Upon seeing the trio leaving the island, she waved at them together with the children.

Chris smiled a bit. "Do you think they all changed?"

"Well, I don't know," Link said. "I'll see if they did next time I drop by here."

The three began to wave at the group before they could leave the vicinity of the island, the classroom waving at them before both groups stopped seeing each other and stopped.

"…Chris," Lucario began, "…can I ask you something?"

"Yes?" Chris said.

"Well…don't we know where the sail was before?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, I thought we knew very well where to find the sail…but…I think we forgot about it…"

The aura apprentice thought for a moment. "Well…I-I think we just forgot it…"

Lucario nodded. "And if we did, then that would have meant that we could have avoided going through the whole ordeal with the children…"

The teen looked shocked, but he remained silent.

"Guys, what are you talking about now?" Link asked.

"…Forget it…" Chris muttered, Lucario frowning at this.

Great Sea

The boat passed on the water at a nice, comfortable speed. The trio was staring out at the sea where they could see some islands far away from their spot. Soon enough, Link saw that some seagulls flying close to them. The King of Red Lions noticed the seagulls and began to talk. "See the seagulls? There are folklores that speak of seagulls being a good sign that the sailor is going through the right path."

"Is that so?" Link asked. "Well, I thought these seagulls were just close to me because they think I'm Aryll… She likes seagulls so much and they like her a lot as well."

Chris looked away. "(Actually, the seagulls are supposed to tell you that you're going to the right way… That's a tip in the game…)"

"…Please don't tell me they'll try to use us as the bathroom," Link said.

The boat stared forward. "Do not think of such a filthy thing, Link," he said. "The seagulls are a sign of respect. Respect them back if they want to help us."

Link shrugged at this as the boat went to the east.

After passing the area of Windfall Island and the area where an island with a secret resided, the four eventually saw a towering figure located to the east. They all looked up to see that the figure was an island with a huge mountain that had black smoke circulating on the top. "There! On the horizon! That is our destination, Link..." the King of Red Lions said.

"Would that be Dragon Roost Island?" Lucario asked.

The boat nodded. "Yes, it is the island I was talking about. Let us first arrive on the coast."

Link nodded at this as the boat continued its way to the east, looking around for a small beach or coast to dock the boat.

Dragon Roost Island


"…Aaaaaaand now," Chris said.

Link put the sail away in time for the boat to arrive nicely on a small beach of the island. Once arriving, they all looked up to see the black clouds covering the top. "I wonder if that's a volcano or something…" Link muttered.

The trio hopped off from the boat and walked a bit forward to stare at the mountain's top. The King of Red Lions coughed to get their attention. "High atop this island's peak lives the spirit of the skies, a great dragon by the name of Valoo," he explained.

"Valoo?" Link said.

The boat nodded. "Valoo is a high authority, Link. You must go see this dragon and request from him a jewel called Din's Pearl."

Link crossed his arms. "What is the Din's Pearl?"

"It's a special artifact that is going to help us soon," the boat explained. "We need that in order to stop Ganon from spreading his dark winds across the Great Sea."

Link was a bit skeptical. "Well…okay, I'll go for it… But is the dragon friendly?"

"Oh, please, don't think Valoo is a vile monster," the boat said. "He is a very respectable person. Once you go with him, he should give you the pearl." He looked up and narrowed his eyes. "However…I fear that there is something wrong in this island…" He looked back at the three. "Please, do go see what is happening. These winds are causing havoc as we speak."

Chris embraced himself. "I can tell we're so going to fight very soon…"

"Ask the people of the Rito tribe who inhabit this island about how to see the dragon," the boat instructed.

"The Rito? You don't mean the tribe who work as postmen, right?" Link asked.

"That's the very same tribe."

Link rubbed his chin. "I wonder if Quill is here… Thanks to him, I was able to convince Tetra from coming to the Forsaken Fortress…"

"You might find your acquaintance in there," the King of Red Lions said. "But, before you go…I want you to take this with you."

The trio saw that the talking had a small baton hanging from his mouth.

"Please, take it," the King of Red Lions said.

Link looked a bit grossed out by the baton in a talking boat's mouth. Well, he had a right to question where the boat took the baton out. "S-since when were you holding that baton? I didn't see it before…"

"I had it inside me all this time."

The trio looked a bit disgusted at this fact. Now, besides being a talking boat, the King of Red Lions had a stomach of the sorts…

"…" Link silently went to pick the baton from the boat's mouth. Upon taking it out, the Hylian stared at it with a skeptical look, wondering if it was really inside the boat's within.

For that matter, did the King of Red Lions really have a stomach?

"S-so…" Link began, "what is this thing again?"

The boat ignored the disgusted looks of the trio. "It's a baton of sorts that was used long ago when people played music in prayer of the gods. In those days, simply using it allowed one to borrow the power of the gods, but I don't know if it still works."

Lucario looked bored at this. "So you're saying that you had this baton for a long time, and you don't know if it even works?"

"…Well…how am I supposed to know?" the boat asked. "I can't even play it like this. Only someone with hands, in this case, Link, can use it for…something…"

The three stared at him with an eerie silence.

"…E-even so, I thought it might be of some use to you," the King of Red Lions said embarrassed. "It doesn't hurt to try, does it now?"

Chris grumbled a bit. "I think it's pathetic that you don't even know if the baton works… I mean, wouldn't that mean that you stole it from somewhere?"

"I did NOT steal it from somewhere," the boat stated angrily. "Besides, I have forgotten how to call upon the gods with it. How can you ask ill-mannered questions to the very same King of Hyrul-"

The boat looked away in embarrassment.

"…" The boat coughed a bit while the three stared at him in confusion (Chris and Lucario being amused instead). "…F-forget what I said about the King of Hyrule… My tongue…sometimes…well…says crazy things…"

Link blinked a few times before he looked at the two. "I told you that this talking boat was very suspicious," he whispered. "I mean, just LOOK at him. He's a talking boat who can somehow carry items inside his supposed stomach who likes to say weird stuff about Hyrule…"

Trying to sound convinced, Chris slapped his forehead. "This talking boat…surely says weird things…"

"Yes," Lucario said. "I'm starting to wonder if he's even trustworthy."

The boat looked back at them. "Please, don't think I'm weird… I-it's just that I can't fully explain some things because you would find them very unbelievable…"

Link looked bored. "I find the history of Ganon VERY unbelievable," Link said.

"It…is not…" the boat muttered. "…Well, I'd like to talk with you more and explain some mechanics about the Wind Waker, but right now, you have to go to Valoo by the time being."

"You're just wanting us to forget this altogether!" Link argued.

The boat glared at him. "L-Link, Chris, Lucario, this is very serious," he said. "Go before the dark winds get thicker than they are right now!"

Lucario grunted annoyed. "I hate when people like you try to make up excuses to avoid being asked, I swear," he said. "Is it hard for you to explain yourself, or is it hard for us to understand about what you can't tell…"

Lucario stopped talking as soon as his ears twitched a bit. The Aura Pokémon blinked confused as he overheard some kind of tune coming from somewhere in the island.

The other three looked at him. "Lucario, why did you stop talking?" Chris asked. "You sounded very irritated…and now you're just looking around…"

"E-excuse me…but…can you hear that?" Lucario asked.

"Hear what?" Link asked.

Lucario looked back at the mountain. "I can hear some kind of…melody coming from somewhere…"

Link cleaned his right ear. "Well, we don't have dog traits as yo-"

Lucario glared at Link over his left shoulder.

Link took a step back. "I-I mean, we don't have good ears like you do!" he said sweating.

Lucario frowned at this and looked back at the mountain. He listened to the melody's tune, and he somehow…found it very enjoyable. "…I wonder where it is coming from…" he muttered before he leaped high up to 60-feet to reach a high cliff. Chris gasped at this before his Pokémon ran to the other side of the cliff.

"H-hey, Lucario, come back here!" Chris yelled. "I-it's not like you to go run somewhere alone!"

The King of Red Lions saw the opportunity to intervene. "You should go see where he went," he said. "I'm sure you'll find something of importance if you go after him."

Link turned to him and grunted. "Hey, you won't avoid this at all! I want to listen to some explanations abou-"

"Lucario, come back!" Chris interrupted as he went after Lucario by heading around a cliff to the left to reach a small passage over to the right.

Link gasped and turned around. "H-hey, wait a second, you! D-don't you just run off like that!" he yelled before he gave chase to Chris.

The King of Red Lions watched as the two went after Lucario by the small path in front of them. He sighed at this and frowned. "Well, this should take care of what they wanted to question me…" he muttered. "I thank the gods for making my wish come true…".

Preview of the next chapter

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"Well, he said he heard a melody, so the logical thing to do would be following the melody's sound, and then we'll find Lucario."

"I just hope nothing bad happens…"

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13. Your Harp Makes My Heart Go Crazy, Bird

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Chapter 13: Lucario and Medli! Melody of love!

Dragon Roost Island

Dragon Roost Island

After climbing a simple tower of 2 blocks and one rock (the rock was destroyed by a bomb from a plant,) Link and Chris continued their way to find Lucario.

"Link!" A voice came from the other side, it was Link's postman, a Rito.

"You're the postman of my island!" Link said with a smile.

"I'm glad to see you again, but, how did you get here?"

"A lot of things happened when I was in the Forsaken Fortress, and my sister is still there."

"Don't worry, she will be okay, for now, I'm going ahead and tell the chieftain of our tribe to see you."

"Wait, have you seen a blue and black person around here?" Chris asked.

"Well, I saw a beast like that running this way and he jumped high in the air in the cliffs above, he was probably heading where Medli is now." He flew away inside a cave.

"Good thing Lucario wasn't here to heard someone did said beast again to him." Link said.

Dragon Roost Island

"Phew, that's for today of my daily training with my harp," A young girl Rito said looking at the sea "Now, I need to try and cheer up Komali to climb the island."

"Can you please play that music again?" A voice spoke behind the young girl.

She turned and gasped when he saw Lucario behind her "A..a beast! What I'm going to do now?"

"(Not kill her, not kill her, not kill her.)" Lucario thought to himself "I'm not a beast, I'm just a traveler who happened to hear your soothing music."

She blushed a little "Is my melody...really soothing to you?"

Lucario nodded "Is by far the most relaxing melody I've ever heard."

"I...I think I can play it again if you like."

"Please, I'll appreciate it." He kneeled to her. (Now that is a signal of love in the air!)

"...Alright." She turned to the sea and let out a sigh, then she started to play the harp again and Lucario closed his eyes and he smiled enjoying the melody.

Not far away from there, a younger little Rito kid happened to appear from a cave holding a orange orb in his arms. He placed his head behind a wall.

"Medli? Where are you?" He asked looking around, he heard the music from the cliff and he smiled a little when he saw Medli on the top "Medli! I was looking for yo-" His eyes widened when he saw someone else standing behind her.

"Wh-who is him? And why is he near Medli? I...I don't want to interrupt, but, he is way taller than me and Medli...and he is scary that a spike on his chest? And there are 2 more in both of his arms too..." He trembled a little in terror, and for worsening everything, Lucario turned his head to the kid, the young Rito kid got scared by the glare of Lucario (he took it as a glare, but it was a glare in reality) and he got inside running away scared and he went to his room.

"(Who was him?)" Lucario asked and thought to himself, he closed his eyes, turned his head to Medli and he continued to enjoy the melody.

Dragon Roost Island
Postman's Offices

"I heard from Quill that you're Link right?" The chieftain asked to Link.

"Yes, I am." He replied.

"It's good to have you here, but there is also a problem brewing up in the top of the island," He turned to a wall "As you may see, we are a tribe who take the jobs of postmans, but, there is more about it," He turned to Link and Chris "Every Rito has to climb to the top of the island and get their wings from Valoo, so they can fly and reach their goals."

"And what is the problem then?" Link asked.

"Something has been happening to Valoo, he is acting rather strangely and violently, not long ago, creatures came to the island weeks ago in the night, since that night, Valoo has been acting with great anger."

"But..." Chris looked around "Every Rito has his wings right?"

The chieftain nodded "Yes, everyone except for one."

"Who?" Link asked

"My son, Komali, he is now at the age of receiving his wings, but since this situation has been around, he refuses to climb the mountain, and I'm afraid he is giving up the ritual."

Just by coincidence, Komali came running with his orb in his arms to his room.

"That was Komali?" Link asked.

"Yes, he is my son, but, why was he shaking?" The chieftain asked to himself "Link, I have another favor to ask you, can you give something to Komali so he can try to climb the mountain?" Link nodded "Thank you, you 2 should look around first."

Quill (Link's postman) gaves Link a Delivery Bag and he keeps it.

Link and Chris looked around to know the place, they found a desk with a Rito looking to a pile of letters, he asked if Link could organize them to their destinations by throwing them to their blocks with their marks, he had a time limit to do it just for fun.

"This one to Outset, this one for Windfall, and this one for AHHH!!" He threw the letter quickly to his block.

"What is it?" Chris asked.

"That letter had the head of that weird man in the cell of Windfall!" He shuddered before continuing. He did it right and he got a Piece of Heart!

"Alright!" The piece of heart disappeared in thin air. Just then, Chris heared a familiar voice coming from near there and he found Lucario with crossed arms and leaned to a wall.

"Lucario!" He smiled at Lucario and he smiled back to him "Where have you been?"

"I was with a girl who played a very relaxing melody with her harp." He remembered the sound by closing his eyes "It was beautiful, I've never heard a melody like that in my life befor-"

"You're in love with her right?" Chris said in a serious tone and his eyes narrowed and he smiled rather curiously at Lucario.

Lucario blushed a little "What? N-n-no! What makes you think that?"

Chris placed his right ear near Lucario's chest right close to his spike and he heard a rather fast beat in his heart "Your heart says the contrary."

"I'm telling the truth!" He said annoyed.

Just then, the same young Rito girl from before came to the right of the 2, Chris's ear was still in Lucario's chest and both looked at the Rito girl "Oh, is you! I didn't introduced myself before, I'm Medli, nice to meet you." She smiled at him, and oddly, Chris felt Lucario's heart beating faster than before.

Lucario blushed more "I'm..Lucario, is a pleasure to meet you too."

"Lucario? That is a good name for you!" Lucario's heart was beating faster now "I'm going to be near the third exit of the cave, talk to me if you want." Lucario's heart was now beating madly faster! Medli walked away.

"She completely ignored me," Chris said, he stopped hearing Lucario's heart and looked at him "Lucario, admit it, you're in love with her!"

Lucario's head was now all red except for his black marking "For the last time, I'm not in love with her!" The voice rang inside the cave, only Link heard the conversation while he was still throwing the letter to their blocks. Breaking his record little by little.

"Fine, you're not in love with her." Chris said sarcastically walking away from Lucario, he shook his head and the red color was now blue again and he followed Chris to where Link was.

"Hey guys, check it out, I broke my record several times and see my wallet now!" Link's wallet was now completely full of rupees "Is a shame I don't have a bigger wallet now."

"(You will have a bigger one later.)" Chris thought to himself.

"Anyway, I heard from you 2 that Lucario is in love with someone, am I right?" He narrowed his eyes and smiled rather curiously to Lucario as Chris did. Lucario just closed his eyes and turned his head away quickly.

"Eh, no, you didn't heard anything." Chris said sarcastically.

"..." This was Link's response "Oh, by the way, a Rito girl with the name of Medli came not too long ago and asked me to go to the third exit of this cave, we should go with her now."

Lucario turned his head to Link "Fine." He said walking away...a little faster.

"What's the big hurry Lucario?" Link asked confused, but his words were sent to deaf deaf ears.

"Ugh, I'll tell you now." Chris wispered to Link's toon ear.

Link then dropped in the floor laughing madly "OH MY GOD, THAT'S IS JUST TOO FUNNY! HAHAHAHAHA!" He held his stomach in pain for the laugh.

After laughing madly in the floor and some Rito gave weird looks at Link, Chris and Link proceeded to where Medli was.

Dragon Roost Island
Third exit to Dragon Roost Cavern

"Oh, it's you again, those clothes are from the ancient Hero right?" Medli asked but she shook her head "You're Link right? I've heard of you by the chieftain of our tribe a while ago, my name is Medli, I'm Valoo's attendant and is my job to help Valoo in times of need, but, actually, I'm not her attendant, I'm studying to become one, I hope you can get back your sister Link."

"I will." Link replied.

"I want to ask you 3 a favor, I want you to deliver this letter to Komali," She hands over a letter to Link and he keeps it in his new Delivery Bag Quill gave him a while ago "That letter is from his father, it holds something important for Komali to read about, but, after delivering the letter, could you please follow me to the exit behind me? I need another favor."

The trio nodded and they went to Komali's room below the cave, the room was all decorated with many things and amulets.

Dragon Roost Island
Komali's Room

"Who's there?" A voice came from the bed and there was Komali holding his orb in his arms, he lookes at Chris and Link "Oh, it's you, the 2 who were with my fathe-" However, his eyes widened when he saw Lucario, he hid below the blankets of his bed with his orb "AHHH! Is that beast again!"

"THAT'S IT!" Lucario walked towards Komali with fists ready to kill the little Rito kid, Komali screamed in terror, however, Chris took out a big heavy book and he hit Lucario's head really, but really hard (because Lucario's head is of steel) from behind, making him fainting and falling unconscious in the floor with his mouth opened and his eyes all white.

"NO WAY YOU'RE GOING TO KILL AN INNOCENT KID!" Chris's eyes were now like those freakish white eyes that those Naruto characters make when they are angry.

"Where in the hell did you got that big heavy book?" Link asked, his eyes looking at the big heavy book.



"Hmm, where did I left my book of Dinosaurs's History of 700 pages?" Jeff asked searching for his book inside his backpack that nobody can't see even outside the game.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Dragon Roost Island
Komali's Room

"From a friend!" Chris replied angrily. Komali got out of the blankets and he sighed after the event.

"What do you want? If you have anything else to do here, leave now."

"We got a letter from your father." Link handed over the letter to Komali.

"From father?" Komali readed the letter "I'm sorry, but I'm not going to climb the mountain in this situation," He stated "I'm not even satisfied if you can calm down Valoo either, is impossible, give up," He paused for a moment "But, however, I'll listen to you when you can find someone who can reach the top of the island."

"That would be us then!" Chris said "We will do it!"

"Yeah, good luck." Komali said sarcastically.

"You don't believe it right? Fine, but don't come to us when we are done," Chris said looking at Link "Link, I need your help, is very important."

"You want to climb the mountain right?"

"No! I need someone else to drag Lucario while he's KO'd on the floor, he is too heavy to carry!" Chris tried to lift Lucario "Please?"

Link paused for a moment before nodding, they amazingly lifted Lucario and they carried him away from Komali's room, but his weight was like 4 boulders for the 2, Chris carried Lucario by his head while Link carried Lucario by his legs.

1 hour later...

Dragon Roost Island
Outside Dragon Roost Cavern

They saw Medli down inside where a pond and a bridge were supposed to be, they carried Lucario to the edge of the cliff and they climbed down and walked to Medli.

"Why are you 2 so late and why is Lucario unconscious?" Medli asked confused looking at Lucario where she was standing.

"5 words: hell" Chris said panting.

"Really?" Medli asked before shaking her head "Link, I need to reach to the other side of the cliff, I need to fly there when the wind is going towards where I'm going, you need to lift me above you, I'm going to say the word when it's the time you're going to throw me got it?"

"Got it!" Link lifted Medli above his head, when the wind was going to the side they were wishing for, Medli shouted "Now!" She flew towards the other side of the bridge, but suddenly, the wind changed to the right and she was carried to the right, crashing into a wall with her head and she landed in her butt on the floor.

"Medli!" Link and Chris yelled and they walked towards Medli "Medli! Are you alright?"

"Mom, please, they are taking evasive actions, I need plans for the flat soda machine!" She said randomly with tiny Ritos flying around her head.

"What is a flat soda machine Chris?"

"...I don't know." Chris said.

Medli shook her head and she regained her composture "Let's do it again!"

They did it again, fortunately, everything went as planned and Medli made it to the other side "Link! It worked!" She took out a empty bottle from her pocket and throwed it at Link who catched it "Use that! It may come in handy!"

"For what?" Link asked.

"Use your imagination!" She said, Chris thought if Medli was still fine from the crashing or if she was still insane "I'm going to the cavern! Wait her-AAAHHHH!!"

"Medli!" Chris and Link shouted, a grey arm grabbed Medli by the mouth and that arm was coming from...

"Wolf!" Chris shouted, indeed, Wolf (who was apparently also influenced by the "air" of the world) was there, grabbing Medli with his arm. Chris remembered what Wolf said the last time they saw each other.


"Grr, you're lucky kid, but next time...I'll see you again...then I'm going to kill you...and your partner-"

"I'VE SAID GO!" Lucario glared at Wolf.

End of flashback

"Leave Medli alone you bastard!" Link said angrily.

"Can't let you do that Sta-" Wolf shook his head "Never! I dare you 2-wait, where is your partner?"

Chris pointed where Lucario was, his tongue was getting out of his mouth, Wolf saw him with a confused face "He's wasted?" Again, he shook his head "Nevermind! I dare you 3 to catch me!" He ran inside the cave, crossing the lava river by jumping 2 times with Medli still in his arm.

"Oh man, what are we gonna do?" Chris asked terrified "Hey, those dried plants over there look so familiar like the bombs we got in the shore, what if we spray some water to them with the bottle?"

After spraying water to the wittered plants, Link grabbed a bomb flower and throwed it to a boulder near, it exploded and below the boulder water came filling the lake, they swam to the other side where Lucario was laying unconscious.

"Hey lovebird, wake up!" Chris shouted at his best friend...his unconscious best friend "We need to enter the cave now!"

"..." No response.

"Wolf took Medli away with him." Chris said, rolling his eyes, and by coincidence, Lucario woke up...with a huge roar directed to the sky, he jumped over the lake, then he jumped over the lava river and went inside the cave.

"...Why did he roared?" Link asked confused.

"Probably just to show off his "manlyness" to Medli...PROBABLY, I don't know exactly."

They remained silent for 10 seconds.

"Wait a minute, did he left us?" Link asked.

"..." Chris thought for a moment "HEY! COME BACK NOW LUCARIO!" They ran to the lake, swam their way through, they made a bridge in the lava using some stones at the sides by exploding them with bombs, they jumped to statue to statue and they went inside the cave.

Preview of the next chapter

"I'm Chris everybody!"

"I'm Link!"

"Really, I don't know why Lucario loves Medli, she isn't even his type! And I meant it literally!"

"Yeah, I mean, he has 2 spikes in both arms while she has a nose of bird!"

"Ah, forget it! Just forget it! We need to catch up Lucario before something else happens!"

"Like what?"

"..." He shuddered "Lucario kissing Medli."


"I KNOW! DON'T SAY IT! And worse, there are Primids inside this cavern!"

"Next time: A heart broken and a new job!"

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14. Of Dungeons And Unrequited Romances

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Chapter 14: A heart broken and a new job!

Underground Theme (Super Mario Land)

Dragon Roost Cavern

"If my memory doesn't fails me, there should be 3 statues in this room," Chris looked around "Say, where are the statues?"

"They are dust and pebbles now," Link saw a big pile of rocks to his right and left "And also, there is a huge hole in the wall."

"Why I'm thinking Lucario did it?" Chris asked sarcastically, they walked through the big hole in the wall and there was nobody in there.

"Look, those Bokoblins are dead." Chris saw 2 red Bokoblins dead in the floor.

"Lucario did it." Link said rolling his big eyes, they proceeded to the next room, but Link saw 3 odd looking chests near the door.

"Hey, those chests looks weird, Chris, open them." Link said and Chris opened the 3 chests, he got a yellow vest with a spike near the top, a blue amulet and a brown bandana.

"Hey, there are descriptions inside." Chris took 3 descriptions of each chest.

Spike Vest

A yellow vest with a spike placed in the center of the person's chest, it makes the training of the aura easier to learn, can be worn by humans

Blue amulet

Slighlty increases the aura of the holder, can be worn by humans and Pokémon

Brown Bandana

Focuses your mind in a calmer way, it increases your defense slightly, can be worn by Pokemon

Chris equiped the vest, he placed the amulet in his neck and he placed the Brown Bandana in his inventory.

"Say, that vest looks familiar, it looks like Lucario's." Link pointed out.

"It is, now I know how it feels to have a spike in your chest."

They walked towards the next room (this time, they walked without stopping) they felt the next room a little hot, and it was because the room was filled with lava in the center, below.

"I hope Lucario is fine, the fire is his weakness, but judging at his current state, I'm starting to believe he isn't weak againts fire anymore." Chris said, he took out the Primid Radar, and the gauge was at red, but oddly, it was getting to blue little by little "Strange, is this thing broken?"

15 rooms away from where Link and Chris were...

"DON'T INTERFER!" Lucario was defeating a bunch of Roaders, Sword Primids, Armights, Floows and Metal Primids while he was in a rush to find Wolf.

15 rooms back...

"And is getting closer to the blue," Chris finished, he took away the Primid Radar "And...this room doesn't have any monster either."

"Lucario is doing all the work for us." Link pointed out.

"How do you know if he is doing this for us exactly?"

Link thought for a moment "Nevermind, he is doing all of this for her."

"Just one question, if she even in love with Lucario?"

"..." Link didn't knew anything about girls and their tastes "Erh, look! That door is opened!" Link ran away inside the next room.

"Stop ignoring me!" Chris said annoyed running after him.

(A/N: Since there is nothing else important to do besides rescuing Medli and defeating Gohma, I'll skip the entire walkthrough of the cavern.)

Dragon Roost Cavern
Island's top

After tolerating all the burden, hot burden of the cavern, the 2 looked around at the top of the island...and they were all wounded up.

"Link, I told you to get off of the falling platform in time and you didn't move at all!" Chris said, he was using like 15 bandages in all his body.

"But I thought it was the monster who was shaking the floor!" Link, on the other hand, was worse than Chris, his butt was all black and he had 25 bandages in his body.

"IT WAS A STUPID RAT, A STUPID LITTLE RAT MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS! There wasn't any monster besides rats remember?!"

"Stop complaining! At least we're in the top!"

Chris sighed "Well, that is right, which means Lucario is in the top by now." They walked to some stairs hanging into the wall, but as soon as they stepped on, it began to fall!

"RUN!" Both shouted running quickly from falling into the first floor of the island, their eyes were bigger than they currently were, fortunately for them, normal floor was below their foots once they stopped and panted heavily.

" you need him?" Chris asked panting. He looked up and saw Medli behind a cell.

"Link! Chris!" She shouted from the cell, they approached to her, just above her, Valoo was there yelling angrily and firing flames at every direction.

"Medli! Are you alright?" Link asked.

"I'm fine, but, this is a trap!" Behind them, pointy clubs of wood came from the ground, blocking their only exit.

"We're trapped!" Chris said in shock.

"No, were inside a cage meanwhile Medli is inside another one but less bigger." Link said rolling his big eyes. From the sky, Wolf came.

"This is the last time I'll try to kill you kid!" Wolf said preparing his fists, Link and Chris stood in a fighting position and prepared to fight Wolf.

Star Wolf (Assault)

(Below the screen, Chris's and Toon Link's faces shows up with 0 percent, Wolf's face shows up with 0 percent too, but his icon was a little dark, and yes, for this battle, the "Toon" word will be used.)

Toon Link charged at Wolf and slashed him, Wolf used a forward smash attack and it hits Toon Link, Chris used Force Palm but it misses and Wolf takes the opportunity to use his Fire Wolf attack and it burns Chris a little (Is that really fire, anyway?) Toon Link slashes Wolf 2 times and he falls on the ground before standing up.

"What's the matter? You think you can defeat me with your companion?" Wolf taunted.

"Actually, yes." Chris said smiling and laughing a little, that only made Wolf angrier than before and he did a 3 hit combo on Toon Link, Toon Link jumps in the air and he stabs Wolf with his sword, it dealt a good amount of damage to Wolf, he ran after Chris and he sliced him 4 times using Wolf Flash, Chris was getting so tired and he collapsed in the ground, Wolf took the opportunity and he jumped in the air and he came falling down above the unconscious Chris, Toon Link, however, interrupted him slashing Wolf in the air and he crashed in the wall.

"Why you!" Wolf ran fast at Toon Link and he used his forward smash attack on Toon Link, he flies to the other side and hits the wall with his back, then he falls in the ground unconscious as well.

"And now..." Wolf turned to Chris and he approached to him preparing his claws.

"NO!" Medli shouted from behind the cell, Wolf ignored her and he grabbed Chris by the throat, he smirked pressing the throat tightler and tightler every second it was passing.

"Just a few more seconds and you're done kid..."

But the "just a few more seconds" part was interrupted abruptaly, because a black fist came punching hard at Wolf's face, he again crashed to the same wall, Chris was fine now since Wolf stopped grabbing his throat.

Chris grabbed his throat and he coughed a little, he opened his eyes and saw a familiar blue tail to his right, he looked up and he smiled.

"Lucario!" He said smiling, Lucario turned head to Chris and he smiled a little at him.

"Are you alright?" He asked in a serious tone.

"I'm a little weak...but other than that, I'm fine"

Lucario glared at Wolf again, Wolf stood up and he saw Lucario approaching to him, he prepared to retaliate the attack but failed misserably because Lucario did a powerful kick, sending him high up in the sky.

"NOOOOOOO!!" Those were Wolf's last words before he blinked in the sky. The crowd cheered at the 3 and the screen panned out.

Music stops

Lucario kneeled to Chris and he examined his wounds "Stay away from the battle until we find something to cure you and Link."

"Thanks," Chris closed his eyes "I'm happy you're acting the way you were bef-"

"Umm, Chris..." Link interrupted holding his left arm with his right hand.

"What?" Chris asked.

"Lucario wasn't kneeled to you when you closed your eyes."

Chris opened his eyes and looked around, he found Lucario in front of the cell Medli was inside "Stay back." Lucario said, Medli backed away a little and Lucario broke the cell with his left arm, Medli got out and she approached to Link.

"Link, thanks for helping me, now that you, Chris and Lucario are here, you need to go below where Valoo is standing now, he told me that something big is below him and it's causing damage to his tail," She took out a Grappling Hook "Here, take this."

"A Grappling Hook?"

Medli nodded "I was going to use it to get to this far by myself, but if it weren't for that bandit, I'd use it, but I didn't at the end, for now, I'm going to head down and tell everyone the cause of Valoo's anger." She flew away, but she stopped above a wooden club attached into the wall "Use this to use the Grappling Hook!"

Link spun the Grappling Hook and he threw it to the wooden club, it attached by itself and Link went swinging in the air thanks to the hook. And with that, Medli flew away from the trio.

"It looks fun! I want to try it too!" Chris asked excited, Link saw an abyss near there, but there was another grappling point to use the hook, he used it and he crossed the abyss, he threw the hook at Chris and he did the same and landed on the floor of the other side, Lucario just jumped the abyss without problems.

After Link found some hearts inside vases and him and Chris were recovered, they did many other things inside the dungeon, such as finding the boss's room key and finding many other things, then, they proceeded to the room with the boss.

Boss's room

"Let's see, floors attached to the wall high above, Valoo's tail is in the center of the roof, a big pool of lava in the center and some vases around the room." Link said looking around "Still, no sight of the enemy."

3 seconds later, the lava was shaking, and it went crazy for a little while and a big horned scorpion like creature came from it and it roared, a banner came from below saying his name "Gohma".

Molgera Battle

As soon as they prepared to fight the big scorpion, Gohma acted quickly and he struck his left horn at the group, they evaded it, but it touched Link a little, he gasped at how Gohma attacks.

Lucario charged up an Aura Sphere and he fired it to Gohma, but it bounced off.

"What?" He said astonished.

"His exoskeleton is too thick to damage! We need something else to break it!" Chris exclaimed, he saw the rock were Valoo's tail was embedded, it was a little damaged, so he got an idea "If we use the Grappling Hook to swing in Valoo's tail to the other side, the rock embedded to his tail will fall above him!"

Link spun the Grappling Hook and he threw it to Valoo's tail, he swung to the other side of the room, only thing was, the rock didn't budge at all.

"It's useless Chris!" Link shouted from the other side.

"Dammit! What else can we do?!" He stood in a thinking position, Gohma struck both horns at Chris, he yelled terrified but Lucario tackled Chris and they evaded the horns at time. Link came running to them.

"Chris, do you have another idea?" Link asked.

"Well, this is crazy, but, what if we hold on to the Grappling Hook and with our weights combined, the rock could fell above him?" Chris suggested confused.

"Is worth of a try." Lucario stated, Gohma turned to them, Link used the Grappling Hook again this time, however, Chris and Lucario grabbed the hook with Link at the top, together they swung to the other side of the room, and this time, the rock actually fell above Gohma and his skull was breaking.

"We need to do this again!" Link said, Gohma rised up from the lava, pushing the rock back to his spot, they did it again, Gohma's skull was breaking more and more, they did it for one last time and Gohma's skull torn apart, revealing his hideous skin below.

"Link! Use the Grappling Hook on his eye and pull him to us!" Chris commanded, Link threw the hook at Gohma's eye, he tried to pull him to them but he needed help, Lucario grabbed the hook and he pulled Gohma towards them, he was stunned so they started to attack his defense-less eye with punches, slashes and Force Palms, they did their last attack at the same time and Gohma roared in pain.

Gohma solidifies and turns into black stone, then it superheats inside his body and he explodes, a Heart Container appears from it and lands in front of Link (doing the happy dance with jumps) Chris let out a sigh of relief while Lucario just crosses his arms.

A wind came from nowhere and then it creates a vortex in the middle of the room, the lava also became solidified after Gohma was defeated.

Link takes the Heart Container, showing it in the top of his hand, Chris smiles and takes his left hand at the right of the heart and Lucario just places his right hand on the left side. And the heart disappears.

"Alright, we beat it!" Link said, he walked towards the vortex "Ooohhh, whirling winds" He said curiously, he stood in the middle and he spun in the air and disappeared, Chris and Lucario looked at each other and they approached to the vortex and were teleported outside.

Dragon Roost Island

Dragon Roost Island

Outside, Medli was talking to the Chieftain, above the mountain, Valoo roars and the smoke surrounding the top clears up and the ash from outside the cavern disappears, Medli, along with the chieftain and some guardians look above to see the clouds vanishing. Link, Chris and Lucario appeared in front of the shore.

Just behind them, Medli alongside Komali appeared together.

"Link, you did it! Valoo is fine now thanks to you, Chris and Lucario!" She said, the trio blushed a little and looked away.

"I didn't thought you actually reached the top and calmed Valoo too, I'm sorry for being a idiot," Komali said "Link, I admire your courage too, Medli told me everything when she came to me, I think...I want to be like you someday."

"It's nothing, really." Link said smiling.

"And also, you should have this," He hands over the orb in his arms to Link, and it was Din's Pearl! "This is a thanks for giving me the courage to stand up againts bad things."

"Thanks!" Link replied.

Just then, Valoo roars and they saw him, and for a reason he was actually talking in ancient Hylian.

"He is saying that you Link should use the "Wind God's wind"." Medli translated and said.

"Is probably about the graves on the other side of that cave." Komali pointed to a cave not far from there. Link nodded and he went to the other side alone, Komali looked at Chris and he approached to him.

"Chris, I...want to ask you something in private."

Chris kneeled "Yes?"

Komali blushed a little "" He looked down embarrased, Lucario managed to hear Komali's words, then he made his hands fists in rage and approached slowly to Komali, but Chris heard his footsteps and a vein popped out of his head and he took out the same big heavy book from the last chapter, Lucario saw the book and he remembered the incident and he gave up the "KILL KOMALI RIGHT NOW" part.

"Do you think...she loves me too?" Komali asked, blushing more.

"Well, you're younger than her." Chris pointed out.

"That's not actually true," Komali stated "When we gain our wings, the Rito who gains his wings grows up as well."

"Then again, you may actually have a chance to gain her heart." Chris said smiling a bit.

"You think so?!" Chris nodded smiling "Thanks for your help!" Komali approached to Medli.

And Valoo roared again.

"He is saying something else to you too," Medli looked at Chris and (the mysteriously all white) Lucario "He is talking about a great danger trying to take over the worlds and you 2 should fight againts it to save them."

"Yeah, we know that already, but coming from Valoo is such a honor (I think.)" Chris replied and thought.

"Alright! I need to try and get my wings now! Good bye!" Komali left to the Dragon Roost Cavern to try to gain his wings.

"Komali, wait!" Medli shouted to Komali, she looked at Chris "Thanks for helping Komali to gain his courage again, tell Link I said thanks to him too!" An with that, she ran behind Komali.

"Well, I think this world is free from the Primids, what do you think Lucario?"

"Ugghhhh..." Lucario fell in the floor, all white because of Komali's words about him being in love with Medli.

"LUCARIO!" Chris shouted and he kneeled to Lucario holding his head "WAKE UP! DON'T DIE PLEASE! SHE WASN'T FOR YOU!"

That didn't helped at all and Lucario was still unconscious, his mouth opened just then. Link came from the cave.

"Hey guys! I've learned a new melody!" He ran towards them and he looked at Lucario "What's wrong with him?"

"Komali told me that he is in love with Medli and Lucario just got all white and he fell in the floor, probably because he was rejected when Komali told me that."

"Is he nuts? He is...well..."

"A Pokémon."

"Whatever that is, Medli and Komali are both Rito, they CAN fall in love with each other."

"I know, but right now, we need to do something to wake him up!"

"He probably needs CPR..." Chris glared at Link "Fine! He needs something else!"

"Hmm..." Chris ran away, Link made a confused face, then he saw Chris standing in a very high point on a cliff.

"What are you going to do?" Link shouted asking.

"I'm going to fall!" He said, he opened his arms and he fell at high speed towards the floor, but Lucario didn't woke up, Chris was getting preocupied and he was getting closer to the ground, Link gasped and he tried to wake Lucario, but it didn't work.

"LUCARIO! HELP ME!!" Chris shouted crying, just then, Lucario came to his senses (he regained his blue, black, yellow and red eye colors) and he saw Chris heading to the floor, he shouted Chris's name and he jumped towards him and grabbed him before he could hit the floor.

"What were you going to do?!" He asked worried still holding Chris in his arms.

"(It worked!)" Chris thought to himself smiling in his mind "I was going to die! Please, don't let me die Lucario!" He hugged Lucario's throat.

Lucario blinked and he smiled a little "Don't worry Chris, I won't let you die."

"(Chris, you sure know how to convince Lucario.)" Link thought to himself, he laughed a little.

"Alright, you can put me down now." Lucario placed Chris in the ground and he stood up, and they approached to Link "Link, we're going to leave now."

"What? Can't you 2 stay here a little longer?" Link asked.

"No, you see, we need to save the other worlds before the Primids can take them, this world is now free from their gras-" Chris gasped when the Primid locator was still in red "What the?! There are still Primids in this world?!" Not only that, the gauge was getting to the red "Something is approaching!"

They looked around, from the sky, a familiar figure came falling down between them, it was Wolf!

"Ugh...why me..." Just then, he shined and he turned into a trophy.

"Did he just turned into a trophy?" Link asked touching the trophy. The locator was now in green and the gauge was in blue.

"I think he is out of the Primids's mind control now, thank goodness." Chris said. And not only that happened, but Chris glowed for a second.

"I got a new job!"


Use your sword to fight againts enemies! Not only you can use you sword, but also tools to deal different kinds of attacks! Let your courage guide you in battle!

Chris pressed the job in the menu, he changed to a similar appearance like Link's clothes, but his black marks were gone along with the Yellow vest and the Blue amulet.

"I'm now a swordsman!" Chris took out his sword "I've always wished to use a sword in my life."

"Awesome, you're me!" Link said examining Chris's new clothes.

"It's good, but right now, we need to return to Master Hand and take Wolf's trophy with us." Lucario stated.

Chris nodded "Well Link, I guess this is a farewell for now."

"We will meet each other again someday?" Link asked.

"Sure!" Chris placed his hand in front of Link and both did a handshake, Link smiled and he went with TKoRL and he changed the wind to the south and sailed away waving his hand at the 2.

Lucario took Wolf's trophy below his right arm and Chris opened the portal to the Smash Mansion and they disappeared along with the portal.

Deep inside the Great Maze

"Lord Tabuu, Commander Wolf was defeated by those 2."

"That is not important, he was useless from the beggining, prepare the next invasion!"

"As you wish my lord." He floated away.

"Soon, everything will be mine and nothing will stop me. But first I need to take that kid and his Lucario out of the way." He teleported out.

Preview of the next chapter

"I'm Lucario."

"I'm Chris."

"3 worlds are saved and there are still more to save."

"Yes, this will be a hard task."

"But, we need more help, not from anyone who lives in a world, I mean, someone who actually joins us for the remainder of our adventure."

"Let's ask Master Hand!"


"Next time: The 3 forgotten Melee Smashers!"

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15. Glance The Past, Please

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Chapter 15: The 3 forgotten Melee Smashers!

Smash Mansion

Command Room

"Ah, it's you 2, how did your mission in Wind Waker go?" Master Hand asked.

"It went well, everything there is in order with their own problems." Chris stated.

"Their own problems?"


"Oh, right," Master Hand looked at Lucario holding a trophy "Is that a trophy?"

"Yes," He replied, placing the trophy in front of Master Hand "It's Wolf."

Master Hand looked at Wolf's icon on the screen and it was normal again, Toon Link's icon was also fine too, then he looked at the trophy "It seems he is out of the Primids' control."

"Can we turn him back to normal? I mean, living?" Chris asked.

"Well, not now, we have to return him to his world and when everything is fine, we should ask him to join us," Master Hand pointed out "Don't worry, leave that to me and he will return in Corneria without him remembering anything that happened during this time."

"Alright, Master Hand, we wanted to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Well, is there anyone out there who can join us to help in our adventure through the worlds?"

"Now that you mention it..." Master Hand looked away "I was planning to send you 2 to Melee and ask Mewtwo, Roy and Pichu to join us."

A exclamation point formed above the heads of Chris and Lucario "Is that true?" Chris asked.

Master Hand nodded "Is the truth, but, they maybe will get confused at the situation, I mean, if you go to Melee, they could be asking about the next tournament, and if they ever find out that they are not in the tournament, who knows what could they do?"

"Well, Roy will surely start a rampage, Pichu will only...let out a sigh of relief I think and Mewtwo...well..." Chris looked at Lucario "He would probably try to eliminate/kill/assassinate/defeat/explode/slash/levitate and probably torn Lucario in half."

"Please, how can he ever do that?" Master Hand asked laughing a bit.

"Everyone in the world thought Lucario replaced Mewtwo, and I think that thought is still inside our minds and since he can read minds, we're dead meat!" Chris pointed out scared.

"Anyway! You 2 will go to Melee and recruit those 3 to our team! Is an order!" Master Hand said.

"Alright! Let's go nooooowwwwwww..." Chris fell on the floor fainting, but Lucario got him in time.

"Chris?! Chris?! What happened to you?!" Lucario asked worried.

"He's tired," Master Hand pointed out "You 2 have been working through all the day without stopping!"

"Is there a bed in this mansion?"

"A bed?!" Crazy Hand said "We got many for all the smashers!"

"You should take him to your room, follow me." Master Hand floated away with Lucario following behind and holding Chris in his arms.

4 minutes later...

Smash Mansion

Lucario's Room

"There, put him in your bed and let him rest, is 11:00 PM already, you should rest too," Master Hand suggested, Lucario placed Chris in his bed "I too will take a rest with my..." He shudders "Brother." And with that, Master Hand left to sleep.

The mansion was too big, it had 10 floors and every one was too large to even hold 100 persons, but since currently only 4 persons were living in there, the mansion was only a big spacious place. Not a living soul was roaming the halls. It was quite sad too.

Only the chirps of the crickets were heard, the night was peaceful and clean, outside, Lucario saw through his window and big, no, colossal yard, a big garden surrounding the mansion, a big pool near and a "Sports" area.

But he got tired after a while and he joined Chris in his sleep time, he smiled to him before he fell asleep.

3 hours later...

Chris's stomach was making sounds, he got up and looked around, he found himself in a room with a window to his side, and Lucario was sleeping to his left side.

"I wonder where is the kitchen, I haven't eat anything for a long time." He muttered to himself, he left the bed with Lucario in it and he left the room and he investigated the mansion by himself.

Smash Mansion

One of many Hallways

"Everything, too dark to see, where are the lights?" He touched the wall and searched for the switch, he found it and he turned the lights on, he looked around the big hall, many rooms were at both sides, in each one there would be a golden banner with something witten in it "Rec Room", "Observatory" and sometimes the names of the Smashers themselves, "Jigglypuff", "Pikachu", "Samus", "Falco", etc.

Chris continued down since he knew kitchens always are in the first floor, and he was right, there was the main hall, which was bigger than any room in the entire house, heck, it could be used for a big party, to his left, there were stairs directing to another room below, he walked down and he found the kitchen...which was almost the same size the main hall was.

Smash Mansion


In the middle of the kitchen, a big table was there, 35 or more chairs were around the table, Chris thought there were many chairs because the Smashers probably used them for eat together.

But his eyes focused in the refrigerator, but since everything was so big, it was also big, Chris opened the refrigerator and his eyes widened a lot when he saw what was inside.

Almost every kind of food was there! It was full of fruits, vegetables, milk, even snacks, it was a food paradise inside a fridge.

However, he saw a note on the back of the door, and there was something written too...

For the last time, don't eat everything in a one single swallow Kirby!

Master Hand

Chris chuckled a little went he readed that part, he looked around the fridge and he found the necessary ingredients to make a sandwish.

6 minutes later...

"And here goes the food..." He took a bite of the sandwish, it was good, he closed his eyes and smiled "Nothing is good for a good sandwish in the night." He said looking at the roof.

"And bread too."

"Yes, and bread too..." He replied to the voice, until about 5 seconds he gasped and he saw where the voice was coming from, luckily, it wasn't a stranger, it was Lucario eating a piece of bread.

"Lucario! You almost scared me!" Chris said.

"Sorry, I didn't meant to scare you, I was getting hungry too."

"Yes, I don't blame you, we have been traveling to the other worlds without eating anything."

Both of them sighed in unison.

"...Lucario, do you think we can save everyone from the danger?"

"As long as we have faith in each other and everyone, we will."

"But, what if we can't?"

"Chris, stop thinking about negative things, if you do that we won't go forward."

"...You're right, I won't think about the bad side, I'll be enthusiastic as I am."

"You got the point, I'm glad." He smiled a little bit.

Chris finished his sandwish "I'm goint to the bed to sleep, we should rest for now."

"I'm going too."

"Wait, I want to ask you something else too."

"What is it?"

"Well, is about your weight."

"Is something wrong about it?"

"No, is sometimes weight normal, but sometimes you weight like 4 boulders, why is that?"

"That? Is because a self-defense system I have, since I'm a steel Pokémon, it activates everytime I'm either unconscious or fainted, so in that way I'll be protected."

"Oh, interesting, I guess, but it was such a pain carrying you around."

"...I did that to you?" Chris nodded "I'm sorry if it was annoying."

"It's okay, don't worry." He smiled at Lucario.

"But why didn't you used my Pokeball?"

"I left your Pokeball in our house by accident, if you're done, we need to rest now."

"I'm done, let's rest now." He smiled a little at Chris, both returned to their room and they were sleeping deeply now.

The next morning...

Smash Mansion

Command Room

"Alright, I've returned Wolf to his world without any memory in his mind of the events, are you ready to go to Melee?"

"We're ready now." Lucario said.

"We can do this!" Chris said.

"Ok, but first, I need to tell you something else too." Master Hand commented.

"What?" Chris asked.

"When you're in Melee, avoid visual contact with ANY other Smasher please."


"Because if they see you, they probably will want to help too, but that is the problem, if they follow you, their worlds will be left unguarded and the Primids will take them without any difficulty."

"Got it!" Chris said.

"Alright, now go, good luck brave soldiers!" And so, Chris and Lucario went to Melee to try and recruit Mewtwo, Roy and Pichu.

"Now I need to think about their Brawl forms..." Master Hand muttered to himself.

Super Smash Bros Melee


"What is it Mewtwo?" Roy asked.

"2 strangers are coming here."

"Are they going to attack us?"

"I'm not sure, but, be on your guard."

"Thanks for letting me know, do you think we should tell the others?"

"No, let's leave this situation to us."

"Fine." And they continued their fight againts the other.

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"I'm Chris!"

"I'm Lucario."

"There is Mario, Luigi, Fox, Falco, but I don't see Mewtwo, Pichu or Roy around."

"They should be in another stage fighting, let's search for them."

"But remember, no visual contact with the others or this mission will fail!"

"I know already."

"Next time: Hello Smashers! We're hiding!"

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16. Going For Our Boy

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Chapter 16: Hello Smashers! We're hiding!


Chris and Lucario landed in Onett, behind the blue house at the right of the stage, hiding from Ness, Pikachu and Yoshi.

"They are not here." Lucario said.

"But, where could they be?" Chris asked.

"My aura doesn't know."

The only thing they forgot about, it was a special match, well, not exactly special, certain items were going to appear in a high rate.

"Can you see where they are?"

"Hmm...I found 4 in this way, follow me."



They hid behind the Monotoli building at the left side, at the right side were Fox, Falco, Link and Pichu fighting, although Pichu was escaping from them.

"Pichu is in the top." Lucario pointed out.

For their bad luck, a Super Mushroom appeared in thin air, it was approaching slowly to Lucario, who wasn't aware of it.

Chris looked at Pichu's tail above his head "This will be easy, Lucario wait here until..." His eyes widened when he saw 2 giant black hands at both of his sides "What the?" He looked behind him only to find Lucario to be the double of his normal size.

"I let my guard down." Said Lucario, his voice changed drastically in a deep tone.


"No, I'm going to hold on to the wall of the building so they can't see me." And so, Lucario grabbed the wall of the building with his currently big hands and legs, unfortunately, his ears were the only thing that could be seen.

"I just hope that they are blind." Chris muttered to himself, he approached where Pichu was standing.

"Oh no, where is an item when you need it?!" Said Pichu looking around for an item to fight back.

"Pss, Pichu, over here."


"Don't be afraid, turn your head."

Pichu turned his head and he found Chris's face looking at him "AAAHH!!"

"Stop yelling please! I need to ask you something in private!"

"You're not going to hurt me right?"

Chris smiled "For what? I would not hurt you ever in my life!"

"S-sorry, but I have to turn down your offer..." He turned his head to the battle and he saw Fox, Falco and Link, he gasped when he saw them giant "O-o-on second thought, I will hear you!" He jumped behind the building and looked at Chris "W-what is it?"

"Is kind of hard to explain, but I need you to join us."

"Join who?"

"See? That was the thing I was trying to avoid, but, you want to know who are the others?"

Pichu nodded, Chris saw Lucario's big ears behind the clueless Pichu "Are you sure?"

Pichu nodded again "Are you really sure?"

Pichu was getting angry and he nodded again "...Really sure?"

"JUST SHOW THEM TO ME!" He yelled angrily.

"Ok, you can come out now." Chris said.

"Who is him?" Pichu asked.

"Is a pleasure to meet you." Lucario said behind Pichu. Pichu got scared a little, then he slowly turned his head to his back and he saw the big face of Lucario looking at him.

"YIKES!" He jumped scared, he hid behind Chris "WHO IS THAT?! IS THAT A BEAST?!"

Lucario glared at Pichu, but that made the things worser and Pichu screamed in terror "Lucario! Stop that!" Chris stated, Lucario snapped out of his glaring.

"Sorry Pichu, I've warned you but you didn't listened, allow me to introduce him, he is Lucario." Chris said introducing Lucario.

"Lu-Lu-Lucario?" Pichu asked scared.

"Don't be scared, he is not in his normal size, a Super Mushroom touched him and Lucario didn't saw it."

Just then, Lucario shrunk to his normal size and he stepped on the floor in front of Pichu, however, he was still taller than Pichu and he hid again behind Chris.

"But he is still big!" Pichu complained terrified.

"Oh for the love of-stop being a coward!" Lucario (his voice returned to normal) yelled angrily.

"I-I-I'm sorry, I'm like that because I'm not brave..." Pichu said looking at the floor, he was about to cry.

"No, wait! Don't cry! Lucario didn't wanted to make you cry!" Chris said patting Pichu's back.

Pichu sniffed "Re-really?"

"Is the truth." Lucario pointed out.

Pichu sighed in relief "Thank goodness..."

"Pichu, I want to ask you something, I want you to join us." Chris asked.

"For what?" Pichu asked.

"I just need to know something about you, do you want to participate in the next tournament?"

Pichu looked away from the duo "I...don't know exactly, I came here to this tournament because I wanted to be brave, but, since I came here, I was only a Pokémon who needed to grab items to survive the battles..."

"But you want to be brave right?" Chris asked.

"Y-yeah, but, I don't want to be hurted..." Pichu looked at the two "...I-i-is the only thing I don't want."

Lucario approached to Pichu and he kneeled to him, Pichu made a scared face "Pichu, you have to be hurted, is the only thing that can't be avoided if you want to be brave." Lucario said.


Lucario placed his hand above Pichu's head "That is also the only way to become stronger, you need to do it sooner or later."

Pichu looked at the floor, he narrowed his eyes "But...I..." He paused for a moment before he looked at Lucario with a determined face "Ok, I'm going to do it Lucario, if that is the only way to be stronger, I will do it!"

Chris and Lucario smiled a little "So, are you going to join us?" Chris asked.

Pichu smiled and nodded his head "Yes! I'm going to join you 2!"

"Excellent! 2 more to go!" Chris said excited, just then, footsteps were coming from the other side of the building "They are coming here!"

"Quick! Follow me!" Pichu ran to the left and Lucario and Chris followed him, getting away from the fight.

"Hey, where'd Pichu go?" Fox asked.

"Who cares? He only escapes when we fight." Falco stated.

"I feel sorry for him though." Link said.

"Link is a little girl who likes cute things!" Falco taunted.

"What was that?!" Link said angrily trying to slash Falco.

Pokémon Stadium

"Here, nobody is currently fighting in this arena." Pichu said.

"At least there is a place to hide." Chris said looking around.

"The air, it feels great." Lucario pointed out.


"I'm watching myself fighting againts other Pokémon in this arena." Pichu backed away "...Not you." Pichu sighed in relief. There was a virtual crowd in the seats of the stadium. And suddenly Lucario started to punch and kick the air and the crowd cheers for him.

"What is he doing?" Pichu asked.

"Leave him alone, he is happy to be in his world after a while."

"But you're his trainer right?"

"Yes, I'm his trainer, but, to be more precise, I'm his best friend and he is my best friend too."

"That is amazing!" Pichu remarked.

"Anyway, do you know where is Roy?" Chris asked.

"I know! He is in the Temple right now!" Pichu ran away and Chris followed him.

"Are you going to come with us Lucario?" Chris asked.

"No, I'm going to stay here, when you're done with Roy, I'll join you later-"

"Alright, but be careful!" And Chris ran away.

"Be careful of what? I can train here forever if I want, this is my favorite place to concentrate-" Lucario said to himself, and he continued his training above the stage.

"And so is mine." A voice spoke from nowhere.

"Who is there?" Lucario asked looking around.


Fortunately, Roy was fighting in the Temple againts Marth, Zelda and Samus, Chris and Pichu hid beneath the Temple (the area where is at the left of a pillar hanging in the lower corner of the stage. Pichu went alone to call Roy and brought him to Chris.)

"Pss, Roy, can you come with me for a moment please?" Pichu asked to the young Fire Emblem boy.

"I can't right now, not when I'm fighting againts Marth!" Roy said.

A hammer appeared just above Pichu and he grabbed it "Now, I meant it." He said in a menacing voice.

"Okletsgo!" Roy said fast and he followed Pichu beneath the Temple.

"Roy! Is a pleasure to meet you!" Chris greeted the red haired swordsman "My name is Chris, nice to meet you."

"H-hello Chris! It's a good thing to see a different person besides..." Roy looked at Chris's Toon Link's clothes "Oh god, not another Link!"

"My name is not Link! It's just a costume that gives me abilities."

"Phew, good riddance."

"Anyway, Roy, I want to ask you something, and is very important."

"What is it?"

"Could you please join us?"

"For what?"

"We need your assistance to fight againts the Primids, Master Hand commanded me to ask you that."

"Primids? And Master Hand told you that?" Roy looked away "I'm sorry, but, I can't go if Marth doesn't join too."

"He can't join us, he needs to protect his world until it's safe from the Primids, don't tell me you always ask Marth so you can do your things?"

"I...I don't...but...I can't fight if Marth isn't there with me!"

"Roy please! Join us! Or you won't be in the next tournament!" Pichu said with a sad face.

"What? I'm not going to appear in the next tournament if I don't join you?" Roy asked worried.

"Sadly, if you want to appear that is," Chris pointed out "But, if you don't want to join, then don't do it, we can't force you if you don't want."

Roy walked at the edge of the stage and he looked at the sky "Come on Pichu, we have to go to Lucario." Chris walked away, Pichu walked a little bit, but he stopped and looked at Roy's back for a moment, then he walked away with Chris.

"There is...not another way?" Roy asked to himself.

Pokémon Stadium

"Lucario? Where are you?" Chris looked around for the Aura Pokémon, but he didn't saw him "Where'd he go?"

"Chris! Look at the sky!" Pichu shouted looking at the sky, Chris joined him and he saw 2 figures fighting above.

"Lucario!" Chris revealed the first one "But, who is the other one?" He narrowed his eyes "I can't see him clearly..."

"It's Mewtwo!" Pichu revealed the other figure, and it was Mewtwo, fighting againts Lucario. Both Pokémon landed in the ground at each side of the stage.

"You're...good." Mewtwo said telephatically panting.

"You're strong too...I can see that." Lucario said panting.

"We've found Mewtwo!" Chris said behind Lucario, he turned his head and saw Pichu and Chris behind him.

"You're here...I met Mewtwo not long ago after you 2 went for Roy, where is he?"

Chris looked at the floor "He didn't wanted to join after all."

"I see..."

"Lucario, stop recovering, we have a fight to end!" Mewtwo said charging at Lucario, he jumped and evaded his attack then he landed on the other side of the stage "And stop using those clothes!"

Lucario nodded and he selected his normal form, then he continued his battle againts Mewtwo.

"Amazing! This is going to be an interesting battle!" Chris said, then he changed his job to the PK Kid job and he changed to his Ness's clothes. After that, he took out a microphone out of nowhere.

"Ladies and gentlemen! You're right now expecting the battle of the century, Mewtwo VS Lucario! Who will win in this fight? The Psychic Pokémon Mewtwo?" Half of the crowd shouted "Mewtwo! Mewtwo!"

"Or the Aura Pokémon Lucario?" Another half of the crowd shouted "Lucario! Lucario!"

"Alright! Let's see the outcome of the battle!" And so, the crowd went wild and shouted in amazement as the battle continued.

"Chris, aren't you getting too excited about this?" Pichu asked.

"Of course I'm getting too excited!"

Preview of the next chapter

"I'm Pichu!"

"I'm Chris!"

"Their strength is amazing, I can't do that if I were fighting againts those 2."

"You could if you try."

"But, what is this? Why is Mewtwo showing hatred towards Lucario?"

"What do you mean?"

"Just seconds ago, Mewtwo was fighting at his usual level, but, suddenly, he got enraged and now he is attacking with high damage."

"Oh no, you're right! But, I'm worried about Lucario, he is badly injured."

"Stop this right now before it's too late!"

"Next time: Epic Battle! Lucario VS Mewtwo!"

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17. Psychic Rage

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Chapter 17: Epic Battle! Lucario VS Mewtwo!

Pokémon Stadium (Melee)

Pokémon Stadium

The crowd was getting wild, every time an attack of either Pokémon reached the other they cheered, this was indeed a battle to be watched.

It was all about Psychic and Fight types attacks, although the weakness of each were protected because it was a fight in the style of SSBM.

"They are in extreme damage everyone! Who will win?" Chris asked excited, Pichu was stood still watching the collides of the attacks in awe "But since Lucario is at high damage, his attacks will be a lot stronger than they were before! How will Mewtwo fare in this fight?"

Both Pokémon were panting heavily, but it seems Lucario was getting the upper hand, Mewtwo thought for a moment to attack his opponent, but was interrupted when he saw Lucario running at him, he levitated to the air to avoid his kick and he suddenly got an idea.

"(Now I just need to wait for him to approach...)" Mewtwo though to himself, and if that were a wish, Lucario did the thing Mewtwo was wishing for, Lucario lunged his left kick, but Mewtwo teleported behind him, then he used a Smash attack behind Lucario, but Lucario acted quickly and he used Double Team, he was divided in 2 frames of himself, then he lunged his kick again appearing behind Mewtwo, who floated aside just in time.

" good." Lucario muttered to himself.

"You're not going to defeat me!" Mewtwo yelled angrily, as the 2 continued their battle, Chris was still watching along with Pichu.

"Oh! It appears that Bom-ombs are starting to appear! Watch your backs!" Chris shouted spotting 3 Bom-ombs walking around the stage, Mewtwo grabbed Lucario with his psychic powers and he threw him to the bombs, after colliding with them, they exploded dealing great damage to Lucario who clenched his fangs in pain.

"You're inferior to me."Mewtwo taunted grinning a little.

"And? What's your point?" Lucario asked as he charged at Mewtwo.

"Strength doesn't matters as long as you have a strategy planned." He said while dodging Lucario's attacks, but he received one blow of a Force Palm.

"It may not look to you, but I do think before attacking."

Mewtwo backed away while glaring at Lucario "I see it very're by far the only worthy opponent to ever face me in battle." He charged up a Shadow Ball and fired it at Lucario.

"It's really an honor to know someone like you." Lucario said as he dodged the Shadow Ball.

"Heh, but don't attack until my attack didn't disappeared at all." Mewtwo said as he glowed in a purple light.

"What? AHHHH!!" Lucario was struck by the Shadow Ball he dodged a moment ago, Mewtwo used Psychic to control it and command it to hit Lucario's back and he kneeled to recover his breath "Ugh...I...will...not...lose...yet!"

"Bring it on, and if there is another tournament in the future, I wish to fight you officialy and not doing an exhibition like today."

"This is getting to the end everyone! But the question still comes to mind, why Mewtwo wasn't selected to be in the next tournament?" After he said that, everything went silent, the crowd didn't shouted or yelled, Lucario, Mewtwo and Pichu looked at Chris with eyes widened "...Why everybody stopped?" Chris asked confused.

" just said...something you should haven't this time" Lucario answered panting.

"...Oh, god dammit!" Chris cursed to himself.

"WHAT?!" Mewtwo said in a furious tone, then he glared menancingly at Lucario "WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN?!"

"Um, Master Hand didn't wanted you in Brawl?" Chris answered confused.


"Um, because they thought Lucario would be a fine replacement for you?" Chris answered, but that wasn't good either, and Mewtwo glared at Lucario again.

"I don't have anything to do with this!" Lucario said in his defense.

"YOU...YOU!!" Mewtwo charged at Lucario, unfortunately for the Aura Pokémon, a Super Mushroom appeared just in the way of Mewtwo, he touched it and he suddenly grew up, Lucario was now in trouble, but he couldn't escape because the now giant Mewtwo grabbed him telepathically and then he pinned Lucario to the floor, he was being crushed by Mewtwo's psychic powers.

"Hey! Stop now! You're not trying to defeat him anymore, but instead you're trying to kill him!" Chris said angrily.

"THAT IS THE POINT!" Mewtwo said (his voice changed drastically.)

"Stop! You can't kill him in this battle! At least fight with the rules!" Pichu said, Mewtwo glared at Pichu and Pichu hid behind Chris.

"I've said STOP!" Chris said, trying to stop the giant psychic Pokémon.


" me..." Lucario said still being crushed by the psychic powers of Mewtwo.

"I...I don't know what to do..." Chris said "(Damn, a giant psycho psychic Pokémon is crushing Lucario and I can't do anything to stop him...or else I'll be there somebody out there who can help us?)" He thought desperately.

Just then, Mewtwo was suddenly defeated and he was blasted off with fire around him, Lucario saw a red haired swordsman standing in front him stretching his hand to help him to get up.

"Hey, are you alright?" He asked.

"Yes...I'm a bit weak, but I'm fine thanks to you" Lucario said streching his hand to the swordsman, then he pulled Lucario from the floor and he got up.

"Roy!" Pichu and Chris shouted running at Roy "Why are you here? What about your match againts Marth?" Chris asked.

"I was still thinking about joining your team, then I've realized that I don't need Marth to fight, I can fight all by myself if I want to." Roy said, sheathing his sword.

"Then, you're joining us?" Chris asked.

Roy smiled and nodded "That's right, I'm joining you."

"Alright! Mission succeeded!" Chris said smiling at Lucario "Now let's go to Master Hand!"

"Wait." A voice came from the sky, it was Mewtwo descending slowly in front of the four.

"If you're trying to kill Lucario, forget it, I won't let you do that to him." Chris said standing in front of Lucario.

"No, that is not important to me now, I was a fool trying to kill someone who won't change the matter of my problem, I'm sorry." He closed his eyes "I hope you can find the way to forgive me Lucario."

"I'm not going to forget your act againts me." Lucario said glaring at Mewtwo.

"...Lucario, forgive him now." Chris said.

"What? He was trying to kill me Chris! You saw that didn't you?"

"Yeah, I saw that, but he is right, it wasn't him who was trying to kill you, it was his rage who was trying, remember when you were trying to kill Wolf back in Zebes? Your fury was telling you to do that, am I right?"

Lucario looked at the floor "...Yes, I remember that..." He looked at Mewtwo "I'm forgiving you, apologize accepted."

Mewtwo opened his eyes "Thanks, I want to join your team too."

Chris's eyes widened "Are you telling the truth?"

"Yes, I want to fight againts those Primids you 2 have been talking about, and also, if that is the only way to enter the next tournament, I won't complain about it."

"Wait, we didn't told you about the Primids and the tournament yet!"

Mewtwo chuckled a little "I'm a Psychic Pokémon, therefore, I can read minds."

"Oh, right, I forgot that," Chris looked at Lucario, Mewtwo, Pichu and Roy "Alright everyone, let's go to the Smash Mansion!"

The five nodded their heads, each one placed their hands in Chris's shoulders and he used the Wiimote to make a portal and they vanished. The virtual crowd gave their final cheers to them before leaving the stadium.


"Huh? A note?" Marth found a note laying on the ground, it was from Roy, it had the Fire Emblem symbol on it.


I need to go on a journey, I'm sorry for leaving in the middle of the fight, but I need to start this now, don't worry for me though, I have friends who will aid me along the way, we will meet each other again soon, just wait! I wil prove myself to be more brave alone than fighting with you!


P.S: When I return, I want to fight you in 1-on-1

Fire Emblem Theme

Marth smiled after he readed the letter, then he looked at the sky, he thought in his mind "(Good luck Roy.)" then after 10 seconds of staring at the sky, he returned to continue his fight againts Zelda and Samus.

Smash Mansion
Command Room

"We have recruited Pichu, Roy and Mewtwo as we planned!" Chris reported.

"Excellent work, now let's see what is the next thing to d-" Master Hand was abruptaly interrupted.

"YOU BASTARD!" Mewtwo charged at Master Hand and he used his psychic abilities to smash the hand to the wall.

"Hey! Stop now!" Master Hand said. Chris grabbed Mewtwo and he stopped his rage.

"Stop being furious, geez! You have anger issues you know that?!" Chris said angrily. Mewtwo just crossed his arms and looked away.

"Whew, that was...dangerous, at least to me." Said Master Hand, dusting little pebbles of the wall from his hand "Anyhoo, welcome back!"

Roy, Mewtwo and even Pichu glared at Master Hand "What is the glaring for?" MH asked confused.

"Ahem, they, not in Brawl, perhaps?" Chris said.

"Oh, right, about that, sorry," Master Hand apologized "But since you 3 are here, I can let you in again, but it will take some time to prepare your new moves though."

"New moves?" Mewtwo asked, making a fist "Finally, I will have a better moveset."

"Can I have a new moveset where I don't get hurted by my own electric attacks?" Pichu asked.

"Save that for later," Master Hand said "I have to change you 3 to your Brawl forms, your poses for the icons, your new moveset, your rooms, your knockback, etc." He pointed his finger at them "But you won't help Lucario and Chris until later."

The Meleers looked at each other and they nodded their heads.

"Alright, now that the problem is solved.." Master Hand looked at Chris and Lucario "There are Primids appearing in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, go there now! Meanwhile, I'm going to change a lot of things with Roy, Mewtwo and Pichu."

Chris pointed the Wiimote at Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, he and Lucario suddenly vanished as they went to the next world.

"You 3, follow me." Master Hand floated with Roy, Mewtwo and Pichu following him.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
Outside Pokémon Square

"Where...are we?" Chris was feeling weird after arriving at the next world, he looked around him, but then, he realized that he was too small, and Lucario wasn't there with him too, which made him worry.

He walked towards a hill, when he got on the top, he saw a village not far from him, he smiled and he ran as fast as he could, and he eventually made it. He looked around and saw a house with an appearance of a head of a Mudkip.

"If I remember, this is a Rescue Team's base, so, the leader must be a Mudkip." Chris thought to himself, just then, a male Mudkip wearing a blue scarf around his neck carrying a tiny bag came from the base with a female Chikorita wearing a blue scarf around her neck too, also with a tiny bag.

"Let's see what missions are for today." Chikorita said, checking the mailbox, the Mudkip was getting curious if there were missions for his team. Then, Chikorita took out a letter with a mission on it.

"Alright! We have a mission!" Both Pokémon said happily, then they saw Chris standing in front of them, they stared at him for a while after gasping.

"! You''re a..." Chikorita couldn't talk when he saw Chris, he made a confused face.

"What? I have something in my face?" Chris asked.

"Is not that! the Legendary Rescue Team Leader Lucario!" Chikorita replied in astonishment.

"What? But, I'm a human!" Chris stated.

"No way! I'm also a human too!" The Mudkip stated.


"Yeah! I didn't knew I was a Pokémon until Chikorita found me laying unconscious in the forest!" Mudkip said in surprise.

"Wait, what did Chikorita said to me?" Chris asked.

"That you look like the Legendary Rescue Team Leader Lucario!" Chikorita said again.

" don't mean..." Chris approached to a nearby lake not far from him, when he saw his reflection, he gasped, he was no longer human, he was now a Pokémon, he was now tiny, he had red eyes, a black marking in his face, his hands were now blue and there were only 3 fingers instead of 5 and there were 2 spots made of steel in each arm, his ears were tiny and they were above his head, 1 appendage were at the end of both sides of the black marking, his legs were now black, he had now a tail and his chest was black except for his blue torso. Also, he was wearing a backpack (Probably because he had the PK Kid job with the backpack when he arrived.)

"I'm a Riolu!" He said.

"Awesome! You will be like Lucario then!" Chikorita pointed out.

"I can't believe it...I'm a Riolu..." Chris said.

"...Is that a bad thing?" Mudkip asked.

"...Not at all..." Chris said "It's just, I need to find my friend as soon as possible."

"Is he lost?" Chikorita asked.

"I don't know, but I think he is."

Chikorita placed his leaf above Chris's head "Don't worry, we're a Rescue Team, we can find your friend!"

Chris looked at the 2 Pokémon "Really?"

"Yeah!" Mudkip and Chikorita said in unison.

"Thank you so much! I would appreciate your help, my name is Chris!"

"I'm Chikorita!"

"I had a name when I was a human, but you can call me Mudkip for now."

"And, can I join your Rescue Team to find him?" Chris asked.

"Of course you can!" Chikorita said smiling. She took out of her bag a blue scarf and he gave it to Chris, who placed it around his neck.

"Thanks again!" Chris said smiling.

"But first, we need to prepare for our first mission, follow us to Pokémon Square!" Mudkip ran away to the village, Chikorita and Chris followed him, and so, the Rescue Team is now going to work for their first mission for today.

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"I'm Chris!"

"I'm Chikorita!"

"Wow, who is that team over there?"

"That is Alakazam's Rescue Team, they are tough and strong, Alakazam is wise, Charizard is powerful and Tyranitar is strong, they make a perfect team and almost everyone in Pokémon Square admire them."

"Who are the other ones?"

"Ugh, you don't want to know."


"Just don't ask."

"Next time: First Mission! Find the lost Jumpluff!

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18. Missions For Fanatics Like Chris Himself

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Chapter 18: First mission! Find the lost Jumpluff!

Pokémon Square


The little town of Pokémon Square was sure crowded, there were many Pokémon wearing scarfs and many other things to distinguish their Rescue Teams, Chris was amazed at all the Pokémon he found there with his new friends.

"Come on! You should try to buy some things before we go!" Mudkip said excited.

"But, I don't have money to buy anything." Chris replied.

"Don't worry, as long is not expensive, we'll buy it." Chikorita said.

"Fine. Thanks."

"Hello! Welcome to the Kecleon Shop!" A Kecleon sang greeting the young Rescue Team "Oh my, you look like the Legendary Rescue Team Leader Lucario kid!"

"Well, I'm not him, that's for sure," Chris stated "I want an apple."

"That would be 50 then," Mudkip gave the Kecleon 50 "Thank you! Please call again!" He said still singing happily.

"An apple? It's too common to buy one, but I'm not you." Chikorita said looking at the apple.

After walking a little bit, they were now standing in the center of Pokémon Square, Chris saw a lot of Pokémon walking in and away, but none of them was the person he was looking for, until 3 big Pokémon approached to them.

"?" An Alakazam approached to Chris "You..."

"Is something wrong mister?" Chris asked.

"No, it's nothing, when I saw you, I remembered Lucario, but it was only a mistake, pardon me." He walked away along with a Charizard and a Tyranitar.

"I can't believe you just have spoken to Alakazam!" Chikorita said amazed.

"What's so special about him?" Chris asked.

"He is one of the best Rescue Team leaders from here! He has a big reputation for his wisdom and excellent leadership!"

"Wow, I never knew that."

"Anyway, let's check the Bulleting Board if we can find any other mission besides the one we have already" Mudkip said walking towards the Pelipper Post Office.

Pokémon Square

Pelipper Post Office

There was a Bulleting Board with missions for rescues, but it was empty.

"Too bad, there isn't any one left." Chikorita said disappointed, just then, a Gengar along with a Ekans and a Medicham walked by the side of the young Pokémon.

"Ignore them while you can." Chikorita wispered to Chris's ear, when they passed, they sighed in relief.

"Wait, where is my apple?" Chris looked for his apple, when he turned his head, he saw Gengar holding his apple above him "Hey! Give me back my apple!" Chris charged at Gengar, but he placed his hand in front of Chris, blocking his flapping arms.

"Heh, no way kid, finders keepers!" Gengar ate the apple, Chris watched in shock as the apple went inside Gengar's mouth and disappeared inside of it.

"That's not fair Gengar! Stop taking his food!" Mudkip defended Chris.

"We got the name of Team Meanies for a reason kids!" Ekans said smirking.

"We will ultimately conquer the world in this way, oh yes." Medicham said singing.

"That mean!" Chikorita said, the 3 members of Team Meanies laughed and walked away.

"My apple...I was going to eat it..." Chris said looking depressed at the ground.

Chikorita placed her leaf above his head "We can always buy another one!"

"But...that was the last apple..." Mudkip pointed out.

Chikorita sighed and closed her eyes "At least we will find another apple inside a dungeon, let's see what is the mission for today Mudkip."

Mudkip searched in his bag for letter of the mission, but he didn't found it "Um, I lost the letter..."

"WHAT?!" Chikorita shouted "HOW?!"

"Hey jerks! Thanks for giving us your mission!" Gengar showed up holding the letter in his hands and he ran away.

"Grr, I hate those guys with passion!" Chikorita said showing her teeth, then she sighed "I guess we should take a break today."

"No way, I was getting excited already!" Mudkip said walking and looking at the ground.

"Help! Please I need help!" A voice came from behind them, it was a Jumpluff.

"Calm down! What happened?" Mudkip asked.

"Me and my friend were playing in the air, then he jumped very high and the wind carried him at the top of the Silent Chasm! He is in trouble, please, can you help me?" The Jumpluff asked, tears were starting to come from his eyes.

"Of course! It's just a normal cave, that's all!" Chikorita said happily, the Jumpluff took them away from Pokémon Square and he showed the entrance to the Silent Chasm.

Silent Chasm

"Here is it, my friend is at the top, but I've requested the help of Shiftry yesterday, remember? Well, he hasn't returned yet from the expedition he made!"

Chikorita smiled "Don't worry, we will rescue your friend!"

"Thank you so much! I hope you can't get in trouble because of Zapdos!" When he said that, everything went silent, Chikorita was shaking terrified after hearing one of the names of the Legendary Birds.

"Zap-Zap-Zapdos you said?!"

"Yeah! Shiftry didn't worried about that!"

"Well...I-I-I owww! My stomach! It hurts so much!" Chikorita said faking her actual state to Jumpluff.

"Nonsense! We will climb this cave no matter what Chikorita!" Mudkip replied.

"But...I'm scared, what if we find Zapdos along the way?"

"We have no other choice but fight him! I'm not going to let Jumpluff down!"

Chikorita paused for a moment when she sighed "Okay, since you're the leader..."

"I will do everything I have to help too." Chris said.

The young trio went inside the Silent Chasm, Jumpluff waved at them saying "Good luck!"

"Too bad, he will be the only last one to see before we die." Chikorita said, Mudkip glared at her, Chris was a little nervous, but he promised to himself that he will be brave, maybe Pichu taught him that.

"Zubats!" The 3 Pokémon yelled, a swarm of Zubats appeared and they ran for their lives to avoid losing blood to feed them, they hid behind a boulder and all the swarm of Zubats passed without searching for them, they sighed and continued deeper in the cave.

"Look! There is an apple over there!" Chris pointed to an apple laying on the ground and he took it and placed it inside his backpack "You were right after all Chikorita!" Chikorita closed her eyes and smiled proudly of herself.

There were wild Rattatas sleeping in a corner, unfortunately, the way for the next floor was in the way of the sleeping rats. the trio walked silently between the Rattatas, they sweated a lot, especially Chikorita, one wrong move and they would be food for a week for Rattatas! Fortunately, they crossed to the other side without making any noise, unfortunately, Mudkip tripped and the sound woke up the Rattatas, they glared at the team before Chris said something useful.

"RUN FOR YOUR LIFES!" Chris said at the top of his lungs.

A lot of foosteps made the young team, running away from the Rattatas, their hearts were beating a lot, but misfortune struck Chikorita, who tripped and fell.

"GO ON WITHOUT ME!" She shouted at the grasp of the Rattatas, they lunged at her and she screamed in terror, Mudkip and Chris didn't wanted to continue without Chikorita, so they stood in front of her and they started to attack the Rattatas with Water Guns and Force Palms (which were more effective againts them) Chikorita got up and she joined them by shooting Razor Leafs at the rats, they retreated after they were hurted.

The trio jumped in happiness after what they have done just now, they could take on any danger if they cooperated and worked as a team.

Silent Chasm

And so, their large struggle ended when they finally found Jumpluff along with Shiftry who was fainted, the young Pokémon looked at Shiftry with confused faces.

"What happened to him?" Mudkip asked.

"We got to leave this place while we can!" Jumpluff said terrified.


Suddenly, a huge roar came from the sky, and a big yellow bird with a sharp beak, wings that almost resembled thunders, it was approaching to Shiftry and he grabbed him with his big claws of his feet, then he flew away from the scared group of Pokémon.

"T-t-t-t-that was Zapdos!" Chikorita identified the big yellow bird as Zapdos.

"And it took Shiftry with him!" Mudkip finished the sentence.

"We can't do anything now, we should return with Jumpluff and then think about how to rescue Shiftry from Zapdos." Chris said, the other 3 Pokémon nodded their heads.

Pokémon Square

Mudkip's Rescue Team Base

"Yay! You have rescued my friend! Thank you so much!" The Jumpluff from before said happily as he and the other Jumpluff friend jumped in unison.

"But, Shiftry was taken by Zapdos when he tried to defend me..." The other Jumpluff said disappointed, he was about to cry too.

"Hey, this isn't the time for crying, we'll rescue Shiftry from Zapdos!" Mudkip said, determined of what he just have said.

"That's right, he already sacrificed and we'll do the same for him." Chris said, determined too.

"Unless we die from thunders coming from Zapdos" Chikorita said, the trio's eyes widened a lot after hearing this.

"You 3 are admirable! We will be rooting for you in your mission, let's go Jumpluff, we should go with our families!" The 2 Jumpluff left the 3 young rescuers jumping happily, however, the trio was already shaking in terror.

"Y-y-y-you know what? We should ask Alakazam to help us too!" Chikorita suggested, still trembling in fear.

"I-I-I-I agree." Chris and Mudkip said in unison, just then, a friend Caterpie of Mudkip and Chikorita came running with some news.

"Guys! Hurry! There is an injured Pokémon in the center of Pokémon Square, and he is new around here!" Caterpie said.

"Although we should see who is him first just for fun...I think." Chikorita ran at Pokémon Square, the other 3 Pokémon ran behind her.

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"I'm Mudkip!"

"I-I-I'm Chikorita."

"What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing, it's just...It's just...I don't want to fight Zapdos! That's all!"

"But cheer up! We have him as our new member!"

"Who is him?"

"You will know in the next chapter, next time: Team Meanies' unsuccessful torment on Riolu!"

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19. Team Meanies Is The New Team Rocket

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Chapter 19: Team Meanies' unsuccessful torment on Riolu!

Pokémon Square


A huge crowd of Pokémon were surrounding the center of the village, Chris, Mudkip, Chikorita and Caterpie couldn't see clearly who was the injured Pokémon.

"Did you hear? That Pokémon could be the Legendary Rescue Team Leader!"

"Yes, he could be him, but, why did he came all injured?"

"I don't know, but his body is in a bad shape."

Chris thought that Pokémon could be the person he was looking for, but how can he and the others pass through all the crowd?

"Chikorita, can you grab me with your Vine Whip so I could see who is in the middle?" Chirs asked, Chikorita nodded and she used Vine Whip, she grabbed Chris by the waist and he was pulled to the air, he narrowed his eyes to see clearly the injured Pokémon, and it was him! Alakazam along with Charizard and Tyranitar were examining him.

"He is not him, disperse now, he is just a traveler." Alakazam said to all the public, everyone dispersed and they went to different ways, but Alakazam's team stood there.

"It's him! It's the person I was talking about!" Caterpie said, looking at the injured Pokémon, and he was Lucario, the same Chris knew.

"Lucario!" Chris shouted approaching to him, but he was unconscious, which made Chris worried about his sake "What happened to you?"

"Do you know him?" Alakazam asked.

Chris nodded "Yes, he is my best friend, but we lost contact a while ago after we arrived here (those injures, they're from the battle againts Mewtwo.)"

"I see, there is only one thing that could heal him completely."

"What is it? I need to know!" Chris asked impatiently, Alakazam teleported a Sitrus Berry in his left hand.

"Here, make him eat this and he should be fully recovered." Alakazam said as he levitated the berry in front of Chris, he took it and he kneeled to Lucario.

"Here, eat this please." He shoved the berry in front of his mouth, Chris could heard a sniff coming from Lucario, he opened his mouth slowly and Chris approached the berry inside, Lucario took a bite of it, then he accelerated the rate in which he was eating it and slowly, his injures were recovering one by one.

After the berry was completely gone, Lucario opened his eyes quickly and he stood up like he was never hurted "Where am I? Chris?! Where are you?!"

"Look down!"

"Huh?" Lucario looked down, and in front of him a Riolu who was smiling was there "Who are you?"

"I'm Chris!"

"But, you don't look like him."

"Read my mind and you will know."

Lucario glowed for a moment, he was reading the mind of the Riolu, then he stopped and he smiled a bit "Chris!" He kneeled to him "What happened to you?"

"Well, when I came here, I was transformed into a Riolu, there are no humans living in this world too."

"Wait, the person you were looking for is him?" Chikorita asked.

Chris nodded "That's right, I want you to meet my friend, Lucario!"

"Why didn't you told us about this?" Mudkip asked.

"I didn't?" Chris replied, Mudkip and Chikorita sweatdropped.

"It's a honor to meet you, although you're not the Legendary Rescue Team Leader, is nice to meet at least one of his kind." Alakazam introduced himself to Lucario "I'm the leader of my Rescue Team, we're teams who work to protect other Pokémon who needs help to rescue missing Pokémon in dungeons, forest and such."

"Who is the Legendary Rescue Team Leader?" Lucario asked, Alakazam explained all to him "I didn't knew about him until you told me."

"Please, feel free to live here along with us if you want, you could be a lot of help to any Rescue Team." Alakazam walked away with his team, but Chikorita interrupted him in his way.

"Wait! We need to tell you something!" Chikorita said.

Alakazam turned his back "What?"

"Remember the Shiftry of yesterday who was going to help Jumpluff to rescue his friend?"

"I remember, why? Something bad happened to him?"

"He was kidnapped by Zapdos!"

"Zapdos?!" Charizard shouted after hearing the name of the thunder bird.

"But why did Zapdos kidnapped Shiftry? It makes no sense!" Tyranitar asked crossing his arms.

"There is a reason actually," Alakazam looked at his team and the others "The natural disasters that have been ocurring around, Zapdos probably was enraged and his fury made him act like that."

"Rage...the only thing that blinds you from your behavior..." Lucario remembered the battle againts Mewtwo.

"Charizard! Tyranitar! We're going to rescue Shiftry from Zapdos right now!" Alakazam commanded, Charizard and Tyranitar nodded their heads and they headed to Mt. Thunder to rescue Shiftry.

"Do you think they will be alright?" Mudkip asked.

"They are the best Rescue Team from here, they haven't lost any mission too, don't worry, they will be fine," Chikorita stated, then she turned her back to Lucario "Nice to meet you, I'm Chikorita!"

"I'm Mudkip!" The person you know said introducing himself.

"I'm Caterpie, good bye!" Caterpie ran away by no apparent reason.

"What's wrong with him?" Chikorita asked raising an eyebrow, both Pokémon were asking questions to Lucario, except Chris, who saw Gengar eating an apple near a tree with his team, Chris glared at him and he approached to Gengar.

"Hey! Give me back my apple!" Chris pointed his hand to Gengar, who only laughed and smirked.

"Kid, didn't you learned your lesson yet? The answer is no way!" Gengar said grinning.

"I don't because I don't need to learn it! Give me that apple in your hand!"

Gengar laughed a bit "Try me!" He placed the apple above in the air, but placed the other hand in Chris's head to stop him from grabbing it.

"Give, me, back, my, apple!"

"You don't understand?!" Gengar pushed Chris, making him fall in the floor "NO!"

Just before Chris could touch the ground, a warm hand wrapped around his back and he heard a rather hard punch coming in front of him, he looked and saw Gengar dropped in the grass in front of a tree he hit, the apple was not with him anymore, Chris turned his head to the right and saw Lucario with his right arm stretched in front of him, then the apple fell from the sky and Lucario catched it.

"Don't you ever push him!" Lucario glared at Gengar, Ekans and Medicham watched terrified as Gengar stood up slowly.

"And why not? Is really fun!" Gengar said.

Gengar then heard a big noise coming from behind, he turned his back and saw the tree torn in half, he sweatdropped and turned slowly his head to Lucario "S-s-so? What i-i-if we don't want to?" Gengar asked scared. Lucario approached slowly to Gengar, Ekans and Medicham, they were backing away a little "You don't scare us a little!" Lucario stomped the ground and it broke with great force, the 3 mean Pokémon gulped in terror as the Aura Pokémon glowed "RUN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE!" Gengar said, him, Ekans and Medicham left in a hurry.

Lucario stopped glowing and he approached to Chris and kneeled "Here is your apple." Chris smiled and took it, then he started to eat it.

Mudkip and Chikorita were stunned watching this, they couldn't believe the strong power of Lucario "Alright! You showed them who is the boss here!" Mudkip said smiling and jumping, he turned his head and saw hearts were Chikorita's eyes should be "...Are you alright?"

"I think I fell in love." Chikorita said looking at Lucario.

Just then, Lucario's stomach grumbled and he blushed a little "Do you want an apple?" Chris asked.

"No, I can't take your apple." Lucario said shaking his head, Chris searched in his backpack and he took out the apple he found in the Silent Chasm.

"Eat it!" Chris said.

Lucario grabbed the apple and he started to eat it "Thanks."

After eating the apples, Chris wanted Lucario to join the Rescue Team, he accepted and he got a blue scarf, he placed it around his neck and Chikorita fainted mysteriously.

Pokémon Square

Mudkip's Rescue Team Base

It was night, Chris and Lucario decided to sleep inside the base along with Mudkip and Chikorita, Mudkip was sleeping above a rock, Chikorita was sleeping near a tiny pond inside and Lucario was sleeping, sat and leaned into a wall with Chris sleeping below his left arm.

"It's time for our revenge guys," Gengar wispered looking through the window of the base, he looked at Chris "That kid will know to not mess with Team Meanies."

"Hehehe, we will kidnap a kid, what fun!" Ekans wispered.

"Kidnapping is fun when you're evil." Medicham sang.

First try
The rope

"Alright, we need to drag him with this rope I got from the shop, we will throw it to his tail and we will pull him slowly to us, then we run like Dodrios!" Gengar wispered, he saw Chris's blue tail to his left and he threw the rope into it, fortunately for the team, the rope attached to his tail and they turned their backs at some trees, then they began to pull him slowly.

"When...did so heavy?" Gengar asked and wispered, the weight of his prey was just too heavy for them, but eventually, they managed to pull him to them, however, Medicham was the first to turn his back and he gasped.

"Um, guys, can I ask you some questions?" Medicham asked, terror coming from his tone.

"Spill them." Gengar wispered.

"He is tiny right?"


"He is weak right?"


"His tail is not too big right?"


"He doesn't have a spike in his chest right?"


"He is not definitively tall right?"


"He never glows intensely in a blue light right?"


"I think we got the wrong one."

Gengar and Ekans turned their backs, his prey was not Chris, instead, they got apparently a bigger version of him, they looked at the rope and it was attached to a much different and bigger tail they thought it was tiny, and his owner was not exactly happy at all...

Oh screw it! It was Lucario glowing intensely and ready to kill the 3 Pokémon, ok?

He took the rope and he de-attached it from his tail, he threw it at the 3 Pokémon and then he swung them with the rope above him, they screamed in terror when Lucario stopped, throwing them away from him, Lucario stopped glowing and he returned to the base to sleep.

When he entered, he saw Chris shivering a little, he sat in his place again and he wrapped his left arm around Chris's body to stop the shivering, eventually, Chris stopped shivering and he smiled, still sleeping, Lucario smiled and he fell asleep again.

Second try
Invisible Riolu-napping

"Here's the next plan, I'll become invisible and then I'll slowly walk without making any noise and then bingo! We got that kid without any effort!" Gengar wispered to his teammates, he became invisible and he started to walk slowly inside the base.

He was sweating a lot when he entered, even if he saw invisible, he was sweating, one false move and he could wake up above the clouds with a harp and a halo above his head, he gulped silently after approaching slowly to Chris.

"(Darn it, he is below his arm!)" The ghost Pokémon thought to himself, it was now getting harder now, since Chris was wrapped by the left arm of Lucario, the only way to get him out was by pulling him out as slow as possible or else he would probably die if he fails.

Without thinking it anymore, he slightly grabbed the arm, and slowly unwrapped the Riolu from it, it was almost unwrapped completely, for his luck, he did it and Gengar sighed to himself inside his mind, he grabbed Chris without making any noise at all, and he did it again, he was now holding the sleeping Riolu, Chris.

"(Phew, that was close.)" He thought to himself with a relief, he turned his back smirking at his idea.

Until mysteriously, he was blasted off out of the base without Chris in his grasp, he crashed into a far away tree just in the front of the base, then he was visible again "(WHAT?! HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN?!") He thought furiously to himself, Ekans and Medicham walked to him "Hey! Why did I crashed into this tree without any reason?!" He yelled wispering to his teammates, Ekans was shaking terrified "What?" Gengar asked.

Inside the base, Lucario had his right hand stretched in front of him, but oddly enough, he was still asleep but he was defending Chris while he was still sleeping, Chris layed in the floor still sleeping, Lucario (who was still sleeping) grabbed Chris and he placed him below his left arm again.

"No, don't take him away from me, or you will die..." He said, still sleeping, or rather dreaming.

Now back with Team Meanies...

"No way, he even defends him while he sleeps?!" Gengar said shocked, both Pokémon nodded "Grr, he is getting on my nerves now!"

Third try
Mission Impossible style

Mission Impossible theme

"Here's the next plan," Gengar wispered explaining the next plan above the base with Ekans and Medicham "We will kidnap him by the roof, by the hole Ekans made with his acid, we will use the same rope from before and Medicham will be tied to it and he will descend to grab that kid while me and Ekans pulls you got it?"

"Got it." Medicham wispered and sang at the same time, he was ready to go now, he entered the base by the hole Ekans made before, he was descending slowly above both Aura Pokémon, the other 2 didn't got any trouble pulling Medicham down through the hole.

When Medicham was just directly above Chris, he saw him below the arm again, but this time he wasn't wrapped up in it, Medicham's luck was getting bigger when Lucario moved away a little, but enough to grab Chris without touching the steel Pokémon.


Medicham's eyes widened when he heard a noise coming from the sleeping Aura Pokémon, he turned his head but luckily it was only a noise he made randomly, he sighed in his mind and he was about to grab Chris when...


Again, the same noise came from Lucario, but he was still sleeping, this time however, he was showing his fangs, which intimidated Medicham a lot, he continued on his mission to kidnap the Emanation Pokémon and run from the base as soon as possible until...


The same noise came from Lucario again, he was now showing his fangs completely, and since Medicham had a perfect vision, he saw his reflection in Lucario's fangs, and now he was too terrified, heck, he could even be more terrified than a Togepi. But he shook his head and grabbed Chris without any problems.

"(Phew.)" He sighed inside his his mind, Gengar and Ekans saw the whole act and he pulled Medicham out of the base, slowly of course.

...Until Medicham did something something stupid.

"(I won't do this again ever in my life.)" He said in his mind, he rubbed his forehead from the sweating he was making, but that was the stupid thing, because a sweat drop was falling just above Lucario, when the drop came in contact with the tip of his nose, he quickly woke up and used a fast and strong jab in Medicham's face, he dropped Chris in the process and he blasted off to the sky, with Gengar and Ekans since their legs were accidentaly tied up with the rope.

Lucario catched the sleeping Chris and he placed him again below his arm, then he smiled and he fell asleep again.

Fourth try
Hole below the target

After an hour, the team of stupid Pokémon were digging below the base with shovels and lights.

"Ok, the next plan is to take him by digging a hole just below and we got the treasure!" Gengar said excited, obviously losing his behavior.

"Treasure?" Ekans asked with shiny eyes.

Gengar slapped him "No you fool! The kid is the treasure!"

"Oh, I see." The snake Pokémon said.

Now they were just below their "treasure" Gengar commanded Ekans to dig through the roof, because somehow Gengar knew Chris was just above where Ekans was standing, the snake Pokémon slowly dug through the ground to avoid making any noise, he stopped a moment when he saw a blue spot just above his head.

"Guys, I found him, he is there." Ekans wispered, Gengar grinned after he saw the blue spot in the roof, the ghost Pokémon's plan was now to dig all the ground around the spot so Chris could fell in it without any sound, without thinking again, they started to dig the ground again.

"Finally, we will succeed!" Medicham sang and wispered, the hole was complete and their prize fell in it, they grabbed it and ran outside the base behind some trees.

"Now let's put him down." Gengar said grinning, however, when they placed "Chris" on the ground, they found a rather, or very annoyed and enraged Lucario.

"YOU 3 WON'T STOP ANNOYING ME RIGHT?!" The Aura Pokémon asked very irritated with a menacing glare.

"AAAHHHHHHH!!" The team ran away scared, but Lucario didn't left them escape alive without shooting a big Aura Sphere to them, it exploded and they blasted off again, then Lucario returned to the base and he sat down close to Chris (placing his arm above him again) and he fell asleep.

Fifth try
Just take him!

Another hour later, a furious Gengar just walked inside the base like nothing happened, he grabbed the sleeping Riolu from the sleeping Lucario and he walked away with him outside behind some trees.

"SEE? WE'VE FAILED AGAIN! GEEZ!" Gengar said, not noticing the Pokémon he was holding in his purple hands.

"But...isn't he the kid?" Ekans asked looking at Chris.

"..." Gengar thought for a moment when he realised his act "Alright! We got him! It's about freacking time!"

"Shh! You're going to awake him" Medicham said.

"Oh, that's right, we should escape now." The team nodded to each other, they walked just to the right of the base...until they heard a tiny sound coming from their prey.

"What is he doing?" Ekans asked, just then, Chris was making noises of what appears terror, he probably was having a nightmare in his sleep, then he started to cry very aloud. Making the 3 mischievous Pokémon to block their ears.

"Ugh! Shut up! I can't resist this anymore!" Said an annoyed Gengar, blocking his ears from the loud noise. When Gengar, Medicham and Ekans opened their eyes, they saw a big shadow in the ground just in front of them, they gulped in unison and when they turned their backs, Lucario was standing there with his arms crossed, showing his fangs, glowing intensely and glaring menacingly again at the 3 annoying Pokémon, he saw Chris crying in Gengar's hands.

"THE POKÉMON...IN YOUR HANDS...NOW..." Lucario said with a terrorizing tone extending his left hand at them.

"W-w-what Pokémon? You are probably blind sir!" Medicham sang terrified.


"Here is him! Take him please! Take him!" Gengar gave Lucario the crying Riolu, he grabbed him wrapping him up with his left arm, but still he was glaring at the 3 Pokémon and Chris was still crying.

"I-i-i-is something wrong?" Ekans asked terrified. Lucario stomped the ground in rage and they stood still watching the Aura Pokémon approaching.


"Y-Y-YES!" They replied in unison.

"RIIIIIIII!!" Oddly enough, Chris made a high pitched scream, which made Lucario's aura to grow bigger than before.

"NOW GO AWAY!" Lucario said enraged.

"B-b-b-but, first we need to-"

"GGGGGGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Lucario made a huge roar that made the earth below him to tremble.

"MOMMY!!" The Team Meanies ran away at high speed to not being killed by the Aura Pokémon, the Riolu Lucario was holding was still crying. He just hugged him close to his chest near where his spike is, Chris was stopping slowly his tears and he soon calmed down, Lucario walked inside the base with Chris still in his arms and he sat again leaning to the wall and he fell asleep, 3 seconds later, Chris was smiling with tears coming from his eyes.

The next morning...

"I couldn't sleep so well," Chris said rubbing his head "I had a nightmare where 3 shadows wanted to take me away, but at the end, Lucario appeared from nowhere and he defeated them."

Lucario remembered the incidents of last night, Chris's nightmare was almost the same thing Lucario was experiencing, Chris closed his eyes and smiled at Lucario "I'm happy to have you with me."

"Me too." Lucario replied with a little smile.

"Ugh, at least you 2 didn't got my trouble." Mudkip said.

"What do you mean?" Chris asked.

"Last night I could have sworn many noises inside our base, most of them were either punches or roars," He got in a thinking position "And after that, there was another earthquake right Chikorita?" Mudkip looked at Chikorita.

"Yeah, that was another earthquake, do you think it happened because of the natural disasters?"

"I think so." Mudkip replied. Just then, Caterpie, along with Butterfree, the 2 Jumpluffs from yesterday came running at them panting heavily.

"Hey guys, what's wrong?" Chikorita asked.

"It's Alakazam's team! They haven't returned yet from their mission!" Caterpie said in shock.

The eyes of the team widened after hearing this "What? But they always finish their missions in less than 2 hours!" Chikorita exclaimed.

"We know that, but everyone in Pokémon Square are worried!" Butterfree pointed out.

"And we're also worried about Shiftry!" Both Jumpluffs said in unison.

"So, are we going to rescue them?" Chris asked.

"Chikorita, Chris, Lucario, we're going to rescue Alakazam's team and Shiftry from Zapdos!" Mudkip said. The other 3 mentioned Pokémon nodded.

"Wait, are you really going to save them?" Caterpie asked.

Mudkip nodded "That's right, we're a Rescue Team and we have to help each other, isn't that the true meaning of the Rescue Teams?"

"..." Caterpie, Butterfree and both Jumpluffs didn't spoke for a moment "You're right, we're counting on you!" Butterfree said smiling.

"Wish us good luck!" Chikorita said walking with Mudkip, Chris and Lucario towards the road to Mt. Thunder, the other 4 Pokémon waved their hands at the team.

Preview of the next chapter

"I'm Mudkip!"

"I-I-I'm Chi-Chikorita."

"We're going to rescue Alakazam and Shiftry right? Well, this is not going to be easy, since we're talking about a Legendary Bird."

"What spike..."

"But I know with our forces combined, we could have a chance againts him right?"

"What strength..."

"Um, Chikorita? Are you alright?"

"What tail..."


"What fur..."

"Are you listening to me?"

"What muscles..." She faints.

"Chikorita? Hello? Are you still in love with Lucario? Chikorita? Wake up!"

She is drooling.

"Ugh, why me, next time: The rage of the thunder! The Primid's General L!

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20. Familiar Evil Adversary

Alright! I have written 20 chapters for the first time! Enjoy this chapter and read and review!

Chapter 20: The rage of the thunder! The Primid's General L!

Mt. Thunder

After a long walk, the Rescue Team finally reached the dangerous Mt. Thunder, the top of the mountain had many clouds making thunders, a sound was coming from Chris's backpack, he took the Primid Radar out and he examined it.

"There are Primids in this mountain, we should be careful Lucario." Chris said to Lucario.

"Understood." Said Lucario.

"Hey, what is that thing you're holding?" Asked Mudkip.

"And what is a Primid?" Chikorita asked.

Chris and Lucario explained all the information about the Primids and their mission.

"So, you 2 are here to defeat those Primids things and save this world from being invaded by them?" Mudkip asked, both Aura Pokémon nodded "Amazing, I didn't thought you had that mission to complete."

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Chikorita said walking through the path to the top of the mountain.

The quartet we're now climbing the big mountain, there was something odd, there wasn't any wild Pokémon in their trail, which made the Pokémon confused.

"Isn't weird that this path isn't inhabited by any Pokémon? I've heard this mountain had many wild Pokémon, most of them were of the Electric type," Chikorita stated "It creeps me out to find this place abandoned."

"At least pray to god that there aren't any of them here," Mudkip said "We could be dead meat for Spearows."

"You don't have to worry," Chris said looking at Lucario "We got a powerful ally by our side and us to defend." Lucario blushed a bit and he looked away.

Suddenly, the Primid Radar was beeping, from the ground, Shadow Bugs came from holes spreaded in the ground, the bugs gathered and formed Primid versions of Pokémon, the difference being only red curious eyes and a whole purple body.

"Wha-what the heck are those things?!" Chikorita asked.

"Primids," Chris pointed out "And it seems they have taken the bodies of the wild Pokémon living here."

"That is...weird." Mudkip remarked.

"Um, are we going to fight them?" Chikorita asked. Lucario was already beating 4 of them "...Is that a yes?"

"Yes!" Chris and Mudkip said at the same time, they ran towards the purple Pokémon, Chikorita shook her head and she started to fire Razor Leafs, the fight wasn't that hard, when they've finished, the Shadow Bugs escaped from the Pokémon's bodies and they disappeared in thin air.

"Easy!" Chikorita said cheering at their victory.

"But they were only Rattatas, they could have taken stronger Pokémon too." Mudkip stated, that made Chikorita shiver of fear.

"We need to keep going, any minute is crucial." Chris said walking his way to the top again, Mudkip was thinking in his mind if the whole trouble with the Primids was really a big deal when Chris and Lucario told him that, but of all matters, he continued.

"Someone is up ahead." Lucario said, he glowed for a moment, then he spotted 1 fainted body on the ground, they accelerated following Lucario and finally they found Shiftry laying unconscious on the ground.

"Shiftry! Wake up! Are you alright?!" Chikorita asked moving Shiftry with her leaf.

" careful..." He said in a weak tone.

"Shiftry! What happened to Alakazam?" Mudkip asked.

"He and his team went to...fight Zapdos, but they haven't...returned for a while ago."

"How much did it passed?"

"Like...8 hours."

"8 hours?! They could be in trouble!" Chikorita said.

"Not only that...purple creatures who took the bodies of the wild Pokémon living here are appearing too."

"If the Primids are in this, they are maybe trying to take Zapdos in their control!" Chris said.

"Be careful...not so long ago, odd looking white creatures with red arms came here holding a...big sphere with a X in the middle...I think that was a bomb."

"That must be a Subspace Bomb!"

" Alakazam..." And Shiftry fainted.

Mudkip blinked before speaking "Should we take Shiftry with us?"

Chikorita looked around the area "Nah, we can leave him here, there isn't any wild Pokémon in this area, besides, we're almost to the top."

"She is right, I can see the clouds closer than before," Chris saw the black clouds closer than before "But be on your guards, they maybe are waiting for us with their best troops."

"What do you mean by best troops?"

"Stronger Pokémon." Chris pointed out, Chikorita gulped in fear.

"Let's move on!" Mudkip said walking to the top once again with the rest of his Reacue Team.

Only to be attacked by Primids resembling Raichus.

They quickly attacked, Mudkip was in trouble since they were using Electric types moves, but somehow Chikorita summoned her bravery and stood in front defending him, Chris was fighting well surprisingly, being a Riolu was really lucky, although most of them were attacking to Lucario, he didn't got any problem in wiping them out.

"AAAH!" Chris screamed in pain because a Raichu used his tail to attack him, but 1 second later, the Raichu crashed into the wall by a furious Lucario.

"Are you alright?" Lucario asked.

"Yes, I'm fine, thanks for worring about me." Chris smiled.

"Look! They are retreating!" Mudkip said. All the Shadow Bugs were retreating from the bodies and they disappeared in the air. The group continued until they reached the top.

Mt. Thunder

The entire Rescue Team looked around for Alakazam and his team, but they found nothing...except for the Subspace Bomb standing in the center.

"What is that thing? It's a bomb?!" Mudkip asked.

"We need to deactivate it before it explodes!" Chris stated, the four Pokémon started to attack the bomb, they used Aura Spheres, Force Palms, Razor Leafs and even Water Guns, but it didn't work.

"It doesn't work! We have to think about another plan!" Chikorita said panting a little.

Chris looked around for an answer, but he couldn't find one, except 2 robots at each side of the bomb.

"Huh?" Chris said, he saw the 2 robots attached to the bomb, he walked to one of them and he asked "Are you going to escape? The bomb is about to explode!"

The robot only shook his head, Chris somehow felt a little sad, because the robot lowered his head and closed his eyes, the other robot did the same and that made Chris worried, Lucario was wondering what was Chris doing.

"What are you doing Chris?" He asked.

"...Those robots can't escape from the bomb because their hands are attached to it..."

Lucario looked at one of the robots, he approached to him and tried to de-attach him, but it didn't budge either, it felt like the robot was combined with the bomb and couldn't escape from the explosion. Chikorita and Mudkip approached to them with confused faces.

"Is something wrong?" Chikorita asked, Chris explained all to her "...So, they are done for?"

Chris nodded slowly, then he tried to de-attach the same robot, but it was hopeless, the robot was stuck in his current situation and nothing could help him now, his fate was already decided. Chris only fell on his knees and he almost broke into tears..

Just then, a powerful thunder came from the clouds, it struck the bomb destroying it in the process along with the 2 robots, the bomb became ash and the Rescue Team backed away from the center, on the center of the clouds, a sparking, yellow bird came down flapping his wings, it was Zapdos!

"Who has the guts to come here, the home of one of the 3 Legendary Birds?!" The yellow bird asked, his voice was echoing through the top of the mountain. Chikorita, Chris and Mudkip backed away a little.

"W-we-we have come here to rescue Alakazam and his team!" Mudkip said shaking in terror.

"Alakazam? I don't know any Alakazam coming here!"

"Huh?" The four Pokémon sain in unison "What do you mean you didn't saw him?" Chris asked.

"I've only stole Shiftry because he woke up my rage when he was in the Silent Chasm, but after I came here, those purple abnormalities began to invade my home!"

The Rescue Team looked at each other "What could've happened to them?" Chikorita asked.

"If it they got lost somehow?" Mudkip asked.

"Please, the day they can get lost I'll dance inside lava." Chikorita joked.

Suddenly, a big explosion came from Zapdos's back, the electric bird Pokémon yelled in pain and he fell on the ground from the unknown impact.

"What happened?! Who did that?" Chikorita asked, the four Pokémon looked around to find the source of the attack.

"It was me, General L."

"General L?" Chris asked. From the sky, a very shadowy figure came down with a very intense purple light surrounding all his body, his body couldn't be seen with a normal eye, the only thing the Rescue Team saw was only yellow mad eyes and a whole purple figure.

"Who the heck are you?" Chris asked.

"I'm General L, a high rank soldier of the Primids," He pointed at Zapdos "I've come here because this bird destroyed the bomb to stole this place."

"But it was actually a good thing!" Mudkip said.

"For us it was not," General L stated "Since he is out of cold, we shall take him with us and make him a powerful weapon for our deeds."

"We won't allow you to do such thing to Zapdos!" Mudkip said, standing in a fighting position.

"Yeah! Even if he kidnapped Shiftry, he doesn't deserves that!" Chikorita said.

"That plan of yours is simply stupid and innecessary, we won't leave without a fight!" Chris said.

"If Chris wants to fight, I will fight along with him." Lucario said, standing in a fighting position.

"You little bastards, be that way and feel my wrath!" General L ran at the Rescue Team.

Wild Pokémon Battle! Diamond/Pearl

As soon as the battle started, General L charged a very odd looking purple sphere, he fired it at Mudkip, he evaded it, but the sphere returned and he was hit by it from the back, he yelled in pain and he fell unconscious.

"Mudkip!" Chikorita yelled, approaching to Mudkip "How could you!" She fired many Razor Leafs, but General L just stood there receiving all the attacks, but it didn't do any effect at all, which astonished Chikorita "What?"

General L ran at fast speed to Chikorita, she yelled in terror, but Chris got in the middle and used Force Palm, somehow, it damaged greatly to General L.

"Ugh, you little brat!" General L said, just as he was about to punch Chris in the face, Lucario interrupted him and used Force Palm too, General L crashed into a nearby wall and he got up quickly.

"That's it!" General L stood still for a moment, then he charged up a big purple sphere again, he fired it a Chikorita this time, she was still trying to revive Mudkip with a Reviver seed and yelled in terror again, but Lucario got between her and the attack and he tried to return it to his opponent with his hands, eventually, he returned it to General L, who evaded it as the big purple sphere exploded in the wall.

General L was in a hurry now, he was easily outnumbered and he was getting weaker, but that was his whole plan all along.

"You fell in my trap!" Again, he was glowing and he made another big purple sphere, but this was different than the last one, Lucario's ears perked up a bit and he gasped.

"QUICK! DISPERSE!" Lucario said, he grabbed Chris with his left hand and Chikorita ran to the other side, but she realised that Mudkip was still laying unconscious on the ground, she turned and ran to grab Mudkip with her Vine Whip. But it was too late, General L fired a big purple beam within his hands, Chikorita and Mudkip were still in the way, but when the beam was about to hit them, Chris ran and pushed them aside at time, they ran to the other side to evade the attack. The beam was big and it made a huge trail of destruction across his path.

" can't be...that beam..." Lucario asked and muttered to himself, somehow, the beam was too familiar to him, he shook his head and when he saw his opportunity to attack a clueless General L, he didn't hesitated and he ran towards him, he quickly made a combo with punchs, kicks, jabs, Force Palms and finally an Aura Sphere, General L yelled in pain as every attack hit him, then he was all weak and he fell in the ground in defeat.

The battle ended and the crowd cheered for our heros.

Music stops

"Mudkip! Wake up! Everything is fine now!" Chikorita shook violently Mudkip, he already ate the Reviver seed, but he didn't woke up, until Chikorita used Vine Whip and slapped him several times until he woke up.

Chris examined General L's unconscious body laying on the ground, Lucario was near him if his enemy woke up and attacked Chris without guard.

"...Ril..." General L muttered.

"Ril? What does that mean?" Chris asked to himself.

" me..."


" me...those body..." Mysteriously, a part of General L's body revealed, the purple light around it disappeared for a moment, at that was a blue tail, but quickly, it was covered by the purple light again and General L escaped using the Shadow Bugs who disappeared in the air along with him.

"Wasn't that a blue tail?" Chris asked to Lucario.

"It was." Lucario reasured.

"But, I remember that blue tail somewhere else before, and also, he said Riley, but I also remember that name somewhere before too." Chris got in a thinking position.

"Not only that, when he fired that big beam, it was familiar to me." Lucario stated.

"Guys! Come here! I've found Alakazam!" Chikorita called from afar, Alakazam and his team was in front of her and they were getting up.

"Ugh...what happened to us?" Alakazam said rubbing his forehead.

"I don't know! You just appeared out of the ground with those purple things!" Chikorita pointed out.

"..Yes...I remember now...when we were almost going to reach the top, I couldn't see clearly when something got us from behind..."

"The Primids took them prisoners then." Chris said.

"I knew the Primids were behind this all along..." Alakazam said.

"What? How did you know about the Primids? We didn't told you anything about them yet!" Chris exclaimed.

Alakazam chuckled a little "I'm a Psychic Pokémon, therefore, I can read minds."

Lucario chuckled a little too.

"What's so funny Lucario?" Chris asked.

"That was the same thing Mewtwo told us too." Lucario wispered to Chris's ear.

"Look! Zapdos is getting up!" Charizard shouted, the yellow bird Pokémon was awakening from his unconsciousness, Chikorita hid behind a rock with Mudkip (who woke up thanks to the Reviver seed) and Chris hid behind Lucario.

"You were the ones who defeated those creatures?" Zapdos asked with a echoing voice.

"Y-yes!" Mudkip said terrified.

"And those creatures are gone from my home now?"

Chris looked at the Primid Radar and it was in green "Yes, they're gone now."

"I want to thank all of you for your help." Zapdos said.

"Huh?" Mudkip's Rescue Team said in unison.

"You want an explanation?" Both Rescue Teams nodded their heads "Alright then, listen well, one day, I was soaring the skies high above the clouds, when I was flying, I felt a disturbance in the land, when I descended, I saw big craters in forest, caves and mountains, those craters were not there before, I was sure that something was wrong to cause such incidents."

"Natural disasters." Alakazam pointed out.

Zapdos nodded "That is correct, many natural disasters had been occurred in every corner of the land, causing many Pokémon to go missing, that thing was enraging me deeply, then my rage was blinding from the reality and I started to act violently to all the Pokémon, that is why I kidnapped Shiftry."

"Tell us what happened after." Chris said.

"After I kidnapped Shiftry, I returned to this mountain to rest, but when I came here, purple monsters were invading my home and I dropped Shiftry in some part of the mountain and I quickly flew to the top to protect the mountain from them, when I finished with on the top, I hid in the clouds to wait for more of them," Zapdos looked at Mudkip's Rescue Team "That is when you four made it to the top and fought that monster, I'm very grateful of your actions."

"Oh that was nothing, really." Chikorita said (obviously showing off.)

"You can leave now the mountain, I will stop kidnapping Pokémon from now," Zapdos flew to the clouds again "I will wish you all good luck!"

"Now that everything it's settled, we should return to Pokémon Square now with Shiftry." Alakazam said, everyone nodded in agreedment.

Pokémon Square
Mudkip's Rescue Team Base

After returning to Pokémon Square, Shiftry gave thanks to Mudkip and his Rescue Team, he left waving his hand, Alakazam also gave thanks to them and told something to Mudkip if he wanted to know about his meaning to be in this world without humans, he left too with Charizard and Tyranitar.

"I think we should leave too Lucario." Chris said looking at Lucario.

"What?! You're leaving now?!" Chikorita asked astonished.

"Yes, we need to stop the Primids from invading the other worlds, I'm sorry to leave your team Mudkip."

"Nah, it's okay, you 2 were a lot of help to our team." Mudkip said and shook his head smiling.

"We...will miss you too...Lucario." Chikorita said blushing a little.

"I will too." Lucario said.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Chris said, he wispered something to Lucario's ear and he nodded, then the 2 took their blue scarfs from their necks and gave them to Mudkip "We almost took your scarfs away from you." Chris said rubbing his head.

However, Mudkip gave them back to Chris "Keep them, so you 2 can remember us." He said smiling.

"Really? Thanks, that is so kind of you!" Chris said smiling "Lucario, let's go now!" And with that, Lucario left with Chris walking away from the base, Mudkip and Chikorita were saying good bye to them while a tear came from their eyes.

Just then, Team Meanies were walking to the left side of Lucario and Chris, they gulped in unison when Lucario was walking to their left, just when they were about to pass Lucario...


"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" They ran away at high speed to Pokémon Square. Chris made a confused face when he saw them running at such speed terrified, maybe it was because of Lucario?

When the 2 were out of Pokémon Square's sight, Chris took the Wiimote out of his backpack.

"Now, we need to return to Master Hand and the others."

"Wait, I want to do something else before we go." Lucario said, he kneeled to Chris.

"What is it?"

"Since this is probably the last time you're going to be a Riolu...well...I've been asking to myself..."


Lucario looked away with his eyes closed "Can I carry you a last time in my arm please?"

Chris just blinked at what Lucario did just asked to him, something was telling him that Lucario somehow felt like a father when he was a Riolu.

Chris thought about it for a moment, then he smiled "Of course you ca-"

Just when he opened his eyes, he was already wrapped up in Lucario's left arm "I didn't thought you would act so quickly-" Chris said, he pointed the Wiimote and it fired a light making a portal in the tip of it, Lucario smiled a little and he walked towards the portal, then the 2 vanished from the world along with the portal.

Preview of the next chapter

"I'm Lucario."

"I'm Mewtwo."

"It's time to save the Star Fox team from the Primids now, but now, Roy, Mewtwo and Pichu are tagging along with us."

"Heh, with my new attacks, this is going to be entertaining."

"Are you showing off?"

"Maybe, just a little."

"Sure, next time: Corneria! The lack of enthusiasm of Fox!

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21. The Serious Vulpine Of The Future

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Chapter 21: The Serious Vulpine Of The Future

Deep inside the Great Maze

"Master Tabuu, I'm sorry to fail in this mission," General L said. "I'm not familiar with them as much as you do."

"You worthless little general… You are lucky that I saved you from your death back then," Tabuu said in an annoyed tone.

"I'll promise I won't fail this time, just give me another opportunity," he said. "I might have been defeated, but I can show you what I can really do."

Tabuu frowned in shame after hearing him out. As he frowned, he said, "Ugh...fine, you can go again. But if you fail, there will be no more opportunities for you, understand?"

"Understood," he said with a bow. "I will give them my revenge for humiliating me in battle. Until then, watch over my progress…" The mysterious figure clad in darkness turned around and dashed away to the darkness of the Subspace.

Once he was gone, the Ancient Minister approached his boss. "Lord Tabuu, we are ready to invade Corneria. The Aparoids agreed to cooperate with us," the Ancient Minister said.

"Excellent news. If everything goes according to the plan, we should take Corneria without any trouble."

"May I suggest sending some Shadow Bugs with General L?"


"Since we first got him, it seems that his true nature wants to break out from his own mind, and that isn't going to be good if he wakes up in the middle of a battle," he explained. "But if we boost his power with the Shadow Bugs, his true nature will be kept at bay longer."

"…We cannot lose more subordinates at this time…" Tabuu muttered. "Fine. Send the Shadow Bugs with him. Losing more men now is unnecessary."

"Affirmative," he said. "I'll prepare them to go with him."

"And do deploy the Subspace Bombs as well."

The Ancient Minister nodded slowly. "Very well."

Tabuu nodded back at him before he vanished in front of him.

"..." Once alone, the minister looked down and began to mutter something. "I believe he wants me to deploy more than one bomb…and that would mean more of my kind to sacrifice themselves to activate the bombs… There's no other way than this…"

With a depressed sigh, he went into the darkness and disappeared from the meeting point.

Smash Mansion
Command Room

In the lonely mansion, or more accurately, the command room, Master Hand floated around and sighed in depression. "God, the mansion is pretty dead silent with nobody around," he said to his brother. "We should have like 30 people roaming about doing their things, reserve matches, participate in our little tourneys, and once in a while have meetings about…whatever we do."

"Can I give free coffee if that happens?" Crazy Hand asked.

"For once, think harder than that," Master Hand said. "Days like these are nothing but pure boredom. Here I am, talking to you and nobody else. I'd do anything to get the guys back, but as you know what we did to them before… It's going to take a really long time before they slowly start to come back."

"You kind of made them go back in time when you returned them?"

"Er, no," he said. "Tabuu just sends people to their universes at the time he wants. I don't think that's much of a problem, but we have to stay alert and not mess up anything in the process," he explained. "Or else, we could have someone of the opposite gender."

"That would REALLY make the ratings go up, did you know that?"

"Again, you're insane."

"I like me."

"And I like people rambling against me for a complaint," he joked. "Okay, those guys should be back by now. I hope they like the new versions of the 3."

"Where are those 3?"

"In their rooms," Master Hand said. "They wanted to feel back right at their second home here."

"Oh, that aside," Crazy Hand began as he pointed at the screen, where the icon of Lucario was flashing bright purple. "Seems Lucario betrayed us."

"What do you mean by that?" He looked at the screen. "Oh, come now. I guess I haven't updated that thing in some days and… Wait," he muttered. "There's no way he betrayed us…"

Just then, Chris (back to his human form) and Lucario back through the portal before it vanished. The hands looked at the 2.

"Ooh, I'm jealous," Crazy Hand said. "I wanna have a "piggyarm" ride like you."

Chris blushed embarrassed and got off from Lucario's arm. "W-we're sorry for being late. We were able to fight them off."

Lucario looked depressed. "It looks like you were turned back to a human."

"Oh?" Chris looked at himself. "Oh, yes, you're right. I thought I was going to be a Riolu forever."

"(I wouldn't have minded…)" Lucario thought.

"Oh, you're back," Master Hand said. "Did something happen there?" he asked.

"It…was a weird experience," Chris said. "I mean, I got turned into a Riolu for being in that Pokémon-only world… B-besides that, there was another Subspace Bomb, but we were able to destroy it."

"Zapdos did that," Lucario said. "And there was someone else who appeared out of nowhere…"

"Who?" Master Hand asked.

"Well…there was this weird person with pure darkness around his body. We couldn't see him that clearly, but once we knocked him out, a part became visible and we saw a blue tail like Lucario's tail. Not only that, but we also heard him saying Riley before he vanished in thin air," Chris said. "But I think I know the name…"

"...Wait, Riley?" Master Hand asked. "…Ooh, right. I only know one person who knows that name. In truth, I know Riley very well."

"Who?" Chris and Lucario asked.

Master Hand looked away. "...It was the previous Lucario before your Lucario, Chris."

Chris blinked. "…So…" He thought for a moment. "…W-we fought a ghost?!"

"No!" Master Hand yelled. 'Why would you fight a ghost if you touched him? Tabuu can't go supernatural on us! Not that I'm aware of either, but he can't make pacts with ghosts as far as I know!"

"H-hmm…" Chris shook a little. "L-let me try to concentrate again… So did he survive after all?"

"He maybe survived the attack and the Shadow Bugs took his body while he was weak…" Master Hand looked at the 2. "Oh, sorry. Anyway, I don't remember what happened after that battle with Tabuu. But if my assumptions are correct…he might have survived, and he was taken by Tabuu. He is the Lucario of a Pokémon Trainer named Riley who lives in the region of Sinnoh. I sent a letter to Riley if his Lucario could participate in the tournament. After waiting a long while, he agreed know what happened after."

"Riley!" Chris said. "Yes, I know who he is!"

"The Sir Aaron look-alike?" Lucario asked.

"Er, yes. The Sir Aaron look-alike…"

Chris started to get a little bit off from the main topic.

"I seriously think Riley is the reincarnation of Sir Aaron," he whispered.

"I think it's just coincidence that they look the same," Lucario whispered.

"Oh no," Chris said mildly annoyed. "The hat, the hair, the face, THE Lucario, everything falls into place."

"It's just mere coincidence," Lucario kept saying. "You're thinking too much."

"Okay, if I'm thinking too much, th-"

"Guys!" Master Hand yelled. "Talk about your reincarnations and your own supernatural things later!" he said. "For now, we have to focus on this."

"In that case…I just can't believe we fought him," Chris said. "Do you think there's a way to…save him?"

"Well, that could be possible," Master Hand said. "You'll have to save him ala Smash Bros way."

The 2 of them looked at each other confused. "Ala Smash Bros way? What does that mean?" Chris asked.

"You know, the way everything in all the universes work perfectly to resolve their problems."

The 2 kept staring at him.

"…With violence," the hand said bored. "By defeating him in a battle. That should weaken the Shadow Bugs on him."

"Violet icon, brother?" Crazy Hand interrupted.

"Oh, I forgot about that," Master Hand said. "I should replace his icon for your Lucario." Master Hand snapped his fingers and Lucario's icon changed to his normal form. "Silly me. I need to keep up with the new people."

"And..." Chris looked around. "Where are Mewtwo, Roy, and Pichu?"

"About them," Master Hand said. "Since…you know, they're from the past, I had to make some adjustments to their abilities and such. I hope they don't mind this."

"They're here," Lucario said.

Chris turned around and looked at Mewtwo, Roy, and Pichu walking inside.

"Hmm…" Chris tilted his head. "They look new for some reason.

"Oh yes, I've finished with their movesets and all the things they needed to do," Master Hand pointed at them. "Now you're watching Mewtwo, Roy, and Pichu in their Brawl forms. 30 percent less rounder, 70 percent sharper."

"I have to admit that my previous abilities were kind of stale," Mewtwo said. "I feel more comfortable with my new style myself."

"I can tolerate the pain of my own attacks," Pichu said before looking miffed. "But they still hurt…"

"And I...well, I'm still the same," Roy said rubbing his head.

"And for the final thing to add..." Master Hand snapped his fingers again and the screen made 3 more icons along with the 36 icons, the first icon had Mewtwo with crossed arms and looking away to the left, Pichu in a jumping position, smiling, and Roy with his sword crossed in front of him with the tip of the blade in front of his lap.

"When did we do those poses?" Pichu asked.

"I believe he made us do those poses…then erased our minds," Mewtwo said. "What is the point of toying around with our consciousness? That is going much farther than invading privacy."

"You 3 are submitted by the contract you signed yourselves," Master Hand said. "But of course, I don't go THAT far."

"You made us pose like that," Mewtwo said.

"You erased our minds," Roy added.

"And you made me weaker than Pikachu!" Pichu yelled.

"…Rulesarerules," Master Hand said quickly. "'Kay, Tabuu should make a movement by this time. Get ready for the alarm!" he faked excitement.

"I-I'm just doing this because of the people I'll meet!" Chris said. "Getting hurt MIGHT be with this, though. I'll avoid getting hurt if that's possible!"

"But you should get hit," Roy said. "You'll get stronger that way."

"That's the most twisted thing I've ever heard," Chris said annoyed. "If this keeps up like this, I'll wish to go to a world where everything is so dandy, peaceful, without violence, maybe fun times, an-"

The alarms suddenly went off, and Master Hand looked at the screen. "Oh boy, it's Fox's turn to shine…purple."

Fox's icon was flashing purple.

"Time for you 5 to work together now. Get happy, Chris. More reinforcements. It's going to be like this, though. Sending more people with you will make everything easier, as long as they don't screw something up…"

The hand noticed Chris somewhat worried.

"Did I say something bad to make you feel worried?"

"N-no…" Chris shook his head. "I-it's just that I'm going to go where Fox is, right?"

"What about it?" he asked. "Surely you're not intimidated by the army now, are you?"

"I-I'd say is Fox I'm being intimidated to…" Chris muttered.

"…You're intimidated by Fox? Why would that be? He's harmless if you don't piss him off a lot."

"I-I mean, this is going to sound so weird, but…"

"You're afraid of his face," Mewtwo said suddenly.

Chris blushed embarrassed and looked at the Psychic Pokémon. "D-did you read my mind or something?"

"I wanted you to get to the point, and you were being late. Think of this as a small aid I gave you."

"W-what kind of aid was that?" Chris looked back at the hand. "This is so embarrassing…"

"You're afraid of his face?" Master Hand looked at the icon. "Well, I might have changed 1 thing of 2 about his appearance, but you're actually going to see him in his Assault look. Anyway, don't get afraid, he's actually very sociable."

"Try to stare at his face for 10 seconds straight!" Chris dared.


10 seconds later of staring at Fox's face…

The hand turned to Chris. "Gave me some chills, but I'm perfectly fine."

"U-ugh…" Chris looked unsure.

"Are we stopping to go to his world just because of his face?" Roy said. "Well, I know he looks rather scary, but he's good at heart… Just don't look at him for too long."

"That would make him feel pissed, though," Pichu said.

"…" Everyone remained silent.

"Just go in there!" Master Hand commanded, breaking the silence.

"And do barrel rolls!" Crazy Hand said. Everyone paused for a moment and all were looking at him rather annoyed, even the alarm stopped "...Did I say something unnecessary?"

"What did I just think your brother…saw a rather annoying meme of the internet?" Chris asked. "He didn't…"

"Forget what my brother said just now! It's his hobby or the next universe! Go now! Chop chop!" Master Hand ordered.

Chris sighed with a frown before he made the portal with his control. "I-I'll try to get used to go with more members in the process. I bet I'm going to like this very much."

"Fox's face," Roy muttered.

"Knock that off now!" Chris yelled.

Lucario, angrily, punched Roy's shoulder. "O-oww! H-hey, you hit a little bit too hard!" Roy complained.

"Serves you right," Lucario responded with a grunt of annoyance.

"(Priceless,)" Mewtwo thought sarcastically.

"(I better not make Lucario feel angry… I'd die…)" Pichu thought with a gulp before they all went through the portal before it disappeared.

"Seriously," Crazy Hand began. "You're to blame for making his face like that."

"You shut up," his brother said annoyed.

Star Fox: Assault

Lylat System

As for the futuristic city of Corneria, it didn't have a peaceful day if you considered soldiers having weird bugs taking over their bodies, patrolling the destroyed streets with weird bug cars swerving wildly. Odd thing was that there wasn't a single citizen in there. They were probably hiding underground.

And didn't it strike odd that Corneria had a city in the middle of the ocean?

"This is...horrible... The whole city is getting destroyed..." a blue vixen said over the speaker in the ear of a fox who was stepping in the city.

"Fox! We need to destroy the Jammers so we can communicate with General Pepper and also destroy the Aparoids in the process!" a hare said in the speaker to the fox.

"Got it loud and clear," the fox said as he overlooked the city from a destroyed street that went up. "Guys, cover the air and I'll cover the ground. If I have trouble, try to help me as soon as you can," the fox said.

"Are you kidding me?" an avian asked with a grin. "These guys aren't nothing. We already proved them not to mess around with us."

"I-I-I won't leave the battle either!" a green toad said in the speaker. "Falco's just showing off as usual, so it clearly means I'm still alive!"

"What the heck was that supposed to mean?" Falco asked.

"I-I imagine you as shorter, around the same height as me, with a different voice farther away than the clouds themselves…"

The other 4 listening to the toad shifted their eyes, dumbfounded. "…Slippy…" the vixen began.

"Yes, Krystal?" Slippy asked.

"What was that…supposed to mean, really?" Krystal asked.

"Don't mind him," Falco said annoyed. "He's just thinking way too much today."

"You're the one to talk!" Slippy yelled. "Peppy, you tell 'em!"

"Everyone, get yourself together now!" Peppy yelled. "A city is being slowly eaten by the Aparoids, and we're not helping at all now!"

"Just to let you know, I'm being chased by some of them right now," Fox said. "Dammit! They're shooting at me!"

"Follow Fox's example!"

"Get chased by bug things?" Falco asked. "No thanks."

"I-I mean, go out and fight them off!"

"Finally!" Falco rolled his eyes.

As Fox managed to destroy the Aparoids with his Blaster, he decided to move farther into the city.

At the other side of the city...

A familiar group stepped out from a portal that later disappeared. Guess who now.

"O-okay," Chris said. "Soon enough, I'll meet the serious vulpine, and I'll have to act normal around him…"

"I wonder how he will react when sees you with Ness's clothes," Roy said. "If you're THAT worried, don't give him bad impressions."

"I actually like Ness's clothes, though," Chris said worried. "H-he'll have to get used to what I like."

"That aside," Mewtwo began. "Roy, don't get unfamiliar with the technology of this place.

As he said that, Roy pressed a random button from a close machine, and the machine exploded, engulfing the swordsman before he came out covered in smoke. "Oops…" he said.

"Is he…that naïve?" Pichu asked.

"Roy comes from an age where technology doesn't exist. Fortunately, he'll learn of his mistakes very soon," Mewtwo said frowning.

"I-I'm slowly learning myself!" Roy said embarrassed. "I'm getting the hand of this very quickly!"

"Just learn faster," Mewtwo said with another frown.

"Pichu, you know more about machines right?" Chris asked.

"Y-y-yes I do. Using constantly many items gave me knowledge about machines at the same time," Pichu replied. "Am I something?"

"(People would hate him for using too many items…)" Lucario thought.

"Y-yes, you are," Chris said. "And see the taxi over the distance?"

A "taxi" seemed to be speeding at them from the other side of the street.

"I don't think taxis have green crystals on top of them, though," Roy said.

"…It's because it's not a taxi!" Pichu yelled.

"Dodge it, now!" Mewtwo yelled. Everyone sidestepped away from the "taxi" which was an Aparoid. It turned around harshly before locking them with its senses.

"Can I destroy this machine?" Roy asked.

"If you forgot, it was going to kill us off!" Chris yelled.

"Aw Arceus, they're everywhere!" Pichu yelled with a groan. The 5 quickly backed away to each other as more Aparoids appeared from the ground and shrieked in unison.

"These aren't dangerous," Mewtwo said. "They can be defeated with a single weak hit."

"T-thank goodness…" Pichu sighed.

"But still, they're too many," Lucario said as he narrowed his eyes.

"We need to fight back!" Roy said.

"No," Lucario said. "We can always talk to them and persuade them to join us."

"Are you kidding us?" Pichu asked.


"Lucario, stop acting like that!" Chris yelled.

The Aparoids shrieked another time, and made all of them get prepared to defend themselves.

Meanwhile, an Arwing came flying above the fighting place.

"Let's see, where is a Jammer hiding?" Slippy looked outside the window to find the Jammers.

For some reason, he ignored one just at his opposite direction.

"Hmm, announcement for a line of machines (Ooh, I need to buy that!) an infected soldier...a building burning...5 mysterious guys fighting against a swarm of Aparoids...another tree...another building on fire...another infected soldie-" He did a double-take and blinked in confusion. "Wait, what did I say just now?" he asked to himself.

"Slippy! What are you talking about?" Peppy talked through the speaker. "You're getting away from the range of the city. Turn back around and come back!"

"Y-yes! But Peppy!"

"What is it?"


"I heard you saying something, but I forgot. What were you saying? You were saying something about…before buildings?"

"That I saw an infected soldier?"

"No, before that!" Peppy yelled.

"...A building on fire!"

"No, before that!"

"...A line of machines?"

"No! 2 things after that!"

"5 mysterious guys fighting against a swarm of Aparoids?" Slippy blinked. "Right! That was it! Peppy, there were some guys fighting the Aparoids in the other side of the city! One looked like a big cat, another one was red-haired, there was a small rodent, a big blue dog, and a kid with an odd sense of fashion!"


"D-don't mind what I said about the kid!"

"What?" Peppy checked the radar and he found 5 dots on it defeating the Aparoids. "Well, this is very weird, indeed… Why would the people in the city fight the Aparoids? Unless they have weaponry or they managed to get away from being affected… Fox! Do you hear me?"

"Yeah, what is it?" Fox asked.

"There are 5 people fighting the Aparoids on the east side of the city. Go there immediately before we get casualties. We must maintain any citizen alive," Peppy commanded.

"Roger… Wait, what again?" Fox asked.

"Just go there now!" Peppy yelled. "It'll be good if you go and see what's going on!"

"…Fine, I'll go," Fox said with a nod before he ran to the east.

As for the Smashers, it was very easy to defeat the Aparoids (then again, Chris knew they were weak with one hit, so he just simply swung his bat around).

"That was way too easy," Roy said. "They made me sweat, though. They were too many."

"And considering how they were moving, they were frantically trying to kill us all," Mewtwo said.

"Oh, really?" Pichu asked bored.

Mewtwo stared at Pichu, and the Pokémon gulped before he nodded.

"Chris here just hit them senseless," Roy said.

"H-hey! A-at least I did something!" Chris yelled.

Roy looked at Lucario, and the red-haired swordsman sweated after Lucario glared at him. "I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean he's useless or anything…"

"Grrr....." Lucario showed his fangs for a moment.

"Lucario…" Chris said bored.

"Fine, but he should watch his mouth," Lucario said with a grunt.

"So what now?" Roy asked. "Where to?"

"Wait," Mewtwo said before he started to glow. "I'll use my power to see if there is something happening here."

"Besides the fact the whole city is being invaded by bugs?"

Mewtwo nodded. "We're in the public park, and no more of them will get here."

The group looked around. They didn't notice they reached the public park (just a bunch of trees).

"Let me see the surroundings of the whole city…" Mewtwo closed his eyes.

Chris stared at Mewtwo for a moment. "…"

"Is something wrong?" Mewtwo asked without looking at him.

Chris blinked shocked. "N-no. I-I was just thinking how useful you are."

"Why are you saying such a thing?"

"I-I mean, I don't want to offend you, but I thought you were evil from the beginning when I first looked at you."

"…I'm constantly being judged for my looks," Mewtwo said. "However, I assure you I'm peaceful like any other Pokémon out there. I won't regret to say that I once thought foolish, but dangerous things about humans."

"Oh, I see…" Chris said. "Sorry if I sounded rude."

"No, it's okay," Mewtwo said. "As long as I don't go much further into detail, it's fine. Hopefully this will clear your doubts about me, am I right?"

"I think so…"

"Take in mind I don't plan to be friends with anyone."

Chris just blinked and looked down. "I-I'm not asking you that…"

"True," Mewtwo said. "And let it stay like that. Also, be careful when you're around me because I could read your thoughts at any moment. I wouldn't want to get angry at you."

Chris gulped. "O-okay. I understand."


The other 3 simply watched them. "That's Mewtwo for you," Roy said. "He's like that, always."

"He's the reason why I never fight nasty-looking opponents," Pichu said. "Like Fo-I mean, big Pokémon."

At that moment, Mewtwo opened his eyes. "It's clear now," he said.

"What is it, Mewtwo?" Roy asked.

"After exploring the city for a little while, I managed to find at least…10 Subspace Bombs around the perimeter of the whole city. They're at 60 minutes each, so we could try to find them and deactivate before they blow up."

"T-ten?!" Chris said shocked. "Oh please, this has to be a cruel nightmare!"

A big shadow rose from behind him.

"And besides, I don't think any of us can deactivate them with 10 bombs around and only 5 of us… I guess we should find help."

"Or in other words…" Lucario walked to his side and looked at the shadow's origin. "Him."

Chris noticed that the others were starting at the origin of the shadow. The teen gulped and frowned. "…Don't tell me…he's right behind us…"

With a sigh, he slowly turned around, and looked high up where a person watched them from the top of a building.

"(Remain there, remain there! I-I don't want to see that face!)" Chris thought. "(My god, I'm so pathetic…)

"Halt! Hands to the air!" the shadow yelled before the person jumped off from the building (and fell 18 feet without getting hurt whatsoever) and ran at them. "Who are you and what were you doing fighting the monsters just now? Answer me!"

Fox looked dead serious about the whole thing that he shot them with a glare.

And Chris was the first to faint and fall down on his back.

"…" Fox looked at Chris. "…You okay?"

Roy facepalmed. "Fox, no need to go police on us," Roy said.

The vulpine narrowed his eyes at them before he recognized the group. His glare slowly disappeared and he put his Blaster away. "Oh, it's you," Fox said. "Wait, how did you get here?" He looked at Lucario. "Who are you?" He looked down at Chris. "And why's he fainted?"

"Your face," Pichu muttered.


"I-I mean, you freaked him out…I mean, you scared him."

"Well, I couldn't help it… Wait!" Fox shook his head. "How did you all get here in the first place? You didn't come out of nowhere, that's for sure. And you surely didn't come for the Aparoids, am I right?"

"(He's very clever about everything he asks,)" Lucario thought. "(So serious as well.)"

"Look, Fox, we can explain everything later," Mewtwo said. "For now, you have to accept our presences here for a time."

"…" Fox looked confused at the whole thing. "Okay… Thing is, I want to see if he's fine."

Chris shook his head and opened his eyes before sitting up. "Oh gosh, that was so embarrassing and…"

The teen looked up at Fox.

A small whimper sounded in his mind, but he shook the sound away. "H-hello!" Chris said, forcing a smile as he stood up. "I-I'm so sorry for fainting all of a sudden, but you just came out of nowhere!"

"…" Fox kept staring at him.

"(Oh no, I already gave him a bad impression… S-stop looking at me with that look!)" Chris pleaded in his mind.


"W-well, I-I'm glad to meet you. My name is Chris," Chris introduced himself. "This here is Lucario."

"…Hello," Lucario said confused.

"A-and sorry if I did something embarrassing, but I just got here and all that so I-" Chris noticed that Fox was still staring at him…

…With THAT face.

"…(Don't kill me,)" came as a thought of Chris.

"…" Fox closed his eyes and nodded.

The way he did it made Chris feel extremely uncomfortable.

"I see," Fox said. "Hey, Peppy, everyone, did you listen? We have some friends of mine down here who want to help."

"Hey, you guys!" Falco called from Fox's right arm's caller. "Long time no see. How have you been?"

"Why does Falco sound different?" Pichu asked.

"…Different?" Falco asked. "What do you mean?"

"I'm here, Fox," Peppy said.

"Peppy, did you listen?" Fox asked.

"Very clear. I'm sorry for being brief, but we should regroup again in the Great Fox," Peppy said. "We're in a dire situation right now."

"I guess we should do that for now," Krystal said. "We can leave the city for just some minutes to think about this again."

"Oh, are you guys friends of Fox and Falco?" Slippy asked. "I never had the opportunity to meet you in person."

"Fox, Falco, Slippy, Krystal, and everyone else, return to the Great Fox!" Peppy commanded. "Return quickly!"

"Roger!" the Star Fox team said while they nodded their heads.

"My god," Chris muttered. "They're very serious when they need to."

"What was that?" Fox asked.

"(S-stay calm.) I-I'm very surprised at your teamwork as a…team," Chris said sweating.

"We do things like this our way," Fox said. "Anyway, you guys follow me. I'll take you to the Great Fox shortly. And while there, don't touch anything."

"Um, why?" Pichu asked.

"I just want to make myself clear, that's all," Fox said.

"(He's saying that because he doesn't trust me or Lucario,)" Chris thought. "(I'm really going to have a hard time here…)"

Great Fox
Over Corneria city

Several minutes have passed ever since both teams met each other…or rather talked about the Smashers' reason behind their appearance.

"…And that's why we're here," Roy said. "We're here to stop some guys from blowing up some bombs around the city."

"Hmm, I see," Peppy said. "To be honest, there were 10 signals coming from different parts of the city that appeared plainly so suddenly," he explained. "I guess these are the bombs you speak of?"

"Y-yes," Chris said. "And we thought if we could ask you for your help."

"Here's your answer," Falco began as he crossed his legs on the chair. "Duh."

"Phew," Roy said. "I forgot why we were so nervous in the beginning."

"Thank you," Mewtwo said. "But unfortunately we lack the knowledge to deactivate the bombs ourselves. We don't have any clue about deactivating the Subspace Bombs."

"Oh, bombs?" Slippy asked. "This is the era where technology has advanced so far. Those bombs are no problem for me at all. Let me take a look at a picture of it and I'll have the device to deactivate them with a single touch."

"Look who's bluffing now," Falco said, looking away.

"Oh, quiet, Falco!" Slippy said annoyed.

"Then let us proceed with the briefing," Peppy said.

Mission briefing

"Um, here is a picture of how the bombs look like," Chris said as he handed a picture to Slippy.

"Hmm…amazing," Slippy remarked with a nod. "This bomb seems way too advanced…"

"So we can't deactivate them?" Falco asked. "Hurray."

"Oh no! Not quite!" Slippy said. "These bombs are very advanced, but they won't stand against my inventions!" He cleared his throat. "Alright, listen up." Slippy pointed at five Subspace Bombs located through the city by using the virtual map. "I've located 5 bombs spread in the east, west, north, south, and center of the city."

"Weren't there 10 bombs, though?" Roy asked.

"…Hey! What gives?" Falco began. "I was sure they were there a second ago!"

"Maybe…" Krystal wondered. "…They're probably trying to drop the remaining bombs if the first 5 are deactivated," Krystal said.

"But why?" Slippy asked.

"Simple," Fox said. "Think they're having the remaining 5 bombs as last resource. But when you think again, it seems very suspicious that they hid the other bombs so suddenly."

"We'll worry about that later," Peppy said.

"So, how are we supposed to deactivate the bombs, Slip?" Falco asked.

"Ask me anything, but I will always have my ways," Slippy said as an image of a device appeared on the screen. "I've been developing a bomb deactivator since the last month. Luckily, I've made many copies for emergency occasions. Guess what? This is one of them!"

"How do we use them?" Pichu asked.

" You only need to place them in any part of the bomb and it'll be deactivated the first moment it touches the bomb. Easy, isn't?" Slippy asked excited.

"Well, you're the genius here. Any machine created by you always comes in handy." Fox remarked.

Slippy scratched his cheek. "Geez, I'm blushing now…"

"By the way," Peppy began. "It seems they're preparing reinforcements as we speak."

"What?" Fox asked. "Show the image!"

"The Aparoids are creating a barrier of them along with the Primids to stop us!" Peppy said. The image showed both Aparoids and Primids swarming around the locations of the bombs around the city.

"Darn it, they were aware of us since the beginning," Roy said.

"Wait, aware?" Chris began. "I-I don't think this all happened just by coincidence…"

"…We're getting a signal from an unknown source," ROB 64 said.

"What signal?" Slippy asked.

"Beginning signal," he said.

Everyone looked at the screen, and there was someone clad in darkness with crossed arms, glowing red eyes, and a devilish glare. It was hard to tell the background where the mysterious figure was located. "Good evening, gentlemen…" The person looked at Krystal. "And woman," he said.

"Who the hell are you?"

"General L, you know," he said. "The same person the dog and the kid defeated some time ago."

"Y-you!" Chris yelled.

"Good to be known," he said sarcastically.

"You imbecile…" Lucario grunted. "What do you want now?"

"Nothing," L said. "I'm just here to tell you that I got word of your plans just now."

"Wait, you…hi-jacked the Great Fox? But how?" Slippy asked.

"The Subspace can do anything, should I say. I alerted the troops about your plans in secret while you were discussing," L said. "But that aside, I'm simply here to tell you that I'm going to come after you very soon."

"W-who exactly?" Chris asked.

"You know who," L said. "I'm going to enjoy our future fight. You better be ready for the bombs, though. That worthless scum you have there to help you will at least give you some help." He waved a hand to them. "Good luck…idiots."

"W-wait!" Chris yelled before he cut the communication link. "I-I didn't tell him about Riley…"

"You know that guy?" Falco asked.

"We met him some time ago, but we defeated him," Lucario said. "But he escaped before we could finish him."

"Don't worry about him," Chris said depressed. "Sooner or later we'll encounter him today…"

"…" Fox shook his head. "Forget about him for now. We have better things to do than wasting our time with someone who can't even show his own face."

"We need to hurry up, then. The bombs are at 15 minutes now." Peppy looked at the 9. "You have to form 4 teams to deactivate the bombs. I'll drop you in the center of the city so you can finish with the first bomb. Since there are only 9 of you on the ground, one will have to guard the sky."

"The sky is my place," Falco said, raising a hand. "I'm not too much of a ground fighter anyway."

"Fine, Falco. Fox, you'll decide the teams once you touch the ground and deactivate the first bomb," Peppy said. "I wish you all good luck."

"I'm ready to go," Lucario said.

"So do I," Falco said.

"Me too!" Slippy said.

"I won't say the negative here," Krystal said.

"Very well, then," Mewtwo said.

"I-I-I'm ready! …I think," Pichu said.

"I need to test my sword in the fight again," Roy said holding his sword.

"Okay," Fox made a fist in front of his face "Let's go, team!"

End of mission briefing

"…Wait," Fox looked around. "Someone's gone here."

Everyone looked around. "Chris was here just a moment ago. Did he go somewhere?" Roy asked.

"He doesn't know this place at all," Fox said. "He could get lost if he doesn't keep track of where he's going."

"Then will you go for him?" Peppy asked. "We need him now."

"Ugh, okay," Fox said mildly annoyed before he left them all.

"Meanwhile," Peppy began as he looked at everyone. "I'll direct you all to the center of the city. Get ready for this."

Most of them nodded in agreement.


A door with the label "Bathroom" was shown before a flushing sound came from behind it. It later opened and a relieved Chris came out. "I thought this place didn't have bathrooms," he said with a small smile. "For being such a ship for war, it has what a normal house has… Oh, right, I need to go with everyone…"

He was about to walk away, but then something stopped him.

"(Wait… I shouldn't have left them so suddenly… That could make someone I know suspicious about me for this little thing…)" He gulped. "(Please, PLEASE don't tell me he's coming for me…)"

Chris looked around.

"(ALONE…)" he thought with another gulp. "Okay… I need to go back…pretend I didn't go somewhere…stay focused in the main mission…and everything will be alright."

"Did you know you're such a bad liar?"

"I know…" Chris said as he looked at Fox, who was leaned against the steel wall with crossed arms and closed eyes. "But I must do this so you don't get a ba-FOX!!!" Chris yelled as he backed away in fear. "U-u-u-u-um, sorry for leaving so suddenly, but I had to go!" He sweated frantically, with his heart beating faster in pure horror.

"Yeah, I know," Fox said as he opened one eye at him. "I can tell by the odor."

"…" Chris blushed. "H-hey, that's way more embarrassing! I-I mean, what are you doing here? I-it's bad to spy people in the bathroom!"

"And it's bad to lie," Fox added. "And to act like someone else as well."

"…I'm sorry," Chris said. "I'll go back to the mission, sir…"

Chris lowered his arms down and walked depressed to the way he came from.

A heavy hand fell on his right shoulder. By the looks of his face, Chris was getting more frightened. "…Y-yes?" Chris asked.

"Why the hell are you acting like that around me?" Fox asked with a serious face. "Answer me."

"(OH GOD!!!)" Chris cried in his mind. He shyly turned around and put his hands close to his neck. He was seriously scared by Fox. "…I-it's because…"

"It's because?" Fox asked, raising an eyebrow.

"…I think you're scary in person," Chris said in shame. "When I first knew I was going to come here, I remembered you living here and I…couldn't just stare at you directly because…you're scary in person."

"…" Fox made a confused look. "Oh, that?"

"Y-yes," Chris said. "This is so embarrassing…but I think you're scary with even a normal look… (Don't tell him about the game at all…)"

"Hmm…" Fox crossed his arms and stared at Chris. "Then stare at me. C'mon."

"(What?!) H-huh?"

"Stare at my face. I want you to keep staring at me and see if you do get scared by me."

Chris looked away. "B-but why?"

"If you're really scared by me, you need to get over that stupid fear," Fox said. "You better do it quick or else the city below will get destroyed…"


"Tell me something. You don't want me to hate you for a bad impression, right?"

"I-I guess not…" Chris said without looking at him. "J-just don't hate me…"

"Then do what I told you a second ago," Fox said. "Do it."

"…" Chris slowly turned around and stared directly at Fox's face. He then stared directly at his eyes. "…"

"And no, I don't roll that way," Fox said.

Chris sweatdropped. "I-I didn't think that at all!"

"Remain silent," Fox said. "Don't stop there."

"(Oh goodness, is this my own version of the Test of Fear? I hated that part so much…and this one as well,)" Chris thought before he gulped. "I can do this…"













"…" Fox blinked one time and he smiled a little to Chris.

"!!!" Chris blinked shocked but he…smiled back to him. However, he blushed embarrassed and looked away, smile intact. "U-um, wow…"

"How are you feeling?" Fox asked, still smiling.

"I-I don't know what just happened," Chris said before he looked at him. "W-when you smiled all of a sudden, I-I just smiled back at you. I mean, what was that you just did to me?"

"Oh, come now," Fox said with a frown. "I made your useless fear of me disappear. Are you feeling well now that you can keep a straight face to me?"

Chris stopped smiling and he looked at Fox. "…I do. I can't believe it, I do!"

Fox nodded and smiled a little with a chuckle. For some reason, Chris smiled a little and chuckled as well with the vulpine.

"My god, that was fun…" Chris said with a chuckle. "A-and I don't know why I was scared of you either. I laugh at that whenever I remember it! How did you do that, really?"

"Good," Fox said. "Now that you're good, let's go."

"W-wait!" Chris stopped him. "Really, how did you do that to me?"

"It was just random," Fox said confused. "I…kind of thought of that out of the blue."

"…Oh," came as a response. "Well, that worked pretty well… Weird."

"Heheheh, let's go, then." Fox motioned to him.

"…" Chris blushed. "I'm sorry if I made you feel uneasy with me around."

"It was okay," Fox said. "Just don't lie…and faint when I walk to you, for crying out loud."

"I-I told you I got scared! You appeared out of nowhere!"

Fox began to laugh as they walked back.

"Y-you stop laughing at me now!" Chris yelled annoyed. "Ugh! I knew there was something devious with you! That face, I knew it had it! And stop laughing now! Fox, do you hear me? Stop laughing!"


Center of the city

After everything was planned, the team landed just in the center of the city. Falco was already taking down many enemy ships in the air. Slippy gave them each the Bomb Deactivators (named after Slippy). Since the bomb was just in the center, Slippy tried it out first, and surprisingly, the bomb stopped.

Just then, Chris and Fox came to them.

"Finally. What took you 2 so long?" Roy asked.

"I-" Chris got interrupted.

"He was busy in the bathroom," Fox said. "Very busy."

"(You little…) Sorry," Chris said annoyed.

The teen looked at the Subspace Bombs, where 2 different robots were staring at the bomb. Chris remembered the last robots he last saw being obliterated by Zapdos. He looked down in shame before he shook the thought away.

"Alright," Fox began. "Here are the teams."

Team 1:

Fox and Krystal

North Bomb

Team 2:

Roy and Slippy

West Bomb

Team 3:

Pichu and Mewtwo

East Bomb

Team 4:

Chris and Lucario

South Bomb

"Any objections?" Fox asked.

It was revenge for Chris by Fox's teasing. "Oh, how weird. Krystal ended up with you."

Bless Chris for knowing about Fox's shy side for Krystal...a bad romance in the future.

A small chuckle came from Krystal, who seemed amused by this. Fox looked away and avoided them from seeing him blushing a little. "Y-yeah, weird," he said. "(Wait, how does he know about that anyway?)"

"By the way," Pichu began as he looked up at Slippy. "Please, watch out for Roy."

"What's so bad about him?" Slippy asked.

Just then, Roy was near another machine. "Hey, I think I can do this now. Let me see if I can turn this machine on!" he said and pressed another button, exploding in the process like the last one, and engulfing him in the process. "…I have a long way to go…" Roy said as he came out from the smoke he created by accident.

Slippy smiled…worried at this. "...Can we change members please?" Slippy turned his back and he didn't see anyone. They all just left them at that moment. "…Oh, thank you so much, you guys!" he yelled annoyed.

Roy walked to him. "What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Roy grabbed Slippy by the hand and they ran to the west. Slippy sweatdropped about what Roy was going to do.

A mechanical genius was paired up with a complete clueless idiot about machines…or at least he thought.

Preview of the next chapter

"This is Fox."

"And this is Chris."

Fox looked at Chris. "…Wait, when did you get a scouter, a jacket, and that blaster?"

"In the next chapter. Lucario also got the same job as me."

"Job? …That doesn't matter. Take it off."

"What? You want me…forget it. I'm keeping these clothes."

"I've said stop using them!"

"No!" Chris yelled. "What's so bad? I actually like the way you dress!"


"Teaming Up With Thugs is the next chapter… Um, Fox? Why are you glaring at me? …Y-you can lower your right fist now… N-no! Don't hit me where the scouter is! F-Fox, you're really getting furious now. Y-you're scaring me, Fox! I-I BEG YOU, DON'T HIT ME! AAAAAAAAAH!!!"

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22. Teaming Up With Thugs

Alright! Longest chapter yet! As I've said before, there are a lot of things going on this chapter, enjoy it and read and review!

Chapter 22: The five remaining bombs! VS a not Primid general!

North side

Star Fox: Space Armada

As Fox and Krystal continued their way to the north with the Bomb Deactivator in hands, a horde of Primids and Aparoids surrounded them, however, Krystal was already prepared with a Gatling Gun, Fox, who was astonished by this, watched how Krystal was wiping out all of them.

"Krystal, when did you got that Gatling Gun?" Fox asked.

"I always search for weapons laying around Fox, not like you, who always use a Blaster." Krystal said, Fox looked at his Blaster and he shook in embarrasment.

With just one shot, any Aparoid or Primid were instantly killed (never underestimate the power of a Gatling Gun!) And much for Fox's dismay, Krystal's Gatling Gun was full of shots, leaving the leader of the Star Fox team in shame. Nevertheless, Fox was taking out some of them from afar with fully charged shots.

While they were shooting with their guns, Fox approached to Krystal "So, Krystal...I've been wondering..."

"Yeah?" Krystal asked.

"When all of this war is over..."

"I'm hearing."

"Well..." Fox blushed little, somehow, the talk with Tricky in Sauria gave Fox the sudden urge to ask Krystal for

"Why are you blushing Fox?" Krystal asked, she eliminated 4 Aparoids in the process.

"Can we...go out for a date when we get rid of the Aparoids?"

When Krystal listened to this, her eyes widened a lot, she blushed a little in the process like Fox too, did Fox just asked for date...a moment ago?

"Sorry, but I think I heard you wrong, did just you asked me for a date?" Krystal asked, waiting for Fox's reply.

"If we...can go...for a date...when all this war is over?" Fox replied. Krystal was left without words of what to say.

"Um...I'll think of that later..." She said, running to the north in a hurry.

Fox sighed and placed his hand in his forehead "You're an idiot Fox...asking her that in a time like this...why I didn't asked her in the Great Fox then?" He shook his head and followed Krystal. Their objective was just above a building which was guarded by many Primids and Aparoids again.

East side

"They're attacking from above, Pichu, use Thunder on them." Mewtwo commanded.

"But...I don't thin-"

"GO!" Mewtwo threw Pichu through the air with his psychic powers, somehow, Pichu knew what was Mewtwo's plan, he casted a Thunder above the flying Aparoids, which destroyed them and missed Pichu from hitting him.

"Good, you knew what I was thinking." Mewtwo said, Pichu stood up and he smiled, just then, 2 Primids were behind Mewtwo and Pichu gasped.

"Look out behind you!" Pichu shouted.

Mewtwo just grinned and he turned his back quickly, then he somehow sliced them down with his hands "Hmph, I knew using Psycho Cut to change my 3 attack combo was a good idea."

Mewtwo's normal 3 combo attacks were changed for a variation of the move Psycho Cut, when he moves his hands in a diagonal position, he can cast a pink slice in from of him to harm his enemies, good idea, isn't?

"Look! The bomb is between those buildings!" Pichu pointed at the Subspace Bomb hiding between 4 buildings, as soon as he located the bomb, more Aparoids and Primids appeared from nowhere surrounding the bomb. Pichu just sighed and he closed his eyes and ran after them.

"At least he is getting braver now," Mewtwo muttered to himself, then he saw both alien races surrounding him, then he grinned again "Bring it!" He started to glow as the Primids and Aparoids lunged at him.

South side

"There is no end to these things!" Chris said, he was tiring himself out of using PK Flash over and over again, he learned PSI Magnet in the process, but it wouldn't help too much.

"Stay behind me!" Lucario shouted running away from the Aparoids and Primids so Chris could hid behind him, Chris managed to hid behind him and started to think about something.

"No...this is not going to work...minus the Swordsman job...ugh, I need a new job!" Chris was searching in the menu for a job that would help him in this battle, he closed his eyes and suddenly, him and Lucario glowed for a moment and stopped "Huh? This one wasn't here before..."

Space Mercenary

With the Space Mercenary as your job, it will give you the neccessary knowledge to use high tech machines as your weapons, use your Blaster to defeat foes from afar and near and also use a wide variety of weapons in your arsenal!

As soon as Chris saw the new job at his disposal, he pressed it and his appearance changed, he gained a green scouter in his right eye, a Blaster with a belt and a gray jacket with 2 pockets of each side.

"Wow...this job is by far my favorite..." He took out his Blaster "And look, I even have this Blaster!" He tried it out with some Primids far away from him, with some shots they were defeated.

"Did you see that Lucar-" When Chris turned his head to see Lucario, Lucario was already different too, he got the same things Chris got too, but he didn't used his Blaster at all "That Blaster is a waste of time for you right?"

Lucario nodded and he ran towards the south side, Chris just frowned and he went with Lucario with his already charged Blaster of his left hand.

"I wonder how are Slippy and Roy though..." Chris muttered to himself.

West side

"For the last time, don't touch that butto-NO!" Slippy shouted as Roy pressed another random button from a machine, exploding again in the process, Roy wasn't even paying attention to Slippy at all, sure, it was easy for him to defeat the Primids and Aparoids, but listening to Slippy with his curiosity at the highest level was impossible "How are you standing up like that after the 8th explosion anyway?" Slippy asked confused.

"Um...because I have this armor perhaps?" Roy pointed at his armor.

"...Ok...right...I knew it all along..."

"Look!" Roy pointed at another horde of Primids and Aparoids coming at them, Slippy, however, had everything already finished, he set mines in the way of the 2 races, when they were just above the mines, Slippy pressed a button and the mines exploded, making the Aparoids and Primids being defeated by Slippy's mines.

"Hahahaha! I'm not that stupid!" Slippy remarked, when he turned around to see Roy, he saw him more black than before "...But how did you turned black again if you've already pressed ALL THE MACHINES IN THE WAY?"

"I was...standing above those mines things" Roy replied, Slippy placed his hand in his forehead and he frowned.

"Ugh, you know what? Stay away from any machine and you'll be fine ok?"

Roy thought for a moment and he nodded, Slippy ran to the west and he found the bomb below some trees, then another horde of Primids and Aparoids appeared from nowhere.

"Falco! We need your help here!" Slippy shouted to the sky with his speaker, just then Falco appeared from the north and he fired many shots at the enemies, eliminating half of them, then he flew away again, giving a thumbs up to Slippy.

"HIIIIIYAH!" Roy shouted using the fire of his sword, sending many Aparoids away from him. Slippy just kept firing many shots using his blaster and, oddly, cheering happily as he did.

North side

"This is Fox and Krystal, the north bomb was deactivated." Fox said to Peppy with his speaker.

East side

"(This bomb was also deactivated.)" Mewtwo said telepathically to Peppy.

South side

"This is Chris and Lucario, the south bomb was deactivated too!" Said Chris with his new speaker to Peppy, Peppy made a confused face about why Chris was using a speaker.

West side

"Slippy here! The west bomb was deactivated with success!" Slippy said happily with his speaker.

"Well done everyone, now let's wait for the other bombs." Peppy said to everyone.

A few moments later...

Many ships came from nowhere in the sky holding the Subspace Bombs, every ship flew towards every point above everyone's current location.

South side

"Here it comes ready..." Chris wispered to Lucario, the bomb was approaching to them, but something unexpected happened, the ship didn't dropped the bomb and it flew away from them "Huh? Why he didn't dropped the bomb?"

"Guys! They're not dropping the bombs!" Slippy said in the speaker.

"I know, it just came flying above us without dropping the bomb too." Fox said in the speaker.

"Wait, I know what are they doing." Peppy said.

"What?" Mewtwo asked.

"They're not dropping the bombs to the ground because they are going to detonate them in the air so we can't reach them!" Peppy yelled, almost everyone gasped when they realised their plan.

"What are we going to do then?" Chris asked.

"Fox, Slippy, and Krystal, go to your Arwings and prepare to chase them in the air, everyone else must board the wing of any Arwing, when you're able to reach the bombs, put the deactivators on them, be careful if the Aparoid on the air start to attack, you must eliminate them at all costs!" Peppy commanded.

"Got it!", "Understood!", "Ok!" Many voices said at the same time.


They quickly gathered again, Krystal boarded her Arwing and Pichu hopped in her wing (because Mewtwo threw him at the wind, even if Pichu didn't wanted in the first place) and then he floated to the other wing, Slippy boarded his Arwing and Roy hopped in his wing, both Arwings took off, but Fox was looking for his Arwing along with Chris and Lucario.

"Peppy, where is my Arwing?" Fox asked.

"Oh, right, I forgot, your Arwing is on the top of a building very close to you, is at the northeast of your current location." Peppy answered, Fox looked at the top of a red building with his Arwing on the top.

"Follow me guys." Fox said to Chris and Lucario, both nodded and followed Fox to the building.

After running without stopping because Aparoids (the Primids weren't there anymore) were in the way, they found the Arwing just in front of them.

"Alright, now jump to the wings of-" Fox was interrupted, many Aparoids came crawling from the walls around them, they destroyed Fox's Arwing in the process and he cursed to himself "Darn it! We're surrounded!" Fox said, just as the Aparoids were very close to them, Fox heard a ship coming to them "DUCK FOR COVER!" He shouted, Chris and Lucario ducked and the mysterious ship started to fire lasers at the Aparoids, destroying them and saving the 3.

"Hmph, Fox, you've grown careless as I see." A familiar voice said from the mysterious ship who was landing in front of them.

"Wolf!" Fox revealed the voice. Chris and Lucario sweatdropped after hearing the previous Primid commander.

"So? You wanna destroy those things or what? Jump to my wing." Wolf commanded, Fox jumped to the left wing of Wolf's Wolfen...and Chris and Lucario jumped to the right wind "Hey, I didn't told you 2!...Wait a minute..." Wolf examined his new "guests" for his right wing, both of them were sweating when Wolf was glancing on them.

"I-i-i-it's something wrong sir?" Chris asked sweating.

"I don't know why...but I think I've seen you 2 before...but I don't know when I did..."

"No! We've never met before!"

"I think we did..."

"Errhm...just forget it and fly this thing!"

"Hey! You don't order me around kid!"

"Kid, kid, kid, you don't know anything else besides that don't you?"

"What the heck are talking about?"

"Forget it now please! We have to destroy the Aparoids now!" Chris yelled angrily, Wolf just cursed under his breath to himself and he flew his Wolfen in the air...forgetting why he didn't dropped Chris and Lucario in the first place.

Above the city

Star Wolf (Assault)

"Slippy! There is a bomb close to your location, chase after it!" Peppy commanded.

"Got it Peppy, Roy, prepare to touch the bomb with the deactivator!" Slippy said. Roy took out the Bomb Deactivator and Slippy accelerated to the closest ship with the bomb. The ship wasn't trying to get away actually, and Roy installed the device with a simple touch and the bomb stopped his countdown.

"Alright! One is down, 4 more to go!" Both Slippy and Roy said at the same time, they looked at each other and laughed for a bit.

"Heh, these enemies aren't worth to be killed by me." A chameleon said to Wolf and everyone else.

"Stop showing off Leon, this is not the time for doing that." Wolf said.

"Ugh, you party pooper..." Leon replied.

"A bomb is close to you Krystal!" Peppy said to Krystal.

"I know what to do." Krystal stated, the next bomb was flying above her and she chased after it.

"Fly higher, he is getting away!" Pichu said.

"I can't catch up with him, he is way too high!"

"In that case...Pichu, grab the deactivator." Mewtwo ordered to Pichu, the electric mouse took the device in his hands.

"Now what Mewtwo?" When Pichu asked that, Mewtwo used his psychic powers to lift Pichu from the wing and he threw him at the ship with the bomb, Pichu saw the opportunity and he touched the bomb with the deactivator, stopping the countdown by doing so, Pichu was screaming when he saw the ground far away from him.

"SOMEBODY HELP ME!" He shouted, when he was in half-way, an Arwing got him, the pilot of that Arwing was Falco himself.

"Hey Pichu, open your eyes, you're fine" The blue falcon exclaimed, Pichu opened his eyes and he sighed in relief.

"Thank you Falco!" He thanked Falco with a smile "...Say, are you taller than before?"

"Huh?" Falco replied confused.

"Fox, there are 2 bombs close to you, Wolf, chase it!" Peppy commanded.

"I don't receive orders from a har-"

"JUST DO IT!" Fox, Chris and Lucario said at the same time, Wolf gritted his teeth (or fangs) and he chased the 2 ships.

"They're getting away from us! Accelerate!" Chris said.

"It's the maximum velocity, I can't accelerate!" Wolf stated, just then, another Wolfen came at the right of Wolf's Wolfen, that Wolfen had roses as marking in his sides, and it fired several lasers at the ship with the bomb, making the ship to come down enough for Chris to touch it with the deactivator, stopping the countdown.

"Thanks for your help, who are you?" Chris asked the pilot of the other Wolfen.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Panther Caroso... and all who see my rose meet death!" The pilot of the third Wolfen, Panther, introduced himself.

"But you didn't killed the ship..." Chris pointed out.

"You know what I mean." Panther said rolling his eyes.

"The ninth ship it's just close to us, we have to place the deactivator now!" Fox said.

"Then I'm going to accelerate this time, hold on!" Wolf said accelerating this time.

"Wait, you just said a moment ago you couldn't accelerate and you can now?" Chris asked confused.

"At least do you think why I didn't accelerated? It was because I don't wanted blames if you 3 would fall to the ground below at this height!"

"Oh...then you're worring about us right?"

"Not a chance kid-"

And again, Wolf said to Chris "Kid" which made Chris a little angry after hearing this. The next ship was very close to them, but it accelerated too.

"He is getting away from us!" Fox exclaimed.

"Sorry, but I'm not going to accelerate this time, think about something and fast!" Wolf said.

"Let's see..." Chris looked at a particular black hand to his right "Lucario, can yo-"

Lucario already knew what was Chris's plan, he took the deactivator from Chris's hand and he threw it at the ship, installing the device in the process and stopping the countdown too.

"Good job Lucario!" Chris smiled at Lucario, and he gave him a little smile.

"Where is the next bomb?" Slippy asked to Peppy.

"Hmm...there is not another bomb on the radar...this is strange..."

"Wait, what is that sound?" Pichu heard a sound coming from far away.

"I don't know, but I can hear it too" Falco said.

"It sounds like a big ship for battle in the air." Slippy pointed out.

"It's coming closer to us!" Roy said.

"The sound is coming from the west!" Leon said.

"Wait, I know that silhouette!" Peppy stated, then he saw a purple ship coming close to Wolf, Fox, Chris and Lucario.

Boss Battle Song 1

"Ugh...Star Fox...everyone...I let my guard down...they took my body..." A voice inside the purple ship said, it was a person with a dog face and clothed in red general clothes, he was somehow embedded to the machine.

"General Pepper!!" Fox, Falco, Slippy, Krystal and Peppy shouted at the same time, revealing the person inside the purple ship.

"God...he is embedded to the ship..." Chris said, he looked at the appearance of the ship, it was big, a green crystal was on the top of it with purple crystals surrounding it, the ship was a big machine for both hand to hand combat equipped with razor blades is his arms, he was also equipped with long range weapons like missiles, beams and bombs. But when Chris saw the back of the ship, there was a Subspace Bomb attached to it!

"There is the bomb attached to the back of the ship!" Chris pointed at the bomb "We need to place the deactivator to it before 3 minutes!"

"It's not use! If we install the deactivator, the ship will explode with General Pepper!" Peppy said "We have no choice but to defeat it!"

"But...we can't harm the General!" Falco said angrily.

"Don't hesitate in shooting me...just destroy this thing!" General Pepper commanded.

Fox closed his eyes, he didn't thought about fighting General Pepper in this situation, but Wolf spoke to him "You knew this moment was going to happen anyway, prepare!"

"ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!" Fox yelled and then the ship was coming right at them.

"Shoot the green crystal on the top, it's his weakness Fox!" Krystal said.

"Lucario, use Aura Sphere on it!" Chris commanded and Lucario nodded, he charged up an Aura Sphere and he started to shoot the crystal, Chris started to shoot too with his Blaster and Fox was using a Machine Gun.

"Darn it, his shield is too thick and we're doing little damage!" Fox said.

"Look out! He is close to you 4!" Slippy said, the ship was ready to attack them with his razor blades, Fox and Chris defended the ship with bullets and charged shots, Lucario was punching and kicking the ship to push it away from the Wolfen, it worked and the purple ship flipped back, but regained the composture and he started to get away.

"What is he doing now?" Chris asked, just then, the purple ship fired around 30 missiles, they stopped in mid-air and they aimed right the Wolfen, following it behind.

"We need some help here guys!" Fox said, Falco came from behind and shooted down half of them, Lucario was firing tiny Aura Spheres, but they were enough to destroy the missiles, Panther came from the left side and he finished the rest of the missiles.

"I've never expected to fight all of you..." General Pepper said.

"This is horrible, we need to save him quick!" Krystal stated.

"Don't worry about the general Krystal my dear, he is a dog hard to beat." Panther said (or flirted) to Krystal, she ignored him though.

"Look out! He is taking out triangle shaped lasers!" Wolf said "Destroy them before they fire at us!"

Krystal flew just behind the weapons floating in the air, she started to shoot them along with Shadow Balls coming from Mewtwo, they finished them in time.

"He is getting weaker Fox! Don't stop now!" Peppy said. The life meter of the machine was almost at the bottom.

"Not again, he is approaching to the Wolfen!" Fox said, this time however, the purple ship sliced the Wolfen with both razor blades, the Wolfen trembled a little and Chris was slipping from the wing, but when he was about to fall, Lucario grabbed him and pulled him back to the wing.

"Phew, thanks Lucario!" Chris thanked his Aura Pokémon.

"General Pepper..." Slippy said worried about General Pepper.

"Alright Fox, it's time to beat that thing once and for all!" Wolf stated, Fox nodded and he changed his Machine Gun for a Sniper Rifle, then he remembered the Jammers!

"We forgot about the Jammers!" Fox said.

"Those eye floating things you say?" Panther asked "They're gone, Leon and me took our time to take them down, be thankful to me or else."

"Thanks Panther." Krystal said.

"Oh Krystal my dear, you're finally admitting the love you feel for me?" Panther asked quite excited.

"Please, don't ruin it." Krystal frowned.

"Grr, fine."

"One last shot Fox! You can do it, just aim the crystal!" Chris said.

Fox carefully aimed to the green crystal on the top, he was being careful to not shoot General Pepper instead since the ship was moving a lot, he narrowed his eyes for the exact moment to shoot, if he failed, he could kill General Pepper in one shot, but if he succeeded, General Pepper would be fine to live.

"Quick, Fox!" Wolf snapped Fox out of his thoughts.

"NOW!" Fox shouted, he fired the bullet to the crystal, it was a success, the crystal was destroyed by the bullet and the ship was running out of energy, Fox did it, he saved General Pepper along with his friends.

"Um, one question, who is going to catch the ship now?" Slippy asked, when everybody noticed, they were far away from the purple ship, it was coming down to the ground slowly and nobody was able to reach it at time.

"GENERAL PEPPER!!" Another Arwing came from the sky, the pilot of that Arwing was Peppy!

"Peppy!" Everyone shouted in astonishment, Peppy flew his Arwing fastly just below General Pepper's ship, he catched the ship in time but Peppy crashed in a street along with the Arwing, General Pepper and his ship.

"It's...he alright?" Roy asked worried, everybody landed on the ground (except for Leon and Panther) and they went towards the smoke of the crashing site, there was a lot of smoke and nothing could be seen if nobody entered the smoke first, but eventually, the smoke cleared out and Peppy along with General Pepper were fine.

" almost lost your life because of me..." General Pepper said.

"Heh, I think I'm not going to retire after this." Peppy replied back.

"They are fine! Everything went well!" Slippy said excited.

"Whoa, that was an amazing stunt back there Peppy!" Falco pointed out.

"Nobody is dead! I'm glad!" Pichu said jumping and smiling.

"That hare knows how to make an scene." Mewtwo said.

"Finally, Corneria is safe for now." Krystal said.

"We have to deactivate the bomb first!" Chris said, he went behind General Pepper's ship with Lucario and he installed the Bomb Deactivator in the bomb, and the countdown stopped "There, mission complete!"

"Now we need to call the Ambulance so they can take General Pepper to recovery." Lucario said. Chris nodded and he went to Slippy to call the ambulances.

"Hey, where is Fox?" Chris asked.

"He is in the center of the city with Wolf, I saw them heading there." Roy pointed at the center of the city.

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"This is Fox."

"This is Beltino."

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh Fox, sorry to interrupt this moment, but I need your help right now."

"Sure, but you need to wait for the next chapter."

"Next chapter? Are you going to listen to me?"

"In the next chapter."

"You mean, the name of the next chapter is this? War above Corneria! General L's counterattack!?"

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"I'm glad to be of help."

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23. Outside, Inside, And Within Darkness

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Chapter 23: War above Corneria! General L's counterattack!


The Wolfen of Wolf flew away as Fox was thinking about a conversation he and Wolf had just a moment ago.

"When the time comes, just act..." He kept saying the same thing Wolf told him about to himself.

"Hey Fox! We need to return to the Great Fox!"

"Huh? Chris?"

"It's something wrong? Where is Wolf?"

"He just left a minute ago."

"Oh," Chris scratched his forehead "He's always like that."

"You know about Wolf, Chris?" Fox asked.

"Very little," Chris remembered all the fights he had againts Wolf in his mind "Really, nothing else."



"Do you think...Krystal loves me?"

Chris raised an eyebrow, he wasn't too good about romance, but he knew clearly that Fox was in love with Krystal since he saw the ending of Star Fox: Adventures. It was love at first sight!

"Maybe...very possible in my opinion."

"Thanks, I wanted to ask it to anyone who would keep it as a secret, this is only between you and me ok?"

Chris smiled to Fox "My mouth it's shut for this secret."

"Let's return to the Great Fox then." Fox walked away behind Chris, then Lucario came in front of Fox and he walked to Chris.

"Did I missed something Chris?" Lucario asked.

"Why do you ask?" Chris asked.

"I saw Fox smiling and his eyes were closed."

Chris chuckled a bit "Nothing, let's return to the Great Fox." Lucario didn't talked for a moment, then he nodded, Lucario and Chris headed to the Great Fox after the little event between Chris and Fox.

Great Fox
Command Room

"This mission was a total success." Roy said.

"I was sweating a lot back then." Chris said.

"Who would think we were going to fight General Pepper like that..." Falco said.

"At least he is alright now, thanks to us!" Pichu said.

"Incoming transmission from Orbital Gate's Station." ROB said, he was tipping over a keyboard and he called the virtual screen in front of everyone.

Mission briefing

"Hello everybody, this is Beltino." A green toad appeared on the screen, he was slightly the same as Slippy's appearance, because he is his dad.

"What now dad?" Slippy asked.

"I have a very important announcement to make," A object appeared on the screen "We have discovered that the Aparoids are weak againts Apaptosis."


"Indeed, we're currently finishing the device to destroy the Aparoids, but the motive for my call is, the Aparoids are coming to the Orbital Gate to destroy the device and the gate!"

"And you need our help to defend the gate right?" Chris asked, Beltino notices Chris, Lucario, Roy, Pichu and Mewtwo in the command room.

"I see you got new members for the team huh Fox?" Beltino asked moving his glasses.

"Yeah, they are a lot of help." Fox remarked.

"That's great, because we have another problem in hands," Another screen appears in the virtual screen and it shows the image of a Primid "There are reports of these strange creatures coming from nowhere inside the station, we need security from outside and inside."

"Primids..." Lucario said.

"Primids you say? Well, they kinda look different from the Aparoids since they doesn't resembles bug forms like the Aparoids does, anyway, would all of you help us while we finish the device?"

"Of course dad! What do you say Fox?" Slippy asked.

"I say let's do it!" Fox said making a fist.

"The work is never away from us, heh." Falco said chuckling a bit.

"I'm ready to go!" Chris said excited.

"It's settled, we're going to the Orbital Gate." Peppy said.

"I thank all of you for your help, be prepared." Beltino left the screen.

"ROB, command the Great Fox to the Orbital Gate." Fox said.

"Commanding next destination, Orbital Gate." ROB said. The Great Fox turned slowly to the space as the ship started to fly to the Orbital Gate.

End of mission briefing

2 hours later...

Orbital Gate

"This is Chris, Lucario, Roy, Pichu and Mewtwo, we're in." Chris said to his speaker. They were inside the station of the Orbital Gate.

"Got it Chris, wait until they appear." Fox commanded.

Several minuted passed, there was an entire army waiting outside the station to fight the Aparoids along with Fox an his team, Chris and the others were inside the station to fight againts the Primids.

Star Fox: Space Armada

"...They are here!" Slippy said, a huge horde of Aparoids ships came from strange purple vortexes, everyone started to shoot them as a big war in the Orbital Gate was unleashed, inside the station, Primids were appearing all around.

"Attack!" Roy yelled as he started to run after some Bytans.

"We should disperse since the station is big." Chris said.

"But, what if something happens to you?" Lucario asked.

"I'll be fine, don't worry." Chris ran away from the quartet, Lucario felt a little worried of what could happen to Chris if he wasn't around.

"Look behind you!" Mewtwo shouted to Lucario, a Shaydas was about to slice Lucario, but Pichu tackled him and used thunder, defeating it.

"Thanks Pichu." Lucario thanked Pichu.

"Yeah...nothing is hard for me..." Pichu replied, being hit by his own thunder made him dizzy. After a moment, the remaining quartet separated and each went to different ways.

"Darn it, I have enemies on my tail!" Falco was being chased by 3 ships who were shooting at him, Fox came from behind and he shot them down, saving Falco "Thanks for the help Fox!" The blue falcon replied.

"Chris, how is everything going inside?" Fox asked through his speaker to Chris.

"There are too many Primids appearing, but they're not so tough to beat," Chris said, he saw Mites coming at him "I'm busy right now. I have to defeat 3 year old's poor drawings!"

"Be careful...wait, what?"

"Fox, I've got enemies on my tail!" Krystal shouted from afar through her speaker. Since it was Krystal, Fox went fast to save her.

As Chris was struggling his way inside the station, a big horde of Fire Primids came from nowhere, they all rubbed their stomachs before they started to shoot fire from their mouths, for Chris's luck, he learned to use the reflector, he was surrounded by a diagonal shaped figure and all the flames were returned to every single Fire Primid, they disappeared after that.

"Finally, things are starting to get better for me." Chris muttered to himself.

As soon as he turned his back, he saw a trio of Floows ready to attack him (those enemies are really annoying to me), he couldn't retaliate because they screamed their attacks at him, he was damaged badly and he crashed into the wall.

"You...bunch of...bullies..." Chris said under his breath.

They floated over to Chris, they began to finish their attack, Chris closed his eyes ready to be killed, until he heard a flurry of punchs and kicks, he opened his eyes and the Floows were gone.

"What happened?" He asked to no one.

"They're gone." A voice said, Chris saw a familiar blue tail in front of him and he saw Lucario standing, stretching his hand so Chris could get up.

"Wait, you didn't listened to my order?" Chris asked angrily.

"I'm sorry, but I just can't leave you in times like this."

Chris sighed, then after a moment he smiled "What I'm complaining for? You saved me from those things, and I should be grateful for your help," He rubbed Lucario's head "Thank you." Lucario closed his eyes and he smiled, probably because he felt Chris's hand so comfortable over his head.

After a moment, they ran further in the station, Fox and company outside were killing many Aparoids, they were gaining the upper hand of the battle.

"Do your best team!" Beltino said to everyone.

"Wait...what is that thing?" Falco asked, he saw a big purple vortex forming far away from the station, and from it, a big green missile came aiming at the station.

"Missile approaching, it is targetting the gate." ROB said.

"They're trying to blow up the gate with that missile! Fox, you must destroy that missile!" Peppy said.

"Got it Peppy, Falco, give me a hand!" Fox said.

"Alright Fox, let's go!" Falco said heading towards the missile.

"Hmph, come on, at least give me a challenge." Mewtwo said, he was killing many Roaders, he was having no difficult whatsoever "I've said, give me a challenge!"

"Then a challenge you will have..."

"Who is there?" After Mewtwo turned his back, a big hit could be heard around the station.

"Mewtwo! Are you alright? Mewtwo, answer me!" Chris asked worried through his speaker, he didn't heard anything, only footsteps, but not normal footsteps, big footsteps "Something bad happened to Mewtwo!"

"I'm on my way!" Roy ran to the area Mewtwo was, when he reached the half of his way, another big hit was produced.

"Roy!" Chris shouted, he was getting more worried about Roy and Mewtwo, what was happening inside the station?

"I-I-I'm going there now!...AAAAHHHHH!!"

"Pichu! Stay alive! What happened?!" Chris now was scared, Mewtwo, Roy and even Pichu were missing "Lucario, we must go there and save them!"

Chris and Lucario ran to the center of the station, they knew their unknown enemy was going there since their plan was to eliminate the device to destroy the Aparoids, they hid behind a corner, after a minute, the floor was shaking a little.

"I guess our enemy is big." Chris stated.

"Shh, he is coming." Lucario wispered.

The floor was shaking, there was something big coming from the other side of the hall, Chris just hid behind Lucario in terror, Lucario's eyes narrowed while Chris was hiding behind him, when they finally saw who was the source of the sound, both of them gasped.

"I-I-It's General L!" Chris said, he saw General L standing in front of them "And he big!"

"I've learned my lesson from the last battle, so I've used the help of some Shadow Bugs to make me bigger than you, you're now going to die!" General L said in a deep tone.

"Stop now! We know you're just a Lucario and your trainer is Riley!" Chris said glaring at his enemy.

"Riley...Riley..." General L muttered to himself, he placed his hands on his head "I...I...don't know anything about a Riley!"

"Chris, it's hopeless, we need to defeat him to save him!" Lucario said.

"Defeating me? Ha! I want to see that if you can!" General L taunted.

"I'm so sick about your way to talk now! You're not like that in reality for sure!" Chris pointed to General L "And I won't let you get away with this, you will return to Riley you like it or not!"

Victory Road

"Chris, is everything ok?" Fox asked.

"Not at all! We're fighting a big enemy inside the station right now, how about you?" Chris asked, dodging a big Force Palm.

"They're firing big missiles at the station, hopefully, Wolf and his team came to help us."

"We're not helping you! I won't let anyone else besides me to kill you!" Wolf said.

"Stop arguing guys, we have to defend the base!" Krystal said snapping everyone out of their discussion.

"Stop moving around!" General L shouted as tried to hit Lucario or Chris.

Lucario rolled on the floor behind the big general and he did a combo of the punches behind him, General L yelled in pain and he quickly turned his back to kick Lucario, but Chris changed his job to the PK Kid job again and he used PK Flash, exploding right into General L, he fell on the floor but quickly got up.

"TAKE THIS!" General L punched Lucario in his body and Lucario crashed into a nearby wall, Chris saw this and he quickly thought about an action, he suddenly learned another new technique, it was PK Fire, he moved his hands behind him and shot a tiny lightning from his fingers towards General L, he was engulfed in a pillar of fire and Lucario saw his opportunity and he used his Smash forward attack to do serious damage to General L.

"Missiles approaching, they are targetting the gate." ROB said, more missiles came from the purple vortexes, Wolf and his team went there to destroy the missiles with Fox and Falco following behind.

"We're almost finished with the device, hang in there team!" Beltino said.

"Just how many missiles are they going to send?" Falco asked.

"The necessary to destroy the station and the gate, hurry up and destroy them!" Fox commanded.

Back inside the station, Lucario charged up an Aura Sphere as Chris was continuing his attacks using PK Fire over and over again, when Lucario finished, he fired the Aura Sphere and General L was getting badly hurted, even if he was a giant, he was losing.

"UUUUUURRRRRRHHHHAAAAAAA!!" He charged up a big dark sphere, he shoot it at Chris, but he used PSI Magnet to absorb the sphere and he was healed.

"Aww, I'm feeling better." Chris said smiling.

General L charged another big dark sphere, Chris knew he was going to do the same move and he activated the PSI Magnet again, but General L stopped and he ran towards Chris and he kicked him, then he proceeded to grab him and he threw Chris towards the roof.

"LUCARIO!" Chris yelled in pain, Lucario glared at his enemy and he ran to General L and he started to punch him in his stomach, General L realesed Chris from his grasp and he was about to punch Lucario, but Chris interrupted him with a PK Flash.

"How is he resisting all that damage we have been causing to him?" Chris asked, he was panting heavily.

"He is not going to last any longer, we're winning this fight." Lucario stated.

"10 missiles approaching, they are targetting the gate." ROB said again confirming more missiles.

"10!?" Slippy said surprised.

"Grr...I won't let him laugh at me...I'm coming..." Mewtwo said awakening from his unconsciousness, he grabbed his right arm with his left hand and he floated slowly.

As the long struggle was continuing, Chris and Lucario were getting exausted, General L, on the other hand, was worse but he was able to stand up.

"GUUUUAAAARRRRRHHHGGGGGG!!" He charged up his fist and it collided with Chris, he was sent flying at high speed crashing to another wall, he yelled in pain and he landed abruptaly on the floor, fainting in the process.

"No...Chris..." Lucario said when he saw Chris unconscious on the floor, then Lucario glanced at General L and he glared menancingly at him, he suddenly started to glow intensely and his eyes turned yellow.

"You're the only one left...this is going to be easy..." General L said panting.

Much for his bad luck, when he blinked, Lucario was already punching him very hard in his body, every single punch Lucario was dealing it was like bombs exploding right in front of General L, Lucario did a series of punchs, kicks, jabs, grabs, Aura Spheres and even Force Palms, General L was getting weaker and weaker, Lucario then stopped in mid-air and he kicked General L very hard on his face that it made him crash quickly into the wall.

"Warning, warning, 100 missiles approaching!" ROB said, a whole horde of bigger missiles came from the vortexes.

"100 missiles?! We can't stop them in time!" Falco said.

"We have to do our best then! Everyone! Focus your lasers on the missiles!" Fox commanded.

"Chris..." Lucario was still glowing and he ran where Chris was laying unconscious, Lucario grabbed Chris in his arms and he looked at his face, there was a little trace of blood coming from his mouth.

"Please...don't die...I beg of you..." Lucario pressed his face on Chris's shoulder, tears were coming from his glowing eyes, suddenly, everything that was making Lucario glowing was transported in Chris's body, he stopped glowing when he realised that Chris was getting healed in every second, not only that, Chris was now the one glowing, he opened his eyes and they were yellow.

"Lucario...please...protect me while I cast the spell." Chris said.

"Spell? What spell?" Lucario asked.

"Just make sure General L doesn't interrupts me, go now!" Lucario placed Chris on the floor.

"YOU LITTLE BRATS!" General L got up panting, he was about to run after the 2 when he suddenly felt a little strange "What?! body! Isn't responding!"

"That must be because of me."

"Mewtwo!" Lucario said the psychic Pokémon's name, Mewtwo was leaned to a wall lifting General L with one hand using his psychic powers.

"Hurry up Chris!" Mewtwo said.

"Great meteors and stars that travels in the space..." Chris chanted, his eyes were closed as he was casting a spell.

"Darn it! They're getting closer!" Fox said, the missiles were almost near the gate "Chris! What are you doing?"

"Please, hear my call..."

"Is he in some kind of trance or something?" Falco asked.

"And eliminate all my foes and difficults in my path..."

"He's scaring me!" Slippy said trembling in fear.

"Because I need to carry on my fight!" Chris opened his glowing eyes, Lucario was left speechless, what was Chris going to cast?

Chris crossed his arms in front of him "PK-" He opened them quickly and he looked at the roof while he floated a little from the floor "STARRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSTOOOOOOORRRRMMMMMMM!!"

"Meteors approaching from above!" ROB said, above the space, there were many tiny shiny spots coming from above, everyone who was outside looked and all gasped when they saw something dangerous, big meteors coming straight at them!

"EVERYONE, EVADE THE METEORS!" Peppy commanded, a huge rain of yellow meteors was coming, Fox and his team were trying to get away, until the first meteor was going to hit Fox's Arwing.

"AARRRGGHHHHH!!" Fox yelled closing his eyes, however, the meteor just came passing him without making any trail of destruction, he opened his eyes and he saw his Arwing completely unharmed "What?"

"Look! The meteors aren't harming us!" Slippy said as another meteor passed through him, however, every meteor was directed to every Aparoid and the missiles, the meteors only came there to destroy the Aparoids and the missiles.

Inside the station, the meteors were passing through without making any damage, except they struck General L as he was being destroyed by every meteor, he roared in pain, since Mewtwo was still grabbing him, there was no chance for General L to escape.

"Why are the meteors destroying the Aparoids and not us or the station?" Falco asked confused.

"I may be wrong, but the meteors consider us as their allies." Krystal said.

"Allies? Why?" Slippy asked.

"Chris was the one who called them right? When the meteors came from nowhere, they think we're their allies since Chris consider us as their friends."

"So, let me get this straight, Chris calling the meteors plus we, being his friends equals not getting destroyed by the meteors?" Slippy asked confused.

"If you put that in that way, then yes." Krystal said smiling.

"NOOOOOOO!! I WAS SO CLOSE IN KILLING YOU!! NOOOOOOOOO!!" General L yelled. Roy and Pichu regained their consciousness and they appeared behind Mewtwo, when the meteor shower ended, the station was freed from the missiles and the Aparoids, Mewtwo noticed he was holding a trophy with his psychic powers, Shadow Bugs came from the trophy and they disappeared in front of them.And the crowd cheered the heroes.

Music stops

"Ugh, my head...what happened?" Chris didn't remembered anything when he finished his casting.

"Because of you, the station is safe now." Fox said smiling a little.

"But...what did I do? Where's General L?"

"He is not living anymore, but instead, we've saved a person." Lucario pointed to the trophy Mewtwo was holding, above the stand, there was a Lucario extending his left arm in front of him.

Mewtwo explained everything to Chris, Roy and Pichu "I used PK Starstorm?" Chris asked pointing at himself.

"Somehow, you called a great ammount of meteors from the space and they eliminated every single Aparoid and missile." Mewtwo pointed out.

Chris looked at his hands "...I need to ask Master Hand about this."

"Phew, I'm going to be thankful for the rest of my life then!" Slippy said smilling.

"Thankful because of what Slippy?" Beltino asked.

Slippy looked at his right, then to his left "To not be on Chris's bad side!" Everyone laughed for a bit, Chris was laughing too, Falco, Peppy, Beltino, Lucario and Mewtwo were only chuckling.

"Oh, by the way everyone, the device it's now completed, thanks for all your help in the battle!" Beltino said.

2 hours later...

Great Fox
Command room

"Well, it's time to say good bye." Roy said.

"What? You're leaving now?" Slippy asked surprised.

"Since the Primids are gone from this world, we need to go to the other worlds to save them, it's a shame we can't stay any longer here with all of you." Chris answered.

"You're only leaving all the fun to us!" Falco said.

"Are you showing off?" Chris asked.

"He does most of the time." Slippy pointed out.

"Hey!" Falco glared at Slippy.

"Anyway," Chris looked at Fox "We have to get going now, we need to return to Master Hand."

Fox nodded "I know, it's your own mission after all."

"And do me a favor Fox."

"What favor?"

"Eliminate the Aparoids for us."

Fox smiled "Alright' I'll do it."

"Chris, let's go." Lucario said.

"Good luck guys!" Slippy said waving his hand.

"Be careful on your mission." Peppy said.

"I'll always be rooting for you." Krystal said.

"If you ever need my help, don't forget to call me!" Falco said.

Fox made a soldier salute, then all the Star Fox team did the same "Take care Chris, and everyone else."

"I...I won't cry! I won't-WAHHHH!!" Pichu was now crying since he was leaving, Chris grabbed Pichu and he patted his back.

"I will, don't worry!" Chris said smiling, he took out the Wiimote and he made the vortex to the Smash Mansion, he was the first walking in the vortex with Pichu on his shoulders, then Lucario followed him behind, then Roy, then Mewtwo holding psychically the Lucario trophy, after all of them stepped inside, the vortex disappeared.

"Now let's go, we need to defeat the Aparoids in their own home!" Fox commanded.

"For Chris?" Slippy asked smiling, Falco, Krystal, ROB and Peppy looked at Fox.

"For Chris and everyone else." Fox said.

Preview of the next chapter

"I'm Chris!"

"I'm Lucario."

"Guess what Lucario? We're going to Sinnoh!"

"Really? For what?"

"Riley's Lucario wants to return to Sinnoh to find Riley, but since there are not Primids there, you, along with Riley's Lucario and me are going."

"And where we will start?"

"...Well...we're going to start here..."

"...Oh no...Isn't that city the home of that Gym Leader?"

"I'm afraid so."

"...We're in trouble."

"Next time: The search for Riley in Veilstone City!"

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24. Helpless Novice Gym Leader

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Chapter 24: The search for Riley in Veilstone City!

Deep inside the Great Maze

"General L has failed and he returned to his normal self Lord Tabuu, the Subspace Bombs were also deactivated and we broke our help to the Aparoids as well." The Ancient Minister said.

"Just what I thought what would happen." Tabuu shook his head slowly.

"What are your next plans?"

"I know what world should be invaded, prepare the next invasion!" He teleported away.

The Ancient Minister looked away "'re the only ones who can help my race...but I don't want to betray him now..." He muttered to himself.

Smash Mansion
Command room

"We're here!" Chris greeted.

"Ah, you're here, it went well as we planned right?" Master Hand asked.

"Yup! Fox and his team are well!" Pichu said.

Master Hand looked at the trophy Mewtwo was holding "Isn't that Lucario?" He asked.

Mewtwo nodded "What should we do to him?" Roy asked.

"We should return him to his original form." Master Hand touched the trophy stand, the trophy shone, after 2 seconds, Lucario was standing there confused.

" I?" He asked looking around. Master Hand and the others explained all the things to him.

Riley's Lucario looked at Chris and his Lucario "I thank you for rescuing me, I would have been under Tabuu's control if it weren't for you."

" you know who is Riley?" Chris asked.

"Riley? Yes, he is my trainer and my friend."

"Good, he knows." Master Hand sighed in relief.

"What are you going to do now?" Pichu asked.

Riley's Lucario thought for a moment "I want to return to Sinnoh with him."

"Why?" Chris asked "Are you going to help us?"

Lucario shook his head "No, the only reason that I joined this tournament it's because Riley told me to do it, but after all the things I went through, I don't want to be in this situation anymore."

"But that means you're giving up your spot!" Chris said.

"No," He looked at Chris's Lucario "I have a replacement right here."

"Me?" Chris's Lucario pointed at himself.

Riley's Lucario nodded "That is right, I couldn't see your battle style, but I think you're stronger than me, I would normally be upset about a thing like this, but it is for the better, besides, I want to stay with Riley again."

"If that's the case..." Master Hand looked at Chris's Lucario "You're now the replacement of Riley's Lucario," He looked at Riley's Lucario "But you can always return here when you want to fight."

"Thank you." Riley's Lucario said.

"So, it is ok to go to Sinnoh?" Chris asked.

"There are no Primid activity currently in any world, so I'd say yes," Master Hand pointed at Chris's Lucario "But you need to recover your energy, you look a little tired after the previous mission, and also Mewtwo, Pichu and Roy."

"Good thing, there are Pokémon Centers in Sinnoh, I can take Mewtwo, Pichu and Lucario there for recover." Chris said.

"Go on without me, I don't want to be in a Pokémon Center." Mewtwo said.


"Because since I'm a Legendary Pokémon to many trainers, they won't hesitate to catch me, and since I'm in this condition, it would be a bad idea, don't worry, I'm going to recover here in the mansion."

"Alright, I understand, what about you Pichu?"

"Well, I guess I could go...but...I'm going with you too!" He said jumping in Chris's shoulder "I need to be healed in the Pokémon Center too!"

"Are you coming Roy?"

"Nah, I need to train a little with the Sandbag, last time I was bad in battle, I don't want to be defeated the next time." The red haired swordsman replied.

"Everything it's ready, do you know where is Riley, Master Hand?" Chris asked.

"Why yes," He thought for a moment "If my memory doesn't fails I remember that Riley was heading to Veilstone City."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot, when we were fighting in Corneria, I somehow casted PK Starstorm, how did I do that?"

"What? PK Starstorm?" Master Hand asked surprised

"Yes, when I was glowing, I grabbed Chris when he was unconscious, I was sad and I pressed my face in his shoulder and I started to wish for his safety, when I opened my eyes, I stopped glowing and Chris was fully healed, he was also glowing like I was." Chris's Lucario exclaimed.

"Well, I honestly don't know," He pointed at Chris "But I think the job that you're currently using is the explanation, I mean, you're using the PK Kid job and it's the same PK attacks as Ness's right? And since the power of Lucario is equal as a Final Smash, it was enough for you to use it."

"So I can use a different Final Smash if the job is different?" Chris asked. Master Hand nodded "That is awesome!"

"Hey hey, you're not that excited!" Crazy Hand said.

Chris blushed a little and he rubbed his head "Well, sometimes I lose control of myself when I'm getting excited."

"Ok ok, I know now, what are you waiting for?" Master Hand asked.

"Oh right, we have to go to Sinnoh, let's go!" Chris said pointing the Wiimote at Pokémon Diamond, a portal was created and Chris, Pichu, along with the 2 Lucarios stepped inside and disappeared.

"If you excuse me, I need to meditate to recover." Mewtwo floated away.

"And I need to go to train." Roy walked away. Suddenly, Pit's icon was flashing.

"Hey! The angel boy's icon is flashing!" Crazy Hand pointed at Pit's icon on the screen.

"Hmm, it appears his world it's fine, I wonder if I can call him to come over here?" Master Hand asked to himself.

Pokémon Diamond

Veilstone City

A man with a blue hat and blue clothes stepped inside the city, his hair was black at there was a black shirt with a yellow marking on it.

He sighed "Lucario...I'm starting to miss you now, I hope you're fine wherever you are in that tournament."

Veilstone City
Near the Pokémon Center

"We're in Sinnoh!" Chris said excited, he somehow changed his clothes to his normal clothing he always wears, his eyes also turned like Ash's eyes "I think I can't use my abilities here since I can't use the jobs."

Chris's Lucario was in his normal appearance too, but he was feeling rather fine, Chris looked at his Lucario "It's something wrong?"

"No, it's just, I'm in my home" Chris's Lucario said.

"...Hey, that's right! Sinnoh it's your homeland!" Chris said smiling "We could find your family after all!"

"Yes, I know, but first we need to go to the Pokémon Center now." Chris's Lucario said, Chris nodded and he along with his current 3 Pokémon went to the Pokémon Center, it was too colorful as Chris thought it would, there were many trainers in there too with their Pokémon, and Nurse Joy was in the counter with a Chansey.

"Hi Nurse Joy!" Chris said.

"Hello there, do you have a problem with your Pokémon?" She asked looking at Pichu and the 2 Lucarios.

"Yes I do, I need my Pichu and my Lucario to recover here from a battle we had-" Chris paused for a moment when he remembered that his last battle was againts a general under the control of the Primids "-againts the Pokémon of a trainer!"

"Don't worry, we can heal all the wounds of any Pokémon here, you just need to give me your Pichu and your Lucario in their Pokeballs."


"Yes, or you can give me your Pichu without his Pokeball and your Lucario inside his Pokeball."

Chris remembered he hasn't got the time for grabbing Lucario's pokeball in his house in the real world, he hoped if his Pokeball was inside his pocket.

"Where is it, where is it, where is it...huh?" Chris felt a round object inside his pocket, he took out a Pokeball with blue and black colors modeled after Lucario's head, there was a note attached to the Pokeball too.

I took my time to model your Pokeball after Lucario since he is your Pokémon and I dropped it inside your pocket when you weren't looking, I hope you like it!

Master Hand

PS: Good luck!


PSSS: That was Crazy Hand again.

"My, what a pretty Pokeball!" Nurse Joy said looking at the Pokeball.

"Okay Pichu hop on the counter." Chris said to Pichu.

"Pichu!" He said smiling "(Wait, he can't talk to me?)" Chris thought and asked to himself "Okay Lucario, return to your Pokeball."

"(Alright, search for Riley while I'm here recovering.)" Chris's Lucario said through his mind, he talked through his mind because he didn't wanted to scare any trainer or Nurse Joy. Chris pointed his Pokeball and Lucario returned inside his Pokeball, Chris handed the Pokeball to Nurse Joy.

"What about your other Lucario?" Nurse Joy asked.

"He's not my Lucario in reality, I have to find his trainer in this city to return him."

"I see, you can return in 5 hours and your Pokémon should be fully healed when you return."

"Alright, thanks Nurse Joy!" Chris left running outside with Riley's Lucario.

"Hey, wasn't that the Lucario of the Gym Leader?" A trainer asked to another one sat next to him.

"No, I've heard her Lucario got lost when they were training and ever since she hasn't taken any challenge from any trainer, apparently anyone can find her sobbing in the Gym."

"I would do the same if my best Pokémon went missing too."

Veilstone City

"Where do you think Riley could be?" Chris asked.

"When I left, he said he was going to challenge half of the Gym Leaders because he was going to challenge the other half with me."

"Let's find the Gym now, every second that passes he will get away from us!"

Chris and Riley's Lucario ran through the city, they separated so they could find him in less time, every trainer that saw Lucario thought it was the Gym Leader's missing Lucario, but they thought after it wasn't.

After an hour, Chris found the Veilstone City Gym in front of him, Riley's Lucario was still searching in the city.

Veilstone City Gym

Chris stepped inside the Gym, the lights were off but the light of the sun was brightening the place through the windows, the floor was made of wood and the place looked like a dojo.

"Hello? Is anybody here?" Chris asked.

"Go away! I don't want to fight now!" A voice shouted from afar.

"Where are you? I can't see you!"

"I've said go away!" After that, the voice started to cry and sob.

Chris knew the voice was from a girl, he searched for her inside, there was an arena with the Pokeball logo on the center, on the other side, there was a hall, he walked and he found many rooms on both sides of the hall, he didn't found her in any of the rooms, but he noticed another room at the end of the corridor and the cries and sobs were close now.

From the other side of the room, there was a beautiful garden with a pond, rocks and trees, there was a couch on the middle of the room, but Chris's attention was for the garden and he passed the couch.

"I've never seen a garden like this's beautiful..."

"Get out of here now!" The voice from the girl shouted again.

"Huh? Where are you? I can't see you!" Chris looked around the garden, he didn't saw anyone around, but when he turned his back, he saw a girl in the couch looking away from him.

The girl had pink hair, she was wearing white pants and her feet was visible, she was also wearing a shirt with a big blue color and tiny black spots on them, if Chris could see her face, there was a big bandage covering her nose, her hands were inside blue gloves but her fingers were out of the gloves.

"I don't want any challenge now, get out!" She yelled.

"But I don't want to challenge you!"

"That's great, now go away!"

"Wait, I need to ask you something first!"

"What is it? Quick!"

"I've been wondering if you saw another trainer looking for a challenge before me in this day."

"No! I haven't accepted any challenge since one week ago and I didn't turned down any trainer in this day either!" She started to cry again.

"(There is something wrong with her.)" Chris thought to himself, he approached to her and placed his hand in her shoulder "You have a problem right?"

She stopped and she started to sniff "Yes...I have a problem...and a big one..."

"Good, you can tell me."

"N-no! I don't want to say it! If the other trainers hear this, I could lose my title as Gym Leader!"

Chris's eyes widened "Wait, you're the Gym Leader of this Gym?"

"That's right.."

"Please, I need to see your face."

"No...I don't want to..."

"It's really uncomfortable if you're like this, trust me, I'm almost the same as you."

"And...why almost?"

"Because I'm a boy and you're girl."

She stopped her sobbing and then she let out a small giggle "Hehe, you're right, I'm sorry to be actiing like this." She got up looking at the hall, she wiped her tears from her face and she turned her back to see Chris "You're the first one to comfort me." By the look of her face, Chris knew she was blushing a little. Chris noticed she was almost his size, but she was like only 1cm less taller than Chris.

"It's good to know another person, I'm Chris, what is your name?"

"I'm Maylene and I'm the leader of the Gym of Veilstone City." She said smiling.

"Why you were crying and sobbing a while ago?"

"It''s because...I...I lost my best Pokémon."

"Lost? How?"

"Well...everything started one week ago..."


"We were training in the woods alone as we always do every day, I may look like, but I work a lot on my Pokémon, especially him, I met him when I was a child, in that day, something weird happened to him, he first closed his eyes, I asked him what was wrong, then, he ran away at high speed!"

"Hey! Come back! We aren't finished with our training!" I shouted

"But he didn't listened, he just disappeared in front of my eyes in the woods, after that, I thought he would come back on his own to the Gym, but 3 days passed and he didn't returned, and since I always use him in every Gym battle, I can't fight anyone without him."

End of flashback

"And now...there are a lot of trainers coming here to challenge me, but most of them haven't left the city, and that is a big trouble for me...I don't know what to do!" She said, she was looking down to the floor and she was about to cry.

"Hey! With that attitude you're not going nowhere!" Chris yelled, snapping Maylene out of her sadness.

"But, I've already searched for him and I didn't found anything about his whereabouts..."

"And you're giving up?"

"N..No! I need to find him as soon as possible!" She said. Chris placed his hand on her shoulder "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to help you."

"What? I..I can't accept your help, I don't want to interrupt anything in your journey..."

"No, I'm going to help you, you're in a big trouble and you need help, besides, your title as a Gym Leader is at risk! You don't want to lose it right?"

"I don't want to lose it...but finding him is more important to me now..."

"Then we're going to find him no matter what happens."

" means so much to me." She said giving a little smile "But, why are you helping me?"

"Isn't obvious? We're friends!"

"I know what are you going to say after...friends help each other right?"

Chris smiled "That's right, if you can't do it by yourself, we're going to do it together, what do you say?"

She looked away for a moment "I say..." the scene changes to outside of the Gym, Maylene locks the door of the Gym "Let's go!" She said smiling.

"With this kind of enthusiasm we're not going to fail, I promise!" Chris said, just then, someone was coming from behind them, it was Riley's Lucario standing there.

"Hey Lucario, did you find him?" Chris asked, Lucario shook his head "I guess we need to find Riley first, hey Maylen-hey, where did she go?" Chris didn't saw Maylene where she was a second ago, he looked around and she found Maylene...hugging Riley's Lucario very tightly.

"Oh Lucario! You're back! I was so worried about you! I won't let you go away from me ever!" She said smiling.

"Um, Maylene, the person you were going to search was a Lucario?"

She nodded smiling "That's right! My best Pokémon of my team is Lucario!"

"I don't want to ruin your happy moment...but...that is not your Lucario..."

She made a confused face "What? Then of who is this Lucario?"

Just then, the same tall man who entered Veilstone City came walking to the Gym behind them, he saw Chris, Maylene (still hugging Riley's Lucario) and Riley's Lucario, his eyes widened when he saw Riley's Lucario, the 3 of them turned to see him and the eyes of the Aura Pokémon widened a lot.

"Who are you?" Chris asked.

"He is...he is..." Lucario was about to say his name.

"Lucario!" The man shouted.

"Riley!" Lucario said, confirming the name of the person, he quickly shoved off Maylene out of his waist (and eventually she crashed her head to the wall and fell unconscious in the process, and Chris went to her) and he jumped in the air and landed knelt in front of Riley "I'm back." Lucario said.

"Lucario, I didn't knew you would return so soon, why?" Riley asked.

"A lot of things happened when I was alone, but that doesn't matters now, I've returned to your side once again." Lucario said looking at Riley.

Riley blinked for a moment and then he smiled a bit "I hope you were enjoying your stance in the tournament."

"I...kind of did."


"Nothing." Lucario chuckled a bit "Chris helped me returning here, you should thank him." He pointed to Chris, who was holding Maylene's head.

"I thank you for helping Lucario." Riley said to Chris.

"It was nothing, really, but could you please help me with her?" He looked at Maylene, her eyes were swirls and she was talking with words that didn't made no sense at all.

"1 Aura Sphere...2 Hyper Beams...3 Tackles...4 Quick attacks...5 Splashes..." She said.

"MAYLENE! SNAP OUT OF IT!" Chris yelled, Maylene shook her head and she regained her consciousness.

"Huh?...I'm alive?"

Chris rolled his eyes "Yes Maylene, you're still alive."

"Hurray! I thank the Machops!" She said, Chris just sighed, then, Riley's Lucario punched her head and she fell unconscious again.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Chris asked angrily.

"She is not alright." He said.


"I'm not dead!" Maylene said waking up. Lucario rolled his eyes and he was just about to punch Maylene in the head again, but Chris quickly pulled her to him.

"STOP THAT!" Chris said angrily.

"Lucario, stop it." Riley commanded.

"Yes Riley." Lucario said.

"Phew, finall-" Chris noticed that Maylene was just below his head and in front of his chest, Maylene also noticed it and both of them blushed and quickly separated from the other looking away embarrased.

"..." Maylene didn't said anything.

"..." Chris didn't said anything.

"This moment never happened." Both of them said in unison.

Riley just chuckled a bit "That was at least interesting to watch."

"IT WAS NOT!" Chris and Maylene said in unison.

"Alright, it wasn't." Riley said.

"Anyway, I need to go to the Pokémon Center to pick up my Pokémon, do you want to come Maylene?" Chris asked.

"O-ok, I'm going too." She said.

"Wait, I'm going too." Riley said.

"Why?" Chris asked.

"I'm think something bad happened to Maylene if she was hugging my Lucario like that," Maylene looked away embarrased "And I want to help her in her trouble."

Chris thought for a moment, then he nodded "Fine, you can come with us."

"Thanks, this is also my thanks for returning Lucario to me."

"See Maylene? Everything is starting to get better for you!" Chris said smiling.

"I think so." She said.

Veilstone City
Pokémon Center

"Nurse Joy! I've come for my Pokémon!" Chris said entering the Pokémon Center.

"You're here! Your Pokémon are in perfect conditions now, you can take them with you again." She handed over Chris's Pokeball and Pichu, he jumped to Chris's shoulder.

"Hey Pichu, are you alright?" Chris asked.

"Pi Pichu Pi!" He replied smiling, here is the translation "(I'm feeling better than ever!)"

"Good!" Chris said, obviously, he didn't understood Pichu at all.

"Oh, Maylene, you're here too." Nurse Joy said looking at Maylene.

"Well...yeah...I'm here..." She said rubbing her shoulder.

"A lot of trainers are waiting for you to fight them for the Gym's Badge, why are you not accepting challenges?"

"Yeah! Why?!" A trainer said walking to Maylene.

"We have been waiting to fight you for the Gym's Badge!" Another trainer said walking to Maylene.

"We can't go on in our journeys because you're refusing the fights!" Another trainer said walking to Maylene. She was hiding slowly behind Riley in fear.

"I...I'm sorry...but...I...I...I-"

"YOU WHAT?" All the trainers inside the Pokémon Center asked angrily. Maylene was closing her eyes slowly and she was going to cry, until...

"STOP NOW!" A voice yelled from the entrance of the Pokémon Center. Everyone looked at the source of the voice and all the trainers (Including Riley and Maylene) gasped in unison. There was a woman standing in front of the door, she was tall, she was wearing a long black robe and her hair was long and blond, she was also wearing 4 black sacks on her head.

"Who is she?" Chris asked.

"It'''s the Champion of the Sinnoh League, Cynthia!" A trainer said confirming the name of the woman.

"What is happening here?" Cynthia asked.

"The leader of the Gym of Veilstone doesn't wants to accept any challenges and she has been turning them down since a week!" A trainer said pointing at Maylene.

"And?" Cynthia asked.

"And we can't proceed to the next Gym!"

"Hmph," She walked towards Maylene "If she doesn't wants to accept any challenges then you have to go to the next Gym."


"Sorry, but she can do that if she wants, but obviously, she need to fight againts a trainer who challenged her as soon as possible or else her title as a Gym Leader will be lost," She looked at everyone in the Pokémon Center "I'm sorry, but you have to wait until then." She said smiling.

"(I don't think they're going to understand so easily with tha-)" Chris's thought was interrupted.

"ALRIGHT LADY CYNTHIA!" All of the trainers said smiling and they quickly left the Pokémon Center, leaving only Chris, Pichu, Maylene, Riley, his Lucario, herself and Nurse Joy.

Chris just blinked at the event "...They surrendered so easily."

"Cynthia! You did come after all!" Maylene said getting out of Riley's back.

Cynthia smiled and nodded "I knew your Lucario went missing too."

"Wait, missing too? Do you mean your Lucario also escaped from you?"

"That's right, when we were training, he closed his eyes and he ran away from me, I knew there was something wrong with him, then you called me 4 days after saying that your Lucario was missing too."

"Now that we're talking about Lucario..." Chris took his Pokeball from the counter.

"What a pretty Pokeball!" Maylene said looking at Chris's Pokeball.

"Go! Pokeball!" He shouted tossing the Pokeball in the air, a light came from it and his Lucario came from the Pokeball, he was alright now.

"I'm feeling better now thanks to Nurse Joy." He said smiling to Nurse Joy.

"Be sure to be healthy!" Nurse Joy replied with a smile.

"It's good to see you're fine Lucari-" Chris was once again interrupted.

"OH MY GOD! YOUR LUCARIO IS SO COOL!" Maylene shouted, she was now hugging him tightly as she did with Riley's Lucario before.

"Wow, this one is so tall." Cynthia said looking at Chris's Lucario.

"And I see you have been training him very well Chris." Riley remarked.

"HOW IN ARCEUS's NAME DID YOU MADE HIM SO TALL?!" Maylene asked excited.

Chris rubbed his forehead with a finger "I think it was just luck..."

Preview of the next chapter

"I'm Chris everyone!"

"Hello there."

"'re Professor Rowan!"

"It is I indeed."

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm going to appear in the next chapter."


"Because something strange has been happening around Sinnoh."

"I see...what?"

"You will see in the next chapter."

"Can you tell me now?"








" about now?"


"Next time: The mysterious Valley of the Aura! How about now?"


So, we have Chris, the adventurer teenager, Pichu and his Lucario, Maylene, the hyperactive Gym Leader of Veilstone City and her missing Lucario, Riley, the serious trainer and his Lucario and, Cynthia, the Champion of the Sinnoh League and her missing Lucario, what will happen to them in the next chapter? Read and review and don't forget to submit the next world!

25. Aura People Plus Cynthia

And here is the next chapter everyone! In this chapter, the protagonist is going to be Maylene as she remembers the first day she met her Lucario, but it will be that the last thing she is going to remember? (Note: I don't know if her past with Lucario was revealed in the anime, but I felt it was interesting to try at least). Read and review with the next world to be saved!

Chapter 25: The mysterious Valley of the Aura!

Veilstone City

Pokémon Center

"Ok Maylene, you can stop hugging my Lucario now." Chris said tapping Maylene's shoulder.

"I don't want to!" She said.

Chris's eyes widened when he saw the face of his Pokémon turning into the purple color "I mean it! You're choking him!"

"I...can't...breath..." Chris's Lucario said, Maylene looked at him and she realesed him from her arms.

"I'm so sorry! Please, forgive me!" She said bending.

His face returned to his usual blue color and he sighed "It's fine...for now."

"Finally," Chris sighed, then he looked at Cynthia "You said your Lucario was missing too?"

She nodded "That is correct, not only that, I've heard in all the region that all the wild Lucario disappeared too"

"All?" Riley asked. Cynthia nodded "There must be some kind of event going on in Sinnoh then..." Riley got in a thinking position.

"That's why I called a expert for this job." Cynthia said.

"Who?" Maylene asked.

Just then, the doors of the Pokémon Center opened, and a man with a white beard, white hair, wearing brown coat and under it there was a lab coat and he was holding a briefcase in his right hand came stepping inside.

"Ah Cynthia, you're here already," The man said.

"Professor Rowan, how is your investigation about the evolution of the Pokémon going?" Cynthia asked.

"It's going well, but I was interested about your problem."

"I'm glad you took your time to help me."

Professor Rowan looked at Riley, his Lucario, Maylene, Chris and his Lucario "And are they your friends?"

"Yes." She said.

"Good, now let's have a seat over that table." He pointed to an empty table with a couch, all of them sat on the couch (except for the 2 Lucarios, who remained stood).

"What's this all about the disappearance of the wild Lucarios?" Chris asked, Rowan opened his briefcase and he took out a map, he placed it on the table so everyone could see.

"See the circled points?" Rowan asked pointing to red circles on the map, everyone nodded "Those are the locations of where the wild Lucarios had been roaming, but," He pointed to a big circle on the map "They have been spotted running to this location."

"It's near Mt. Coronet" Riley said.

"That's right, I've heard from many sources that they have been climbing into a hidden valley near Mt Coronet." Rowan said.

"A hidden valley?" Maylene asked.

"Yes, a hidden valley that it's almost impossible to enter, the valley is surrounded by high cliffs and pits, his geography could be only matched with Mt. Coronet's geography."

"So, we need to enter the valley then?" Chris asked.

"That is the hard part, many have tried to enter, but when they're close, they suddenly are attacked by Aura Spheres coming from nowhere, after that, they fall unconscious to the ground, the next thing they see it's the point where they started to go through."

"It sounds very weird to be attacked by Aura Spheres from nowhere..." Cynthia said.

"That's because there are Lucarios living there!" Riley said in surprise.

"Do you mean they live there and they attack any traveler who wants to pass?" Maylene asked.

Riley nodded "If they don't want any person inside their valley, it's because they are hiding something very valuable."

"But what could it be?" Maylene asked.

"I don't know for sure."

"That's where you 6-" Rowan was interrupted.

"7 if you count Pichu." Chris said pointing to Pichu.

"That's where you 7 enter, your mission is to infiltrate the valley and find what is going on with the Lucarios, it won't be easy, so I suggest to be prepared if you dare to go." Rowan said.

"What do you think Lucario?" Chris asked to his Lucario.

"I'm ready if you are." He said.

"Same for me if Riley wants to go." Riley's Lucario said looking at Riley.

"I'm good to go, this mystery is really intriguing me." Riley said.

"I'm ready too, I want to find my Lucario and I won't give up so easily." Maylene said (she was putting her shoes on).

"We're ready Professor Rowan." Cynthia said.

"Good," He stood up "I'm counting on all of you, be careful." He took his briefcase and he left the Pokémon Center.

Maylene stood up and she made a fist in the air "Let's go!" She said excited. Everyone nodded and they left the Pokémon Center.

Veilstone City

Just outside the Pokémon Center, there was a Ice Cream man selling Ice Cream. Cynthia said she was going to pay if they wanted, they nodded and Cynthia bought Ice Cream for everyone...except her.

"Hey Cynthia, are you going to buy one for yourself?" Maylene asked.

"Just a minute, I need to decide which flavor I want to eat." She said, thinking in front of the Ice Cream man.

"Ok, you can take your time" Chris said.

1 hour later...

"Cynthia, haven't you decided yet?" Maylene asked.

"In a second." Cynthia replied.

1 hour later...

"Cynthia, we finished with our Ice Cream, are you done yet?" Chris asked.

"Just a minute." She said.

1 hour later...

"Cynthia?" Riley asked.

"I'm almost done."

Another hour later...

"CYNTHIA!" Everyone yelled at Cynthia, then she snapped her fingers.

"I know what to choose now!" She said smiling.

"Really? What do you want?" The Ice Cream asked.

"I want Vanilla please." She said smiling. Everyone were left speechless and they fell in anime style (even both Lucarios fell in anime style).

"What's wrong with all of you?" She asked while she was licking her Ice Cream.

"Nothing Cynthia, everything is fine" Chris said sarcastically while his face was on the floor.

After that little (and annoying) event, everyone regained their compostures and walked through the exit of Veilstone City...and Cynthia didn't finished her Ice Cream too.

Route 215

"So we need to cross the Route 215 and then we follow a secret path in the Route 210 near the Cafe Cabbin right?" Maylene asked. Riley nodded.

"Wow, does this Route ever stops raining?" Chris asked as he and Pichu were getting drenched by the water.

"It's very rarely if the rain stops in this Route." Cynthia said, just then, the rain stopped and the light of the sun was coming between the clouds and Starly flew to the air.

"Finally! I was getting upset with the rain!" Maylene said.

"Pss!" Chris's Lucario sneezed a bit.

"Take this, it will clear your nose." Maylene handed over a napkin to Lucario, he took it.

"Thanks." He said as he cleared his nose, Maylene gave a little smile at him and Lucario blushed a little.

"Wait, I need to see something here." Maylene said as she searched for something behind some trees, everyone else looked at each other and they went with her.

"What is it Maylene?" Riley asked as he looked around, there were a lot of rocks destroyed on the ground and there were also destroyed spots with some destroyed trees.

"This is...where me and Lucario usually train together every day." She said.

"This place looks a little destroyed you know..." Chris said.

"Pichu Pi." Pichu said.

"I know, it's because of all the Aura Spheres my Lucario have been shooting at me."

"Wait, your Lucario shoots Aura Spheres at you? Isn't that dangerous?" Riley asked worried.

She let out a small giggle "Not at all! It's really fun!" With those words, the eyes of Riley and Chris widened, but Cynthia was just staring at Maylene.

"That's because you have been kicking them back to Lucario right?" Cynthia asked smiling.

"That's right!" Maylene answered.

"What?!" Chris said, he looked at both Lucarios "Is that even possible to do?"

"I'm not sure if that can be done." Chris's Lucario said shaking his head.

"I don't know exactly either." Riley's Lucario said shaking his head too.

"That's the way we train together! He shoots his Aura Spheres at me and I return them back to him so he can dodge them at time! We also meditate below waterfalls between many other things!" She said excited, but then, she sighed looking at the clouds "I'm really starting to miss him too..."

"You and him are so close to each other right?" Riley asked.

"I met my Lucario since he was a little Riolu, and I still remember that day 7 years ago, I was little and it was my birthday, my dad gave me a Pokémon Egg, he didn't knew what Pokémon was inside until..."


"Daddy, what is this big egg?" Maylene asked looking at a Pokémon Egg in front of her.

"That is a Pokémon Egg, it holds a Pokémon inside of it, that Pokémon will be your present for your birthday." Maylene's father said.

"Really? Do you think he or she will befriend me?"

"For sure, you're such a cute little girl!"

"Daddy! Stop saying lies please!" She said smiling and giggling, then she looked at the Pokémon Egg "I hope it is a Fighting type, they're my favorite type of Pokémon because they're so strong!"

"Why do you want a Fighting type?" His father asked.

"Because I saw a fight with a Machoke againts a Hitmonlee, and the Machoke won because of his strength! I hope it is a Machop, I've heard it's the initial Pokémon to evolve into a Machoke!"

Just then, the egg was starting to shake, Maylene glanced at the egg and she smiled "It's hatching daddy! I didn't knew if would hatch so soon!"

"Let's see if you can get the type you were looking for." He said.

The top of the egg was cracking, after shaking for a while, the egg was breaking up, Maylene was getting so happy and finally, the egg hatched, but it wasn't a Machop.

Instead, another Pokémon came from the egg and he looked around confused.

"Ri?" He said placing his hand near his mouth.

Maylene stood still for a moment, that wasn't a Machop for sure to her, but it was a Riolu.

"Wow, Maylene, you just got a Riolu!" Her dad said surprised.

"A Riolu? That is his name?" She asked looking at Riolu.

"Yes, I've heard they're so rare to get, and for your luck, he is a Fighting type!"

"Ri?" He approached to Maylene. Maylene just stared at him for a minute, then she smiled and she started to hug him tightly.

"Ooouuhhhh! You're so cute!" She said pressing her face to Riolu. Riolu blinked for a moment, then he smiled and he said his name repeatedly in happiness.

"Ri! Ri! Riolu! Ri!" He said.

"See? You're already his friend, I hope you can train him well." Her dad said.

"I will daddy! And also I'm going to become a Gym Leader using Riolu! What do you say Riolu?" She looked at Riolu.

"Ri!" He said smiling.

End of flashback

"And since that day, he became my best Pokémon and best friend." She said looking at the group.

"That was a touching story," Chris said wiping a tear from his eye "But how exactly did you become a Gym Leader?"

"I become a Gym Leader by-!" She looked at the sky again, but after a moment of silence, she rubbed her head "I actually forgot how did I became a Gym Leader in the first place, silly me."

(-.-) "...I see..." Chris said.

"But let's go, I want to find him as soon as possible!" She said running away.

"She regained her energy now." Cynthia said.

"I think she was inspired when she met her Lucario." Chris said.


"Something is happening with Maylene, let's go!" Riley said running after Maylene, Chris, Cynthia and both Lucarios followed him.

When they found her, she was sat on the ground shaking her head, because she was going to be rammed by a truck that appeared on the road.

"Hey you kid! Stop appearing from nowhere!" A man said inside the truck, his hair was mysteriously light blue and he was wearing a odd looking space suit with a G on it. The same G was on the truck as the logo.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking at both sides..." Maylene said in her defense while Chris's Lucario helped her to get up, this made the man of the truck gasp.

"Oh no, oh no!" He said.

"What is it?" A girl with the same mysterious light blue hair and space suit with the G asked at the side of the man asked, when she saw the 2 Lucarios, she gasped too.

"It's something wrong sir?" Riley asked, just then, his Lucario and Chris's Lucario started to shot glares at both persons, after a second, they started to show their fangs in rage.

"Lucario, it's something wrong?" Chris asked.

"I don't like those 2 at all." He said.

"Excellent! Good bye then!" The man drove the truck at high speed out of them.

Maylene looked at them confused "They were acting so weird, don't you think?" She asked.

"I remember I saw that G somewhere before." Cynthia said.

"There were a lot of eggs inside the truck." Riley's Lucario said.

"Why they were keeping those eggs inside the truck? There is a Day Care near here?" Chris asked.

"Nope, the only Day Care in Sinnoh I know about is in Solaceon Town," Maylene answered "And they were driving to Veilstone."

"Let's find the valley first, then we go back to Veilstone to search for that truck." Cynthia said, everyone nodded and they continued their way to the Route 210.

Route 210

After walking through the Route 215 and passing the Cafe Cabbin, they went inside some woods near there.

"If my memory doesn't fails, the valley should be on the other side of these woods, but after we cross, be careful to not step on a pit." Riley said.

Eventually, they crossed to the other side and they found a big cliff in front of them, it was really huge, they looked around for the pits but there wasn't any of them.

"I don't see any pit around here." Chris said.

"They must be hiding then," Cynthia walked to the cliff and she looked to the top "We need to climb this to pass to the other side."

"But I don't know if we can climb THIS one though." Maylene said.

"Even with the help of our Lucarios we won't be able to cross it." Riley said.

"Then we're going to fly to the top," Cynthia took a Pokeball and she tossed it in the air, a Salamence came from the Pokeball and he roared upon getting out "Now everyone, get on Salamence's back."

Chris, Pichu, Maylene, Cynthia and Riley along with both Lucarios went above Salamence's back, Cynthia ordered him to fly to the top, he roared in agreedment and he started to fly.

"At this rate we can reach the top in no time!" Maylene said.

Just then Riley's Lucario saw shiny blue spots coming at them from above, he gasped when he realised that they were Aura Spheres!


"Salamence! Dodge them!" Cynthia ordered, Salamance flew avoiding the Aura Spheres, but when they passed them, they turned back and they were chasing them.

"Darn it, since they're Aura Spheres, they can't be avoided so easily, we have to do something!" Riley said.

"PICHU!" Pichu shouted in terror.

"I know!" Chris looked at both Lucarios "Use your Aura Spheres to destroy them!"

Both of them nodded and they charged their Aura Spheres, and then, they began to fire at every Aura Sphere that was going to touch them, making them explode in the process.

"They don't even stop firing at us!" Maylene said.

"No matter what they try, we are going to reach to the other side!" Chris said.

"Look! There is a cave up there!" Riley pointed to a cave above them "Fly there so we can take cover from their attacks!"

"Alright, Salamence, fly to that cave now!" Cynthia ordered, her Salamence roared again and he flew evading the Aura Spheres in the process, they eventually made it inside the cave, the rain of Aura Spheres suddenly stopped and Cynthia thanked her Salamence and she returned him to his Pokeball.

"This cave is deep." Chris said looking at the darkness of the cave.

"I dunno, but I think this cave crosses the cliff and the valley could be on the other side." Maylene said.

"But it's so dark to see, and we don't have lanterns with us."

"I know the answer for this problem." Chris's Lucario said.

"You know?" Chris asked. Just then, his Lucario started to glow and with the light of his aura he made enough light to brighten the cave to they could walk further inside.

"I wonder..." Riley's Lucario started to glow as Chris's Lucario and he made more light with his aura, the group could now advance further in the cave.

"Good idea, using the aura of both of you to shine the path through this cave." Cynthia said smiling a bit. Without any interruption, they walked deeper to the cave, it was so silent, even a little sound could make a echo.

"So if we can cross this cave, the valley will appear on the other side." Riley said.

"AAHHH!" Chris tripped on the ground, Pichu fell to the ground in the process, they stopped and his Lucario kneeled in front of him.

"Are you alright?" He asked worried.

"'s just a little bruise." He saw his leg bleeding a little, but it was enough to make him feel pain every time he walked using his leg. Pichu rubbed his head after he fell and he walked by his own. After a while, Chris's Lucario stopped and he grabbed Chris with his arms.

"You don't have to, really." Chris said.

"No, I can't watch you suffering from your injure, let me help me you." His Lucario said.

"(He is the same as myself.)" Maylene thought to herself, then she remembered something from a long time ago.


"Alright Riolu, use Force Palm on that rock!" Maylene ordered, Riolu nodded and he ran to the rock to destroy it, but he tripped in the middle of his trail and Maylene gasped and she ran to him worried.

"Riolu! Are you alright?" She asked worried.

"I'm...I'm ok, you don't have to worry about me..."

"Huh? You can talk?" Maylene asked surprised.

Riolu nodded "Yes, I was a little afraid to talk to you while your father was close to us, and I choose this moment to talk to you."

Maylene looked at Riolu's leg and it was bleeding a little "We need to stop the training for today, your leg is in a bad shape!"

"N-No! I can continue! See?" He stood up, but after walking a little he stopped because he was suffering from his injure, Maylene shook her head and she grabbed him with her arms.

"You don't have to! I can train!" Riolu said.

"Don't be stubborn! You need to recover now or else you're going to worse up your leg!"

Riolu gasped after she said that to him, he looked at his leg again and it was still bleeding, then he nodded agreeding about his health.

Maylene smiled as she was walking to her house with her Riolu on her arms "Finally, you admitted it." Riolu looked away blushing a little, Maylene saw his blushing and she laughed.

"(You're so cute when you blush.)" She thought.

End of flashback

"(Don't worry Lucario, I'm going to find you no matter what happens.)" She thought with a determined face.

"Shh...I can hear something..." Cynthia wispered to everyone.

"What?" Chris asked wispering.

"It sounds like...leaves..." Riley wispered.

There was light coming in front of them, their eyes widened a little and they ran to the ligh-

"IT'S BLINDING ME!" Maylene shouted.

...As I was saying, they ran to the light, both Lucarios stopped glowing and when they made it to the other side, they found a lot of trees, bushes and grass everywhere, there was a waterfall and a river too.


"We finally made it to the hidden valley." Riley said. Admiring the splendor of the valley, there wasn't any Pokémon there, which was very strange.

"Isn't strange that this valley it's empty?" Maylene asked confused.

"Wait, something is coming." Cynthia said narrowing her eyes.

"Yes, I can hear something approaching too." Chris said.

"HALT! WHO DARES TO ENTER THE VALLEY OF THE AURA?!" A voice echoed coming from nowhere. Chris and Maylene were scared by the sound of the voice.

"W-we!" Maylene said.

Just then, a moment of silence came to them, after a minute, a lot of noises were coming from the trees, bushes, and in the river, the group looked at everything to be prepared for any kind of attack.

And suddenly, many figures came from everywhere jumping to anything, surrounding the group in the process, after a while, the figures stopped, revealing to be a lot, no, many Lucarios glaring at them, hundreds of them were showing their fangs to the group.

"O-ok...d-don't make any brusque move...w-we are just going to return to the cave..." Chris looked at the entrance of the cave they came from and there were a lot of Lucarios blocking the cave "...n-n-nevermind...w-w-we just wait for them to...k-k-kill us..."

Maylene blinked for a moment "W-w-wait...KILL US?!"

"GGRRRRRR!!" All the Lucarios said in unison after Maylene shouted. That made Pichu hid behind Chris's Lucario in terror.

And there was an Aura Sphere coming towards Maylene!

"MAYLENE!" Chris, Riley, Cynthia and both Lucarios shouted in unison, Maylene froze up as the Aura Sphere was coming closer to her.


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26. Missing Family

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Chapter 26: Lucarios, Riolus and Maylene

As the Aura Sphere was coming closer to Maylene, there wasn't much time for her to evade it, all of them noticed that they were a little too far from her.

But then she looked straight at the Aura Sphere and she jumped into the air.

"HIIIIIIIIYYYAAAAAHHHHH!!" She said, kicking the Aura Sphere back to his owner, it was a Lucario standing in front of her, and he just simply stepped away and the Aura Sphere passed through his shoulder, crashing into a nearby tree.

"That was...awesome!" Chris said, still above his Lucario's arms.

"I remember that Aura Sphere," She looked at the Lucario who made that Aura Sphere and smiled "Lucario!"

"Maylene!" The Lucario revealed himself to be Maylene's Lucario, he ran to her and she did the same with tears coming from her eyes, when she reached him, she hugged him.

"Lucario! I was so worried about you! Where have you been?" She asked crying.

"I'm so sorry Maylene, I needed to come to this place by myself, I'm such a idiot for leaving you." He said.

"That doesn't matters now, I finally found you!" She said smiling, but she was still crying.

"Um, Maylene..." Chris said.

"What?" She asked.

"If you forgot, we're being surrounded by hundreds of killer Lucarios...who at the same time..." All of the Lucarios were charging up hundreds of Aura Spheres "..are probably making those blue orbs to kill us..."

Maylene looked at every single Lucario and all of them were charging up their Aura Spheres while they were glaring at her and everyone else.


"Yes Maylene?"

"Do you think we can return all those attacks in time?"

"...Judging by all of them, no."

"..." She hugged him tightly now "I DON'T WANNA DIE!!"

"STOP!" The same voice from before yelled and all the Lucarios stopped their Aura Spheres.

"Who's there?" Riley asked, he looked at Cynthia and there was a Lucario knelting in front of her "That is your Lucario right?" She nodded and smiled.

Just then, another Lucario came from the huge crowd of Aura Pokémon, but he was different from the others, he was tall (and he even surpassed Chris's Lucario), there was an scar crossing his left eye and his arms were crossed behind his back, he looked quite intimidating too, which made Pichu hide totally behind Chris's Lucario.

"Humans? Visiting this holy ground?" He asked looking at Riley, Cynthia, Chris and Maylene "I'm the leader of this valley, what business do you have here?"

Chris gulped "W-we don't want to cause any trouble here, we just wanted to find our Lucarios, that's all."

The Lucario from the valley looked at Chris, but when he saw Chris's Lucario, his eyes widened a bit "I don't believe're..."

"He is what?" Chris asked.

"He son."

"WHAT?! YOU'RE HIS FATHER THEN?!" Chris asked pointing at the Lucario.

He nodded "He is my son, we lost him when he was still in his egg a long time ago near the Southwest region of the Sinnoh."

"Wait, I found an egg near Jubilife City as long time ago too, but I gave it to a trainer after he helped me with something," Riley said "But how did Chris obtained that egg?"

"Um, I think I met the same trainer who you met and he gave me his egg." Chris said (obviously lying and trying to evade the truth who could make many questions to all of them) "Wait, did you said "we"?"

Suddenly, another Lucario (who was shiny because her (Yes, it was female) fur was yellow where it was supposed to be blue, she was tall too (but she was tiny comparing her size with Chris's Lucario's size)) came from the crowd of Lucarios and she stood behind the leader, apparently, she was crying a little.

"Have you...found my baby?" She asked to Chris's Lucario's father.

"Not yet, but fortunately, we've found our first missing son." He pointed at Chris's Lucario, she looked at him and she started to cry even louder.

"My son! You're here!"

Chris's Lucario went with his father and mother (he left Chris on the floor) and he ran at his mother and hugged her while he was crying a little "Mother! Father! I thought I was alone in the world, but I never thought either I could find you here!"

"Wow, this is just incredible, not only we found the Lucarios of Maylene and Cynthia, but also we found Lucario's family too and he is the son of the leader of this valley." Chris said looking at Pichu.

"Pi Pichu Pi (It's good for him.)" Pichu said.

"Wait, "our first son"?" Chris looked at Lucario's family "Do you mean you have another son too?"

"Not a son, but a daughter." The leader of the valley said.

"I see, that is the motive for calling all the Lucarios of all Sinnoh right?" Cynthia asked smiling a bit.

"That is correct, but it sounds rather odd for just calling all of them for just finding our daughter, but there is a major problem in reality."

"What major problem?" Maylene asked.

"Everything started 7 suns and 6 moons ago..." The leader of the valley remembered an event that happened 1 week ago in the night.


"On the middle of the night, we were sleeping under the stars of the sky, in that day also, we were waiting for a major event that was going to happen very soon." Chris's Lucario's father narrated.

"What was that event?" Maylene asked.

"The only important event that was going to happen was the most interesting in the whole story of the Valley of the Aura."

"A fight againts a Legendary Pokémon?" Chris asked.

"No, more important than that."

"Something about the Lucarios?" Riley asked.

"You're close, I'm giving you a hint, from what thing are the Pokémon born?"

"Pokémon Eggs?" Maylene asked.

"Correct, and what are first the Pokémon that are Lucarios?"

"Riolus." Cynthia responded.

"Correct, and we had many eggs containing Riolus inside that were going to hatch, and one of them was my daughter."

"And what happened to them?" Chris asked.

"That is where I want to explain."

The scene shows the Lucarios living in the valley sleeping in caves and above trees, there was an area with many Pokémon Eggs far away from there, and suddenly, 10 shadow figures appears sneaking inside towards the eggs.

"That night, humans started to infiltrate our valley while we were sleeping, when they saw the opportunity, they took every single egg from us."

Once the figures finished stealing the eggs, one of the Lucarios woke up by the noises they were making, after he saw 6 of them climbing the cliff, he glared at them and he charged up an Aura Sphere, he fired it at one of the figures, it made a explosion and the light coming from the sphere revealed their appearance, they were wearing space suits with light blue hair haircut and with G on the suits, the Lucario roared and it woke up every Lucario on the valley, and after they saw the mysterious thiefs climbing down the mountain, they all jumped to the cliff to chase them, but they didn't saw anything, but there was a black helicopter flying away from the valley far away in the air.

"Since that night, we used our Aura powers combined to call every Lucario living in Sinnoh to help us in finding the eggs."

End of flashback

"And now you know why we called every Lucario to the valley."

"And did you found them yet?" Chris asked.

The leader shook his head in disappointment "We haven't, we are starting to worry about the eggs and if they were taken to another land far away from Sinnoh and the valley."

"Wait...I remember something about eggs..." Cynthia said trying to remember if she heard of Pokémon Eggs before.

"Yeah, I remember it too." Maylene said, also trying to remember.

"Didn't my Lucario told us something about eggs before in Route 215?" Riley asked looking at his Lucario.

"Yes...the truck!" Chris said in surprise "You said the mysterious thiefs were wearing spacesuits with weird light blue hair and a G on their suits right?" The leader nodded "We saw them on the way here, Riley's Lucario saw something inside the truck and there were lots of Pokémon Eggs in it!"

The leader gasped "Are you sure?"


"Then we need to assault them and take the eggs back to us!" The leader said, he looked at every Lucario on the valley.

"No, wait, leave this to us." Cynthia said placing her hand on the leader's shoulder.

"We can't leave this to you! We need to retrieve the eggs and fast!"

"I know you want to retrieve them, but with force?"

"That is right! We are going to use the force!"

"Sorry, but that is a very bad idea actually."

"What?! Why?!"

"Using force is never going to resolve anything, you have to think carefully before acting, besides, if you use only brute force they're probably going to escape."

The leader looked at the floor, then Chris's Lucario placed his hand on his other shoulder "Leave this to us father, I promise I'm going to rescue my sister with the help of my friends."

"...Fine, you can go, but you need to fulfill your promise, or else."

"Thanks father, but do us a favor in return."

"What is it?"

"When all of this is over, every Lucario that was under the control of any trainer is going to return to his or her owner."

"You have my word." His father nodded.

"Please, save your sister son." Her mother said with tears coming from her eyes.

"I'll promise mother." Lucario said smiling a bit.

" that everything it's settled..." Chris stood up, his leg recovered a little, but it was enough for him to walk "We're going to begin the operation "Bring back the Pokémon Eggs"! what do you say everyone?"

"Pichu! Pichu Pichu Pichu! (I want to rescue them!)" Said Pichu.

"I'm in." Riley said, his Lucario nodded.

"I'm goint too, it would be sad if the eggs hatches in their base." Cynthia said, her Lucario nodded.

"I won't say no to this, it saddens me for those cute Riolus to be kidnapped away from their own home." Maylene said, her Lucario nodded too.

"I thank all of you for your help, now go and rescue them!" The leader said and the team nodded "We have a hidden path that connects the base of the mountain and the valley together," He pointed to a cave inside the valley "Go inside that cave, it will take you to the base of the mountain."

Route 210
Hidden entrance to the Valley of the Aura

"This path was sure well hidden." Chris said as he and Pichu got out from a hidden hole near the cliff.

"Alright, now let's think for a moment, where did the truck was heading again?" Maylene asked.

"You said it was heading to Veilstone City." Chris's Lucario pointed out.

"Exactly, we need to return to Veilstone City and search for the truck."

"And then we find the base and sneak inside!" Chris said.

After passing again the Cafe Cabbin, Chris saw not far away from his position a very familiar tall girl clothed in a big green robe, her hair was also green and long, she was smiling because she had a very familiar jar with honey inside.

"Um, where did we saw her before Lucario?" He asked to his Lucario.

Lucario looked at the girl and he tried to remember where did he and Chris saw her before "I don't know...but she is vaguely familiar...and that jar with honey too..."

"Hey guys, go on without me, I'm going to ask her something first." Chris said leaving them as he went with the girl with the jar with honey.

"Oh hello, may I help you with something?" She asked, still smiling.

"Yeah, what's your name and where did you got that jar with honey?" Chris asked.

"My name is Cheryl and I got this honey from a big beehive of Combees near Eternia City." She said, introducing herself as Cheryl.

"And maybe this is going to sound weird, but, did you received any help while you were searching for that honey?"

"Why yes, I got help from a very nice group of trainers while I was searching for the honey," She placed a finger in her forehead "I remember their names were..."


"Oh! I remember! Their names were Ash, Dawn and Brock!"

After hearing those names, Chris's eyes widened a lot.

"They were too nice to me, Ash had a Pikachu with him, it was so adorable, but his friend Brock was very weird, I thought he was trying to kidnap me or something, although he was also a very good guy, I needed to leave him by saying a lie by looking at a Beedrill who was flying by, and he fell for my lie." She responded smiling and laughing a little.

"Um...thanks...I-I need to leave now..." Chris said backing away a little "Good bye!" He said waving his hand at her and running away.

"B-but, wait! You didn't told me your name!"

"It's not important!" He said disappearing in the distance.

"...What a strange kid..." She said to herself.

Route 215

When they were heading to Veilstone City, they were challenged by 2 trainers, they asked to challenge both Chris and Maylene in a double battle.

"Are you familiar with double battles Maylene?" Chris asked.

"I don't think so, but let's give it a try!" She said.

They found a open area to fight againts the trainers, they realesed 2 Ursarings, Chris ordered his Lucario to step on the field and Maylene did the same, Cynthia and Riley along with their Lucarios were watching from the middle of the field.

"Ursaring! Use Hyper Beam!" One trainer shouted.

"Dodge it and use Force Palm!" Chris said.

"Lucario! Assist him with Bone Rush!" Maylene said. Her Lucario suddenly made a blue baton in the form of a bone long enough to use with both hands.

"Stop him with Slash!" The other trainer shouted.

Chris's Lucario evaded the Hyper Beam and he used Force Palm right into the stomach of the Ursaring, he yelled in pain and it was instantly paralyzed, Maylene's Lucario swung the bone colliding with the Slash of the other Ursaring, but with enough force, the Bone Rush was too much and the Ursaring was going to fall back.

"Use Force Palm on the head!" Maylene commanded, her Lucario jumped high in the air and his fist glowed and it punched Ursaring in the forehead, the Ursaring was getting weaker, but suddenly he fell on the floor defeated.

"Ursaring!" His trainer shouted worried.

"Ursaring, use Karate Chop!" The first trainer ordered, the hand of the Ursaring glowed and it was going to hit Chris's Lucario until...his Lucario grabbed the glowing hand with one hand.

"Huh?" Maylene said in surprise, Chris's Lucario looked behind him and he lashed the Ursaring still using his hand to the floor, the Ursaring bounced 2 times and he fainted.

"Ursaring!" The first trainer said worried.

"We won!" Chris and Maylene said in unison jumping, Pichu also was jumping. Their Lucarios returned to their sides and the trainers called their Ursarings back to their Pokeballs, they thanked both Lucario's users and they left.

"As I've said before, you have trained very well your Lucario, Chris." Riley said smiling.

"I was very surprised at how your Lucario was able to lash that Ursaring with just one hand." Cynthia said.

"And to think that Ursaring was bigger too!" Maylene said. Rubbing her Lucario's head "One of these days, I want to challenge both of you!" She said pointing at Chris.

"...Well, sure...we can have a fight later..." Chris said rubbing his head "Let's move on, we can't waste any second in this task." He said walking away with his Lucario. Cynthia, Riley and Maylene with their Lucarios followed them. It was very close the city now, Maylene looked at some trees in the way and she remembered when her Riolu evolved.


"Why did you...had to punch that Mightyena? He is surely searching for us to eat!" Maylene said as she was holding her Riolu in her arms, he was very hurted, there were a lot of bruises in his body, and he could barely even walk.

"I'm sorry Maylene...I think I overdid it a little...I never going to underestimate my foes..." He said in a weak tone.

It was raining too, Maylene and Riolu were escaping from a Mightyena that Riolu had punched him on the face while he was sleeping, he woke up enraged and he saw Riolu in a fighting stance, the Mightyena was fast and slashed Riolu several times using his claws and fangs, after Maylene managed to distract the Mightyena to grab Riolu and run away, they ran as fast the feet of Maylene could take them.

"AAHHH!!" Maylene tripped on the ground and Riolu fell too "My hurts so much!" She said holding her left leg.

"Maylene!" Riolu shouted walking to her, he somehow was able to stand up without tripping "Are you okay?"

" leg hurts so much...Riolu, you must flee away from here now, hurry!"

"What? I-I can't do that! What if that Mightyena tries to kill you?" He asked with teary eyes.

"It doesn't matters...I just want you to live!"

"I can't do it! Sorry Maylene...forgive me..."

Just then, the Mightyena finally appeared in front of them, he was growling as he was showing his fangs in rage, Maylene gasped and she started to cry for her life. But Riolu stood in front of her with his arms opened.


"RIOLU!" Maylene said crying.

"RAAAHHHHHH!!" The Mightyena lunged at Riolu with his mouth opened, Maylene clossed her eyes to not see how Riolu was going to suffer, and then, Riolu's eyes widened when the fangs of the Mightyena bit his right arm.

"RIOOOLUUUU!!" Maylene shouted, her voice was echoing in all the rain.

"(I'm sorry Maylene...if only I were bigger and stronger...)" Riolu thought crying.

Suddenly, Riolu began to shine intensely, the eyes of the Mightyena widened, he backed away and he closed his eyes, Maylene opened her eyes when she saw the light coming from Riolu, she saw Riolu growing, his tail got bigger as well as the rest of his body, the little steel parts of his arms turned into sharp spikes and one also appeared on his chest, his ears grew and his sacks on his face disaopeared but 4 new sacks appeared behind his head, his torso was no longer blue, yellow fur grew on it instead, 2 black rings formed on his shoulders and his eyes turned sharper and the black marking of his face was now crossing his head in both sides of both ears, his nose was now a little longer, there was also a black marking around his lap that looked like he was wearing a belt. Since Maylene was still a little girl, Riolu was now bigger than her.

"AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I'M GOING TO USE TO PROTECT HER!" He said glaring at the Mightyena, Maylene also noted that his cute little voice turned into a menacing voice. She saw the wounds of Riolu disappeared in the process too. He ran with his fist ready to punch Mightyena, he did and Mightyena went flying to a nearby tree and he yelled in pain when he fell, then he shook his head and ran away scared.

"Ri-Riolu" Maylene said very surprised at the sudden change of Riolu.

"I'm no longer Riolu," "Riolu" turned his back to see Maylene "I'm now Lucario."

"Lucario?" Maylene asked. Lucario nodded and he kneeled to her.

"Your leg is still hurting you?"

"Y-yes." When she said that, Lucario grabbed her with his arms carefully to not touch her leg "You don't have to!"

"No, it was my fault for enraging that Mightyena in the first place."

Maylene blushed a little and she nodded slowly, Lucario smiled a little "Now let's go to our house, If I remember your mother is making rice for dinner."

"Y-yeah! Let's go!" She said smiling and blushing, Lucario walked to their house as he was carrying Maylene on his arms, in the middle of the way, Maylene yawned and she closed her eyes, she moved her head to Lucario's face and she also wrapped her arms around his neck, Lucario closed his eyes and smiled. Then the screen looks slowly to the rain and the clouds disperse and the light of the sun came from the sky once again.

End of flashback

A tear appeared on Maylene's left eye and she wipped it out.

Veilstone City

"Now where could that truck be?" Chris asked looking around.

"It's over there." His Lucario said pointing to the truck with the G on it, it was opened from behind and the mysterious men were in front of the truck talking to a little group of their team, Chris and the others sneaked carefully behind the truck and they found the eggs inside.

"...Whoa...just look at all the eggs!" Maylene said smiling, she saw all the eggs piled above more eggs, the truck was just full of them because they were literally touching the roof of the truck.

"They weren't joking about the amount of eggs." Cynthia said.

"But how are we going to carry them before they start the car?" Chris asked.

"I have everything ready," Cynthia looked at her Lucario "Use Psychic to carry the eggs."

"Yes Cynthia." He said, he started to glow in a purple light and he pointed his hands to the eggs, the eggs were now floating towards them slowly, Riley and his Lucario took the eggs to hide them behind some trees, after half of the eggs were retrieved, Chris entered the truck along with Maylene and Pichu to carry the remaining eggs to Riley and the other 3 Lucarios.

"Are there more eggs inside?" Riley asked.

Chris, Pichu and Maylene looked behind them and they smiled "Nope, we're done." Maylene said.

Just then, the back of the truck closed quickly and Chris, Pichu and Maylene were trapped inside, Cynthia, Riley and the 4 Lucarios gasped in unison and the truck was driving away from them.

"LUCARIO!!" Both shouted in unison inside the truck.

"Hey, did you hear something from the eggs?" The man of the truck asked to his partner.

"Nah, it must be a fly or something." She replied.

"CHRIS!" Chris's Lucario, Riley and his Lucario shouted in unison.

"MAYLENE!" Cynthia, her Lucario and Maylene's Lucario shouted in unison.

"We have to save them now!" Chris's Lucario said.

"But what about the eggs? We need to keep them!" Maylene's Lucario asked.

"2 of us will stay behind while 4 of us will follow the truck without being spotted," Cynthia said "Riley, we should stay behind and let our Lucarios to do the job."

"Alright Cynthia, be careful along the way," Riley said to the 4 Lucarios, all of them nodded and they ran away chasing the truck carefully "Why did you choose them anyway?"

"Because they are Lucarios." Cynthia replied smiling.

Preview of the next chapter

"I'm Chris's Lucario."

"I'm Maylene's Lucario."

"I'm Riley's Lucario."

"I'm Cynthia's Lucario."

"They took by accident Chris, Pichu and Maylene to a hidden base near the Route 215"

"If they ever lay one finger to Maylene, they are going to die."

"Calm down, we need to think carefully or else this mission is going to fail."

"I agree with him."

"You're right, we should think before acting."

"I can't concentrate well if I know that Maylene is in danger!"

"Relax, we're going to rescue them."

"The key word for this mission is teamwork."

"Alright, let's rescue them now!"

"Next time: Revelations! Good bye Sinnoh!" All of them said in unison.

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27. Oath To Your Cruel Destiny Now Or Else

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Chapter 27: Revelations! Good bye Sinnoh!

Route 215
Inside the truck

Chris, Pichu and Maylene were still inside the truck, only their eyes were showing in the darkness of the truck.

"Let's see, we rescued the Pokémon Eggs, but we forgot to get out of the truck right?" Chris asked.

"It appears so." Maylene said.

"Pichu Pi (Uh-hu.)"

"Oh god... Things can get any worse."

"Open the gates!" a voice yelled from outside, the sound of gates opening up were heard.

"Did you say something?" Maylene asked narrowing her eyes at Chris.

"No." He said sweatdropping.

"Pi Pi Pi! (LOL, you got owned!)" Pichu (surprisingly) said.

"They are not looking, let's move on." Chris's Lucario wispered to the other Lucarios, all of them ran quickly to the other side of the gate while the mysterious people weren't looking, they hid behind a pile of boxes near a base.

"I just can't wait to see the face of Commander Mars to see the Pokémon Eggs, she will be very pleased if Master Cyrus thank her," the man said.

"Stop dreaming and drive this thing inside the base!" The woman said annoyed.

"Look, they're opening that door." Riley's Lucario said.

"The coast is clear, go." Maylene's Lucario said, all of them ran inside the base and they hid in another pile of boxes.

Route 215
Mysterious base

"Did you hear something like something grabbing this truck?" Maylene asked.

"Yeah, I did, I think this is not the interior of the truck, but instead, it's a big metal box."

"AAAHHH!" The big metal box shook violently and the 3 of them fell on the floor, they moaned in pain. Outside, the big metal box was being carried away with a crane to a big treadmill leading to another place of the base. The group of Lucarios looked around to see if there was anyone looking, unfortunately, there were a lot of persons walking at different places at the same time, leaving the Lucarios stuck in their positions as the big metal box disappeared to another room.

Mysterious Base
Commander Mars's room

"And now Sir Cyrus, let me introduce you your present," a woman in the same space suit but with a different desing and red hair said pointing to the big metal box coming from the long treadmill.

"I hope this is useful as you told me before, I'm very busy with my work now," a man in the same space suit with blue hair said staring blankly at the box.

"You will not regret it. Inside this box there are a lot of Pokémon Eggs with Pokémon that can harness the aura," she said smiling evilly.

"Are you really sure that those eggs are going to help us in our research for the energy they emanate when they evolve?" he asked. His face was staring at her blanky, showing no emotion at all.

"I'm so sure of it." She took out a button. "And with just one click, this box is..." She clicked the button and the big metal box's walls fell apart, revealing to be a big metal cage "Holding so many eggs that are touching the roof of the cage," she said smirking.

"...You really disappoint me."

"Of course I always disappoint yo..." She looked at the cage and instead of "many eggs" she revealed 2 kids with a Pichu staring blankly at her "...Okay, what the hell is going on here?"

"They look like humans, they smell like humans and they sound like humans, therefore they are humans." Cyrus said staring blankly at them.

"Master Cyrus, I swear there were lots of eggs inside this cage. I don't know what happened during the kidnapping but I was sure of it," she said pointing at the cage.

"Sure, they were." Cyrus turned his back and he crossed his arms behind his back. "Expect a lowering in rank tomorrow." He walked away from her.

"..." She looked at the side in irritation. "This didn't come out as I expected it to be..."

"Geez, get a life please." Maylene said bored.

"Yes, I mean, stealing eggs from a valley it's just plain wrong." Chris said.

"Pichu Pichu Pi (You're a loser.)" Pichu said.

"...Well, at least I can punish you all for meddling your noses where they don't belong to," she said as she looked at them.

"What was that again?" Maylene asked.

"If I'm getting my rank away from me..." Commander Mars looked at them while grinning. "Then you're really going to pay for that..."

"How? We're inside this cage and you're out of it." Chris asked. Just then, she took out a Pokeball, she tossed it in the air and a Purugly came from it.

"I don't get your point still." Maylene said staring at the Purugly.

"I just use Supersonic to torture you 3 from what have you done to me," she said smirking.

"...Y-you wouldn't dare!" Chris said surprised.

Team Galactic Battle

"Watch me! Purugly! Use Supersonic on those meddlers!" she shouted, her Purugly opened his mouth and ultrasonic waves came colliding with the cage, the 3 blocked their ears in pain as the sound of the attack was hurting them.

"UGH! STOP IT!" Chris shouted.

"Never. As cruel as this may seem, you need to be punished for stealing our eggs...and my rank as well. Humiliating me in front of Cyrus means crossing over the line." Commander Mars said.


"Do I care? Purugly! Double potency!"

Purugly nodded and the Supersonic attack grew in size, the 3 were screaming in pain, blocking their ears wasn't enough to protect them.

"THAT'S IT! PICHU! USE THUNDERBOLT!" Chris said as he glanced at Pichu who tried to stand up, he did and he charged electricity from his body and a lightning went towards Purugly, the fat cat stopped his attack gritting his fangs "Now, use Tackle to destroy the bars!" Chris said pointing at the bars, Pichu rammed his head towards the bars to broke them.

"Don't think I'm going to let go away that easily either!" Mars said and she ordered her Purugly to use Supersonic again, the Pokémon closed his mouth and he gathered air with his nose to launch his attack again.

"Use Thunderbolt again! Quickly!" Chris said and Pichu charged more electricity and he fired it at Purugly again, Pichu continued his plan to destroy the bars with his head, it was a little painful, but he continued to do it.

"I hear something coming from the other side of the treadmill," Riley's Lucario said.


"CHRIS! ...THAT'S IT!" Chris's Lucario glowed in an intense light and he ran to the treadmill, in doing so, all the personnel inside the base noticed them.

"FORGET ABOUT THE PLAN! WE NEED TO ATTACK THEM NOW!" Maylene's Lucario said glowing too, he jumped high in the air and he charged an Aura Sphere shooting it at some machines around the area.

"STOP THEM! WE CAN'T ALLOW THEM TO DESTROY THIS BASE!" one man shouted taking out a Pokeball, every single member took out a Pokeball and all of them called different kinds of Pokémon out of the Pokeballs. Riley's Lucario and Cynthia's Lucario stood in a fighting stance and all Pokémon lunged at them.

"You won't escape so easily from the cage! Purugly! Use Supersonic again!" A big explosion was heard in all the base and Purugly stopped and he noticed the noise coming from the treadmill "Huh? What was that big noise?" Commander Mars asked. The back of the treadmill was suddenly glowing and Chris's Lucario came from it and he quickly punched Purugly to the wall. Purugly crashed to the wall and he fell unconscious with swirl is his eyes.

"Purugly!" Commander Mars ran to her Purugly "You little bastard! How dare you to hurt my Purugly?!"

"GUUUUUUAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!" Chris's Lucario roared. Chris and Maylene unblocked their ears and opened their eyes and they noticed Chris's Lucario glaring at Commander Mars and Purugly.

"So? With that kind of emotion you're not going to scare m-"

Chris's Lucario stomped the floor and it broke leaving a huge mark of destruction on it.

"...The tough type, huh?" she asked before she called back her Purugly. "Well, since you want to rescue them so badly, then go ahead. I don't care about this anymore..." she said before she walked away.

"...I don't like the way she said that..." Maylene whispered.

"Lucario!" Chris said smiling, his Lucario looked at the cage and he stood in front of the bars, he grabbed 2 of them with each hand and he broke them without any problem. Chris stood up and ran at his Lucario to hug him.

"I was a little worried Chris." His Lucario said rubbing Chris's head.

"Where is my Lucario?" Maylene asked looking around.


"Lucario!" Her Lucario came from the treadmill and the 2 hugged each other. Maylene was smiling happily.

"Pichu Pichu! (Let's get out of here!)" Pichu said rubbing his head from the damage he received after hitting the bars.

"Right, we need to escape from this place." Chris's Lucario said. Chris, Pichu, Maylene and her Lucario nodded. All of them ran inside the treadmill.

"Are you tired yet?" Riley's Lucario asked panting, Cynthia's Lucario was at his right side looking back "No, and you?" He asked panting. A lot of Pokémon were laying unconscious on the floor, probably because they defeated them.

"They are too powerful! We need to escape now!" A member said to the other. Just then, Chris and the others came from the treadmill and they joined the other Lucarios in the battle.

"Pichu! Behind you!" Chris yelled as a Golbat was going to bite Pichu from his back, Pichu ducked in terror but Chris's Lucario punched the Golbat in the head, making the big bat to crash in some boxes and Pichu thanked Lucario with a smile, saying his name in happiness.

"Now as we always do it Lucario!" Maylene said to her Lucario and both positioned their hands like they were going to launch Aura Spheres, obviously, Maylene's Lucario did an sphere except of Maylene "Aura Sphere!" Maylene shouted and both pushed their hands in the same time and the Aura Sphere exploded right into the belly of a Rhydon, who fell on the floor fainted.

"Now Pichu! Use Thunder!" Chris said as Pichu gathered all his electricity again while Zubats, Poochyenas and Golbats were surrounding him, Pichu opened his little arms realising all his electricity and paralyzing all the Pokémons surrounding him, they fell on their faces in the floor and Pichu was tilting his head from the exhaustion.

"You did a great job Pichu!" Chris said grabbing Pichu on his arms but Pichu was still dizzy.

"What are we going to do now? Almost all our Pokémon were wiped out!" A Galactic Grunt said to another.

"No! We need the order of Commander Mars first!"

"This is an order: leave the base at once! I repeat, this is an order: leave the base at once!" Mars said over the mic from another place.

"RUN!" every member shouted taking back their Pokémon to their Pokeballs.

"Bunch of cowards," Cynthia's Lucario said crossing his arms.

"Now let's go!" Chris said, all of them ran outside the base to the gate, after passing through the gate, the stopped to catch their breath and the crowd cheered for them.

Music stops

"Ooof...we did it...right Maylene?" Chris asked.

"Yeah...we did it." She said smiling.


"What's wrong Pichu?" Chris asked.

"PICHU PICHU PICHU! (We're surrounded!)" Pichu said scared.

"Huh?" Chris looked and he gasped when he saw many members of Team Galactic surrouding them, they were holding a lot of high tech guns and pointing at them.

"Did you think we would surrender so easily?" Commander Mars came out of the crowd smirking. "That is where you are wrong kids."

"Darn it! They don't stop calling me kid!" Chris said annoyed. His Lucario glared at them and he charged up an Aura Sphere.

"Halt! If you shoot that orb, we will shoot at you with our guns at free will."

"Grrr..." Lucario stopped charging up his Aura Sphere.

"Now...surrender now...or else..." she said.

"I-I guess there isn't any choice left then..." Chris dropped to the floor, Maylene and Pichu did the same. "We surrender."

"Excellent, now take the-" She was interrupted because she heard a noise coming from the bushes, but in reality, all the bushes around them were moving "Huh? Who is there? Show yourselves!"

"If you say so!" a familiar voice said smiling, suddenly, from the bushes came hundreds of Lucarios walking towards the members of Team Galactic, all of the Lucarios were glaring at them, some were above the trees with crossed arms and some were high atop the trees. From the crowd of Lucarios, Riley and Cynthia came walking along with the leader of the valley.

"E-everyone!" Chris said getting up surprised at the sudden help from all the Lucarios.

"Oh, you've got be kidding me... I had everything perfectly planned to steal the eggs from these freak-" When Commander Mars said that annoyed, all of the Lucarios grunted at her and she stopped.

"Commander Mars! We're waiting for your orders! What should we do now?" A member asked looking at all the enraged Lucarios.

"LUCARIOS OF THE VALLEY OF THE AURA! PREPARE THE AURA SPHERES!" the leader ordered and all the Lucarios stood in the position for charging the Aura Spheres as the aura of each one was concentrating between his hands.

"..." Mars merely smirked. "Okay. It's doesn't matter now."

All the Lucarios stopped charging their Aura Spheres and looked confused.

"W-wait, why is everyone stopping?" Maylene asked.

"As irritating as it sounds, we're mostly pacific to anyone. Since she has something to say, we'll her speak," the leader said. "Speak."

It was not long before several choppers arrived from the sky and dropped ladders just above Mars's team.

"T-they're going to escape!" Chris yelled.

"Let them go," the leader said.

"W-wait, what?"

"We don't want any grudges with them anymore. In order to do this, we have to let them go so they don't bother our peace at the valley. Is that clear to you?" the leader asked with a glare to Mars as she was the last one to climb up the ladder.

"Fine," Mars said as the chopper started to lift her up. "We won't disturb your stinky valley anymore. But remember this, we won't forget this little event at all. After all, you were the ones who took my rank away."

"C-Cynthia! Aren't you going to do something?" Maylene asked.

"No," Cynthia shook her head. "If they agree to stop disturbing the Lucarios, then it's fine with me."

"But they're criminals!"

"Unfortunately, we lack proof for them being criminals," Riley said as Mars got inside the chopper. "You wrecked their hideout in your way out, didn't you? That pretty much wrecks the proof apart."

Chris and Maylene looked back at the hideout that was in ruins.

"...Oh god..." Chris said worried.

"Heh," Mars chuckled as she muttered something. "Sucks to be you, huh? Well, then, we'll meet again sometime in the future if we ever feel like it. Enjoy your peace between dogs."

They all watched the chopper disappearing in the horizon with the others. All the Lucarios were glaring at them before they let out grunts of frustration.

"..." Chris looked forward. "...Why did she sound like Amy? Her voice was very identical to Amy's voice..."

"Did you say something?" his Lucario asked.


Route 210
Valley of the Aura

Everyone returned to the Valley of the Aura to return the Pokémon Eggs.

"So, you 2 went here after we were trapped by Team Galactic and asked for the help of the Lucarios?" Chris asked to Riley and Cynthia, both nodded.

"We are in your debt for rescuing all the Pokémon Eggs, you have my regards," the leader said knelting. His wife was holding a Pokémon Egg in her arms.

"Isn't that Pokémon Egg Lucario's sister?"

She nodded smiling "That's right. Very soon my daughter will be born from this egg."

"Hey look!" Maylene said pointing to the eggs.

"What?" Riley asked.

"They're shaking!"

Indeed, all the Pokémon Eggs were shaking, even the egg of Lucario's mother was shaking too. All of the Lucarios watched as the eggs were breaking up from the top, Chris, Pichu, Maylene, Riley and Cynthia were also watching.

"They're going to hatch at the same time. It's amazing." Riley said.

"I can't wait to see their faces filled with joy after they hatch." Cynthia said as she sat down.

When they stopped shaking, every single egg broke and as expected, Riolus came from the eggs saying their names in baby-ish tones, many Lucarios (who were female) walked to the Riolus and grabbed them smiling, every Riolu was too happy to have their mother in front of them.

And that was also the same reaction for Chris's Lucario's mother. Her daughter was also a Shiny Pokémon as her.

"My baby!" she said hugging her daughter in her arms. Chris's Lucario approached to her and he saw his little sister looking curiously at him.

"(Sooooooooooooo cute...)" Chris thought in happiness. "Isn't great Lucario? You have a little sister to look after." Chris said smiling.

"Do you see him?" Chris's Lucario's mother pointed at his son. "He is your big brother."

"" the Shiny Riolu asked putting her little left hand in his mouth.

"Wow, she can talk too..." Maylene said surprised.

"...Big brother!" his little sister said trying to hug his brother. Lucario approached closer to her and she hugged his right arm.

"Aww, isn't cute?" Maylene asked to Cynthia with closed eyes. She replied by nodding and smiling.

"Say, aren't those the new Riolus that hatched just now?" Chris asked. Maylene turned her back and she saw all the Riolus looking at her curiously.

"Hey!" She bent to them. "Aren't you the most cutest little babies in the world?" she asked smiling. Every Riolu looked at each other. They blinked in unison and...they leaped to Maylene, causing her to fall on the ground.

"Ri! Ri! Ri! Ri! Ri! Ri! Lu! Lu! Ri! Lu!" they said above Maylene.

"AAHH!! PLEASE! STOP! YOU'RE ALL TICKLING ME!! HAHAHAHA! PLEASE! I BEG FOR MERCY PLEASE!" she pleaded laughing, tears were coming from her eyes since all the Riolus were tickling her. "HEY! THAT'S MY CHOCOLATE BAR!" she said looking at a Riolu staring at the Chocolate Bar he took from Maylene's pocket. He took a bite of it and the Riolu smiled.

"Riiii!" he said in happiness.

"AWWW! YOU'RE SO CUTE!" she said smiling and laughing.

"'re unbeliavable..." Chris said frowning. Everyone laughed at this for a while, even the Riolus were laughing too.

As their laughs echoed through the valley, Chris noticed that Lucario's father walked to him while everyone was laughing.

"You, come here for a moment." Chris's Lucario's father said to Chris.

"Huh? For what?" Chris asked.

"Just come, quick." He said leaving inside a cave, Chris made a confused face and he followed him.

Both of them found a small entry to a cave where the Lucario walked inside without looking back. Chris stopped in front of the cave before he went inside to the Lucario.

"What is it?" Chris asked as he looked around. "Why are you taking me here?"

"I need to show you something very important."


"Yes, and it is right here." He stopped in front of wall, there were torches with fire around the cave. In the wall, there was a picture of a giant Lucario glowing. Letters were shown around the image too.

Chris blinked surprised at the image that he examined every single part of it. "God... What is that?"

"That picture," he said as he turned to face Chris. "Is my son."

"Huh? And why is he in that wall?"

"I need to tell you a myth of the Valley of the Aura." He turned his back to look at Chris. "It's a myth of a Legendary Lucario."

"...A myth of a Legendary Lucario?" Chris repeated confused before he got in a thinking position. "...Wait, you don't mean my Lucario... Wait, it's just to-"

"Yes, a myth that has been here in the valley since its existence. There was a old legend about a bloodline of the strongests Lucario in the region of Sinnoh, I am one member of that family."

"So, that means..."

"Correct, your Lucario is also one of those members. You might have noticed the "brute force" he possess, am I right? That shows his heritage to the bloodline of the valley."

"W-well, he used to do pushups under the bed every morning. When I asked him if the bed was heavy, he said it wasn't heavy at all for his back that he kept going for a while..." Chris said.

"Then I was right... However, my son is special."

"Special about what? His strength?"

"There was an old saying about a Lucario who will have the special task that will prove his strength between all the Lucarios of the family." He looked at the wall. "The saying was this: One Lucario of the family will have a special destiny that will be used in good hands. This Lucario will help and protect a certain special being to save a great catastrophe that will engulf and destroy all the universe out of existence. The special being is the World Traveler, the human who is from another world and will save all the worlds from the ultimate destruction."

"..." Chris looked stupidly shocked at this. "...Aw no no no no no..."

"What is it, World Traveler?" Lucario's father asked with a small smile.

"...L-look, this is so sudden to me about the World Traveler thing..." Chris gulped. "I-I mean, I'm some kind of hero because of this prophecy?!"

"Yes," he said simply.

The simpleness of the "yes" made Chris uncomfortable.

"...That's all you're going to say to me?" Chris asked.

"Yes," he repeated.

"...But this is just so stupid!" Chris yelled. "I'm a destined teen to save the worlds? I-I thought it was a good idea to save them and just that, b-but the World Traveler?"

"I expected you to react like that," the leader said with a chuckle. "In truth, you have a destiny full of perils and dangers ahead of you. When you accepted the task to save the worlds, you became the World Traveler instantly."

"I-I did it just for fun...just to meet different people in every single universe..." Chris muttered.

"Well, I know you're a bit hesitant about this revelation, but what do you want to tell me?"

"...That...this is...this is...this is..." Chris looked down. "...Unbelievable..."

"Do you care to say more than that?"

"...Can I change destinies?"


"Can I change names? Will it make a difference?"


"Can I make another identity?"


"Can I ignore this task?"


"Can I change the prophecy?"


"Can I use another Pokémon?"


"Can I-"

"NO!" he yelled angrily before he coughed. "You have a destiny ahead of you and you must complete it!"

"..." Chris sobbed a little as he cried toon tears. "Destinies shouldn't be this harsh on me... What did I do to deserve this?"

"Fate is sometimes cruel, but you must accept it."

"...A-as much as this is so unfair..." Chris looked to him. "...I'm going to accept this..."

"You have nothing to be ashamed of, remember that you still have my son as your guardian. He will step in front of the danger for you."

"Well...that's true..." Chris nodded. "...I hope I can do a good job though..."

"Don't worry," he said. "I'm sure you can achieve this if you put effort and mind into it. But, do you really accept this task?"

"...I..." Chris gulped. "...I'm sure I will do it...for everyone and every single place out there..."

"If you have questions about this, please come to see me for your long as they're not like the questions you asked me before..." he said as he sweatdropped.

Chris pouted a little before shaking his head. "I-I'm going to do my very best then..."

"Then look at the wall."


"I want you to say it out loud. If you accept the rank, then you must say it to the painting of my son by putting your hand against the wall."

"...For?" Chris asked.

"PUT YOUR HAND AGAINST THE WALL!" he yelled furiously as Chris quickly pressed his hand against the painting.

"I-I-I, Chris, w-w-will accept my destiny as the World Traveler!" Chris yelled in shock.

"MORE!" he demanded.

"I-I-I promise I'm going to save the worlds and everyone else!"


"I-I-I'm not going to let anyone down, ever!"


"I-I-I will do anything in my power to achieve my victories in battles in a near future!"


"I-I-I won't let anything stop me from being successful!"


"WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY?!" Chris asked in utter irritation.

"You're not being respectful to the painting. You must speak out your mind so it doesn't feel offended!" he said in rage.




"You have spoken your words..." he trailed off as he nodded. "Congratulations."

"(...That was pretty stupid...)" Chris thought.

"(What was that?! You dare to disrecpect the prophecy through your mind?!)" the leader asked in rage through telepathy.

"(Would you stop it now?!)" Chris said in irritation.


"WHAT?!" Chris asked furiously to his Lucario, who decided to appear just now. "...O-oh, I mean, what?"

"Why were you yelling like you were being tortured?" his Lucario asked.

"...You tell him!" Chris demanded the leader.

A while later...

"Now you 2 know your destinies," the leader said as Chris stood right next to his Lucario. "You must protect the worlds from the menace you're facing so they don't end up destroyed."

"...I will take this in mind, father," Chris's Lucario said. "I won't let Chris down either."

"(Why must Lucarios be this determined?)" Chris thought with a bored tone in his voice. "E-er, I accept my destiny as well."

"Then, go ahead," the leader said. "I trust you 2 from here and onwards. Son, please, remember this place as your home. You should visit us once in a while during your travels with the World Traveler."

"Chris." Chris corrected.

The leader ignored him. "Remember, you have a family here. Your sister would like you to come and see her from time to time."

Chris's Lucario nodded. "I will. I can't forget about my family here because...I just found it..." Chris's Lucario said with a nod. "Chris..."

"...Don't worry," Chris smiled a little to him. "I want to visit this place sooner so I can play with the cut-I-I mean, Riolus a lot."

"Thank you, World Traveler," the leader said. "We would be pleased to see you here as well."

"For the last time, my name is Chris!" Chris yelled.

"Yes. Now, I wish you good luck in your travels. May the aura of all living things accompany you in your battles."

As the 2 nodded and Lucario said his farewell to his father, both walked back to the exit before Chris leaned closer to Lucario. "He ignored my name, didn't he?"

"...It seems so..." his Lucario replied.

"...Well, let's say good bye to everyone in the valley before we continue our gruesome destinies."

"Aren't you excited though?"

"To meet more people? Yes," Chris said. "To die? Hell no..."

"You have me."

"...To survive? Yes."

His Lucario just frowned before chuckling a little as they left the cave.

Veilstone City
Entrance to the Veilstone City Gym

"Well, you have your family now, a little sister to look after and a home to return," Chris said. "And I guess it's time to leave now."

"Yes," Riley said as he looked at his Lucario. "We're going to Iron Island to train for a while. After all the things that happened, we need a little break as we call it. I need to resume my training as an Aura Guardian as well."

He was just begging for someone to yell at him, "Sir Aaron, you're alive!"

"I...must...not...yell...Sir him..." Chris muttered.

"What?" Sir Aaro-I mean, Riley asked.

"N-nothing!" Chris yelled. "...Just a promise, everyone."

"What, Chris?" Maylene asked.

"Let's promise that we will never let anyone hear about the Valley of the Aura and that the Lucarios can talk. We will keep it as our little secret. If you see anyone coming to you if you're talking to your Lucario, you must stop talking to him and he can only say the only common thing every Pokémon does."

"His name over and over again?" Maylene asked.

"Sadly, yes." Chris said sweatdropping.

"Or just grunt," Riley said with a chuckle. "Grunting is the way they talk."

The 4 Lucarios glared at him before grunting.

"Told you so."

"Well, that's good for me." Cynthia said, licking something familiar.

"Cynthia...isn't that the same Ice Cream from before?" Chris said with a bored look.

"Yes, and look, I've finished," she said tossing the cone away in a trash can.

"...Leaving that, we need to get going now. Let's go, Lucario." Riley said.

"Yes, Riley." His Lucario looked at Chris. "Thank you for all your help. I wouldn't be reunited with Riley if it wasn't for you. I hope we meet again someday."

The Aura Guardian (Riley is Sir Aaron's reincarnation, for god's sake...) and his Lucario began to walk away as the 7 waved at them.

"Good bye, Riley! Good bye, Lucario!" Chris said waving his hand to them. They left waving their hands before they disappeared out of sight.

"And I need to return to do some work around Sinnoh. It was a pleasure to stay with you. Lucario, return to your Pokeball," she said pointing her Pokeball at Lucario.

"Yes, Cynthia," her Lucario said before returning to his Pokeball.

She chuckled heartily. "I hope we can have a little adventure someday in the future. Being with Lucario trainers is a worthwhile experience with lots of fun. Well, then, I must get going to visit my grandma at Celestic Town. The museum where she works at will show the rare Lustrous Orb for display in a private exhibition... Oops, I said something confidential. Keep this between us, okay?" she asked with a chuckle before she turned and walked away. "Good bye for all of you! Let's do something like this again sometime!"

"Good bye, Cynthia!" Maylene said waving her hand at Cynthia. Cynthia waved her hand as well and she left in the distance.

"...Well, Maylene, we need to go now. It was very fun to stay with you." Chris said smiling.

"Chris, thank you so much for helping me to be reunited with my Lucario. I've never been so happy before in my life...but I don't know how to repay you."

"You don't need t-" Chris was interrupted.

"Oh! I know how! Chris, I need you to open your hand and close your eyes. When I said the word, open your eyes."

"...Okay..." Chris said as he did what he was told. "Now what?"

He felt something above his hand.

"Maylene, what did you give m-"

He was interrupted once more, but, the strange thing was, there was something on his cheek.

Chris's Lucario's eyes widened a lot, and Maylene's Lucario's eyes widened too.

If you have been wondering what was the other thing...

"Maylene, a-a-are you kissing me?!" Chris asked blushing.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now." Maylene said.

"Did you just kiss me on my cheek?"

Maylene blushed a little "Well...I...think I was a little too thankful..."

Chris just blinked in embarrasment, then he looked at his hand and there was badge. "Isn't this..."

"Yeah, that is the Cobble Badge of the Veilstone City Gym. You've earned it," she said smiling.

"But I didn't challenge you!"

"That doesn't matter. Consider it as a thanks for reuniting me with my Lucario, without him, my Gym would be a disappoinment for the Sinnoh League!" She paused for a moment. "That's it! You should challenge the Sinnoh League!"

"Me? Challenging the Sinnoh League?" He looked at his Lucario. "I-I-I-I-I'm going to think about it."

"That's great! I want to see you winning!" She looked behind Chris and there was someone coming to them far away. "Look! There is a trainer coming!"

"Really? You should start accepting challenge with...oh my god, no..." Chris's face got scared of what he just saw coming, the trainer who was coming was too familiar...way too familiar to Chris. His Lucario saw his terrorized face, when he turned his head he made the same terrorized face, although Pichu was confused. Because that trainer was...

"Hey! I know him! He is Paul!" Maylene said smiling.

"P-Paul?!" Chris and his Lucario said surprised. Chris grabbed Maylene by the shoulders.

"Chris! What are you doing?!" She asked confused.


"W-w-why?" she asked still confused.


"O-ok! Got it!" she said scared.

"GOOD! LUCARIO! USE EXTREMESPEED AND LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" Chris said stopping grabbing Maylene by the shoulders. His Lucario grabbed him and Pichu quickly and the trio disappeared in front of Maylene and her Lucario.

"...You will remember his promise, Maylene?" her Lucario asked.

"...You bet I will! Now for starting good in this day, let's beat Paul and regain our fighting spirit as a team!"

These 2 better be prepared for what is coming to them...

"Shh... He is coming..." he whispered.

"Oh shoot, you're right..." she wispered back.

"Hey, I want to challenge you now." Paul said with a blank face.

"You're on! Let's do it, Lucario!"

Her Lucario said nodding, remembering Chris's promise.

Veilstone City

"P-phew, that was close..." Chris said clearing his forehead because he sweated. "I can't believe it, we're inside the anime?!"

"We saw Paul, and Cheryl was also holding the same honey she got from that episode." Lucario said.

"Pichu Pi? (Do you know them?)" Pichu asked.

"...Yes..." Lucario answered.

"Now that everything is done here, let's return to the Smash Mansion."

Chris looked around if there were persons looking at them. The coast was clear and he made the vortex. The trio stepped inside and they disappeared, but the vortex didn't close and a yellow figure walked inside along with a round pink figure, then the vortex disappeared.



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28. The Oldies Look So Young

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Chapter 28: The Oldies Look So Young

Smash Mansion
Command Room

A very small time passed after Chris, Pichu, and Lucario arrived from Sinnoh.

"You were gone for the last 9 hours. What you were doing in Sinnoh?" Master Hand asked.

"S-sorry for being a little bit late..." Chris said. "But there were some events that distracted us a lot."

"What kind of events?"

Chris, Pichu, and Lucario explained it all to Master Hand and the others.

"World Traveler, huh?" Master Hand asked.

"Y-yes, I turned out to be some kind know?" Chris asked. "Why is it that it was already set for me?"

"Well...I can't really explain," Master Hand said. "Universes around here are complicated in their own paces. It's even harder for me to explain their complexity."

"But still..." Chris wondered.

"Well, what can you do," Master Hand began. "It only means you're bound to your job."


"It means you'll have to risk your butt for everyone."


"IT MEANS YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT THE BAD GUYS! There! Cheesy line included!" Master Hand yelled annoyed.

"O-okay!" Chris said worried. "I-I'll just follow it!"

"And you don't want to wonder more?" Lucario asked.

"What can I do...?" Chris trailed off. "I already gave my oath to your scary father."

"What oath?" Pikachu asked as he jumped to his shoulder.

"The oath Lucario's dad told me to say out loud," Chris said. "He scared me when he demanded it."


"Yes?" Pikachu asked.

"...AGH!" Chris backed away, causing Pikachu to fall down the floor. "W-what the..."

"Wow, you're not good at welcomes," Pikachu said bored as he got up. "And here I thought you were going to say at least hello."

"But..." Lucario began. "From where did you come from? And for that matter, how can you speak human language?"

Pikachu tilted his head at Lucario. "Hmm..."


"...Well..." Pikachu crossed his arms and nodded. "You're not him, that's for sure."


"I once knew a stubborn Lucario," Pikachu explained. "But you're not certainly him."

"What makes you say that?"

"Dude, you look way taller than most Lucarios," Pikachu explained. "And you don't have that "face" they all have either."

"What face?"

"The glaring face?" Pikachu asked. "The one that makes Happinys cry?"

Lucario glared at Pikachu.

"...Okay, there it is," Pikachu said with a shrug.

"W-wait!" Chris interrupted. "How did you..."

It was not long before Chris spotted a Jigglypuff close to Pikachu.

"...Okay, what's happening here now?" Chris asked annoyed.

"Nothing," Jigglypuff said.

"This is very confusing..." Pichu said. "...Oh, wait a minute. You're the same Pikachu and Jigglypuff I know, right?"

"Yes," Pikachu and Jigglypuff said.

"...You're back!" Pichu said happily as he jumped back to the floor and hugged both newcomers happily.

"..." Chris turned to Master Hand. "Really, I don't understand how they came here!"

"Oh, stop that," Jigglypuff said. "We came here with you."


"We kind of wanted to come here in the first place because Master Hand called us over," Pikachu said. "But then we saw you 3 going through the portal, and we recognized the portal as the same one we used last time."

"...Wait..." Chris began. "If you came from that world...then...are you by any chance Ash's Pikachu?"

"..." Pikachu blinked surprised. "...Well, yes, I am."


"...Hold on!" Pikachu suddenly said. "How do you know Ash?"

"I..." Chris sweated a little bit.

"We know him because he once appeared in TV," Lucario suddenly said.

"...Oh," Pikachu said. "But in what kind of event was that?"

It sounded like Pikachu was questioning the 2...

"T-the league in Kanto," Chris responded. "He lost to a guy named Richie, right?"

"...True enough," Pikachu said with some nods. "Alright, I believe you."

"Phew, thank you, Lucario," Chris whispered to Lucario.

"I had to act fast or else we could have been assaulted with questions..." Lucario whispered back.

"Okay," Jigglypuff began. "Since I come from the same world, I'm the same Jigglypuff."

"The same Jigglypuff?" Chris asked.

"The same Jigglypuff that, no matter what, stalked Ash and everyone," Pikachu pointed out.

Jigglypuff looked angry at him. "So, what? I wanted to give you a concert, but you always fell asleep!"

"What did you want us to do?"

"…Anyway," Jigglypuff as she smiled a bit. "You 2 know our names already, right?"

"Yes…" Chris said.

"Name please," Pikachu asked.

"Chris," Chris said.

"Oh, nice to meet you."

"Well, this is very good news," Master Hand said. "We know have 2 more in our group."

"And we're here to stay," Pikachu said.

"How can they talk?" Chris asked.

"We have our own translators with us," Pikachu said. "We kept them veeeeeeeeery well hidden."

"Personally I liked to talk without it…" Jigglypuff muttered.


Pikachu and Jigglypuff joined your team!

"And that's not all," Master Hand said. "I also invited 3 more guests back while you were away. They didn't have anything better to do so I called them here."

"Who again?" Pikachu asked.

"Can I come in now?" asked a voice from the hallway. "I'm bored over here."

"Shh!" Master Hand said annoyed. "You weren't supposed to talk!"

"Why do we have to hide and appear when you want, anyway?" another voice asked. "We're human beings; not things!"

"Actually, I think Pit is an angel and not human," commented another voice.

"I AM an angel and a human," the first voice said annoyed.

"With wings," the second voice said.

"That's about right."

"…" Master Hand frowned. "Pit, Popo, Nana, come in here already. You guys can't spoil something without spoiling it first."

From the hallway, there appeared Pit, Popo, and Nana. The 3 of them walked to the group.

"You 4," Master Hand addressed the first 4. "I introduce you t-"

"Hey there, you 3," Nana said to Pikachu, Pichu, and Jigglypuff.

"What is up with you?" Pikachu asked as he shook hands with Popo and Nana.

"Hey, why did you interrupt me?" Master Hand asked.

"Because we already know these 2," Pikachu said. "However though, we don't quite know that one over there…"

"Oh, excuse me," Pit said politely. "My name is Pit."

"An angel?" Pichu asked.

"What?" Master Hand asked. "You people are weird enough to make me ask the same."

"Er, you're a big floating hand without a body…" Jigglypuff pointed out.

"…Your point?"

"A-anyway," Pit began as he shook hands with Chris. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Pit from Skyworld."

"N-nice to meet you as well," Chris said politely. "...Am I dead?"

Pit tilted his head. "Why would you be dead? ...Oh, wait, you're not saying that because of me, right?"

"I...have to be honest with you..."

"...Oh, don't worry about that," Pit said. "As long as this doesn't happen too often, I'm fine with the first impressions."

"Good..." Chris said embarrassed. "Sorry for misjudging you."

"It's okay," Pit said. "Oh, glad to meet you as well," he said to Lucario.

"Likewise here," Lucario said with a nod.

At that moment, Roy and Mewtwo came from the hallway and spotted the 5 new people in there. "Oh, we have more newcomers in here?" Roy asked.

"That's right," Master Hand said. "They all came here after I summoned them here. These 5 were not doing anything so I went ahead."

"And the fact that you thought the Primids weren't going to assault their world was another small but important detail you didn't want to say, and also because their worlds were boring as well," Mewtwo pointed out bored.

The 5 looked somewhat annoyed at the hand. "O-okay, I hid some details from you but that's all in the past, right?" the sane hand asked.

"No," the 5 said.

"...One of these days, that psychic cat's mind powers will be blocked," he muttered.

"Try it," Mewtwo taunted.

"Oh, you shut up," Master Hand said annoyed. "Anyway, now we're 10 people in the team, meaning we have even more help than before."


The Ice Climbers and Pit joined your team!

"..." Chris suddenly got worried. "Wait, what day are we again?"

"What? Why are you asking that?"

"Because I have school and I don't want to ignore it while I'm here!" Chris said. "I have a very busy life in my world and I don't want to do that!"

"Busy life in your world?" Pikachu asked. "Ooh, you're one of those guys who attend school, yet at the same time they have a secret life of fighting crime in the streets."

"...N-no..." Chris said.

"Oh, relax," Master Hand said. "The time in your world has been stopped."

"What?" Chris asked. "Stopped?"

"Yep," the hand said. "I used one of my many mighty powers to stop the time in your world. It wasn't an easy task, let me tell you."

"But you stopped the time around everything in there?" Lucario asked.

"Pretty much," Master Hand said. "Stopping the time is way easier than slowing it because you have to be always looking at who you slow down...of course I don't slow down anyone in here (for my bad luck)."


"...You can wander here and won't even age a day," Master Hand pointed out. "As long as you all are here, you won't age like normal people do."

"So you practically mess around with time here?" Roy asked.

"Only inside this mansion," the hand said. "I don't want to be hunted by some people if they ever know I have those kinds of power."

"Understandable?" Pit said.

"I hope it is," Master Hand said. "Anyway, it's getting late now, and since we have new people in here, why don't we do a small celebration in our lonely but sweet kitchen?"

"Um, I don't know..." Nana said. "I don't think we should even celebrate."

"Oh, come on, party pooper," Crazy Hand said. "Everyone has to chill it out and be cooooooooool."

"...Translation?" Pit asked. "I'm afraid I don't know any slang or culture here. I come from a paradise after all."

"He means we should rest at least once in a while," Master Hand explained. "You guys up for some dinner? I have an important announcement to make as well."

The Smashers looked at each other and thought for a moment...

Smash Mansion

"..." Pichu looked around...

All of the Smashers were at the kitchen, sitting around a long table that ran across the entire huge room. Since the table was supposed to have every single one of them, it looked like they all had groups that were apart from each other. Pikachu, Pichu, and Jigglypuff were sitting some seats away from Roy and Pit, then some seats away there were Popo and Nana talking to Chris, and then even some more seats away there were Mewtwo and Lucario, who didn't even talk with each other whatsoever as they just simply ate some fruits in silence from others.

Master Hand appeared above the table, calling to everyone's attention. "Okay, how's the dinner going for you?" he asked.

"Too silent," Mewtwo commented. "This is not like we used to eat... And it's not like me to eat here, but I didn't want to have boredom."

"Well, that's to be expected," the hand said before he looked around. "We're just 10 people for now. We should have over 30 people talking and discussing whatever they have to speak."

"It's rather sad," Nana said. "I wonder how the others are doing right now."

"You don't worry about them. I'm sure they'll come back at some point, and then we're going to be a big and dysfunctional family."

"You and your weird names to group all of us..." Roy commented.

"Does he do that every time?" Pit asked.

"More often than you think, believe me."

The hand grumbled. "Anyhow, I have a small but rather interesting announcement to do here." Master Hand snapped his fingers and made a target appear in midair. "What's this I have here?"

"A target," everyone said.

"And for what is it?"

"To break it apart?" Pit responded.

"Correct again. For the veterans in here, what do you remember of this target?"

"That you have to break 10 in order to complete the stage?" Pikachu responded.

"Correct again. Tonight we're going to spice things up a bit and let you all take a test," the hand explained. "And by test, I mean Target Smash!!"

Everybody kept staring at the hand in complete silence.

"...Yahoo?" Master Hand said. "Hello? I'm calling for excitement here."

"It could have been with excitement if there were more people here, you know," Jigglypuff said. "You should've saved that for another day."

"Today isn't the right time, don't you think?" Popo asked.

"Who cares," the hand said. "Anyway, I've made some changes around here with the Target Smash. Now, instead of everyone having their own stage, everyone has 5 different stages to compete against each other's records."

"That sucks," Pikachu responded quickly.

"What? It doesn't!"

"No, it does," Pikachu went on. "We had fun with our own stages before."

"But I must say," Mewtwo began. "I think this idea is for the better."


"Think, please," Mewtwo said as he moved his hand. "Since there's a big amount of rivalry between all of us, the new stages that all we have will raise the enthusiasm or something like that. Isn't that right?"

"Right," Master Hand said. "I wanted some of you to test it out for tonight so we don't get bored. I mean, look at Mewtwo."

Mewtwo frowned.

"Who wants to try the first level?" Master Hand asked.

Nobody raised their hands.


"We're not that many, remember?" Nana asked.

"So? It doesn't mean it's not going to be fun."

Roy raised his hand.

"Oh, good. Alright," the hand began before he snapped his fingers and made a teleporter appear in the kitchen. He also called forth a virtual screen that appeared on the center of the big table. "Roy, please step here. It'll take you to the first level; the easy one."

"Okay," Roy said. "Wish me good luck," he said to Pit before he went to teleporter.

The Smashers watched as Roy was taken away to the first level of the test through the screen. The first level looked straightforward enough and easy as well. The swordsman looked around and nodded.

"And...begin!" Master Hand yelled.

Target Smash!!

"READY? ...GO!" a voice shouted from nowhere. Roy saw this as a signal and started to run after the targets in front of him. The first 3 that he found were easy to break.

"Those targets are too big, you know," Jigglypuff pointed out.

"It's because the first, second, and third level have the targets big so they are easy to hit. The fourth and fifth, however, have them small so they can be hard to destroy," Master Hand exclaimed.

"Hmm..." Pit rubbed his chin. "I think I could do it better with my arrows."

"You need technique and skill to find ways to break the targets apart faster than others," the hand explained. "It takes skill as you can see."

"He now has 3 targets left," Chris pointed out.

"Use your sword of fire, young one!" Crazy Hand yelled nearby (with some trails of his food on the tip of his fingers).

"And he's done," Popo said.


Roy returned to the kitchen and chuckled after clearing the first level. He walked to Pit and sat down next to him.

"Well done, Roy," the hand congratulated. "Now who wants to clear the second level?"

"Meh, I'll do it," Pikachu said as he raised his hand.

"Okay, Pikachu, you know what to do."

Pikachu stepped inside the teleporter and he appeared on the second level. The screen showed him in the next stage.

The second level now had several platforms and some targets floating far away from each other. Pikachu looked around and nodded.

"READY? ...GO!" the same voice shouted from nowhere.

"Is that the same announcer you told us not to meet?" Mewtwo asked with crossed arms.

"Um, well, you see, he doesn't like to meet people..." Master Hand said.

"Unfortunately, I know that you're lyin-"

"Oh, look! Pikachu is destroying a target!" the hand interrupted to create a distraction. Mewtwo merely frowned at this reaction.

Pikachu destroyed the first target behind him, then he jumped to the right and he destroyed the second one with his tail.

"Isn't that a Super Mushroom?" Pichu pointed to a Super Mushroom passing by in the stage. When Pikachu touched it, he shrunk instead of growing up.

"I guess that was Poison Mushroom," Jigglypuff commented, frowning.

"There are items here to help you," Master Hand said. "It's your imagination to use them that they'll break faster."

"And for what was the mushroom?"

"I'm evil..." the hand chuckled evilly.

Pikachu jumped to the next platform above him and he pushed a crate with wheels, prompting it to go down rolling, and crashing to a near target in its road. Pikachu saw more targets above him and he used his Quick Attack to reach the next platform. He saw a Cracker Launcher lying down on the floor.

"He is using the Cracker Launcher to destroy the far away targets now," Master Hand said. "Pfft, look at the way he holds it."

Some of the Smashers chuckled at Pikachu's way to handle the item as the rat destroyed the last target that was to the upper-right portion of the stage.


Pikachu returned to the kitchen, but then, he noticed most of them were chuckling. "Did anybody tell a joke when I was there?" he asked. "Anyway, that item I just used was kind of long…"

The chuckles grew louder.

"…" Pikachu looked bored. "Oh, you DIDN'T do what I think you're doing right now, right?"

"N-no…" Master Hand chuckled as Pikachu sat close to Pichu and Jigglypuff. "Okay, next level. Who wants to do it?"

"I want to do it." Lucario raised his hand before he looked at Chris. "(Please, I want him to feel proud of me…)"

"H-have fun?" Chris responded.

"…I will," Lucario said with a nod. The aura wielder stood up and walked to the teleporter where he was taken to the third level of the targets. Lucario flared up small flames of aura on his hands and narrowed his eyes at his surroundings.

The stage now had se