Software I use and recommend

I do not recommend using any closed source/proprietary software!


Media Players


Very lightweight media player with support for most video and audio codecs. Primarily operated from the command line. Can stream videos from youtube, and has support for extensions, for example: sponsorblock, which automatically skips sponsored sections of youtube videos. It lacks out-of-the-box support for copy protected DVDs, but this can be fixed by installing libdvdcss, then run, "mpv dvd://" to play it. There's no support for DVD menus. Also available on Android.


A free, open source clone of Winamp. Has all the same features, and is compatible with skins, which you can find here.

Web Browsers


>le shill lion

Great for normies: based on chromium, and blocks ads and trackers by default. Has the brave rewards system, which awards you with the BAT cryptocurrencey for viewing ads that appear as push notifications. Headed by the former CEO of Mozilla who was also in charge of the good versions of Firefox. Also available on Android.

TOR Browser

Based on Firefox. Uses The Onion Router to hide your real ip address, rendering you virtually anonymous. While it's not a silver bullet, if used correctly, it'll go a long way in hiding you from the prying eyes of glow-in-the-dark government agencies. Also available on Android.

Desktop environments


Tiling window manager that can be operated with only the keyboard.

Linux Distributions

Artix Linux

Fork of Arch Linux without S(o)ystemD. Can be installed manually, or preconfigured with a desktop and basic software.

Devuan Linux

Fork of Debian Linux without S(o)ystemD.

Downloaders and scrapers


Download manager which can automatically crawl web pages for download links, bypass captchas, and extract compressed archives.


Free, open source clone of utorrent without ads or telemetry.


Command-line tool for ripping music from the Deezer streaming service. There's also a mobile front-end for Android called Freezer.


Command line tool for downloading videos from YouTube as well as other sites that host user uploaded videos. Has a variety of derivitaves with extended functionality. Tech-illiterate boomers at the RIAA tried (and failed) get rid of it. There's also a number of derivatives with extra features available. I personally use yt-dlp.



A open source, privacy respecting search engine.


Package manager for windows. Useful for installing basic software after a fresh install.


App store for free and open source Android applications.


Minimalistic rss/atom feed reader. For windows, you can use quiterss.


General purpose command line tool for video and audio recording, and conversion.


The most based file transfer tool ever to exist. Period. It can transfer files remotely over your lan or over ssh. It can also preserve file permissions, and metadata, as well as preserve partially uploaded/downloaded files in the event of a connection timeout or something else of the sort.

Host file

Not technically software but still useful. Used to block unwanted sites from connecting to your computer which is a very effective method for blocking ads. This Github repository has a number of host files with different combinations of unfavorable sites included in them.


A useful script to automate the process of setting up an email server.