The Pointlessness of Atheism

One of the most prominent meme-ideologies of the modern world is atheism. You see it pushed by a large number of voices through online platforms. Even if they're not touting it explicitly, you would be hard pressed to find a prominent figure who hasn't once taken aim at religion, or more specifically, Christianity.

Christianity is the Only True Religion

Often you will find people online express their views on religion, (either through dedicated pieces, or offhand comments). While they always take a general approach, applying of their evidence of godlessness in response to all religious affiliation. It always devolves into targeting the Christian faith. You almost never see someone (especially in the media) express their disapproval of similar (also heretical) beliefs, such as Judaism, or Islam, else they be called anti-semetic or islamophobic. Why might that be? Because all other religions don't matter. Christianity is the only belief which fully accepts Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior (hence the name.) Both Judaism and Islam (pathetically) attempt to downplay Christ, making him out to be a fraud.

Christianity is Dangerous

If you embrace Jesus Christ, accepting him as your one true Lord, God, and saviour, (there is, of course, much, much more to being christian than just than that, but, that's what it is at a surface level) you're dangerous. (((They))) only fear the one true faith, hence why (((they))) only attack it in particular. In our modern consoooomerist "culture", what was once considered moral has now been inverted. If you're against homosexuality, you're evil. If you're against race-mixing, you're evil. If you're against pornography, you're evil. (Heck, some (((people))) even think that rejection of pedophilia is evil now.) Your faith is the direct antithesis to the modern narrative. That's the real reason why religion, and especially Christianity, is so looked-down upon nowadays.

No One is Free from Religion

If you abandon traditional morality, you'll inevitably find yourself deticating your life to rectifying various manufactured issues, and worshipping prominent proponents of your chosen ideology, historical or current. Sound familiar? That's because the politics is currently the "cool" religion. If you're an urban bugman and don't actually do anything productive, then politics is your bread and butter. Despite the claims of these "atheists", you are never free from religious belief; atheism isn't truly atheistic. It is part of human nature to seek out a purpose in life to fulfil; some deity to dedicate your life to. Fedora-tippers will tell you that they believe in nihlism, but that only ever leads to suicide, because if life is meaningless, then why even live?